The JDO Intelligence Division has discovered a Saudi-funded front group that takes Nazi propaganda and sends it out as news. This Saudi-Nazi connection is nothing new. Nazi William Grimstead, author of The Six Million Reconsidered, worked after 1977 as a registered Saudi agent. SOURCE The Baou Foundation and its subsidiary, Official Wire, have picked up the contract. The JDO Intelligence Unit first became aware of BAOU after they ran a story accusing the JDO of influencing the outcome of the Lynne Stewart trial.

OfficialWire claims that the JDO is responsible for Lynne Stewart's conviction. No effort was made by JDO to contact any of the jurors. In fact, we have no idea who they are nor do we want to know. The JDO posted flyers near the courthouse to counteract the threats of the Communist hate-America demonstrators who approached the van carrying the jurors after the driver pulled up next to them and yelled threats at them. Michael Tigar, who is now in disfavor with Lynne, called for a hearing regarding our leaflets. It was okay if his side demonstrated for Stewart but if anyone called for her conviction, that was where free speech ended. This is basically the nature of totalitarian communism, that must be wiped off the face of the earth along with all its sick adherents. Official Wire wrote this, "While the jurors were alleged to be anonymous, due to the nature of the trial, someone has access to their names and addresses. Given the blatant threats made by the JDO and the apparent change of heart, by at least two jurors, I think officials should investigate whether or not the JDO got to them." OfficialWire's link to to Saudi Arabia is what should be investigated, since there is evidence that the Wahabists are behind this propaganda operation.

A check of their website revealed that the Baou Foundation reprinted articles from the website of convicted Nazi scumbag Ernest Zundel betraying their true identity. THIS ONCE WAS AN EDITORIAL ON OFFICIAL WIRE THAT WAS A DUPLICATE OF THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE ON ZUNDEL WEBSITE BEFORE JDO PUT THE HEAT ON THEM AND THEY TOOK IT DOWN.



Editorial: Jew Gotta' Friend At Google

Hate speech claim laughable, but there's a more serious issue

by Greg Lloyd Smith

NEW YORK, NY -- (OfficialWire) -- 02/14/06 -- As a Jew (my mother was Jewish and so 'am I) I am expected to automatically detest those who might speak against the popular belief associated with the "H" word. We are expected to speak in hushed tones in observance of 'The Holocaust', praise and support those among us who have sought or seek to hunt down and kill anyone with direct knowledge of the horrid events of the Second World War and pass-on the story "so that it never happens again".

Google, Inc. stopped indexing OfficialWire into Google News on January 31, 2006. Despite repeated daily requests for an explanation and or the restoration of 'service'-OfficialWire had been indexed since Google News was launched-no reply was forthcoming.

It's important to point out that the last time Google 'dropped' OfficialWire (one year ago), the eventual reply/excuse was not merely untrue, but not worthy of their purported expertise. The Google Team wrote that the problem was that our newswire's URLs appeared as dates and could not be indexed properly. That was a lie.

Well, last night an un-named member of The Google Team offered an explanation for the most recent removal of OfficialWire from Google News.

Hate Speech.

The Google Team member wrote: "We do not allow articles and sources expressly promoting hate speech viewpoints in Google News".

Hate speech?

I had to read it a couple times before it sunk in... I mean, I'm a Jew, for Christ's sake! I am fairly confident that I have never written what might be considered "Hate Speech". Hate Speech?

The Google message continued...

"For example, a number of the complaints we looked at on your site were found to be holocaust negationism [sic] (a form of hate speech):


To be honest, I couldn't recall any of these articles, but after a minute or two of re-reading them, I was shocked-not by their content-but by the revelation that Google would consider them "Hate Speech". One article merely discusses the ongoing legal problems experienced by Ernst Zundel. I don't think there is anyone on the planet who would deny that his problems were instigated by a small group of Jews. In other words, the article is factual.

The problem with Google executives like Larry Page and Sergey Brin labelling OfficialWire as a "source expressly promoting hate speech viewpoints" is that it's alittle like the pot calling the kettle black. All of these links and many millions of others that might represent far worse examples of objectionable points of view (to some people) are found within Google Search and yet they do not filter their search engine's content, except in China.

Shame on Google. OfficialWire's dedication to Free Speech requires me to permit even those who's opinion I may disagree with the opportunity to express themselves. One case in point: OfficialWire has republished Frosty Wooldridge's endless stream of articles on 'the U.S. immigration issue', despite the fact that I personally disagree with his point of view.

Hate Speech?

The truth doesn't need to threaten or bully. The truth does not need to jail or denounce. The truth shouldn't attempt to overwhelm a false statement. The truth is simply the truth and in most cases can be distinguished from a lie without much difficulty. On the other hand, in my opinion, when an alleged truth professes too loudly, it must be questioned. Remember the weapons of mass destruction?

The tendency for the Western world to protect and shield Jews from all criticism I believe is a telling sign. The fact that Google executives would yield to a small group of bullies, I am ashamed to be associated with, is their problem.

Shame on you Google.



BAOU: That's your opinion and of course, you have the right to hold that opinion and we recognize that you are merely wrong. That having been said, what's your excuse and or incentive for pursuing your complaint with Google? You merely make them look bad. They are just one indexing service. Our readers still visit our website with or without their involvement.

JDO: Then how come you are so upset?

BAOU: Your allegations are ridiculous. Actually, Google merely reacted, as many people do, to your threats and bullying. The fact remains that the three articles mentioned by Google are not representations of Hate Speech. You proliferate Hate Speech. You are a pathetic example of a Jew and frankly, you make me sick. As for your reference to our emails. You are a fraudster, who fabricates so-called evidence, published untrue content about people and then promotes your bullshit as truth. The fact that there is at least one other sick bastard at Google, who might agreement with you, is of no consequence.

JDO: You are screwed without Google. The Saudis will withdraw the money that they funnel to you through CAIR and the Greek Baou Foundation that the FBI will be investigating shortly since getting kicked off Google will start a domino effect...

BAOU: Do you know how ridiculous you sound? Nothing you assert is even remotely true. It's really sad that you think this way, and I honestly suggest that you seek some treatment.


A check of BAYOU websites revealed that they sold items ridiculing the fear of terrorism. The JDO sent an email with jpgs copied from OfficialWire's website to the media and they discontinued this line of trash.


JDO: Anyone who puts out a "Terrorist In Training" baseball hat in these times is crazy or a supporter of terrorism.

BAOU: You fabricated those images and posted them to your website, attributed to Baou, Inc. Do you have any independent proof that they were published by this company? If you do, send it to me.

JDO: I got a screen shot and several media people who went to your website and saw them. But more importantly The Cafe Press has the records. I suppose I fabricated the Holocaust too?

BAOU: Send me the information. Show me. CafePress have no record of the alleged product. Get the proof and show me. Give me the names and email addresses of the so-called "media people" who witnessed the posting. You are a joke.

JDO: What I send you will say it was fabricated, so what's the use. By the way, English is not your first language? What is?

BAOU: That's correct. You fabricated it. Thank you for recognizing that fact.

What else is the BAOU FOUNDATION into? Selling tags that tell if luggage has been tampered with!

Welcome to Supa Tag! When you're on holiday, or away on business, the last thing you want to worry about is the security of your luggage. That's where Supa Tag comes in...We distribute Supa Tag via a network of travel agents, cruise lines and hotels. If you operate within the travel industry contact us and help to prevent:
  • Baggage tampering
  • Theft of contents
  • Illicit insertion of illegal materials
  • Lost or mislaid luggage
  • Supa Tag is a revolutionary new way to keep tabs on your bags whilst traveling. Using Supa Tag couldn't be easier! Supa Tag is exclusively distributed by Supa Tag, Inc., a Delaware Corporation.

    © 1993-2005 - Baou, Inc.
    SUPA TAG and the SUPA TAG logo are registered trademarks in the USA and UK owned by Baou Trust
    All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication or distribution is prohibited.


    This is the latest money-laundering enterprise that Baou Foundation has invented to account for its un-ending supply of money. Has anyone ever seen a SPUDS TO GO store? The Baou Foundation even went as far as procuring women for the Saudis under their subsidiary, now shut down, known as SEX WHEEL.


    The main propaganda operation, OfficialWire, exists under the guise of a Foundation based in Greece known as the Baou Trust, and in the United States as a bogus charity known as QuakeAid. QuakeAid has been alleged to be involved in fraud, although we see it more as a Saudi money laundering operation, but these people's scuminess knows no limits. CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT THE TANGLED WEB THAT HAS BEEN WEAVED TO LAUNDER FUNDS FOR A NEWS SERVICE THAT DEALS IN RACISM IN THE GUISE OF AN EARTHQUAKE CHARITY, WEB ESCROW FUND, YACHT CLUB, ALBANY RANCH, RESORTS AND ON AND ON IN WINKIPEDIA, A WEBSITE WITH NO CONNECTION TO JDO. The Baou Foundation has retaliated by establishing http://www.wikipediaclassaction.org to use Saudi money to sue WINKIPEDIA for helping expose Baou and FakeAid. Note that this page links to news stories on official wire. Read the financial statement of BAOU TRUST. They are in no position to run a charity.

    The TIPOFF that this is a Saudi Operation is apparant since the majority of OfficalWire's articles concern CAIR, a supporter of Islamic Terrorism disguised as a moderate Arab organization. Omar Ahmed, cofounder of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) -- an organization that has received significant funding from Saudi Arabia -- also helped found the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP) in cooperation with Mousa Abu Marzouk, a Hamas leader and Specially Designated Terrorist. IAP, a Hamas front organization, was the first to publish the Hamas charter in English. Given this background, CAIR's pro-Hamas and pro-Hizballah positions should come as no surprise; the group regularly rises to the defense of terrorist suspects and openly supports terrorist groups. For example, in 1994, CAIR leader Nihad Awad, a former IAP employee, stated, "I am in support of the Hamas movement." More recently, CAIR employee Randall "Ismail" Royer was indicted for his role in a northern Virginia jihad network that had trained in Pakistani terrorist camps affiliated with Lashkar-e-Taiba in the hopes of fighting Indian forces in Kashmir. Two other CAIR officials have been arrested since September 11, 2001. On December 18, 2002, Ghassan Elashi, founding board member of CAIR's Texas branch, was arrested by federal authorities on a number of charges, including conspiracy, money laundering, trafficking in illegal exports, making false statements on export declarations, and dealing in the property of a designated terrorist. Elashi also served as chairman of the Holy Land Foundation (a Hamas front group shut down by federal authorities in December 2001) and vice president of Infocom (whose offices were raided by U.S. investigators one week before the September 11 attacks). In January 2003, Bassem Khafagi, who served as CAIR's community affairs director, was arrested in New York for his alleged role in the Islamic Assembly of North America, a Saudi-funded group currently under investigation for recruiting terrorists and "instigating acts of violence and terrorism."

    For more on CAIR CLICK HERE.

    Here is some info on those who front for those who wish to destroy Western Civilization.

    Katerina Theohari-Smith, Trustee, Baou Trust, Greek Citizen, DISQUALIFIED CORPORATE DIRECTOR seems to be the front woman in this terrorist propaganda and money laundering operation. Click HERE if this reference has been removed from Google. Her husband, Greg Lloyd Smith (38) (American) is an executive director of the Company, is currently managing director and is co-chairman of the Shell Corporations that have been created to hide the Saudi money behind OfficialWire. Greg is a director of FirstNET Online (Management) Limited which (acting on the instructions of Kestrel Trading Corporation) created the proprietary software for another Shell Company known as the ESCROW service. A keen sailor and in our opinion a currency smuggler, Greg has spent much of the last 18 years with his wife, Katerina, in Greece, operating what they call the family business (Best Western Dionysos Hotel in Mykonos, ownership unclear although we do know that the Saudis are heavily invested in resorts throughout the mediterranean. A major investor is Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, one of the richest Oil Sheiks in the world. Mayor Rudy Giuliani would not accept a $10 million donation for disaster relief from Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal after the prince suggested U.S. policies in the Middle East contributed to the September 11 attacks. Kathy then helped her husband Greg found and establish FirstNET Online as a leading Internet Service Provider in Greece based in the Cyclades Islands. Greg is a founder member of the World-wide Institute of Software Architects (WWISA).

    Paul Andrew Todd Taylor

    Kestrel Trading Corporation is a non-executive director of the Company and is a limited company established in Mauritius to acquire and hold assets for Greg Lloyd Smith and Katerina Theohari-Smith and for the purpose of Internet-related investment and is owned and wholly-controlled by Greg Lloyd Smith and Katerina Theohari-Smith.

    OfficialWire and Baou Trust maintain dummy offices in New York City at 244 Fifth Avenue, 2nd Floor, Suite 2003 New York, NY 100017604 United States Tel: (212) 613-3156 / Fax: 212-330-8179 / ICQ: 17-456-037 Phone Number: 212-613-3156 Fax Number: 877-765-6948. THE FIFTH AVENUE ADDRESS IS A MAIL DROP AND THE TELEPHONE NUMBER TRACES TO MPC Trading USA, Inc. 1133 Broadway, Suite 706 New York, NY 10010 Contact: Phone: 212-613-3156 Fax: 877-765-6948 Fax: 212-330-8179 ICQ: 17-456-037 E-mail:
    Another address:
    Baou, Inc.
    PO Box 998
    Long Beach, NY 11561-0998
    Tel: (866) 871-2289
    Fax: (877) 765-6948

    THE BROADWAY ADDRESS IS ALSO A MAILDROP. The originofbooks seems to have published only one title. It concerns a financial scandal in London, that involved IEQ, another entity that Katerina was once a manager of but had a beef with.

    Located in the same building at the Broadway mail drop is Muslim Foundation of America 1133 Broadway suite 539, New York, NY 10010, 212-989-2831 Guidestar, which tracks all the non-profits, does not have any traces on the Muslim Foundation of America, however, it does have information on the AMERICAN MUSLIM FOUNDATION whose CEO was Abdurahman Alamoudi. Convicted terrorist Abdurahman Alamoudi, transported money from Libya to Saudi Arabia to the United States, where he deposited it in the American Muslim Foundation, one of his non-profits. Is the Muslim Foundation of America and the American Muslim Foundation one in the same?

    Here are some of names of the traitors that work for BAOU TRUST that was founded April 24, 2001. Any info on these characters would be greatly appreciated as evidence indicates they are trying to track down the author of this material...

    G L Smith

    K A Theohari
    Jennifer Monroe
    Jane Saunders

    Contributing Writers
    Michael Ascot
    Brian Richards
    David Alexander
    Pauline Philips

    We brought the fact that The Baou Trust was a terrorist front for the Saudis by pointing out this webpage to the employee who answered the emails at OfficialWire, and received this response:

    Hello, You used the wrong address. Check your facts. The company name was changed last year. Check your facts. But your comments are welcome. Especially coming from you, since few people recognize you as an authority on anything.
    Mark Taylor

    MPC Trust, MPC Trading USA, MPC Trading Canada, MPC Trading UK, all changed their names legally on September 2, 2004 to Baou Trust, Baou, Inc., Baou, Inc. and Baou Limited respectively.


    OfficialWire Saudi Mouthpiece

    BOSTON, MA -- (OfficialWire) -- 02/25/05 --

    Yousef Abou-Allaban, chairman of the Islamic Society of Boston filed a defamation lawsuit Wednesday against WFXT-TV (local Channel 25), in which he describes an investigative report identifying him as a member of a terrorist group as part of a pattern of anti-Muslim bias in the media. The lawsuit, filed in Suffolk Superior court by Dr. Abou-Allaban, 41, alleges that he was defamed by a November 2004 media report and several promotional spots describing him as a member of the so-called 'Muslim Brotherhood', a group with alleged links to Al Qaeda and other radical groups.

    Dr. Abou-Allaban: Saudi Money Launderer

    The Islamic Society of Boston has raised about half of the $14 million it needs to complete the new Mosque. The bulk of the money has been raised from individuals in foreign countries, especially Saudi Arabia Abou-Allaban said. (SOURCE)

    Abou-Allaban lawsuit cited a November 2004 report from a "sole source," Dr. Ahmed Elkadi, who was president of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States between 1985 and 1995. His lawsuit charges that Elkadi was severely impaired with dementia - resulting from cerebral infarctions and a hemorrhage - at the time of his interview with the Fox network local affiliate when he identified Alallaban as a member of the terrorist group the Moslem Brotherhood. (SOURCE)

    This was no unlike the Soviets locking up those who threatened them in mental hospitals. This coming from a Dr. Alallaban, a psychatrist with a history of malpractice (SOURCE)

    Ahmed Elkadi, was leader of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood. He is an Egyptian-born surgeon and a former personal physician to Saudi Arabia's King Faisal. He headed the group from 1984 to 1994 but abruptly lost his leadership position and as a result turned rat. Earlier this year he was diagnosed with a neurological disorder that affects motor skills, speech and memory. He often has difficulty expressing himself and seldom speaks more than two sentences at a time. Sometimes, he says, he smiles for no reason other than to try to remain cheerful.

    CLEVELAND, OH -- (OfficialWire) -- 02/16/05 -- On Sunday, February 13, the Ohio office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Ohio), in cooperation with Beit Hanina Social Club, held a "Know Your Rights" forum in Cleveland. The forum was in response to the recent federal search and seizures conducted at the office of a prominent certified public accountant, whose firm housed the financial records of hundreds of Muslim businesses and individuals in the Greater Cleveland area.

    Cleveland is a Hamas/Saudi money laundering center and this investigation of the account whose name CAIR is afraid to mention is part of it: A sprawling government investigation into terror funding has revealed a money trail leading from Cleveland to Hamas, a Palestinian militant group. Some of the money originated in Saudi Arabia, the indictment said, but it does not make clear where the rest came from. SOURCE

    Even this perfunctory content analysis reveals that OfficialWire is the OfficialLiar for the Saudis.



    (I pointed out the Baou's clothing line trivialized terrorism) Ridicule terrorism? I think not. We ridicule the fools in the US government who allege that they are fighting against it. (I pointed out the Baou's clothing line tried to discourage Arab-Americans from co-operating with the FBI) We do not discourage anyone from anything. We publish news. We publish press releases and announcements. Anyone with a credit card can register an account and publish via OfficialWire. It may or may not be our opinion. By the way are you really for when Bush declares martial law (before the 4 years are up) and continues; having suspended elections, etc? I predict it will happen, right after someone sets off a dirty bomb in NYC or DC. I am not selling anything. Those kinds of decisions are made by other people. I don't care that they are sold and I have bought a few myself, but really who cares? I know I don't. My understanding of the FBI thing is to take the piss with the FBI. I think they are coming out with something about abuse next, should make you very busy.

    I am not sure why you think Baou Trust is Greek-based. Katerina Theohari-Smith is Greek, but the trust is based in NYC. She's Greek. Her father was American and her mother was Greek. The trust is not Greek. It has a US EIN and pays US tax.

    It's US based. She just does not publish her home or office address, after all there are alot of nuts in the world. The trust does own an ISP in Greece as well as a hotel and a restuaruant (note spelling) and a couple of grocery stores but our mail is routed through a proxy, so you go ahead and think what you want, because as I have said, it doesn't really matter. I can assure you that no funding comes from Greece. What would you know? In point of fact, Baou Trust is a private family trust; I have nor has anyone else ever said or wrote that it was non-profit. Indeed, it makes considerable profits. It's beneificiaries will be well taken care of. The purpose of the trust is to own assets for them, since they are not able to own the various assets in their own name. That is the purpose of this trust. As for your ridiculous concept that "the money comes from Greece", you are mistaken or rather, just wrong. Indeed, its the other way around.

    Baou Trust has an EIN. It files tax returns. It does not run a non-profit, it provides funding, which provides it a tax deduction. The name change related to the fact that MPC represented the first initial of each of the beneficiaries. When it became evident that there might be more than three beneficiaries, a name change was required for future development. The name BAOU was chosen because it is an island owned by the Trustee and means something to her. There is no fear of revealling anything. There is no "home office" in Greece. There is in Long Island, NY but the policy is not to offer that information and that policy is adhered to. Our companies are owned by a private trust and it does not answer to anyone except the beneficiaries interests. The MU corporation is used for personal assets of one of the directors of the company and is not part of Baou Group.


    The reason Winkepedia (users) wrote what they wrote is just like what you do. You write about something you know nothing about. But what they have to say on their website is not important. And while we are on it, what does that have to do with OfficialWire? QuakeAID is recognized. What you are referring to is whether or not QuakeAID has received a permission from the U.S. government to allow others to avoid taxes. That has nothing to do with the objects of QuakeAID. As for joining other associations, paying fees for the right to claim QuakeAID "belongs", well, Ms. Theohari has a policy that QuakeAID does not join clubs (like GuideStar)--it's a waste of money. Since it's her money, she can do as she wishes. Monies donated by others cannot be used for such silliness according to QuakeAID's charter. But what does that have to do with OfficialWire? Long after you're finished and have moved onto another important event in your life, everyone of Baou Trust's activities will be operating as they have since before you were born. QuakeAID is a non-profit; this is merely another example of your inexperience. Check with the state of NY. Follow this link. That's when the company established a US presence. What is your problem now? Tell me... How much has QuakeAID collected world-wide? You allege that QuakeAID was collecting money before January 2005. If that is true, then you have some information to demonstrate that it collected funds in the US before then? Of course, previous to that it was based in the UK and then Greece, but I am sure you'll have some BS to suggest over that as well. I can't wait to hear from you next, to learn the answers as to amounts, etc.


    Saudis. George W. Bush is in partnership with them. Kathy in league with someone? HA! She nearly pissed herself when I read that to her... Give me a break. You really have no idea. I would love to hear how you can prove Saudi money in Baou Group (as aspect of it).


    Israel should be ashamed of itself. They are occupying land which was stolen by the US and UK, and given to them out of the guilt American's feel because America did not enter the second world war soon enough. My view is that if American wanted to do something right (which they never do), they should have taken half of Germany and given to the Jews. They could have said, Hey!, you killed some Jews, you lose your land. Seems fair to me. Then they would not have pissed off the Palestinians. Someone steals my land, I would kill them too. I don't blame them. 1948 is quite some time ago. Probably before you were hatched. Why worry about it? It's people like you that make any possibility of peace impossible, not that I care one iota, but that's a fact.


    What amazes me is that you don't actually know who might be typing these messages, but you presume to be able to tell me something that I might not know. What does religion have to do with OfficialWire? In fact, I am Jewish. But then, that doesn't matter either. To your question, I have no specific doubts that some millions of Jews were and have been killed as you claim (but I see no difference between them and those Muslims kills in the Sudan and other places). Since I wasn't there, I can't provide any concrete evidence. All you and I have are a very few reports and the claims of the United States and Great Britain. There are no independent reports. Even the U.N., during that time, was non-existent and later replied on the the U.S.-story. Again, I don't doubt it, but I can't scream and shout because I don't believe the thing that the U.S. government says. The British government merely repeats what the U.S. says. There are numerous examples of U.S. officials lying to justify their own agenda. In fact, I do have first hand knowledge of U.S. un-official officials, standing on one side of the road in Jerusalem firing shots into a crowd and later blaming it on the other side. It happens all the time. America is what its people so passionately object to and they don't even see it. (I asked her why she used a non-Jewish name if she was Jewish) That's a bit prejudice, but then in my many years, I have noticed that Jews are the most prejudice of all... Actually, you've heard of marriage haven't you? I am married. My husband is not Jewish. I've been there, (Israel, International Solidarity Movement) done it and have the t-shirt, but I went with my husband since he is a bigshot reporter and he gets me into all the great interview spots. I live in Manhattan.


    By the way, I have been catching up on Zundel today. Very interesting stuff. I would have to say there are alot of people who agree with him... What's your view? What a joke. 'That' BS has been circulated for almost as long as the tale of 6 million Jews being killed (you, know, the first six million referred to in October 1920!). What a joke.



    You are speaking crap now. You are comparing the writing of one to the next, suggesting that two people have written this series of emails? That is not true. Then your suggestion is that "because" YOU think that two people wrote the series of emails, that this demonstrates that someone (namely me) does not exist. Take another drag...maybe you're see how stupid that sounds. If it is true that two people wrote this series of emails, then how does that demonstrate that I do not exist? It could mean that my secretary wrote some of them, dictated by me, as I was busy doing something else, because I had asked her to continue the dialog, but again, how does that suggest that I don't exist? If on the other hand, you believe that the late Mr Smith is behind this, who is the other person who wrote the emails that don't compare it his? In other words, there are two people right? And neither of them is me. More than likely, as you should understand I changed my opinion of you and expressed myself differently in the messages that you feel were not written by me, the person who you claim does not exist.



    The one and only


    I did not make the excuse of a secretary, I proposed the hypothetical. I did not say I had a secretary, I wrote "In could mean...." that is a hypothetical. You are a joke.

    WHO is Mark Taylor? (first email to JDO from OfficialWire was signed with this name)



    You are sappy... Of course, I know who Mark Taylor is...I am just taking the piss with you. I'll bet you needed to clean your shorts after my previous email...quite a bit I'll bet.



    Anyway, I downloaded: The Case Against the Presumed Extermination of European Jewry Arthur R. Butz: The Hoax of the Twentieth Century It's a pretty good read. You should get it.



    (When asked about phrases like take the piss that were decidely British I received this response) I went to University in London, School of Law (LLB) and so I spent a bit o time there me ole mate. Anyway, I wouldn't give you my address because you're a radical who resorts to threats of violence.




    There is no Jennifer Monroe, she is a fictitious mouthpiece. If you read all of the "news" entries on Official Wire, it will quickly become evidence that "Jennifer Monroe" is nothing more than yet another pseudonymous sock-puppet for Greg Lloyd Smith to write biased (and in some cases libelous) news reports under.

    If you pay close attention, some of the false names are extremely obvious, for example: http://www.baou.com/newswire/main.php?action=recent&rid=1960

    This article is written by "A Pen II", or Auto Pen II. Pen name. Most articles are signed as "by OfficialWire NewsDesk" so as not to assume credit by any one person. From what I understand, the National Fraud Information Center, amongst numerous other authorities, have already been notified regarding these activities. Personally, I have had my time invested in other projects and haven't been paying attention to the intricate web of fraud weaved by one Greg Lloyd Smith and his wife. Last I heard he had started a new fake charity called SDRWC in India. See: http://www.baou.com/newswire/main.php?action=recent&rid=20019

    Sorry I can't help you more with locating Jennifer Monroe but there's nothing else to know-- You'd have better luck contacting the owners of the mail drop site and tracing things back from there.


    Hello, You are really something of a twit. Greg (I presume you mean Greg Lloyd Smith), has no position here, given his death last year. His father does, but his name is not Greg; you could refer the OfficialWire for that information.


    Delivered-To: judeam@jdo.org
    Received: (qmail 7023 invoked from network); 14 Feb 2006 18:34:32 -0000
    Received: from unknown (HELO smtp1.superb.net) (
    by vpop1.superb.net with SMTP; 14 Feb 2006 18:34:32 -0000
    Received: (qmail 21782 invoked by uid 503); 14 Feb 2006 18:34:30 -0000
    Received: from unknown (HELO host.baou.com) (
    by with SMTP; 14 Feb 2006 18:34:30 -0000
    Received: from pool-68-161-173-70.ny325.east.verizon.net ([]
    helo=[]) by host.baou.com with esmtpa (Exim 4.52)
    id 1F950T-0006Ws-89; Tue, 14 Feb 2006 13:34:33 -0500
    Message-ID: <43F2223E.6090803@officialwire.com>
    Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 13:32:30 -0500
    From: OfficialWire
    Reply-To: admin@officialwire.com
    Organization: Baou, Inc.
    User-Agent: Thunderbird 1.5 (Windows/20051201)
    MIME-Version: 1.0
    To: Jewish Defense Organization
    CC: news-feedback@google.com

    I see "Greg" is back from the dead. (Jennifer wrote that he was dead).

    There you go again lying. Please show me where anyone from this company said that. You fabricated all of the crap on your website and of course, everyone knows that.

    JDO: Here is an email I cut and pasted - "You are really something of a twit. Greg (I presume you mean Greg Lloyd Smith), has no position here, given his death last year. His father does, but his name is not Greg; you could refer the OfficialWire for that information.



    Show me the message source code. This looks like something you wrote. If it came from our server, then the IP address will be within the source. Otherwise, it's just another example of your demented pursuits.

    JDO: I cut and pasted the text. From now on, as you can see, I will save the message codes. I have nothing to prove to you. You did not get kicked off Google for saying Greg was dead or for selling TERRORIST IN TRAINING stuff. You got kicked off for running dirty lying Nazi filth that should be illegal in America as it is in Europe and Canada...

    BAOU NOW GETTING IN THROUGH http://bellaciao.org