Arthur “Blockhead” Block threatened the JDO with a lawsuit because we downloaded some info on the All Stars from a site on the web and put it on our website. When we looked at the stationary we discovered the law firm was none other than Szold and Brandwen. The founders of this firm were also founders of the Zionist Movement.

“In January 1942, the committee adopted bylaws and, to emphasize the American aspect of its work, changed its name to American Emergency Committee for Zionist Affairs. Wise was chairman, and Robert Szold became treasurer and chairman of the Budget Committee.”

Robert Szold’s sister, Henrietta Szold, was a founder of Hadassa. In 1934, Henrietta Szold became director of the new Youth Aliyah agency, which rescued thousands of Jewish children and youngsters from Nazi Germany and other European countries. It was her most memorable project.
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LAW FIRM WEBSITE - note one of the partners is Yeshiva University graduate

68th A.D. Ada Vasquez 5% 1,086
8th C.D. Arthur Block, Esq. 1 1,119
70th A.D. Barbara Taylor 0 59
44th A.D. Christine LaCerva 1 216
64th A.D. Daniel Friedman 2 593

The 8th C.D.: Arthur Block's Dead Zone

After insisting that Congressman Ted Weiss' sudden fatal heart attack days before the primary last September "should not be used as a political football by anyone," NAP's attorney and 8th congressional district candidate, Arthur Block, did just that by pursuing legal action against New York State Democratic Party Chairman, John Marino, who was charged with conspiracy for keeping the decedent's name on the ballot. After questioning insightful figures such as Weiss' barber, the Alliance then hinted that Marino and others may have knowingly contributed to Weiss' death by allowing him to run while in poor health as "everyone knew" that the incumbent would not live long enough to serve.

Although Block, a "Social Therapy" patient of Newman's since the late 70s (more on that later), never indicated whether he was as enlightened when he decided to run, he did hold several grand-standing press conferences in front of Fulani's Upper West Side headquarters at 72nd Street and Broadway wherein he charged Marino with having "participated in committing a fraud on the voters of the 8th C.D. [and] violat[ing] their voting rights under the First and Fourteenth Amendments." Block was eventually beaten in the primary by the dead man (88% to 12%), while the seat itself was turned over to former West Side Assemblyman Jerold Nadler (Block then ran on the NAP line in the general election, where he received all of 1%).