"Appeasment Now" has openly called for "making peace" and dialoguing with the Arab Hitler Ahmadinejad. First they told the Jews that Arab Hitler Arafat was a "man of peace" even as his PLO Arab Nazis continued to butcher Jews in Israel and never stopped for seconds. They pushed Oslo only yesterday and guaranteed Arafat was a " changed man" . The myths these fools believe in never stops to amaze us Jewish Militants at JDO.

Now, the " Appeasement Now" types run by a half wit named Lee are calling for talking with the Hitler of Iran. The are always fond of quoting their deceptice mantra " you do not make peace with friends but with enemies. " Well what is next will they say Jews should sit down with the Neo-Nazi Hitler imitator David Duke who was invited to Iran by Ahamdinejad to the " Holocaust is a Jewish Lie !" convention. Only Jews with low Jewish self-esteem would ever suggest this act of collaborating with a top Jew-Hater Israel-Hater and America-Hater like Ahamdinejad. Of course,maybe the Peace Now's good friends the Quakers who are having an actual dinner in honor of Hitler of Iran in New York City tommorow convinced them. The Quakers right before WW 2 went to Germany to meet Hitler and the Gestapo and after they met with Hitler had only kind words to say about how great a man of peace Hitler was, and suggested he be declared " man of the year for peace". At the same time a collection of Jews and non-Jews from a group that todays "Peace Now" types look up to marched against America ever going to fight Hitler in any way. The year was 1938 and te group were appeasers and fools from the anti-war " Wa Resisters League" and they have a real hold over the minds of "Appeasement Now" types as they attend each other events and share an overlap of members. Still let the Jews pretend that this was 1938 and a group of Jews tell the newspapers that they oppose any war against Hitler, that Jews should try making "Hitler a friend of the Jews" . If Jews then could have backed a war even sooner millions of Jews could and have been saved from Auschwitz. There is no question that this "Hitler of Iran" Ahmadinejad would like to do with special weapons to the Jews of Israel and worldwide (Heaven Forbid) what Ahmadinejad's hero Hitler did to Jews last time around. Now,we Jews should say and take action,pray and fight so that this modern day Haman, this modern day want to be Hitler is destroyed, physically destroyed the way many in Israel hopes happens. So, come to tommmorow's rallies on NY or DC to stop Ahmadinejad, and not coddle him like the appeasers amongst us would like to do. If you want to give a real "piece of mind " to the "appeaser now" crowd you should send their top fool Debra DeLee a strong letter abnd two aspirin. Tell De Lee that she sounds very "not well" in the head,maybe the aspirin will help her get over her delusions before even more Jews are attacked and murdered by Jew-Hating terrorists while her group stabs "Jews in the back" by stopping a true effort to prevent another Holocaust. (Heaven Forbid it shouold ever happen) by destroying real deal hitler this time around, and we can then truly say 6 Million Jews Never Again !

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