Erich Gliebe was named Chairman of the National Alliance by the Board Of Directors (hereafter B.O.D.) in addition to being named head of the Church of Cosmotheism by the filthbag Pierce before his death.

Pierce left the B.O.D. in charge of deciding who would run the Alliance, NVB and Resistance after his death. The Chief Financial Officer of the B.O.D. would control the various bank accounts, as Gliebe was never trusted by Dr. Pierce to do. The B.O.D. (except for Erich Gliebe) will remain nameless here. One of the members holds a PhD. in business, one has physically known and worked side by side with Dr. Pierce for 17 years, one has been a member for over 20 years, and the other is Erich Gliebe. After Dr. Pierce's death last year, the B.O.D. saw fit to place Gliebe as Chairman of the N.A and Resistance LLC., while retaining control of the bank accounts of the N.A., National Vanguard Books (NVB) and Resistance LLC.

Every single member who Dr. Pierce personally assembled to work at staff headquarters,(HQ) and who was working there at the time of his death, has either quit in disgust or been fired by Erich Gliebe. Not a single HQ employee has been there for more than 30 days. Of the three B.O.D. besides Gliebe, one has resigned, one has attempted to resign, and one remains, and all three have accused Gliebe of theft, embezzlement and fraud and called for his immediate resignation. Gliebe has attempted to gain control of the bank accounts illegally, which has resulted in them being frozen by the bank.

Of the scandals Gliebe is currently embroiled in, one serves as a particularly egregious example. A recent CD that Resistance released was by the band Cut Throat, containing popular members of a few other California bands, including Final War, Aggresive Force, Extreme Hatred, etc

Gliebe stands accused by the entire B.O.D., which named him Chairman one year ago, of theft, embezzlement and mail fraud. (Keep reading)

Embezzlement charges were leveled against Mr. Gliebe last year by Dr. Pierce's trusted accountant in Florida, so he was fired and branded a "traitor" who was "attempting a coup", and the whole affair was hushed up by Gliebe supporters. A new accountant has been hired by Mr. Gliebe, but he supposedly has a weak stomach for criminal activities, so expect him to leave soon. (He almost bolted last time the police were called by Gliebe when a former employee returned to the Main Building to retrieve personal belongings after being fired by Gliebe earlier that day. After 17 years of loyal service to Dr. Pierce, this man was reported to the State Police in Marlinton as a "trespasser"--you didn't hear about that?)

Did you know that Mr. Gliebe forced a married couple whom Dr. Pierce had employed one year before he died, to leave their jobs (and Alliance property home) while she was over 9 months pregnant and past her due date? Mr. Gliebe was angry that they had "revealed some things" as well as "making fun of him" and forced them to pack up and leave immediately (Not even allowed to retrieve family photos from their office.) . She was so stressed out that she went into labor after packing up her house all night, and lost her baby. It had been a healthy 9 pound girl the day before when they got a sonogram done.

When asked if they could at least bury their dead baby daughter on Alliance property (they worshipped Dr. Pierce) Mr. Gliebe, two days after being named Chairman, said "nope." They were forced to bury their baby in a pauper's lot (it was free because they dug the grave themselves) , far from their family home and with no resources for a proper burial.