With our jihad we will attain victory
And tear apart the tyranny and blasphemy
With a mighty will
And determination that knows no defeat.

And we will employ conscience and ideology,
And, with our blood, we will color the dawn.
And we will win victory for our nation,
With our strife we will change the course.

We will vanquish
The night of polytheism and idolatry will vanish
And we will wage it with determination and persistence.
We will throw off the tyranny of shackles and chains.


We challenge with our Koran.
Our men are in revolt, our men are in revolt
We will not regain our homeland,
Nor will our shame be erased except through blood and fire.
On and on and on it goes.
We defend our religion with blood, with blood.
Our Koran is in our hands.
We have ignited the conflict and we challenge our enemy.
She told me, "You're aiming at the woods.
I told her I am aiming in order to defend this religion.
Mother, oh mother, give me the bullets
Load the weapon, so I can shoot the disobedient.
I am going to strike just like a huntsman, his head, mother, does not --
Blaze up, oh soldiers of God.
And rise up like flames of fire, like flames of fire.
Do not blame the invading soldiers when they bombard the villages.
When they run towards death, fearless of the brutality of the tigers.
Just like the lions in the jungle, running through the fields and crevices.
I rose to please my God. I won't be humiliated by the disdainful.
I won't be afraid of death or care about my fate, I won't be afraid of death -- For their blood that was shed in order to please the monkeys and the pigs, in order to please the United States and the Jews. Here we are now, preparing ourselves and making our voices heard throughout the whole world, that we are coming and that we are saying with full force,
"Oh, land of the revelation.
Let us set out for victory, trampling on the chains and embarking on the impossible.
Let us eradicate the debauchees from this earth, with the force of raging mountains and great strife.
With the determination of a lion and the rumble of thunder, With a fire that can melt iron and with the light of the crescent, Come to me, come to me, oh, lions of redemption, For what these say and what those say is of no benefit anymore.
The knolls of Jerusalem have called their heroes, so where is Ali and where is Bilal?
With the determination of a lion and the rumble of thunder, With a fire that melts iron and the light of the crescent,
Didn't you hear, my brothers,
The nostalgia of the earth and the mourning of the sand?
And the wailing of the minarets in anguish, And the moaning of the gravel and the groaning of the hills?
BIN LADEN: The fruit of this training is Jihad for the sake of "there is no God but God." Your brothers in Palestine are impatiently waiting for you. They are waiting for you to disturb the United States and Israel, for the land of God is vast and their interests are spread out. Hence, make your best effort to strike them so that the word of God remains high. My promise? (UI) and my brothers --
With my Koran and my faith -
And with my brothers' glorification [of God]
Islamic! Islamic!
Our youth, let us aspire for glory!
And climb the peaks of mountains.
But the United States came to [UI] al-Ka'abah and Khubar. You immigrated to a land where the Nile flows.
Tell on my behalf, oh father, that I am seeking the face of God. If the infidels please human beings, my desire is to please God. If the infidels pleased human beings --
[UI] and I am appealing to you and calling you --
[UI] he could not even --
BIN LADEN: [UI] they destroyed, and in Najd, the youth rushed for Jihad, and in Aden they rushed, attacked and destroyed a battle ship that is feared by fear itself. It increases your fear when it is in anchor and when it sails. It crosses the sea with pride, arrogance and fake power as it seeks its destination with speed, under great and false delusion in the direction of a boat that is teased by the waves, disappearing at times and reappearing at others as the waves lightly push it around; however, it is light things that one might be fearful and cautious of. When the two groups came to meet, Muhammad's group (the Prophet's) --"