MESSAGE TO JEWS IN ANTI-WAR GROUPS OPEN MESSAGE TO ANY JEWS ACTIVE IN SWP-NION-WRL-RCP PLP-SPARTS-ANSWER and the whole alpahabet soup collections of the enemies of Israel

Over the years many Jews attracted to these groups whose hatred for Israel, and hostility to anything even remotely for helping Jews like a seed planted has sprouted some dangerous fruits. Namely what started out with a scripted pat asnswer in which you would rant and rave against the " evils of Zionism" and the " we are against Israel, not Jews" has proven like everything else you "religiously" believe in to be a lie. Now, that this Hitler imitator in Iran has made clear as Hamas and PLO have a thousand times before, that this hatred of Israel is indeed a Nazi style hatred of the Jews. Your lying and self-serving denial to the contrary ( ie they told me they " only" want to wipe Israel out) didn't work this time, Mr Jew, and now with these Islamic Nazi outfits not only denying the Holocaust ever happened,as a way to make it ( Heaven Forbid) even easier to make one in the future. Now, with small time Hitler DAVID DUKE last week invited to Syria for a joint rally against the Jews,Israel and the War should speak for itself. Nazi pig Duke also used the word " down with Zionism" which this Nazi filth sees as an enemy to his Jew-Killing cause. Now that the President in the Islamic Republic actually spoke out for neo-nazis recently arrested in Europe ( like Nazi pig David Irving) for giving speeches denying the Holocaust.

Remember this JDO quote about JDO going after neo-nazi Revisionist Holocaust deniers, " those who deny the Holocaust happened in the past, want to make a Holocaust against Jews in the future ! " Now, again this proves, and should prove to any Jew with the slightest feeling for his people, the Jewish People that is, that those who hate Israel indeed hate Jews. It sholud prove to any Jew that can think for himself that your" comrades" and mind controllers with names lie Avakian, Stewart, and a slew of others want you to completly give up your Jewish Identity, and never battle anti-semitism. That is why they try to rewire your mind with all kinds of nonsense all to deny you are a Jew. You will notice they never tell Blacks that belong to these outfits to "deny they are Black" or ignore the Klan or pretend racism does not exist . But the Jew in all these "religious' sects of the left with names like CP, Trotskyites, and Maoist, Anarchists, Sparts, or whatever with all their political differences over which particluar guru they mindlessly follow, there is one thing they have in common. They especially with the Jews demand "religious" style obedience, and a re-wrapping you as a new recruit into a new identity. That new identity for the "new religion" you literally believe and have " faith" in requires the Jew like yourself overcome many hurdles on the way to joining the new sect becoming a member of the" proletariat" or working class. It requires that the Jew rise up stick in hand ready, willing and able to help destroy Israel. It requires a twisted faith in the lies of the screed you publish weekly that the mob of Sharpton and Carson led rioters butchering innocent Jews in the streets of Crown Heights was not only not a pogrom but a "legitimate uprising against the Jews." It must take immense faith to rationalise away numerous calls by Islamic terror groups from France to the US to " kill the Jews a race of monkies and pigs" and then try to ignore or deny and decieve others and yourself about the role Jew-Hater Lynn Stewart played in getting that Fatwa ( Islamic releigious decree) smuggled out from Sheik Rahman the Islamic Hitler and Satar to blow up and shoot Jews all across America.

Do we need to remind you that after the Holocaust had already started,and after England was already at war but not the US, there was an anti-war movement that had unfortunately a fair number of Jews. They even had a pledge of resistance, and chants like " No War Against Hitler" and "The Yanks Are Not Coming" . Meanwhile it was that Jewish Militant and unapologetic Zioninst Zev Vladmir Jabotinsky, founder of the Jewish Self-Defense Organization that warned the Jews of Europe to leave for pre-state Israel, and in the meantime get guns, and set up defense units to form a Jewish Army to fight the Nazis right on their home grounds. Well at the time not only did 3 outfits opposed any war. Jabotinsky supported America going to war to stop Hitler's planned murder of the Jews. Meanwhile the ideological canary of the CP USA writer and trained liar Mike Gold wrote a book that anti-semitism was no threat to the Jews in the world in those very dangerous to the Jews years !

The 3 diiferent groups that opposed WW 2 ? The Communiists (CP USA), Socialists, ( Socialist Party), and the pascifists,like War Resisters League.They had huge rallies and many took pledges they would never fight in that " Imperiallist War Against Hitler."

But, then like now there was a fourth group that was against the war the Nazi groups like the German American Bund, the Silver Shirts and the American First Committee who pulled together to have huge rallies against the war. Then it was Nazis opposing the war with names like Fritz Kuehn, and Hitler admirer Charles Lindenberg,.who at one such rally said " there are 2 groups which clamor for war against Germany, the Jews and the British." Now today the modern day Hilter followers with names like Duke, actually send his followers to anti-war rallies sponsored by the very outfits Jews like yourself belong to. Why ? It is obvious

Duke wants the Islamic terror groups he is so fond of meeting with to win against the Jews. Duke, does not want his fellow Jew-Hater Israel-Hater Arab Nazis like Saddam to get wiped out so that they get stopped from trying to ever make a Holocaust against the Jews. Nazi Duke knows only to well how Hilter invited the Mufti to Berlin during the war to actually broadcast in Arabic to Moslems to back the Nazis. He also formed 2 SS Divisions of Moslems to help Hitler in his war against the Jews. The Mufti is the hero whose anti-Jewih riots in pre-state Israel make him the spiritual father to the PLO and Hamas. At one meeting with top Nazi officials this is what Arab Hitler the Mufti had to say ." We hope you will wipe out the Jews the common enemy of both Germany and Arab people's". This should speak reams full of what kind of Jews must or even dared to oppose WW 2 that could have helped rescue Jews. Those anti-war Jews of the 1930's in America were loud,and vociferous, and today none of them dare to discuss their national act of treason to the Jewish People, who were being gassed to the tune of 12,000 a day in Auschwitz. A large number after the Holocaust quit the left,and became staunch Zionist. However a huge number instead stayed loyal to their "religion" called communism or socialism, and whenever the tpoic of their pre-WW2 anti-war treaon is brought up, they change the topic. The lesson is simple that NO self-respecting Jews should stay in these groups whose mission in life is te destruction of his or her people. No self-respecting Jew can belong to a group that wants you to aid in Israel's destruction, and the attempt to do terror against Jews world wide. You should have never joined in the first place, but have the Jewish dignity to know that all Jews are on the same boat even is if some Jews like you have tried to run off that boat. Know that the lesson of the Holocaust is when all is said and done no one will fight for the Jews, except other Jews. No more hanging out with those who are truly providing aid and comfort to those whose declared goal is to finish off what Hitler started. JEW WE NEED YOU TO FIGHT THOSE THAT WANT TO MAKE A NUCLEAR WAR (HEAVEN FORBID) ON THE JEWISH PEOPLE!

Isn't it itme you came home to your Jewish People under anti-semitic attack. Now, that your are going to quit the self-hatred Brigade where can you go? Well, JDO is out there fighting the good fight. Come to a meeting, and find out what we are doing to prevent a Holocaust from ever happening to us again. How can you reach us? Call 212-252-3383