The Forward weekly Jewish paper out of NY wrote an editorial on Sharpton (March 19, 1999) that really reminded people of what Sharpton is. What also needs to be mentioned is the fact that some Jews, from a far left group called "JFREJ" (Jews for Racial and Economic Justice) as well as 7 Reform leaders have volunteered to get arrested on behalf of Black Nazi Sharpton's crusade to virtually start race riots, against Jews and whites.

These Jewish hypocrites, men like Rabbi Balfour Brickner and one import named Rabbi Matalon are 100% frauds that never lifted a finger to protest against (fortunately) former Mayor Dinkins when he allowed Crown Heights to have a pogrom for 3 days. Our ever hypocritical Jews that became invisible during the pogrom led by Sharpton also practiced their hypocrisy during the Freddy's Massacre, two years ago in which 7 innocent people were murdered and one Jew Alan Grossberg was shot 8 times and lived. Did the groups like JFREJ or the American Jewish Committee have one demonstration against the perpatrator Black Nazi rabble rouser Al Sharpton?

The answer with these hypocrites is a resounding no, and the Jewish Defense Organization has started a "truth campign" on the internet, and in speaking engagements, to explain to every Jew possible to stay away from supporting anything that even smacks of Jew-Hating white-hater Al Sharpton.

What we must tell Jews, and inform Jews, that Sharpton's agenda has nothing to do with the unfortunate tragic death, of Diallo, but in "destroying" the police ability to search criminals for guns, and taking away the police departments ability to do its job. That is Sharpton's real agenda, and if these Jewish fools and imbeciles standing next to a pogrom leader don't understand it now, they sure will later when Sharpton brings his hordes of hate filled fanatics to the Upper West Side to make a race riot in the future, and at that point no one will be physically able to be in doubt.

Note: when Jewish Militants tried convincing Abbie Hoffman to get arrested at the Soviet Mission to protest oppression of Jews, and agreed, it was Rabbi Balfour Brickner and Jewish traitor William Kunstler who talked him out of it!!! This more than anything else tells you the mindset of the JFREJ types, Brickner, and Mataloon. (rhymes with madloon maybe?)

As we head to one of the most important holidays on the Jewish calendar, recent and future events show a tremendous connection between all these happening and the very messages of that hallowed Seder Night, the bitter herbs, suffering and oppression followed by Redemption and being brought to Israel by G-D himself.

First, let's start with the message of Egypt, a country which at first Jews were accepted in. The Jews rose to the top pinnacle in Egyptian Society, in Joseph the Tsadiks time even "with a Yarmulka on their head". At first, the Jews were scrupulous about observing the Mitzvot, and as time went on they started assimilating, and forgetting who they were, and how they were supposed to live.

Gone was the dream of going up from the land of Egypt, and immorality and impurity to their Homeland Eretz Israel. (Israel)At this point Pharoah started asking the Jews to "volunteer" to "do their patriotic duty" and build the Pyramids. The Jews agreed and eventually were enslaved into a horrible oppression. Slavery, and murder, endless day in the sun and night working for no wages, whippings and worse, all because as the Torah quotes Pharoah as saying "we must deal wisely with these Jews, for if our country is attacked the Jews will join our enemies." Thus the first example the "Jews are traitors" slander costing Jews their freedom and lives. Now, all this evil suffering from a country which but a short while before had let the Jews rise to the pinnacle of society, a country you can be sure Jews had probably called their "goldene medinah," golden country, the same way their descendants would call Germany some two thousand years later, and what Jews living in the U.S. call America today.

The very Seder is not just a remider of the past, but a recall and awarning of the present, and the bitter herbs, of what could easily be our lot, G-D forbid, right here in this country, and in every country in the world where Jews live, except Israel. Right now in Russia Jews are facing the very real threat of pogroms at the hands of a massive monster size neo-nazi movement led by Alexander Barkashov, and Zhirinovsky. They are in danger as the economy in Russia collapses and the anti-semites surely go looking to blame it all "on the rich Jews" and scapegoat us just as another Nazi leader did 60 years ago, Hitler. Neo-Nazis are running for office right now like Nazi Pig David Duke who G-D forbid could win the election for Congress, even as these words are being read.

Israel, the one place G-D himself promises to make safe for Jews. Israel,where we had a Jewish Army two thousand years ago, and thank G-D a strong one today. Israel, that must use its G-D given strength to dispatchwhatever sodiers it has to around the world to eradicate those who advocate murdering Jews. Israel, where Russian Jews must flee to while there isstill time. We must tell Russian Jews here to contact their relatives andconvince them there is a way to avoid "bitter herbs," and that is to evacuate to Eretz Israel where a Jewish Army Tsahal is only happy to protect them. We must also insist for the sake of their safety, and Jewish security, Jews in Russia must set up special Jewish self-defense groups, JDO style, right now, or pay the price in Jewish "bitter herbs" at the hands of modern day "Pharoah's and Hamans" would be Russian Hitler's, later on.

Now, my family always taught me that at the Pesach (Passover)Seder we always should look forward to the wine, and Matzoh,and never forward to the "bitter herbs". That is the lesson to all good Jews especially Jewish Nationalists on this fateful eve of Passover, in what will turn out to be a fateful year for Jews.........


April 9,1998
To the Editor:
David Dinkins' recent outburst about the "Park Avenue Jews" was in part an attempt torationalize his own paralysis of will during the Crown Heights pogrom. But the Post's editorial response to Dinkins (April 8) also included some egregious rationalizing. The Post would have us believe that the mainstream Manhattan-based Jewish organizations responded "within hours" to the violence in Crown Heights, rallying "to the aid of their oppressed co-religionists." In fact, as was widely documented in the pogrom's aftermath, the mainstream Jewish organizations did very little except issue tepid press releases. This has been noted in many Post columns, as well as in the Jewish weeklies and many other newspapers, over the years. No less an authority than the ADL's Abe Foxman has acknowledged, with admirable candor, that the response of the major Jewish organizations was too little and too late. These organizations are well funded and politically adept. They clearly had the capacity to exert immediate and massive pressure on the Dinkins administration. Within 24 hours of the pogrom's unfolding, they could have staged an emergency rally in front of City Hall, bombarded the mayor's office with thousands of phone calls and telegrams, and held a televised press conference inside Crown Heights with the personal attendance of the top leaders of every major Jewish organization. All with the demand for an immediate police crackdown on the rioters, not just vague calls for calmness and a racial "dialogue." In addition, these organizations could have prevailed on the most influential New Yorkers in business and politics (including Dinkins' ownliberal advisors and tennis partners) to privately give Dinkins an ultimatum: stop the violence orelse we'll withdraw our political support from you (1, for one, cannot believe this would not have worked).

Undeniably, the Jewish leadership was unprepared for Crown Heights and experienced, like Dinkins, a failure of will. To cover up this failure, as the Post editorial attempts to do, only makes it all the more likely that the Jewish community will yet again be unprepared when the next anti-Semitic flare up occurs. Or does the Post really believe that in this era of Arab-sponsored bombings in lower Manhattan and Farrakhan/Sharpton rantings in the inner city--and tens of thousands of Militia members training with assault weapons in the heartland for an apocalyptic showdown with what they see as a "Zionist" dominated U.S. Government--that the leadership of American Jews can simply go back to sleep?Sincerely

Dennis King


New York Times reports on JDO Confrontation

October 14, 1997. "How can you ever collaborate with the enemies of ourpeople, Sharpton, and tell us you are going to bring a good city? askedMoredechai Levy, a member of the Jewish Defense Organization, a militant group that has repeatedly marched against Mr. Sharpton. "If he makes riots in this city are you going to put a stop to them?" Although Mr. Levy voiced a severe view of Mr. Sharpton, discomfort with the former candidate has cut across a broad spectrum of Jewish figures in the city, among them Mr. Koch and Mr. Hevesi. Both have repeatedly denounced Mr. Sharpton, both for his statements that he did not consider Louis Farrakhan to be anti-Semitic and for Mr. Sharpton's role in the protests against a Jewish store owner in Harlem,whose store was destroyed in a fatal arson fire in December 1995. Ms.Messinger responded to Mr. Levy by noting that she had sometimes been critical of Mr.Sharpton, most recently over statements about Mr. Farrakhan."

Several years ago a full scale anti-semitic pogrom (riot) raged in a heavily Jewish section of Brooklyn, Crown Heights. Al Sharpton, a vicious Black Nazi, led the pogrom personally, and one Jewish person ended up dead,Yankel Rosenbaum A'H murdered by a hate filled mob screaming,"Kill the Jews." Rosenbaum was stabbed repeatedly, and other Jews beaten bloody, while Al Sharpton led his black Cossacks in chants of "No Justice,No Peace!" Numerous Jewish buildings were torched, and the riots lasted almost 3 weeks. During that entire time, Ruth Messinger, a local NY area Jewish politician, didn't open her cowardly mouth once!



When Sharpton opened his campaign headquaters, Messinger was there to honor him. She has repeatedly praised Sharpton in the press. This tired old pile of bones, Messinger, never mentioned how Sharpton launched a violent riot a year ago, against a Jewish owned clothing store in Harlem, Freddy's, owned by one hard working Syrian Jew, Fredi Harari. Seven innocent people died in the attack, innocent black workers, one Jew Alan Grossberg was shot 8 times, and lived thank G-D. Messinger dared not blast Sharpton for his supportof anti-semitic college "Professor" Leonard Jeffries who teachessuch educational eccentricities as "Jews are evil skunks" who "started the slavetrade"(sic), and that "whites are evil cold cave people."

Messinger is too cowardly to condemn this vile Black Nazi, just as fifty years ago there was a small group of German Jews, the Nauman Party, who tried helping Hitler in the early years of the Nazi Party, before the Nazis were in power. The Nauman Party offered to help those "oppressed German Nazis". Just as Messinger today is helping Sharpton, a butcher of Jews who has Jewish blood on his hands. In the end, these self-hating Jews from this Naumann Party, were "stabbed" by the various "knives" that they had helped put in the Nazis hands to hurt their own fellow Jews. Messinger will probably end up a victim of some of the very same "knives" she has put into the hands of the Sharpton crowd, and into the backs of all New York Jewry.


"I am saying to the Jewish community and specifically to Abraham Foxman, that you come out and utter a word, accusatory remark against Reverend Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Donna Wilson, Reverend Shields, or Gary Byrd, we will boycott you and nobody loves money any more than the Jewish people."

Recently, Abe Foxman of the ADL appeared on Channel Nine News to denounce the JDO as racist for attacking Al Sharpton and calling him a black David Duke. Sharpton is a demagogue who threatened riots when first informed that there would be no run-off in the NYC Mayoral Democratic Primary. Look who represents Sharpton, none other than terrorist supporter Ron Kuby, who took over for William Kunstler. Sharpton, who came from a family rife with incest, is a black racist and Jew hater, so why did Foxman come to his defense? Because Foxman believes, like so many other liberal Jews, that ablack man cannot be a Nazi because the blackman is from a minority group. However,in reality, all it takes to be a Nazi is a desire to kill Jews. One can be Japanese, Hispanic, black, white. In fact it was a Black Congressman Major Owens who correctly and bravely labeled Jew-Hating Farrakhan, the "Black David Duke." Of course Owens has more guts and more backbone than Abe Foxman of the ADL does.Not to mention the fact that there were black Nazis who marched around in Harlem wearing the swastika before World War II. Foxman is afraid to say the obvious,there are a large numberof black New Yorkers are united behind a Jew hater. This is no different than the tremendous support David Duke a white Nazi has from Louisiana whites. Unfortunately politics has become totally emeshed with race. We are calling on all good Jews to call "Foxman the fool" at 212-885-7707 and demand that the ADL stop playing games with Jewish safety, by trying to act like a cowardly appeaser who tries to speak well of Sharpton. Tell Foxman exactly what he needs to hear, to stand up and fight the Sharptons NOW before the next Sharpton inspired pogrom or race riot!