Jared Taylor, the leader of the Council of Conservative Citizens, really the White Citizens Council, who the Jewish Defense Organization was after for years, inspired Dylann Storm Roof to commit mass murder yet you don't see the Blacks trying to burn down his home, 2705 Green Holly Springs Ct Oakton, VA 22124 like they burned Baltimore. This is what the moron, who set back his own cause, wrote:

The event that truly awakened me was the Trayvon Martin case. I kept hearing and seeing his name, and eventually I decided to look him up. I read the Wikipedia article and right away I was unable to understand what the big deal was. It was obvious that Zimmerman was in the right. But more importantly this prompted me to type in the words “black on White crime” into Google, and I have never been the same since that day. The first website I came to was the Council of Conservative Citizens. There were pages upon pages of these brutal black on White murders. I was in disbelief. At this moment I realized that something was very wrong. How could the news be blowing up the Trayvon Martin case while hundreds of these black on White murders got ignored?

Jared Taylor had this to say about the AME event:

Spokesman for Council of Conservative Citizens Available to Speak to Media about Dylann Roof and Charleston church killings. In a manifesto widely attributed to Dylann Roof, he cites the Council of Conservative Citizens ( C of CC) as the organization that first drew his attention to black-on-white crime. C of CC spokesman, Jared Taylor, welcomes media inquiries about the council’s positions and how they relate to Dylann Roof. The C of CC unequivocally condemns Roof’s murderous actions. However, the council stands unshakably behind the facts on its website, and points out the dangers of denying the extent of black-on-white crime. Every year, there are about 500,000 violent, interracial crimes. Of these, about 85 percent are committed by blacks against whites.

For the past 3 years the JDO determined it was fruitless to try to stop Taylor from holding his AMREM conference as the year before the Black community didn't show up and the Montgomery Bell State Park authorities refused to bar the Shockleyites from the park. Jared Taylor reported:

The 13th American Renaissance conference–the fourth at Montgomery Bell State Park in Tennessee–was held over a brilliant spring weekend and reflected the growing energy and momentum of our movement. There was record attendance, while the lifeless efforts of a small band of protesters only underlined their impotence in the face of our determination. It was a weekend of camaraderie–old friendships renewed and new ones established–built around a series of informative and inspiring speeches.

A handful of protestors picketed the annual American Renaissance conference Friday afternoon at the Montgomery Bell State Park inn and conference center. American Renaissance, aka AmRen, is known for advocating white separatism and supremacist policies, but labels its views as “race realism.” The organization produces a magazine and a website, which states there are genetic and biological differences between whites and non-whites. AmRen takes particular issue with cultural diversity. Montgomery Bell State Park is hosting AmRen’s annual conference this weekend for a second consecutive year. Four protestors with the Coalition to Shut Down AmRen, and two picketers with the Anti-Nazi Klan Coalition chanted against AmRen’s views Friday afternoon outside the park inn. They also displayed placards remonstrating fascism and racism. “AmRen, Amren. Rich and rude. We don’t like your attitude,” shouted Coalition to Shut Down AmRen protestors. Park rangers stood vigil in front of the inn to keep the peace. The rangers warned a young demonstrator not to use profanity after he flipped off a man taking his photograph. Nathaniel Berman, a Jewish cantor at a Nashville temple, and his spouse represented the Anti-Nazi Klan Coalition. “We don’t want your white supremacist trash in our state,” Berman exclaimed over a bullhorn.

Two groups with opposing views are ready to square off this weekend in Dickson County. Virginia-based American Renaissance, which also goes by AmRen and labels its views as “race realism,” will kick off its conference at Montgomery Bell State Park today while protesters prepare to hold a conference of their own. It is the second year in a row AmRen has held its conference at the park. Dorsey Malina, a spokeswoman for protest group Not in Our State, said she couldn’t believe it. “We realize they have as much right to free speech as anyone else,” she said, adding that camouflaging hate speech as free speech is wrong. Not in Our State plans a “counter conference” featuring 18 speakers at the park today. Topics include “Hybrid Vigor: Biochemically Deconstructing the Notion of Racial Purity,” “Race, Class and Power” and “Connecting the ‘Isms’: How Racism, Sexism, Heterosexism & Speciesism Intersect.” AmRen’s conference will run through Sunday. Topics include “Facing the Future As a Minority” and “Off-shoring, Mass Immigration and American Wage Stagnation: Why Education is No Solution.” The Southern Poverty Law Center calls American Renaissance a hate group with a white nationalist ideology. It calls the group “a self-styled think tank that promotes pseudo-scientific studies and research that purport to show the inferiority of blacks to whites — although in hifalutin language that avoids open racial slurs and attempts to portray itself as serious scholarship.” Jared Taylor, founder of AmRen, disagrees with the label: “We’d prefer to live in a nation with a majority of people like ourselves. It doesn’t mean we hate anybody else, it means that that’s our preference.”


Neo-Nazis KKK group plan kill Jews and kill Blacks Racist meeting at MONTGOMERY BELL STATE PARK April 5 – 7, 2013 at it’s indoor lodge conference center. One man at this meeting a few years ago entered the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC trying to kill Jewish children and shot and killed the Black guard. Neo-Nazi DAVID DUKE, speaks at these meetings about killing Jews and Blacks! PRESS RELEASE. Permit denied for anti-Klan demonstration in Memphis!


FRIDAY APRIL 5, 2013 12 NOON SHARP Montgomery Bell State Park 1000 Hotel Avenue Burns, TN Loud-legal-lawful

Sponsored by the Anti-Nazi Klan Coalition (206) 984-6038 STOP NAZIS AND KLAN FACEBOOK – Anti-Nazi Coalition Rally in Tennessee Also Montgomery Bell Park Comments and sign a petition at No Public Facilities for Racists


JDO DEMANDS THAT JEWS RISE UP TO STOP A PLANNED NEO-NAZI KKK HITLER WAS RIGHT, JEWS TO THE OVENS BOMB SYNAGOGUES, KILL BLACKS MEETING. The neo-Nazi KKK white supremacist hate meeting is supposed to take place near Nashville Tennessee at Montgomery Bell Park.The State owns this park and you can call them up to demand they cancel (615-797-3101). The neo-Nazi KKK group is run by Jared Taylor who runs the neo-Nazi KKK group American Renaissance. STOP THE NEO-NAZI KKK MEETING PLANNED NEAR NASHVILLE APRIL 5 TO APRIL 7 AT MONTGOMERY BELL PARK!!! Tennessee State Parks 401 Church Street L & C Tower, 7th Floor Nashville, Tennessee 37243-0435 888-TN-Parks ask.tnstateparks@tn.gov Telephone Emergency Alert #2 CALL THE HEAD OF THE PARKS DEPARTMENT THAT RENTED TO THE NEO-NAZIS KKK FOR THEIR MEETING MIKE ROBERTSON HIS CELL PHONE 615-308-8276 TELL ROBERTSON VERY DIRECTLY THAT HE MUST CANCEL THE NEO-NAZI KKK TERROR MEETING OR HIS FACILITY WILL HAVE BOYCOTT NO MORE RENTALS FROM JEWS OR OTHERS!!! Robertson’s conscience is in his wallet!!! He personally is renting the neo-Nazis KKK for the "Hitler was right Jews to the Ovens bomb synagogues meetings! We will never forget a year ago one of Jared Taylor's neo-Nazi followers who went to those meetings shot up the Holocaust Museum in Washington trying kill Jewish children there that day. Instead the neo-Nazi member of Jared Taylor's group missed killed innocent Black guard. Enough neo-Nazi terror and enough Jewish Cowardice!! 6 Million Jews Never Again!!!


From: Cantor Berman [jewishdefensecantor@gmail.com]
Sent: Sunday, April 07, 2013 6:25 PM
To: Ferrell Haile
Subject: Insurance Bonds for Hate groups should be required in TN

The Honorable Senator Ferrell Haile,

I am sure you had an opportunity this weekend to read about the White Supremacist, Neo-Nazi, KKK AM REN convention held at Montgomery Bell State Park. I had worked for months with the NAACP, Churches , Jewish Organizations and universities, to protest Jared Taylor and AM REN. This group is listed as a Militant Hate Group in numerous States in the United States. This is the 2nd year that Montgomery Bell State Park has hosted them for their annual Hate Conference. Our organization, applied and received permits for a protest rally which we held this past weekend. I am completely aware of the rights of groups to speak their peace under the 1st ammendment, and legally, there is nothing that Montgomery Bell could have done to cancel this conference. I spent many hours speaking with Max Fleischer, the Tennessee State Attorney regarding our options to have this conference cancelled, and had our attorneys in New York looking at the lawful ways to stop this conference from happening. In the past, our organization has stopped Taylor and AM REN in numerous states due to the fact that he was using hotels, so he decided to come to Tennessee, using a State facility, and one which DOES NOT REQUIRE a security insurance bond. ( Fleischer has emailed me and told me that Tennessee is one of the few states that does not require a bond ). Being a HATE GROUP and a MILLITANT GROUP, in a State Facility, is unacceptable and presents a clear and present danger to public health and safety. This could cause damage to the facility, which at the present time has no insurance bond paid for by AM REN. I am asking you to please consider a law requiring HATE GROUPS, MILLITANT GROUPS & TERROR GROUPS to purchase a security insurance bond when renting a State Facility here in Tennessee. Many colleges and universities require bonds when groups rent their facilities. By doing so, AM REN will have to cough up over $20,000. for a 1 million dollar security bond the next time they come here. That will STOP THEM in their tracks as they do not have that kind of funds. I am listing 2 links regarding this past weekend at Montgomery Bell, as well as our Press Release giving you information on AM REN. There were young children there this weekend with their parents for a nice weekend in the park asking their parents what are Nazis KKK etc.....not a very good welcome to a Tennessee State Park. I hope you consider our thoughts in this matter, or possibly other alternatives that can be legislated to stop AM REN and other groups of hate such as them, in coming to our State.

American Renaissance Party


All, Regarding the live web-stream, we’ve run into serious difficulties beyond our control. We’ve decided not to go into details at this time, but you can use your imagination… It has become impossible to web-stream. We are, however, able to film the conference in HD, and we are going to make the videos available to everyone online shortly. I speak for everyone involved with NPItv when I say that it pains us not to deliver what we promised — namely, a live web-stream on the two days of the event and a available download shortly thereafter. We hope that we can make it up to everyone who paid for the web-stream — i.e. everyone who purchased the conference before the publishing of this message at 2:30 PM (EST) on Saturday, Feb. 5 — by sending them free DVDs of the conference, on top of the download. We will also offer them gift certificates granting 20 percent off books in the Washington Summit Publishers library.To all those expecting the live web-stream, please accept NPItv’s sincerest apology. We are dedicated to offering live web-streams. This terrible experience has taught us how to avoid such difficulties in the future. Sincerely yours, Richard Spencer [Head Maggot]


Dear Conference Registrant,

I am very sorry to inform you that the AR conference scheduled for February 4 through 6 must be canceled. Despite strong assurances that it would not submit to pressure, the hotel with which we had initially contracted has broken its contract with us. We have investigated many possible alternative venues but have not been able to find one. There is evidence that at least one elected Charlotte official was working behind the scenes to deny us a venue, and our legal counsel is looking into grounds for action against the city. We are deeply sorry for the great inconvenience this causes you, and I apologize to you personally. As the head of the publication that organized this conference, the fault is entirely mine. At your instruction we will, of course, refund all registrations and banquet fees. Many of you will have bought non-refundable air tickets. Generally, the amount spent on such tickets can, for a period of a year, be used to buy a different ticket on the same airline. However, most airlines then deduct $150 from the amount that can be spent to buy the new ticket. If you bought a non-refundable ticket, please send us proof of purchase and we will send you a check for $150. We do not want anyone to suffer financial loss because of this cancellation. We have heard that because of the impending storms, some airlines are offering full refunds on “non-refundable” tickets. This offer may not apply to tickets for February 4, but it may be worth inquiring. We are considering alternative models for future American Renaissance conferences. Again, please accept my sincerest apologies. We greatly value your continuing support, and deeply regret that we will not be seeing you on February 4. Warm regards, Jared Taylor

Charlotte City Councilman Warren Turner, Charlotte City Councilman Patrick Cannon and the NAACP plus other anti-racist groups have had the meeting of the American Renaissance Party cancelled. Councilman Turner sent out an email to all of the hotels in Charlotte informing them to alert the police if AmRen booked space with them. Councilman Cannon also advised these hotels to be in compliance with the law. When the Airport Sheraton Hotel checked its convention bookings it found that AmRen had booked under a different name for the dates in question. The Sheraton returned the deposit that the Shockleyite scum had put down to reserve the meeting room where the Nazi meeting was to be held. JDO is warning other hotels in the area to be on the lookout for anyone who tries to book for the same dates. JDO believes preaching racial inferiority can lead to lynchings, cross burnings and murder and mayhem. JDO knows that the neo-Nazis will be demoralized when they find out this convention, like the Virginia and DC conventions were cancelled last February. The Stormfront Nazis and David Duke show up at these events because they believe these so-called intellectuals give their views legitimacy. Who are these morons to determine who is intelligent and who is not? One day one group can be on top the next day untermenchen. This group used to have Jewish members but they walked out when David Duke pranced into the AmRen meeting. It is a slippery slope for any Jew to embrace racism.



The JDO has been made aware that a collection of Jew-Hating and racist neo-Nazi & KKK are trying to hold a meeting in a hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina. This collection of neo-Nazis and KKK and neo-Nazi skinheads who hate Jews, Blacks, Latinos, Asians, all minorities tried holding a meeting in Virginia and D.C. last year at a hotel and JDO got it cancelled. NOW JDO HAS JUST ANNOUNCED THAT JDO WILL LAUNCH A BOYCOTT AGAINST ANY HOTEL THAT ALLOWS THESE NEO-NAZI & KKK MISFITS CALLED AMERICAN RENAISSANCE RUN JARED TAYLOR TO HOLD A MEETING! WE NEED EVERY ANGRY JEW TO CALL EVERY HOTEL AND MOTEL IN CHARLOTTE NORTH CAROLINA AND LET THEM KNOW HOW SERIOUS JDO IS! You can look up all hotels in Charlotte call them all ask for the catering meeting department and let them know! The Hilton Hotel and the Dunn hotel have banned AmRem.

According to a document from the Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center (ACTIC) whose existence was confirmed by David Denlinger, a commander of ACTIC the document in question (first attributed to DHS) “contained errors and overstated the link” between mass murderer Jared Loughner and American Renaissance but none-the-less linked him to to this racist group.


Why the Jewish Defense Organization is Launching a Boycott of the Crowne Plaza Hotel for Allowing a Neo-Nazi Convention

The news articles and tv have reported heavily in the Washington and Virginia area that JDO is launching a boycott against a local hotel the Crowne Plaza Dulles located in Herndon Virginia for daring to rent for a neo-nazi convention. It is true that JDO has launched and is continuing this important boycott and the effect is more than just local but national on various hotels across the US that have been asked by assorted Neo-Nazi and KKK misfits to rent for Jew-Hating and racist hate fests of the future, will think a million times over if they hear or read that not only were there angry demonstrations at this local Crowne Plaza run by a not well despicable sleaze for rent named David Welliver but the Jews and others angry as well brought that Hotel to its knees with the additional weapon of boycott, meaning getting all potential customers to cancel ever using that hotel in the future.First, no greater justice can be done to the owners and management of the Crowne Plaza

Dulles than financially wrecking them ! This means effort and letting everyone also know the owners and managers names like Tony Rocks the real owner of the hotel who owns a construction company Allen & Rocks. This campaign is specifically aimed at Crowne Plaza Dullles, and its "rent to the Nazis" manager David Welliver, who with glee and arrogance rented knowingly and eagerly to a band of neo-nazis that has hosted Nazi KKK pig David Duke speak about the "evil Jews" at its conventions. The neo-nazi that runs this group is one Jared Taylor. When JDO launched its campaign 8 weeks ago thousands called, and cabled Welliver to cancel this upcoming neo-nazi convention. Well, he allowed the neo-nazis in anyway. The only conscience someone like Welliver and Crowne Plaza Dulles has are its pockets, and if we financially wreck the hotel through a serious boycott every hotel will remember what JDO did to Welliver and his once proud hotel punished and brought to financial ruin by reaching out and getting every possible customer to cancel any parties planned there. B'SD

Why the Jewish Defense Organization is Lauching a Boycott of the Crowne Plaza Hotel Dulles for Allowing a Neo-Nazi Convention

by Mordechai Levy J.D.O. National Director

The news articles and tv have reported heavily in the Washington and Virginia area that JDO is launching a boycott against a local hotel the Crowne Plaza Dulles located in Herndon Virginia for daring to rent for a neo-nazi convention. It is true that JDO has launched and is continuing this important boycott and the effect is more than just local but national on various hotels across the US that have been asked by assorted Neo-Nazi and KKK misfits to rent for Jew-Hating and racist hate fests of the future, will think a million times over if they hear or read that not only were there angry demonstrations at this local Crowne Plaza run by a not well despicable sleaze for rent named David Welliver but the Jews and others angry as well brought that Hotel to its knees with the additional weapon of boycott, meaning getting all potentail customers to cancel ever using that hotel in the future.First, no greater justice can be done to the owners and management of the Crowne Plaza Dulles than financially wrecking them ! This means effort and letting everyone also know the owners and managers names like Tony Rocks the real owner of the hotel who owns a construction comapny Allen & Rocks. This campaign is speciafically aimed at Crowne Plaza Dullles, and its "rent tol the Nazis" manager David Welliver, who with glee and arrogance rented knowingly and eagerly to a band of neo-nazis that has hosted Nazi KKK pig David Duke speak about the "evil Jews" at its inventions. The neo-nazi that runs this group is one Jared Taylor. When JDO launched its campaign 8 weeks ago thousands called, and cabled Welliver to cancel this upcoming neo-nazi convention. Well, he allowed the neo-nazis in anyway. The only conscience someone like Welliver and Crowne Plaza Dulles has are its pockets, and if we financially wreck the hotel through a serious boycott every hotel will remember what JDO did to Welliver and his once proud hotel punished and brought to financial ruin by reaching out and getting every possible customer to cancel any parties planned there.


The owner of the hotel where the Nazis are going to hold a meeting refuses to stop it. The man who made this decision, David M. Welliver can be reached at (703) 502-8757 / (703) 502-0498 / (703) 502-8757. A neo-nazi white supremacist group that has given platforms and works with long time leader of the neo-nazis and KKK groups David Duke has booked a prominent hotel near Wash DC for its vicious anti-Semitic and racist message to be heard. In fact this group very recently had small time Hitler David Duke give a speech about the Jews. This neo-nazi outfit is called the American Renaissance and is run by neo-nazi admirer Jarred Taylor. PIG WITHOUT A SWASTIKA JARED TAYLORIn fact enemy of the Jews Taylor is bringing other notorious neo-nazi misfits to his planned convention in February. Taylor works closely against Jews and other minorities and has collaborated with neo-nazi leaders like Don Black who ran the KKK and currently runs a vicious vile neo-nazi website called "Stormfront" which is loaded with threats to try and wipe out the Jews in America and supports terror attacks on Jews, and Blacks and other minorities. "Jared Taylor’s David Duke Neo-Nazi KKK helping anti-Semitic racist meeting must be cancelled," said David Cohen JDO spokesman.


DAVID WELLIVER -General Manager or call David Welliver - 703-674-0440

VERONICA DAVIS-Senior Sales Manager



The company that manages Crowne Plaza is Coakely - Williams its Vice President & contact man is K. Sawatsky can be called at 301-614-8803 emailed at ksawatsky@cwhotels.com

Below is another brand new name to call & e mail 8 hours a day!! It is owned by Tony Rocks of Allen & Rocks. ( a construction company). If Tony Rocks rents to the neo-nazi KKK types then JDO will launch a boycott of his construction company!!! ALLEN & ROCKS-owner- Tony Rocks (owns Crowne Plaza) 703-556-4000


JARED TAYLOR 2705 GREEN HOLLY SPRINGS CT OAKTON, VA 22124 (703) 716-0930 or 0932.


Wednesday, December 26, 2007
Hotel rebuffs JDO efforts Manager: We're not defined by our customersWednesday, December 26, 2007
by Debra Rubin Editor

As the Jewish Defense Organization steps ups its efforts to force a Herndon hotel to cancel a February convention for an organization that has been described as a white supremacist hate group, the hotel manager says he has no intention of complying, noting that his facility is not associated with its customers' messages and he's "just trying to pay the rent."

The JDO earlier this month initiated a campaign urging individuals to contact the Crowne Plaza Dulles Airport Hotel in an effort to force the hotel to renege on its rental contract with American Renaissance, a Web site and magazine that describes itself as promoting "racial-realist" thought.

Last week, the JDO added the hotel's management company, Coakley & Williams in Greenbelt, to its contact list, along with a building contractor it claims owns the hotel. WJW could not confirm ownership, but hotel manager David Welliver said a number of investors are involved.

The JDO ‹ a self-described militant group ‹ also is calling for a boycott of the hotel if the meeting takes place.

American Renaissance is published by the New Century Foundation, directed by Jared Taylor and described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a white supremacist hate group "dressed up in the prose and appearance of academia," according to Mark Potok, who directs the center's intelligence project.

The Anti-Defamation League describes American Renaissance as "promoting pseudoscientific and questionably researched and argued studies to validate the superiority of whites."

Taylor once wrote in his publication: "Blacks and white are different. When blacks are left entirely to their own devices, Western Civilization ‹ any civilization ‹ disappears."

The JDO is an offshoot of the Jewish Defense League, which the Montgomery, Ala.-based SPLC had also characterized as a hate group.

The Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington has provided Welliver with information about American Renaissance, according to Ron Halber, JCRC executive director, who said "we wanted to let him know the distasteful people who are going to use the facility."

He said any further JCRC action is under discussion, but the agency would not call for the hotel to breach its contract.

Welliver said he has received several calls urging him to cancel the February event as well as calls praising him for not doing so. In an interview last week, Welliver said that some of the opposition calls have been "violent" and do not help the protesters' cause. Taylor, meanwhile, "has been nothing but decent," he added.

"I care that there are so many people that are passionate and have angst and anxiety about this, but I'm not involved in this," Welliver said, maintaining that the hotel is "completely unconnected to our customers and their beliefs, or whatever they do for a living."

Instead, he added, the establishment evaluates its clientele "based on economics."

Asked if he could imagine an instance in which the hotel might turn away an already-booked guest for noneconomic reasons, Welliver said, "I can envision if you got the kind of people you really only see on the 11 o'clock news, dangerous or nasty people capable of violence."

Like Welliver, David Friedman, the ADL's Washington-area director, criticized the JDO's tactics. "This is an incident in which you have an extremist group attempting to have a boycott of a hotel to protest another extremist group," he said.

The JDO, he added, "is only raising the risk that people are going to act out in ways that are going to hurt innocent people or people involved in the hotel."

Halber ‹ along with Welliver and Friedman ‹ cited American Renaissance's right to freedom of expression.

"I don't think you defend the interest of the Jewish community by denying the rights of others to speak," Halber said. "In the end, that will backfire."

JDO spokesperson Dave Segal countered that "Freedom of speech is meant for sane people with different opinions, not insane people getting people killed. Freedom of speech stops when hate speech begins."

Segal also said: "When Nazis are allowed to talk, they get more and more recruits."

Potok said American Renaissance has never been associated with violence, although some of the leading "neo-Nazis and white supremacists regularly attend their meetings."

Both the ADL and SPLC say that although Taylor generally avoids anti-Semitism, American Renaissance is divided, according to Potok, "over whether it's only black people wrecking the world or whether Jews are behind it."

In 2006, Taylor said that Jews have a valuable role in the work of the American Renaissance, and he lamented that a participant at a previous conference had denounced "Jews as the historic enemy of the European people."

He also wrote: "Some people in the AR community believe Jewish influence was decisive in destroying the traditional American consensus on race. Others disagree."

Nevertheless, Friedman pointed out that there is little debate regarding the perceived threat posed by Jews among people "that are attracted to the American Renaissance."

Interviewed on Friday, Taylor said he was shocked that his name and home phone number appear on JDO's Web site, but has not received calls from protesters.

He compared his beliefs that the United States should be a white-majority country with Israel's desire to remain a Jewish nation with a Jewish majority.

When it was pointed out that the United States was not founded specifically as a white nation, he countered that the first citizenship law "specified that only free white people can be naturalized citizens" and that it is "revisionist history" to say anything else about the nation's founding.

As for Jews, Taylor said, "I think Jews have an important role in the United States and Jews are white as far as I'm concerned."

Zvi Schoenberg, head of Gesher Jewish Day School in Fairfax, said the meeting has been a topic of conversation in Northern Virginia's Jewish community. "People are not happy about it, even though they don't feel an immediate threat," he said. "I think it's pretty outrageous that this is happening in our community."

For his part, Alexandria's Paul Friedman, a member of JCRC's Northern Virginia commission, would like to see the conference canceled.

"I believe in free expression, but that doesn't require any particular company to provide a forum," said Friedman, a lawyer.

Content © 2007 Washington Jewish Week

Herndon hotel will not cancel controversial convention

Gregg MacDonald David Welliver, General Manager of the Crowne Plaza hotel in Herndon, says that despite extreme pressure from a Jewish group, he has no plans to cancel a controversial convention scheduled to take place at his hotel in February.

The biannual New Century Foundation convention is organized by Oakton resident Jared Taylor, who calls himself a race realist and publishes American Renaissance magazine, which he has done for nearly 20 years. The 2008 convention will take place Feb. 22-24 in Herndon.

Taylor is a Nazi pig, Jeff Adler, spokesman for the Jewish Defense Organization, a militant group not affiliated with the Jewish Defense League, said in a phone interview.

Taylor has invited David Duke and other neo-Nazis to speak at his convention. They hate Jews and they hate blacks and these are neo-Nazis, there's no doubt about it, Adler said. We hold this convention every two years in February at a hotel near the airport, and we have done so since long before immigration ever became an issue in Herndon, Taylor said when asked why he chose Herndon as the 2008 locale. If [the JDO] are looking for Nazis they are barking up the wrong tree. We have two Jewish speakers scheduled to speak this year and we always have Jewish participants. I think that our first year, half the participants were Jewish. There is nothing the slightest bit Nazi about American Renaissance. We simply believe that diversity is not a strength but instead leads to tension and divisiveness. Taylor also said that rather than inviting David Duke, he has actually asked the former presidential candidate and self-professed white supremacist to stay away.

Yes, David Duke has attended despite being asked to stay away, but it's like if you have a restaurant and David Duke eats there, does that make you a neo-Nazi? Taylor said.Adler's answer is an emphatic yes. He has begun a campaign, called Operation Nazi-Kicker to prompt the Crowne Plaza hotel to cancel the meeting of hate.

I see no reason to breach our agreement with that client, Welliver said in response to the effort. We do not discriminate or judge clients and that is not how we go about evaluating pieces of business. That's real life, I am not in the position to give an opinion. Business does not have an opinion. I am just trying to pay the rent. I am just a lowly hotel guy trying to get through the day. Welliver did say however, that security will be increased during the convention and that local law enforcement has been notified of the situation. I am just going to have faith that there are more reasonable honorable, decent people out there than there are kooks, he said.

Convention Draws CriticismBy Rebecca Plevin

Observer Staff Writer

A Jewish organization is waging a campaign to stop the monthly magazine American Renaissance's February convention at the Crowne Plaza Dulles Airport hotel in Herndon. The magazine bills itself as being the "premiere publication of racial-realist thought," according to its Web site. The Jewish Defense Organization, a group that fights anti-Semitism and trains Jews in self-defense techniques, began this week calling Washington, D.C., area Jewish groups, Hillel organizations and local synagogues to urge people to contact the hotel and request that the meeting be cancelled, said Jewish Defense Organization spokesman Jeff Adler. "People are very upset about this," Adler said. "People do not want this Nazi meeting to happen."Adler said he was encouraging people to, "flood the hotel, let the highest levels of the hotel know, this Nazi meeting must be stopped."The group called its effort "Operation Nazi-Kicker" and listed the phone numbers of the hotel management on its Web site, www.jewishdefense.org. "I think it's totally illegitimate to try to sabotage someone's meeting," said Jared Taylor, editor of American Renaissance. "I cannot think of words strong enough to condemn that." Taylor said trying to shut down another group's meeting flies against the American values of freedom of speech and democracy. "They would be very happy in Stalin's Soviet Union," he said. The American Renaissance convention will cover the themes of race and immigration, Taylor said. The event will feature speakers such as J. Philippe Rushton, a professor at the University of Western Ontario, who is the author of the book "Race, Evolution and Behavior," and Paul Gottfried, a professor at Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania, who is the author of "Conservatism in America: Making Sense of the American Right," according to the publication's Web site."What we talk about is entirely legitimate and in accordance with history, morality and human nature," Taylor said. "We have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of." David Welliver, general manager of the Crowne Plaza, did not return calls by The Observer's deadline on Wednesday night.


Freedom Of Speech
American Renaissance conference sparks protests from Jewish group.
Mirza Kurspahic
December 12, 2007

A conference planned for February of 2008 at the Crowne Plaza Dulles Airport hotel in Herndon is drawing attention as a New York-based Jewish organization is demanding that the hotel cancel it. The group claims the conference will entertain anti-Semitic and anti-minority lectures and comments.
"We don’t believe that Nazis have the right to speak," said Jess Adler, a spokesman for the Jewish Defense Organization (JDO). "We don’t let them speak, we don’t let them grow," said Adler. His group, numbering around 4,000 in the U.S., is calling on people to call the Crowne Plaza to get the conference cancelled.
American Renaissance, an Oakton-based magazine in its 19th year of publication, is the conference organizer. Jared Taylor, the magazine’s editor, said JDO is wrong in its assertions about the conference. "They are grievously uninformed," said Taylor. He said he has never heard of JDO and said American Renaissance focuses on examining racial issues. "The focus is to investigate problems of race and immigration, not just in America, but worldwide," he said.
The repeating series of riots in France are an example of problems the publication, and its conferences, examines, said Taylor. He said the people announced to speak at the conference come from international academia. "They are all very well informed people," said Taylor. "In fact, two of our speakers are Jews."

ADLER DISMISSED Taylor’s claim about the Jewish speakers at the conference, saying that some speakers could be unaware of what they are getting into. According to Adler, scheduled speakers have walked out from previous conferences organized by Taylor when they realized the purpose of those conferences. Adler said area residents alerted JDO about the conference, prompting the effort to cancel it. He said previous Taylor-organized conferences have given a platform to people such as David Duke, a Louisiana politician, whose Web site claims he has dedicated his life to freedom and heritage of European American peoples. Adler said a similar JDO effort managed to cancel Duke’s own conference at a Richmond hotel last year.
"They must be great believers in freedom of speech," said Taylor about JDO. "I think they should be ashamed of themselves" for attempting to cancel the conference. He said JDO’s effort is "utterly contemptible" and asked, "Is this a way you run a democracy?" Taylor said that as long as the conference is a legal gathering, there should be nothing wrong with it. "They sound like Nazis to me, trying to shut down this conference," said Taylor. "We are exchanging views, that’s what democracy is about."
Adler said it is important to stop such meetings, because they can lead to more. "Hitler started with six people in a beer hall," he said. "Freedom of speech ends when bigotry begins."

ADLER DRAWS his information about potential racists, anti-Semites and white supremacists from the Alabama-based Southern Poverty Law Center. The center was established in 1971 as a small civil rights law firm. The center’s Web file lists Taylor as a person to watch. It also states that Taylor’s conferences are well attended and have international reach.
Booth Gunter, the public affairs director at the Southern Poverty Law Center, said people listed on the center’s Web pages are labeled after going through an internal evaluation. "It’s a judgment about their public statements and also their activity," said Gunter.
The American Renaissance conference is scheduled for Feb. 22 to Feb. 24 at the Crowne Plaza Dulles Airport hotel in Herndon. The American Renaissance Web site states that the conference will "discuss the forces that will determine our future." It adds that the speakers and guests are "undeceived, outspoken and committed to the defense of Western Civilization."
A phone call to the hotel’s general manager was not returned.


Jewish Group Wants Hotel To Halt 'Neo-Nazi' Conference

POSTED: 4:02 pm EST December 13, 2007
UPDATED: 4:28 pm EST December 13, 2007

A Jewish activist group wants a Herndon hotel to cancel an upcoming conference organized by a white nationalist group based in northern Virginia.

The conference for the New Century Foundation and its American Renaissance Magazine is scheduled for Feb. 22-24 at the Crowne Plaza Dulles Airport hotel.

The Jewish Defense Organization called the foundation a "neo-Nazi" organization and said that it has worked with white supremacist and former presidential candidate David Duke.

The hotel's general manager did not return calls seeking comment.

The magazine and 13-year-old foundation were created by Jared Taylor, an Oakton resident who calls himself a "race realist" and advocates an end to immigration and all laws forbidding discrimination.