A black militia group known as the Deacons for Defense and Justice rose to protect the civil rights of African Americans by any means necessary. This made-for-cable movie tells the little-known story of the Deacons' creation, with the always impressive Forest Whitaker starring as the group's founder, Marcus (a composite character of real-life members). A mill worker in a racist Louisiana town, Marcus forms the Deacons as a defense against the mounting brutality of the Ku Klux Klan at the dawn of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. As the Klan's racist violence increases, and a team of nonviolent activists comes to town to organize, Marcus' armed military group becomes more and more resigned to fighting force with force, setting the stage for a fatal confrontation between the Deacons and the KKK. Director Bill Duke infuses this hidden chapter of American history with an affecting documentary style and strong supporting turns from Jonathan Silverman and the great Ossie Davis



In the late 1980 when neo-nazi KKK small time Hitler David Duke was running for election in Louisiana the Jewish Defense Organization a militant self-defense group fom NY made a coalition with local Black community people to stop Jew-Hater, racist dog David Duke who hated Jews & Blacks.

Of all the pleasant suprises was that a number of former Deacons came to the meeting. Even though JDO had its own Security Team of young angry trained Jews, the Deacons by then a bit older than the events in the movie were alert and remembered their battles with the KKK and tactics used like it was yesterday.They rallied with Jewish Militants (JDO) to try and prevent and Nazi KKK misfit named Duke from causing harm to Jews and Blacks. They constantly referred to Duke as a racist snake who will never change.

They also mentioned how they saw how JDO had been on tv breaking up Nazi and KKK rallies. They also saw JDO on the national news holding gun classes.

At the time we met this is what I told them privately in Louisiana at the Rally Against Nazi KKK Duke." What you did as part of the Deacons was heroic and right. You stood up to protect your own Black community from KKK terror. The JDO hopes your brave action will alert local Jews to stand up similarly against the rising neo-nazis, the skinheads and KKK that want to kill the Jews."

The former Deacon leader asked us directly whether all Jews agreed with JDO. Our answer was many but not all. The Deacons response as is clear from the story is not all Blacks agreed with the Deacons at the time. Today, looking back a great many more would. Today this is exactly what the JDO faces when it guards synagogues and Jews from attacks in the last several years from neo-nazis that shot 6 Jews (and a Black coach in Chicago. Let me end by saying it was truly an honor to meet those former Deacons men who never grew old, but at the age that some plan to retire are still marching against the common threat to both Jews and Blacks, and its name was David Duke the wannabee Hitler of Louisiana. Duke, who at the time we met the Deacons ,was running for State Senate, and won a week later.Let me end by saying that the story of the Deacons should have been told years ago. Lance Hill, the author told a story that needed to be told. One former Deacon who was familiiar with JDO patrols against the neo-nazis from attacking a certain Jewish community actually said " that is what we used to do for our community." JDO agrees.