Domestic Terrorism:Phineas Priests

by Deputy Larry Richards

(published in Police and Security News)

Phineas Priests are right wing White supremacists; most follow Christian Identity teachings. They believe in violence to defend their interpretation of God's law. They have been involved in numerous bank robberies and murders, as well as, abortion clinic attacks (bombings and assassinations). They are violently opposed to abortion (although some think it is fine for non-whites). The Phineas Priesthood cannot be classified as an extremist organization. It is not an organization at all. There are no meetings, nor membership cards. One does not join the Priesthood; he is "called" to it. Note the 'he', for women are not allowed to become Phineas Priests. One becomes a Phineas Priest not by adopting a set of beliefs, but by taking action, often violent. In other words, a Phineas Priest is by his very existence required to become a terrorist. The term "Phineas Priesthood" comes from the Old Testament of the Bible. The Book of Numbers, Chapter 25, describes how an Israelite man "enters into an unlawful union with a woman from another tribe (the Midianites) and brings down the wrath of Yahweh (God)"upon the Israelites. One outraged tribesman by the name of Phineas kills the race-mixing couple and thus appeases God. The action,according the UDI's Scott Mann forged a `covenant of everlasting Priesthood' between God and Phineas. This Biblical account provides the justification asserted by Phineas Priests for directing retribution against those who are perceived to by the enemies of god. The symbol of the Phineas Priest is a cross, rounded at the top to form the letter "p", with "#" symbol and number 25 set below it. The emblem can be found on the walls of identity churches and embossed on the belt buckles of many CI followers. Excerpted below is some information on some ofthese people and their activities. Key names, places, books/manuscripts, and terms have been put in bold font.