Timothy McVeigh was connected with the Liberty Lobby organization. The Liberty Lobby was initially composed of the former members of the Nazi intelligence network that the Third Reich set up in the United States prior to, and during, World War II. The founders of Liberty Lobby were Nazi spies who ran Nazi Front Groups such as the America First Committee who either served time for espionage or were never apprehended by Hoover's FBI. Liberty Lobby's founder, Willis Carto, who unfortunately is still alive, was a follower of Francis Parker Yockey, who died in prison. Yockey formulated the idea that Nazism could never come to America under the banner of the Swastika, due to theAmerican casualties during WW II. Carto picked up on this idea and with the help of millionaire HL Hunt, he started a radio show called Liberty Lobby.Liberty Lobby was a crypto nazi organization, so they denied they were anti-Black or anti-Jewish, when in fact they were. This was why they denied the holocaust happened rather than saying that the Nazis were justified in what they did. In order to ensure their credibility, the Libery Lobby hired Jewswith a history of mental illness, such as Haviv Schriber, to be nominal members of their organization. How could a Nazi organization have Jews as members? The JDO will not rest until we have destroyed Willis Carto and the organization that goes under the misnomer of LIBERTY LOBBY. Genocide Lobby is a better name for them. When we get through with them they are not going to be happy campers because we have several surprises in store for the Nazis who work out of a building on 300 Independence Avenue, in Washington, D.C.

America's Nazi Candidate for President: Pat Buchanan

Buchanan denies the holocaust, Buchanan thinks that America only belongs to whites, Buchanan recently wrote and article supporting the America First Committee which was run by Hitler and headed by Charles Lindbergh. Buchanan supported Nazi war criminal and said that they should be free.