Chanukah is a very special Jewish Holiday, very easy to celebrate, for one kindles the Menorah, lights a few candles and spins the dredel. But for all that effort does anyone ask what happened on Chanukah? If the story truly were told it is the greatest refutation to Jews advocating pacifism that there ever could be. First let us tell briefly what really happened 2000 years ago, the real exacting story of the Maccabees.


The Jews at the time lived in the land of Israel. Along came these evil Greek invaders that conquered and oppressed the Torah observing Jews. The evil Greeks tried to force the Jews to abandon the Torah, stop obeying the commandments and give up their G-D following way of life and our Torah and Mitzvoth (613 Commandments). They outlawed keeping Kosher, Shabbats and other Torah laws. Some Jews actually with low self-esteem for being Jews welcomed this evil development as a "good thing" and to show they were "more Greek than Plato" changed their Hebrew names to Greek ones, and joined with the Greeks in attempting to stamp out Torah. The Greeks desecrated our Holy Temple in Jerusalem and made it into a house of idolatry!


   Meanwhile a small band of Jews formed the Maccabees. They cried out to Hashem (G-D) to save the Jews. These men led by one Atiyah had been priests in the Holy Temple. They formed a guerilla band   smashed the Greek idols and after numerous miracles from Hashem drove the evil Greek oppressor straight from our Holy Land Israel. They recomputed the Holy Temple, and only found only one pure bottle of oil with the High Priest seals on it intact. They Greeks had intentionally profaned the rest. This vial of oil was only enough to burn for one day, but Hashem did a miracle and it burned for 8 days, thus we have 8 days of Chanukah. We of course thank G-D for that miracle of the oil burning 8 days.


 Whenever we speak for JDO around Chanukah time we would always be asked "but aren't we only celebrating the miraculous burring of the oil, where does it mention in Jewish Prayer book any thanking G-D for the miraculously won war?"

For once and for all let us really see what the Jewish Prayer book says verbatim in the Al Hannifin prayer of Chanukah in which we thank Hashem for the miracles he did for us. On Chanukah.


"And for the miracles and great things that you did for our forefathers then and today. In the days of mattityahu the son of Yochanan the High Priest, and his sons the Hasmoneans (Maccabees) when the wicked kingdom of Greece attacked the Jewish People in order to get them to forget your Torah, and to violate your commandments, and you in your great mercy stood with them (Jews) in the time of their avenged their vengeance, gave the string (Greeks) into the hands of the weak (Maccabees), and many in the hands of a few. The wicked into the hands of the pious and the violent ones into the hands of the Torah observers."


 This prayer is said in a number of times on Chanukah and is indeed thanking G-D for the Macabbes victory in the war that the Jews fought against the Greeks. Fortunately the Jews one. Those Jews who advocating pacifism and capitulating are not the heroes of the day 1


 Today, Jews both in Israel and worldwide are under violent attack. In Israel they must surrender not one inch to those PLO " Kill the Jews Brigade." Thank G-D we have an army there in Israel to defend the Jews in Israel, when the Israeli Army is given the right incentive and allowed to do its job like in 1967.Let us hope that the Israeli Army will only be used to crush terrorists and not evict Jews ever. Some of the best JDO Security Team people have made Alliyah and are defending Jews by having joined the army there, Taha.


   But here outside of Israel Jews are under attack. We have assorted Al Qaeda types shooting up synagogues, and various Jewish offices. Recently an Islamic terrorist who bragged about his mission to shoot and slaughter Jews shot up the Jewish Federation UJA of Seattle, He shot 7 women at the Jewish Federation. Several years ago an Islamic terrorist Rashid Baz shot up a vanload of Yeshiva students with one getting killed Ari Halberstam A'H


  Al Qaeda has openly threatened attacks on Jews across Americas. Do we forget even if the Jewish Establishment does, that armed neo-nazis in Chicago 4 years ago shot up Jews on one Shabbats at various synagogues across town shooting 6? The threat is clear and so is the answer! We must pray and we must fight! After praying to thru G-D of Israel, doing every Mitzvah we can we must form defense teams of (legally) armed Jewish volunteers! They must have and be taught Hava Yisroel, love of the Jewish People and they must put it into action by defending their fellow Jews with a Maccabee like spirit of commitment and self-sacrifice.  An example of this was when Crown Heights was hit with a Pogrom that lasted 3 weeks guess which group went Thank G-D to do patrols even as that excuse for a mayor Dinkins ordered "restraint" in the face of Jew-Haters with names like Sharp ton and Sonny Carson? The J.D.O. SECURITY TEAM went with Hava Yisroel love of the Jewish People to defend them. Even as the bulk of the Jewish Establishment with their multi million dollar budgets abandoned those vulnerable Jews in Crown Heights.


  If you truly care about Jews prepare for the defense of your fellow Jews!  Join the JDO today that is physically training Jews to not only defend themselves, but each other!






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