Adam Shapiro has seen his share of danger. He has lived in Israel for years, first working with a humanitarian group called Seeds of Peace and now for the International Solidarity Movement. REFERENCE HERE

Supported by a grant from Novartis International AG, (CIBA-GIEGY) Seeds of Peace organized the First Middle East Youth Summit in Villars, Switzerland in May, 1998. The Summit brought together Seeds of Peace graduates from Egypt, Israel, Jordan, the Palestinian National Authority and the United States to explore new ways to end the stalemated Middle East peace process. REFERENCE HERE

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- U.S. Representative John Baldacci announced today that the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has given its approval to $900,000 in funding for the Seeds of Peace organization, which is partly based in Otisfield, Maine. Although the funds were part of last year's Foreign Operations appropriations bill, USAID officials had not signed off on allocating the funds to Seeds of Peace. Following a concerted effort by Representative Baldacci and other members of Congress, the USAID has agreed to make the money available. Of the total allocation, $800,000 will be used to operate the program, including expenses for a facility in Jerusalem. An additional $100,000 will directly support the Seeds of Peace camp in Otisfield. “By bringing young people from the Middle East together to learn about conflict resolution, Seed of Peace is helping to lay the foundation for greater international cooperation and less violence. I am pleased that this worthy organization will finally receive the support it needs and deserves. These resources will enable young people to experience the beauty and tranquility of Maine, while gaining the knowledge and skills needed to deal with conflict,” Baldacci commented. REFERENCE HERE