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by JDO National Director Mordechai Levy

After September 11, the horrible attempted massacre of Jewish children in Los Angeles, and shootings of Jews in Chicago, there has been debate about the need to "get security" for synagogues and Jewish institutions. One recent author in the Forward even titled his well written piece "If Jews were armed" and advocated Jews being armed with guns as a deterent.

But even the best of the writers have missed "historical precedent" which a knowledgeable Jewish Militant will always be sure to cite. The actions of Jewish resisting forcefuly against their oppressors is many, but the story of one brave Jewish Militant leader founder of the Jewish Self-Defense Organization Zev Jabotinsky needs to be told, and retold, so that no Jewish group and no Jews will make the mistakes of the past happen again.

The year was 1905, and Jabotinsky had been speaking all across Russia trying to organize self-defense units like the one that had been put together in Odessa. It was launched after the Kishinev Pogrom. Jabotinsky spent day and night trying to arm Russian Jews just in case of a repeat of the horrible pogrom were to occur. His men actually saved Jews in a number of places, but many of the Jewish Establishment rejected his call for armed self-defense. Never was any Zionist leader condemned as loudly as he was, but never did the Jewish youth, teens, and college age students embrace a cause as the first modern day Jewish self-defense force. Jabotinsky after his men protected Jews became a household name, and many other Jewish groups imitated what his outfit had so bravely done.

Following this Jaobtinsky spread his message of armed self-defense for Jews around the world. His slogan "Jewish Youth Learn to Shoot!" was even the title of an article he wrote in the Yiddish press in the late 1920's a few short years before the coming storms of the Nazis. Jabotinsky set up special training camps all across Europe to teach young Jews to shoot.

As the Nazis were rising to power, reform Rabbi Leo Baeck misleadingly told German Jews "the Nazis like dark coulds will pass." Baeck, and many other leaders of the German Jewish establishment, urged German Jews to ignore Jabotinsky and his warnings of doom and his call for Jews to arm with guns. A few years later most of those Jews who laughed the loudest at Jabotinsky's prophetic warnings would end up the chimney stacks of Auschwitz. Many looked back wishing they would have heeded Jabotinsky's warning and acquired as much proficency in firearms as many of those unfortuante Jews had in the Greek classics. In many speeches I have asked Jews "if German Jews would have had guns before the Holocaust how many more Jews would be alive today?"

The fact is neo-nazis today and yesterday's nazis are cowards that are very good at shooting Jewish children. Now, if they had to face highly disciplined well trained legally armed Jews don't you think that the pejorative "tables" and guns would have been turned? Who would they have been turned on? The neo-nazis who think think the entire Jewish community is an easy mark and every Jew a potential victim. We must learn from the mistakes of the past or we are doomed to repeat them. We must tell any Jewish Establishment leader that dares oppose this program that the blood of the children shot in the JCC is on their heads for not having security teams of trained Jews. We must also remind them that it was their predecessors 60 years ago that opposed Jabotinsky's plan to arm and train Jews before the Holocaust. We will repeat Jabotinsky's most famous quote on the right way to fight anti-semites until it's in their heads, and they act on it. "It's better to have a gun and not need it, than to need it and not have it!" This is what Jabotinsky taught then We can implement it now. It is the surest way to have safety in our synagogues, and in our homes. B'SD

In Defense of Self-Defense

by Mordechai Levy

J.D.O. National Director

At Camp Jabotinsky and during the JDO "School of Instructors" training where we spoke to the assembled Jewish youth there are many speeches and discussions about how we must fight the anti-semites and who are these various Jew-Haters outfits and how dangerous they really are. We discuss the need for Jews to train with guns (legally) and physically train to protect their fellow Jews. Many of the trainees have various stories all true of how they or their friends recently were attacked by violent anti-semites and they had to defend themselves. We tell them and take them to see the original place the training camp was of the first modern day Jewish self-defense camp run by Zev Vladmir Jabotinsky. It too was in the Catskills,and it too was condemned by crtain blind myopic Jewish Establishment leaders for daring to train Jews with guns to fight Hitler and the Nazis.Today the Jewish Establishment fell over themselves condemning Jewish self-defense camps !! Well, they may very well be calling for help from JDO just like during the Crown Hts Pogrom when they surely knew that calling 911 was worse than a joke. If history repeats itself then they (Heaven Forbid) will have a lot of explaining to do !!

The angry Jews who are attracted to JDO and training Camp Jabotinsky are Jews who have tasted the "lash of anti-semitic violence" or violent crime in their real world neighborhoods. They do not live in some suburb of a suburb like many Jewish Establishment leaders do or having 2 full time amred hired bodyguards like Dishonest Abe Foxman does for protecting his body, and not the next Jews. The Jewish youth in JDO and its Security Team or training camp never ask "why shoud Jews train with guns or karate, or other self-defense?, as they personally know quite well the dangers to their families from anti-semites and criminals. The Jewish Establishment types do not face those dangers personally and on a daily basis. If they did their arrogant smug attitude would change very quickly and some of them, not all,would probably would call JDO for help .

"In the 1920's and 30's it was Zev Vladmir Jabotinsky founder of the Jewish Self-Defense Organization who opened Jewish self-defense training camps in Europe and America. He gave speeches in Germany and Poland and all over telling young Jews your age to enroll in such camps and learn to use guns so as to protect their fellow Jews. The Jewish Establishhment condemned Jabotinksy nad his groups trianing camps and many Jews refused to attend his training camps. So instead soon after Jews would end up in other camps, camps with names like Camp Auschwitz, Camp Bergen Belsen, Camp Dachau, and Camp Babi Yar!" After the Jews were put in those murder camps we are sure they thought for those few hours that they lived as others before of us would say " Why O Why didn't we go to those training camps and get guns, and why O why didn't we listen to Jabotinsky and then we (with G-D's help) could have really stopped our families from ending up in this Holocaust." speech from JDO leaders to trainees at Camp Jabotisnky past summers