Siddig: [The operation] needs people who are well trained.
Salem: What is it?
Siddig: The second operation, the Jewish Defense Organization.
Salem: Where is it?
Siddig: In Upstate.
Salem: Does it have a lot of Jews?
Siddig: There, they go there always, the information is not yet available to me in the amount that I require. You see how, there are people who have information on the subject. The thing that I know, is that they go to the Jews there to receive training, there, on various weapons with live ammunition and everything. What else, they go there on weekends. We can possibly off them.
Salem: Yes, but that would be a battle.
Siddig: Yes of course.
Salem: Weapon to weapon.
Siddig: No it’s not necessary. Sting like a bee and ran away like a butterfly. And possibly hand held or we’ll see what we can, we’ll see. And if it is not possible that we attack the compound (UI) it is possible that we can “Treck Treck”.
Salem: Sniper?
Siddig: Yes, but not there, no. In Manhattan, their head Dov Hikind. This is the desire of Sheik El-Sayyid Dov Hikind.

Hampton-El tried to blame this planned attack on Emad Salem:

“He left us and Emad started talking a lot of foolishness, such as he wanted to kill people. First he said he did a lot of things and he killed people. He said the Jewish Defense League, the Jewish Defense Organization, Congressman Dov Hikind and Charles Schumer. He said he wanted to do something to these people, like kill them. Salem saw me after making prayer he was introduced to me, he said he wanted a weapon because he desires was to go ahead and harm people such as Charles Schumer, Dov Hikind, Jewish Defense League, Jewish Defense Organization, and he said in fact he had did things to people before.”

FBI informant EMAD SALEM was asked:

Q. Do you recall having a conversation with Siddig Ali Siddig where Siddig talked about moving the training camp upstate to the Catskills, up to the mountains, the Catskills?
A. I recall that he want to go up north to shoot - or to do something with the Jewish training camps there. But I don’t know moving the training camp there, I don’t recall.
Q. Moving the safe house up to the Catskills?
A. Yes, he want to make the safe house away of the city, yes, that’s true, ma’m.
Q. And he says: There are houses up there for rent, where there are hill and rivers and lakes and full of trees. Do you remember that?
A. Yes, ma’am.
Q. Isn’t it a fact that he says: There is nobody besides you. The third thing that we can bring dogs, dogs. You can put all your cameras and you can have fun yourself. Do you recall that?
A. Yes. Cameras to monitor the FBI if they coming to the house, and bring dogs to attack the FBI if they come to the house. Not to have fun by playing; have fun to build bombs.