Jabotinsky Speaks to Jewish Youth in America Tells Them to "Fight Back" Against Anti-Semites

The year was 1940 and Zev Vladmir Jabotinsky founder and head of the Jewish Self-Defense Organization was speaking to Jewish studens high school and college age at a meeting of his fighting Zionist youth group Betar. At this meeting somewhere in New York City he calls for the Jewish youth present to physically defend Jews as well as join with his planned Jewish Army that would fight Hitler and the nazis. He also blasts those Jewish students who would not fight back.He also defends his groups wearing paramilitary uniform (and training Jewish youth with weapons), and he blasts communism and the anti-war movement of that time which amazingly enough had Jewish pascifists who like today with Iraq-War opposed going to war,even against a Hitler.He reminds his youthful followers to ignore those in the Jewish community who had condemned their militant fight against Jew-Haters, and strong belief in Jews learning to shoot as to fight the enemies of Jews. This was a major undertaking of Jabotinsky, both in America and Europe, and he wrote an different article saying as much called "Jewish Youth Learn to Shoot!" He also made gun training and boxing , military style training a major part of his program at the very armed training camp he died at.His movement had such training camps all over Europe, and pre-state Israel.He advocated Jews moving en masse to Israel so as to avoid getting slaughtered by various anti. He also preached and practiced setting up various self-defense groups to protect Jews world wide from attack. The Jews were split about his message, as divided as they are today about JDO.

Now we will roll back to Jabotinskyís speech (excerpt) "Soon after the last war the following incident occured in one of the East European Universities. A group of anti-semitic students caught a Jewish girl student and played ball with her, pushing her from one to another. When I heard of it, for a whole month afterwards I anxiously awaited news from that university; as it has many Jewish male students, I was for some news about some broken heads. But there were no heads broken.That was a sample of the ghetto mentality which makes us wish for the creation of a new Jewish mentality__I almost prepared to say, a new psychological race of Jews whose main features will be pride."

JDO Speaks at Jewish Youth Conference

At Columbia University under the pathetic misdirection of one Rabbi Charles Sheer Jewish students had actually been beaten by a pro-PLO Arab Nazi group that broke up a pro-Israel gathering of Jewish students. Jews were badly beaten and "proudly" refused to defend other Jews or themselves. Recently the same thing happened on other campuses as well.

Speech by JDO National Director to Jewish Youth "Recently Jews were beaten in Fransisco State by a vicious collection of Jew-Haters that ran the gammut from an Islamic terrorist group, Farrakhanís men, and assorted Jew-Haters. It was called a pogrom by those Jews who were beaten bloody during a once a year Holocaust memorial. Jews were told that " we wil kill you Jews in a new Holocaust (Heaven Forbid) and as always the Jews found out that campus security had done a disappearing act. Now, we waited to hear some good news. Good news like the Jews marching real angry and breaking up the meetings of the assorted Jew-Haters in that campus who made a fetish of beating Jewish women professors and students. We didnít hear such good news. We waited for other good news of Jewish students on that college and others setting up kickboxing classes, and security training, so that could protect all Jewish meetings from attack. Well it did not happen.When Jews were beaten at Columbia several years ago at a pro-Israel meeting andthere too the Jews were beaten bloody. Now who preached to the Jews not to protect each other or themselves ? None other than a certain Rabbi there who wanted us Jews to "look good by refusing to defend ourselves!

Meanwhile, it was one Jewish group that showed up at Columbia a month later to make sure that when an Israeli government representative spoke at the next Jewish student meeting no Jew-Hating Arab Nazis would lay a hand on the head of one Jew. JDO flyers put out around the campus the same way the Irgun did in itsa day warned very specifically what JDO fighters would do to any anti-semites that tried attacking Jews a second time. JDO brought its biggest men, to guard the Jews. The Columbia Spectator campus newspaper reported that the head of the anti-semitic PLO club on campus said it was afraid to show up where JDO would go,and was going to stay far away from the Jewish student gathering.Now young Jews here today must think what would Black students do if the KKK dared to show their faces to atttack a Black student meeting ? Would the Black students break the racists terrorists of the Klan in half physically ? Of course because the Black students are proud of who they are, have self-respect and would never let some campus misleader tell them to let themselves get stepped on . We Jews must learn from that. We must be proud to be Jews, and we must be proud of our G-D given land of Israel and stand with it. We must avoid the coming anti-semitic storm by emigrating to Israel. In the meantime we must battle all the assorted Jew-Haters by training in guns, karate, self-defense. We must form JDO chapters all across the country to really protect Jews from attacks from neo-nazis, KKK, as well as Farrakhans group of violent Jew-Haters. Do you got what it takes to join JDO, come to our (legal) free gun classes and protect Jews everywhere ? Do you see that the head of the neo-nazis just There used to be a time that JDO speakers would list election primaries that neo-nazis and KKK had won. We would list neo-nazi pigs who had racked up huge election totals with names like Covington,Metzger,and Carlson. Then we would ask the audience" but what will you do when the Nazis actually win an election ?" Some Jews would agree that its possible, others would guarantee "it will never happen".

Well, we can change the question around now that Nazi Duke just won. " What are you going to do now that the Nazis just won an election ?" When the founder of the Jewish Self-Defense Organization traveled to speak to Geman Jews in 1929 in Germany he openly predicted that the small Nazi Party and Hitler would evetually come to power democratically and would then make a Holocaust against Jews .

When Jabotinsky predicted this ever "mainstream" Jewish organization both in Europe and America condemned him and his fighting Jewish group as "paranoid alarmists."The NY Times in a notorious editorial in 1929 wrote that Hitler and his thousand members would never come to power, and that they were worthy of being ignored. And so we Jews paid a price for that ignorance, Auschwitz, Bergen Belsen, Dachau, Never Again ! You young Jews here today must and shall step forward ! You have 2 choices. You can be part of JDO and really stand up againt the worsst Jew-Haters living in America, with rallies, demonstrations, self-defense, that means to physically guard Jewih places from attack. Or you can listen to the "voices of appeasement and apathy" telling you everything is allright when it isnít!

I always wondered what made those Jews in Europe consider Jabotinsky a "alarmist" or "radical extremist" for predicting a Holocaust and telling Jews to arm long before it. What did those "it canít happen here" type of Jews say when they were finally getting rounded up for the death camps. Well at a Jabotinsky memorial at which Menachem Begin former Irgun commander spoke on 1960 he said " and when those Jews who had closed their ears to your ( Jabotinskyís ) warnings came face to face with the Nazi monsters a cry suddenly went up as had never been heard before why o why didnít we listen to Jabotinsky?" And we at JDO do not want to do anything but our utmost to prevent a repeat of those horrible days of Jewish blood being spilled like water : and if we fail will Jews after being attacked seriously here cry out why o why didnít we listen to the JDO and fight the neo-nazis and other Jew-haters like Farrkakhan, and Sharpton early on." Jewish Youth Take Jewish History into Your Hands and do everything to stop that terrible scenario. Donít wait for a disaster to start training for one. Jewish history is loaded with Jews denying there was a danger and then getting wiped out in various attacks. Now, we want to be absolutely clear the Jews are NOT a collection of cowards. But you can help us make every one of your fellow Jews safe and secure ! Join us today, so there wonít be a tragedy tommorow!