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TO:ALL POINTS                    BY: PAUL GALLAGHER/ssu
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|                       MORNING BRIEFING                        |
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|                  Thursday, November 30, 2006                  |
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|               NORTH AMERICAN OPERATIONS BULLETIN              |
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|                     THURSDAY, NOV. 30, 2006                   |
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[Letter to ICLC]

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

                                        Windy Hill Farm
                                        18520 Round Top Lane
                                        Round Hill, VA 22141
                                        November 29, 2006

To All Whom It May Concern

Re: Suspension of Mr. Uwe Friesecke

Dear Citizen:

        A written communication uttered, in Germany, on behalf of
ICLC associate Uwe Friesecke, obliges me to notify both
associates and the relevant parts of the general public on the
suspension of Mr. Uwe Friesecke from all official decision-making
in the name of organizations associated wth the ICLC.  He shall
remain in that status until such time as investigations may
warrant placing him under a different classification.

        The notable moral issues which have prompted this timely
suspension of him from official positions of authority, are,
chiefly, the following.

         1.   Misconduct in Office

        Uwe Friesecke has been operating as what is termed
technically a "kingpin," a practice against which I have warned
him, urging him to desist from this practice, twice in the
presence of a business associate, Anno Hellenbroich.

        Under these conditions, no accounting report premised on the
misguided assumption that said Friesecke is not operating as a
"kingpin" has no presumptive competence, until after the role of
said Friesecke as a "kingpin" has been exhaustively investigated,
and appropriately discounted in detail.

        In positions of responsibility which he occupies, he has
abused that advantage to control, positively, or negatively,
elements of the flow of income and disbursements among several of
these entities as from above, in the manner generally known to
fit the description of a "kingpin." I have specifically warned
him that were such continued practices to culiminate in one or
more insolvencies among the relevant entities, a creditor of one
or more of these might wish to seek a remedy for the creditor's
threatened losses from among any or all of the entities and
assets with which said Friesecke is personally associated, and,
or beyond his role as a "kingpin" within the domain of the ICLC
as such.

        For example: Since said Friesecke has controlled both the
financing of Bueso campaigns, and the sources of funds for
meeting attributed debt-obligations of the Bueso, said
Friesecke's "kingpin" role implies that any failure to meet
timely repayment of such debts, is a result of discretionary
action of said Friesecke, in his not merely adopted, but
preempted role as a "kingpin" in fact.

        The nature of this specific situation in Germany itself, is
illuminated by said Friesecke's conduct as a "kingpin," with
respect to relevant operations in both Europe and the U.S.A., in
fact, during the interval 1989-1998. Notably, in the year 1997,
he intervened personally to sabotage my conducting an audit I was
legally obliged to conduct, concerning certain financial
transactions and reports in the U.S.A. He intervened in this
matter in a "kingpin" fashion, and in numerous other matters in
the U.S.A., sometimes in what was, frankly, a morally disgusting

         2.   The Related Political Issues:

        There are numerous instances in my knowledge of relevant
"kingpin" types of actions by said Friesecke.

        The financial aspects of said Friesecke's "kingpin"
activities, have been aggravated by his witting association with
known fascist elements, centered on the figure of one Fernando
Quijano, whose beliefs and practices are antipathetic for
everything which the ICLC and associated entities internationally
is committed morally and politically.

        A certain cowardly, former associate of the ICLC, this
Fernando Quijano, betrayed the ICLC's association, and into the
arms of known fascists, out of his own fear of the attacks on me
and my associates by certain corrupt but powerful interests; he
put himself at the mercy of fascist elements associated with the
Chilean dictator Pinochet, and related Synarchist elements,
including "death squad" coordinator and and Quijano confidante
Nestor Sanchez. Quijano boldly announced his moral degeneration
on this general account at a U.S. public conference in September
1990, and, repeatedly, thereafter.

        Said Friesecke, while functioning as a de facto "kingpin" in
operations conducted simultaneously in the U.S.A. and in Europe,
during 1990-1998, maintained an active alliance with said
Quijano. Even after said Friesecke's control over U.S. operations
were ended, by me, as soon as I was permitted, beginning
1999-2000, Friesecke organized a savage cover-up of this
information concerning his ties to Quijano, from the members of
the association in Europe.  At the same time, said Friesecke,
whose long-standing, unconcealed personal hatred of Helga
Zepp-LaRouche, has motivated vicious campaigns of lying
defamation and kindred personal actions against her, and against
me, within the European association, at the same time that he has
organized a campaign of lies in defense of his complicity with
said Quijano.

         3.   The Youth Movement

        All viable political associations are either based on what
are broadly classed as "movements of young-adult youth," or they
are merely private clubs, or sects.  It is outreach aimed at
future generations' advantage, which is the mark of the sane and
moral adult person and his or her organization within society.

        On that account, the reaction of the circles around said
Friesecke to the appearance of a viable youth movement, from
1999-2000 onward, has been functionally insane, and destructively
hostile.  Said Friesecke's claque is, by the intent expressed in
his design of it, a collection assembled from among history's
dead ends.  We might be reminded of the fictional "Struldbruggs,"
the intellectually and morally dead living creatures, from
Jonathan Swift's allegorical "Gulliver's Travels."

        The manifest hatred against young adult volunteers, by the
persons who associate themselves as devotees of a cult of the
said Friesecke, marks the relevant moral and mental illness.

         4.   Management Under Said Friesecke

        The lesser, but related and serious fault of said
Friesecke's role, has been his relevant incompetence in knowledge
and administration of business operations.

        The ICLC, and its daughter, the European Labor Committees,
have been committed by intention, from the outset of their
existence, to the present date, to the politics of ideas: ideas
first, and election-campaigns in furtherance of the campaign of
ideas, second.

        For example, in the matter of income and expenditures
associated with the distribution of literature, he has created an
artificial "corporate" separation of costs and income from
marketing of literature and costs and income from sales of
literature.  A similar incompetence is shown in the marketing
philosophy of the weekly German newspaper, where the silly
assumption reigns that sales of such literature, which depends
predominantly on political campaign activity, can be an
economically self-sufficient function. Witness, the stagnation of
marketing of Neue Solidaritaet over the relevant passage of time:
zero growth.

        That sort of evidence of incompetent management under said
"kingpin" Friesecke, runs on and on.

        In the main, the revenues gained by operations conducted by
associates of the ICLC have been chiefly financial support for
the promotion of these ideas.

        Under Friesecke's role, which he himself has identified as
his concept of his role as "the boss," he has acted more in the
likeness of a "mafioso" boss than that of a marketer of the kinds
of ideas associated with the ICLC.  In fact, as the lack of
growth of the German weekly newspaper publication attests, money
from subscribers and similar contributors as such, has supplanted
the broad political outreach which is characteristic of any
institution committed to propagation of ideas. The policies of
the agglomerated association of entities under his "kingpin"
style of management control "as from above," have tended to be
shaped more by who pleases, or is "fired," or simply dropped from
payroll, by "kingpin Uwe" than a virtually non-existent
deliberation respecting ideas of the type associated with the

        It is not business expediency which has dictated said
Friesecke's "kingpin"-style policy, but, rather, his own neurotic
compulsions.  Herein lies the core of the incompetence shown by
his management policies and practice over the recent twenty-six

         5.   Extenuating Considerations

        Said Friesecke has expressed a significant personality
problem, that known to me over a span of more than thirty years.
However, those of us with qualified experience in management
recognize that society, and, therefore, the ranks of business and
other organizations, contain a significant ration of people with
more or less comparable personality problems, even problems of
the sort encountered on "the dark side" of the said Friesecke's
personality.  Competent management is, thus, confronted with the
task of managing such problems, with due consideration for
interest of the enterprise, the community, and the afflicted

        I do not doubt that, but for this personal problem of said
Friesecke's, the disgusting things he has done to injure this
association might not have occurred.  That was the issue of
policy before me earlier; that is the issue of policy under which
I act now, as I have done here.

     Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
     International Caucus of Labor Committees (ICLC)

                     WARROOM ANNOUNCEMENT

Warroom announcment to all youth locals:

In conjunction with the Ops that should arrive before 10 PM
eastern and before 7 PM western time, all locals need to make a
separate call into the warroom every evening to deliver a count
of how many of the ORGANIZING THE RECOVERY bundles were gotten
out. This way, an accurate account will be assessed in the War
        Many Thanks,
        WAR ROOM

                    SLANDER IN UCSD TRITON

        The LYM war room received a slander in the mail today, thank
you LA, from the UCSD based paper, "The Triton."  The article
itself is of little note, since it was highly elementary in its
attacks. What is notable however, is that this is just another
article added to the growing list, at least three that we're
aware of, since the November elections.  Two appeared from our
deployments on to UC Irvine into fascist Yaron Brook's
proceedings, in the Orange County Weekly, and the New University
Online.  The Triton is listed and has been known to be part of
the Collegiate Network's list of university-controlled papers,
however, this is the first, again, as we know of, to be published
by UCSD.

                       BOSTON OPS, 11/28

        Morning Lit Bomb: 45 bundles to Harvard. Afternoon chorus on
campus, 2nd squad outside KSG. Evening chorus and distribution at
Park Street Appx. 60 bundles, 20 contacts, $10
        Today was the first day of Orientation week for the Freshman
Congress at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. Today was the
first phase of a pronounced escalation. For the first time in two
years, we organized right on the middle of campus. The level of
discussion and interaction with students changed a great deal and
our organizers had a lot of fun.
        The environment was tense throughout. We deployed in the
middle of a student government election battleground where
different groups had big signs and were standing around chanting
on 3 sides of us. Our presence was a huge challenge to them. We
sang throughout the 4 hour deployment and were constantly engaged
in good discussions with students. Their efforts to drown out bel
canto were weird and meek. One faction chanted "A British guy and
an 8-foot Jew: What can UC do for you?" Later on, a young man
desperately started singing "Mary had a Little lamb." Despite the
melee, we met many individuals who have known us for years
without overtly supporting us, others who have supported LaRouche
without having met us, and many, many more who were intrigued by
a group of youth raising hell about the financial collapse.
        At Harvard, Florian was approached by a freshman economics
student and asked, "What made you join this movement?" The
student said he had discovered that something was wrong with Adam
Smith and liberal economics in his reading. This opened up a
discussion on Friedrich List. The student's thinking was
challenged by our Kepler work and he left his info. A Nigerian
student gave $5 and may come to the Wednesday webcast showing.
Confronted with the insane war policy of Cheney, he accurately
perceived the way, historically, the British Empire has waged war
to create chaos. Meghan met a Lebanese tweener who visits the
LaRouchePub website every week and likes Lyn's ideas, but is
demoralized by what he perceives as a lack of support for the
        Tom O. met a guy whose father (also) loves Lyn. He even saw
LaRouche live the last time he was in Boston and agrees that Lyn
is pretty amazing, but he hasn't read anything since the summer.
But he was very inspired by our impact in the elections, vowed to
keep up with the webcasts, and left his contact info.
        Steve was having fun with such lunges as "Do you think you
changed history in the recent elections?" and "Do you think
economics is a science?" Strangely, nobody answered "Yes" to the
latter, although one said something lame about it being a social
science. This was a useful segue directly into LaRouche's method
of economic forecasting.
        Marcus was having success inspiring people. He told a young
poetry student at Harvard, "When you're dealing with economics,
you have to forget about money!" He harkened back to Leni's class
on Rembrandt and asked how one brings the invisible to life and
how poetry supersedes mathematics in science. The idea of
spirituality in science excited her and she left her contact.
        Delante was invited into a discussion with Kepler, but the
discussion didn't come alive until Delante attacked Newton. The
student said, "You can't take human universal principles and
weave them with economics, because if you read Richard Dawkins
you know that evey man is greedy." Delante stopped and said, "Ok,
this is the discussion we need to have, give me your number."
With digits safely in hand, Delante went into the first part of
Riemann's 1854 paper. What if you assumed that man was good as
your initial discussion? A good tight, tense discussion ensued
and will continue.
        Meghan met a fun European couple. The man works at Banco
Centendaire, a big oligarchical bank in Spain.  When briefed
about the financial collapse, he immediately observed, "Well,
it's obvious you don't go here!" He took literature. His German
girlfriend vainly protested that the Euro would survive a dollar
crash, but Meghan reinforced the point that the system is a
global one and she assented. Overall, the banker was shocked to
see students on campus discuss global economic reality.
        We got interesting feedback from people who liked the
singing. So we asked, "What do you think we're doing out here?"
Delante was astonished that one baby-boomer woman did not know
anything about LaRocuche ("Are you sure? Are you American?"). He
had fun explaining LaRouche's position and she got all excited.
"If he's for Rooselvelt, I'm with him!"
        The chorus sang for another two hours outside the train
station at Park Street: Marcus met an active military serviceman
who said that he'd spoken with a LYMer who denounced the military
and its groupthink methods. He said this rubbed him the wrong
way, but Marcus walked him through LaRouche's ideas, and he left
with a new perspective on the youth movement, demonstrating that
it is better to try and help someone than to belittle them for
their shortcomings.
        Steve ran into a banker who he'd seen previously on the
train. This guy was facscinated by the youth movement, considered
himself a Hamiltonian, had read List and wanted to know,  "What
is different about the LYM from the rest of generation? Is it
your upbringing, something in your development?" But Steve
reminded him how radically different all the people in the youth
movement are. "I love it! It doesn't seem like you bow down and
worship LaRouche. It's really about the ideas!" He split Steve's
and Maria's sides by ripping on the baby-boomer generation and
said he's been a Republican for a long-time and is thinking of
running for office soon. He and Steve arranged to sit down on
Thursday and discuss economics.
        After some good fights with science students, Delante
wandered into the science center and found course syllabi for
such introductory courses as 2nd year Physical Science. DB
wondered what approach they took to writing assignments and
proposed that we look more closely at the actual investigations
these students are doing to refute their axioms more effectively.
        We've already tapped into something potent and as the
escalation continues, with a conscious effort to raise the
necessary funds to hold a cadre school in mid-December and one
eye on Maestro Brianno's visit next week, Boston will hear plenty
more of the G-Chor (Guerilla Chorus Warfare). (ic)

                     BOSTON OPS,  11/29/06

        Today, Boston was deployed again into the heart of Harvard,
with plenty of holiday cheer.  The table site was decked out with
a small tree, under which bundles of pamphlets had bows on them
as, and people were actually deployed with these gifts.  The
table was adorned with COS filled stockings, and Christmas carols
(LYM style, of course) filled the air.  This actually created an
interesting dynamic where organizers found themselves in constant
discussion all day.
        On Monday's recon mission, Ed and Frank found what looked to
be a prime spot to house the proceedings this week.  To Ed's
surprise, when he returned today to reinvestigate, he found just
that.  And an staffer eager to help even told him when the closed
session would be letting out.  Quickly regrouping with the rest
of the Chorus, and returning to the building, the Freshman were
bombarded with "We Wish Bush Would Leave The White House" to
thunderous laughter from the new members of Congress.  The
singing completely took over the floor, not to mention the
building.  Outside Ed questioned someone leaving asking him what
the commotion was about and what they were singing inside.  The
guy replied, "I'm not too sure, but it's damn funny!"  Of course,
the LYM were ushered out, but it was merely a slap on the wrist.
No one was seriously upset by our presence.  They even informed
us of an event tomorrow that will be open to press, and we'll be
sure to attend.
        12 Bundles, 20 Contacts, 109 dollars

                SAN DIEGO DEPLOYMENT, 11/29/06

        Today was day one of a two day deployment to San Diego, with
a stop at UCSD.  Joe noticed that a lot of the people who were
coming up to the table have been met before on one of our
numerous deployments to the campus.  In fact, while Joe was
organizing a student, another woman came up to the table and
said, "I've been reading your stuff for years, and you guys are
right on.  No one else talks about this stuff!"  To this she
left a contribution, which prompted the girl Joe was organizing
in the first place to leave her contact and a contribution as
well.  A class had been set up in advance, with a new professor,
who teaches ESL.  This led to the group composite (about 4
students) of a international flair.  Frankie gave a presentation
which stirred up a lot of questions.  The teacher interjected his
opinions, not sided with us on everything.  Later, a student came
up and said that he agreed more with us than with the professor.
        7 Bundles + few old EIRS, 27 Contacts, 30 dollars, 1 EIW

                    LOS ANGELES,  11/29/06

        There were two other squads in LA today, one at Long Beach,
and the other at Pasadena City College.  At LB, Wes found some
results asking people if they were majoring in fast food.  Jeremy
launched right into the isotope economy, which led into some
deeper discussions.  This was found to be a good jumping off
point for the LYM's work on Kepler.
        8 Bundles, 15 Contacts, 20 dollars
        At PCC, Adrian met a political science teacher who was very
pessimistic. There was a discussion, but he didn't end up leaving
his info.  However, a couple of students were pulled into
tonight's class on the Isotope Economy, given by Brent.  The one
singularity that was mentioned was a student who mentioned that
he could see how terrorism was being employed to bring about a
rise of fascism in the U.S.  This was a singularity in the sense
that the rest of the campus had a higher than normal level of

                    SEATTLE OPS,  11/29/06

        Due to a freak snowstorm over the past four days in Seattle
(and they say that global warming is not a myth!) a small squad
lit bombed the UW dorms as a preemption to door-knocking that
will be taking place on Saturday.  There was also a table squad
on campus for a few hours.  A large phone squad was rounding up
contacts for tonight's meeting, in which Roger will go over Von
Hayek and Economic Liberalism.
        A lot of collated lit, 20 dollars.

                       D.C. Ops 11/29/06

        A squad was deployed to a Silver Spring metro, a popular
site with youth, military and institutional types.  Not much to
note other than some random individual dropping off some slanders
that he had printed up.  Uninteresting since it was a secondhand
report on WAPO slanders that appeared in 1988!  There was one
very interesting discussion with someone from the NOAA, reading
Lyn for years, who asked why LaRouche didn't write more about
global warming since that was the one preeminent issue that will
shape world events in the near and long term future.  Brian H.
organized him on how the economic situation is the one factor to
investigate.  This led into a dialogue where it was admitted that
although Al Gore's facts are right, he would not be the desired
poster boy to ever effect change in the environmentalist
movement.  We told him Larry H. would be the man to talk with and
he eagerly left his info, ready for the next fight.
        8 boxes of lit, 10 Contacts, 9 dollars.

                    MONTREAL OPS, 11/29/06

Canada Needs a New Bretton Woods!!

        If the Cheney-Bush administration were to be impeached, in
order to better situate the planet for a transformation of its
financial-monetary and physical economy, then what would be the
role of forces outside the United States in bringing about this
necessary change?  Ongoing in Montreal, the Canadian LYM have
oriented themselves to determine whether or not partakers of the
Liberal Leadership Convention shall partake in pushing the
American puppets through the impeachment processor.
        As a primary weapon, a LYM contingent have used a 4-pg
pamphlet, written by Rob, situating the need of impeachment
within the context of the developing war between the idea of
progress and the immorality of oligarchism. Each individual
receiving a copy has been asked: "What ought the role of Canada
to be through the coming generations? What was the vision of the
great nation builders of the 19th century? Will Canada become the
embodiment of the best ideas and principles of the human
experience?" To mobilize Canadians towards positively responding,
many interventions were affecting the shape of the Convention.
        Luc, before an audience listening to the former Prime
Minister, Paul Martin, on the education of aboriginal
populations, asked him, "Hey Paul.  If you want to help these
guys, we need to go for a new Bretton Woods Initiative.  The
economy is collapsing and you shouldn't help defend the reign of
the international synarchist bankers."
        While walking with Bob Rae, a chairman candidate, Luc asked,
"Are you going to have the guts to fight the synarchist bankers?
We need a new Bretton Woods.  The economy is collapsing."  Later,
Val cut into a discussion with Rae and his wife, as he had
ignored the questioning.
        TV and radio cameras covered Luc being pushed by a couple of
goons, saying to candidate Gerard Kennedy, "We need a new Bretton
Woods.Don't push me!"  Luc later briefed a reporter from the
state-owned political news channel on giving the youth a future
and gave her a pamphlet.   As Ken Dryden, another candidate,
spoke to the media, Luc intervened saying, "Sophistry!  You have
to stand and defend a principle to do real politics," giving a
pamphlet to his aid.   Pro-pot candidate Stephane Dion received
bluntly from Luc, "Your ecological economic plan won't work. You
need to learn about real physical economy."
        Finally, the favored candidate, Ignatieff, became a
distributor of the pamphlets when an unguarded table of
self-promotion folders had inserted into them about twenty
        Totally, as of late afternoon of Wednesday, 680 pamphlets
had been distributed.  "Good responses" were reported from the
Young Liberals and crossfire from Winnipeg was received as
western Canadians recognized the activities of LaRouche and
associates.  Questions have arisen on the subjects of a Canadian
National Bank, infrastructure requirements, and technology
demands.  At least four separatist candidates have been
confronted on their proposals to break the nation and affect
geo-political destruction.
        At the writing of this report, the several LYM members were
descending on the convention with literature and banner in hand,
aiming to discomfort the dishonorable DNC chair, Howard Dean;
Dean will give the keynote address before a live, national
television audience.
        If the LYMers continue directing the partakers attention to
the potential actions of their nation, then it would not be
surprising for the shape of discussion to change, from the
deadness of marijuana legalization and homosexuality, to the
following conclusion of the pamphlet being circulated: "We are
not a nation of petty gripers, our identities born of victimhood;
we are a proud people that tamed the forbidding wilds and
intemperate climes of a great continent.  Shall we become a
people to match this land?  The time is come for Canadians to
fulfill their universal heritage and do justice to the vision and
work of their forbears."  [Joe S. from the Warroom]

                     DETROIT OPS, 11/29/06

        Today we had a special deployment at Henry Ford CC, where
the upper ranks have applied tighter regulations to people who
are not students. We had a squad of 3 deployed with the
literature on a moving trolley, with a sign that can be attached
on a body or the trolley, and we made our selves very mobile. It
was pretty slow but 30 contacts were produced.
        A girl put her details down around the fight to come to
Washington to impeach the dick, Cheney.
        Organizers were provoking the college students with, "Is
Lynne Cheney running the country since the 3 Stooges: Rice,
Cheney and Bush are on war hunting expeditions?"
        This campus has a high density of Muslim students, and it
seems that people keep up more than the average person on the
political situation.
        We are having a meeting tomorrow night on campus. There has
been numerous students approaching the table to confirm that the
meeting is still on, which is great.
        Tonight two organizers again were invited to a college class
to give a class this time on natural law... more on that
tomorrow. 9 bundles, 30 contacts. [KAR]

                      OAKLAND OPS,  11/28

        In the midst of organizing on Berkeley campus, who should
arrive during lunch time but "World Can't Wait!" They even
brought along their living recreation of the "electrical torture"
photo from Abu Ghraib. Ricky and Ian entered into their "drive,"
and since we know the organizer of their event, they let us on
the mike for a minute. Instead of saying something drab and
pessimistic like everyone else, we congratulated our generation
for changing history, and said we have to use the opportunity of
the economic collapse to push for FDR type policies, not Hitler.
Then we held up the "Organizing a Recovery" pamphlet, and said,
"Lyndon LaRouche is organizing for an economic recovery, and
we're getting out hundreds of thousands of these pamphlets out
across the country, and everyone should read them!" After this,
one freshman came up to get some literature and a briefing
specifically because of that. When the WCW people left, their
organizer congratulated us on the event, and took the new lit.
        At the intersection, several people were giving $5 and $10
in response to our mobilization for double impeachment, and Lyn's
dialogue on how to reorganize a bankrupt economy. But with many
pessimistic types, impeachment is a real fight. A few herbivore
Democrats were saying impeachment would discredit the party, and
reacted in horrified disbelief to our revelations about Howard
Dean. People are really nervous and/or shocked on Dean's actions.
Overall we got out approximately 20-25 bundles throughout the
day. (IAN)
        Also of note, is the upcoming "Impeachment Day" events,
scheduled Dec. 10 by World Can't Wait, et al. There are to be
things scheduled for around the country (see Calendar).

                      HOUSTON OPS, 11/27

        We deployed a moving squad of five today, first to Texas
Southern University, and then across to University of Houston. At
the first campus, we lunged into discussion on asking whether
students would like the gift of double impeachment for Christmas,
and made sure that students were aware that the  elections just
past resulted in a Democratic Landslide because the youth were
mobilized, through focused campus organizing. Many discussions
took place in the brief 2 hrs we were there before rain chased us
off onto the University of Houston. There were students that
seemed excited about thinking, (which was something that would
not have been possible in the student  centre with the visiting
D.J. breaking down the cognitive abilities of students.
        At University of Houston we wasted no time in again
distributing the Goebbels, Truman-Era and July 20th Webcast
pamphlets to students, under shelter. We did not have a table or
signs, so we just had lit, and used very direct questions and
confronted students on the current political reality with lots of
questions to get them to stop. This really works! Glen, after
talking with Michael S. around the need for a more
confrontational organizing method, immediately launched into a
fruitful dialogue with a law student and a retail student, both
of which took lit, and one took extra to distribute.  The key was
to get them to reflect on their role in the current unfolding
reality that is occurring, to the point that they are
uncomfortable, and  will begin to think. Altogether about 25
contacts were made in the space of 3 hrs of organizing.
        We then headed back to he office to join three LYM who
deployed in the office, preparing to win a Democratic victory in
the special election in Congressional District 23, near San

              Tuesday Ops 11/28/06 (San Antonio)

        9 LYM arrived in San Antonio. We spent the afternoon scoping
out the   campuses for mass saturation/distribution and
organizing. Two big universities are Uni. Texas San Antonio, and
San Antonio Community College.  More to report soon. (GI)

                      OPERATION TALK SHOW

        Jeff and Michele Steinberg to blow Cheney's plans for war on
radio today. (Thursday)

        Michelle Steinberg
        West Florida's American AM
        8 AM edt
        Listen Live:

        Jeff Steinberg
        Jeff Rense Program
        Syndicated Nationally
        Listen live:


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Message #1. _______ Second 90 minutes of 11/16 Webcast
Message #2. _______ First 90 minutes of 11/16 Webcast (no music)

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        Therefore, until the income reaches the level required, we
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Dec. 5-9th  National League of Cities 2006 Congress of Cities &
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Dec. 5-8, National Conference of State Legislatures Fall Forum,
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Dec. 7-9    CSG/Border Legislative Conference-XIV Border
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12/9-12/10  2006 Human Rights and Impeachment day. Town Hall
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12/16-17  IMPEACHEMENT WEEK END, Door to door petitioning
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1/3-4  WALK FOR CHANGE. Impeachment rallies and events in
Washington, DC. See for specific

1/27-29. IMPEACH FOR PEACE. Impeachment rallies, events etc. in
Washington DC. See for specific

                     - NOVEMBER 29, 2006 -


        The LYM in Argentina will hold a re-broadcast of Lyn's Nov.
16 webcast in the National Congress building tonight. Bettiana
reports that they have been organizing in the Congress, speaking
to Congressmen and aides, for the past two days, in 2 teams of 2
or 3, and found that there is a real openness. Several people
said they had watched previous webcasts on their own. People who
said they had no time to talk, would then talk for half an hour
with them! One woman said she didn't have time, but that we
should speak with her husband, because he is REALLY interested in
Lyn, and reads everything she brings him. The LYM is pushing for
meetings with Congressmen, by telling people they want to meet,
but that their purpose in meeting is to put them in direct
contact with Democratic Party leader LaRouche.  [bettiana to ggs]


        Lyn's Nov. 16 webcast was shown for 40 minutes to the board
of directors of the Mendoza Chamber of Industry and Commerce.
Lyn's explanation for why the world financial system is in
bankruptcy, generated a tremendous debate among those attending,
which shows that they really don't understand the reality of the
world systemic crisis. However, receptivity to the LaRouche
solution was excellent. We sold seven copies of the book "So You
Wish to Learn Economics," and everyone who bought the book is
also ready to subscribe to REIR, as part of the process of
becoming educating.
        Some of the most important reactions were:
        * What this guy is doing in his country is very brave,
because he is taking the financial power head on.
        * LaRouche is right that only a youth movement on a global
scale can change history.
        * I don't understand how this guy has managed to survive in
taking on Cheney; he is really a brave man.

        A debate took place between the president of the Chamber
and the ejectuvie secretary and the participations, over the fact
that they were giving us their contact information and buying the
book, because the secretary said that all relations with us had
to be through the Chamber as an institution. At the time, I
wasn't aware of this debate as I was occupied talking with the
businessmen, but finally one of them ended the debate by saying
that those who were buying the books and leaving their business
cards were doing so out of purely personal interest.

        We also held a 40-minute meeting with a legislator from the
UCR party in the Mendoza Chamber of Deputies. He is a young
28-year-old congressman who is very receptive to the nuclear plan
for Argentina and Braizl, and to LaRouche's proposal for railroad
corridors as part of the World Land Bridge. He said that he
wanted to read LaRouche's words directly, and will be
subscribing. He bought the "SO You Wish..." book, and we left him
with a copy of the Resumen Ejecutivo on Dynamics and the Economy.
        The power of LaRouche's ideas continue to advance in the
world. [Miriam Redondo]



        30 members, including 26 contacts, filled a room at our Nov.
25 seminar with Helga Z.-L. and Bernd Schulz as the main
speakers. Many contacts came for the first time, and also some
contacts, like a long standing member and farmer, came to listen
to Helga after several years.
        Introduced by Renate L.-P., Helga began her presentation to
tell the people that the world is in very bad shape, but on the
other side, there is a lot of hope. She pointed that the Youth
Movement and her husband Lyndon LaRouche made the biggest
contribution to kick Bush and Cheney. Only if there is an
immediate mobilisation of the LaRouche proposal to get the double
impeachment, than there is the chance for the FDR policy.
        She warned and gave a lot of details, that the threat of an
Iran war is not over, they have changed the tactic, not the US,
but Israel will threaten Iran this time.
        To change this policy, she gave a historical example, that
in the American Revolution the best people were involved, and
that we have today the LaRouche Youth Movement and LaRouche, who
is fighting against the destruction. On the question how  to
develop the best people, Helga explained in an exciting way the
idea of natural law and showed with the work of Concordantia and
the principle of Filioque, how Nikolaus von Kues worked on to
solve the crises.
        There was a lively discussion about the LYM. People were
asking how many youth we have in the international organisation,
what they are doing, what impact they have etc. They were happy
when they heard what the youth has done to mobilize the young
voters against Bush and Cheney, but can't understand while Bush
and Cheney are still there. About the German situation our
contacts were attacking the politicians, because they don't
respect the dignity of man, as is written in the German
constitution. Then also question were asked about Russia and
Putin and if the war inside Iraq is a religious war.When Helga
invited the audience to become active, and organize with us, an
older contact said: "I am now 70 years old, but I organized for
the last election campaign and got 1,7% in my village. I am
organizing the people in my village, I go to them, I talk to the
people, you have to be in a personal contact with them, even if
they are saying: `oh, no this crazy man is coming again.' (the
audience were laughing), but that's the way you organize them."
he said.
        After lunch, Renate L-P gave a short introduction for Bernd
Schulz, about the Isotope economy. She started with Lyn's Design
for Legislation, quoting Lyn, that competent economic policy has
something to do with a moral principle. We have to overcome
globalization and the green ideology and have to go back to
science as the motor of economy. The only way to stop the
catastrophic destruction in the scientific, technical and
industrial area is the isotope economy, economy which finds new
raw materials on the basis of nuclear power.
        Bernd S. started his presentation to say that the universe
as such is entropic, but through technological progress it
becomes more and more not entropic. With many slides he explained
what an isotope is and the scientific development for nuclear
technologies since the 19th century, like he did in the Wiesbaden
chapter. He went from nuclear fission to THTR. The most
fascinating point was that there is the possibility to produce
endless new materials through the separation of isotopes. Bernd
stressed this would overthrow the usual school compendium. During
the discussion there were questions about the danger of nuclear
power and people were astonished what possibilities open up with
the new technology.
        The contacts were very much impressed, because they are not
used to listen to these kinds of presentation. Many took the new
pamphlet to organize with ist and bought material, so that we had
in total 190 euros.


        A two person Power/Tweener squad went to Frohnau today and
polarized the area with, for example, Bush polemics. In this
rich, Truman-show-type part of town they got about 50/50 support
for Bush/anti Bush and that policy. Simon also recognized that
much more people realize that it was a good thing that former
Chancellor Schroeder did not go full tilt with Bush as Merkel
probably would have done. They see what the policy behind the
German Bundeswehr deployments around the world is. They had some
freak outs on their signs: "Too harsh," "The lowest arguments
ever," and yatta, yatta and yatta. On the other hand they had
person after person throwing in fiver after fiver. As examples of
positive reactions it can be mentioned that one man, who was a
bit hesitant at first, chipped in 10 Euro after recognizing that
the duo at the table was from Scandinavia and had come here to
save Germany. When asked "that about the Germans?" he replied
that as a German you are not really supposed to support the idea
of giving Germany a future "We are not allowed too be Patriots,"
he exclaimed. He will probably show up at Turmstrasse soon. Simon
had a guy who was mostly concerned with cold fusion and lectured
the organizer for a while on the subject; he was not a scientist
but some guy working in a shop nearby. This man also left a
contribution and wanted to come to the Turmstrasse meetings that
the youth movement and Helga started for the Buchmann campaigned
and that are now continuing after the campaign to continue to
build a growing mass movement in the population, now.
        Kai-Uwe did a daring attempt to organize with Monika Hahn
yesterday and it went quite well. They did what the youth
movement has made a habit for some time now and deployed a lot of
people with extra pamphlets to organize people they know, coupled
with getting contributions. In the last two weeks our whole
office has taken big steps in the direction that Lyn laid out in
his last address to us in Berlin. We are campaigning much more
like during Daniels Campaign this summer and much less like
Trotsky-idiots' boomer style. Kai Uwe spotted a fat dude with
many extra chins and fatty lips and fat pretty much everywhere
else, so he figured that must be Nazi-banker Mr. Kornblum, and
yelled out his name. Kai discussed for a while with the asshole
and said "since you are a filthy rich banker, why don't you
contribute to the youth movement?" Kornblum did not do that and
said that "we are on different sides of this thing". That's
right! Kornblum is with Satan and Kai -Uwe with God and LaRouche.
The fat slop left in a hurry.
        The youth deploy this week to dominate the dinner table and
all other discussions between people in Pankow and Mitte. It is
going well. Yesterday we dominated the whole area around
Leopoldplatz, with 43 contacts made and 38 bundles out (200 a
piece) and today we set out to take over Antonplatz. This was a
bit more challenging. Buchmann could report on rainy weather and
zombies roaming around in the area so we redeployed to an area a
bit south where we got better response and had a roof over our
heads. We also had an intersection at the new spot. The
intersections we do that are focused on distribution are very
good, it happens that people drive up as if to a drive-through
and order pamphlets, and telling us how many they have gotten out
so far. Almost everyone who rolls down their windows takes
extras, 5, 10, 15 or more. Some people take a bundle, because
they have read previous pamphlets and want to get the word out.
Before leaving Antonplatz we did deploy some people with
pamphlets, reached out to some Taxi drivers, turned some local
shops into agents of LaRouche etc and managed to create quite a
stir in a local school with students in the age of 16-18 until
some quasi-fascist openly Green BüSo-hating teacher threw us out.
        We had another squad deployed to go to different shops in
the Pankow area; they had some trouble getting to the hearts of
the people, but did meet a fruit seller who hears us singing all
the time and was really curious to find out what this was all
about. He left contact and took pamphlets for his stand.
        At 3 pm we all meet up to create a big impact at Schönhauser
Allee, a place where we usually get some brainwashed
antipatriotic idiots who wrongly believe that the LYM and BüSo is
some kind of right wing cult. The general response was open,
apart from some snarling misinformed people saying "Sekte!" here
and there, and pamphlet's went like hotcakes as usual now a days,
especially when we sang in German. Pia had an interesting
encounter; a man walked up being very negative, especially
towards Helga's initiative to bring back sovereignty to Germany
through the reintroduction of the D-mark. She turned him around
completely by pointing out that his money are less worth now and
that it's because of the private banking control (dictatorship)
above the nation. He went "hmmm" and changed his line to "Its
good, but you can't do it". Pia countered that by saying "then we
go to hell" or something to that effect, and he went "hmmm" a
second time and wanted to read some more about BüSo and LaRouche.
        In the last 15 minutes or so before it was time to leave a
nasty fellow who refused to talk to us much, because "people"
told him "that you (BüSo) are so brainwashed that it is dangerous
to talk to you." He did walk up to people trying to discourage
people from taking the pamphlets or talk to organizers. The idiot
did receive a few insults fitting his behavior: "How do they
teach your impotent lefties to masturbate this much  it is
paradoxical," for example. He left when we started to ignore him
with the words "I will leave now so that people don't think I am
with BüSo." We should probably find better places to have rallies
in this area, its getting a bit silly to keep having these
timewasters around. We will try some other spots this week.
        Our phone team had some problems reaching the contacts.
Peter did reach a young woman from Leipzig who was very keen on
meeting us on our next trip to Saxony next week. We plan to send
a carload of revolutionaries there every other week or so. Since
we did not report on the trip we did last week, using our very
important Leipzig office and apartments as base, I will do it


        Four people went out to blitz the Free State of Saxony. We
met up with half a dozen close contacts that had very good
questions, want to come to Berlin, study Lyn more in depth and
work with us. One young woman we met on the trip before this one,
in Leipzig, was very impressed after watching the Webcast from
the Oct. 31 and came with us back to Berlin after a discussion in
the Leipzig office and barely wanted to leave Berlin today as she
"had" to do. In our three day blitz, with some help of another
couple of not so close contacts, we distributed 30+ bundles
(6000+ multifaceted, diverse Lyn speeches make a big effect in a
small state). The Leipzig LYM OP is quite successful and an
integral part of our work in Berlin. Over all we distribute so
much and are getting so much responses that there is really no
reason to be pessimistic, the people want a way out of this mess.
Thou shall not to sleep through the revolution so - "Pass the
pamphlets and praise the lord." [Andreas P]

                    ON THE ISOTOPE ECONOMY

Around 40 guests came Thursday night, Nov. 23, to attend
Jonathan's presentation on the isotope economy. Jonathan was
introduced by Frank, who underlined the actuality of the subject,
because right now we see a replay of the old Club of Rome
campaign for the scarcity of the resources, as expressed in the
appearance of Dennis Meadows one day before in the SPD faction
room of the Bundestag. And that is happening right in front of
the looming crash of the financial system, in order to prepare
people for a dramatic collapse of living standards. Frank
reiterated the history of our movement, which started right with
the attack on the genocidal policies of the Club of Rome in 1972
and put the challenge on the table of the young generation today,
because the rewarming of the COR is organized by the "Youth
movement of the COR", as they call themselves. So, in this
respect the old issues of the 1970s are back on the table under a
changed global situation, and the youth has to continue this
fight, but as Frank mentioned, the fight for the future can only
be won, if the past is not rejected.
        Then Jonathan started his presentation on the Isotope
economy with the polemical question "Why was the stone age one
day finished? ... Not because of the lack of stones!" In other
words, it is not scarcity as such, which is forcing humanity to
change the aggregate state of the economy, but rather the freedom
to think. He also made clear, that the development of China and
India today forces us to overcome the COR dogma of the
dematerialisation of the economy -- instead we need a rather
material- and energy-intensive economy.
        Then Jonathan went into the history of the discovery of
nuclear energy and the chemical elements. The main point to
understand here is the process of transformation of elements, as
it was discovered first by Marie Sklodowska-Curie in the case of
Radium, which at the end will be transformed into lead. This
natural process of transformation is the basis for the isotope
economy, where man himself is transforming elements, thereby
producing the isotopes of chemical elements, which have similar
chemical, but very different physical characteristics. Jonathan
used the term of an "artificial transformation" of atoms through
radioactive radiation. Then we will master the use of 3000
isotopes instead of only 92 elements, which would give human
economy a tremendous new degree of freedom. While today nuclear
reactors produce mainly electricity and as a side product also
isotopes, in the future it will be the other way round. With the
commercial use of fusion energy this process will be expanded
even more -- then Jonathan went through some of the applications
of isotopes in medicine, in working material, in the
transmutation of waste etc. Finally -- and that was most
important -- he stressed the real nature of man: man is, because
of his power of creative reason, capable to do the same, what the
universe as a whole is doing, namely to create new elements. In
this respect with the coming age of fusion the human economy is
becoming astrophysical.  This is a continuing process of
searching for thruth about the nature of man and the universe,
the exciting challenge today is, as Jonathan stressed, that
nuclear physics is theoretically far behind the practical
applications of the isotope economy -- so that one could say,
today's nuclear physics is in a similar state like astronomy
before Kepler. So, not only can we overcome the severe economic
crisis today in the world with the coming of the isotope economy,
but we also will start a new round in the search for truth.
        This last remark -- and that is a rather good signal for the
soul of the people -- set the stage for a surprisingly very high
level discussion, after people had listened attentively and
highly concentrated the whole 75 minute presentation.
        The first question was on "ultimate truth", which Jonathan
answered with Leibniz's concept of the different truths. Then
there were questions on the separation of natural and social
sciences. One person who said, he would agree with the content of
the presentation, nonetheless wanted to defend the 68er
generation, because he wanted to stress the social side of the
process... meaning, that the challenge in all of that is to avoid
a technocratic approach. Although he was mixing up several
things, the main point was clear and Jonathan of course used the
occasion to underline once again, that what we are talking about
is not a technocratic solution, but is aiming of setting free the
creative potential of every human being as the basis for a human
and just social order. Also the question of the common good and
the role of religion in this context was raised, which was
answered by Jonathan pointing to two issues: one is the concept
of "imago viva Dei" and the other the necessity of the
commonality between faith and reason, because as he laid out more
in detail, if there is arbitrariness as in the case of
liberalism, this leads at a certain point to fascism, which of
course provoked people to think more deeply.
        Daniel B. also made an intervention, pointing esp. to the
tradition of the American founding fathers and that they were
mostly young people, making a revolution by young people and
ending with the point: "If here tonight were not so many young
people, then for Jonathan to give his presentation would not have
made any sense!" Again, several people took the latest pamphlet
with Lyn's webcast from Oct.31 and we raised 60 Euro.


Last week we had a real breakthrough in the field with 10
subscriptions and many deployments with more than one hundred
euros, but also the total extreme with less than 10 euros, but
good contacts.
        In our field deployments after Nov. 16th, we experience a
certain self-mobilisation of people concerning Lyn's webcast. The
announcment of which (in connection with the victory in the
congressional election), we are displaying on a picket since some
        We had just installed our booktable in neuwied (near Bonn),
when the first person approaching the booktable at once blurted:
"Your German channel of the last webcast could have been
technically better. It was always and again interrupted. My son
was better off, as he could follow the original version."
        In Frankfurt  we were approached by a Yuppie-type bank
employee, telling us that he had seen the Video of Lyn's last
webcast, which he found "very interesting." He especially liked
the passage, where Lyn said: "of course I could do something
about the whole situation, if I were President. But that's your
problem." He mailed the webcast video to 20 friends. The main
reaction he got, was that: "LaRouche has been talking about the
crash since more than 20 years." (RLP)


On Friday, Monika and Frank H. were invited by a seniors'
political club to introduce the work of the BueSo and esp. speak
about the situation in the USA after the elections, and also
present was long standing senior BueSo member and candidate
Evelin-Gisela Halke. There were 10 people present, the leader of
it had attended Lyn's Oct.31 webcast in Berlin and had chosen
therefore this subject. Not all of them had been informed about
it beforehand, so that there was some quarrel "Why only talk
about the US? We have our problems here...." Nonetheless the
leading lady is rather intelligent and had very precise questions
on the US situation. She underlined, that she was impressed by
Lyn's rhetoric, but that is typically American, now I want to
know, how serious he is taking his own words.... then she wanted
to discuss the FDR issue, but she was quite open for it, she was
of course sceptical about the Democrats, but understood, that we
are in the middle of a process of change. There was a long debate
about the history of the US constitution and the treaty of
Westphalia etc. Finally there were two ladies from the Greenies,
so it erupted also a discussion about the question of
reindustrialisation and nuclear energy -- here Evelin-Gisela also
intervened, because she had worked in the research department of
the Hahn-Meitner-Institute for nuclear research. Overall the
leading lady bought the List book and will invite us again next
year for more in depth discussions.


                    *** END OF BRIEFING ***