The Kalamazoo Gazette published a repulsive full page ad on Sunday, July 23rd by an organization called "ADC of Greater Kalamazoo" on the back page of the first section. The text, in brief, labeled Israel's military action in Lebanon as nothing more than a laundry list of war crimes committed by a blood thirsty country with no respect for human life, basic decency, or a shred or morality.

This strikes me as odd, given that Israel was founded in the aftermath of the Holocaust, by Holocaust survivors. Israel's military is fierce, but they are not committing genocide of Muslims or Christians. Examples of genocide include the German Nazis and their collaborators throughout Europe, the Japanese Army in W.W.II, Pol Pot's Cambodia, Stalin's Soviet Union, Rwanda, and the Turkish slaughter of Armenians.

The Israeli military campaigns have been far more respectful of human life than those carried out by the United States and Great Britain in W.W.II. The US and English air forces had, as their primary strategy, the carpet bombing of all major cities in Germany and Japan. In Germany, we dropped so many incendiary bombs one night on Dresden that the entire city was engulfed in a firestorm and burned to the ground killing tens of thousands. In Japan we dropped a nuclear weapon on Hiroshima and Nagasaki killing hundreds of thousands to finish the war.

As Americans, we reconcile these barbaric tactics with our basic need to win the war and survive. Many have argued that as savage as our tactics were in W.W.II, they saved lives in the end by shortening the war.

Regarding Israel, they too are in a battle, perhaps to the death, for their survival. Indeed, it is the Palestinians, the Syrians, the Iranians, and, until recently, the Iraqis, the Egyptians, the Jordanians, and the Lebanese, who have, since the day Israel was founded, promised to wipe Israel off the map and drive the Jews into the sea. Wiping Israel off the map is a cornerstone of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran's very popular President.

With the right kind of ballistic missiles and a few nuclear warheads President Ahmadinejad may well make good on his promise to destroy Israel and kill all the Jews. But before Iran acts directly, they use proxy groups like the heavily armed Hezbollah in Lebanon. Hezbollah is the best trained, best equipped, and largest terrorist organization in the world. Hezbollah is a part of the Lebanese government, and, has free reign to operate militarily in Lebanon. Hezbollah in Lebanon is exactly the same as Al Qaeda was in Afghanistan prior to 9-11.

Hezbollah's large parades in Beirut typically consist of large battalions of masked men in military fatigues marching Nazi style holding up an AK-47 assault rifle in one hand and a bright yellow Hezbollah (not Lebanese) flag in the other hand. On the Hezbollah flag is some sort of logo over which is an AK-47 assault rifle. Hezbollah's mission is clear: kill all the Jews and destroy Israel. The Lebanese view is also clear: we don't want war with Israel but we have no control of Hezbollah.

Given that Israel has not committed genocide against any people, including the Palestinians, has not carpet bombed any Arab cities, has not used nuclear weapons, and has tried, as best as possible, to ensure their own survival without using the very same tactics of mass murder all countries fighting for the lives have used since time immemorial, I'd say Israel is still fighting and dying by a higher moral standard, and with a higher regard for human life.

At this moment Israel could vaporize every major city in every Arab country. But they have not and will not. If the situation were reversed, few doubt Israel would be annihilated. In summation, Israel is fighting for its life as humanely as possibly, and more humanely than most countries have fought for their survival in wars past. (the author prefers to remain anonymous, but wishes the message to get out)

Dear SIr ,

I would like to introduce myself to you, as I am mistakenly referred to on your web site. I am the father of John Schlismann, who ( John) a number of years ago while in high school, was unfortunately involved with Matt Hales group. I can't possibly go into the rational of why he would do such a thing, except however for the fact that he was an immature kid who had to grow up, and you should know that I have always vehemently opposed his views. I am not, and never have been a racist by any means. My son's behavior and involvement at that time was despicable - and against all that I ever stood for and taught him, and I had never been supportive of his views. I have always been a lover and supporter of all mankind, cultures, religions and races - some of by closest friends have been Jewish or black, and his views were more offensive to me than they could ever be for you or your compatriots. For your information, as soon as he turned 18 he was told he had to leave my house and take care of himself - as I would not allow that kind of thought and activity to be present in my home.

I am happy to report to you that John has disavowed those beliefs over 4 years ago, and he has not been involved in any racist organization. He has changed his views, he is doing well, and his life is moving in a positive direction. I, as well as the school physicologist, both thought that this was only a passing phase, and indeed it turned out to be just that.

I don't know how often you update your website, but I implore you to please make this correction soon, and remove my name, as I have NEVER been involved or supported racism or anti semantic behavior, and John's name as well due to the fact that it is no longer valid. I have no idea if you have children, but perhaps you can understand that as long as my son was a minor, I had no choice legally or morally, other than to see him through this heinous time and pray for for world peace and his salvation and deliverance from that sick and pernicious movement. If you require it, I can refer you to many people that can vouch for my character and my sincerity. I am a man of God, and a man of peace, and I embrace and uphold nothing less than the highest of moral standards.

I would appreciate your response to this matter. Seeing my name on your website as a racist is slanderous to me - it is character assassination against someone who is the antipathy of hate and racism. Someone obviously made a wrong assumption about me, and it needs to be rectified.

Thanks for your cooperation,


Paul C. Schlismann

I sent this to you on May 11th and asked that you respond and take the appropriate action to remove me from your web site as well as my son John who had long ago disavowed his beliefs. This is a very important issue for me and I hope that you will take this action at your earliest convenience.

"Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour". Exodus 20: 16

Looking forward from hearing from you.

Paul Schlismann


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The plans you have to take over are about to be exposed! Trust me! I sure as hell hope that Iran wipes you greedy fucking Kikes off the face of the planet! Stop coming to the US because you are hated here and your tactics are no secret! Most Americans know that Usary is alive and well and it won't be long until you cannot buy the Governement and use them and the media for your benefit!

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Guys, I'm all about Jewish self-defense and pride, but juxtaposing automatic weapons on religious symbols is something that ISLAMIC fundamentalists do. Maybe you might wanna change it so you don't seem so, well, militant.

Regards, -E.



We will answer your questions with as best an answer as there is. Of course you must have a truly open mind to understand it, and since you claim to be pro-Jewish defense we will.

1. The JDO symbol, a gun over a Jewish star is a very important message; of we must be willing to defend Jews by any means necessary. It means of course protests, rallies, and a physical show of naked force against those trying to put the Jews in the cemetery. So, what JDO's symbol is a "defense of the last resort"? Now, because (and do not deny the fact) so many Jews are misled by the lies of pacifism, gun control, "it can't happen here" as well as we can just call 911 instead of actively preparing to defend our synagogues and ourselves, JDO has a 3-fold task. The first to tell Jews of the danger and why they must protect themselves. Two is to actually train the many Jews we convince; three is to deploy such people into JDO Security Team to actually patrol Jewish places from Jew-Haters attacks. Now, understanding how the JDO symbol counteracts the message of weakness and meekness put out by Jewish Establishment groups, Rabbis, etc That symbol sends 2 messages, one to the Jew-fight back, the other to the neo-nazi or other assorted Jew-Haters, do not mess with us or else.

As part of Jewish History we will teach you about the Hon Zev Jabotinsky founder of the Jewish Self-Defense Organization. His group just to change the thinking of the Jews into backing creating future Jewish Army (this was 1920-48) as well as defense units in the Galut (countries of Exile outside of Israel) to protect Jews in Europe wore uniforms. This was very controversial. The Irgun, led by a Jabotinsky follower named Menachem Begin had a militant symbol a rifle in a hand across a map of Israel. The Hagana symbol was a wall and a sword in the background. The Israeli Army symbol of today? A Jewish star with a weapon over it, namely a sword.

Now, you would NEVER condemn the Israeli Army for having such a symbol would you? You have to ask yourself, the difference between violence of the defender and violence of the defender. A number of foolish Jews including the top heads of the Reform movement have just declared any advocacy of Jews (or anyone else) having guns to protect themselves is " idolatry”. Now, they of course are not yet in a Crown Heights Pogrom like JDO was helping protect Jews, so of course Rabbi Yoffie (of the Reform movement) can babble about no one should ever have a gun.

Jews must learn from the lessons of Jewish History or history will crush us. A large number of people who formerly were opposed to having (even legal) guns in the hands of Jews. After they attended a JDO speech, at which a DVD of Farrakhan openly threatening riots and trying to murder Jews and other attacks on Jews from neo-nazis, and JDO breaking up Neo-Nazi " Death to the Jews Marches!" a large number of Jews signed up for training, and to be part of the JDO Security Team and help protect their fellow Jews.

Two, last things, if you want to read more about Jabotinsky and his highly controversial group look it up on JDO website. Second you can order the JDO DVD from JDO WEBSITE.

The threat of Anti-Semitism is still very big. The views of the Nation of Islam and the New Black Panther Party is not all that different from David Duke, The Ku Klux Klan, Hezbollah, and other hateful, terrorist groups. Both groups and their followers are very Anti-Semitic. The JDO has received some controversy. I don't support violence, extremism or anything like that. It's unfortunate there is so much hate out there. There are a lot of unholy political alliances. The extreme racist right wing and the radical left wing both have a hatred of Israel and Jews. Certain Black and Arab Extremists still peddle "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" which was known to be a forgery and propaganda when it was written about 100 years ago in Czarist Russia. White Supremacists like David Duke and their ilk still believe in a "Jewish World Conspiracy" and all this other nonsense. It's unfortunate that people forget history. It is a tragedy that there is a Holocaust Revisionist movement and even a Holocaust denial movement that has a big following. Any type of racial or religious supremacy is dangerous ideology. America is not a Christian nation. It is a diverse country with many religions, races, political beliefs, and values. There needs to be more understanding and tolerance. Sincerely, Steven E.F.


It’s so funny how you idiots try to act all bad-ass and tuff, “oh lets go beat up Nazis!” Seriously, have you ever seen a Nazi?? What the fuck. Your people are a whole race of pathetic little weasels just trying to put others down to elevate yourselves. No wonder every one hates you. And all the white power sites get shut down because they “promote violence.” And your site, the anti-white site, calls for the murder of white patriots. You hypocritical scum, No wonder Hitler gassed you fuckers. But alas, he did fail as a leader because scum like you are still alive. If I could, I would round you up again and ship you to the middle of no where in boxcars like cattle and gas you, cremate you and sprinkle your ashes over Jerusalem, and be like, “here your home now.” 14/88: Please Reply J MURRAY.




The Stewart case has resonance on a lot of levels. On the one hand, no defense lawyer wants to be in the prosecution's cross hairs for zealously defending a client, no matter how odious, and no defense lawyer wants confidential attorney-client conversations subject to Government bugs. On the other hand, Stewart wasn't simply advising Rahman, she was actively helping him in his terrorism enterprise, and specifically, sending out messages to his jihadi followers. Her statements to Rahman during the conversations covered by the FISA warrant and her statements to the press immediately after a visit to him prove that she knew and specifically intended that Rahman discussed dropping the Islamic Group’s cease-fire in Egypt and resuming their terrorist activities there. Interestingly, although Rahman expressed a wish to have the government relax communications restrictions imposed on him after his conviction, Stewart never, in hundreds of pages of transcripts, advised him that publicly renouncing his group's cease-fire might complicate these efforts. Anyone truly acting as a lawyer, not an accomplice, should have given this common-sense advice. Instead, Stewart recommended violence as a means to achieve Rahman’s goals: informed that a group in the Philippines had taken hostages to demand her client's release, she replied simply, “good for them.” The Government used this comment to undercut her testimony that she did not support violence against civilians.


I do not know who wrote this article but my opinion for what it is worth is, its about time we clean up our own problems before the non Jews do. This country and this world is on the verge of the worst things that have ever happened. If the holocaust was not a warning to us then what was it? I tell you and you can believe what you want, we were and still are chosen to do a job. We don't get to have the life of blessings without doing the mission. Covenant is a legal and binding agreement and with no one less than the Mighty One of Israel, the G-d of Creation, Heaven and Earth. Whatever name you want to put on the ONE, the Source, the HE/SHE of all.....and we made this deal, our ancestors who stood at that moment in time and took that oath....then when they came to the Land got cold feet. The Diaspora is over, its time to go home and live the Torah and put an end to corruption, especially among our own people. How can we continue to point fingers at the non Jews who do not understand what we do and we do not show them what this life is all about. The prophets declared and it is coming true in our own time and before our own eyes. How long must YHVH wait and mourn us til we grasp what and who we are? The enemy of LIFE is all around us because they do not understand what life is....WE are needed in Israel and we are to TEAR down the idols of mankind and show the world that OUR G-D is G-D. We have shown G-d to be impotent many times and we blame G-d. How can we blame G-d when we are not willing to live according to the agreement. Did the Almighty not promise to defend us and keep us safe and lacking NOTHING IF we kept the promise and the Land was part of the Promise, hence, Promised Land....We are not going to have a whole lot of time left to pull ourselves together. Jeremiah 16 declares that the fishers come first, then the hunters. We have seen this in Germany. This country is another Germany and has been hiding that for years. It should bring horror to American Jews the thought of what they are on the verge of experiencing. If we take our talent, our money, our strength and make haste to Eretz Yisrael then we have the promise of G-d's salvation. A child of Yisrael living outside the Land is more of a target than in the Land......May we have the strength to make the leap and not see the Giants this time.........DE


Now that the traitor, Lynn Stewart, Esq., has been convicted (what a joy to see those very words on the front page of the New York Post, Friday, February 11, 2005), the next step is to investigate the money train that comes directly from Iran to Syria and Saudi Arabia which then travels to people like Lynn Stewart and Ron Kuby, et al, plus the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Hezbollah. This money is disseminated in order to destroy the tenuous peace accord between Israel and the new Palestinian order. Millions of dollars have been sent to every major public relations firm in every major city in the United States to create hatred for Jews in particular. This was documented a few years ago in a small article that appeared in William F. Buckley's news journal "National Review." Every time we read about an anti-Semitic incident on a college campus, for example, Columbia University, Florida, you can be sure it was conceived in the think-tank rooms of these public relations firms. Always remember the money train provides the fuel for the this hatred. How much blood money has Stewart lined her own pockets as a reward for her activities? Shalom


Ron Kuby, Esq., and radio host on WABC- Talk Radio , Monday through Friday, frequently refers to Lynn Stewart as his colleague as if she had angel wings on her shoulders. I believe that he is sending out cryptic messages to his compatriots. He said once to Curtis Sliwa, his partner on-air, in a low tone, "Yes, I send money to Hamas and Hezballah." Although he is Jewish, Kuby always, and I mean always, mocks Jews, using a stereotypical "Yiddish" accent, which Sliwa (please do not trust him) laughs and they both have a good time. Please investigate further Kuby's activities with Hamas and Hezballah, because as I said, I think he foments hatred and uses the radio program to transmit messages. On September 11, 2001, just before the first plane hit the Trade Center, Kuby was railing against Israel and Prime Minister Sharon, calling him a "war criminal," and it seemed almost like a clarion call. I reported this to a local FBI office and the agent said, "we are aware of him." Please keep your eye on Ron Kuby and his possible contacts. Also, Air-America on WLIB radio in New York City, frequently ridicules Jews. Al Franken has a segment called "The oy-oy show." He speaks in an old-time Yiddish accent. I wrote to him complaining about this, explaining that it stereotypes Jews and feeds the anti-Semites. However, he continues. The afternoon host, Randi Rhodes, who is Jewish as well, proudly refuses to discuss anything about Israel, even when it is denigrated by a caller or a guest. Lately, she said that "old Jewish people/old Jewish ladies in Florida vote for Pat Buchanan." George Soros funds this station. Throughout the weekly broadcast, you can hear snide references to Israel, especially on the Majority Report, hosted by two women. I noticed the anti-Israel cracks are coming a bit more frequently, so perhaps you can give a listen. Particularly, why is George Soros, a proclaimed Jew, who supposedly, which I don't believe, survived the Holocaust, why would he tolerate his money being used in this sordid manner?

I hope this is food for thought to monitor the air waves a bit.



I have just read the article on Hatfill entitled "Who Will Take Away His License to Kill' on the Jewish Defense Org. page. I must say I found it rather sad and rather amusing at the same time. Whilst the author of the article did admit that the article was not particularly objective, I do have some of the following comments to make.

Firstly, I find the title 'nazi' offensive when talking about white South Africans. In the first place, the Afrikaner is not a 'pure' race or even pretending to be. The title 'Afrikaner' says what it means, an African. The Afrikaner is a descendant of Asian slaves (Indian, Indonesian, Arab, African) as well as of Huguenot refugees, Swiss soldiers, German soldiers, Dutch orphans and anyone else who happened to pass the Cape in the days of trade with the far East under the Dutch East India Company. He is descended from the most unfortunate of the unfortunate of all people.

I found the author had written with hate, prejudice and generalisations which he would protest against mightily if it were used in relation to Jews in the same way by someone else.

I found on a Jewish genealogy site in South Africa that there were some 118,000 or more Jews in South Africa at the time of Union. What does that mean? It meant that those awful nazi Afrikaners actually allowed Jews into their country. Since the Afrikaners at that time numbered less than a million, that was generous indeed to have souls planting themselves on them from different countries with a totally different exclusive religion, wasn't it?

Now why would they have done that? Did they have some compassion for those people? Did they feel fellow feeling for those people? Yes they did. Actually, the Afrikaner is very reasonable person and believe it or not, a committed Christian. Of course, I forget, the Jews, like the Arabs, do not think much of Christians or Shiksters unless they can use or exploit them. The Arabs are open and say the Christian is all right to be used as a slave. The Jew thinks of them exactly the same way but does not openly say so.

In addition, during the previous century, a large number of Jewish men settled in the town of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. They were some 2,000 men who were destitute from a pogram in Poland and so they emigrated to ZA on ships and asked to be let in. They were allowed to settle providing they married into the local 'white' population, the Afrikaner. These Jews assimilated completely and were even baptised as Christians. So a great deal of Jewish blood swills around the Afrikaner with all the other mixtures he has through his veins. The Jews were instrumental with some additions of Russian Jewish generals in fighting against the British during the Anglo-Boer war. They had been in the Russian army and were able to assist in the complexity of tactical manoevres. The Afrikaner did not have the mathematical education to fend off the British all by himself. It was during the Anglo-Boer war that many Afrikaner women and children died in British concentration camps, being starved to death and in sufficiently unhygienic situations to die from disease. The Briton, Kitchener deliberately did that I think in order to do a bit of ethnic cleansing. So of course, the Afrikaner, when it came to prior and after World War 2, was very nice to Jews and allowed more of them to settle in South Africa because they knew what persecution was all about. The Afrikaner on the Jewish site is then referred to as 'nazis'. For goodness sake! Not even Australia would take Jews at that time as they thought the Jews would buy up everything.

By the way the Jews in Australia who have come since were welcomed but in recent times, people are not very fascinated with them because of massive money-laundering and bogus investment schemes which have creamed off millions from the Australian taxpayer. The Australian population does not feel so sympathetic now because they feel the Jew is the stereotypical thief he has always been portrayed to be in fiction and in plays. Some people have wondered now if the real nazis had a point. (I refer to the Nachum Goldberg and Max Green cases here.)

In fact, the Jew is perceived to be a bit of a 'nazi' himself with the way some Palestinians have been treated and with the proposed Apartheid or Palestinian state in a country which he, as a Jew, had vacated over a 1,000 years ago. If you leave, you leave and if you stay and want to stay, you fight to stay. Instead, they decided to penetrate all of Europe. South Africa in fact has been a lot nicer to the Jews than the Jews have ever been to South Africans.

When one reads such garbage that damns an entire group of people because of a certain Wouter Basson (who was descended from Asian slaves actually) who may have done all sorts of things, actually and by rumour, then one understands completely the meaning of the word 'prejudice'. What has happened in Southern Africa has been the ceding of whites their right to live in peace and not be murdered. The Boer or Afrikaner today is murdered one in four on his farms under black majority rule. They are forced to share schools with people who often have Aids and other diseases. They are forced to have an education with people have a totally different culture and often religion from their own. They do so with good grace and because they have no choice now. The Jew has not done half as much because his culture is so precious. Because of the Holocaust, no-one dares these days to insist that he assimilate in the same way as the South African is expected to.

The Jew is not so racially pure either. There Ethiopian Jews and Jews who have blonde European genes. They are also racially mixed up by their history of being slaves during history. The South African Jew who did not gap it to another country like Australia or America when black rule took over, ensure that they buy their Apartheid in South Africa by living in secluded neighbourhoods and by going to their own precious private schools where blacks are not allowed because they are not Jewish. That is Apartheid.

That is not to say that the Palestinian is not equally a precious bastard about his culture in Israel. Just imagine how nicely they would all get along if they integrated and intermarried? Just imagine Israel with no apartheid?

Now as far as Hatfill himself is concerned. I think he just went to Africa to ward off Communism. Once there, he was appreciated and regarded as a friend. He hung around for a long time. He may or may not have been a double agent. He may have developed bio- weapons. But... We cannot blame a man for the spread of anthrax in Zimbabwe just because he was there and may have known a Dr Symington. Jewish doctors were there too and would have known Dr Symington. In fact there were Jews in the Rhodesian army. Did a Jewish doctor spread anthrax in Matabeleland based on that possibility. Scream! That is racism!! Is it?

Actually, South Africans have assisted Israel (through the Afrikaner Nationalist Government) in the development of all sorts of defence for Israel. So for all you know, some bio-weapons might be in the hands of Israel itself as a last resort. It is believed that South Africa assisted Israel in the development of some nuclear defence systems. Certainly an explosion some time ago in the Indian ocean near the coast of South Africa was supposed to be a nuclear device for Israel. All under an Afrikaner government.

When I read an article like this one, all sympathy for the Israelis of this world evaporates. Hatfill is innocent until proven guilty of a crime. That is his right. Jews who have fought for the rights to be regarded as equal in the countries they have emigrated to should understand that. Right now, no-one has said he has killed anyone whilst in civilian life and no-one seems to know if he has actually killed anyone when he was allegedly a soldier. I reckon he has probably told a lot of fibs and that his main function at any time in Africa was a doctor and an American agent to see what the hell the South Africans were up to. He has been subjected now to a trial by media, of which Jewish defence Org, is a part.

In terms of killing, I think over the years the Israelis have done pretty well themselves in that regard in their own country. They have done all the fascist things they call 'nazi' in others.

I think that if the Jews as an ethnic group want the rest of the world to feel sympathetic towards their cause they should put a stop to the prejudice, lies and idiotic, unproven connections put about by people about particular groups such as the Afrikaner such as the author of this piece has done. Anyone can get some facts and put a colour to them. That is a distortion of the truth. A lie. Stop lying. I think South Africans would be heartily insulted by the lies in this article and since so many of them are in other countries now, do not call upon them any more as allies. Fairweather friends the Jews are aren't they? Particularly with an article like this one. I am disgusted. Your lot are as fanatical and as foul in your writing as any of the Islamic group web pages that I have seen that spout against the Jews.

Hatfill did not nothing to you that you can prove. Prove it first please. If you have adequate proof that is not innuendo or an assumption based on loose facts then give it to the FBI. Then allow Hatfill to go through due process of the law.



1. I believe that Arafats attempt all along has been to destroy Israel. If he has a chance, he would try.

2. Israel should not give up any land. Not even a tenth of an acre. It is completely clear that the definition of "ending occupation" means that Arafat wants to remove all Jews from Israel.

3. We should not cave in to his demands. 'Caving' as termed has only showed weakness and increases terrorism.

4. The "Peace Now" crowd does not understand pure evil. I don't think they understood it in Germany. I hope they learn before it is too late. Arafat is just another Hitler. He was given the chance to have his own state through Jordan and did not pursue it, he doesn't care about Palestinian people. A sudden war, with all borders surrounded? At that point with that much land lost, utter failure it could be disasterous - there could become an uprising in the government. If the government fell during such a weak point, it would be horrible. Some citizens militias would probably form as well on brink of destruction. It's obvious that Arafat is gaining ground through division.

I have thought many time about what would have happened if Al Gore had been president when 9/11 came - I shudder to think about it.

To whom it may concern

I came across your web-site a few days ago and I like what I see. You guys did some good work putting that site together. I'm glad to see at least someone is standing up to these nazi thugs. God help us if they ever took power again like they did in Germany many years ago.

I am disturbed by the rise in racism and anti-semitism in North America as of late. In fact in my own city, a new group called BC Whitepride has set up shop. One of these guys lives just blocks from me, it's kind of creepy. There web-site is Check for yourself what the sociopaths are all about. I was shocked. There no different from many other nazi organizations. However them being in my town makes it worse for me.

Keep up the good work, I'll talk to you later.


There is a club/group on Yahoo that harbors anti-Semitic feelings. The name of the club is "Celebrate European Culture" and is run by a openly racist "christian" teenage girl, a Kristy Winn. One of the regular posters on the Message board is a sick individual named Jason Baran, who identifies himself as a "true Catholic." He idolizes Nazi supporters such as Father Coughlin, Father Leo Feeney, Cardinal Hlond of WW2 Poland. Baran uses a Latin name as his on-line name on the club. Ms. Winn uses the name "hollywood_horror_movie_star" as her Yahoo nickname.

let me get this strait, your are training militant jews to attack just who ever happens to piss you people off? well no fucking wonder people fuck with you stupid cock suckers, your are a threat to the white race.i hope you and those worthless sand neggers kill eachother. you cock lovers can never stop what Hitler started in order to proteck us from your control tactics and propaganda spreading. it looks like Hitler took care of a few of you militant basterds. you can never stop us we out number you and we won't fall for your shit.

I am conducting research on the Jewish Tribal Review website at and the organization or individual(s) behind it. Do you have any information you can share in this regard? The domain was resistered to a Ron Kelley of Dansville, Michigan and correspondence has been signed as "JJ". The site refers to an organization called the Crosswinds Collective. Thanks. - Ray Franklin, The Hate Directory






Dear Sir:

I am writing about a suggestion that is not quite so confrontational as your usual modus operandi but is very much consistent with your goals. One of the major challenges that will face the Zionist movement is the immigration of Arabs to the United States. The tragedy of 9/11 provides a window of opportunity to create an unobtrusive anti-Arab immigration movement. It would be useful, for instance, if a coherent letter writing campaign were begun opposing Islamic Arab immigration to the United States on the grounds that Arab and Pakistani immigrants pose a safety threat to us. The writers of such letters should NOT be identifiable as Jews because that would characterize the movement as pro-Israel, which would needlessly use up chips. What I am suggesting is that maybe several thousand letters show up on George Bush's doorstep urging the ending of Islamic Arab and Pakistani immigration on the grounds that such immigration poses a safety threat to ordinary Americans. This is a valid concern in itself, and if you think about it has important strategic implications for the Israel lobby.

I am not a Nazi, but reading the ranting and ravings on your site really makes me see why Hitler hated the Jews so much. I'd like to run into 4 or 5 of your "trained" Jew-boys and crush them one night. The Jewish people will never rise out of the self imposed abyss of pity until they let go of the so called "holocaust". It has been proven that it would have been impossible to have exterminated 6 million people even with the camps running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the number of years they were allowed to. Regardless, to let such a thing define and color your whole people is childish. Grow up.

get your coward asses out of takes a big man to hunt down rock throwing children with automatic weapons.Palestinian is not fucking isreal you cunt jews.your dial-a-nazi page was a good idea, i've made my own dial-a-fucking-cunt-jew page.local cunt jew owned stores will be dealt with along with the local cunt jew population.its now a time for action and to quote a famous line"heads will roll,theirs or ours"

I really wished some of your members would visit this URL and post some correct information to these misguided people. Some of the propaganda they post is simply sickening. The moderator, (handle Infidel) of this board has posted such comments as I would believe the Nazis before I would believe a Jew, The following URL is a free BBS provided by and the operators and moderators of this board really go out of their way to trash Israel, make outrageous and false statements.

I am not Jewish, but I respect Israel for what they are going through and it sickens me that the U.S. is not backing it's best friend in the world. I would appreciate it if you would ask some of your members to visit this board and post some relevant, current and truthful information and help us all who fight this blame America, blame Israel mentality.

You will be amazed at how fast you will be banned when you do so. At least we can all flood him with email and hopefully he will shut this and the other boards he has down, Complain to, PLEASE HELP US! Here's the URL, please help us......... let's flood this guy with correct information and put this propoganda machine out of business Please, many of us love Israel and we are asking your support to help us expose and clean up the types of things that are posted at this BBS The URL is BBS

Apparently, the lives of the Palestinians and Arabs who have created 3/4's of the troubles in the world are more important to the European Union than the lives of Israeli's and Jews. So what else is new, they didn't care in W.W.II. Europe stuck their heads in the sand then and allow Hitler to prosper. I say never again. I will begin to call for a boycott of anything European by every Jew in the world. Scott Hozman

I'm not Jewish, but Christian, and I have to let you know that we true Christians may be the only friends you have (and visa-versa). Awesome web-sight! Keep up the fight & morale. I agree with what I've seen on your sight so far and know that the further we get into the future, the more we two peoples have to pull together. I'm not talking about 'nations.' Nations are blind to the truth of Jehovah. But we cannot afford to be blind or deceived by the Great Satan and his minions. Watch your backs. We'll watch ours. And probably soon we can watch each others. Muslims, Buddist, etc. (ie. all non-Chritian/Jewish religions) have NO claim to our world and we must defend ourselves against their evil with God's assistance until his inevitable return.

One thing I want to comment on... Our national leadership. Remember and/or inquire about the background of our 'great' leadership. Remember from whence he came and who stands at his side. Do Not put your faith in a man, but ONLY in Jehovah God, His son the Messiah, and the Holy Spirit. None other can save us. Not ourselves or a 'honey tongued' leader that is now putting unwarranted pressure on Israel's leadership to promote 'peace.' Look into the founding and history of the U.N., Illuminati, Tri-lateral Commission, 'The Establishment', etc. and beware you do not support a wolf in sheeps clothing. Remember that the anti-christ will have a silver tongue... and there will be many!

May God richly bless you and keep you.

Follow only his narrow path.

'A Patriot in Faith'

Jews, The war in Europe has been over. Get over it! Stop dwelling on the past and move on. Sure your Nasty people lost quite a few lives. So did my people. The Germans. The true SS is now retired, old people who can barely get around. Leave them alone. Two wrongs dont make a right. Do they? And who is to say that we even did wrong? Are you GOD? NO, far from that.

Why do you have to insult Nazis? There is nothing wrong with National Sozialistische. It's a workers union of that sort. SS is a different story. Dont insult the word Nazi. Now I get offended by that. I dont believe in mass murder, but I do believe in National Sozialistische though. Germany belonged to the Germans. Not JEWISH SCUM like yourself. These people you are claiming are NAZI, mostly are not even German. Get your GOD dam story straight!

I read some of you web site and seem to believe that you are vigilanties of some sort. Terrorists is what you are. JEWISH SCUM! My experience with Jews is that they are all LIARS, FAKES, and would sell there own Grandmothers graves. Do you believe that? You should, It's a FACT. EIN VOLK,EIN REICH,EIN FUHRER! HEIL TO THE FATHERLAND! YOU JEWISH SCUM!!!!!!!!!!!1

Editors Note: Like we're sorry you don't like our website. If you don't want to see it anymore we suggest you poke out your eyes. All The Best!

YORK, Pennsylvania -- Several dozen police officers in riot gear kept demonstrators at bay on Saturday as white supremacists gathered to bring their message of racial segregation to a city still feeling the lingering effects of deadly race riots more than 30 years ago.

Only a few white supremacists were on hand by midmorning, with more expected to arrive for a meeting aimed at recruiting new members and advocating an end to immigration. Witnesses reported a clash between the white supremacists and demonstrators, although police did not confirm it. Matthew Hale, the leader of the white supremacist group World Church of the Creator, has organized a meeting Saturday at which he planned to recruit new members and advocate for an end to immigration.

Representatives of Hale's organization and three other white supremacist groups -- the National Socialist Movement, the Aryan Nation and the National Alliance -- were expected to attend. Hale's scheduled speech has stoked fears of violence and anxiety over York's ability to withstand such a divisive message. Two Hale appearances in Illinois in 2000 ended in violence, with people arrested after each melee. Several anti-racist groups known for provoking fights with white supremacists were also expected in York on Saturday.

Cathy Ash, the director of the city's human relations commission, thought it was logical to try to talk Hale out of convening the meeting. She said she was shocked by the e-mail reply she received earlier this month. "I won't repeat the words he used about the difficulties in York and whose fault they were," Ash said. Hale, in a telephone interview Thursday from his home East Peoria, Illinois, where his group is based, elaborated on his response to Ash and his reasons for coming to York.

"I told her that people like her that wish to integrate the country are trying to destroy the country," he said. Since police began making arrests over the summer in York's 1969 race riots, former Mayor Charlie Robertson and eight other white men have been charged with murdering a black woman visiting from South Carolina. Also, two black men are charged with murdering a white York policeman. Hale said he specifically picked York for his appearance because of its high profile in race relations and because Pennsylvania has been a hotbed of racial division.

On Friday, the windows of various downtown businesses and offices in York, a racially mixed town of 41,000 in central Pennsylvania, displayed posters and banners promoting diversity. State, city and federal authorities were to provide security Saturday, including blocking off several streets around the library where Hale is making his speech. They also planned to frisk for weapons and escort Hale in and out of the building, police said. A library conference room was reserved in November by Michael Cook, director of the World Church's York-area chapter, who told the library that his "church" would be meeting there, officials said. It was only this month that library officials found out that this church was actually a white supremacist group.

Library officials researched the legality of canceling the event and decided that such an action would not hold up. That the event was allowed evoked a sense of betrayal from some York residents and a fear that race relations could suffer. "We thought it was just a joke at first," said black 12-year-old Na'Kwai DeShields, waiting in the rain for the library to open Friday. "And we thought people would try to keep them from coming."

Many residents grudgingly acknowledged Hale's right to express his views. But others were less accommodating. "(The library) made the easy choice, but the wrong choice," said the Rev. David McCullough of the predominantly white Asbury United Methodist church, near the library. "There's a time to say 'No."' Mark Potok, who tracks hate groups for the Southern Poverty Law Center, said such organizations have been cooperating with each other to a greater degree since September 11, often targeting places like York that are weathering racial strife.

McCullough said that, while the matter can't be ignored, he expected that the community would emerge stronger. "These events bring out the worst in people," he said. "But they also bring out the best in people."

- - - - -

02) Neonazis run out of York: Black bloc and the working class (black, white, puerto rican, jewsish, men, women, young and old) kick the nazis out of York Baltimore IndyMedia 12 Jan 02 Anti-racists showed up early morning in York, scouting locations and smashing all the white supremacist vehicles they could find with small scuffles with any white supremacists they could find. The black bloc marched around for awhile, found some hammerskins in a parking lot and scuffled before the police divided the two groups. Everyone went around the corner and there the Nazis were held for about 3 hours during Hale's speech (which people opposed to Hale form York took up much of the space so that nazis couldn't attend, rumored that it got so crowded the cops shut the meeting down and pushed everyone back to the street). People chanted and yelled, and a few people were arrested after some snowballs were thrown.

When the library emptied out, that's when we saw more National Alliance people like Bill Roper and Erica Hardwick. All this time the anti-racist side continues to swell as it is joined by the working class in all the diversity that is in York: black, white, puerto rican, jewsish, men, women, young and old. When the white supremacists tried to leave as the police protected their exit, local kids led folks through an alley (York is a maze of alleys, they are everywhere), to confront the nazis. The nazis got beat on for awhile before the cops were able to come to their defense. They push everyone back (the bloc is now dissolved throughout the community), and police attacks and arbitrary arrests of black bloc and York locals continues to piss off the crowd and build solidarity. A black blocker had her arm broken (or atleast severly injured) in this confrontation, but the anti-racists dished out more damage than they took.

At this point everyone is in the parking lot where the Hammerskins originally carpooled, and the police had abandonded it to protect the nazis. Many of the vehicles are adorned with confederate and other white power stickers in their windows, those windows don't last much longer as the black bloc begins to demolish them. The cops make several charges to clear the lot to allow nazis to get to their vandalized trucks. Again the cops continue arbitrary arrests even harassing the medics, which really turns the crowd against them. Most of the easy exits from the parking lot are blocked by clumps of protestors. Repeated efforts by the cops to clear a path through the crowd fail. Eventually, the police have the nazis trying to escape down an alley. Local crews lead the black bloc the way through alleys to catch the nazis at the other end. At one of these alleyways one of the nazis trys to run down the crowd with his white pickup truck hitting atleast one person (black bloc, sprained shoulder by He's doing well :), possibly others, including a young local girl which again really pisses of the locals. The nazi flees back down the alley toward the parking lot, where the cops sieze his truck.

Now whatever nazis could escape, try to going along different routes and protesters attack them everywhere they find them, alley to alley, street to street. Lots of busted windows and bloody nazi faces. In one confrontation with another white pickup truck with white supremacist stickers, busted out windows and packed with nazis... after being attacked by a crowd, on of the nazis waves a gun and the crowd backs down. Elsewhere nazis are harrassed and chased out of the city. Literally, they were run out of town. There were 25 arrests, mostly for disorderly conduct who were all released by the evening. Two people had bails set at $500, which were paid, and another has a bail of $25,000 and been charged with "assaulting a police horse".

The best part of it all is that they were run out of town by multi-racial working class crews spontaneously organized (though using the organized anarchist/anti-racist action presence as a seed to grow) kicked the nazis out of town.

- - - - - 03) York Event A "Fantastic Success," Hale Says Rahowaskins 13 Jan 02

Reverend Matt Hale, leader of the White racist and anti-Semitic World Church of the Creator who spoke in York, Pennsylvania yesterday to seventy supporters inside Martin Library and with hundreds of supporters outside, today announced that the event was a "fantastic success" and that he will be coming back to York "very, very soon". Below is the complete statement from Reverend Hale: Our meeting yesterday in York was one of our most successful to date. We both had a full house as well as hundreds of Brothers and Sisters outside who stood tall for the Cause and fought with their fists and whatever other means necessary to fend off the maniacal anti-racist and black savage mobs that formed. The anti-racists paid dearly for their attacks upon our great comrades who demonstrated the courage and virility of their ancestors and I am thus most proud. Hail to all of these comrades!

We have forever stripped away the lie of the controlled mass media that we are a "fringe" group or that we lack public support. Hardly! We are instead the rising star of social activists who are determined to liberate our land from those who have sought to pillage and debase it. We are the rising star of true Americans who no longer want America to simply be a vassal state of other lands or a place where anything on two legs can come to and steal what is rightfully ours. We are on the ascendancy and the "anti-racist" camp is becoming more and more bankrupt in the eyes of the public as well as their own supporters. The violence the anti-racists perpetrated against us yesterday, as well as completely innocent bystanders, has severely hurt the anti-racist cause. As a consequence, their numbers will only decrease and ours will only increase. Already yesterday, our total forces exceeded those of the anti- racists and one day, before long, our numbers will dwarf theirs.

I wish to specifically at this time extend my continued comradeship to all of my White Brothers and Sisters who stood together yesterday who regardless of whatever flag they fly or whatever organization, if any, they belong to, stood rank and rank together for the truest uniform there is: their White skin. Further, tomorrow I will be announcing my return trip to Pennsylvania for an event that will absolutely captivate people everywhere and will practically spin the earth off of its axis! For now, know that I am coming back to Pennsylvania next month to reap further gains for our great Cause begun yesterday! I will be coming back to York very, very soon.

For further information, contact Reverend Hale at (309) 694-4444. - - - - - 04) Meeting at York, Pa. Martin Library August B. Kreis III (Aryan Nations) 12 Jan 02

I am outraged at the way that security was handled by the York police authorities for the meeting called by Matt Hale Jan 12th at the Martin Library. I and fellow Aryan Nations members were in attendance at this meeting. What was York's plan, protect the library at all cost? What happened to the security of the people attending? Because we were WHITE, there was none! We stopped at the police department the evening before the meeting and requested to speak to the person in charge of security for the following day. After waiting 40 minutes or so and speaking to someone to notify the "authorities" we were willing to fully cooperate with their security plan we realized that these people had no idea of what they were doing, or did they? Now I read that a young man was attacked in his car, AS WERE WE (vehicle damaged and windows smashed out), frightened because his windows were smashed and he had been pepper sprayed by the MOB who were preparing to drag him from his pickup truck. In turn he hit the gas pedal and ran over a few of them.

You can be assured that if I were driving I would have left bloodied bodies all over the place! WE WILL ATTEND ANY SHAM TRIAL YORK HAS IN THIS YOUNG MAN'S BEHALF! We too found ourselves cornered and being surrounded by a mob of communist muds and came very close to using our vehicle as a battering ram to get through a police squad car barricade used to close off the street. This entire situation could have been handled MUCH differently IF York was concerned for the safety of the White public. It became very apparent that the police were were instructed to control the law abiding instead of the roving bans of savage negro beasts and their ilk. We endured forced disarming, being provoked while anyone defending themselves would be arrested. We will not tolerate this, we will defend ourselves. We did not plan this meeting nor the security of it. For future events we shall plan our own security. The police did not arrest rioters, or those violators concealing their identity, or derelicts openly wielding weapons, none of them were arrested. However they forced us to break up outside of the barricades and go our own way through the mobs to reach our vehicles, we suffered no causalities. Being white is mind as well as race, only one cop escorted several individuals to their vehicles while the rest would not. Any white, whether police officer or not, that either overtly or covertly causes us harm or intends to cause us harm is also an enemy of the White Race. They should be dealt with as one deals with a SAVAGE NEGRO BEAST or any enemy of the White Race.

I believe that all the Pro-White organizations that attended this meeting will have to call future meetings at York's Martin Library until the city gets it right! This is a suggestion I am making to all that attended this fiasco! We can NOT allow ANYTHING like this to ever transpire again without leaving DEAD bodies of the enemy scattered EVERYWHERE! I left York a changed man no longer caring for ANYTHING non-white, they are nothing but SCUM! If our race does not wake up and fight back as a whole there will be no future for the White Race in this country or anywhere!

* * * * *

Pastor August B. Kreis III is the Aryan Nations Minister of Information & Propaganda. - - - 05) Rioting In York After Rallies Clash: ARA, Anarchists Decimated By Cops, Skinheads Lose Dozens Of People Bill White (Libertarian Socialist [sic!]) 12 Jan 02 [Within the anarchist and left-libertarian movements, White is widely regarded as one of the more dishonest forces attracted to the fascist movement. WHite's story is featured on the Aryan Nations web site. -- tallpaul]

York, PA-- I just got back from York, and here's the bottom line: Between one quarter and one half of the anarchist black block forces who attempted to challenge the National Alliance, World Church of the Creator and Hammerskins were either arrested, beaten, shot at, or run over by a truck after launching several failed attacks on the white supremacist group. Less than a dozen Nazis were injured or arrested. Approxaimtely 250 combined white supremacists, approximately 100 anti-racist anarchists, and approximately 300 mostly black York residents were involved in the incidents. Those of you who have never seen a truck hit a wall of people at forty or fifty miles an hour could've seen it in York today, because one Hammerskin, after being surrounded by an angry mob who was breaking his windows and trying to pull him for his pickup panicked, hit the accelerator, and wiped ARA out. Literally dozens of ARA people were injured most of them were either arrested or limped away refusing medical treatment. The driver was arrested and may be charged with aggravated assault with a vehicle if he is, I will testify in his defense.

According to police, National Alliance/Hammerskin/WCOTC members used firearms to defend themselves against ARA on at least three occassions. Shots were reportedly fired in at least one instance. In two of the incidents people were arrested and then released, as the weapons were legally and used legally in self-defense. Police stated 25 ARA activists were arrested. 1 who run over by the truck was hospitalized with serious injuries. I would estimate about 1/3 of those who got away were injured, about 1/3 roamed the town nearly successfully starting a race riot, and about 1/3 left. Now, let me give you the whole story in chrnological order.

I woke up at 6:00 AM this morning. I was supposed to be accompanied by two LSN reporters, neither of whom called me the morning, one of whom left me a message last night at 11:00 PM. Note to this person: You cannot pull out of something like this 7 hours beforehand when other people are counting on you. I am dissappointed. I arrived in York about 8:45. I got to the library area just after 9:00. The police there were clueless. I kept asking about media and public access tot he event, and they told me none of their commanders would be there until 10:00. About 9:50 the violence started. The anarchist black block ws romaing the streets assaulting people they thought looked "too white". Really, they were a racist anti-white mob consisting almost entirely of white kids and Jews. According to the police briefing and other journalists I spoke to, they assaulted several civilian white people not involved in the demonstrations and at least one journalist. The first incident of violence I witnessed was when they attacked a truck with two NA organizers and broke out its windows.

After some confusion I got a press pass. Daryle Jenkins, who created a phony press pass with the name of a newspaper in Ohio that doesn't exist, got in no problem. I had an argument over my credentials. Eventually I got in. Daryle spent quite a bit of time behind the lines phoning people in the protest telling them what the police were planning to do with Hale and others. I talked to the other reporters and discoverd that Jenkins had called all the local newspapers beforehand and told them I was a racist neo-Nazi organizer of the event. At least one reporter told me he had "seemed weird" on the phone, and I think there were only about two reporters who bought it one who asked me if I was an organizer of the event, which I wasn't, and another who kept giving me weird looks.

The first interesting thing of the day came when about 150 members of the Hammerskin Nation, with about a dozen Aryan Nations organizers in the lead, turned a corner and came marching around waving giant swastika flags. About 50 more joined them a few moments later. The media pool area was awful we couldn't see anything but we had seen the Black Block running to and then from that area moments before. The police had to deploy all their on site troopers and all their reserve squadrons to keep the two groups apart. Then the National Alliance came up with about 50 more peple from another direction making it about 250 right wing people in all. The black block had about 100 people in it, and it appeared that a lot of the other socialist groups simply didn't come. I heard the JDL sent out two people. It was peaceful and quiet and boring for about an hour, so I decided to turn my media badge in, walk around, and start talking to people. I walked over to where the NA was and was surprised to see Billy Roper standing there, on the phone with Matt Hale, wondering why he can't get in to speak.

It turns out that the police, who has set up a secret meeting place with Roper and the NA and promised them a secure entrance to the area, had abandoned them at the last minute and forced them to find their own way there. This may have been miscommunication, because none of the law enforcement agencies there seemed to know what the others were doing. In the morning, for instance, an infantry unit in camofaluage carrying H&K MP3s, shotguns and sniper rifles, had deployed in two of the buildings. At the end of the day, the police officials had difficulty telling me who the guys were and whether they had actually been carrying submachineguns and shotguns. So anyways I say to Roper "you know there's a hundred and fifty people around the corner from the Hammerskins and Aryan Nations." And he goes "No I didn't know they were here." So he then orders his people to march around the corner to where the Hammerskins / Aryan Nations are. This of course was the act that led to almost all of the arrests and violence. All of you can thank me for that I guess (though that certainly wasn't the intent.)

Roper and his crew march through this alley to the other demonstration. This immediately sets the anti-racists, who have by now been supplemented by about 300 members of that impoverished black residential area I mentioned, into a flurry, and they attempt to attack Roper. The police, being dumb, do not allow Roper's people to walk into the area they have already secured for the hammerskins. This means that the police now have to secure a front that is twice as long, and they have to secure a back alleyway. No surprise that that anti-racist crowd, seeing the police do not have enough officers on scene to do this, surges and begins throwing rocks, bricks and snowballs. Several black fellows also attack the NA from the alley behind, though the NA beats them off. At this point at least one ARA guy was arrested. I am told that a few had already been arrested earlier that morning, but this was the first arrest I was in a vantage point to see. Eventually the police realize that is they just let the NA walk over to and hang out with the Hammerskins, they can secure them, and they do so, and they secure them, and everything is quiet for another hour. Then the NA tries to leave and the violence starts. The two Hammerskins who skipped out early and got their truck were smart.

All of the Nazis are now instructed to leave through this alleyway. The police deploy two mounted officers and one foot officers to secure this against a mob of about 250 people who follow. Not surprisingly, the mob simply runs through the holes in the police defense and attacks the NA- WCOTC-HS with clubs. The skinheads respond by taking the clubs from the ARA starting to beat the shit out of them. I saw at least one ARA activist surrounded by skinheads wielding the pole of his own black and red flag getting the crap kicked out of him. Several of the skinheads get bloody noses or otherwise bloodied from the initial ambush attack, but they quickly seem to master the situation (though the fact that a police charge dispersed most of the non-trapped behind skinhead lines ARA activists may have played a role.) I am told several individuals were arrested at this point.

The Hammerskins then go to their cars. If they had read this news service, they would have known not to have parked in the parking lot behind the ARA rally. Not being LSN readers, they didn't know this, and as they start to pack up they notice that the ARA activists are breaking all of the windows out of one of their trucks. A fight then ensues between baton wielding Hammerskins, baton wielding police officers, and baton wielding anarchists. Two Hammerskins are detained at this point, but I saw at least one of them released. I think another may have been arrested. I will state for the record that none of the Hammerskins attacked the police, but several struck back in self-defense after the police struck them with batons. The anarchists mostly fleed at this point. Then comes a period of uneasy calm as about 70 Hammerskins and NA people (the rest dispersed through side streets) are surrounded in this parking lot by about 60 remaining ARA activists and about 300 mostly black local residents. Those of you who remember that scene from Zulu will know what I mean when I say I felt like singing "Men of Harlech on to glory ..." I almost did, but then I realized I would probably lose my neutral status as a member of the press.

Eventually, the police screw up again. They tell the Hammerskins to drive out fo the parking lot though the alley they came in. No surprise when the Hammerskins come around the corner and there is a mob of ARA guys attacking them. The police tell this guy to drive his truck forward behind a Sherrif's car. The Sherriff's car goes forward through the crowd, and then he goes forward, and ARA pounces on him. They jump on his truck and begin hitting it with clubs. They then take his flagpoles out of his truck bed and begin to try to break his windows. Then they grab him and try to drag him out of the truck. The guy does about the only thing he can to save his life and I do believe his life was in danger. He panics, hits the gas, the wheels spin, and he rockets forward, sending ARA activists literally flying through the air. One guy who was on top of his cab appeared to have landed on the other side of a fence.

The police then charge, and the show is over for ARA. More than a dozen ARA guys are arrested (as is the guy driving the truck). How many people were hurt, I don't know. Only one person, an ARA guy who wa not arrested, was hospitalized. One of the black residents and several of the loudest black residents were obviously intoxicated begins yelling that he has run over a little black girl. This later turns out not to be true. No matter. Race riots begin. The police eventually get control of the situation, get the NA and Hammerskin people to their car, and give them directions North out of the city to avoid the black and ARA mobs which are now inciting passerbys on the street and growing on several street corners. Several of the NA/Hammerskins who didn't get the word drive South. I did not witness any of these incidents, but I spoke to reporters who did, and these were alter confirmed by the police.

ARA attacked cars with skinheads in them in at least three places. In all three places the skinheads in the car drew handguns and threatened the crowd with them. In at least one case shots were fired (a reporter told me he heard a "pop pop pop" sound, saw smoke, and saw people go running screaming "shots fired" that sounds like "shots fired" to me, though the police later said they could not confirm the incident). In all three instances, the NA members successfully defended themselves, and the mobs went looking for easier targets. According to police, in two instances, the skinheads involved were detained and then released after they produced legal carry permits (didn't I tell you?). Phalaznes of twenty to fifty police officers then began to march through the city dispersing crowds of mostly black local youth. In one instance, I saw a crowd of black youth surround a city bus which three skinheads were riding in, and the police escorted those skinheads out. The black residents seemed much less willing to use violence than ARA, though I did see one instance where one of the formally mentioned possibly intoxicated black youth was arrested after apparently punching a police horse.

I arrived at the press center just after 3:00, and I was told that the press conference was delayed until 4:30 while the police suppressed the remaining disorder. At 4:20 the conference began. So that was my day. Wow. Let me sum this up this way: if ARA has two more events like this, so many of their activists will be arrested or in jail that there will no anarchists left free from the Ohio River Valley to Massachusetts.

And let me also say that I really felt bad for a lot of the skinheads. None of them appeared to have expected this kind of violent attack on them, and I don't think they knew how to react. I would suggest that the National Alliance or the Hammerskin Nation begin drilling their people in how to respond in a civil disturbance starting with the basic instruction to NOT BREAK RANKS when charging either a police line or a mob. The skinheads fought back best when they were attacked in an enclosed space while marching in formation. They fought worse when they attacked without clear leadership in a dispersed fashion an in anger when they saw their truck broken. As to ARA, I'm starting to think ARA and the black block are hopeless. They are mindlessly violent. Several of the reporters there said they had such a low opinion of ARA that their only thought was how to slam this kind of "anti- racism" and get it approved by the editor. Several white reporters privately told me that they felt the white supremacists had treated them well, that they had been disrespected by the ARA, and that after seeing how the ARA behaved they thought the statements made by Matt Hale against blacks and Jews (broadcast to the press by a live feed through a monitor in the media pit) were partially justified.

All of that is a bit scary, but it is showing that things are changing. The anti-racist activists in York were badly outnumbered, and were lucky that so many of the city's black residents were willing to join them, or the heavy losses taken by ARA would've been much heavier. The Nazis came out stronger than I though they would, leaving over 150 people in the street even after 80 of them had filled up the library. It looked liked a Nazi march in Germany not a "neo-Nazi march", but one of those old Nazi marches with swastikas and everything -- except the uniforms. I guess all of that falls into the thing about "discipline."

- - - - - 06) Rioting In York After Antifa/Fascist Rallies via redskins 12 Jan 02

Spoke wit [deleted] on the ground. Seems the fash report is not true as to those hurt by the truck. As a metter of fact, what is only true of the fash report is that there where riots by the community, specially blacks and latinos (mainly ricans), and that there where fash arrested for firearm violations.

All in all, it seems this is the lowdown:

1) The community response from the black and latinos overwhelming. 500+. The black bloc consisted of about 100. 50 or so from Baltimore, 50 or so from Philly, plus assorted folks from all over the east coast. Redskins from boston, new york and new jersey where present. It was well run black front, no security breaches on the key collectives.

2) Intelligence before the activity was very good. A large percentage of the fash cars were destroyed or badly mangleled. Meeting points where know to key people way before.

3) All in all it seems it was a cop riot, and the actual anti-fash work was of a quality unknown in the east coast for a while. It was buffalo-style hit-and-run urban guerilla, under the cover of the race riot.

4) AFA had jackshit to do with it.

* * * * * In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. section 107, this material is distributed without profit or payment to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving this information for non-profit research and educational purposes only. FASCISM: We have no ethical right to forgive, no historical right to forget. (No permission required for noncommercial reproduction)