Martin Buber- A Boob is Yiddish for a Fool


It is no accident that certain pacifists in the Jewish community are truly ignorant of what the Torah really says about self-defense, or not knowledgeable about the real deal about how dangerous and violent anti-Semites were and are today. They not only are "in denial" about the threat from the vile and violent Jew-Haters who beat Ilan Halimi to death in France, or even that Jews were shot and synagogues bombed and burned by like minded Jew-Haters right here in America.

Now, it is also no accident that these same Jews have made "heroes" and role models of certain examples of moral and physical cowards some who may have the best of grammar and best of degrees but abandoned the 6 Million Jews to an early death at the hands of Nazi butchers during the Holocaust. Some of these so called "intellectuals" actually preached against the Jews learning defense, arming with guns, fighting the rising Nazi Party in Germany, or even for the Jews to flee to pre-Israel.

The "king of the fools" who blasted Jabotinsky's plans to use militant methods even guns to defend Jews during and before the Holocaust is none other than "Martin Buber." Boob is a fool and it is an appropriate name for this follower of Mahatma Gandi who did not lift a finger when Jews were being gassed to the tune of 12,000 a day at a camp called Auschwitz. Instead he spent all of his time attacking Jabotinsky for wanting to have his men take up arms in Europe against the Nazis and Israel against Arab terrorists then daily butchering Jews in bloody anti-Semitic pogrom riots. After the Holocaust that great nobody ever "cunningly stupid" would condemn Israel for kidnapping SS Head and Nazi Mass Murderer Adolph Eichmann and even signed a petition to save this Nazi mass murdering pigs life. Again only half a handful signed it. In fact Buber said to punish Eichmann would only corrupt the "souls of the Jews in Israel." This fool Buber said the same thing about creating an Israeli Army. Now, make no mistake while Jews were being done to death in a slew of murder camps the Buber types never found the time to demonstrate even once in support of the endangered Jews from the safety of Tel Aviv where he lived his comfortable life even as 6 Million Jews could not afford that luxury that Buber did of babbling pen in hand against the Irgun, Jabotinsky, and all kinds of "intellectual stupidity".

Today, there are some who Jews who have reprinted the worthless "Babblings of Buber" to try and convince young Jews to follow his path of helping repave a new road to Auschwitz and not even knowing the first thing about Torah Judaism, or even anti-Semitism. The Torah actually says "If Someone Comes to Slay You, Rise Up Earlier and Slay Him First" Talmud Sanhedrin. On Purim we celebrate the Jews after they did Teshuvah and became religious again, actually formed self-defense groups in every city across the Persian Empire to defend themselves from a planned attack by the Hitler of two thousand years ago named Haman who was planning to butcher them. G-D did a miracle and the Jews won a tremendous battle with Hamans anti-Jewish followers. This is the month of Adar when we will celebrate Purim and who led the Jews to learn Torah and train with weapons and fight in a miraculous battle. Mordechai Hatasadik Moredchai the righteous we will all hear when the Megillah Scroll is read on Purim 2 times once by night then by day. You can be sure that there is one man that had he lived in Persia then would not have told the Jews to be proud and fight the enemy of the Jews Haman, but would have preached pacifism, appeasement, and surrender to the planned butchering by Haman and his Jew-Haters. Take a guess that that defeatist Jew is? Well, one hint is he always condemned Jabotinsky and Jews for defending themselves and each other; another hint is his name rhymes with fool in Yiddish.