Abe Foxman: "Is Mel Gibson an anti-Semite?  No. He's a true believer. Is his anti-Semitism intentional? I don't believe so...Is the film anti-Semitic?  No.

Mel Gibson's father says Holocaust exaggerated

Reports On Australian-American Nazis Hutton Gibson NAZI WHO WORKS WITH WILLIS CARTO

The release of THE PASSION is neo-Nazi dream come true to fan the flames of anti-Semitic hate in America. Gibson Senior and Jr. are active in an anti-Semitic cult and former railroad breakman Hutton Gibson is an out and out Nazi who speaks at Nazi meetings like those held by the Elmer Barnes Review an out and out NAZI holocaust denial outfit that sells book praising the Third Reich. In our opinion the Nazis approached Gibson with this idea and he followed up.


Abraham Foxman, the national director of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) said of Gibson, "I think he's infected -- seriously infected -- with some very, very serious anti-Semitic views." Foxman made the remarks at a panel discussion titled "Mel Gibson's The Passion: A Conversation on Its Implications for Jews and Christians." The discussion took place during the 90th annual national meeting of the ADL in New York City. In an interview with CNSNews.com following the panel discussion, Foxman reiterated his comments about Gibson.

"[Gibson's] got classical anti-Semitic views. If he can say that there is a cabal out there of secular liberal Jews who are trying to blame the Holocaust on the Catholic Church, that's a classic anti-Semitic canard -- that Jews operate in cabals to get their way.

"If he can say that somebody will not permit him to make another movie -- who? Jewish Hollywood? The ADL? When he can say that he now understands how Jesus felt now -- not before he made the film, not because the gospel inspired him, but now -- because he has been criticized and attacked. That's anti-Semitism," Foxman told CNSNews.com.

But Foxman, who we jokingly believe tried out for the part of Judas in the Passion but was rejected for being overweight, said this on the ADL website, "Over the last 2000 years, four words have fueled anti-Semitism: 'The Jews killed Christ.' We are concerned about this message wrapped up in a popular film that's couched as gospel truth and produced by a popular, creative genius." -- Abraham H. Foxman (from ADL Website)

Gibson-Anti-Semitism & Cowardly Foxman

Make no mistake, Gibson is no friend of Jews. His new film has one goal, whipping up anti-Semitism, and anti-Semitic violence. Gibson whose own father is a long time Holocaust denier, and who echoed the message of lying propaganda David Duke style and blamed the Jews for the Trade Center bombing.

In Germany there actually was a play, called a "Passion Play" shown at the German City of Oberammergau that blamed the Jews for murder (falsely). The theme of the play was so anti-Semitic that mobs of angry peasants would riot against Jews pogrom style. Anti-Semitic words lead to anti-Semitic actions. The fact is that it was hate filled teachings around Europe that conditioned the masses to hate Jews long before the Nazis came on the scene. Local priests would lead mobs to slaughter Jews after speeches of Jew-Hatred. Gibson who runs his own religious cult that is clearly in the "blame the Jews mindset." In fact after Hitler attended such a Passion Play in 1936 in Germany he said how this proves the Jews are evil, and should be destroyed! That is why the neo-nazis and KKK types will certainly celebrate this new film from Gibson. They could not be happier, and its not because they think Gibson is spreading religion. It is because they are happy by the vile anti-Semitic hate against Jews it will unleash G-D forbid.

This is NOT an attack on religion, but a sane attempt to prevent an anti-Semitic attack to be organized by the likes of Gibson and Gibson inspired anti-Semites. The fact is the Jewish Establishment (Foxman) could have worked day and night to stop this anti-Semitic propaganda. Not one of those Jews who are in the entertainment scene took a stand strong and public against Gibson and this evil propaganda agenda of Gibson regarding Jews. No, people like Foxman of the Against Demonstrating League were too busy praising Gibson, and denying he is anti-Semitic, and he is a "genius". Foxman, as corrupt as ever refused to fight, protest, as Jews with any self-respect could, and should do. It is Foxman that is the "genius" at keeping his job after all these years of failure and incompetence. Indeed Foxman manipulates his foolish board members, with minds like puppets into thinking everything is all right, when it really is not.

While living in Australia, Mel Gibson became campaign manager for Rob Taylor, who was connected with a woman named Jennifer McCallum, who once ran an outfit called People Against Communism, had moved into the electorate a few years previously and renamed her organisation People Against the One-World Government. Rhodes scholars, the Fabian Society, the Club of Rome and Jewish bankers, in concert with the UN, were taking over the world, according to her and her supporters. The message had got around, and the League of Rights recognised fertile ground. They started holding meetings, railing against the banks and the established political parties, which they suggested were being run by dark forces (Zionists, Fabians, etc). Taylor denied he was a member of the League but many of his supporters were. REFERENCE


Mel Gibson's publicist, Alan Nierob has tried to deflect any criticism of the Gibsons by identifying himself in both The New York Post and The New Yorker as "a founding member of the national Holocaust Museum." That's not a trivial claim. The founders of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington are an elite donors' group specifically designated as such; they gave a minimum of a million dollars each and are inscribed in granite on the museum's wall. Although he is the son of Holocaust survivors Mr. Nierob is not among them. Presumably he was instead among the 300,000 who responded to the museum's first direct-mail campaign for charter members. That could set you back at least 25 bucks. Nierob is a slimeball who just cares about money who works for Rogers Cowan|Weber Shandwick 310-201-8839/8824 CONTACT NEIROB's BOSS AND EXPRESS YOUR OPIONION TO HIM

Maia Morgenstern: Born in 1962 in Bucharest - Romania. Studies: Film and Theatre Academy, Bucharest 1981-85. Actress at the Piatra Neamt National Theatre between 1985-1988. Actress at the State Jewish Theatre, Bucharest between 1988-90. Since 1990, actress at the National Theatre, Bucharest. Dictator Nicolae CEAUSESCU, took power in Romania in 1965, and his Securitate police state became increasingly oppressive and draconian through the 1980s. CEAUSESCU was overthrown and executed in late 1989. Former Communists dominated the government until 1996. Morgenstern was a colloborator with the Ceausescu dictatorship or she would not have been allowed to become an actress at the State controlled national theatre. The plays at the State Jewish Theatre were in Yiddish. The Soviets also allowed some Yiddish theatre and use of the Yiddish language but not Hebrew. Morgenstern would glady play Ava Braun if the price was right. Contact the JDO if you know here email address, phone number etc.

NEW YORK Days before the release of Mel Gibson's film about the death of Jesus, which some critics say could fuel anti-Semitism, his father has told an interviewer that the Holocaust was mostly "fiction." Steve Feuerstein host of Speak Your Piece! said he interviewed Hutton Gibson for a segment of his show to be broadcast Monday by the small Talkline Communications Network. According to a transcript released by the network, Hutton Gibson said: "It's all maybe not all fiction but most of it is," when asked about his views on the Holocaust. "They claimed that there were 6.2 million (Jews) in Poland before the war, and after the war there were 200,000, therefore he (Hitler) must have killed six million of them," he said. "They simply got up and left. They were all over the Bronx and Brooklyn and Sydney and Los Angeles." The interview comes at a sensitive time for Mel Gibson, whose epic film

The Passion of the Christ is due to open Wednesday. Some Jewish leaders say the movie could fuel anti-Semitism for its portrayal of Jews' role in the crucifixion, while conservative Christians have praised it as a moving depiction of Christ's death. Gibson, who produced, directed and co-wrote the film, has said repeatedly that he is not anti-Semitic and that the project was a deeply personal expression of his own faith. Hutton Gibson has an unpublished phone number at his home outside Houston and could not be reached for comment. Alan Nierob, a spokesman for Mel Gibson, declined to comment on the interview. Hutton Gibson follows a tiny wing of traditionalist Catholicism that views the modernizing reforms of the Second Vatican Council as a conspiracy between Jews and Masons to take over the church. The elder Gibson has stirred controversy in previous interviews with remarks on the Holocaust and Judaism, but had kept quiet in the months leading up to the release of The Passion. In this latest interview, Hutton Gibson said Jews want to take over the world. He did not know why Jews would want to achieve that, but said "it's all about control. They're after one world religion and one world government." Asked in media interviews whether he shares his father's views, Mel Gibson has said that he loves his father and will not speak against him. Zev Brenner, owner of Talkline, which he calls a Jewish network, has been calling for a boycott of all of Mel Gibson's movies.


The Nazis know that Mel Gibson was inspired by the beliefs of this father Hutton Gibson to make The Passion in order to fan the fires of Jew hatred that is engulfing the world. Gibson hired Jews to promote the film, cast the film and act in it in the same way the Lyndon LaRouche hired Jewish flunkies like Steinberg and Goldstien to do his dirtywork. The name of the game is Yockeyism, crypto-Nazism as first practiced by the Spotlight and Liberty Lobby crew, many of whom had ties to the intelligence apparatus of the Third Reich. Nazism without the swastika. The Nazis know what's happening and have come to the defense of Gibson. Check the links below and see for yourself:







The JDO alleges that HUTTON GIBSON, and others known and unknown, would and did threaten kill officers and employees of the United States and agencies and branches thereof, while such employees were engaged in, and on account of, the performance of their official duties, and persons assisting such employees in the performance of their duties, in violation of Section 1114 of Title 18, United States Code, including members of the Federal Reserve Bank. HUTTON GIBSON made this statement in a tape recorded interview "I urge someone to go out and hang Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan." We strongly urge the office of the USA or the FBI obtain an copy of this tape, determine its authenticity and indict GIBSON, just as they would anyone else on the basis of the fact that on April 24, 1996, § 727(a) of the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996, § 727(a), Pub. L. 104-132, 110 Stat. 1214, 1302, amended § 1114 of Title 18 so that now all employees of all branches, departments, and agencies of the United States Government, including active duty military personnel, are covered under § 1114. We urge the ADL, with its extensive reliance on law enforcement to protect Jews, to use its influence to pressure the USDOJ to do this, but doubt they will do so for there is no money in it for Abe Foxman.