Anti-Semite Fulani Fleeces the City

Last week, the city approved tax-exempt bond financing for nonprofit arts group that was founded by Lenora Fulani, a flagrant anti-Semite, and Fred Newman, a quack psychologist who's admitted that he's had intimate relationships with women who came to him for therapy. The votes on the panel that approved the financing are controlled by Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

What's going on here? The answer: cynicism and unprincipled ambition. The Mayor should be ashamed of himself.The recipient of the city's largess is the All Stars Project, which purports to use the performing arts to help low-income children. The organization was founded in 1981 by Ms. Fulani and Mr. Newman. That these two buffoons have any sway over the Mayor at all is because of one salient fact: They are influential members of the Independence Party, and in 2001 and 2005, they delivered the party's votes to Mr. Bloomberg.

Her power within the Independence Party is why Ms. Fulani, a frequent candidate for every office save dogcatcher, actually gets her phone calls returned in New York political circles. This despite the fact that she recently stood by comments she made in the late 1980's, when she said that the Jewish people "had to sell their souls to acquire Israel" and held it only by acting as "mass murderers of people of color." Last year, she wondered aloud why she would be considered anti-Semitic. Her comments, she said, simply raised "issues that I think need to be explored."

Mayor Bloomberg denounced her comments, but refuses to repudiate the messenger. He has personally donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Independence Party, and has made donations to the All Stars Project. Ms. Fulani depends upon the timidity of elected officials who are terrified of losing the Independence Party's endorsement never mind that the party is in fact a joke masquerading as a legitimate political party.

And so, when the All Stars Project requested the city's approval for its $12.75 million bond-financing project which will allow the group to renovate its Manhattan offices and refinance an earlier bond deal the Mayor gave it the green light, saving the group over $200,000 in taxes. The panel that reviewed and approved the project, the New York City Industrial Development Agency, is controlled by the Mayor through his appointees. It is disappointing that three of his capable appointees who should know better Deputy Mayor for Economic Development Daniel Doctoroff, Corporation Counsel Michael Cardozo and City Planning Commission chairwoman Amanda Burden voted in favor of the financing. There was no reason to support the All Stars Project= except as a political payoff to Ms. Fulani.

Before the vote went through, State Comptroller Alan Hevesi released a letter opposing the financing: "This group reportedly has a long and close relationship with a cult whose leaders have made statements and taken positions that are misogynistic and anti-Semitic. Providing discretionary financial assistance for this project will be tantamount to providing public validation and support for these ideas."

Notably, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn signed Mr. Hevesi's letter. New Yorkers might note this reassuring display of courage and true independence from one of the city's rising political leaders. This column ran on page 4 in the 9/25/2006 edition of The New York Observer.


September 8, 2006 -- Declaring that the city shouldn't "legitimize hate," Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer yesterday called on Mayor Bloomberg to block $12.75 million in tax-free financing sought by a group tied to Lenora Fulani.

"This organization should not get this money because it legitimizes the hate and vile words that come out of their leaders' mouths," said Stringer, referring to charges of anti-Semitism.

A non-profit founded by Fulani, the All-Stars Project, has asked the Industrial Development Agency to bestow triple-tax-free status on up to $12.75 million in borrowing so it can refinance $8.35 million in bonds - also received through the IDA - and renovate it headquarters at 543 W. 42d St.

The IDA, controlled by Bloomberg, is to vote on the application Tuesday. The transaction would save the All-Stars $205,628 in borrowing costs.

Stringer described the All-Stars as a front for Fulani, longtime associate Fred Newman and his "anti-Semitic crew."

An IDA spokesman said the group had been thoroughly investigated and had not been found to have engaged in any misconduct.

New York Post Editorial September 9, 2006 --

Mayor Bloomberg is about to bestow more boodle on his favorite dema gogue, Lenora Fulani - but this time, at least, someone's trying to block the deal.

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer is demanding that the Bloomberg-controlled Industrial Development Agency nix a deal to refinance $12.75 million in tax-subsidized bonds for Fulani's "theater" outfit, the All-Stars Project.

The agency also plans a vote on conferring triple-tax-exempt status on the refinancing, which would save Fulani & Co. $205,628 in refinancing costs.

Stringer rightly charges that this sorry deal just "legitimizes the hate and vile words" that are Fulani's stock in trade.

And it's not the only special favor that Fulani and her crowd have gotten since Mayor Mike took office.

Bloomberg has always been a big personal fan of the All-Stars Project, donating his own money to the group, which in 2004 produced a play - written by Fulani's mentor and partner, cultist Fred Newman - charging that Hasidic Jews instigated the 1991 Crown Heights riots.

That twisted viewpoint was completely in line with Fulani's own stated insistence that Crown Heights represented "the first clear exercise of power by the city's new coalition of black leadership" against "right-wing Zionists."

Theater? We're not exactly talking "Spamalot" here.

Indeed, a 2002 Post investigation uncovered internal All-Stars documents in which Fulani's acolytes conceded that the group's purpose is "first and foremost revolutionary, not aesthetic."

Inexplicably, Bloomberg has always had a soft spot in his heart for this demagogue: Even as he criticized her more outrageous and anti-Jewish statements, he refused to disassociate himself from the political party she used to control, disingenuously insisting she was just "one of many members."

Similarly, even after she publicly defended her description of Jews as "mass murderers of people of color," Bloomberg appeared yet again on stage with Fulani at the All-Stars annual fund-raising benefit. (He's not the only New York official to coddle Fulani, either. Sen. Chuck Schumer has also been a booster.)

If Mayor Mike wants to waste his own money on Lenora Fulani, that's his business. But when he gives her city tax breaks, that's all New Yorkers' business.

The IDA is set to vote on this outrageous deal on Tuesday. If the mayor has any self-respect, he'll listen to Stringer and squash it.

J.D.O. Confronts Mayor Bloomberg for Helping Fund Anti-Semitic Fulani-Newman Cult

Today J.D.O. along with others confronted New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg about his giving both huge donations as well as millions of tax dollars to a vicious Jew-Hating, terror supporting cult led by Lenora Fulani and Fred Newman. They have been long time radical communists who praised the bombing of the World Trade Center. Additionally this group has repeatedly praised the Crown Heights Pogrom riot against Jews as a "legitimate uprising against the evil Jew-Zionists."

This anti-Semitic cult sent a delegation to meet various leaders of the Islamic terrorist groups to support their bombings of Jews in Israel. They made contact with Arab Hitler Arafat of the " Palestine Murderers Organization" to wish him success in trying to murder as many Jews as possible.

On numerous occasions they met and had joint meetings with Farrakhan the Black Hitler who in many huge Hitler style speeches has threatened and called for his followers to slaughter Jews across the U.S. in violent riots and terror attacks. JDO has made life miserable for Bloomberg for helping this Jew-Hating cult with major donations, and public funding. BLOOMBERG A JEW FOR THE SLEAZIEST AND MOST TREACHEROUS OF REASONS HAS GIVEN HUGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY TO THIS ANTI-SEMITIC CULT! IN FACT ON THE JDO WEBSITE IS A PICTURE OF BASKET CASE BLOOMBERG POSING WITH JEW-HATER FULANI AT HER ORGANIZATIONS FUND RAISING DINNER! THE FULANI-NEWMAN JEW-HATING CULT USES THE NAME "ALL STARS PROJECT".


The city agency that is now considering giving MILLIONS to the anti-Semitic cult is NYC Economic Development Corp.


All you have to write is "Cancel the grant-bond to the anti-Semitic cult All Stars" now!


September 07, 2006

The Bloomberg Administration is poised to give the youth charity founded by Fred Newman and Lenora Fulani more city aid in the form of a tax free bond deal for the All Star Project's 42nd Street Headquarters - this one for $12.5 million.

The cost to city taxpayers is $200,000 and Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer says he'll try to prevent that.

“Fred Newman and Lenora Fulani have participated in a cult-like organization for too long and has actually gotten away with it,” said Stringer. “We should not be putting public money into their pockets.”

Stringer testified at a hearing of the city's Industrial Development Agency. Its board, controlled by the mayor, will vote on the financing plan next week. The city comptroller and all five borough presidents have an appointee on the board. Stringer says he'll advise his board member to vote ‘no.’

Stringer says he's outraged by what he's learned about Newman and Fulani. In an interview on “Inside City Hall” last year, Fulani refused to denounce anti-Semitic comments she made years ago. Then, in a NY1 investigation, people once involved with Newman charged they were brainwashed into joining a cult he leads. They told NY1 he lures vulnerable people though All Stars, his psychotherapy practice and the New York City Independence Party, which has been trying to chip away at Newman's power.

That's where the Mayor comes in.

In 2001, Bloomberg got Newman's blessing to run on the Independence Party line. It provided his margin of victory. The mayor took the line again when he ran for re-election last year.

Critics say Bloomberg has been rewarding Newman, Fulani and their supporters. There were donations to their political party and the initial bond deal that let them acquire a 30,000 square foot space. But, recently Bloomberg has publicly distanced himself. Here's how he responded Thursday when asked about the new bond deal:

“The All Star Project can go and make their case. They'll have to have the same criteria that everyone else has,” said Bloomberg.

All Star's President Gabrielle Kurlander says her organization has been a positive influence on tens of thousands of inner city kids. She calls Borough President Stringer's comments untrue saying: “It’s just this kind of politicized posturing that hurts our kids and causes so many educational programs to fail."

In addition, Newman and Fulani no longer have staff positions with All Stars.

Independence Party activists, who have tracked Newman and Fulani for years, say it's a smoke screen and claim they still run it.

“There's no community benefit to this bond at all, unless you want to be brainwashed, and want to hate Jews, blacks and America,” said Independence Party Activist Michael Niebauer.

But the bond vote is scheduled to go forward on Tuesday.

NY1 reached out the four other borough presidents and the city comptroller. Staten Island borough president James Molinaro says his appointee will abstain. Bronx President Adolfo Carrion says he's needs more time to review the details. The others did not get back to NY1.

- Rita Nissan