“This letter is confidential and directed to your president, or intelligence chief. Please pass this letter via diplomatic pouch and do not discuss the existence of this letter either in your offices or homes or via any electronic means (phone, telex, fax). If you do not follow these instructions the existence of this letter and its contents may be detected and collected by U.S. intelligence agencies.

“Do not open the internal letter prior to it reaching the intended recipients, if you do and the contents are compromised you will have to answer to your president as to why you were so curious.

“This letter (AA12194107) has been encoded to prevent the comprising of the information it contains. The codes to decode this letter were sent to the following address listed below prior to sending this letter. That letter had similar instructions on how to handle the sealed letter it contains. If the break out codes are not delivered, let me know by placing the ad listed below in the Sunday Washington Post (automobile classified section). If I see that ad I will resend the codes either to the same address or a new one. Please secure both of these letters and limit access to only essential personnel. Should the contents of these letters be comprised to any foreign intelligence agencies your country will lose a great opportunity.

“I am a Middle East, North African analyst for the CIA. I am willing to commit espionage against the United States by providing your country with highly classified information. I have a top-Secret clearance and have access to documents from all of the U.S. intelligence agencies National Security Agency (NSA), Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Central Command (Centcom), as well as smaller agencies. I have been in the CIA for over twenty years and will be retiring in two years. I feel that I deserve more than the small pension I will receive for all of the years of service at the CIA. I have included the cover page to a classified CIA internal news bulletin, as well as table of contents to the joint-service tactical exploitation of national systems (65) (JTENS), and some satellite photos as proof of my position and willingness to provide your country with classified documents.

“I will be putting myself and my family at great risk. if I am caught I will be imprisoned for the rest of my life, if not executed for this deed. My wife and daughter will be disgraced and harassed by everyone in our community. Considering the risk I am about to take I will require a minimum payment of thirteen million us dollars wire transferred in Swiss francs, the exact amount, before I will risk my life. There are many people from movie stars to athletes in the us who are receiving tens of millions of dollars a year for their trivial contributions. If I am going to risk my life and the future of my family I am going to get paid a fair price. The information I am offering will compromise u.s. intelligence systems worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Thirteen million is a small price to pay for what you will receive.

“I will provide your country with the JTENS manual. This top-secret document will provide you with highly secretive information on us satellites, airborne and ground intelligence systems. You can see from the table of contents and the signature sheet what agencies provided information to be included in this document and the level of detail and importance. Your first thirteen million will buy you vital information systems that cost the U.S. hundreds of billions to build, operate and maintain.

“I will also provide you with a list of the actual locations and orbits of all of the u.s. spy satellites, which can be loaded, into any standard software package. This top-secret information will provide your country with the scheduled times u.s. satellites will be overhead and collecting against your country and when these systems are out of range of your country. I will also send you a number of intelligence reports and documents from a number of intelligence agencies on a variety of topics related to Iraq. This will give you insight into what the US knows about your country as well as examples of the quality of the signals intelligence (SIGNIT) and imagery intelligence (IMINT) systems that spy on you daily. That information alone is worth many times what I am requesting. As a bonus I will also provide you with a number of intelligence reports and documents on your adversary Iran.

“Thirteen million is a small price to pay to have someone within the heart of a u.s. intelligence agency providing you with vital secrets. The knowledge I will provide you can save you billions, by improving your weapon systems tactics, which will limit the us capability to target and destroy your expensive and vital weapon systems and facilities. I doubt this small amount of money means that much to your government but if you are not willing to pay the price don’t bother contacting me, the price is non-negotiable. I am sure you will recognize this offer as a chance of a lifetime and well worth the money. If you are hesitant to invest the thirteen million because you don’t know if the transfer procedure will work successfully then I will allow you to test out the process to see how safe and effective it can be. Instead of sending the documents listed above as the first shipment I will send you the (deleted) as proof of the soundness of the process. This will cost you one million dollars in Swiss francs. send this exact amount to test the process and once you are satisfied you can receive the information and get it out of the u.s. without being detected by the FBI or CIA, we can proceed with the thirteen million dollar transaction.

“I have outlined the procedure to follow to ensure u.s. counter intelligence agents do not detect this transaction. First of all, please keep this letter and break out codes secret, do not refer to it or any of the related operations over any electronic means. Pass all instruction via courier pouch, or person-to-person communications. Limit the number of people who know of this arrangement. Limit the amount of information to all of the players to limit their ability to expose the entire operation.

“The reason I am going to remain anonymous is that most spies are caught because when someone defects to the west they take with them the names of all the western spies they know of. This is why no one would attempt to spy for the Russians today. There are to many Russians turning over their agents to the U.S. Since I do not want to be caught, and you should not want me to be caught, I will remain anonymous. Should I be caught because of a leak on you side of the operation, you lose a source. The US will increase pressure on your country, they will force me to reveal what information I provided you and attempt to neutralize your advantage. No other agent will attempt to work for your country for the fear of being compromised (if you can’t keep a secret then you cannot protect your agents), and most important if I am never caught the US will never know how much or what types of information was compromised. this gives your country the edge by having insight of US capabilities/and weapon systems. It will also create internal (mole hunt) suspicion with in the US intelligence community, which is very destructive and degrades their capability to function effectively.

“Only a very few highly trusted individuals need to know of this operation. Only one person needs to know the bank account numbers I will provide to you. if there is a leak there will be far fewer people to suspect if you know who was involved with this operation. Following the instructions listed below will help ensure the security of this operation. as an added safe guard I have encoded my bank account number separately should this letter be intercepted by the US intelligence agencies some of the codes to the text will be broken out using the super computers at NSA but the encoded bank account numbers will be impossible to break out. I will provide you with the instructions on how to break out the bank account numbers after you contact me and establish a representative in the US this precaution will ensure no foreign intelligence agency will be able to break out the bank numbers even if they intercepted both of the letters I have sent you. Once you have the bank number keep it separate from any reference to this spying activity. the people who transfer the money should not know why it is being transferred. There cannot be any association between the funds you transfer to me and your country. This means you must have a person (unknown to foreign intelligence agencies) with fake identification open an account in either Liechtenstein or Austria and begin to deposit the millions of Swiss francs via untraceable cash, gold, diamonds. You cannot wire transfer the money from any of your other bank accounts because this will leave a trail back to your country and might even tip-off US intelligence agencies of our activities.

“Hand carried cash or other nontraceable commodity is the only way to ensure this transaction is not detected and traced, have your agent open a new account in one of those countries listed and deposit untraceable money into it. You can sell some diamonds or gold or remove cash from another account but it must be hand carried to the new bank without being followed any intelligence agents.

“Deposit that clean money into the account. If there is any question in my mind that it is not clean I will not touch it and abort the operation. do not attempt to find out my identity, if I detect surveillance from your country or my own I will abort this operation and destroy all evidence and deny any allegations of wrong doing against me. I have used a false identity to open the bank account to prevent tracing. It’s in the best interest of both parties to ensure that my identity, and this transaction, is kept secret forever.

“If the us government finds out what is going on they will shut down your vital flow of information, and attempt to neutralize as much of the compromised information as possible. They will attempt to punish your country as well as me for this activity. This response is why very few within the U.S. intelligence community would even think of spying against the US. So as a precaution, I will insure no foreign intelligence agency will be able to break out the bank numbers even if they intercepted both of the letters I have sent you.

“If you reveal any of this intelligence to another nation (Russia, china, etc.) you will probably result in compromising the operation. first they will attempt to identify your agent (me). If that fails they will use the information to bargain with the u.s. on other issues. Either way you lose, so be careful whom you provide the intelligence to. The first thing I need you to do is to make a minor change to your UN homepage to prove to me that you are not the FBI setting a trap for me.

“I have a printout of your UN page that starts as follows and end with. If you make some minor changes to this page (switch one word for another, add a comma, or change some numbers) This will let me know that you have received both letters and are planning on proceeding with the plan. I need you to place a representative in the USA or activate someone who is currently in the U.S. who you can trust and I can contact. Select a loyal Iraqi student who is attending a U.S. college or a trusted person living in the U.S. who would not be suspected of working for your government and who has a private apartment or house to be my point of contact.

“If you try to plant a new agent in the country you stand a good chance of getting detected. Have this person establish a 1-800 phone number in his home. he does not need to know who I am or how I got his phone number. if he is caught he cannot compromise the entire operation. Have someone else who is not associated with the Iraqi government place the following ad listed below in the Wednesday Washington post newspaper. have him add the agent’s 1-800 number to the information provided. Reverse the 1-800 number before you provide it to the one placing the ad. This will add additional security to the number (if 1-800-456-2738 was the number, change it to 1-800-837-2654), then drop the 1-800 and add (703) 837-2654, I will know to drop the (703) when I use the number.

“The person placing the ad does not need to know why he is placing the ad, just have him do it and forget about it. You must insure that the us counter intelligence officers are unaware of this persons existence as an agent of Iraq. If they accidentally find out he put out an ad they will attempt to figure out the correct phone number. If they do they will be monitoring your agent and intercept the shipment of information. this would tip them off to my existence and a manhunt will begin to find out my identity. Also insure you maintain security when you pass him and the other person instructions on what to do. This is why I keep mentioning security of the letters and the related operations. If your people are careful the us government will never know this transaction occurred.

“I will be watching the papers for the next two months, when I see the ad listed below and get the phone number I will contact your agent. Your agent should not know about the ad only that someone will call and request his name and mailing address. I will call him and ask to speak with (john Stevens) he should respond that his name is Jacob. I will request his roommates name and address. He should be ready to give me his full name and mailing address (street, state, zip). I will mail him the instructions on how to decode the bank account number which he can pass on to you. I will only remain on the line for two-minute intervals to prevent anyone from tracing me. this includes your people, the NSA or FBI. Insure your messages to me are short and ready to go when I call. Send the exact amount requested in the currency requested (Swiss francs). I will wait for you to transfer the money to my account once that is verified I will mail FedEx the package to the address provided. I will call the contact prior to sending the package so he is ready to receive it.

“I will call again in two weeks to ensure your agent has received the package and was able to get it out of the country safely. when he receives the information you need to establish a secure way to get the package out of the country without getting detected. I would suggest you have someone go by the agent’s house and pick up the package and drive it to new York. rent a hotel room under a false name and pay with cash or with a false credit card. Insure he does not leave his fingerprints anywhere in the hotel, at the front desk, or in the room, or on the package. Leave the package in the suitcase in the closet then place the room key in an envelope. Either hide the envelope somewhere for pick up, or give it to the front desk with the name of the person who will pick it up.

“Then this agent will call someone from your U.N. mission at their home phone, using a pay phone, and provide him the name of the hotel and location of the key. that person will drive to the hotel and receive the package and take it to the U.N. and put it into the diplomatic pouch for shipment back to Iraq. If your U.N. person is followed by the FBI they will not know what is in the suitcase or who left it in the room. If you have a direct pass off of the information you increase the likely hood of being detected and leading the FBI back to my contact and compromising the whole operation. If you think your UN person would be tracked and detained by the FBI then I would recommend you have some one pick up the package from my contact and put it into a back pack and walk over one of the many us/Mexico border crossings, acting like a tourist on a day trip to Mexico. this person walking over will be less likely to be searched on either side of the border. If you drive across you stand the chance that you will be randomly checked and they will find the classified information in your car. These are my suggestions it is up to you to get the information out of the country. I am only obligated to get it to you agent to receive my payment.

“If the phone line is disconnected or when I call I do not get the code name Jacob than I will assume the agent was caught or on the run. If this occurs reestablish contact via the same ad and a new 1-800 number. If you never told your agent how I got his phone number he cannot reveal it to the FBI. This will allow us to continue without worrying about FBI surveillance. I will resend the information using the same procedures to the new contact. If first shipment goes well I will contact your agent with instructions on where to send the thirteen million to a new bank account. when the funds are confirmed I will send the complete package to your agent. after that I will send your agent a package every three months. You can review the information and then provide me a payment. I expect minimum of three million dollars for each shipment of information that is good, and five million for information that is considered extremely important to your government. This will continue until I am either caught, suspected or retire or if you decide you have received enough information.

Brian P. Regan was greedy and also tried to sell his information to an enemy of the Islamists, the miscreant from Libya, Gaddafi the Kafir. U.S. officials learned from a CIA agent that Libya had received classified U.S. national defense documents. They included electronic images taken by satellites, a CIA intelligence report and a secret document related to a foreign country's satellite capability. They traced the information back to Regan and found that he was using computers in public libraries to communicate. He was arrested and charged only with attempting to give information to an enemy of America, so that the source in Libya would not be compromised.