B'SD Dear Members, Supporters , Sympathizers, Read this line by line JDO Applauds Bombing of Ahmadinejad Headquaters in London ..the Iranian Embassy " Today, JDO states we had no hand in the bombing that just happened but are quite happy in fact we have a JDO chapter in London, but JDO is not a Jewish Underground. JDO is instead an armed public Jewish self-defense group that patrols synagogues and Jews homes from violent anti-semitic or terror attack. As for the Iranian Embassy it is Ahmadinejad who actually planned attacks on Jews in Israel and around the world. In fact it was Ahamdinejad who sent Iranian trained terrororists to blow up several hundred Jews at the Jewish Center in Bueno Aires Argentina a few short yeas ago. So now apparently some angry Jews in London formed their own Jewish Underground to strike back just like the Irgun used to do,and give the Hitler of Iran a taste of "Jewish Justice" should we shed a tear ? Their were 3 Jewish Undergrounds in pre-stae Israel, the Irgun, Stern Group and Hagana. The Irgun was mainly Jewish youth and adults who originally had been part of Jabotinsky group the Jewish Self-Defense Organization which was a public armed self-defense group. The Irgun was completly underground and did use bombs and bullets on actual members of Arab terrorist groups starting in the mid 1930's. One day Jabotinsky read in the newspapers that after some Arab terrorists had blown up scores of innocent Jews living all over pre-state Israel the Irgun did a series of retaliatroy and preventative bombings at the secret headquaters of the PLO Hamas types of those times. They even bombed these Arab terror groups and they really hit hard with bombs and bullets. The Irgun boys on those missions ot save Jews lives did not ask Jabotinsky's for permission which when they had been in the public armed self- defense group Jewish Self-Defense Organization they would have.In fact at first Jabotinsky would say anytime someone would want to speak to him about who did these attacks he would say "father (himself) does not want to know anything." On the other hand after a series of suuccesful bombing and shootings against the PLO and Hamas Arab Nazi groups of those times he wrote praising thier actions these important words. " My children write more clearly and more succintly than I do. " amd he praised and morally supported Irgun attacks against known enemies of the Jews be it Nazis in Germany or Arab terrorists in Israel or anywhere else .Prior to that Jabotinsky had been invoved with taking up guns against pogromists anti-semites in Russia,or Arab rioters in Israel as part of a self-defense for Jews as well as holding demonstrations. Now, JDO has been asked what it thinks of these recent attacks on Ahmadinejad HQ in London. Simple we will say "we don't know who did it and we don't want to know, but Jews can breathe alot better now that some Jews who we don't even know, decided to resssurect an Irgun way of doing things, even if JDO itself cannot travel that long poweful undergound road, at least others understand. They write far more clearer than we do, their message will be clearly understood by Ahmadinejad the Iranian Hitler." Meanwhile, the Quakers and others had a a dinner to honor the " Hitler of Iran" this Thursday night at the Grand Hyatt and there was a huge rally to protest . The same Quakers whose leaders went to meet Hitler in Germany during the Holocaust against Jews and praised him as "a man of peace"Now these fakers are lying in a news story where their head liar (Fleming) denied that Ahmadinjad ever denied the Holocaust. They admit they are doiing this dinner to save Islamic Republicof Iran and their hero Ahamdinejad from sanctions and to actually get the world of his back !! Never forget that the Quacker radical political arm the Americans Friends Service Committee worked with the Arab Nazis of the PLO and had "Death to Israel" demonstrations with known Arab terrorists groups. JDO is going to make the names nd home addresses of the American cheering section holding this dinner public so angry Jews can march on these colloborators with the "Hitler of Iran's" homes right here !! JDO soon will put that on the website as prt of " Operation Crush Terror ! " Almost 10,000 showed up at the Anti-Amhadinejad rally at the hotel where both theQuackers and other Jew-Hating, Israel-Hating and America-Hating anti-war leaders honored and ate with the "Hitler of Iran "!!On Thursday night guess who showed outside to show support to their hero Ahamdinejad ? Neturei Krakpot and a large contingent of angry young Jews organized by JDO surrounded Neturei Krakpoit traitors to the Jews and ran them out !!! NOW JDO MUST ASK FOR A MAJOR SUPPORT AND A DONATION TO FUND OUR ASSORTED ACTIONS AGAINST AHMADINEJAD AND HIS AMERICAN CHEERING SECTION LIKE THE QUAKERS-AND THE ANTI-WAR TYPES WHO HONORED HIM AT THAT FILTHY JEW-HATING DINNER !! JDO MUST RAISE $5,000 TO COVER THOSE ASSORTED EPXPENSES !! NOW JDO HAS JUST LAUNCHED A BOYCOTT AGAINST THE GRAND HYATT AND ITS SELF-HATING JEWISH OWNER PENNY PRITZKER WHO WILLINGLY ALLOWED THIS VICIOUS JEW-HAITNG-ISRAEL-HATING DINNER TO HONOR AHMADINEJAD AT HER HOTEL !! WE NEED YOUR MUCH NEEDED SUPPORT AND MONEY TO FUND THESE RALLIES AND THE BOYCOTT AGAINST THE HOTEL THAT HELPED HONOR THE "HITLER OF IRAN !" Gmar Chasimah Tovah Wishing You to Be Insribed for a Happy New Year David Goldman JDO Support Division ---------------------CLIP AND MAIL------------------------------------ -------------------- SEND TO J.D.O. PO BOX 159 FDR STATION N.Y. N.Y. 10150 check box(es) ___ I want to help fund JDO' recent actions and protests against Ahamdinejd the Hitler of Iran, and the Quakers and anti-war groups that honored him,enclosed is a much needed contribution of (circle one) $1,000 $ 500 $ 250 $100 other$____ to cover these important street protests ! ___ I am happy to punish the Grand Hyatt Hotel and its Jewish owner Penny Pritzker for daring to have a dinner in honor of Ahmadinejad, the "Hitler of Iran" at her hotel ! I will not usde the Grand Hyatt in New York as long as she is still the owner and will tell every Jew I know about this boycott by JDO ! YOUR NAME____________________________ADDRESS_____________________ CITY__________________STATE_______ZIP _______HOME PHONE___________ E MAIL _____________YOUR COMMENTS ?_______________________________ __________________________________________________________ ---------------------------------------------------------- ------------ ---------------------------------------------------------- London newspaper article Police probe bomb attack on Iranian embassy Tue Sep 23, 10:21 AM ET LONDON (AFP) - Police in London on Tuesday launched an investigation after a suspected petrol bomb attack on the Iranian embassy, a spokesman No one was injured in the incident, which took place on Monday evening in the upmarket Knightsbridge neighbourhood, a Metropolitan Police spokesman told AFP. "The front door suffered minor damage after it was ignited. The London Fire Brigade attended but the fire was already out," he said, adding that the Iranian embassy called emergency services at 8:43 pm. "There were no injuries and we are investigating the incident as arson .. One line of inquiry will be that it was a petrol bomb but the investigation will seek to ascertain exactly how it caught fire." No arrests had been made so far, he added. The London Fire Brigade confirmed they attended the scene with three fire engines. The Iranian embassy was unavailable for comment. ---------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------