Tonight JDO Security Team beat a group of Moslem terrorists from the PLO and Hamas along with a group of anarchists who had accompanied them physically at their "Death to Israel, Death to the Jews " protest. Why? The reason was tonight well meaning Jews had organized a concert for Israel at Radio City Music Hall at which five thousand Jews were coming to hear top entertainers. JDO had gotten info that PLO and Hamas were going to come to ruin this Israel concert. At 7:30 Pm JDO ST had arrived and across the street were 500 vile Israel hating and Jew-Hating demonstrators calling for the Jews in Israel to be slaughtered and killed and supporting bombings against Jews in Israel and worldwide against Jews done by Islamic terrorists. Strangely enough one third of the group of anarchists and communists chanting the same and passing out flyers praising armed PLO and Hamas attacks on Jews, were Jews themselves!! Art this point JDO ST had plans to really wreck their march, but at 8 PM the PLO, Hamas and Israel hating anarchists charged from across the street to beat, pummel and push the many Jews waiting in line for the pro-Israel concert. JDO ST thank G-D immediately physically fought off these vile attackers of Jews. Thank G-D many in JDO routed the PLO and Hamas and stopped them from seriously hurting Jews. Many Jews in the crowd joined with JDO to literally beat back the attackers who then ran.


After the concert a well known Dr and contributor to Jewish Federation had this to say. " We and my whole family want to thank G-D that the JDO came tonight to protect us from those Jew-Hating terrorist animals."


JDO spoke to the huge crowd afterwards and at a synagogue about this Shabbat in Brooklyn and said:


"Not just Arab terrorists came to attack Jews tonight but even anarchists, bent on hitting and hurting Jews. The Torah tells us " If someone comes to slay you slay him first." Now, the PLO and Hamas and Al Qaeda types are attacking Jews like recently in Seattle where 7 women were shot at Jewish Federation by Islamic terrorists. Be it neo-nazi KKK or anti-Semitic pogromist rioters in Crown Heights the Torah commands us to defend our fellow Jews by any means necessary. Jews should be armed with guns legally in case anyone tries butchering Jews and killing them at synagogues, their homes or streets. We must thank the G-D of Israel for this victory and we always say to those who train in Camp Jabotinsky or other training places across the country that we must pray and fight. Pray that G-D protects Jews in Israel and worldwide from ever getting attacked by Jew-Haters, but if they do attack then we will fight! Did you know where our boys who fought tonight were trained Thank G-d? At JDO's special camp where Jewish youth learn self-defense called Camp Jabotinsky where they learn to love and physically defend their fellow Jews against exactly the kind of attack you saw here tonight.6 Million Jews: NEVER




In California this exact same group invaded the offices of the Jewish Federation yesterday and seized the lobby demanding the Jewish Federation stop supporting Israel and that the bulk of Jews really support the PLO and Hamas. 20 were arrested! Also we found picture of their later ripped up banner I told you about. It reads, "Jews Honor the Palestinian Resistance" with a clenched fist. These remind me of when Fred Flintstone Newman formed "Jews for Farrakhan!"




Below was said by Menachem Begin who was commander of the Irgun Tsevai Leumi the Jewish Underground group that fought against various Arab terrorist groups in pre-state Israel with bullets and bombs from 1932- 48 after s series of retaliatory attacks on Arab terrorists that had planned and done attacks on Jews.


"Tonight let us thank the G-D of Israel for our victory against the enemies of the Jews that had spilled Jewish blood over and over again. Tonight these enemies of the Jewish People will learn a real lesson that their blood too can be spilled and will think twice before they slaughter defenseless Jews. We also want to thank the brave boys of the Irgun who bravely go on these missions to protect Israel and the Jewish People. We fight therefore we are!"




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Anyone who gives will be sent a zero of the flyers handed out by those Israel-Hating anarchists. The flyers though ripped and shoved into the mouths of one of the PLO Hamas crowd is in pieces though. It has been taped back together though.


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