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Religious tensions erupted yesterday after authorities confirmed that an Arab girl beat up a Jewish girl at a Brooklyn middle school. The Arab teen was arrested and suspended for the Dec. 12 attack on the 13-year-old Jewish girl, an honors student, at IS 259 in Dycker Heights, sources said. "The investigation is ongoing. If there were any other people involved, they will be reprimanded as well," said Department of Education spokesman Kevin Ortiz.

Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind, who spoke with the victims' parents, said he believes the assault was bias-related - although it was not reported as a hate crime. "The attack was the culmination of weeks of taunting and tormenting by this group, led by one particular Arab girl," Hikind said in a letter to Schools Chancellor Joel Klein. "They were chanting, ‘Jew! Jew! Jew!' " Hikind added in an interview. Hikind said the parents are considering transferring their daughter to private school.


Larry Melsky, 65, of Scottsdale, died after hitting his head during a struggle with a grocery store's security guards.

By Emily Bittner

The Arizona Republic

Dec. 4, 2002

The Anti-Defamation League is saying that a shoplifting suspect killed in a scuffle at a Fry's Food Store in October may have been targeted because he was Jewish. The family of Larry Melsky filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against Fry's last week, citing police reports that detailed the White supremacist activities of security guard Ronnie Michael, one of four men who detained Melsky. The ADL, an international group dedicated to exposing anti-Semitism, stopped short of calling the fatal confrontation a "hate crime," saying the only evidence now was Melsky's Jewish heritage and Michael's reputed history with racist gangs, including the Gilbert Devil Dogs. "You can't take those two independent facts and determine this was a hate crime," said Bill Strauss, ADL regional director. But the ADL wants more information and says it will press for the quick release of a report into Melsky's death. Scottsdale police say that document will not come out for another month. Melsky, a retired salesman, wore a Star of David outside his shirt, said his daughter, Rhona Melsky. He died two months ago in a hospital after guards handcuffed him in a hallway of the Fry's at Shea Boulevard and 90th Street. Melsky, who hit his head in the fight, was empty-handed. Police interviewed all four security guards the night Melsky was injured but have released the transcripts of only two of their interviews. Michael's was not one of those. Strauss said the ADL will offer Melsky's family and lawyer the organization's investigative expertise on White supremacist groups.


Leaders of Hate Groups Held

O.C. authorities charge two white supremacists with having bomb- making materials.

By Jeff Gottlieb
Times Staff Writer

November 19 2002

Orange County authorities arrested two white supremacist leaders Monday, charging them with having had materials to make a bomb in 1999, including 50 gallons of gasoline they kept in their Anaheim apartment, enough to blow up the building. A third white supremacist leader was arrested on perjury and weapons charges.

The bomb complaint against Christine Greenwood and her boyfriend, John Patrick McCabe, said authorities also found BBs, razor blades and 16 nails that could be used as shrapnel, several battery-operated clocks that could operate as timers, and a shopping list of bomb-making materials.

Deputy Dist. Atty. Nicholas S. Thompson said Greenwood and McCabe did not appear to have a target. He said authorities did not move against them two years ago because fears of terrorism weren't as high a priority as now.

The third suspect, John Frederick Steele II, was charged with perjury and falsifying documents relating to financial statements he was required to give his probation officer. Thompson said that during a search of Steele's home Monday, authorities found a letter addressed to the white supremacist Christian Defense League advocating that members align themselves with Palestinian extremists to target Jews.

Steele is the California leader of Aryan Nations, known as the Brandenburg Division. Aryan Nations is one of the country's most influential racist groups.

Greenwood is active in Women for Aryan Unity and was organizer of the Aryan Baby Drive, which collects donated clothing for poor white families. She also is active with the group Blood and Honour, as was McCabe, her live-in boyfriend. The group promotes rock music with racist themes.

Greenwood, 28, and Steele, 29, were being held in the Orange County Jail in lieu of $100,000 bail. McCabe, 23, already was in prison for a probation violation. None of the three were represented by attorneys as of late Monday.

"This is the continuing effort by law enforcement to suck the oxygen from these groups by going after their leaders and suing every legal remedy to raise the price of doing their business in our community," Dist. Atty. Tony Rackauckas said at a news conference announcing the arrests.

The bomb materials were discovered in April 1999 when probation officials searched the apartment McCabe and Greenwood shared. At the time, McCabe was on probation for a hate crime, Thompson said. He had served six months in the Orange County Jail.

A search of the probationer's apartment turned up child pornography on a computer, which is what sent McCabe back to prison to serve 16 months for violating probation, Thompson said.

Thompson acknowledged that authorities could come in for criticism and "potential embarrassment" for not acting earlier. "There's a clear crime here that was frankly missed," he said.

He said that before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, the emphasis was not on terrorism. Thompson said that after the attacks, he became the district attorney's representative to local terrorist task forces.

The Orange County Probation Department subsequently brought him the information about the bomb-making materials found in the April 1999 search.

McCabe's arrest two years earlier seemed to have broken the momentum of the bomb plans, Thompson said. Until the new charges were filed, McCabe had been scheduled for release from prison in three months. Steele, a security guard at the Port of Los Angeles, was on probation for assault with a deadly weapon for stabbing a Latino man, Thompson said.

Authorities arrested him about 8 a.m. Monday without incident as he went to his car. During a search of his Long Beach apartment, they found four pistols and a slew of racist materials, which he is not allowed to have as a condition of his probation. A port spokeswoman said Steele was not on the harbor payroll, but could have been working as a private security guard. Thompson said Steele was well-known to Los Angeles police for distributing racist literature. He also came to the attention of local authorities this spring when he was organizing a celebration of Hitler's birthday at a La Habra Moose Lodge. Rackauckas said the event was canceled when Steele's probation officer found out about it.

Terms of Steele's parole forbid his association with members of extremist organizations, attending extremist events or possessing extremist paraphernalia.


Please take a minute to protest an effort to make Queen Isabella of Spain a saint of the Catholic Church. You probably know that Queen Isabella was a sponsor of the Spanish Inquisition, which resulted in massive state-sanctioned killings, exiles, and forced conversions of Jews and other non-Catholics during the 14th and 15th Centuries. Indeed, Isabella's Inquisition had significant influence on the Nazis; for example, the Nazi system of racial classifications can be traced to the Inquisition. At you can add your name to a petition protesting the atrocity that the honor of sainthood for Isabella would represent.

Crime: Sheriff's officials are seeking 15 more suspects who allegedly took part in assault on two men while chanting 'Kill the Jews!'

Los Angeles Times



September 21 2002

Authorities arrested two suspects and are looking for 15 others who allegedly beat and kicked two men outside a West Hollywood nightclub while chanting "Kill the Jews!" officials said Friday. Booked on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and committing a hate crime were Daoud Mohammed Mavid, 19, and Mohammed Hassan Aref, 22, both of Los Angeles. Each posted a $55,000 bond and was released.

One of the two victims, Fareed Kanani, recounted the harrowing ordeal. He and a friend, Michael Kashany, both 25, had left the Goodbar nightclub early Sunday morning. "I heard footsteps," Kanani said. "I looked back, and there's about 15 guys running toward us. They just kept coming.... It freaked me out." "First, they struck me in the head and hit my ear. Another guy grabbed me by the arms. I looked around and saw [my friend] Michael. He was being kicked on the ground. They were screaming, 'Kill the Jews!' " Kanani said. Kanani and Kashany escaped and took refuge in the nearby Sierra Towers, a high-rise apartment house close to the West Hollywood-Beverly Hills city line. The case is under investigation, and at this time there are no formal charges," said Scott Millington, head of the hate crimes section of the district attorney's office.

The manager of the Goodbar nightclub, Ivan Urlich, said the altercation apparently had grown out of a "Persian night" promotion by the club. He said that both Iranian Muslims and Jews had showed up for the well-advertised event. Urlich said there had been no trouble inside the club. West Hollywood sheriff's Lt. Patrick Jordan said deputies responded to reports of a beating in the street about 2:20 a.m. Sunday. "Leaving the Goodbar," he said, "the victims were followed by 10 to 15 Persian males. They yelled epithets such as 'Kill the Jews.' We arrested two people and we're still trying to identify the rest.... The victims got knocked to the ground and stomped."

Kanani said that he and Kashany had been in the nightclub for more than an hour. "I was a little tired," he said. "We decided to leave before the group did, and, outside, at a bus stop, we saw this gentleman. He said, 'We're going to kill all you ... Jews." "I went up to him and asked him why he would say something as harsh as that, especially when he doesn't know who I am.... He said, 'It doesn't matter. We're going to start with you.' "

During the attack, "they tore my shirt off, but I got away from the guys who were holding me back, and punched a couple of the guys. I got my friend loose. We ran toward the security guards at the apartment house." Kanani said he suffered a possible broken nose and cuts and bruises.

A witness, John Griffeth, the president of the Sierra Towers Homeowners Assn., said he had heard the shouts. "They were chanting, 'Kill the Jews! Kill the Jews!' I recorded it." He said the incident lasted about 10 minutes in all. Griffeth and another resident of the Sierra Towers said there had been frequent complaints about violence at or outside the Goodbar club.


Gubernatorial hopeful Thomas Golisano gave his controversial Independence Party colleague, Lenora Fulani, the cold shoulder yesterday, even as he tried to make nice with leaders of the party he co-founded. "Lenora Fulani and I are so far apart on most of her philosophical views," Golisano said of the former chief of the New Alliance Party, which some have called cult-like. "I appreciate the idea that she wants to support me, but I tell you, I totally disavow her."

That drew a shrug from Fulani, who met briefly with the Independence nominee Golisano in Albany, where the party's state committee was meeting. "The bottom line is I can't disavow him - he's the nominee of our party - and he can't disavow me, I'm a leader of the party," said Fulani, who like many other party leaders had supported Gov. Pataki's failed primary bid to beat Golisano for the Independence ballot line. State party chairman Frank MacKay - another backer of Pataki in the primary - gave Golisano the most tepid endorsement. "I think I have no choice but to support the head of our ticket," MacKay said.

Golisano yesterday ruled out also running on the Liberal Party's line. That party had nominated Andrew Cuomo, who remains on the ballot despite quitting the governor's race.

Also making nice yesterday were the governor and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who in 2000 referred to "Comrade Pataki" and likened the state Republican Party to "the Kremlin" when it tried to keep him off the presidential primary ballot. McCain, appearing at Theodore Roosevelt's home in Oyster Bay, L.I., with Pataki, brushed aside the past and proclaimed himself willing to do anything he can to "help in his re-election campaign." "I think [New York] needs his steady hand on the tiller," McCain said before Pataki headed off to campaign outside Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J.

Democratic nominee Carl McCall cracked, "I hope he [Pataki] picks up some votes in New Jersey." McCall yesterday visited several churches in Harlem, talking about education and calling for better health care, especially for senior citizens. In Harlem, he commented on the deal taken by ex-cop Charles Schwarz in the Abner Louima torture case. "I support what Abner Louima said. It's time to get it over with, start the healing process, and move on," McCall said. "We've got to make sure we do everything necessary to maintain a sense of racial harmony." With Post Wire Services


CANBERRA (Reuters) -

Australia's Jewish community won a landmark court case Tuesday when a judge ruled a Web site that denied the Holocaust happened and vilified Jewish people was illegal under racial discrimination laws.

In the first Australian court decision on race hate and the Internet, Federal Court Justice Catherine Branson ordered Fredrick Toben to remove offensive material from his Adelaide Institute Web site within the next seven days.

The offending material denied the deaths of millions of Jews during the Nazi era and said Jewish people who were offended by, or challenged Holocaust denials were of limited intelligence. "The court was satisfied ... that the respondent ... has published material on the World Wide Web which is reasonably likely, in all of the circumstances, to offend, insult, humiliate and intimidate Jewish Australians," Branson said in the court's judgement.

The court, sitting in Adelaide, also ordered Toben to issue a written apology to the president of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, Jeremy Jones, who brought the legal action, and to pay the court's costs. Toben, said on his Web site he would appeal the ruling. A former school teacher, Toben was jailed in Germany in 1999 for seven months on charges of inciting hatred through pamphlets. However, he was acquitted on charges of doing the same over the Internet after a court said the Web site was run on computers outside Germany and outside its jurisdiction. The Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, which first ordered Toben to remove the material from his site two years ago, said this was the first Australian court decision on race hate and the Internet.

"This case confirms that, at least for Australian sites, the Internet is subject to the same legal standards as other forms of communications such as print, TV and radio," acting Race Discrimination Commissioner William Jonas said in a statement. Jonas said he was aware of other Australian Web sites that may breach the standards of the Racial Discrimination Act. "Those who disseminate ideas based on racial superiority or hatred through the Internet in Australia need to take heed of this decision," he said.


Hate-group appearance gets ugly in Wakefield

by Doug Hanchett
Sunday, September 15, 2002

Violent skirmishes erupted in Wakefield yesterday as a controversial group of white supremacists attending a speech at the public library was shouted down with obscenities and spat upon by angry townsfolk. About a half dozen of the 600 people who turned out to watch the chaos unfold were arrested, according to Wakefield Police Chief Stephen Doherty, who had 200 police from Eastern Massachusetts on hand in full riot regalia.

The early-afternoon speech by the Rev. Matt Hale of the Illinois-based World Church of the Creator at Wakefield Public Library forced Main Street to be closed down for three blocks. Police, brandishing plastic shields, were lined up in menacing riot-control formations and perched upon downtown buildings to keep tabs on the at-times unruly mob.

But the heavy police contingent couldn't prevent a smattering of bloody outbursts. Before Hale's speech began, profanity-laced rhetoric pierced the picture-perfect afternoon air. And moments later, the first wave of violence broke out. A female friend of one white supremacist - who would later stand defiantly in front of The Savings Bank on Main Street with his hand outstretched in the Nazi salute - was bonked on the head with a stick. Blood oozed down the side of her face onto her neck as protesters mocked her.

``You (expletive) deserve it,'' shouted one townie, who was later arrested. ``I hope you bleed to death,'' screamed another. Contradictions were everywhere. While opponents shouted at the white supremacists to get out of Wakefield, they blocked the way when some tried to do just that. The Hale sympathizers, who were pelted with gravel and spit upon, eventually had to be escorted away by police. Meanwhile, inside the library Hale had trouble delivering his controversial message. Those in the audience continually disrupted his speech by chanting slogans and loudly arguing with church supporters.

As a contingent of white supremacists emerged from the library around 3 p.m., violence erupted for the second time. Two protesters, each brandishing a 4-foot-long white tube that had earlier been used to hold up placards, quietly sneaked up behind one of the white supremacists in front of Sovereign Bank and smacked him over the head repeatedly. The burly neo-Nazi crumpled to the sidewalk with a whimper, yelping ``Help! Police!'' as his attackers dropped their makeshift weapons and fled.

At least one of them, who identified himself to the Herald as a ``committed anti-racist'' member of the Progressive Labor Party, was arrested moments later around the corner as the crowd shouted ``Let him go! Let him go!'' Eighteen-year-old Caitlin Cooper of Wakefield was one of the loudest opponents, getting in the face of several Hale supporters. ``The last thing I'm going to do is let somebody make me fear where I live,'' she said. Frank Nestor, a 45-year Wakefield resident who fought real Nazis on D-Day, stopped to watch the conflict after running an errand downtown. He thought the townspeople would have been better off simply ignoring the supremacists. ``They opened a Pandora's box here. Some of these (protesters) are as bad as (the Nazis),'' said Nestor, standing in front of Jeffrey's Package Store. ``I've got no use for (the Nazis). But it don't bother me - let 'em demonstrate.''

Lisa Lebo and her husband Brian brought their two boys, 10-year-old Nicholas and 7-year-old Maverick, to hear Hale and his hateful disciples.

``It's crazy that they would even come here,'' she said. ``I don't want my sons to grow up thinking hate is OK in any way, shape or form.'' Despite the arrests and minor injuries, Doherty called the afternoon ``a tremendous success.'' Edward Harris, a U.S. Justice Department conciliation specialist in Wakefield to assist police, agreed.

``If folks are not obeying, if they're violent by throwing rocks or (other means), they're going to get arrested. And that's exactly what happened,'' said Harris, noting that six arrests would be ``completely normal'' considering the size of the crowd.

Support The Baltimore Anti-Racist 28!

On the morning of August 24, 2002, twenty-eight anti-racist activists went to the Baltimore Travel Plaza to protest the neo-nazi organization "The National Alliance." Some two hundred racists were gathering there to meet before caravanning to their march and rally in Washington, D.C. later that day. As the activists entered the parking lot of the Travel Plaza, it began to storm and the group was confronted by several police cars. The twenty-eight attempted to return to their cars when suddenly they were surrounded by dozens of police cars and wagons. Held in the pouring rain for nearly an hour, they were eventually cuffed and brought to the Southeast District police station. After hours of shivering on the floor of a conference room without being charged, they were transferred to Central Booking and held for almost twenty-four hours before receiving their papers.

When they finally were allowed to see commissioners, some of the twenty-eight were released on their own recognizance while others received bail amounts upwards of $10,000. None of these twenty-eight activists had committed any crime, nor were they told what they were being charged with until after they had been interviewed. Bail was raised and all activists are now out of jail, but the legal battle is just beginning.

Later that night... Baltimore police carried out a raid on a community center, the activists were using to coordinate jail solidarity, without a warrant. They confiscated pamphlets, magazines and other literature. Immediately afterward, police surrounded a progressive activist center and they attempted another warrant-less search. The activists inside refused to talk to police and instead called the media. The police left the scene when the media showed up. Police then followed and pulled over cars traveling to and from these locations without providing reasons for the stops. Several people were pulled over at gunpoint for trying to reach these safe spaces. The Baltimore Police Department is going forward with their trumped up charges. Once again the police are protecting violent racists over the interests of our communities.

In addition to funds, the Baltimore Anti-Racist 28 are also in need of legal support. Any legal resources you can provide will be greatly appreciated and are desperately needed.

It is clear that the charges against the Baltimore Anti-Racist 28 and the harassment of the Baltimore Anti-Racist community are part of a larger attempt to silence the voices of committed activists. Due to the scale of media coverage and the various regions represented by the defendants, this case is important to everyone continent-wide who is opposed to racial and other nazi prejudices.

Accurate information on the charges and the police tactics and response to anti-racism must be disseminated. Corporate media accounts are based on the statements by the police and the National Alliance. Please spread the true message as far and wide as you can. Flyers, benefits, teach-ins, demonstrations, etc. are needed to assist the Anti-Racist 28 through their court cases.

The Results: Twenty-six activists have each been charged with: One count of rioting (unlimited penalty) Three counts of second degree aggravated assault (punishable by up to 10 years in prison and/or a $2,500 fine) One count of possession of a deadly weapon with intent to injure (punishable by up to 3 years in prison and/or a $1,000 fine) One count of malicious destruction of property valued over $500 (punishable by up to 3 years in prison and/or a $2,500 fine) One count of disorderly conduct (punishable by up to 60 days in prison and/or a $500 fine) The twenty-seventh activist, a minor, received the same charges plus an additional 20 counts of Second Degree Aggravated Assault. The twenty-eighth activist, a representative of the National Lawyers Guild, was also arrested while he attempted to protect the rights of the activists.

He was charged with one count of failing to obey an officer (punishable by up to 60 Days in prison and/or a $500 fine). The National Alliance claimed to police that they were confronted by anti-fascists in the morning. If so, they had been there and left well before the twenty-eight had arrived. The police decided to round up anyone in the parking lot and are attempting to pin any real or imagined crimes the National Alliance racists complained of on these innocent activists. These anti-racist activists need your assistance as they are facing a combined total of about 1,177 years of jail time. Please donate to the Baltimore Anti-Racist 28 Legal Defense Fund. Many thousands of dollars will be needed by these brave and dedicated activists to fight these bogus charges. Much thanks to all of the great people who sent money for bail, but the serious costs will begin now. Every little bit counts.

In solidarity, The Baltimore Anti-Racist 28 Defense Committee

Silence Is Approval!

Demand Justice Now!

Geoff: OR Chewy:



An obscene spectacle took place in North London earlier today. A thousand Muslims gathered at the Finsbury Park mosque to “celebrate” the bombing of the World Trade Center. The Metropolitan Police deployed a force 500 strong to protect the meeting, called “A Towering Day in History,” from disruption.

A dozen or so menacing-looking men with kaffiyehs over their faces stood on the mosque’s steps to prevent unfriendly journalists from entering.

The “celebration” began promptly at 1 PM, so that participants could applaud the action of the WTC bombers at exactly 1:46 London time-the exact time, a year earlier, when the first plane hit its target in New York. Chairing the meeting was Abu Hamza, an Egyptian-born engineer turned Muslim mullah, who presides over the notorious Finsbury Park mosque, where several of the detainees in Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay, captured fighting for the Taliban and al-Qaida, received their theological training. Hamza also reportedly recruited to the jihad Richard Reid, the would-be shoe-bomber who failed to blow up an American Airlines flight from Paris to Miami on December 22, 2001. The good Imam is implicated as well in the training and instigation of Zacarias Moussaoui, under arrest on suspicion of conspiring with the 19 murderers of September 11.

The FBI has applied for Hamza’s extradition from the U.K for questioning in the U.S. (the mullah has been a British subject since 1985), but he is still at large in London, free not only to address his congregation but to “celebrate” the events of 9/11. He told the press that Saudi Muslims financed the “celebration” in the hope that from it will arise an organization that represents “the real views of Muslims in Britain.”

Scotland Yard’s information office refuses to answer questions as to why Abu Hamza isn’t under arrest. Several leaders of the Muslim community in Britain allege that he is working for the British Secret Services-in particular MI5-as an agent provocateur, but the more likely explanation is that he is more useful to the surveillance services as a free agent than he would be in detention. The police outside the “celebration” had a dozen or so photographers videotaping or taking snapshots of everyone coming in or out of the mosque

Hamza and his mosque act as a focus for young men who have taken the first step of embracing jihadi Islam. They have been known to “pass through” the Finsbury Park mosque and then branch out into clandestine training facilities and programs in Britain and abroad. At last count, the British Foreign Office reported that at least 4,000 British Muslims had received training from al-Qaida, the Taliban, or associated terror groups. Many of these came from Hamza’s congregation, which acts as a point of contact with networks abroad.

Hamza is in every way a sinister character. He is blind in one eye, and his left hand has been blown off and replaced by a metal claw. He claims in interviews that he lost his hand and eye when fighting the Russians in Afghanistan, and he uses these injuries as his warrior credentials. The claim is a lie. A British documentary producer, Alu Jamal, interviewed him on camera in Pakistan for a BBC film a year after the Russians left Afghanistan. The footage shows Hamza with his eye and hand intact. His injuries probably result from mishandling explosives.

Hamza is also wanted on criminal charges in Yemen in connection with an incident in 1998, when six young British Muslims, all of whom had at some point been under his tutelage, were arrested in that country on suspicion of terrorism. They were caught with weapons, explosives, plans, and maps-all of which they intended to use to attack British diplomats, their families, homes, offices, and church. When the men were captured and tried, they and their families in Britain instantly applied to these same diplomats whose families they had come to murder to represent them-as they were British citizens-and to secure their release from Yemeni justice. One of the young men ultimately convicted was Abu Hamza’s adopted son.

The trail of the terrorists led back to Hamza. Far from denying-as their families insisted on doing, despite the evidence-that these men were on a terrorist mission, Hamza said he was in favor of armed struggle against all agencies of the British state that supported corrupt regimes, and if these men, including his son, were found guilty and executed, they would be martyrs to the cause of Islam.

If this isn’t sedition, what is?

It was pure chaos outside the mosque. A handful of neo-fascists from the British National Party demonstrated under the banner “Keep Britain Out of Foreign Wars, Keep Foreign Wars Out of Britain.” Joining them on the street were a few hundred stalwarts of the Anti-Nazi League-there to protest not the evil “celebration” going on in the mosque but the presence of the British National Party!

The assembly adjourned twice for prayers, and the crowds flowed out into the courtyard, led by the muezzin. The star of the meeting was Omar Bakri, a cleric of Syrian origin who heads the sinister cult Al Mahajiroun, which draws its recruits mainly from the colleges and universities of Britain. Al Mahajiroun seeks to make Britain an Islamic state. Bakri told his rapt audience that they must learn the “lessons” of September 11-the murderous lessons, presumably.

Farrukh Dhondy is a writer and columnist living in England. He is the author of C. L. R. James: A Life.


Lenora Fulani long time anti-Semite enemy of Israel, and enemy of America is best remembered for her days as a leader in a Jew-Hating cult called the New Alliance Party. Fulani, who along with her guru Fred Newman has gone to Libya to show support to Qaddafi, has stood on podiums next to Black Nazi Louis Farrakhan has a new project. Many of her collaborators in the pro-terrorist New Alliance Party recently took over the Independence Party . In fact elected officials have scurried like rats to get her new groups endorsement. UNFORTUNATELY 3 HAVE DONE A REAL JOB OF COLLABORATING WITH JEW-HATER FULANI GOVERNOR PATAKI AND COUNCILMAN ERISTOFF. JDO HAS A NEW CAMPAIGN TO ENCOURAGE AS MANY JEWS AS POSSIBLE TO CALL BOTH AND DEMAND SEVERE ALL TIES WITH BOTH THE INDEPENDENCE PARTY AND FULANI. CALL GOVERNOR PATAKI AT 212-599-0202. CALL ERISTOFF AT 212-288-2351


Bogus checks used for bail: Man who was being held in O.C. attempted murder case is sought again following July 17 release John McDonald (Orange County Register)
20 Aug 02

The Orange County Jail released a reputed skinhead gang member held on suspicion of attempted murder after accepting $500,000 in counterfeit cashier's checks for his bail, sheriff's officials disclosed Monday.

Dominic Peter Rizzo, 33, was released from the jail in Santa Ana on July17 after the checks were presented to the jail cashier. The checks were deposited with the bank on which they were drawn, and it took the bank 18 days to report that they were bogus, said Assistant Sheriff George Jaramillo.

The gang that Rizzo is believed to belong to has a reputation for counterfeiting - though springing a member on bogus bail is a new twist,said Costa Mesa police Sgt. Clay Epperson. A warrant for Rizzo's arrest was issued Aug.9. Rizzo, who has a criminal record for felony drug offenses dating to 1988, remains at large and will be held on $2 million bail if arrested, the warrant states." The law says we have to accept certain kinds of tender," Jaramillo said." It only became clear after the checks went to the bank that there was nothing of value standing behind them. "We don't think this is some scam the deputies could have detected." Jaramillo said the case is under investigation, partly to determine who posted the bail on Rizzo's behalf. The use of counterfeit materials to post bail is rare, according to state officials.Jaramillo said that because of the incident, believed to be a first in Orange County, the policy on accepting cashier's checks has been changed. They will now only be accepted when the funds can be verified with the bank, he said.

Rizzo and his two co-defendants in the April 1999 attempted-murder case areallegedly members of a skinhead prison gang called Public Enemy Number One, or PENI. PENI has at least 200 members and a long history of identity theft and forged-document crimes, said Epperson, a longtime investigator of skinhead gangs.Rizzo and his co-defendants, Donald Mazza, 31, and Albert Sherwin, 45, had each been held on $500,000 bail. Prosecutors called the attack a "prison-ordered hit" motivated by a belief that the victim was giving information against the gang to Westminster police. The gang is growing and is trying to replace the Nazi Low Riders as the foremost ally of the Aryan Brotherhood, Epperson said. Court papers say Rizzo was a friend of the man and had been godfather to his child. He is alleged to have met with the man shortly before the attack and warned him to be careful. On the morning of the attack, Mazza was released from Wasco State Prison. Less than 10 hours after his release, court papers allege, Mazza repeatedly stabbed the victim while Rizzo held him down and Sherwin kept watch.

The victim was stabbed in the chest, abdomen and arms but survived the attack. He initially refused to identify the men who stabbed him but later said he was shocked that Rizzo was one of them. The trio was arrested two days after the stabbing and were initially held without bail. All three are due back in court Friday.

Jewish Immigrant Arranges Russian Extremist's Visit to Boston


Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the far-right Russian politician known for his attacks on Jews and foreigners and his hostility toward Israel, was in Boston this week for meetings with local Russian immigrants, most of whom are Jewish.

Zhirinovsky's three-day visit was to be capped by a public appearance Friday at Hancock Hall, a prestigious auditorium with a 1,000-seat capacity, organized by a local Russian-Jewish bookstore owner, Michael Zaltzman.

Zaltzman's bookstore was accompanying the Zhirinovsky visit with public events including a presentation of Zhirinovsky's newly published book, "Ivan, Close Your Soul." Zhirinovsky is also promoting his own private-label vodka brand through the bookstore.

Zaltzman told the Forward that he agreed to host Zhirinovsky in Boston after learning that appearances by the Russian extremist had been cancelled in New York and Chicago as a result of local protests. "We live in a democracy," the bookseller said. "How can we stop people from talking just because we disagree with their opinions?"

Zaltzman said that as of the beginning of the week he had sold 700 tickets to the Zhirinovsky speech at $25 per ticket.

An activist in the Russian Jewish community in Boston, Josif Lachman, told the Forward he would be organizing protests against Zhirinovsky, both at the bookstore and outside the auditorium. He said the protests would be sponsored by a local organization that he heads, the American Anti-Fascist Association.

"Zhirinovsky is a good friend of Saddam Hussein," Lachman said. "Boston is not Saddam territory."

Zhirinovsky has spoken frequently in praise of the Iraqi dictator, calling him a friend of Russia and warning against an American military strike aimed at Baghdad. He has been shown on Russian television lounging at the swimming pool in Baghdad's presidential palace.

In a press conference before leaving Moscow this week, Zhirinovsky repeated his warnings against an American attack on Iraq and promised to organize a "world congress of patriotic forces" in Moscow. He named French rightist Jean-Marie Le Pen as a likely participant.

Zaltzman, the Boston bookseller, said that he was being paid as a consultant by a French television company that was covering Zhirinovsky's meetings with immigrants.

This spring, in an interview in an Israeli Russian-language newspaper, Novosti Nedeli, Zhirinovsky said that European Jews had organized the Holocaust to help the Zionist cause. He also charged that 4,000 Jews had stayed home from work at the World Trade Center on September 11, suggesting that the attack had been organized by pro-Israel forces in order to strengthen American support for Israel.


WAKEFIELD, MA--Matt Hale's "public meeting" routine takes him back out east on Saturday September 14th, 1 PM at the Wakefield Lucius Beebe Memorial
Library, 345 Main St., Wakefield, Massachusetts. The folks associated with Hale in this area are especially ticked off over the Catherine Daniels story, which exposed them and their routines. Tony Menear, one of the scumbags there went to jail on a parole violation not long after the story broke.

Catherine Daniels Story can be found at


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White supremacist prison gang leader Scott Biswell and a companion were shot in their Provo, Utah, hotel room on August 11 after Biswell pointed a gun at police officers attempting to serve arrest warrants.

Biswell, 31, who died at the scene, was wanted in West Valley City on a $250,000 felony warrant. On August 4, Biswell attacked and threatened to kill two women and a baby.

Biswell (a.k.a. Ace), had been in and out of prison since the age of 18 and was a lieutenant in the violent white supremacist prison gang, Soldiers of Aryan Culture (SAC). SAC, founded by two West Valley men in 1996, is the second largest white supremacist prison gang in the Utah state prison system. It has approximately 150 members. In its "Instruction Manual of Conduct," a guide for members, the SAC is open about its racism as well as its criminal activity: "At times, crime is used to fund our cause. We will do what we must to achieve our goals."

Soldiers of Aryan Culture came to prominence last winter when Utah law enforcement officials revealed that they had received information suggesting that members of SAC and another prison gang, Krieger Verwandt, were making pipe bombs and intending to use them to attack Jews during the 2002 Winter Olympics (it is not known if the intended targets were Israeli athletes or members of the local Jewish community). Law enforcement officials did not have enough evidence to make any arrests, but said that the alleged plotters solved the problem themselves by being involved in a beating incident that violated their parole and gave law enforcement reason to put them behind bars again.

Kortni Rae Grimm, 23, who had been staying with Biswell at the hotel for three days, died after being taken to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center. She was wanted by West Valley City police on a $50,000 warrant for failure to appear for a sentencing hearing on a child endangerment charge in June 2001.

Biswell had a lengthy criminal record consisting of numerous arrests and convictions over the last decade. Paroled eight times in nine years, Biswell was returned to prison within months of each release. While in prison, Biswell was associated with white supremacist Troy Kell, currently on death row for killing a fellow inmate in 1994 while serving time for another murder conviction.


This past week we had an adverse legal decision that has given us cause for concern, but also cause to unite and rally around our flag. And that is a court of appeals made a ridiculous ruling in the Trademark case, reversing the District Court Judge and ordering judgment for the other side. As you may recall, we were sued by this Christ-insanity outfit out of Oregon. [We were] sued because we use our name Church of the Creator which our great founder, Ben Klassen, coined in 1973 [and] which he founded in 1973. In any case, this organization chose the same name 9 years after us, and proceeded to sue us two years ago. Well let me say this, regardless of any federal decision, we will continue to use our name as we have the Constitutional right to do. There is no power, there is no authority that can tell us, as a Church, that we must use a certain name to celebrate our beloved White People. We will not submit, we will not bow down before any unconstitutional decision; we don't care where it comes from. We will continue to use our name; we will continue to rejoice in the teachings of Ben Klassen. Our teachings will not be changed or altered to meet the prejudices of a Federal Judge. So let that be clear. It is very important also for all of you to continue using the name "Church of the Creator", "World Church of the Creator" we've used both names continuously for years and years. It is very important of course for our members our adherents to continue spreading the message of White Racial Loyalty under the banner of the World Church of the Creator.


In other news, I haven't talked about this on this Hotline yet, but we have a situation in Massachusetts going on in which one of our Ministers is incarcerated simply because he refused to forsake his religious beliefs. Yes, you heard me correctly, our Reverend Tony Menear, our state leader of Massachusetts is sitting in a lousy prison cell right now because he refused to forsake Creativity to his parole officer. And he was on parole, certainly was, he had done some bad things years ago. He fessed up to those things, he found Creativity while in prison. He turned his life around; he gets back out on the street [and] for three years now he's been on the streets. Then we make news in his community, his name was in the newspaper and the next thing you know the Nigger Parole Officer is telling him that he must abandon Creativity, and denounce it publicly or he is going to go back to prison. Well, being a man of honor and character, Rev. Menear refused, he told him he would not forsake Creativity and he is in prison now as a result. Let us appreciate strongly this man, what he has done. Certainly any letters that you could send him, send them to World Headquarters we will forward them on to him. He needs your support, he needs your appreciation, he needs to hear from you. If you have never been locked up before you don't really know what it's like. I can say I was locked up for a month in a county jail and that was not a pleasant experience. So I know a little bit of what he is going through, a little bit, I don't claim to know everything. But it's not a very invigorating feeling to feel handcuffs on your arms, or on your wrists I should say. It's not invigorating to know that you have to be in a prison with Monkeys. And so we need to send this man our support any way we can. You can do so by writing World Headquarters and we will forward any letters on to him.


While anti-globalization activists were preparing for the recently completed Kananaskis G8 meetings in Calgary, white supremacists were developing plans to crash the party. According to the Center for New Community's Devin Burghart, unbeknownst to most activists, the Anti-Globalism Action Network (AGAN) was attempting to blend in with the protesters by taking a seemingly sympathetic name, as well as putting up a website with an address——that could easily be mistaken for the G8 Activist Network's official website at

AGAN, said Burghart, was actually was "a front group for William Pierce's neo-Nazi National Alliance." According to Burghart, the group intended to incite violence while at the same time recruit unsuspecting anti-globalization activists.

Burghart, Director of CNC's Building Democracy Initiative, sent a pre-G8 meeting e-mail alert warning that AGAN's website "was registered to the Canadian branch of the National Alliance" and could be easily mistaken for the G8 Activist Network's website. AGAN's website features a prominently placed link to the National Alliance website and to radio broadcasts from the Alliance's founder, the late William Pierce.

Why was the National Alliance setting its sites on the anti-globalization movement?

"The group's anti-Semitic worldview posits that organizations like the G8, IMF, and World Bank are tools the Jewish elite use in their quest for world domination," Burghart told me in an email exchange. He said that the CNC sent the alert because it was "vital that anti-globalization activists and organizations understand, oppose and expose their hateful message making it clear that the anti-globalization movement will not tolerate organized bigotry in its midst."

Burghart pointed out that the National Alliance's interest in the G8 meetings is only one aspect of its multi-pronged strategies "aimed at recruiting from and disrupting progressive activists, especially youth." Other Alliance actions, he said, have included "rogue postings to local sites and an appearance at the Seattle anti-globalization protests of 1999."

At its website, AGAN defended the link to the National Alliance's website saying that the organization took the "bold step of placing a link on its popular website to a controversial White Nationalist organization, the National Alliance.... as a public service."

"While most people in the anti-globalism movement undoubtedly have strong ideological differences with the National Alliance, their [the Alliance] anti-globalism credentials are undeniable," says Anthony Phillips of AGAN.

National Alliance deputy membership coordinator Billy Roper denied that there was any organizational link to AGAN. In an interview with Scott Anderson, a reporter for the Toronto's newspaper Now, Roper claimed that AGAN is "completely independent" from the Alliance. Roper later admitted, however, that while "there may be a member of the National Alliance involved with the Web site of the AGAN, it's not an official project."

Roper also told Anderson that when National Alliance members attended the Seattle anti-globalization demonstrations they found that "persons who are of the extreme left—Communists and anti-globalists who do not share our racial views—are more likely, ironically, to make good prospective recruits to the National Alliance than persons who are not politically conscious at all."

Attracting youth by any means

Before his death last month, William Pierce headed up the National Alliance, one of the U.S.'s premier neo-nazi hate groups. He had a keen feel for appealing to disaffected young people. Over the past few years the Alliance had developed a powerful one-two punch in the form of hate music and racist video games. (While never a household name, Pierce gained notoriety when it was reported that his novel, The Turner Diaries, a primer for the militia crowd, was one of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh's favorite reads.)

This year, on Martin Luther King Day, the National Alliance opened up a new line of neo-Nazi entertainment products, inlcuding a video game called "Ethnic Cleansing," the first of a series of video games he intends to produce and distribute. According to an Anti-Defamation League (ADL) report titled "Racist Groups Using Computer Gaming to Promote Violence against Blacks, Latinos and Jews," the object of the under-$15 CD-ROM-based game "is to kill 'sub-humans'—i.e. Blacks and Latinos —and their 'masters,' the Jews, who are portrayed as the personification of evil."

Pierce also ran Resistance Records, a white-supremacist music distribution giant. Founded in 1993 by George Burdi, a 23-year-old neo-Nazi skinhead, the company labored in relative obscurity in the neo-Nazi underground subculture during its first few years. Eventually, Willis A. Carto, better known as the anti-Semitic leader of Liberty Lobby, and partner Todd Blodgett revived the company in 1998.

A year later with the Carto/Blodgett partnership faltering, Pierce, a longtime Carto rival, took over and moved the record company's operations to his National Alliance headquarters outside Hillsboro, West Virginia. According to an Anti-Defamation League's (ADL) report titled "Deafening Hate: The Revival of Resistance Records," Pierce never did care much for the music; he recognized, however, that it attracted potential recruits.

Resistance Records also publishes the quarterly Resistance magazine, sells a number of books (including Adolph Hitler's Mein Kampf and Blood Ritual: Investigation into Jewish Ritual Murder Cases), distributes music and Nazi military videos, and carries a line of clothing, jewelry, pins and bumper stickers.

Fertile or fallow ground?

Will the National Alliance and AGAN find converts within the anti-globalization movement? Oren Siegle, the Anti-Defamation League's senior research analyst, thinks that it's possible. Siegle told the Wired News' Steve Kettman: "It's an active effort to infiltrate the anti-globalization movement. I wouldn't want to say that the anti-globalization movement has become a breeding ground for all these negative players. Just the nature of it—you have young people running around with a lot of energy who have a lot of ideas. The right-wing groups want to capitalize on that. I don't blame the anti-globalization groups who don't know that these groups are trying to infiltrate them."

Grant Neufeld, director of the Activist Network and host of the site, was angered by the white-supremacists efforts. "They're trying to associate themselves with the so-called anti-globalization movement," Neufeld told the Wired News. "Myself, I don't consider myself part of an anti-globalization movement, but of an anti-corporate movement... This movement is very vocally an anti-racist movement, so for racists to claim they have a role in this movement is utterly ridiculous."

Although AGAN did not show up in Calgary, Burghart said that CNC's preemptive strike calling attention to their plans was a good thing. "The emergence of AGAN forced anti-globalization activists to challenge notions of racism and bigotry that have circulated in and around the anti-globalization movement for some time. In the end, a multitude of voices from the anti-globalization movement condemned the National Alliance for this stunt once they heard about it. It is a credit to anti-globalization activists that they took the threat seriously, and didn't view the exposure of AGAN as an attack on them which," he added, "it certainly was not."

Burghart believes that AGAN—or another group like it, associated with the National Alliance—will try again to "probe and test anti-globalization activists to see how they will react to the presence of neo-Nazis. It allows the Alliance to identify potential new recruits and to expand possible fissures in the progressive movement using racism and anti-Semitism as wedges. The National Alliance still sees potential, and they're fairly clever at organizing stunts like this. Next time they'll probably employ different tactics or create a new facade."

WASHINGTON (July 30, 2002 6:26 p.m. EDT) - When Web operator Jon Messner gained control of one of al-Qaida's prime Internet communication sites, he offered it to the FBI to use it for disinformation and collecting data about sympathizers. What followed, he says, was a week of frustration.

FBI agents struggled to find someone with enough technical know-how to set up the sting. By the time they did, the opportunity was lost as militant Islamic Web users figured out the site was a decoy, said Messner of Ocean City, Md.

"It was like dealing with the motor vehicle administration," said Messner, who runs Web sites, many of which sell pornographic materials. "We could have done something that could have seriously impacted things. It took me so many days just to get somebody who understood the Internet." Barry Maddox, a spokesman for the FBI's Baltimore office, said he "cannot confirm or deny" that his office worked with Messner earlier this month.

"If we received information of any sort from anything related to 9/11 or any continuing terrorist type activity, we would take it under consideration and pass it on," Maddox said. "We're not going to turn down anything."

Though many of his Web sites involve pornography, Messner said he became interested in, a militant Islamic Web site that promotes the Al-Qaida terror organization and carries messages from its top members. Alneda originally was registered in Malaysia but has been chased out of several countries after pressure by authorities. It also has shown up on computers in Michigan and Texas.

Messner used a software program that probes Web site addresses whose registrations are about to lapse, meaning the address will go into a pool available for sale. When it did, Messner snapped it up and filled the site with Web pages from the original Arabic site.

He hoped U.S. officials could use the site for disinformation campaigns or to collect data on visitors who used its message boards or other resources. Even though some features didn't work yet, his decoy site fooled some Web users. Almost immediately after putting the site online July 16, he saw visitors from Arab nations and references to it on other militant Islamic Web sites.

"I (was) tracing back to hostile message boards that say when translated, 'Praise Allah, the Alneda site is back up,'" Messner said. Since he couldn't write any new articles in Arabic, he needed the FBI's help to keep the site alive. He said FBI officials in Baltimore and Salisbury, Md., encouraged his work but took too long to decide how to help him.

Within a week, other Arabic Web sites outed Messner's site as a phony and warned visitors away. He shut it down. Since Messner gave up the Internet address, the Alneda Web site is back up again, this time hosted in Dayton, Ohio, and carrying a new interview with an Al-Qaida field commander describing battles against American forces.

Messner said he handed over the data he gathered to the FBI. Intelligence experts said the gamble on a fake Alneda site might not have been worthwhile. Rather than a traditional sting operation - a routine task for the FBI - Messner's decoy site would be available to everyone on the Internet, said John Pike of That means the FBI might have inadvertently helped terrorists communicate.

"There is a difference between tossing a kilo of coke into a guy's lap and then cuffing him, versus going out and selling it to little children," Pike said. "I'm sure there would have been somebody at FBI who would have said this information is going to be publicly accessible. We don't even necessarily know all that is going to be communicated here." Pike said that concern, coupled with the pressure caused by the Internet's breakneck speed, makes the lost opportunity understandable.

"It's too new, and they were probably scared," Pike said. "And they might have well-founded fears." Former CIA counterterrorism expert Vincent Cannistraro said relying on the public to do intelligence work is dangerous.

"It may be looked on as a large resource for law enforcement. On the other hand, it does lend itself to massive cases of abuse," Cannistraro said. "When it comes to monitoring the Internet and exploiting it, you have to leave it to the professionals."

"White" supremacist couple guilty in bomb plot

BOSTON, Massachusetts (AP) --Two white supremacists were found guilty Friday of plotting to blow up Jewish and black landmarks around Boston in what prosecutors said was a scheme to spark a "racial holy war."

A federal jury deliberated for seven hours over two days before convicting Leo Felton, the 31-year-old the mixed-race son of civil rights activists, and his 22-year-old girlfriend, Erica Chase.

"This should be a reminder that those who will try to affect social change through terrorist acts may be right here among us, homegrown Americans," said Tom Powers of the Boston FBI office.

The couple were arrested in April 2001 when an off-duty police officer spotted Chase passing a counterfeit $20 bill at a doughnut shop.

Investigators discovered that Felton was making the phony money to help fund their plan and had already gathered most of the ingredients to make a bomb, including a 50-pound bag of ammonium nitrate, the fertilizer used in the Oklahoma City bombing.

"Their plan was to ignite a racial holy war ... that would promote chaos among the races," prosecutor Emily Schulman told the jury.

The defense maintained the couple were being prosecuted for their beliefs.

The couple were found guilty of conspiring to make a bomb, conspiring to make counterfeit bills, obstruction of justice, conspiring to obstruct justice and firearms violations. Felton was convicted of making counterfeit bills; Chase was acquitted on that charge.

Felton was also convicted of bank robbery, conspiracy to commit bank robbery and attempting to receive explosives with the intent to kill or injure people, or damage property.

Under federal sentencing guidelines, Felton faces a minimum of 35 years behind bars. Chase could have gotten at least eight years if she had been found guilty on all charges.

Chase's attorney, Timothy Watkins, said his client meant no harm.

"Erica continues to maintain that she didn't advocate violence against any person or any group," he said. "We're disappointed with the verdict but we accept it."

Felton's attorney, Lenore Glaser, said only that she was happy the judge agreed to reconsider one of the gun charges.

Felton was a member of the White Order of Thule, while Chase belonged to the World Church of the Creator. They met after Chase corresponded with Felton for almost a year while he was in prison for the attempted murder of a black taxi driver.

BOSTON (Reuters) - The alleged leader of a white supremacist "terrorist cell" accused of trying to orchestrate an Oklahoma City-style bombing also spoke of wanting to kill film director Steven Spielberg, civil rights leader Jesse Jackson and others, a federal prosecutor said on Monday.

As opening statements were made in the trial of former convict Leo Felton and his girlfriend Erica Chase, Assistant U.S. Attorney Theodore Merritt accused the duo of planning to bomb a Jewish or black landmark, possibly the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington or a Holocaust memorial in Boston.

The two hoped such a bombing would set off a racial war and hasten the elimination of those they called "mud people" -- Jews, blacks and anyone else they considered non-white, Merritt said.

Felton, his short hair partly concealing the words "SKIN HEAD" tattooed into his head, sat quietly as Merritt told jurors of the conspiracy that he and Chase allegedly were hatching when they were arrested last year for trying to pass a counterfeit $20 bill.

Merritt said Felton had purchased and stored at his apartment a 50-pound bag of ammonium nitrate -- the same chemical fertilizer that Timothy McVeigh used in 1995 when he bombed the federal building in Oklahoma City, killing 168 people and injuring hundreds of others. "They had the books on how to construct the bomb and had already started to assemble the components," Merritt told jurors, explaining that the pair had removed the timer from a coffee maker and hoped to use this in detonating the bomb.

He also said Felton had spoken with another member of the "terrorist cell" about possible targets, including the Jewish founders of multimedia company DreamWorks SKG. "Felton spoke of his intention to blow up the Holocaust Museum. He also spoke of targeting the founders of DreamWorks -- Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen -- the Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson Merritt said. Sharpton is a well-known New York City black activist. Felton and Chase were charged together last year with conspiring to make a destructive device, firearms violations, making and passing counterfeit currency and conspiracy to obstruct justice.

In addition, Felton was charged with attempting to receive explosive materials in interstate commerce with intent to use them in an explosive device to kill and injure people and destroy property. He also was charged with being a convicted felon in possession of two handguns. If convicted on all counts, Felton faces up to 90 years in prison and Chase up to 35 years.

Merritt accused Felton and Chase of arranging after their arrest to have an acquaintance destroy some of the evidence stored at their apartment in Boston, including the ammonium nitrate. Felton's attorney, Lenore Glaser, tried to use this information to her advantage as she addressed the jury, saying the government had no evidence he was trying to build a bomb.

"There is no bomb," Glaser told jurors. "There is no bag of ammonium nitrate." However, Glaser's task was complicated by the attorney representing Chase, who used his opening statement to attack not only the government's case but also to pin the blame on Felton and paint Chase as his unwitting victim. "Leo Felton exercised his power over Erica Chase to have her do things he wanted ... to lead her to his ends," Chase's attorney, Timothy Watkins, told jurors.



SHE'S been accused of anti-Semitism, anti-Americanism and fraud - but to Gov. Pataki and Mayor Bloomberg, Lenora Fulani is a powerful political ally.

Fulani - a quasi-Marxist, two-time presidential candidate - helped take over Ross Perot's Independence Party. She now sits atop the influential third party, doling out coveted endorsements and access to its critical ballot line; the governor and mayor court her support. Still, Fulani remains deeply tied to a shadowy web of controversial therapeutic and cultural nonprofit groups that seem to run in tandem with the supposedly independent Independence Party. She is founder of the All Stars Project, an arts group for inner-city kids, and a supporter of its sister organization, Castillo Theater.

Fulani is on staff at the East Side Institute for Short Term Psychotherapy, where she practices "social therapy," a controversial discipline that believes political activism can "cure" emotional problems. Public records and internal documents obtained by The Post revealed:

* The three groups publicly court mainstream politicians and educators - and count Fortune 500 firms and HBO as major All Stars sponsors - while privately preaching an anti-establishment plan to "storm the barricades" of an "enemy" that controls politics, public schools, television and religion.

* The purpose of All Stars and Castillo are "first and foremost revolutionary, not aesthetic," according to an internal document entitled "Why We Do Cultural Work."

"If theater is your primary concern," reads one passage, "this isn't the best place to be."

* East Side Institute members have a "two-year plan" to "infiltrate" Long Island with "social therapy" by capitalizing on relationships with wealthy North Shore residents, a Newsday reporter, a cable TV show and the South Oaks rehab hospital, among others.

* The groups claim no political affiliation on tax forms. But 27 of 35 key directors, officers and employees of the Institute, All Stars and Castillo are Independence Party contributors, election records show. Insiders of the three groups ponied up $55,000 since 2001.

AMERICAN tax laws prohibit electioneering by nonprofit groups and strict rules about nonprofit staff who could be perceived as acting on behalf of a political organization. Spokespeople for both All Stars and East Side Institute said they would not comment on documents they had not seen. All Stars, Castillo and the East Side Institute all operate out of the same building at 500 Greenwich St., share staff and contribute to each others' coffers.

In 1999, for example, the All Stars gave a $34,500 grant to the East Side Institute, but claimed no affiliation to the group. In 1997, All Stars gave $186,250 in grants to Castillo and the East Side Institute. The groups may share "common philosophies," but there is no formal relationship between them, said All Stars president Gabriel Kurlander.

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Fulani, now 52, earned degrees from Hofstra University, Columbia Teachers College, and City University of New York Graduate Center. In the mid-1970s, she met her mentor, Fred Newman. A self-styled Marxist and founder of "social therapy," Newman for years had run a variety of leftist groups, including the International Workers Party. In 1979, Fulani and Newman formed the New Alliance Party, and joined sides with a variety of controversial characters, including Louis Farrakhan and Al Sharpton.

Officials at the Anti-Defamation League say Fulani has never renounced her support of Farrakhan or her "divisive rhetoric."

The ADL quotes Fulani as saying Jews "had to sell their souls to acquire Israel and are required to do the dirtiest work of capitalism - to function as mass murderers of people of color - in order to keep it."

Fulani steadfastly insists she is not an anti-Semite. IN 1987, Fulani led a New Alliance Party delegation to Tripoli to march with Moammar Khadafy, protesting the U.S. bombing of Libya the year before. She has called the terrorist "a leader who had the guts to stand up to the U.S." (Former NAP members would later claim they stockpiled automatic weapons. The FBI, in a partially blacked-out file, called the NAP "armed and dangerous.")

In 1994, Fulani and Newman disbanded the NAP and tilted toward the right, joining forces with Ross Perot. By 1999, Fulani was supporting far-right Pat Buchanan for president, but the pair parted ways before the election. Over the years, Fulani has run for lieutenant governor, mayor and governor in New York. She ran for president in 1988 and 1992.

After the 1992 bid, Fulani, with Newman, was investigated for fraud by the Federal Election Committee after a former campaign worker claimed the pair had "funneled" campaign money to 13 Newman-controlled enterprises. The FEC, finding the charges true, ordered Fulani to repay $612,000 in government-given funds.

She eventually returned $117,000, after arguing that, according to "socialist principles of collectivism," all money collected by the core group "belongs to the collective, and is used at the discretion of members of the collective."

These days, rather than endorse candidates with views close to their own, Fulani and state Independence Party leaders continue to hitch their wagons to Republican candidates for mayor and governor. With Fulani's help, the Independence Party delivered the 59,091 votes crucial to Bloomberg's close 2001 mayoral victory. Pataki hopes to get the same electoral boost in his re-election bid this fall, and recently told the party that getting its endorsement "is an honor I will fight for."

PATAKI and Bloomberg - either directly or indirectly - have thrown their support behind Fulani, Castillo Theater and the All Stars Project, as well.

* In April, Bloomberg's media company was among the sponsors who bought blocks of tickets to All Stars' Lincoln Center fund-raiser, where tables went for up to $100,000.

* Fulani, Newman and other Independence Party members were recently granted a coveted meeting with Deputy Mayor Dennis Walcott to discuss education reform.

* Last week, Fulani lawyer Harry Kresky was named by Bloomberg to the City Charter Revision Commission for non-partisan elections.

* In December, Pataki staffers intervened on behalf of the All Stars to secure an $8.5 million tax-exempt bond from the city to build a performance center at the Old Armory Building on West 42nd Street. The bond had been stalled under Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Pataki's camp initially said it didn't think the governor had intervened in lobbying for the bond. Kresky, however, wrote a memo to Independence Party members saying the governor's support "cleared the way for approval of the project." Meanwhile, the New York Independence Party said it is not connected to the Fulani-supported non-profits. "Lenora Fulani is a well-known and influential politician, but she is not the head, official or unofficial, of this party," said spokeswoman Jackie Salit.

"New Yorkers know the governor," said Pataki spokesman Mark McKeon. "They know that he is out there working and fighting for them every day."



Smash the National Alliance's racist rally and concert!

On August 24th, the National Alliance is planning "Rock Against Israel" a demonstration of white supremacist Hitler-fetishists protesting against the white supremacist U.S. government's support of white supremacist religious nuts in Israel. (Confused yet?) They plan to rally at the Capitol building from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, and then meet for dinner and a white power concert in the evening.

The National Alliance, probably the most organized and sophisticated white-power group in North America today, is calling for what they claim will be 'the largest gathering of white nationalists at the U.S. Capitol in history'. (Obviously that's not true. Congress has a few more people in it than the National Alliance can pull out and they've been meeting there for more than a hundred years. But August 24th will probably see the largest gathering of organized, self-confessed white supremacists since the mass Klan marches of the twenties.)

While any time recently the nazis have tried to organize publically in angry working-class towns, they have been shut down and chased out, so far they've been given a free pass in DC. Over the past year they've held three rallies at the Israeli embassy and two at the German embassy. Their last rally had over 200 people with little to no organized opposition. This has to stop. August 24th will be a turning point.

We are committed to planning a strong, militant, and well-coordinated response to the fools this time around. We're tired of seeing fascist movements keep growing because many dont take fascism and the possibility of its emergence seriously. Sure they're a long way from taking over the country, but three hundred boneheads coming out to demonstrations, building bombs, dreaming about gas chambers and ethnic cleansing, is three hundred too many. Different fascist groups are now strategically orienting their rhetoric towards some of the struggles the left and revolutionary forces have been organizing against for years, like fighting corporations and globalization, supporting Palestinian resistance, anticolonialism, and we're really bothered that they can get some credibility doing that because many of the people involved in those issues won't take a stand and shut them down.

We will be organizing in several different contingents with various risk levels and levels of political and tactical unity. But the unifying thread is that we all recognize the need for a physical resistance to fascism. It should be clear to people that we're not going down there because we support Bush's government or the Israeli government or any government for that matter. We're organizing with one purpose: to drive the nazis off the streets and undermine their confidence and ability to organize, or even go out into public without getting a boot to the head.

We call on all who agree with this purpose to endorse this call and begin planning in their affinity groups for August 24th. Contact: Signed,

East Coast Anti-Fascist Network D.C. Anti-Fascist Network
Baltimore Anti-Racist Action [ARA]
Anarchist Black Cross Federation - Lancaster
Claustrophobia Collective - Baltimore
Roundhouse Collective (NEFAC) - Baltimore
ARA Philly Firm!
Baltimore Anti-Fascist Action
Femme Fatale Collective - Boston / Baltimore
Open City Collective (NEFAC) - NYC
New Jersey ARA
Toronto ARA
Columbus ARA
Aurora ARA

In Toronto Contact:

Anti Racist Action - Toronto
P.O.Box 291 Stn.B, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5T 2T2
(416) 631-8835 e-mail:

See our web site!

Toronto Police Investigate Possible Hate Crime

Globe and Mail Update
Sunday, July 14 – Online Edition, Posted at 3:07 PM EST

Toronto police are investigating a possible hate crime after a Jewish father of six was stabbed to death outside a pizzeria early Sunday morning.

Police said the victim was wearing the traditional Jewish yarmulka when he visited the Israeli-owned King David Pizza restaurant at Bathurst Street and Lawrence Avenue, where he was stabbed in the back.

Police are currently questioning one man in connection with the killing but no charges have been laid against him. Meanwhile, police are seeking to obtain a Canada Wide Warrant for Christopher Steven McBride, 20.

A third suspect has been identified as Mercedes Asante, 19, also known as Sylvia Asante.

The suspects, who were described by witnesses on Israel Radio as skinheads carrying a long knife, reportedly had a confrontation earlier in the night with the restaurant owners.

Police are hesitant to declare the killing a hate crime.

"As far as neo-Nazism or anything like that, we will have to wait until we make a decision on that," Toronto Police Sergeant Dan Taylor told the Jerusalem Post.

Toronto police chief Julian Fantino contacted the Canadian Jewish Congress early this morning to assure them that he is working closely with the division officers, a CJC spokesman said.

"We have a good working relationship with the police and we have the utmost confidence in them," said Bruce Kurta, spokesman for the CJC Ontario Region.

He identified the victim as 48-year-old David Rosenzweig, but would not comment on whether the suspects are known within the Jewish community.

"Police would rather we not say."

According to Mr. Kurta, Mr. Rosenzweig received a call from his son, whose car had broken down outside the pizzeria. He was fixing his son's car just after midnight when he was confronted by a group of three young adults and stabbed in the back, Mr. Kurta added.

Mr. Kurta said he couldn't recall a similar incident happening in Toronto before.

"This is a sad day. It's a horrendous crime. It is a cowardly crime to attack a person for no reason, a man who came down to help his son."



July 13, 2002

Mayor Bloomberg yesterday named 13 members to a panel to institute nonpartisan city elections - and it included the lawyer for radical activist Lenora Fulani.

Attorney Harry Kresky said he was "thrilled" to be named to the fast-tracked Charter Revision Commission and was proud to be associated with Fulani, who's been accused of making anti-Semitic statements.

"Dr. Fulani has been a client of mine for many years," said Kresky. "I worked with her in building the Independence Party."

Bloomberg, a Republican, received 59,000 votes on the Independence Party line when he won City Hall last year.

Kresky said he expected Fulani to campaign for the mayor's proposal to have candidates run without Democratic, Republican or other party labels in future elections here.

Former Mayor Ed Koch, a Bloomberg supporter, said he doesn't have a problem with Kresky because "you cannot judge a lawyer by his clients."

But Koch said he'd never accept support from Fulani because of her anti-Semitic rhetoric.

Koch also said he'd oppose the charter commission, which includes five of his former appointees, if it tried to rush through proposals so they could appear on the ballot in November.

"They can't possibly do the job in six weeks and come up with an intelligent proposal," said Koch. "I like the mayor, but he's not always right. On this one, he's dead wrong."

Bloomberg said the issue was "not that complex. If you think about it, the Constitution was written in a few months."

Bill Cunningham, the mayor's communications director, defended the appointment of Kresky, saying, "He's done a lot of work in nonpartisan elections" in his role as counsel to the Independence Party.

Cunningham tried to distance the administration from Fulani, saying the mayor "maybe met her twice."

In a speech in January, Fulani said Bloomberg "kept his distance from me" in the campaign last year because "he was afraid of the media."

Fulani also said there was no reason for Jesse Jackson to apologize for his infamous "Hymietown" slur.

"The remark was, of course, no more or less anti-Semitic than millions of remarks made every day in the black community - just as millions of racist remarks are made in the white and Jewish communities," she said.

Gov. Pataki Embraces Sex Cult Guru Fred Newman

by Joseph Tiraco

Why has Governor Pataki embraced the friendosexuality Newmanite cult?

The Independence party ballot line of course. While most politicians would deliver their first-born in exchange for a second ballot line, George Pataki goes one better, he delivers kids - by the thousands - to a sex cult in return for his second ballot line.

Governor Pataki is using Newman's sex cult to convert millions of taxpayer dollars into soft-money for the governor's reelection campaign; millions of dollars in state bond guarantees are channeled to Newman's cult which, in turn, pledges to deliver the Independence Party ballot line to Governor Pataki.

What is the official reason New York State has become sex guru Fred Newman's largest patron? So the friendosexuality Newmanites can recruit and employ thousands of kids in state- sponsored theater projects - kiddie jobs. Governor pataki, when asked why he picked this particular group out of New York's large number of first-rate theater companies to receive millions of dollars in state subsidies replied, because several television stars wrote letters of reference for this group.

Ah television: the people who broadcast torrents of sex and violence over the public airways - to the point where kids watching 3 hours of television a day have a 30% greater chance of having violent incidents in their future than kids watching an hour or less of television a day. Television stars, sex cults, politicians and piles of money - well now it makes sense.

Politicians have keenly noted that kids, since some marketing maven labeled them, "America's Largest Consumer Group", have assumed the golden glow of the Youth Market, society's new movers and shakers - fair game. Adults, struggling longer hours just to survive, pay less and less attention to the young generation. With less family guidance, and diminished school programs, poorly supervised and lacking discipline, juveniles become the perfect pawns: impressionable, impulsive, free spending, easily manipulated to trust their primal instincts. Protected merely by gossamery social mores, today, kids are exploited without mercy within the bounds of the law; or at least, the law as money-hungry self-serving cold-blooded politicians see it. Under Pataki's leadership, New York State is listlessly, lamentably drifting backwards into a Dickensian age - bad news for kids.

Others of New York's elected elite have embraced Fred Newman's friendosexuality cult to obtain the Independence Party ballot line. Billionaire Michael Bloomberg surreptitiously courted the Newmanites. What he got for his money was 1,100 forged designating petitions and a lawsuit by Independence loyalists to remove his name from the ballot. A Manhattan judge, rushing back from vacation, and still in golf attire, dismissed the suit. Sixty million dollars later, Bloomberg won the mayoral election by the narrow margin the Independence ballot line gave him. Bloomberg sees nothing wrong with letting a sex cult handle thousands of school-age kids. Bloomberg owes Fred Newman, and he always pays his debts. Only this time, he delivers in flesh.

Forever Senators, Martin Connor, Roy Goodman, Serphin Maltese, and Frank Padavan, who together have better than 90 years in the state senate, left checks at Newman's Manhattan fund-raisers signaling a willingness to do business. Their overtures were accepted, and they received Independence Column C as their second ballot lines - they too owe Fred Newman. With public schools antiquated and failing miserably, the public airways copiously spewing filth, violence by kids and to kids skyrocketing, the New York State Senate sends a bone chilling message to the school kids of New York - seek out the Newmanites.

Fred Newman's success in New York politics is astonishing. Whatever he's selling, it's going like hot cakes. Politicians, bold as brass, stand in line with cash in hand to buy. He holds no elected office, and his fetid message is antithetical to the public good, but his influence in state government suggests a virulent strain of dry rot in the legislature requiring the strongest of countermeasures, to ring in New York State term limits. Joseph Tiraco Forest Hills, NY comment by email:



State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer is probing the nonprofit charities supported by Independence Party power-player Lenora Fulani, The Post has learned.

Spitzer's action follows a Post report Monday detailing the overlapping relationships between the Fulani-founded All Stars Project and its sister group, Castillo Theater, as well as the East Side Institute for Short Term Psychotherapy, where Fulani is on staff. The groups share office space, have common membership and grant money to each other. A majority of the groups' key directors, officers and employees contribute to the Independence Party, which Fulani helped take over.

"Our charities bureau is looking into it," Spitzer spokesman Darren Dopp said yesterday.

The Post has also learned that the Manhattan Independence Party has paid Castillo Theater $3,400 for "professional services" and "banners and signage," according to records.

Federal tax laws have strict rules about nonprofit staff who could be construed as acting on behalf of a political organization. Meanwhile, corporations touted by All Stars as sponsors of its April fund-raising gala said yesterday they had only a marginal association with the performing arts group. A spokesperson for media conglomerate Bloomberg LP, owned by Mayor Bloomberg, said it gave a small, one-time donation to match an employee's donation to the gala, but noted it is not an ongoing sponsor of the program.

Earlier this year, $50,000 of a $10 million private donation given by the mayor to the Carnegie Corp. was dispersed to the Castillo Theater. Neither that donation, nor that of Bloomberg LP, were directed by the mayor, a spokesperson said.

HBO also said its participation was a one-time deal in support of its own talent. "Sopranos" producers Maureen and Steven Van Zandt co-chaired the gala, which honored show star and All Star spokesman Dominic Chianese.

Fulani founded All Stars with her mentor, neo-Marxist Fred Newman, 18 years ago. Newman is founder of the East Side Institute, where he and Fulani practice "social therapy" - a discipline that believes mental and emotional problems can be cured by political activism.

Former members say Newman runs a cult; he vehemently denies it. "The effects of this group can be devastating," said Rick Ross, a cult expert who has counseled former members of Newman-led groups. "Some of them have been driven to the edge emotionally and physically in the name of Fred's cause. They describe a highly abusive environment in which they are systematically broken down and reshaped to be like Fred, to do what he says without question."

The mother of a 15-year-old All Stars participant told The Post her daughter "became involved in social therapy" sessions after joining the kid group. Another parent said her teenager was encouraged to do political work.

"All Stars children . . . are not directed to participate either in social therapy or political volunteerism of a partisan nature," said All Stars president Gabriel Kurlander.

Gov. Pataki recently helped push through an $8.5 million tax-exempt bond for Castillo and All Stars to build a performance space. "In my opinion, the All Stars program is really social therapy disguised as performance art - and these politicians and corporations support it," said Ross. "They might as well be telling these parents: Give us your children, so we can hand them over to Fred."