"I can do the time standing on my head"



Judge Koeltl, you should have realized that Lynne Stewart is a dangerous revolutionary, despite her pretense of being a harmless grandmother. Stewart wanted to keep Islamic terrorists on the street so they could do her "revolutionary" work for her, that is plant bombs, shoot tourists in Egypt, crash planes into buildings, etc. This is because Lynne herself is a coward and does not HAVE THE GUTS TO PLANT THE BOMBS, OR PULL THE TRIGGER, OR FLY THE PLANE so she works with Islamist terrorists who do. To Lynne Stewart America is the ultimate evil and it, and its surrogates, are responsible for all the misery in the world. Stewart thinks, "just destroy America and everything will be honkey-dorey." Lynne is a communist with no program other than destruction. To carry out this agenda she took up with strange bedfellows; the Islamic Group believes godless communists deserve execution. You may have seen the section of the transcript where Sheikh Rahman says, KILL ALL THE COMMUNISTS IN YEMEN and Lynne raps on the table in assent. She believes she was "playing" the Islamists and using them. The Islamists believe they were playing Stewart by recruiting her to participate in the workings of the Islamic Group.

The case had nothing to with lawyer client relationship, human rights or anything else. "It is about the right to do more 9/11's." CNN reported, "Convicted of conspiracy to kill and kidnap people in a foreign country, Sattar could have gotten a life sentence. But the judge said no one was killed or injured, and he cited Sattar's lack of previous crimes and his restrictive prison conditions." When you say that "nothing came of the fatwa, no harm was done" it harkens back to USA v Rahman where no bridges and tunnels were destroyed. So I take it if this was your case you would have given Sheikh Rahman a walk? And anyway, as you well know your Honor, thanks to Sattar FISA phone tap Rafia Taha was shot in his sleep in Aswan and could not carry out His Eminence's order declaring that it was "open season" on Egyptian tourists again.

This was not a free speech issue - free speech is not getting together with a group of Islamists to plot to kill tourists in Egypt. That is what Lynne Stewart did. The Stewart case, however, was definitely a political case in another sense. How does America deal with lawyers who get recruited by Islamists? Do we treat them any different than their co-conspirators?

Your Honor, the New Deal Left in which your former law firm participated in, no longer exists. If you would look at the publications of Stewart's supporters you will find that THESE SO CALLED REVOLUTIONARY COMMUNISTS are now on the side of the Axis in World War II, not the "capitalist puppet" FDR who saved American from socialism.


The JDO believes that Lynne Stewart got a slap on the wrist in a terrorism case due to several factors. When Judge Koeltl was an attorney at Debevoise & Plimpton, he often represented the New York Times in free speech actions such as when the Times wanted ABSCAM tapes and certain names in the Hinkley case. When he was appointed to the bench Judge Koeltl, 48, was a senior litigation partner and First Amendment expert at Debevoise & Plimpton and a former member of the Watergate prosecution force. He grew up on in this city from a Dutch family with deep roots here and won a scholarship to attend Georgetown University and Harvard Law School. From 1972 to 1973, he served as clerk for Justice Potter Stewart of the Supreme Court and then joined the Watergate prosecution team. He is regarded as a leading expert on the First Amendment and criminal law. Because of his belief in The New York Times reportage, the judge might have been influenced by bias reporting.


Who assigned Julia Preston to cover the Stewart trial? She is not normally a courtroom reporter. Someone at the Times had an agenda to get Stewart off the hook.

The Islamist terrorists who want to use biological and chemical warfare against America recieved favorable coverage from Julia Preston, a New York Times reporter who appears to dislike the American Government because of its activities in Central America, published all the Islamist scums self-serving statements as fact verified by the Times staff:

“Mr. Sattar began to pursue goals that tended toward the grandiose. He embarked on an extended round of telephone diplomacy [phone calls to further a conspiracy] that put him in touch with Islamic militants [terrorists] in Europe, Egypt and Afghanistan, From the improbable base of the Staten Island apartment he shared with his wife and four children, Mr. Sattar said, he undertook a one-man global campaign to negotiate a permanent peace in more than two decades of fighting between the Egyptian government and the fundamentalist Gama’a al-Islamiyya or Islamic Group [he did just the opposite by ending the unilateral peace treaty].”

“In a moment of rage over political clashes in Israel, [Sattar had been in rage about the Zionist occupiers ever since he could remember] Mr. Sattar helped an Islamic Group leader who was in Afghanistan compose a religious edict and release it under the sheik's name without asking the sheik. It summoned young Muslims to fight Jews "by all possible means of Jihad, either by killing them as individuals or by targeting their interests and their advocates, as much as they can." [she left out the part where His Eminence says that he approved it 100%]. Although Mr. Sattar was not a member of the group, [not a member of Al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya? He was one of our key players] he favored - at least in statements in the government's transcripts - those who wanted to abandon the truce.

“In the conversations before 2000, Mr. Sattar seemed to stay aloof from the group's internal feuds, simply connecting phone calls among its members [he was simply an international telephone operator]. Mr. Sattar's nights became sleepless as he started receiving calls at all hours [being coerced into making long distant calls for a bunch of ruffians]. He was contacted by an Islamic Group militant, Alaa Abdul Raziq Atia.”

Preston has a soft spot in her heart for Mohammed Yousry, “Mr. Yousry's wife of 24 years, Sarah, is a churchgoing evangelical Christian, also a naturalized citizen, originally from the Dominican Republic. In the years before his arrest, friends said, Yousry's primary concern was to cobble together enough translating and teaching jobs to pay for his daughter's tuition at Tennessee Temple University, a Baptist college in Chattanooga. Friends said that Mr. Yousry's social circle was as ecumenical as his household. Naomi Robbins, a translator who is Jewish and who came to know Mr. Yousry through her work, said he gave her tips for organizing her son's bar mitzvah in May and then cheerfully attended it.”

Do you think that Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman would have a Jew-lover that close to him? Yousry cleaned the excrement off his socks! For the love of truth, this was part of her cover and the pig Yousry used the Jewish woman Naomi Robbins to further his end - which was Jihad. Preston viewed Stewart as a Leftist dissident from the anti-Vietnam War protest era and had her own agenda - acquittal.

Julia did her best to get Lynne off the hook with articles such as “Video In Court Shows Breach of Prison Rule in Terror Case” that implied that only a technical breach of a minor BOP rule had occurred and perhaps Lynne should have been the equivalent of “a shot” - a reprimand given to prisoners by the BOP. A piece that seemed to belong more on the OP ED page than in the National News was titled, “Tapes Fall Short of Revealing A Terror Sheik’s Call to Jihad” in which she wrote that the tapes, “reveal notably milder communications than prosecutors suggested they would.”

Another factor that influenced the judge was the letters from law professors many who were Jewish including Samuel Abady, a really decent guy. The Judge quoted them when he said that her violation of the SAMs did not result in any acts of violence - however even by this reasoning they could have. The Judge is a Democrat and his agenda was to repudiate Republican DOJ when it came to the Patriot Act and fighting terrorism. He believes that too much repression means throwing away the baby with the bathwater. The judge threw out several of the government's charges and allowed the taxpayer to pay for Michael Tigar as "a court appointed attorney." The Saudis and the Left blame the JDO for Lynne's conviction - we wish this were true.