"I have to go back to a solitary cell — I have to go back to hell," Hale told Judge Moody, hoping for leniency. "They want me to die in a hole." Thanks to Glenn Greenwald violating the lawyer-client relationship which extended to Hale's immediate family and Glenda's having revealed that Hale broke BOP Special Adminstrative Measures, Hale will spend his sentence in the hole and will probably end up committing suicide. Hale's followers are going to be a bit salty with Glenda Greenwald for betraying him! The neo-Nazis will now go after their now useless Jewish collaborator Greenwald. If that comes to pass Greenwald will look back and regret ever having helped the neo-nazis. In fact, we at the JDO are of the opinion that Glenda's life might be in danger from the very nazis that Glenda BENT OVER BACKWARDS to defend! We are not encouraging this, but predicting it because the JDO knows the evil danger that the modern day Nazis are better than any other Jewish organization.

Lynne Stewart In Drag

"Mr. Hale is not concerned about taking someone's life, but rather how to do it without getting caught," Moody said. "I consider Mr. Hale to be extremely dangerous and the offense for which he was convicted to be extremely egregious." In his rambling, arm-waving speech to the court, Hale brought up the Lefkow murders, despite Moody's efforts to stop him. He compared the FBI to the Gestapo, claimed the news media smeared him, said he had been poorly represented by his former lawyer and ended by reciting the last lines of the national anthem. "I think it's absolutely horrible," Hale's mother, Evelyn Hutcheson, said. "Matt's the only one in there telling the ... truth."... HALES CONVICTION UPHELD B’SD

The Many & Real Crimes of Neo-Nazi Matt Hale

Often people forget that in spite of the fact Nazi Pig Hale was convicted just recently for conspiring and planning to murder Judge Lefkow, a serious danger of and by itself there is something else people choose to forget, or don’t care to remember. Nazi Pig Hale ordered his Nazi follower Smith to shoot as many Jews, and other minorities as he could 4 years ago. In total Nazi Pig Smith shot 6 Jews on a Saturday leaving synagogue, and gunned down Black coach Ricky Birdsong, as well as 2 Asians, all in 24 hours.

Do we dare forget that Nazi Pig Hale’s Sacramento California chapter bombed a whole set of synagogues, and were eventually caught? In Florida Nazi Pig Hale’s local affiliate "Church of the Creator" went out on a plotted bombing shooting spree against Hale’s eternal enemy the Jew. All this and more and still a self-hating Jew Glenn Greenwald becomes a free lawyer for Hale’s Nazi group. Greenwald even after Nazi Pig Hale was arrested and convicted for plotting to murder a federal judge our degenerate little traitor Greenwald is asked by Hale’s Nazi loving Jew-Hating mother Mrs Hutcheson to smuggle a coded message to one of Hale’s followers. The message was obviously a code sent by Nazi Hale to do violence that Hale currently in jail can’t exactly mail out himself. Why didn’t Greenwald the self-hating Jew report this illegal

Coded message to the police or government? The answer is we must demand the Bar Association must disbar attorney Greenwald, who is acting like the "new Lynne Stewart" in helping the enemies of the Jews smuggle out messages to attack Jews!

Now, it has just been revealed in the media that someone else slaughtered Lefkow’s family. That person is a psychotic, unconnected to Nazi Hale. But we must keep our real focus on making sure that the real danger is Nazi Hale and his outfit, who is about to be sentenced in 3 weeks for the many and real Nazi crimes he did commit!


New York and Bronx Counties:

Call the Departmental Disciplinary Committee for the First Department 61 Broadway, 2nd Floor New York, NY 10006 (212) 401-0800 and tell them that based on New York Times reportage, Glenn Greenwald should be disbarred for not revealing the fact that his client was smuggling coded messages out of prison when his client was under Special Administrative Measures.

Glenn Greenwald admitted having known that Hale's mother smuggled out a coded message from her son who was under Special Administrative Measures but did not report this to the FBI. Knowledge of new illegal activity on the part of a client is not covered by attorney client confidentiality. The sick self-hating Glenn Greenwald told the FBI and The New York Times that Hale's mother Evelyn Hutcheson called him a few months ago and asked him to pass on an encoded message to one of Mr. Hale's supporters. "She said she didn't know what the message meant, but she was going to read it to me verbatim because Matt made her write it down when she visited him. It was two or three sentences that were very cryptic and impossible to understand in terms of what they were intended to convey."

Mr. Greenwald said he did not believe that his client had anything to do with the recent killings. When the FBI asked her about messages, the Nazi Hutcheson said it was "the dumbest thing I've ever heard of." Ms. Hutcheson claimed that her message to Mr. Greenwald was about someone her son thought should testify at his April 6 sentencing, and that any coding was only to keep the federal monitors of their conversations from figuring out his legal strategy. "It was a message for Greenwald about a letter that Matt had written him. I said, 'Matt, this doesn't make sense to me.' He said, 'Greenwald will understand, ask him to read the letter.'" After this the maggot Hale's parents were barred from visiting their miscreant son. People of good conscience everywhere should call Glen Greenwald at 212/489-6359 and ask him how in the name of G-d he could represent someone who would like to complete Hitler's mission. Even The Center For Constitutional Rights fought against Hale while Glenn fought for the Constitutional Right of the Church of Creativity to incite the beating of Hispanic workers .

In a terse per curiam decision issued on July 1, the N.Y. Appellate Division, 1st Department, rejected a claim of evidentiary spousal privilege on behalf of a gay couple. __Greenwald v. H & P 29th Street Associates__, 1997 WL 365935. Glenn Greenwald and his same- sex partner brought an action against the owner and the managing agent of an apartment building for refusing to aggregate their income for purposes of determining whether they met the building's minimum income requirements, presumably for purchasing an apartment. The plaintiffs moved for a protective order limiting disclosure in discovery to matters not privileged under N.Y. Civ. Prac. L. & Rules 4502(b), which protects confidential communications between a "husband" and "wife" "during marriage." N.Y. Supreme Court Justice David Saxe denied the motion, and the plaintiffs appealed. The appellate division held that the trial court correctly concluded that the spousal privilege statute does not extend "in the plaintiff's words, `to homosexuals in a spousal relationship.'"

Greenwald Christoph, P.C.

(Formerly, Greenwald, Christoph & Holland, P.C.)

810 7th Avenue, 10th Floor
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(New York Co.)
Telephone: 212-489-6359
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Statement of Practice:
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Firm Size: 3
Glenn Greenwald, (Member) born New York, N.Y., March 6, 1967; admitted to bar, 1995, New York, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York; 1996, U.S. District Court, Eastern District of New York; 1998, U.S. Court of Appeals, Second Circuit; 2002, U.S. Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit. Education: George Washington University (B.A., 1990); New York University School of Law (J.D., 1994). Member, New York University Law Review, 1992-1993. Recipient, American Jurisprudence Awards, Civil Procedure, Contracts and Property. Associate, Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, 1994-1995. Languages: German. Practice Areas: General Litigation; Commercial Litigation; Intellectual Property; Civil Rights. Email: Contact Us.
Joel Christoph, (Member) born New Haven, Connecticut, March 2, 1971; admitted to bar, 1998, New York and New Jersey; U.S. District Court, Southern and Eastern District of New York; U.S. District Court, District of New Jersey. Education: University of New Hampshire (B.A., 1993); Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law (J.D., 1997). Member: Moot Court National Team; Moot Court Honor Society. Recipient, Jacob Burns Medal. Languages: German, Portuguese. Practice Areas: Commercial Litigation; Intellectual Property Litigation. Email: Contact Us .
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Werner S. Achatz, (Associate) admitted to bar, 1995, New York; 2000, United Kingdom. Education: University of Vienna, Austria School of Law (Cand. Jur., 1988; Magister Juris, 1991); New York University ( LL.M., 1994). Languages: German, French and Italian. Practice Areas: Real Estate; International Securities; Corporate Law. Send an Email.
Thomas S. Rosenthal, (Of Counsel) born New York, N.Y., July 17, 1956; admitted to bar, 1983, New York and U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York; 1988, U.S. District Court, Eastern District of New York; 1992, U.S. Court of Appeals, Second Circuit. Education: University of Pennsylvania (B.A., cum laude, 1978); Columbia University (J.D., 1982). Associate: Poletti Freiden Prashker & Gartner, 1982-1985; Proskauer Rose Goetz & Mendelsohn, 1985-1988. Chief, Employee Litigation and General Litigation Divisions, New York City Housing Authority, 1989-1993. Practice Areas: Employment Litigation. Email: Contact Us .
Gary Kaufman, (Of Counsel) born Hamilton, Canada, 1959; admitted to bar, 1984, Ontario; 1986, New York. Education: University of Toronto; Osgoode Hall Law School of York University (LL.B., 1982); New York University School of Law (LL.M., 1986). Senior Editor, Osgoode Hall Law Journal, 1981-1982. Member: The Association of the Bar of the City of New York; Law Society of Upper Canada. Practice Areas: International Securities; Private Placements; Public Offerings; Securities Regulation; Business Start-Ups; Business Formation; Business Development; Technology Joint Ventures; Corporate Governance; Buying and Selling of Businesses; Shareholder Agreements; Commercial Contracts. Email: Contact Us.

The attorneys listed above don't seem to be playing with a full deck! Furthermore, no Jew or person of color in his or her right mind would want to defend a genocidal lunatic like Hale!!! This calls for something drastic in dealing with the riff-raff that thrives on spitting on the graves of 6,000,000 of our sisters and brothers. Perhaps, they have lost their marbles!!! Maybe they need to receive marbles from Toys-R-Us to replace the one they lost in their cranial cavity. A good idea would be to send them marbles (no illegal objects) in the mail to call attention to the fact that Greenwald & co. can't continue defending racist-genocidal maniacs like the Matt Hales of the world. In fact, Hale is not entitled to get vegetarian room service in his jail cell....A creep like him needs white bread and water while he is at the "free hotel" under the auspices of the US Bureau of Prisons.


Evelyn Hutcheson, 102 Crescent Ave, East Peoria, IL 61611-3257 (309) 699-0785
Kathleen Robertazzo 1705 Queensbury, Hoffman Estates, IL 60195-2837. Active in the Jewish Voice for Peace and signed their petitions. Anyone with Kathleen's telephone number please contact the JDO. Also reported to own a home at at 2030 N. Newland Street, Chicago, Il.
Paul C Schlismann, Deerfield, IL 60015-4445 (847) 945-2191 John Schlismann 508 Hermitage Deerfield, IL, 60015 schlis@concentric.net a Special Ed moron who worships Hale to the extent that he possesses a first edition, first printing of the book "On Heroes and Hero-Worship" by Thomas Carlyle and who once sought to make or made Improvised Explosive Devices.



Hans Glock, was the Nazi pig who posted the picture below on the STORMFRONT website along with the address of the Lefkow family and and the suggestion that they all should be murdered. The photo of the Lefkow family was removed from Stormfront on Tuesday March 1 and the posting was removed on March 2. The Stormfront moderator is removing the posts of the numerous Nazi scum who are gloating over these cold blooded murders. Now the FBI is trying to figure out how Ross was able to obtain the addresses of Lefkow and other judges he is suspected of stalking since the killing. Three computers and a Blackberry hand-held e-mail device seized from Ross' van and home are being analyzed to see what Internet sites he may have visited to search for the judges' personal information -- and what other personal information he had on federal officials, attorneys and other defendants he named in his exhaustive legal battles that left him embittered with the system.



Police questioned Schlismann working on information provided by the Jewish Defense Organization but he has an alibi at the time of the murders, which occurred between 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Monday at Lefkow's North Side home. Click HERE for article about this. But a source revealed that Schlismann alibi was provided by his father and one other person and that Schlismann rented a car that day and disappeared for a few days after the murders. Schlismann looks exactly like the sketch of the authorites are circulating. A perfect match. Schlismann may have been watching Judge Lefkow's home independently of Ross.

Although Hale is in the hole at MCC Chicago, not only was it possible for him to have contact with other prisoners via kites (notes) passed from cell to cell or with the prisoners who bring him food, mop the halls outside his cell, leave notes in the common exercise area etc or possibly but unlikey with a sympathetic Correction Officer but Hale could actually speak with other prisoners in cells next to him. This was partially a result of the Peoria Journal running a Opinion Piece that stated that is was not right for Hale to be under such strict Special Administrative Measures. Evidence suggests that Hale gave the okay for the hit on Lefkows family even though it might mean a stiffer sentence for him. The FBI has been questioning inmates near Hale, and have moved Hale to another cell, away from all other prisoners, where he should have been to begin with.

The phone calls received by the judge indicated that word of the hit was out on the prison grapevine. A Pick up hang up call, or several calls, that were first reported to come from MCC Chicago was made to Lefkows home the night before the killing. But this proved false as prisoners in federal facilities can call only approved telephone numbers. The call came from Cook County Jail where prisoners are allowed access to pay phones. The fact the call was made from jail showed up on the Judge's caller ID. Judge Lefkow should have called the Marshall's as soon as she got this call because maggots like Hale and his Nazi father are not playing. Now the police are chalking this call up to co-incidence but the JDO does not buy this due to the fact that the number was unlisted and that the calls came in the night before the murders. You don't just dial random numbers from the can, you call your attorney, bail bondsman, co-conspirators, your moms. Dial a number on your telephone randomly - see if you reach the home of a Federal Judge. No matter what the outcome of this investigation Hale should be given the maximum under the guidelines or the jury should be called back and determine if special circumstances call for a stiffer sentence than the guidelines require as the judge cannot do this due to Apprendi v New Jersey .


Several years back neo-nazi Fuehrer Matt Hale sent one of his followers a Jew-Hating racist misfit Benjamin Smith to shoot Jews, Blacks and Asians in the Chicago area. Smith actually shot 6 Jews leaving synagogue, as well as one Black coach Ricky Birdsong, and several Asians. JDO at the time put the blame on Nazi Leader Matt Hale of the so-called Church of the Creator, which is not a church. JDO in numerous speeches called upon Jews in Chicago and across the US to legally arm with guns and form volunteer security teams to guard both synagogues and Jewish lives from future neo-nazi terror attack.

Several months after the shooting JDO actually met with a large number of Jewish students from Northwestern University to warn them about the threat Nazi pig Hale represented to them and others. JDO Intelligence Unit also found out that Nazi pig Hale was planning to try and show up at Northwestern as well as was having secret meetings at local high schools. Meanwhile JDO had talked Dershowitz out of defending Nazi Hale when the Illinois Bar Association turned down Hale from becoming an attorney. At the same time a certain Jewish group openly said Hale should be given a law license even though he is a Nazi. That group is the ADL run by one ever-groveling clown Abe Foxman!

Finally when Nazi pig Hale showed up to hold a "death to the Jews Hitler was Right" rally at Northwestern U a full scale riot broke out and a number of angry Jews cracked Hale’s followers heads open. JDO was condemned (as usual) for inciting a riot. Nazi pig Hale was physically attacked. This happened all of 10 days after JDO had actually appeared at that very campus to inspire the Jews to fight Hale and his band of white supremacist Nazis, and fight the Jews did! Hale and the rest of the Nazis got a taste of Jewish Justice, and ran never to come to that campus again!

Meanwhile some other group took Nazi Hale to civil court to block him from using the name Church of the Creator. They got an order from one Judge Lefkow, against Nazi Hale. At this point Hale used his Nazi website to make open threats on the judge’s life, giving out her home address. Nazi Hale also lied and made up that the judge was a Jew, which she was not. Meanwhile the government arrested Nazi Hale for threatening the judge’s life. Nazi Hale was convicted just recently. JDO told the Jewish Establishment in Chicago a month ago that Nazi Hale is not finished, and at some point his followers will try and retaliate against Jews and others for his conviction. JDO also believes that Hale’s father a long time Nazi sympathizer was still heavily responsible for this.

Members of Hale’s Nazi outfit, and we have a good idea who. Jews must immediately take physical precautions and get guns (legally) in case of any future attacks by any other followers of Fuehrer Hale. This Nazi dog is not crushed until he’s really crushed, he and all of his Nazi misfits! Never Again!

Want to be part of JDO Intelligence Unit? E-mail judeaM@jdo.org

CHICAGO -- A federal judge fined the racist group once headed by white supremacist Matt Hale $1,000 a day for continuing to use the name the World Church of the Creator. U.S. District Court Judge Joan Lefkow Thursday ordered the group now called the Creativity Movement to shut down its Web site and to surrender its membership list. Thursday was the first day the fine was in effect. Lefkow last year ruled that the East Peoria, Ill.-based group was entitled to use the name the World Church of the Creator, but her ruling was overturned in July and the trademark was given to the TE-TA-TA-MA Truth Foundation of Oregon.



Tonight the militant Jewish Defense Organization has called upon Jews to launch a serious effort to put neo-nazi Matt Hale away for good. The JDO has started the campaign by having spoken to local Rabbis and calling upon them to hold demonstrations at the courthouse at Nazi pig Hale's next appearance to demand the Judge grant "no bail for neo-nazi Hale."

The JDO also encouraged Jews, Blacks, Latinos, Asians to all pack the court room at every hearing as well as demand that the FBI be allowed and ordered to go after the other members of Hale's psychotic neo-nazi skinhead followers." Has everyone forgotten how Hale whipped up Neo-Nazi misfit Benjamin Smith to shoot Jews leaving synagouge in a few summers ago as well as murdered Black coach Ricky Birdsong?" asked JDO National Director Mordechai Levy.

It was in fact JDO that organized many confrontations across the country to stop Nazi Hale including the one in early 2,000 at Northwestern that became a physical clash and routed neo-nazi Hale from that university. JDO's special hotline makes this key demand of no bail for neo-nazi Hale, and can be called at 212-252-3383.

The JDO is also demanding that the web provider company that leases space to Hale's neo-nazi website disconnect it immediately,especially in light of the fact it is Hale's COTC.org website that had messages advocating the murder of the judge." "Again this proves that the ACLU defending nazi websites ability to spread their Jew-Hating and racist threats is endangering people's lives" added JDO head Levy.



5400 Federal Plaza suite #4100

Hammond, IN 46320


A white supremacist charged with soliciting a federal judge's murder was denied bond Thursday after prosecutors quoted a secret tape of him responding "good" when a follower said they could "exterminate the rat." Matt Hale, 31, head of the World Church of the Creator, was taped in a conversation with his group's chief of security, prosecutors said at the bond hearing in Hammond, Ind. But the chief of security was actually a source working for the FBI, the prosecutors told U.S. Magistrate Judge Andrew Rodovich.

After hearing the evidence, Rodovich denied bond for Hale, of East Peoria, Ill. Trial is set for July 14 in Chicago. Defense attorneys argued that Hale had no criminal record and should not be held without bond. They said his father was willing to put up his home as bond to guarantee his son's appearance for trial. Hale's organization, the World Church of the Creator, preaches white supremacy. One member, Benjamin Smith, went on a shooting rampage in 1999, killing two and wounding nine before killing himself as police closed in.

Hale was arrested Jan. 8 at federal court in Chicago. Prosecutors said he had sent an e-mail to his chief of security, instructing him to get the home addresses of three attorneys who had sued Hale's group and of U.S. District Judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow, who was presiding in the case. Prosecutors said Hale later asked about the Lefkow address and was told: "I'm working on it. When we get it, we can exterminate the rat." "Good," Hale was quoted as saying on the tape, which was not played in court. "Whatever you want to do, basically."

Prosecutors also quoted Hale as saying: "You know my position has always been that I'm going to fight within the law, but that information has been provided. If you wish to do anything yourself you can."

RAHOWA Devours Matt Hale "Bill the Butcher" (usenet post) 23 Jan 03

What none of these "soldiers" who shout "RAHOWA!" and "White Power!" will ever do is pick up one of those 200 million plus guns that are readily available and shoot Michael Chertoff. That's why a real Jew (as opposed to a poor Jew running a pawn shop) like Chertoff has no fear of persecuting a warrior like Matt Hale. He and the other real Jews with their high positions of authority in American society understand that Hale's followers are sheep dressed in wolves clothing. Chertoff and his kosher ilk understand that not one of these costumed fools is capable of picking up a loaded gun and firing a bullet into their kosher head. The race traitors understand this as well.

CHICAGO - A federal judge from Indiana will come to Chicago to hear the solicitation-for-murder case against white supremacist Matt Hale.

The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday selected James Moody of Indiana's Northern District after Chicago-based federal judge Elaine Bucklo recused herself. Federal prosecutors say Hale, 31, of East Peoria encouraged an unnamed individual to murder Bucklo's colleague, Judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow, who was presiding over a trademark-infringement case he had lost. Judge Moody's usual courtroom in Hammond, Ind., is located across the state border within Chicago's broad metropolitan region. He'll travel to the Dirksen Federal Building in The Loop.

Hale's bond hearing there was postponed Monday because of the switch in judges, but he appeared briefly in Bucklo's courtroom with his court-appointed attorneys. Hale wore an orange jumpsuit and dark blue canvas loafers - standard clothing for prisoners held at the nearby Metropolitan Correctional Center. Hale has been segregated from the general population at the federal lockup and is being denied the organic foods his non-meat diet requires, said New York attorney Glenn Greenwald, who may aid in Hale's defense.

"He's very strict on that. He'd rather go hungry" than eat processed food, Greenwald said.

People of good conscience everywhere should call Glen Greenwald at 212/489-6359 and ask him how in the name of G-d he could represent someone who would like to complete Hitler's mission. Do not threaten him in anyway, shape or form. He is looking for any possible way to punish anyone who interferes with him or his client. Do not call him more than once.

Kunster liked to defend Israel hating Jew-Hating Moslem terrorists and that was his self-hating way, and now Glenn Greenwald, following in those footsteps, and those of Norman Siegel of the ACLU will go to bat for violent neo-nazis KKK, and other Jew-Haters. The fact is Greenwald is a self-hating Jew, and an enemy of all the victims of the neo-nazis and KKK groups. THIS FILTHY LIAR IS NOW GOING TO USE THE FACT HE WAS CIRCUMSISED AND BORN A JEW TO LIE IN COURT AND CLAIM THAT NEO-NAZI HALE IS "NO DANGER" AS WOULD A JEW DEFEND SOMEONE TRULY DANGEROUS TO THE JEWS? Traitor Greenwald is using the fact he is a Jew like Norman Siegel to make it easier to win cases to help KKK members, neo-nazis, Hale. Greenwald must be literally run out of town!! This was his comments when a judge dismissed a lawsuit against The National Alliance after their rhetoric had inspired some morons to beat up two Mexican workers:

"The lawsuit was a very dangerous attempt to start imposing liability and punishment on groups because of their political and religious views," Glenn Greenwald, a Manhattan attorney representing the National Alliance and other groups, was quoted by Newsweek as saying. "If you can be liable for the actions of other people who hear your views, then you would be afraid to ever express any views that were ever unconventional."

After Avi Deshowitz refused to represent Hale on the JDO's advice Greenwald took over for Hale in his attempt to get admitted to the Illinois bar.

Greenwald has also represented Hale several times in legal action that resulted from an incident involving a member of Hale's congregation. Two years ago, white supremacist and Hale-follower Benjamin Smith targeted minorities in Indiana and Illinois when he went on a shooting spree that killed two, including SIUC alumnus Yun Won-joon, and wounded nine. Smith then killed himself, ending a standoff with police.

The public was outraged after investigators tied Smith to Hale's white supremacist church. The Illinois Attorney General's office tried to make Hale submit his church's financial records, but Greenwald had the request dismissed in court. Families of Smith's victims attempted to make Hale liable for the crime through civil lawsuits, but Greenwald was able to get those attempts rejected by a judge.

Now Greenwald is attempting to win millions for Hale and he said he is confident that the lawsuit will end favorably even if he doesn't care for Hale's racist rhetoric. "I think it's very dangerous when anybody loses their right to express their views no matter what those views are," Greenwald said. In a press release, Hale said he will use the lawsuit as a way of gaining compensation and finally getting his much-awaited-for law license.







Violations: Title 18, United States Code, Sections 373 and 1503



1. At times material to this indictment the following circumstances existed, among others:

a. The World Church of the Creator ("WCOTC") was an unincorporated association that held itself out as a religious organization "dedicated to the Survival, Expansion, and Advancement of the White Race." The headquarters of the WCOTC were in East Peoria, Illinois, and the WCOTC had branches and members in multiple states and in foreign countries. The WCOTC disseminated information about its principles and teachings through various means, including written documents bearing the WCOTC's name, and through an Internet site bearing the WCOTC's name.

b. Defendant MATTHEW HALE controlled the operations of the WCOTC and influenced and attempted to influence and control many of the activities of its members, and was known within the WCOTC as the WCOTC's "supreme leader" and "Pontifex Maximus"

c. The TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation - Family of URI, Inc. (" TE-TA-MA") was a religious organization located in Oregon that had registered the term" Church of the Creator" as a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. In May 2000,TE-TA-MA filed a lawsuit against the WCOTC in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, captioned TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation - Family of URI, Inc. v. The World Church of the Creator, No. 00 C 2638, alleging that the WCOTC had violated federal trademark law by its use of the term "Church of the Creator."

d. Defendant MATTHEW HALE participated in, and at times directed, the WCOTC's response to the lawsuit brought by TE-TA-MA.

e. On November 19, 2002, United States District Judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow, before whom the lawsuit filed by TE-TA-MA was then pending, issued an order that, among other things:

i. Permanently enjoined the WCOTC "and its members, officers, directors, predecessors, successors, assigns, agents, employees, representatives, attorneys, and all other persons acting for, with, by, or under authority from it, or in concert or participating with it," from using the name and mark "Church of the Creator or any colorable facsimile thereof, including specifically World Church of the Creator, WCOTC, COTC, or the words 'Church' and 'Creator(s)' together in the same name or mark;"

ii. Required the WCOTC " and its members, officers, directors, predecessors, successors, assigns, agents, employees, representatives, attorneys, and all other persons acting for, with, by, or under authority from it, or in concert or participating with it, " to cease using Internet domain names using the infringing marks, and to" immediately transfer custody and control of the domain names"used to operate the WCOTC's Internet site," church of the creator.com," "wtotc.com"to TE-TA-MA;

iii. Required the WCOTC " and its members, officers, directors, predecessors, successors, assigns, agents, employees, representatives, attorneys, and all other persons acting for, with, by, or under authority from it, or in concert or participating with it, " to " deliver up for destruction (or, where feasible, removal or obliteration of any infringing mark from) all " printed and other materials bearing the infringing marks;

iv. Required the WCOTC to " within seven (7) days notify in writing, and by electronic mail (e-mail), all of its members of this Order, and shall deliver a copy of this Order to them; " and

v. Required the WCOTC to file a written report, under oath, with the Court, within 30 days "setting forth in detail the manner and form in which the World Church has complied with the terms of this court."

f. Also on November 19, 2002, Judge Lefkow denied the WCOTC's request to stay enforcement of the court's order pending appeal.

g. On December 13, 2002, Judge Lefkow issued an order granting TE-TA-MA's motion for a rule to show cause why the WCOTC shouldn’t be held in contempt of the court's order of November 19, 2002, and ordered that "MATTHEW HALE shall appear before this Court on 01/08/03 at 1:30 p.m. to show cause why he should not be held in contempt of this Court"

2. From on or about November 29, 2002 through at least on or about December 17, 2002, in the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division, and elsewhere, MATTHEW HALE, defendant herein, with the intent that another person engage in conduct constituting felony that has as an element the use, attempted use, and threatened use of physical force against the person of another - namely, the forcible assault upon, and the murder of, United States District Judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow, in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Sections 111(a)(1) and 1114 - and under circumstances strongly corroborative of that intent, did solicit, command, induce, and otherwise endeavor to persuade that other person to engage in such conduct;

In violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 373.


1. The allegations contained in paragraph 1 of Count One of this indictment are realigned and incorporated as if fully set forth here.

2. From on or about November 29, 2002 through at least on or about December 17, 2002, in the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division, and elsewhere, MATTHEW HALE, defendant herein, corruptly and by force endeavored to influence, intimidate, and impede United States District Judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow, a federal judicial officer presiding over the lawsuit captioned TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation - Family of URI v. The World Church of the Creator, No. 00 C 2638, in the discharge of her duty;

In violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 1503(a).





As part of "Operation Klan-Kicker JDO is givingout names of neo-nazis either in

"Heil"s so called "Church of the Creator" or who work with it

Hale's Hate line Dial A Nazi 309-699-0135 home phone 309-694-4444

COTC Leader "Rev" Thoams Kroenke lives in Riverton Wyoming. His e mail is wyoming@creator.org . This Nazi pig is hopefully getting evicted by his landlord !

Good news !!

Jeff Schoen - neo-nazi leader of the National Socialist Movement(remember the Nazi Party's real name in Germany was National Socialist German Workers Party) Schoen leads various "Hitler was Right" marches calling for eradication and wipe out physically of Jews, Blacks, Asians, Latinos and all minorities. This group works close with Hale's COTC. Schoen has a dial a nazi hateline 651-659-6307. Call and hear the recording of poison against Jews for yourself, and all minority groups.

David Duke-504-626-7714 home phone. Nazi KKK misfit David Duke is taking a "Federally subsidized vacation" Call JDO and leave your name and address to get JDO special report and action alert to fight Nazi-KKK pig Duke. Call 212-252-3383

Neo-Nazi Fuehrer Matt Hale of the so called "Church of the Creator”, whose group shot a number of Jews, Blacks, 2 summers ago planned a massive speaking tour. It was JDO that played a major role in blocking Dershowitz from defending Nazi Pig Hale when the State of Illinois refused to give him a law license. Foxman and ADL were quoted at the time condemning Illinois for turning the Nazi down! Now Hale is supposed to speak about why America should (CVS)liquidate Jews and Blacks that he calls mud people.

The Neo-Nazi meeting was scheduled for JANUARY 11 AT THE LEWISTON MEMORIAL ARMORY in LEWISTON MAINE. Their phone number is 207-782- 5951. We urged people to ask fo an officer in charge and DEMANDED THE NEO-NAZI MEETING BE CANCELLED!



by Pontifex Maximus Matt Hale

According to the website of the Anti-Defamation League, Judge Joan H. Lefkow on November 19th ordered that our World Church of the Creator do the following things in the trademark case against it: 1) stop using our name, 2) give up our web addresses, and 3) "deliver up for destruction" all material--including our Holy Books--that bear our name. We have still not heard anything, however, from our attorney in the case and nor have we received any documentation at all that such an order has been issued. Until we receive such word or documentation, our position is that we have not received legal notice of such a sick, draconian order that in effect places our Church in a state of war with this federal judge and any acting on authority from her kangaroo court. In the meantime, it is business as usual for our World Church of the Creator that has today as much as it had yesterday, ten years ago, and almost thirty years ago when we were founded by Ben Klassen, the right to distribute its religious materials regardless of any illegal usurpations of the United States Constitution by a federal judge.

Such is merely a statement of facts. Since I do not know exactly what will transpire until the next issue of The Struggle reaches your hands, I felt it necessary however to bring this news to you even if incomplete lest the machinery of the tyranny in which we live incapacitate me to the extent that I am unable to report further. After all, I put nothing past those who have deliberately sought to enslave our White people and who today seek to destroy that entity which alone can save our people: our World Church of the Creator.

As I am sure you will understand, it is necessary that I speak in generalities concerning the response of the Church to such an obvious violation of our religious rights. This is so because I am all too aware that the enemies of our people read my every word and seek to use them against our Church and I in their various attacks upon us. I know further that I am viewed not just as the Pontifex Maximus of our Church by our enemies but also as the personification of our Holy Struggle itself. It is thus clear to me in fact that not only is this a war against our Church and its teachings but also a war against me personally since I represent this struggle. Further, if this court order is for real--and it likely is--the tyrants want to destroy both the message as well as the messenger as they know that the survival of one will lead to the resurrection of the other.

As such, when the Jew vermin of the "Anti-Decency League", as I like to call it, wrote on their website, "This court order presents the World Church of the Creator with the loss of the racist brand name it so assiduously built up in recent years, and it is unclear whether Hale will voluntarily abide by the injunction", I will continue to leave that to their imagination and to the imagination of others. Those who know me, already know. In any event, our World Church of the Creator is far more than the man whom the Jews singled out with that statement. Instead, those who adhere to the Holy Books of our Creativity religion have the words of its Founder most truly imprinted upon their hearts and minds:

Clearly, any court ordered confiscation and destruction of our Bibles on pain of imprisonment or death violates these tenets of our religion as well as the Constitution of the United States. Clearly, we cannot distribute our White Man's Bible if they have been consigned to the flames of the Jewish altar. Clearly, any such court order violates our right to exist along with the other religions. Clearly, Ben Klassen foresaw such an attempt to destroy us when he wrote those words over twenty years ago.

We have not heard anything from our attorney in some time. Nor have we been able to contact him by telephone since his voice mailbox has repeatedly been full. Further, we do not know if he has ever even scheduled a hearing date to present our motion for judgment in our favor based on the fraud the other side committed in getting a trademark on our name. While the hour is late, this motion can still be presented, our witness can testify, and justice may still prevail. In addition, we have filed our petition for review by the United States Supreme Court which may--though not likely--hear the case. However, Lefkow has refused to stay the proceedings pending our appeal. So, while we can only wait for the United States Supreme Court to decide whether or not to hear our case, Lefkow has in the meantime ordered the destruction of all of our religious materials bearing our rightful name. How the ashes of our Holy Books are supposed to be magically restored to their original state in the event of victory before the Supreme Court, no one bothers to explain. Such is the perverse legal system that only serves to give a cloak of legitimacy to an illegitimate government.

Rather than lessened, our efforts must be increased on all fronts around the world. We call upon Judge Lefkow to recognize that her alleged order violates the supreme law of the land: the Constitution of the United States. We call upon her to recognize that the ordering of a church to "deliver up for destruction" its religious texts is a blatant infringement of the free exercise of our religious beliefs and is thus proscribed by the First Amendment. By your actions, Judge Lefkow, you have made yourself part of the criminal conspiracy to destroy rights that you swore to uphold when you became a judge. It is not too late, however, for you to reverse your present course. RAHOWA!

"The Jew is through in 2002!" - Rev. Matt Hale in his "State of the Church" Address Delivered on January 2, 29AC (2002) Join or otherwise support the Church today! Go to our new website and new name: CHURCH OF THE NAZI SCUM

WAKEFIELD, MA--Matt Hale's "public meeting" routine takes him back out east on Saturday September 14th, 1 PM at the Wakefield Lucius Beebe Memorial Library, 345 Main St., Wakefield, Massachusetts. The folks associated with Hale in this area are especially ticked off over the Catherine Daniels story, which exposed them and their routines. Tony Menear, one of the scumbags there went to jail on a parole violation not long after the story broke. Catherine Daniels Story can be found at http://www.onepeoplesproject.com/exposed.htm



March 28, 2002

Reverend Matt Hale, leader of the World Church of the Creator, will be speaking in the basement auditorium of the Peoria Public Library at 2pm on Saturday April 20th. He was invited by April Patterson of the "Friends of the First Amendment" group and accepted their invitation (see attached letter from Ms. Patterson). Reverend Hale has since decided to speak on "The Racist Beliefs of our Founding Fathers." Since April 20th marks the 113th birthday of the great racist leader Adolf Hitler, Reverend Hale will devote some words to him and his legacy as well. Supporters of the First Amendment are expected from across the country for this dynamic event.

This scheduled speech marks the first time since March of 2001 that Reverend Hale has spoken or attempted to speak inside the library. On that prior occasion, anti-racist protesters physically attacked adherents of the WCOTC as well as innocent bystanders in a frenzied effort to stop Reverend Hale and others from exercising their First Amendment rights. The actions of these anti-racist hoodlums caused damage to library property. Amazingly, the library in turn attempted to bill the Church for the damage and library director Sue Herring told the press that the Church would not be allowed to meet again until the money was paid. However, since the damage was not caused by Reverend Hale or his Church, Reverend Hale rightly declined to pay for the damages and the press even sided with Reverend Hale on this issue. Further, it's been reported that a donor covered the cost of the damage anyway.

Reverend Hale stated today, "I very much look forward to my speech at the Peoria Public Library on the racist beliefs of our Founding Fathers. America was founded as a White racist nation and I look forward to educating my White Brothers and Sisters on this issue."

Further, Reverend Hale stated, "I certainly don’t anticipate any problems with the library. After all, this is not a meeting of the World Church of the Creator but rather a meeting of the Friends of the First Amendment. That group has every right to have a meeting at the library and has every right to have a speaker of its choosing. I am grateful that they chose me as their speaker and I will not disappoint them. Should the library somehow seek to ban me from walking into its doors, I will have no choice but to sue it and sue Ms. Herring personally. Obviously I hope it doesn't come to that and nor should it."

For further information, call Reverend Hale at (309) 694-4444 or contact Ms. Patterson for comment at aprilness1111@hotmail.com