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Rose Maria de la Torre
January 20, 1992 Gavrielle Gemma

Hon. Alvin Schlesinger Justice of the Supreme Court Part 93 Criminal Courts Building 100 Centre Street New York N.Y. 10007

Re: People v. Nosair Ind. No. 14030/90

Dear Justice Schlesinger:

On January 9, 1992, 1 hand-delivered a letter to you in which I not only vehemently protested an alleged statement from you to Ms. Gilbert that I had been seen receiving a wad of cash from a Sudanese in the courtroom I understand that you repeated this remark to Mr. Warren.

In that communication, I asked for information as to the source of your remark but I have yet to hear from you in response thereto.

-Your remarks caused some tension in the defense ranks and certainly could cause IRS and other problems.

I feel that your failure to answer my letter is both uncivil and demeaning to me. I did not believe that you would treat me in this cavalier fashion and that I was entitled to an explanation as to the information on which you based what are totally untrue statements.

I would be grateful for a response to this letter so that I can bring the matter to a head without resorting to any other channels.

Respectfully yours,

William M. Kunstler

wmk/s cc. Mr. Warren Ms. Gilbert