Sarah Palin appeared at a Buchanan fundraiser wearing a Buchanan button. When she was told what Buchanan was about she wrote a letter to the local Alaskan newspaper saying she did it to be polite. Attending a Buchanan rally is the same as attending a Nazi rally because Buchanan is a Nazi sans swastika. Buchanan said she was a supporter and organizer for him in 1996 and 2000 as was her husband and the AP report of her attendance at his rally seemed to confirms this. However Buchanan is a congenital liar, just like his America Firster father. Palin never worked for Buchanan. Click HERE to hear Buchanan tell THIS BOLDFACED LIE.

Buchanan is Nazi dreck. For example in he bemoans the bombing of Dresden. The The nazis do the same. Buchanan repeatedly refers to Capitol Hill as "Israeli-occupied territory" [McLaughlin Report, June 1990]. The Nazi refer to America as ZOG Buchanan called for closing the U.S. Justice Department's Office of Special Investigations, which prosecuted Nazi war criminals. And he has protested against the deportation of Nazi war criminals who illegally entered the US. Buchanan was the one who urged President Reagan to honor SS troops buried in the Bitburg cemetery. He is credited with writing the speech in which Reagan described SS murderers as "victims just as surely as the victims in the concentration camps."

It has been revealed by ABC News that one Pat Buchanan's top campaign aides has been a speaker at white supremacist and private militia gatherings. Larry Pratt, one of the Buchanan campaign's co-chairmen, had spoken "at meetings organized by white supremacists and militia groups, among them the Aryan Nation." It was reported by Jonathan Alter in Newsweek [December 23, 1991] Buchanan criticized the U.S. government for expressing regret over its post-war protection of Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie. In 1985, Buchanan advocated restoring citizenship of ex-Nazi rocket scientist Arthur Rudolph. In 1987 Buchanan lobbied to stop the deportation of Estonian Nazi war criminal Karl Linnas.


Whenever there are neo-nazis, or even Holocaust deniers, somewhere or somehow, there are always Jews that try to down play the threat. In the case of Buchanan, a man who has written that Jews should be driven from the universities and their seats given to "white Christians," there are actually Jewish people who support him, despite the fact that in Poland, in the years before the Holocaust, the vicious Polish fascist pro-Nazi party in the Polish Sejm (Parliament) also called for white Christian Poles to drive Jews from the colleges. They complied to the battle cry of the Endeks, the Polish version of what Buchanan would like to see here, by stabbing, rioting and murdering Jewish students.

In the vocabulary of Buchanan, a would-be American Hitler, America, "fought on the wrong side in World War II." In the Jew-Hating racist world of Buchanan, the most pro-Nazi group in America funded by Nazi Germany, and praised by Hitler himself, the America First Committee, were good "white patriots".

Buchanan has also written praise of KKK Neo-Nazi leader David Duke speaking well of his hate filled message, and making it clear that there are "too many Blacks and other non-whites" in America. Now Buchanan has joined the Reform Party of Ross Perot, a not very intelligent man, who came across a lot of money after he computerized America's welfare rolls, and now wants to channel it to Buchanan. Lenora Foolani, formerly of the New Alliance Party, is now in the reform party. Buchanan and Foolani met. This does not surprise the JDO. Nazis have been meeting with black racists since Rockwell's flunkies met with the Nation of Islam back in the early 1960's.

Meanwhile, the Republicans were debating whether to keep this Nazi without a swastika, Buchanan, inside the tent. What is most shocking is the statements of the head of the "Republican Jewish Coalition," Matt Brooks, saying he had no problem with the Republican leaders like Jim Nicholson keeping Buchanan in the party. Does this bootlicking appeaser Brooks forget he should be first loyal to Jewish interests above any "party"? Some Jews, like Rabbi Daniel Lapin on the West Coast who runs something called "Toward Tradition" is coming out for Buchanan. This is the fool we will call "Doctor Lapper," like in those who try to lap at the table of our anti-semitic enemy. Rabbi Lapin believes that blacks are a greater threat to Jews than Nazis, and cites ADL statistics to prove his point. He is against enactment of Hate Crime Legislation. Regarding the attack by Aryan Nations member Buford Furrow on the Jewish Day Care Center in Los Angeles, Rabbi Lapin stated:

If, God forbid, thousands of Jews wake up one morning to find their windows broken by their neighbors, that would truly be a worrisome outbreak of anti-Semitism. But, when Jewish organizations cry "wolf" every time an individual evil man goes on a rampage, the net result will be to dilute the effect of a legitimate appeal if such should ever be needed.

Buford Furrow was not an isolated individual. He was a leader of Aryan Nations, a Nazi organization. "legitimate appeal" Does this mean that Jewish Organizations becoming upset over the attack is "illegitimate?" Did Buford get a raw deal from the media? Was that poor little Nazi-whatze mistreated? Rabbi Lapin seems to have more sympathy for the Nazi than for the Jewish children who were almost killed and seriously wounded. What a sicko!!!

Just today Alan Dershowitz asked me if the JDO is going to come out against "rightist" Jews that dare back this neo-nazi Buchanan. The answer, is just as much as we roasted those self-hating Jews that helped Crown Heights Pogrom leader Al Sharpton, and Black Hitler Louis Farrakhan, so too we will make life miserable for those bootlicking traitors that help either Hitler imitators Buchanan or David Duke. Click here to learn about our work against the Klan.

There was another woman who worked with Buchanan and her name was Leonora Trotsky Fulani. Is Sarah Palin a white Lenora Fulani? Check this text out - THE STRANGE CAREER OF DR. LENORA FULANI By Ron Daniels

Dr. Lenora Fulani, former presidential candidate of the now defunct New Alliance Party, and "critic" of the two party monopoly on politics in this country, recently stunned many observers by endorsing Pat Buchanan's campaign to become the Reform Party's candidate for President in the 2000 election. In rationalizing her decision to endorse one of the most rabid, racist, sexist, homophobic, right wing political figures on the political scene today, Dr. Fulani suggested that Buchanan's candidacy would be good for "independent" politics and the political fortunes of Black people. Indeed, Dr. Fulani promised to bring Pat Buchanan to the heart of Harlem, the Capital of Black America, to dine at Sylvia's restaurant and speak at the House of Justice, the headquarter of the Rev. Al Sharpton's National Action Network. How could Dr. Fulani who claims to be a Marxist and a champion of Black causes endorse an arch adversary of Black people?

From my vantage point no one should be surprised that Dr. Fulani could commit such a deplorable act. For some time, at the direction of her mentor and master Dr. Fred Newman, it appears that Dr. Fulani's services as a political operative have been for sale to the highest bidder. As a veteran of the progressive independent political movement, when I ran for President in 1992, 1 did so in part to protect the Black community against political interlopers and pretenders like Dr. Lenora Fulani. A cursory examination of the principal Black independent political movements in the last quarter century reveal that Dr. Lenora Fulani was nowhere to be found in any of them. From the National Black Political Assembly, the National Black Independent Political Party to the National Black United Fund, there is no evidence that Dr. Fulani played any significant role in the independent Black political movement. So how did Dr. Lenora Fulani become a "prominent" Black political leader purporting to represent the interests of Black people? The Fulani phenomenon is but the latest example of a predominantly White organization utilizing a Black face, and in this instance a Black female face, to establish a base in the Black community to carry out its own political agenda. This scheme has been aided and abetted by well meaning but gullible Black people who are understandably so fed up with many of the current crowd of Black "leaders" and the two establishment parties that they will give an audience to anyone who offers the appearance of an alternative. Many Black women are also understandably eager to see Black women break out of the mold of simply being followers in male dominated organizations and movements to becoming leaders in political organizations and movements.

Dr. Fred Newman has cleverly attempted to exploit these legitimate aspirations within the Black community. Most knowledgeable activists have always known that Dr. Fulani's claim that the New Alliance Party (the political formation Newman created to carry out his machinations) was a Black led party was a fraudulent assertion. Fred Newman, a one-time associate of Lyndon LaRouche, has always been the headmaster of a predominantly White cult like operation, which included the New Alliance Party (NAP). Using a concept called "social therapy," which essentially proclaims that people with mental disorders can be cured through service to the movement," many of the patients of Newman's social therapy clinics became the foot soldiers of NAP. It was these foot soldiers who largely comprised the army of volunteers who successfully labored to get NAP on the ballot in all fifty states during Fulani's presidential campaigns; campaigns which may have been calculated to raise money for Newman's operations by exploiting the matching fund provisions of the federal election laws more than to promote the interests of Black people and the oppressed.

Through it all, Fulani has never been the leader of anything. She has functioned as a devout servant of Fred Newman, who once said something to the effect that, "I made her, she is my proudest accomplishment." For her part, Fulani is so mesmerized by Newman that she has praised him as a leader "who has done more for Black people than any Black leader alive." Together this odd couple has been pimping and prostituting Black folks to promote their own agenda, which mostly appears to be enriching Newman and his associates. A few years ago, Newman abruptly declared that NAP had outlived its usefulness and disbanded it. If NAP was so successful then why did Newman shut it down? Shortly after the demise NAP Fulani popped up in the camp of the billionaire right wing populist Ross Perot. Apparently Perot was eager to use Newman's foot soldiers to secure ballot status for his presidential campaign.

Since that time Fulani has been deployed to mind the right wing independent movement founded by Perot. It was out of this movement and Perot's presidential campaigns that the Reform Party was founded. Noticeably quiet for the past few years, now Newman and Fulani have resurfaced as allies and co-partners of the right wing demagogue Patrick Buchanan, political bounty hunters whose only leverage is their purported ability to field an army of foot soldiers and the claim that they can deliver Black folks to the Reform Party and Buchanan. Such is the strange career of one Lenora Fulani. Now that we know the real deal, the sham, there is no reason for Black folks to be duped by Fred Newman and his "proudest accomplishment."

Pan-African News Wire articles may be freely distributed for non-profit educational and research purposes. We request that the original source be cited when the dispatches are circulated. Distribution for profit is strictly prohibited without the consent of the Pan African News Wire.


Patrick Buchanan, "Dividing Line," New York Post, March 17, 1990. We have reprinted the complete text of this article below. Here Buchanan attempts to prevent justice from being metted out to a Nazi war criminal. He becomes an examiner of questioned documents and an expert on diesel exhaust and a psychologist psychoanalizing concentration camp victims. He is throughly evil.

This May, Israel's Supreme Court will decide whether John Demjanjuk, the Cleveland auto worker convicted of being "Ivan the Terrible," the butcher of Treblinka who operated the gas chamber, follows Adolph Eichmann to the gallows. Oddly, the closer Demjanjuk comes to death, the more certain his innocence appears. Had we known in 1980, when he was stripped of U.S. citizenship, what we know today, he would have walked out of his Cleveland courtroom a free man.

Just weeks ago, CBS' "60 Minutes" discovered Marianna Dudek in a village near Treblinkia. Did she remember "Ivan the Terrble"? Indeed she did: she had slept with him for the gold Ivan ha taken from the Jews, she said; his real name was Ivan Marchenko. At the War Crimes Commission in Warsaw, CBS was shown a list of guards from Treblinka. Marchenko's name was on it; Demjanjuk's was not. The only hard evidecnne against Demjanjuk remains the I.D. card from Trawniki training camp, which puts Demjanjuk in a different camp, Sobibor. Late in the Jerusalem trial, we learned that the U.S. Justice Department had withheld evidence, dating to 1979, that another guard, Danilchenko, also recalled Demjanjuk at Sobibor in the same months Demjanjuk's accusers swear he was at Treblinka.

Now, a U. S. researcher has finished an exhaustive study of the I.D. card, and three like it from Soviet archives, delivered to Israel by Armand Hammer. All four are patent forgeries. Demjanjuk's card, supposedly issued in mid-1942, is validated with the seal of SS-Brigadefuehrer Odilo Globocnik. But Himmler himself dismissed Globocnik in March of '42, while Demjanjuk was still in the Red Army. Three of the cards, including Demjanjuk's, carry the stamp of the Waffen SS; but the Waffen SS did not take over Trawniki until 1943, a year after Demjanjuk supposedly departed.

On guard Juchnowoskij's card, his picture is reversed (buttons are on the left side of the blouse) while the numbers on the blouse are not reversed, proof the picture was composed in a lab. One card bears the signature of a Corporal Teufel; Teufel had been promoted to sergeant three months before. The same card bears the signature of Capt. Hoefle; Hoefle had already been promoted to Major to carry out the deportation of the Warsaw Jews. Moreover, graphic elements of the seals are grossly misaligned; the SS thunderbolts are wrongly printed in the Roman script; one stamp is upside down.

Nazi documents have been copied professionally for years; why, then, such clumsy forgeries? Simple: The KGB forgers had no authentic Trawniki card to work from. But what about the eyewitnesses? Well, among the atrocities for which Demjanjuk must hang is using a drill to bore into the rectum of prisoner Finkelstein. Only, in his 1945 sworn testimony, Finkelstein did not mention this. Moreover, S. Reizman, the leader of the Treblinka prisoners, never mentioned any Ivan in his list of the Ukrainian personnel at Treblinka, compiled at meetings of survivors in Lodz on Nov 5, 1945. Another witness at Demjanjuk's trial swore in 1945 and 1947 that he'd killed Ivan in 1943.

Is this collective perjury? No, something else. Since the war, 1,600 medical papers have been written on "The Psychological and Medical Effects of the Concentration Camps on Holocaust Survivors." This so-called "Holocaust Survivor Syndrome" involves "group fantasies of martyrdom and heroics." Reportedly, half of the 20,000 survivor testimonies in Yad Vashem memorial in Jerusalem are considered "unreliable," not to be used in trials. Finally, the death engine. During the war, the underground government of the Warsaw Ghetto reported to London that the Jews of Treblinka were being electrocuted and steamed to death.

The Israeli court, however, concluded that the murder weapon for 850,000 was the diesel engine from a Soviet tank which drove its exhaust into the death chamber. All died in 20 minutes, Finkenstein swore in 1945. The problem is: Diesel engines do not emit enough carbon monoxide to kill anybody. In 1988, 97 kids, trapped 400 feet underground in a Washington, DC tunnel while two locomotives spewed diesel exhaust into the car, emerged unharmed after 45 minutes. Demjanjuk's weapon of mass murder cannot kill. The Soviet I.D. cards are patent forgeries. Polish witnesses say "Ivan" was another man; Israeli eyewitnesses contradict their own sworn statements, contradict one another, and are contradicted in turn. And John Demjanjuk, bewildered and innocent, advances toward execution. God help us. We are the Salem judges of our own time.

February 26, 1996

     In the flap over Larry Pratt and other unsavory characters associated 
with the Patrick Buchanan campaign, journalists typically framed the 
question: Is Buchanan linked to extremists and bigots?  But there is a 
more basic question journalists should ask: Is Patrick Buchanan himself 
an extremist and bigot?

Here is a sampling of Buchanan's views:


     After Sen. Carol Moseley Braun blocked a federal patent for a
Confederate flag insignia, Buchanan wrote that she was "putting on an act"
by associating the Confederacy with slavery: "The War Between the States
was about independence, about self-determination, about the right of a
people to break free of a government to which they could no longer give
allegiance,"  Buchanan asserted.  "How long is this endless groveling
before every cry of'racism' going to continue before the whole country
collectively throws up?" (syndicated column, 7/28/93)

     On race relations in the late 1940s and early 1950s: "There were no
politics to polarize us then, to magnify every slight. The 'negroes' of 
Washington had their public schools, restaurants, bars, movie houses,
playgrounds and churches; and we had ours." (Right from the Beginning,
Buchanan's 1988 autobiography, p. 131)

     Buchanan, who opposed virtually every civil rights law and court
decision of the last 30 years, published FBI smears of Martin Luther King
Jr. as his own editorials in the St. Louis Globe Democrat in the mid-1960s.
"We were among Hoover's conduits to the American people," he boasted (Right
from the Beginning, p. 283).

White House advisor Buchanan urged President Nixon in an April 1969
memo not to visit "the Widow King" on the first anniversary of Martin
Luther King's assassination, warning that a visit would "outrage many, many
people who believe Dr. King was a fraud and a demagogue and perhaps
worse.... Others consider him the Devil incarnate. Dr. King is one of the
most divisive men in contemporary history." (New York Daily News, 10/1/90)

     In a memo to President Nixon, Buchanan suggested that "integration of
blacks and whites -- but even more so, poor and well-to-do -- is less
likely to result in accommodation than it is in perpetual friction, as the
incapable are placed consciously by government side by side with the
capable." (Washington Post, 1/5/92)

     In another memo from Buchanan to Nixon: "There is a legitimate
grievance in my view of white working-class people that every time, on
every issue, that the black militants loud-mouth it, we come up with more
money.... If we can give 50 Phantoms [jet fighters] to the Jews, and a
multi-billion dollar welfare program for the blacks...why not help the
Catholics save their collapsing school system." (Boston Globe, 1/4/92)

     Buchanan has repeatedly insisted that President Reagan did so much
for African-Americans that civil rights groups have no reason to exist:
"George Bush should have told the [NAACP convention] that black America 
has grown up; that the NAACP should close up shop, that its members should
go home and reflect on JFK's admonition: 'Ask not what your country can do
for you, but rather ask what you can do for your country.'" (syndicated
column, 7/26/88)

     In a column sympathetic to ex-Klansman David Duke, Buchanan chided
the Republican Party for overreacting to Duke and his Nazi "costume": "Take
a hard look at Duke's portfolio of winning issues and expropriate those not
in conflict with GOP principles, [such as] reverse discrimination against
white folks." (syndicated column, 2/25/89)

     Trying to justify apartheid in South Africa, he denounced the notion
that "white rule of a black majority is inherently wrong.  Where did we get
that idea?  The Founding Fathers did not believe this." (syndicated column,
2/7/90) He referred admiringly to the apartheid regime as the "Boer
Republic": "Why are Americans collaborating in a U.N. conspiracy to ruin
her with sanctions?"
(syndicated column, 9/17/89)


     "There is nothing wrong with us sitting down and arguing that issue
that we are a European country." (Newsday, 11/15/92)

     Buchanan on affirmative action: "How, then, can the feds justify
favoring sons of Hispanics over sons of white Americans who fought in World
War II or Vietnam?" (syndicated column, 1/23/95)

     In a September 1993 speech to the Christian Coalition, Buchanan
described multiculturalism as "an across-the-board assault on our
Anglo-American heritage."

     "If we had to take a million immigrants in, say Zulus, next year,
or Englishmen, and put them up in Virginia, what group would be easier to
assimilate and would cause less problems for the people of Virginia?"
("This Week With David Brinkley," 1/8/91)


     Buchanan referred to Capitol Hill as "Israeli-occupied territory."
(St. Louis Post Dispatch, 10/20/90)

     During the Gulf crisis: "There are only two groups that are beating
the drums for war in the Middle East -- the Israeli defense ministry and
its 'amen corner' in the United States." ("McLaughlin Group," 8/26/90)

     In a 1977 column, Buchanan said that despite Hitler's anti-Semitic and
genocidal tendencies, he was "an individual of great courage...Hitler's
success was not based on his extraordinary gifts alone. His genius was an
intuitive sense of the mushiness, the character flaws, the weakness
masquerading as morality that was in the hearts of the statesmen who stood
in his path." (The Guardian, 1/14/92)

     Writing of "group fantasies of martyrdom," Buchanan challenged the
historical record that thousands of Jews were gassed to death by diesel
exhaust at Treblinka: "Diesel engines do not emit enough carbon monoxide 
to kill anybody." (New Republic, 10/22/90) Buchanan's columns have run in
the Liberty Lobby's Spotlight, the German-American National PAC newsletter
and other publications that claim Nazi death camps are a Zionist

     Buchanan called for closing the U.S. Justice Department's Office of
Special Investigations, which prosecuted Nazi war criminals, because it was
"running down 70-year-old camp guards." (New York Times, 4/21/87)

     Buchanan was vehement in pushing President Reagan -- despite protests
-- to visit Germany's Bitburg cemetery, where Nazi SS troops were buried. 
At a White House meeting, Buchanan reportedly reminded Jewish leaders that
they were "Americans first" -- and repeatedly scrawled the phrase
"Succumbing to the pressure of the Jews" in his notebook.  Buchanan was
credited with crafting Ronald Reagan's line that the SS troops buried at
Bitburg were "victims just as surely as the victims in the concentration
camps." (New York Times, 5/16/85; New Republic, 1/22/96)

     After Cardinal O'Connor criticized anti-Semitism during the
controversy over construction of a convent near Auschwitz, Buchanan wrote:
"If U.S. Jewry takes the clucking appeasement of the Catholic cardinalate
as indicative of our submission, it is mistaken. When Cardinal O'Connor of
New York seeks to soothe the always irate Elie Wiesel by reassuring him
'there are many Catholics who are anti-Semitic'...he speaks for himself. Be
not afraid, Your Eminence; just step aside, there are bishops and priests
ready to assume the role of defender of the faith." (New Republic,

     The Buchanan '96 campaign's World Wide Web site included an article
blaming the death of White House aide Vincent Foster on the Israeli
intelligence agency, Mossad -- and alleging that Foster and Hillary
Clinton were Mossad spies. (The campaign removed the article after its
existence was reported by a Jewish on-line news service; Jewish Telegraphic
Agency, 2/21/96.)

     In his September 1993 speech to the Christian Coalition, Buchanan
declared: "Our culture is superior.  Our culture is superior because our
religion is Christianity and that is the truth that makes men free." (ADL
Report, 1994)


     Attacking what he considers the "democratist temptation, the worship
of democracy as a form of governance," Buchanan commented: "Like all
idolatries, democratism substitutes a false god for the real, a love of
process for a love of country." (Patrick J. Buchanan: From the Right,
newsletter, Spring/90)

     In a January, 1991 column, Buchanan suggested that "quasi-dictatorial
rule" might be the solution to the problems of big municipalities and the
federal fiscal crisis: "If the people are corrupt, the more democracy, the
worse the government." (Washington Times, 1/9/91)  He has written
disparagingly of the "one man, one vote Earl Warren system."

     In Right from the Beginning, Buchanan refers to Spanish dictator
Francisco Franco as a "Catholic savior."  He called Franco, along with
Chile's Gen. Pinochet, "soldier-patriots."  (syndicated column 9/17/89)
Both men overthrew democracy in their countries.

     Buchanan devotes a chapter of his autobiography -- "As We Remember
Joe" -- to defending Senator Joe McCarthy. He advocated that Nixon "burn
the tapes" during Watergate, and he criticized Reagan for failing to pardon
Oliver North over Iran-contra.

     Buchanan, shortly before he announced he was running for president
in 1995: "You just wait until 1996, then you'll see a real right-wing
tyrant." (The Nation, 6/26/95)

     Several months ago all major newspapers and television network 
news programs in the U.S. carried the report of an incident which occurred
at a political rally where Buchanan was the principal speaker.  The
newsgroup, soc.culture.jewish provided the following synopsis by Judy

March 20, 1995 


Three members of the Coalition for Jewish Concerns-Amcha demonstrating
against Pat Buchanan's anti-Semitism and bigotry were beaten, kicked and
thrown down stairs by Buchanan security guards and campaign workers in
Manchester NH this morning.

The three,  rabbinical student David Kalb, and college students Moshe Maoz
and Ronn Torossian were part of a CJC-Amcha group who jumped on the stage
as Buchanan was announcing his intention to run for President on the
Republican ticket in 1996.  Carrying signs saying, "Pat = Duke Without the
Sheets" and "Buchanan is a racist" the three were shoved, pushed to the
ground and beaten while Buchanan looked on.

Even after it was established that the CJC-Amcha activists were unarmed,
Buchanan guards pushed and dragged the students down three flights of
stairs and outside to the parking lot of the building where they continued
to beat, punch and kick the three until Manchester police officers
intervened and threatened to arrest Buchanan's campaign director.

Kalb, Torrosian and Maoz sustained bruises, scratches, a black eye and
ripped clothing in the attack.

The group is pressing assault charges against the Buchanan campaign at the
Manchester police department. "We hope that the rest of the campaign will
not be conducted in this manner," said Judy Balint, national director of
the New York-based Jewish activist group.    "There must be a place for
peaceful protest against anti-Semitism and bigotry without the fear of
being beaten by paid goons,"  she asserted.  "It was clear our protestors
were unarmed and had no intention of causing Buchanan any physical
harm--the treatment they received was completely unwarranted."

"Today's protest was to expose Buchanan's record of continued support for
accused Nazi war criminals including Klaus Barbie; Buchanan's "doubts
about whether Jews were gassed at Treblinka," his lauding of Hitler,
calling him "an individual of great courage, a soldier's soldier in the
Great War" and "a leader steeped in the history of Europe." Buchanan
referred to Capitol Hill as "Israel's occupied territory," and has called
the American pro-Israel lobby, Israel's "amen corner in the US." 
Buchanan's comments raise the specter of a Jewish conspiracy and his other
deplorable comments include a statement made in 1992 that "only Israel and
American Jews wanted war in the Persian Gulf" and suggested that the Jews
would send non-Jews to fight the war,"  noted Ronn Torossian and David

"Our position is that even if you agree with every one of Buchanan's
programs, if he is an anti-Semite and a defender of Nazis that would make
it immoral for any decent American to vote for him," said National
president of the Coalition for Jewish Concerns-Amcha, Rabbi Avi Weiss. 

CJC-AMCHA activists followed Buchanan on the campaign trail in 1992 and
were verbally and physically assaulted in New Hampshire, Georgia, Rhode
Island and Massachussetts by Buchanan supporters. In Marietta, Georgia in
answer to Rabbi Weiss' accusation that he is a racist, Buchanan said,
"This is a rally for Americans, by American's in the good 'ole USA." The
following day the American Jewish Congress and the American Jewish
Committee declared the statement a clear indication of Buchanan's
"As Pat Buchanan campaigns for the Republican nomination, we will campaign
against his bigotry and anti-Semitism everywhere he goes," the CJC-Amcha
group declared.




 *  Buchanan told Elie Wiesel that President Reagan must not surrender to
"Jewish pressure" against visiting  Bitburg, a German cemetery where SS men
were buried.  In a White House meeting with Jewish leaders, Buchanan
reminded them that they were "Americans first," as fellow staffer Ed
Rollins later recounted to Reagan biographer Lou Cannon. Buchanan
repreatedly scrawled the phrase "Succumbing to the pressure of the Jews" on
his notepad during the meeting.

 *  In 1990 William Buckley, Buchanan's former mentor, wrote a 20,000 word
essay on Buchanan that concluded: "I find it impossible to defend Pat
Buchanan against the charge" of anti-Semitism.

 *  Buchanan has called Hitler a "man of great courage" and extraordinary

 *  On ABC Nightline, March 11, 1992, Buchanan told anchorman, Chris
Wallace: "I'm one of the few people in this city, Chris, who's had the guts
to stand up to the agenda of the special interests, whether it's the civil
rights lobbyist or the AIPAC lobby or the gay rights lobby, and say that
their agenda is not in the interest of a good society and not in the
interest of my country."

 *  In a March 13, 1991 syndicated column Buchanan called Israel "a
strategic albatross draped around the neck of the United States."

 *  In an interview in Present Tense magazine, Buchanan stated that "if my
friends in the Jewish community feel Pat Buchanan, a traditionalist
Catholic, owes some kind of apology for the record of the Holy Father
during World War II, they can wait, because it's not going to be

 *  In the Chicago Sun Times of March 1989, Buchanan criticized the West
for ostracizing Kurt Waldheim.  Buchanan rationalized,"like others in
Hitler's army, Lt. Waldheim looked the other way." (Previously, as
Secretary General of the United Nations, Waldheim had been an object of
Buchanan's scorn).

* On The McLaughlin Report, August 26, 1990:
"There are only two groups that are beating the drums for war in the
Middle East, the Israeli Defense Ministry and its amen corner in the United

 * In Newsweek, December 23, 1991, Jonathan Alter writes that in 1983
Buchanan criticized the US government for expressing regret over its
postwar protection of Klaus Barbie.

 * In 1985 Buchanan advocated restoring citizenship of Arthur Rudolph, an
ex-Nazi rocket scientist

 * In 1987 Buchanan lobbied to stop deportation of Karl Linnas, accused of
Nazi atrocities in Estonia.

 * In a March 17, 1990 column, Buchanan wrote that it was impossible for
850,000 Jews to be killed by diesel exhaust fed into the gas chamber at
Treblinka. "Diesel engines do not emit enough carbon monoxide to kill
anybody."  According to Jacob Weisberg in his article "The Heresies of Pat
Buchanan," October 22, 1990, The New Republic, "Buchanan stands by his
bizarre claim about the diesel engines but refuses to discuss it on the
record.  Suffice it to say that he embraces a bolder debunking claim than
he is yet willing to endorse in print...Where did he get the anecdote
("proving" his assertion about the diesel)? 'Somebody sent it to me.'
"Buchanan's source was almost certainly the July 1988 issue of a Newsletter
of the German American Information and Education Association--a known
Holocaust denial group which quotes extensively from a story of
schoolchildren who emerged unharmed after being exposed to diesel fumes
while trapped in a train tunnel.

 * On March 2, 1992, at a campaign rally in Marietta, Georgia, where Rabbi
Avi Weiss called out, "Your anti-Semitism makes America last," Buchanan
shot back, "This rally is of Americans, for Americans and for the good 'ole
USA, my friends."

 * In the New York Post, March 17, 1990,Buchanan referred to a"so called
Holocaust survivors syndrome" which he described as involving"group
fantasies of martyrdom and heroics."

 *Buchanan was a featured columnist for The Spotlight, a patently
anti-Semitic and anti-Black publication that championed David Duke.

 *  Former Reagan press secretary Larry Speakes writes of Buchanan in his
memoirs, 'Speaking Out,' "..he (Buchanan) was so blindly reactionary."

 * Buchanan repeatedly referred to Capitol Hill as "Israeli occupied
territory." (McLaughlin Report, June 1990)

 * On February 4, 1987 in The Washington Post, Buchanan wrote: "Dr. Martin
Luther King is one of the most divisive men in contemporary history..." In
an earlier article in the Globe-Democrat, Buchanan wrote that King was
"sometimes demagogic and irresponsible in his public statements."

 * In a January  16, 1986 column, Buchanan wrote:" But apartheid is not
the worst situation facing Africans today.  Not remotely.  If it were, they
wouldn't be pouring into South Africa from such "liberated" zones as

 * In 1990, before the Gulf War, Buchanan wrote that if the US went to
war, "the fighting would be done by kids with names like McAllister,
Murphy, Gonzales and Leroy Brown." The National Review (December 30, 1991)
commented that "There is no way to read that sentence without concluding
that Pat Buchanan was suggesting that American Jews manage to avoid
personal military exposure even while advancing military policies they
(uniquely?) engender."