Shoenman is a Jew hating lunatic who has a program on WBAI claiming all terrorist acts are false flag operations with the Israelis behind all of them.

Mya Shone
Veritas Press
111 Clayton Court
Vallejo CA 94591

Mark Weber and his Nazi wife Eteri Gailey Home Phone Number
(949) 653 7650

Eteri Gailey can also be contacted at
Lyon Apartment Companies
4901 Birch Street
Newport beach CA 92660



In his opening remarks, the IHR director announced that the "our landlord has notified us that he's not be renewing our lease, which means that we'll have to move out of our offices by the end of June." While it's not clear just what's behind the decision, Weber noted that "anti-fascist" and Zionist groups such as the "Jewish Defense Organization" have been targeting the Institute's landlord, and publicizing his name, address and telephone number. Finding a new location, moving furniture, books and equipment, and setting up everything again in a new location, will be a costly, time-consuming and laborious task, Weber said. Several attendees responded by volunteering to help with the move, and others offered to help look for a suitable new office-warehouse property. Click HERE for more or click HERE .

B’SD JDO announces it is very happy the neo-Nazi misfits are being told they are being evicted during the time period of Purium when Hamam took a fall. The nazis are unhappy bout this. Even PRAVDA joined in JDO will continue operation Nazi-kicker to run IHR and all neo-Nazis out of their offices headquarters and homes coast to coast and around the world. Call or email us if you want to help.


Neo-Nazi leader William A. White is being sought by federal authorities on a probation violation. White, who is on supervised release after serving two and a half years in prison for making threats, left his home in Rockbridge County without the permission of his probation officer, said Ron Donelson, a senior inspector with the U.S. Marshals Service. "We're actively looking for him," Donelson said Wednesday. White had been scheduled to appear in U.S. District Court in Roanoke on May 14 for a resentencing after an appeals court ruled that the judge in his case did not properly follow sentencing guidelines. The hearing was canceled with no explanation listed in court records. Later in the week, a probation officer stopped by White's home and found that he had left. As a condition of his probation, White is required to keep in regular contact with supervising officials and notify them when he moves, Donelson said. Donelson said federal marshals are following several leads on White's whereabouts but declined to elaborate. White, the self-proclaimed commander of the American National Socialist Workers Party, was convicted in Roanoke of making racially charged threats, usually by email or on a website he maintained at the time. U.S. District Judge James Turk sentenced White in 2010 to 30 months in prison. White was released about a year ago and had been living most recently in Rockbridge County.

In March, White found himself back in court, charged with littering for distributing fliers promoting a book he had written, "The Centuries of Revolution: Democracy, Communism, Zionism." At the time, White sent emails to media outlets, saying he was distributing the fliers to mailboxes and paper boxes in the region. He was charged with littering in Augusta County after a sheriff's deputy saw a number of the leaflets — which bore the advisory "politically incorrect content" — being tossed from his car window, authorities said. After being convicted and fined in General District Court, White appealed. His case was scheduled to be heard in Circuit Court on May 17, about the time federal authorities realized White was no longer living in Lexington. After White did not show up for his trial, he was convicted in his absence, fined $250 and ordered to pay $164 in court costs, according to Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Robert Boylan. A criminal conviction could be another violation of White's probation, although it was unclear how seriously federal authorities would view the misdemeanor matter. Mike Price, White's federal probation officer, declined to comment Wednesday. A Facebook page maintained under the name Bill White, and featuring his photograph, lists his address as Tehran, Iran. It is unclear whether the Facebook account is actually White's, but the website of one of White's followers provides a link to the page. A search of Facebook produced no accounts in his name. Donelson, of the marshals service, said he was aware of the posting but said he doubted that White was in Iran. On Wednesday afternoon, someone posted to the Facebook page a link to a roanoke.com story reporting that White was missing and federal authorities were searching for him.

JDO had some heavy confrontations against neo-Nazi filth Bill White. If you see neo-Nazi White who actually attacked Jews, Blacks, Latinos, Asians calling these innocent people "mud people who should be killed today." If anyone in JDO ST or JDO IU or other JDO members call up JDO National HQ 212-252-3383 and Neo-Nazi White will get a real taste of "Jewish Justice!!!” White was apprehended in Mexico and is back in federal custody.



A collection of neo-Nazi terrorists who bomb synagogues all over the country is called "White Aryan Resistance" run by Hitler wanna be Tom Metzger who told his men to bomb synagogues, Jews, Blacks, Latinos, Asians and others. Metzger the neo-Nazi calls them "the mud people." Now Metzger head neo-Nazi leader of WAR got caught for mailing a bomb to blow up a Black man in Phoenix Arizona. Dennis Mahon top neo-Nazi was just convicted. Metzger had told Mahon and other neo-Nazi to bomb synagogues filled with Jews and bomb Blacks. Yet neo-Nazi Tom Metzger has not been even charged for telling Mahon to bomb that innocent Black man.



US ATTORNEY (prosecutor) Arizona

LIVE PHONE 602-514-7500 FAX 602-514-7693


LIVE PHONE 202-514-2001 FAX -202-307-67777 OTHER FAX 202-514-5331

E MAIL lori.gobble2usdoj.gov



CORRECTION!! This JDO commentary was incorrectly attributed to William Dennis King (author Dennis King). Mr. King had written a posting on former LaRouche associate David P. Goldman's blog (immediately deleted by Mr. Goldman) which we quote beginning several paragraphs below. The statement by Mr. King, which demanded that Mr. Goldman come forward and help a Jewish mother whose son died under suspicious circumstances while attending a LaRouche conference in Germany, was removed by Mr. Goldman from his blog and Mr. King then circulated it as an email. The paragraphs immediately below are the work of the JDO, not of Mr. King. The statement of Mr. King, written in a different style from the material above it, is now clearly and accurately delineated as to where it begins.


Every Jew should be told how a vicious number of anti-semitic books and articles were written by David Goldman who wrote a book "Dope Inc" loaded with vicious Jew-Hating, Israel-Hating lies when he was a member of the LaRouche Nazi Cult. After Goldman spent 20 years spreading his hate for Jews and Israel as a self-hating Jew and a follower of Hilter imitator Larouche Goldman got a job as an editor of a magazine called "First Things" that has Midge Decter on its editorial board. Decter was told by JDO exactly how Goldman stabbed his own fellow Jews in the back by writing and spreading vicious anti-semitic hate for Nazi Larouche. Cowardly Decter refuses to fire TRAITOR TO THE JEWS GOLDMAN AND EVEN HAS HIM WRITING FOR COMMENTARY MAGAZINE! Click to read more .

WE DEMAND THAT THE COWARDLY MIDGE DECTER FIRE DAVID GOLDMAN TRAITOR TO THE JEWS RIGHT NOW! The expert on the activities of Lyndon Larouche and his neo-nazi outfit is one Dennis King. His website documents all the acts of treason to the Jews of David Goldman. CONTACT MIDGE DECTER TODAY AND DEMAND THAT SHE FIRE GOLDMAN NOW!


WE RECIEVED THIS FROM THE JEWISH NAZI WORKING FOR MIDGE DECTOR "Your denunciation of me on your website has been brought to my attention. I repudiated LaRouche and his despicable organization nearly a quarter of a century ago and have publicly apologized for my previous association. Perhaps you have not seen my statement on this matter." However LaRouche researcher and author Dennis King exposed this statement as a pack of lies in an investigative article last summer. Click HERE to read why. I reviewed them and never once did Goldman call LaRouche a Nazi. Instead he used the term "gnostic cult." He is still scum. Goldman continues "In the meantime I have published hundreds of articles over the past decade, many of them passionately defending Judaism and the State of Israel. Most of them are collected here." I reviewed these articles and they are clever artifices that on their surface appear to be pro-Israel when in reality they are the same old Nazi lies Goldman spread when he wrote DOPE INC. For example on his blog site he calls for "more barbed wire" on the West Bank. This provoctive statement mirrors the viewpoint of LaRouche that the Israelis are a brutal gang of killers. Also on his blog he makes the anti-Jewish statement that Jews love classical music because they are unable to accept G-D and that classical music is their atheistic substitute for God. Goldman continues, "In August, I spent two weeks in Australia as the guest of United Israel Appeal of Victoria speaking to Zionist audiences." They had no idea about Goldman's past. "I made t'shuvah and have davened regularly for the past fifteen years. I observe kashrut and Shabbat and lay t'fellin. I do not claim to be a particularly good Jew, but I am trying to be better. Whether you believe my t'shuvah to be adequate or genuine is your business. It is, however, wrong to attack me for something that happened in 1978 without taking into account my many years of service to Israel and Judaism since then. David Goldman" We are going to continue to expose your lies Goldman. You were a leader of the LaRouche Nazi cult you were in it for 20 years, you wrote the Jew-hating "Dope Inc" and you must not be allowed to speak for the Jewish Community.


The following is NOT a reply to Mr. Goldman's letter to the JDO above. It is a reply to a blog essay by Mr. Goldman that included a rather apocalyptic statement about the future of America.

"David P. Goldman, your current rhetoric about political horror and rallying America rings a bit false considering your 19-year history (1969-1988) as an ardent follower of Lyndon LaRouche and your aggressive role in producing some of the most extreme anti-Semitic literature ever published by his organization. For more info http://lyndonlarouchewatch.org/goldman.htm

"When you finally left the LaRouche orbit, you could have taken a stand against political evil by speaking out and warning people--and revealing everything you knew. Instead you remained silent for over 20 years, only coming forward with a grotesquely sanitized version of your years with LaRouche when faced with the possibility of losing your job at First Things magazine.

"I suggest that you transform your abstract rhetoric about taking a courageous stand against horror into something real by helping the family of Jeremiah Duggan. In 2003, the organization you helped to build (and failed to publicly warn against and expose when you quit) almost certainly caused the death of Jeremiah, an idealistic young British Jew, in Wiesbaden, Germany, where he was participating in an indoctrination program after attending a LaRouche "peace" conference. Evidence compiled since then suggests that this was not just a case of brainwashing gone wrong, but that he was beaten, chased and ended up dead on a highway after he disagreed with anti-Semitic remarks and declared his intent to return to his university studies in Paris."The German police destroyed key forensic evidence (e.g., Jeremiah's clothes) and claimed that he had committed suicide--a determination based in part on false information provided by local LaRouche leaders. The police inspector in charge of the case even told Jeremiah's parents that LaRouche's Schiller Institute was a "respected" local organization. There was never ANY police investigation into the LaRouche org's possible role in Jeremiah's death. "The parents, Erica and Hugo, have fought for over eight years to win justice, but the German authorities, apparently motivated in some degree by pressure from security and police agencies that worked with LaRouche's German branch during and after the Cold War, have blocked every attempt to win a legitimate homicide investigation.

"The Duggan family had their own forensic investigations done (the findings were widely reported in the British media), and have found witnesses to events on the evening of Jeremiah's death that raise serious doubts about the LaRouche org's version of events. Last year the family obtained from the British Attorney General a rare decision authorizing a new inquest into Jeremiah's death. http://justiceforjeremiah.yolasite.com/ The Duggans are also suing the German government in the European Court of Human Rights.

"Mr. Goldman, you were in Germany working out of LaRouche's private intelligence headquarters during much of the 1980s. You also served as an interface between the LaRouche org and the U.S. National Security Council in the early 1980s. You knew personally the leaders of the German LaRouche movement who would later be involved in the coverup of Jeremiah's death, and probably recall something about their relationship with Heribert Hellenbroich, a top Germany counterintelligence official for many years, whose younger brother headed LaRouche's European private intelligence operations and was still a leader of the European branch when Jeremiah died. I can think of a lot of detailed questions you could address involving the BfV, the BND, MAD, the BKA, Sweden's SAPO, and their counterparts in France, Italy and Spain where LaRouche's Wiesbaden aides were also active as "reporters" for Executive Intelligence Review. But I won't go into that here.

"The information I am referring to obviously is not related in any direct fashion to the circumstances surrounding Jeremiah's death. It could, however, provide answers as to why the LaRouche organization enjoys political and judicial immunity in Germany, why it was taken off the BfV's watch list of extremist hate groups, why it is not treated as a dangerous sect (as Scientology is), and why LaRouche, a convicted felon, is allowed to enter the country at will to recruit young people through deceptive means. Information as to all this could help the Duggan family to wake up the media in Western Europe about their case and thus generate pressure on the German government to finally investigate Jeremiah's death adequately.

"Mr. Goldman, neither you nor I can do much about the larger horrors in the world, but sometimes individuals can do something about small horrors, which on an existential level are the equivalent of the larger horrors. The death of Jeremiah Duggan was such a horror--a young man fleeing in terror (and leaving behind his bloody passport, another of the details the police would ignore). Unfortunately, former German LaRouche aides such as Anno Hellenbroich will not acknowledge this horror, instead behaving like those members of Hitler's Nazi party who went into denial after World War Two, saying they didn't know, or that they were just following orders.

"The first step in dealing with horror is to stop making excuses and reject the psychology of denial. I urge you to come forward and help win justice for Jeremiah--your fellow Jew--by telling his family (and telling the world) everything you know about the sub rosa activities of the LaRouche organization in Germany and elsewhere during the 1970s and 1980s. If you would do so, it might just have a snowball effect and inspire other former members with relevant information to finally break their silence. I am firmly convinced that there's enough explosive information out there (and not just about the spook world) to make the German government do the right thing in order to avoid further embarrassment." - Dennis King.


Jeff Klein

American Renaissance Eugenics KKK Conference Defending the White Race March 16 – 18, 2012, near Nashville, Tennessee "The conference will be at a beautiful, government-owned facility that is about a 45 minute drive from Nashville, TN. We have no fear of cancellation, and will be announcing the exact location soon." If they have no fear why not announce it now? This is all a lie. LINK Pioneer fund recepients will lecture on the superiority of the White race: Guillaume Faye, believes the Holocaust revisionists are discrediting pure Nazism with their lies. He believes the cause of Nazism would be better furthered by admitting what transpired. He wants revisionism to become legal in France because, "The anti-revisionist laws have harmed Jews considerably. An opinion punished as a crime, even if it’s false, passes for true. The laws against Holocaust denial have had an effect exactly the opposite of what was desired: they’ve given revisionism publicity and raised doubts about the Shoah. These repressions of the revisionists have, ironically, helped them immensely." Doubletalk. J. Philippe Rushton Richard Lynn self-hating Jew Robert Weissberg Sam Dickson with special suprise appearences by David Duke and Stormfront. Frank Borzellieri is making a “desperate appeal” to supporters of the racist American Renaissance to back his legal defense fund. Jared Taylor 2705 Green Holly Springs Ct., Oakton, VA 22124 FAX 703-716-0932, email: JarTaylor@aol.com Borzellieri was fired last August from his post as principal of Our Lady of Mount Carmel School in the Bronx after his connection to American Renaissance and his racist views were made public by the New York Daily News. His opinions were deemed “incompatible” with Catholic teachings by the Archdiocese of New York. FRANK M BORZELLIERI AUG 1962 32 GRAYWOOD RD PORT WASHINGTON, NY 11050 (516) 366-3178.


by Mark Cohn, PhD


Feisal Abdul Rauf is a deep cover Isalmist. He was the son of Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Imam and Sunni scholar Muhammad Abdul Rauf (1917–2004) who was related to Muslim Brotherhood jihadi Abdul Munim Abdul Rauf who attempted to assassinate Egyptian strong man Gamal Abdul Nasser in 1954. As a result the Muslim Brotherhood was made illegal in Egypt. Following this Munim Rauf and five other attempted assassins were executed, and four thousand Muslim Brotherhood members were rounded up and arrested then sent to the Citadel Prison. Muhammad Abdul Rauf had to flee Egypt or he would have been in for a big shock. Gamal Nasser would be exposed to three more assassination attempts before he died of a heart attack on September 28, 1970. Feisal realized that he could never penetrate American society if he took the line that America, the Great Satan, must be destroyed so he received permission from a radical Imam to become a peace-loving Sufi. He has a hidden agenda to destroy America and he must be stopped. There is no such thing as ISLAMOPHOBIA. A phobia is an irrational fear. Islam is a real threat.


Camp Jabotinsky went really well this year. Some of our campers and instructors took off to attend a rally against the construction of a Mosque commemorating radical Islam's victory on 9/11. As for Mayor Bloomberg, how can he see any political advantage on a national level in being the number one supporter of the Victory Mosque? Didn't he ever ask himself the question "Why there?" There are hardly any Muslims in the neighborhood. Why not Altantic Avenue in Brooklyn or in the midst of other Muslim enclaves? Mayor Bloomberg was willing to deal with Newman and Fulani, two Jew haters who want to see Jews die, so why not front men for murderous radical Islamics who also want to see Jews die?



Neturei Karta Clash with JDO at UN

by Mordechai Levy

A serious confrontation broke out between a group of anti-Zionist Neturei Karta hareidi-religious Jews and supporters of Israel, Thursday afternoon, next to the United Nations building in New York. The Israel supporters were demonstrating against the speech of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad while members of the Neturei Karta group wore Arab headdress and carried anti-Israel signs. JDO Launches Boycott of Warwick Hotel for Allowing Ahmadiejad Hitler of Iran to Use It! Emergency Boycott Follows Rally Against Ahmadijnad Hitler of Iran at Warwick Hotel 54 st & 6 avenue Ahmadiniejad was staying there ! Call the Warwick Hotel tell them you will never use hotel. If they can take Ahmadinejad's money they will never see yours!!! WARWICK HOTEL Warwick New York Hotel 65 West 54th Street, NYC, New York 10019, USA Tel: 212-247-2700 Fax: 212-247-2725 CALL 8 AM TO 7 PM NEW YORK TIME Mahmound Ahmadinejad's U.N. Speech


The New York based Jewish Defense Organization today blasted Columbia University for inviting vicious Jew-Hating President of Iran to speak on its campus. JDO especially blasted university President Bollinger for allowing the most vicious collections of Jew-Haters to speak in the campus including members the past. In fact a known member of the PLO Edward Said was invited to be a professor at the school, even after getting caught on film attacking Israeli soldiers. Even Khalid Muhammad the vicious Black Nazi follower of Farrakhan was invited to Columbia where he gave an hour long speech about killing Jews and whites. Now Columbia under Bollinger has opened the door to the" Hitler of Iran" a second time and JDO is giving out President Bollinger’s phone # and calling upon outraged Jews to call his offices and demand that Columbia stop inviting vicious Jew-Haters like this from ever speaking at Columbia. JDO is also contacting Columbia alumni to cut off money because of this latest outrage. “The only way to bring Columbia to its knees and to really punish Bollinger for allowing this is to get to huge numbers of alumni with a message of stop giving to what has become a platform for vicious enemies of Jews-Israel & America." said JDO National Director Mordechai Levy. Columbia University phones call and tell every angry Jew you know to call ! President Bollinger 212-854-1754


by A. M. Kay

From the Nazi scum's website "World Trade Center in New York, NY September 11, 2011 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM WBC will picket the memorial dedication at the World Trade Center. We will hold a picketing vigil outside your ceremony to remind you that there is a G-d, there is a standard, and there is a day of judgment coming on apace. Yet you continue to flip off G-d with all of your caterwauling. Not once have you taken a breath from your red face squal to think upon the idea that you were given a warning and maybe, just maybe you should mourn for your sins and obey your G-d. G-d is sick of your words! You prop up EVERY evil person as a hero, no matter what they did in this life! It is shameful!"

?(785) 273-0325 The Church (785) 273-0325 - Fred W. Phelps Sr., cell phone (785) 272-4135 - Fred Phelps, Jr. (785) 273-0529 - Benjamin Phelps (785) 273-0277 & (785) 273-1080 - Shirley Roper (785) 272-8559 - Charles Hockenbarger (785) 232-2485 - Fax for Charles Hockenbarger (785) 233-4162 - Phelps Family Law Office (785) 233-0766 - Fax for Phelps Family Law Office (785) 969-9017 - Steve Drain


H. L. Mencken Eugenics meeting LaRouche in Mexico Communist group part of alliance with CAIR

JDO Runs Neturei Krakpot Out of Israel Event

by Mordechai Levy, National Director

Yesterday, the self-hating Jews of Neutrei Krakkpot showed up at the Israel Day Concert in Central Park held to free Pollard and help the good settlers. The self-hating Jews from Neturei Krakpot funded by Ahmadinejad the Hitler of Iran tried to have a "Death to Israel" rally waving the blood soaked flags of Hamas the Islamic Nazi group. JDO ran them out with hundreds of Jews helping us ! Everyone was reminded that Neturei Krakpots supported the Mumbai massacre against Jews! This is the same Neturei Krakpot who traveled to Iran with neo-nazis from all over, for the Ahmadinejad sponsored "Holocaust is a Jewish Lie' convention. To send real thank you to JDO send a much needed donation today JDO PO BOX 646 FDR Station NY NY 10150..


The militant Jewish Defense Organization today blasted the University of Pennsylvania for inviting a vicious Jew hating, Israel hating, and America hating group that works with Hamas, the Islamic Nazi terror group to have a 2 day convention on how to try and destroy Israel. This is supposed to be from Feb 3 to Feb 5. The group calls itself BDS, and it wants America to allow Israel to be physically destroyed (Heaven Forbid) and supports Hamas and Hezbollah Islamic Nazi terror attacks on Jews and Israel. JDO is launching a boycott of University of Pennsylvania to get those who donate money to cut off every cent they give the University of Pennsylvania." JDO plans to break the school in half financially, and the only place President Amy Gutman has a conscience is in her wallet. JDO is also calling on Jews from all over the country to flood President Gutman with thousands of calls and e mails as well starting today" said Jeff Segal JDO spokesman.

Now, University of Pennsylvania has opened the door to Hamas Islamic Nazis terrorists and JDO is giving out President Gutman's phone number and calling upon outraged Jews to call her offices and demand that University of Pennsylvania stop this vicious Jew-Haters like this from ever speaking at University of Pa. JDO is also contacting school alumni to cut off money because of this latest outrage. " The only way to bring University of Pennsylvania to its knees and to really punish Gutman for allowing this is to get to huge numbers of alumni with a message of stop giving to what has become a platform for vicious enemies of Jews-Israel & America." said JDO’s Segal. ARTICLE RE: BOYCOTT

Call President Amy Gutman University of Pennsylvania

phones 215-898-5000 215-898-7221


1 College Hall, Rm 100/6380

also e mail presweb@pobox.upenn.edu

call and tell every angry Jew you know


Call for more info on Tony 201-539-8037


by Chaim Goldring

Wednesday January 11, 2012 JDO is calling on all Jews in Jersey and all over the tri-state aread to obtain legal arms and train with JDO. I have learned to protect synagogues and my home from neo-nazi terror attacks because I trained at Camp Jabotinsky. Mr. Levy is right "Enough neo-nazi terror and enough Jewish Cowardice" I and the JDO Security Team from New Jersey are going to patrol synagogues all across the state with guns. If JDO catches any neo-nazis or anyone else trying to bomb or shoot up synagogues the neo-nazis will be sent to the graveyard. We will defend Jews by any means necessary. A well armed Jewish communitiy is a well prepared Jewish community and a well defended Jewish community. NEVER AGAIN! Check out Rethinking gun control in out-of-control times


by Mordechai Levy National Director

The JDO will say loud and clear that Jews all over should get legal guns train and then guard synagogues, and Jewish homes from exactly the type of neo-Nazi or islamist terror attacks that just happened. The "Against Doing anything League" run by dishonest Abe Forman will tell Jews to pretend there really isn’t a threat. Recently in New Jersey when the swastika wearing neo-Nazis just rented a full motel for a "Hitler was Right Jews to the Ovens” meeting at the Comfort Inn Motel next to 6 Flags Magic Mountain you can guess what Abe Foxman hired puppet did? They told Jews to ignore it. JDO though congratulates those angry Jews who physically broke up that neo-Nazi meeting. Further JDO launched a boycott at the Comfort Inn Bordentown for renting to these neo-Nazi Jew-Killers in the first place. Now JDO is having patrols of Jews with guns (legally) armed and ADL condemns it. Meanwhile Dishonest Abe Foxman the "half a million dollar man" has 2 armed bodyguards with guns not police to protect himself. So, JDO has Jews trained at Camp Jabotinsky with guns completely legal and free training in guns and anti-terror training year round. When Zev Vladmir Jabotinsky founder of the Jewish Self Defense Organization told Jews all over the world to get guns so they could defend themselves against the anti-Semites of those times including against the rising Nazis in a democracy called the Weimar Republic of Germany Jabotinsky had a slogan "Better to have a gun and not need then to need it and not have it!" Jabotinsky told German Jews to get guns and form Jewish self defense units all over Europe and America. The Jewish Organizations leaders of those times with a mindset of cowardice and appeasement just like Neuer and Foxman of ADL told the Jews in Europe and America we do not need guns do not listen to Jabotinsky plans to arm Jews or open training camp with guns four Jews. Now instead of training camps Jews went to other camps with names like "Auschwitz Bergen Belsen Dachau " can we say all those Jews who opposed Jabotinsky plan helped allow 6 Million Jews to get murdered then by the Nazis.Today the neo-Nazis and other Jew-Hating terrorist are attacking synagogues and Jews homes with from New Jersey to Los Angeles where neo-Nazis shot up the JCS and shot 6 Jewish children, to DC where three tried shoot up Holocaust Museum There are 900 synagogues bombed firebombed and smashed windows all over the US. So JDO repeats Enough Neo-Nazi Terror and Enough Jewish Cowardice! Jewish Week article mentioning JDO AP3 hacked info


Often JDO members forward various articles, flyers, and letters from various outfits fighting for everyone but Jews, to National Headquarters. The reason is so we can evaluate the material, or get a good laugh. Much of these foolish causes, un-Jewish and often supporting all manner of Jews who fight for every cause but a Jewish one gets put in the “Jews for Nothing” file. Sometimes, it’s about Jews fighting to save the whales, or furs, sometimes it’s about Jews marching for the environment. Sometimes it’s a collection of Jews marching against Israel, or against the war against terror now in Iraq and Afghanistan. All in all it’s about Jews marching for nothing, nothing for helping their own fellow Jews that is. Recently, JDO was forwarded a flyer announcing a rally to protest somewhere or other just like the rallies about taking over Wall Street. We read as always a long list of names that led and organized these and other such rallies. Some are Jews some not. Take note, those who wrote and endorsed this worthless campaign are not trying to save their fellow Jews from threats of attacks on synagogues and Jews by Al Qaeda the Islamic Nazis or neo-Nazis both groups have made open threats to bomb synagogues and shoot Jews. Haven’t seen those Jews marching on Wall Street all over the country and not once marching to save their fellow Jews from threats of riots form Farrakhan the Black Hitler or David’s Duke the small time Hitler who won election to state Senate in Louisiana a few years ago and has a huge following of neo-Nazis he promises to unleash in a future Holocaust (Heaven Forbid). All over the country assorted neo-Nazis are growing fast, real huge blaming us Jews for America’s serious almost depression and economic disaster. This was the exact situation in a different democracy called the Weimar Republic of Germany where Hitler started with 6 members in a beer hall in Munich .In America today the neo-Nazis have won close to a million votes recently. JDO is demanding that all Jews join us in guarding synagogues and Jews with real guns (legal) to protect Jews from the shooting by neo-Nazis at Jewish Community Center Los Angeles o Chicago coast to coast. Also Al Qaeda Islamic Nazis website said they want to bomb synagogues all over USA! JDO needs every single Jew to help us defend Jews by any means necessary!!! That also means smashing Auschwitz seeking Nazi pigs whoever they rear their heads!!

These Jewish Youth suddenly lost their ability to demonstrate or something? Over the years, we have had many speeches JDO, and always would point out those Jews who did more for lettuce pickers, than wanting to fight anti-Semitism, or attacks on Israel. "There are Jews that will march for every cause but a Jewish one." During the Holocaust 6 Million Jews were getting murdered it was precisely that crowd, even Jews, that was invisible while bellowing Keep Quiet and don’t make Hitler a Jewish issue." Last week JDO and other angry Jews marched against AHMADINEJAD the Hitler of Iran at his hotel and at the UN. JDO did not see one not one of the "Jackie Filner" type Jews marching proudly as Jews to stop the Hitler of Iran who openly is trying to (Heaven Forbid) slaughter Jews in Israel with nukes! It was the Hitler of Iran AHMADINEJAD whose Iranian Islamic Nazis blew up the Jewish Community Center in Argentina a few short years ago sending hundreds of Jews to Heaven in one attack. Iran has done numerous terror attacks on Jews Israel and worldwide. Of course the Jackie Filner type Jew could not care less. Well JDO will make them care, and make them "give a Jewish darn" about their fellow Jews!!!


The militant Jewish Defense Organization today sent messages to Rabbis and synagogues all across New York and the country to get guns and train with guns and anti-terror training so the can defend their synagogues and themselves from planned Al Qaeda terror attacks. Members of the JDO Security Team will be armed with guns and ready at synagogues from New York to California from Chicago to Texas in all 50 States.”The JDO ST was trained at Camp Jabotinsky in both guns, and anti-terror training and how to guard synagogues." said Dave Wexler JDO spokesman. . JDO also sent a delegation to Chicago and other cities to call upon Jews recently to set up their own armed Jewish volunteers to protect synagogues after a series of attacks on Jews praying by Al Qaeda and Hamas Islamic Nazis! Further 6 months ago men from the Arab Nazi group Hamas, had bombed a local Yeshiva in Chicago.

Jewish Establishment must set up to set up their own team of (legally) armed Jewish volunteers, to defend Jews by any means necessary! JDO was right and predicted these types of attacks long before they happened!! JDO as you know had serious anti-terror training to prevent assorted physical attacks from either Al Qaeda Islamic Nazis who hate Jews, or neo-Nazis who both want to bomb synagogues and shoot Jews! JEWS IN CHICAGO AND NATIONWIDE MUST GET GUNS AND LEARN TO USE THEM TO PROTECT SYNAGOGUES & JEWS FROM AL QAEDA OR NEO-NAZI ATTACKS!! JOIN & SUPPORT THE JDO SECURITY TEAM! CALL 212-252-3383 E MAIL JUDEAM@JEWISHDEFENSE.ORG Enough Al Qaeda Terror and Enough Jewish Weakness!! Enough Jewish Cowardice and Jewish Apathy!

BS'D JDO has great news today. New York City the PLO and Hamas Arab Nazis tried to hold their "Death to Jews & Israel" rally. JDO physically went after them. Some of their banners and people holding, signs calling for Jews to be wiped out & bombing Jews in Israel and here, were torn to shreds. And with the Jew-Haters holding those sings by guess which group? JDO! JDO now needs your support to continue defending Israel!! "We will never back down from supporting Israel or from confronting Israel”! Help JDO keep on defending Israel in the streets of America! JDO has used up all its funds and must raise $5,000 to continue! JDO needs you to send at least a $100 JDO needs it now. SEND A DONATION RIGHT NOW SO JDO CAN CONTINUE TO DEFEND ISRAEL AND DEFEND JEWS RIGHT HERE! SEND TO JDO PO BOX 646 FDR STATION NY 10150 We’re Talking of Israel’s Survival! We’re Talking of Jewish Survival!!



Once upon a time there was a country called the Weimar Republic of Germany. It was a democracy and Jews had full rights. A small Nazi Party of seven men was formed by Hitler in 1921. The German Jews laughed "these Nazis are a joke we do not need to worry about them...” In 1929 NY times wrote an editorial that "Hitler and his thousand Nazi Party members are a joke worth ignoring and will never come to power." Jabotinsky the militant founder of the Jewish Self-Defense Organization told German Jews that the Nazis would come to power and make a Holocaust. He called upon Jews in Germany and worldwide to get guns train and learn boxing and then form fighting teams to smash the Nazis wherever they march or meet! The German Jews by and large did not listen to Jabotinsky. Instead, they listened to the weak cowardly men like Reform Rabbi Leo Back who said the Nazis should be ignored and Jews should not smash the insignificant machos aft Hitler and his small Nazi Party.

A few months later a depression hit Germany and overnight the Germans were out of work. Thousands and eventually millions would listen and join the Nazis and vote them just like David Duke the neo-Nazi pig who won an election into power in Louisiana .The cowardly appeasers Forman at ADL tell Jews to ignore neo-Nazis at our own peril. They sound just like Rabbi Leo Beck and the weak apathetic German Jewish misleaders of the 1920 and 30’s!

Imagine what would have happened if German Jews would have physically beaten Nazis while Germany was still an American style free democracy, lot more Jews would be alive today! There would not have been Jews ending up in Auschwitz and other murder camps. So JDO says one does not ignore Nazis, one does not debate Nazis, and one destroys Nazis! Again JDO did make JDO "Operation Nazi Kicker" to make sure the neo-Nazis will not get any hotel or motel for their "Hitler was right kill Jews, kill Blacks, and kill Latinos meeting"! No free speech for Nazis. If the ever cowardly "Against Demonstrating League" ADL run by "Dishonest Abe" Foxman send you appeal for funds send nothing as JDO says" The ADL says ignore Nazis, we say ignore the ADL, ignore their fund drive that is."


The militant Jewish Defense Organization went to Chicago to call upon Jews recently to set up their own armed Jewish volunteers to protect synagogues after a series of attacks on Jews praying by armed neo-Nazis! Further 6 months ago men from the Arab Nazi group Hamas, had bombed a local Yeshiva. The local Jewish Establishment still refused to set up their own team of (legally) armed Jewish volunteers, and you know why! Jewish Cowardice and Jewish Apathy! JDO was right and predicted these types of attacks long before they happened!! JDO as you know had serious anti-terror training to prevent assorted physical attacks from either Al Qaeda Islamic Nazis who hate Jews, or neo-Nazis who both want to bomb synagogues and shoot Jews! JEWS IN CHICAGO AND NATIONWIDE MUST GET GUNS AND LEARN TO USE THEM TO PROTECT SYNAOGUES & JEWS FROM AL QAEDA OR NEO-NAZI ATTACKS!! JOIN & SUPPORT THE JDO SECURITY TEAM! Help stop the Menorah desecration.
Click HERE for info on this outbreak. CALL 212-252-3383 E MAIL JUDEAM@JEWISHDEFENSE.ORG Enough Al Qaeda Terror and Enough Jewish Weakness!!!

Yesterday JDO confronted Neturei Krakpot at the "Israel Concert" held in Central Park that supports the settlers in Israel that is held after the Israel Day Parade. Briefly, the Neturei Crackpot the exact ones that had hugged the "Hitler of Iran" AHMADINEJAD came with "Death to Israel!" and Hamas Islamic Nazi banners supporting bombings against Jews in Israel showed up around 5 pm At that point 800 angry Jews many Jewish youth, a third of them from JDO Camp Jabotinsky physically charged when these Holocaust denying neo-Nazi helping Neturei Crackpot tried to destroy an Israeli flag. At that point the crowd screamed "Go Back to Iran AHMADINEJAD and neo-Nazi David Duke" as well as "G-D was good when he burned down Neturei Karta headquarters in Monsey. "Neturei Karta headquarters was recently burned down after JDO had a rally there, it was done by G-D. Now, whoever wants to thank JDO for getting 800 angry Jews to confront Neturei Crackpot yesterday then put your money where your mouth is? No excuses! JDO campaign against Neturei Karta is called "Operation Screwball against Neturei Crackpot"

JDO Blasts "Excuse for a Mayor Bloomberg" for Weakness and Cowardice in the Face of Al Qaeda Islamic Terror

After the Al Qaeda Islamic Nazis put a car bomb to slaughter innocent people guess which "excuse for a mayor “denied it was foreign terrorists, and instead Called it a minor "amateur job"? You guessed it Bloomberg lied on purpose so average New Yorkers won't run any Al Qaeda supporters right out of the country. Now Bloomberg truly is a lemming, a midget in terms of his care for Jews or stopping Islamic terrorists. For example recently when Columbia University dared to honor and invite the Hitler of Iran AHMADINEJAD and JDO launched protests guess which cowardly groveled to anti-Semites said to the newspapers he could not care less if AHMADINEJAD was brought to Columbia! This and many other statements in the past downplaying the threat of Islamic terrorists doing attacks as well as giving money to Jew-Hater Lenora Fulani a real terrorist proves that Bloomberg is a "real amateur" who should have been a 2 bit actor performing on the Ted Mack "Amateur Hour” a show for want to be actors who play an upside down violin at age 9. Bloomberg could do that well, as he is unfit to be mayor of anything!

Neo-Nazis Win Elections in Hungary

What Must Be Done ! The Jews in Hungary must take immediate steps to save themselves from the Serious neo-nazi threat.

1. Jews Go Home and for Jew’s home is to Israel. Jews in Hungary and all of Europe must leave for Israel. They must not wait until the situation is so dangerous that they get trapped by a worse threat and are unable to leave like Jews in Germany ended up with!

2. Until Jews leave for Israel, they must get (legally) armed with guns. Every Jewish man should get rifles and shotguns which any hunter can buy in Hungary and Europe. Now of course the Torah forbids Jews to hunt. But we can say we want guns for (legal) target practice. If the neo-Nazis try and more riots against Jews then Jews in their homes will have guns to protect their synagogues and themselves.

3. Jews in Hungary ad Europe must formed physically trained self-defense squads and Volunteer security teams made up of Jews that know how to fight and guard Jews Those who are untrained should be trained in guns and karate, kickboxing so as to protect their fellow Jews. Jabotinsky in the 1920 and 30’s told Jews in Germany to form just such "Jewish Self-Defense Organizations" to show the enemy of the Jews tat Jews can and will defend each other. He formed 1905 such a thing to protect Jews in Russia from the anti-Semitic pogrom riots! Jabotinsky’s slogan about Jews and guns? "Better to have a gun and not need it, than to need it and n t have it! Also "Jewish Youth Learn to Shoot!

4. Jews must smash up any attempt by the neo-Nazis to march or meet anywhere ! "Smash the Nazis" at their "Jews to the Ovens-6 Million More” marches, as well as where ever they go! Now if Hitler’s early Nazi Party meeting when he only had 60 would have been smashed up physically, (1921) the Nazi Party would have collapsed and 6 Million more Jews would be alive today !

5. Someone is giving money to the neo-Nazis, who? You must set up like JDO has your own intelligence unit that can really know who is in the neo-Nazis and who helps them! They need to be exposed so they get fired from their job or that you put the company they own out of business!


JDO Action Alert!

Norman Finkelstein the self-hating Holocaust denier, helper of Hezbollah and Hamas Islamic Nazis who bomb and murder Jews in Israel and worldwide has been invited to give one of his vicious Jew-Hating, Israel-Hating, Holocaust denying, and America-Hating speeches at New York University. JDO HAS JUST LAUNCHED “OPERATION DRIVE OUT” TO DEMAND THAT NYU CANCEL FINKELSTEIN’S SPEECH! We need every angry Jew to call both the President and Vice President of NYU to demand that enemy of Jews, Israel and America Finkelstein be cancelled now. Tell them that we will reach many NYU Jewish alumni and demand they cut off every dime to NYU if Finkelstein speaks!!!

Call Vice President of New York University Michael Alfano 212-998-4090 Also e mail the President of NYU John Sexton JOHN.SEXTON@NYU.EDU

Tell them both to cancel Finkelstein Now! Tell every Jew you know and copy the flyer and give it out to Jews everywhere! Now as always JDO must ask for you to read and then copy this urgent JDO Action Alert! This campaign “Operation Drive Out!” against Norman Finkelstein! Get it to Jews all over internet!!


Norman Finkelstein
a lecture and discussion
7:00PM, Monday, April 19
NYU Silver Center, Room 703
100 Washington Square East 
•What can students do to promote justice and human rights in Palestine?
•And more!
Free and open to the public (with photo ID)! 

Organized by:
Radical Film and Lecture Series
NYU Students for Justice in Palestine
NYU Arab Students United 

JDO NEWS: B'SD JDO Action Alert The United States Attorney, the government prosecutor has agreed to give a known convicted Al Qaeda helper Ahmad Afzali a jail sentence 6 months and getting deported! That is a joke of a sentence for someone who helped Al Qaeda mass murdering Islamic terrorists who have made plans to bomb synagogues, as well as blow up innocent people in subways, stores and airports! THE US ATTORNEY MADE A DEAL THAT IS A COWARDLY TERROR HELPING ACT OF APPEASEMENT WITH AN AL QAEDA HELPER AFZALI!! CALL THE US ATTORNEY BENTON CAMPBELL 718-254-7000 AND DEMAND THAT THE DEAL WITH AL QAEDA HELPER AFZALI BE STOPPED AND CANCELLED AND THAT AFZALI BE GIVEN A LONG SENTENCE IN JAIL!!! CALL US ATTORNEY BENTON CAMPBELL 718-254-7000 FROM 9 A.M. TO 4 P.M. EST

ROMBOM is at it again pretending to be law enforcement.

JDO DEMANDS 92 ST Y TO CANCEL SPEAKERS CALLING ON JEWS TO CUT OFF AID TO ISRAEL TO HELP DESTROY ISRAEL On Wednesday Feb 24 the 92 st Y a Jewish community center in Manhattan has a group ofspeakers at a 7:30 PM session Hannah Mermelstein who leads a group that is viciously anti-Israeland has the gall to call for companies and people to stop supporting Israel so as to destroyit.Another self-hating Jew and enemy of Jews and Israel is Marc Ellis a Jew who has made his career trying ot destroy Israel. We need every Jew to call the Y today and demand it be cancelled !The head of the Y is Siol Adler its director call him at 212-415-5470 and ask for him. Tell him to cancle these traitors to the Jews!!! THE MEETING WAS CANCELLED B'SD

The American Civil Liberties Union Free Lawyers in Service of Al Qaeda?

The ACLU is a collection of liberal leaning lawyers some Jewish and some not. All have made an evil track record for defending free of charge neo-Nazis and KKK Jew-Hating and racist terrorist outfits whose goal is to murder Jews, and innocent Blacks and other minorities. If we all remember it was less than 4 years ago when ACLU's top attorney and self-hating Jew Norman Siegel went to court to get a permit for the KKK to have a "Kill the Jews" and “Lynch Blacks " rally right in the heart of Manhattan. At the time JDO marched on traitor to the Jews KKK free lawyer" Norman Siegel’s home in the Upper West Side to teach him a lesson, a Jewish lesson, that "Jews must never defend the Nazis or Klan."The ACLU under Siegel had already defended Khalid Muhammad the Black Nazi and number two under Black Hitler Farrakhan to hold in Manhattan a "Kill the Jews" "Kill the Whites" rally which actually became a riot exactly like JDO predicted it would.

Now, the ACLU has just gone to court to block the NYPD from putting video cameras in the subway's to catch any attempts by Al Qaeda Islamic Nazis from bombing the subways! The ACLU went to court to remove the safety cameras and ask a judge to block the NYPD from searching people who might have bombs from entering the subways. It was ACLU lawyer Chris Dunn who sued to do this evil thing that endangers Jews and non-Jews anyone that uses the subways! Recently, the ACLU sued an airline that threw various suspicious people off a plane.

Now, the ACLU has announced it opposes doing x ray checking on those waiting to board planes! This tells you exactly how much the ACLU endangers everyone living in America. The ACLU makes it easier for the Al Qaeda types to bomb synagogues, Jews, and innocent Americans in the planes, subways, and department stores! JDO has a plan to destroy the Al Qaeda helping and free lawyers for Auschwitz planning neo-Nazis .The fact is the ACLU does not charge the assorted collection of Al Qaeda or neo-Nazis or KKK. They do all this evil helping of terrorists without charging a dime! How does this evil outfit the ACLU pay their office rent as they have offices all over the country, court costs etc ? Simple, there are an assortment of fools that give millions of dollars to the ACLU and that subsidizes all their evil actions of treachery that stab Jews and innocent non-Jews in the back! JDO is calling upon any honest person that gives a dime to the ACLU to cut it off. Soon JDO is going to make a list public of various ACLU top contributors.JDO will need you to call them and demand they CUT OF EVERY CENT TO THE ACLU FREE LAWYERS FOR AL QAEDA & NEO-NAZIS !!! B'SD

JDO Review of the New Kunstler movie “Disturbed about Being a Jew"

Let it be perfectly clear that in spite of Kunstler's daughter claiming that Kunstler considered himself and was happy to be a Jew, nothing could be further from the truth! Kunstler and his successor’s self-hate Jews only too happy to praise those who murdered innocent Jews during the Crown Heights Pogrom riot against Jews led by Kunstler's hero Black Nazi Al Sharpton. Let us repeat what he wrote in the Amsterdam News in Sonnets by William Kunstler that “the chosen one Yankel Rosenbaum and the others chosen ones got the street justice they deserved." Well Yankel Rosenbaum was sliced up like a salami by a mob screaming “kill the Jews" during the crown Heights Pogrom! Does that sound like a proud Jew or a self-hating Jew? In Vanity Fair magazine (Americas Most Hated Attorney) Kunstler was asked if he would defend a racist white who killed a Black person. He said no. Then the interviewer asked how at that very moment he was defending a leader of Abu Nidal Arab Nazi group just arrested in the Midwest for planning to murder lots of Jews? Kunstler said " I am now hostile to the Jews and do not consider myself one of them anymore." Kunstler never defended Jewish Militants arrested for battling anti-Semites physically. He like his other cronies from the far left National Liars Guild (were too busy supporting the Arab Nazi PLO and Hamas, as well as Sharpton the leader of the Crown Heights Pogrom. Kunstler also supported Stalin, Castro, and anyone that wanted to destroy Israel or America. He helped defend the Trade Center bombers who had lists of synagogues and Jews they planned to bomb and shoot. On the Barry Grey radio show Kunstler said he was happy the Trade Center was bombed as it was symbol of “US ImperialisHe supported the mass murder of innocent whites Colin Ferguson on the LIRR. He even supported a Black terrorist group the Black Liberation Army for shooting policemen. Kunstler called anyone that shoots policemen a hero! Of course in his own autobiography Kunstler said he only defends those he agrees with what they did! Kunstler was a self-hating Jew who made a career out of helping that goal was to try and destroy Jews, Israel and America. The movie about this traitor to the Jews should be called Kunstler, "Disturbed about Being a Jew!"


A militant Jewish group based in Manhattan after trying to get neo-Nazi Jew-Hater from England David Irving latest meeting cancelled there, has responded with even stronger tactics. JDO is pledging to make public the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the large numbers of neo-Nazis from all over New York City who were supposed to go to the meeting to support neo-Nazi David Irving’s goal of killing Jews. JDO is also publicizing the name of a top lawyer named Richard Bleiberg who is a neo-Nazi sympathizer and secret contributor to neo-Nazi misfit David Irving. JDO as part of "Operation Nazi Kicker" is demanding that all Jews who have any business dealings with Bleiberg stop, and never hire Bleiberg as an attorney again. JDO intends to let all of Bleiberg law clients know that their money ends up in neo-Nazi David Irving’s pocket. Call The Century 212-265-1608 and ask them to kick Bleiberg out.

Richard Bleiberg
25 Central Park West, Apt. 14T
New York, NY 10023

richardbleiberg@earthlink.net 29.8.09 is okay August 28, 2009 @ 9:13 PM Comments I am prepared for a road trip, especially after your last venture into Manhattan! Reply: we will do Manhattan and New Jersey this fall

JDO also wants Bleiberg's boss, Jeffrey Gurren to fire him. "We will get the neo-Nazis evicted from their homes, run out of their offices, and run out of the state" said Jeff Klein JDO spokesman. Meanwhile the JDO website and e mails and the JDO hotline have just launched the campaign against neo-Nazi sympathizer Bleiberg. On the JDO website is a copy of the proof showing the secret e mail messages of hard core support between Bleiberg and neo-Nazi misfit David Irving. Bleiberg is a disgrace to his father who fought in the United States Army infantry in World War II and was wounded in Okinawa. His dad, who was from Brooklyn, was editor of Baron's Business Weekly. Richard is a big contributor to the Ludwig Von Mises Institute, despite the fact that Von Mises fled Austria when the Nazis took over. He lives with Victoria A Federgreen and works at Title Associates Inc. 825 3rd Ave., P.O. Box 12th Fl. New York, New York (New York Co.) CLICK HERE to see the proof which hackers downloaded from Irving. Click here to see article from WIRED about this event. GET LEAFLET TO DISTRIBUTE

Click HERE for results of analysis of hacked material.

Neo-Nazis Murder Yeshiva Student & Attack Jews Ukraine! What Must Be Done!

The Jews in Hungary must take immediate steps to save themselves from the Serious neo-Nazi threat.

1. Jews Go Home and for Jews home is to Israel. Jews in Ukraine, Russian, and all of Europe must leave for Israel. They must not wait until the situation is so dangerous that they get trapped by a worse threat and are unable to leave e like Jews in Germany ended up with!

2. Until Jews leave for Israel, they must get (legally) armed with guns. Every Jewish man Should get rifles and shot guns which any hunter can buy in Ukraine, Russia, and Europe. Now of course the Torah forbids Jews to hunt. But we can say we want guns for (Legal) target practice. If the neo-Nazis try and more riots against Jews then Jews in their homes will have guns to protect their synagogues and themselves.

3. Jews in Ukraine, Russia, and Europe must formed physically trained self-defense squads and volunteer security teams made up of Jews that know how to fight and guard Jews Those who are untrained should be trained in guns and karate, kickboxing so as to protect their fellow Jews. Jabotinsky in the 1920 and 30’s told Jews in Germany to form just such "Jewish Self-Defense Organizations" to show the enemy of the Jews that Jews can and will defend each other. He formed 1905 such a thing to protect Jews in Russia from the anti-Semitic pogrom riots! Jabotinsky‘s slogan about Jews and guns? "Better to have a gun and not need it, than to need it and not have it! Also "Jewish Youth Learn to Shoot!"

4. Jews must smash up any attempt by the neo-Nazis to march or meet anywhere! "Smash the Nazis" at their "Jews to the Ovens-6 Million More” marches, as well as where ever they go! Now if Hitler’s early Nazi Party meeting when he only had 60 Would have been smashed up physically, (1921) the Nazi Party would have collapsed and 6 Million more Jews would be alive today!

5. Someone is giving money to the neo-Nazis, who? You must set up like JDO has your own intelligence unit that can really know who is in the neo-Nazis and who helps them! They need to be exposed so they get fired from their job or that you put the Company they own out of business!

Crown Heights Again?

Black Nazi Al Sharpton threatened attacks on Jews in Crown Heights, threatening to "smash the Jews up there." A wave of violent dangerous attacks has followed this Black Nazis threats to re do what he did ( Heaven Forbid) during the Crown Heights Pogrom riot. 48 hours ago a Yeshiva bus filled with Jewish children was attacked by men throwing gigantic huge rocks at that bus filled with innocent defenseless Jewish children. Last week an innocent Jew was stabbed by vicious Jew-Haters and it was not a robbery. The Torah is very clear and says, " Do Not Stand Quietly By When Your Fellow Jewish Brother’s Blood is Being Spilled!" If Black Nazi Al Sharpton gets away with attacking the Jews in Crown Hts then your neighborhood could be next. JDO is now organizing patrols and volunteers to help protect the Jews in Crown Heights.




The JDO has been made aware that a collection of Jew-Hating swastika and storm trooper uniform wearing neo-Nazi group called the National Socialist Movement (American Nazi Party) are trying to hold a “Gas the Jews 6 Million More, Bomb synagogues and Jews now" meeting in a hotel in New Jersey. This collection of neo-Nazis skinheads who hate Jews, are planning on holding a meeting in New Jersey on the week of Hitler’s birthday in April. This neo-Nazi main leader of New Jersey was just arrested for threatening to bomb synagogues and shoot Jews all over the country! JDO MUST LOCATE THE EXACT HOTEL- MOTEL THE DEATH CAMP SEEKING NEO-NAZIS OF THE NATIONAL SOCIALIST MOVEMENT WANT TO USE!! JDO Intelligence Unit needs your help locating it!! We need every angry Jew to call all New Jersey hotels & motels and ask for catering department, or person in charge of renting out meeting rooms. Tell that person that neo-Nazis are trying to rent under a fake name for a neo-Nazi KKK convention for the week of April 15-16. Ask them to check their list see if anyone suspicious tried renting. Also tell them to look at JDO website about JDO plan to boycott any hotel or motel that rents to the neo-Nazis for their "Bomb synagogues and Jews 6 Million More Jews to the Ovens Meeting"



Militant Jewish group targets neo-Nazi gathering

Friday, February 04, 2011

Meir Rinde


TRENTON -- A militant Jewish organization is pledging to track down the location of a neo-Nazi conference planned for the Trenton area in April and pressure hotels to cancel any bookings by the group. After The Times reported yesterday that the National Socialist Movement is planning a two-day conference in mid-April with a rally outside the Statehouse, the New York-based Jewish Defense Organization said it would use the same tactics that anti-racist groups have recently employed in North Carolina and elsewhere to hound white supremacists out of the region.

"We're calling on angry Jews all over New Jersey to call every hotel up and down New Jersey and demand the hotel cancel on them," said Jeff Goldman, a member of the JDO's New Jersey chapter. "If any hotel rents to them there will be angry demonstrations, and a boycott of whichever hotel dares to rent to them." An anti-semotic white-supremacist group, American Renaissance, had a forum in Charlotte, N.C., canceled by its hotel in recent days, according to published reports. The group accused a local city council member of pressuring the hotel. "We want to turn New Jersey into Charlotte, where they get banned, they can't rent a garbage can," Goldman said. "We're calling it Operation Nazi Kicker." Jason Heicke who runs the neo-nazi NSM in new Jersey and is trying to have the meeting said"They want to intimidate hotels here in New Jersey that could really use the rentals of their rooms in this struggling economy," he said in an e-mail. "A hotel that would have a two-day conference could turn around and make a good pay for themselves and their workers." Hiecke said he does not want to say where the conference will take place because of the problems that would be caused by identifying the location. "We are patriotic Americans, and as you can see we are never the ones to be arrested or start the trouble at any of our rallies," he said. Organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center describe the Detroit-based National Socialist Movement, or NSM, as the nation's largest neo-Nazi group. They say it promotes an anti-Semitic and racist ideology through rallies, a website and other online activities. The group wears military-style clothing bearing swastikas, the German Nazi symbol, during its eventsand swastika armbands and banners with "Hilter Was Right " "They are to be taken very seriously," Goldman said. "They hate blacks, they hate Jews." In Germany, he said, "they ignored (the Nazis) at a price, called Auschwitz," he said, referring to the notorious World War II death camp in Poland. "With God's help, we don't intend to let that happen again."The NSM conference is scheduled for April 15-16, with an outdoor rally of 75 to 150 people scheduled for the second day. MORE Somehow the media linked us to the New Black Panthers who are Jew-haters. Only Yeshiva World got it right.


Today the National Socialist Movement, the nation’s largest neo-nazi group, is holding a conference at the Pemberton 449 Club. Tomorrow, April 16th, they’re marching at the State Capitol in Trenton allegedly to protest “immigration”. In reality, these neo-nazis are coming to our area to preach hatred against Black and Brown people. Those who are interested in this “movement" are virulently racist and anti-Semitic.

Despite its relatively small membership, Neo-Nazism is not an ideology we can ignore. This past January, NSM member Jeffrey Harbin was arrested heading to Arizona carrying a dozen pipe bombs, and a bomb was discovered set to blow up a Martin Luther King Jr. march in Spokane, WA. In 2008, ten per cent of hate crimes nationally were reported right here in New Jersey. Obviously, when left to their own devices, white supremacists prepare for violent terrorism against Black and Brown people, Jews, the LGBT community and others.


Call the Comfort Inn in Bordentown, NJ!

Call the 449 club in Pemberton, NJ

Tell them to cancel the reservations of the neo-nazis staying there this Weekend!

Comfort Inn

Phone: (609) 298-9111

Fax: (609) 298-7960

449 Club Phone: (609) 726-0449

We cannot allow a group that holds such violent beliefs to preach in our community. It is imperative that we get this conference shut down and signal to all hotels and banquet halls in our state that they cannot welcome neo-nazis whose sole aims are to plot violence against their neighbors.

Take some time out of your day today, and let the hotel management know that we do not appreciate their providing a forum for racist hate speech, and that no one will patronize their business while they support a neo-Nazi agenda.

Call, fax or email the Comfort Inn in Bordentown, NJ! Ask for the general manager, and the director of sales. Please be polite to the people answering the phones – save your anger for the hotel management who allow such groups to utilize their spaces without first checking to see that they are supporting a HATE GROUP.

Sample comment: “I am a former Comfort Inn customer, and I want register that I will not be patronizing Choice Hotels in the future unless you cancel their reservations. Please take my concerns to your management.”

Comfort Inn

Phone: (609) 298-9111

Fax: (609) 298-7960

449 Club Phone: (609) 726-0449

You can also call the corporate offices of the Comfort Inn and let them know how disgusted you are that one of their hotels would allow a neo-nazi meeting to take place on their premises! Choice Hotels International 10750 Columbia Pike Silver Spring, MD, US 20901 Phone: (301) 592-5000

It would also be nice if the Investor Relations Department knew how the public felt about their hotels hosting neo-nazi events: Investor Relations Phone: (301) 592-5026 Fax: (301) 592-5079 investor_relations@choicehotels.com

Call, fax and email - be angry, be firm, but be legal. In solidarity, JDO


We Jews know that the Al Qaeda website calls for radical Moslems to bomb synagogues and shoot Jews all across the United States. Yet, Robert C Gottlieb a Jewish attorney is now defending those very same Al Qaeda Islamic Nazis just arrested in Queens for a plot to bomb even more airplanes and numerous other targets from New York and across the country here in America! Gottlieb, in the tradition of that other self-hating Jew and attorney William Kunstler is only too happy to take the blood stained money from Al Qaeda's coffers even if the Al Qaeda crowd threatens to try and murder (Heaven Forbid) every Jew in America!

When the Ku Klux Klan the anti-Semitic, racist terrorists get arrested plotting to bomb and shoot innocent Blacks recently would any Black attorneys defend the KKK terrorists or work on their legal case in any way trying to get the racist Klan off the hook ? Of course not, and neither should any Jews become an attorney for Al Qaeda who plots and plans to bomb synagogues and Jews, and airplanes, and department stores, something the Robert C Siegel and William Kunstler type Jewish attorneys would only be too happy to see happen!!

First, JDO is launching "Operation Crush Terror" against this Kunstler imitator Robert C Gottlieb and tell every Jew you know DO NOT HIRE ROBERT C GOTTLIEB AS AN ATTORNEY!! Second, tell every Jew you know Robert C Gottlieb's info and copy this message and put all over the net ROBERT C GOTTLIEB offices.

111 Broadway, Suite 701
New York, NY 10006
(212) 566-7766 Phone
(212) 374-1506 Fax

775 Park Avenue Suite 255-16
Huntington, New York 11743
(631) 549-9300 Phone
(631) 549-9303 Fax 

The publicity seeking non-entity Gottlieb's client was tipped off that the Feds were watching him by Imam Afzali who was a double agent for Al-Qaeda working with the JTTF and the NYPD. JDO knows he guilty because we know Ron Kuby, the attorney who Kunslter's family believes got Kunstler into all this Jew hatred DOES NOT DEFEND SNITCHES. If Afzali was not a double agent working against America, Ron Kuby (who had been forced in Judaism by his father who converted and joined the JDL turning him into a Jew hater) would not be defending him. Afzali put his house up for bail. Can anyone detect any contradictions in these first two documents dealing with his bail so we can get him put back in the can where trash like this, who worked with those planning to take the lives of hundreds, if not thousands of New Yorkers, belongs. EMAIL JudeaM

traces on property put up for bail type in Afzali

bail agreement




Who was Walter Rathenau? He was a German Jew self-hater who like Kissinger was anti-Zionist and anti-Israel. Rathenau was the Secretary of State in the democracy called the Weimar Republic of Germany, pre-Hitler Germany that is. In Germany Rathenau was an open self-hating Jew who never would think of helping Jews under attack for being Jews. Simply put Kissinger has the same assimilated ashamed to be a Jew personality. Recently it came out that Kissinger told then President Nixon when talking about the suffering of Jews in the Soviet Union. That if all the Jews were gassed by Soviets it is not an American problem. If a Black Secretary of State heard that some white supremacists were bombing Blacks around the world that is no one's problem? Of course not as when Blacks suffered under the evils of apartheid of South Africa all Blacks here spoke out! Not one were self-haters who would say it is all right for white supremacists of thru KKK to murder innocent Blacks .Blacks are proud of who they are and do not have the sickness of self-hatred like Henry Kissinger. Next example was when innocent Israeli Jews were butchered in 1972 at the Olympics by black September Arab Nazi groups guess what happened. Nixon afraid that Jewish Militants would lead marches on the White House demanding the US Government condemn the attack for what it is, President Nixon suggested to Kissinger that the flags be flown at half mast as sign of sympathy for Israel and the US is with it as it faced an Arab Nazi terror attack. Who said no? The self-hating Jew Kissinger told Nixon not to do it as it would give out the idea that Jews run things over the White House. The reason Kissinger a man who like Walter Rathenau so filled with self-hate like you would not believe. So were Rathenau and vicious Jew-Haters assassinated Rathenau for signing the peace treaty for Germany that ended World War I. The Nazis and their sympathizers called Rathenau a traitor to Germany" and assassinated him calling him a "Jewish November Criminal "as November was the month Germany signed the Rathenau treaty. Kissinger as Secretary of State also signed a "peace treaty' with Vietnam something the neo-Nazis bring up day and night just like did in the 1920's and 30's. Hitler lied about the German Jews stabbed Germany in the back, the neo-Nazis and KKK types lie every minute when they say "Kissinger the Jew" does as part of some Jewish plot. Also Kissinger during the Yom Kippur War in 1973 refused to give Israel weapons that he had been told to by Nixon. Why did Kissinger do this? Later he said to make Israel bleed more! The ADL run by dishonest Above Foxman just gave a pathetic award to Kissinger. But then Foxman will give an award to anyone that sells Jews out. If anti-Zionist Rathenau was alive and was willing to give ADL a "Marc Rich "style donation he would give him a plaque. Do we dare to forget that Foxman took $250,000 from Marc Rich the two bit con-man to get him a pardon, while not lifting a finger for Pollard!

JDO Applauds Bombing of Ahmadinejad Headquaters in London the Iranian Embassy

Today JDO states we had no hand in the bombing that just happened but are quite happy in fact we have a JDO chapter in London, but JDO is not a Jewish Underground. JDO is instead an armed public Jewish self-defense group that patrols synagogues and Jews homes from violent anti-semitic or terror attack. As for the Iranian Embassy it is Ahmadinejad who actually planned attacks on Jews in Israel and around the world. In fact it was Ahamdinejad who sent Iranian trained terroroists to blow up several hundred Jews at the Jewish Center in Bueno Aires Argentina a few short yeas ago. So now apparently some angry Jews in London formed their own Jewish Underground to strike back just like the Irgun used to do,and give the Hitler of Iran a taste of "Jewish Justice" should we shed a tear? There were 3 Jewish Undergrounds in pre-state Israel, the Irgun, Stern Group and Hagana. The Irgun was mainly Jewish youth and adults who originally had been part of Jabotinsky group the Jewish Self-Defense Organization which was a public armed self-defense group. The Irgun was completly underground and did use bombs and bullets on actual members of Arab terrorist groups starting in the mid 1930's. One day Jabotinsky read in the newspapers that after some Arab terrorists had blown up scores of innocent Jews living all over pre-state Israel the Irgun did a series of retaliatroy and preventative bombings at the secret headquaters of the PLO Hamas types of those times. They even bombed these Arab terror groups and they really hit hard with bombs and bullets. The Irgun boys on those missions ot save Jews lives did not ask Jabotinsky's for permission which when they had been in the public armed self-defense group

Jewish Self-Defense Organization they would have.In fact at first Jabotinsky would say anytime someone would want to speak to him about who did these attacks he would say "father (himself) does not want to know anything." On the other hand after a series of suuccesful bombing and shootings against the PLO and Hamas Arab Nazi groups of those times he wrote praising thier actions these important words. "My children write more clearly and more succintly than I do." amd he praised and morally supported Irgun attacks against known enemies of the Jews be it Nazis in Germany or Arab terrorists in Israel or anywhere else. Prior to that Jabotinsky had been invoved with taking up guns against pogromists anti-semites in Russia,or Arab rioters in Israel as part of a self-defense for Jews as well as holding demonstrations.

Now, JDO has been asked what it thinks of these recent attacks on Ahamdinejad HQ in London. Simple we will say "we don't know who did it and we don't want to know, but Jews can breathe a lot better now that some Jews who we don't even know, decided to resssurect an Irgun way of doing things, even if JDO itself cannot travel that long poweful undergound road, at least others understand. They write far more clearer than we do, their message will be clearly understood by Ahmadinejad the Iranian Hitler."

Meanwhile the Quakers and others are having a dinner to honor the "Hitler of Iran" this Thursday night at the Gand Hyatt and there will be a huge rally to protest. The same Quakers whose leaders went to meet Hitler in Germenyt during the Holocaust agaisnt Jews and praised him as "a man of peace"Now these fakers are lying in a news story where their head liar (Fleming) denied that Ahmadinjad ever denied the Holocaust. They admit they are doiing this dinner to save Islamic Relublic of Iran and their heor Ahamdinejad from sanctions and to actually get the world of his back !! Never forget that the Quacker radicla political arm the Americans Friends Service Committee worked with the Arab Nazis of the PLO and had "Death to Israel" demonstrations with known Arab terrorists groups. JDO is going to make the names and home addresses of the American cheering section holding this dinner public so angry Jews can march on these colloborators with the "Hitler of Iran's" homes right here !! JDO soon will put that on the website as part of "Operation Crush Terror!". Click HERE to see the close similarity between Ahadminjad's speeck at the UN and the INTERNATIONAL JEW by Henry Ford. Click HERE for latest Iranian Nazi propaganda. There is good reason for the Mossad to be active after changing leadership. Message from Director Levy click HERE


There is no question that con-man thief Madoff ripped off a large number of Jewish organizations that help Jews in need both in Israel and here. There is no question that Jewish groups opened their doors to this con man with a silver tongue and were victimized by him, but one fact should be mentioned that no one else has. Madoff is a carbon copy of another two bit con man who also ripped off loads of people. His name is Marc Rich and when a warrant was put out for Rich's arrest for doing some of the same things Madoff by the Federal government here Rich fled. Then guess who for a 250,000 donation meets Rich in Europe and figures out a way to get bribery based pardon from then President Clinton? You guessed it "Dishonest Abe" Abe Foxman of the ADL. Foxman ever the conman himself not only wrote a letter on ADL stationary that Rich was a great man and should have all criminal charges dropped and be given a free pardon. Of course Dishonest Abe never once did this for Jonathan Pollard. But back to Rich a big scandal developed which JDO played a role in helping spread that exposed how Foxman not only spent his time helping come up with the idea of the pardon but Foxman's cronies asked other leaders of other Jewish Establishment groups to also write letters for a pardon, ad in exchange Rich gave them donations ! The ADL Board should have fired Foxman for this act of treachery but being the weak minded puppets of Foxman they did not. In fact when an ADL director dared to question about what Foxman did in Louisiana Foxman the dictator fired him a day later ! Now, when Jewish Establishment types saw how Foxman did not get punished for his act of treachery of helping Rich it sent a very bad message that anything goes, and you can be sure that Madden knew that of Marc Rich can buy a pardon by paying off Abe Foxman to help bribe his way to get a pardon from Clinton then truly anything goes. Then Madoff sees one can go from giving bribes to taking them, for himself that is. That is what the message became when Foxman was not fired for helping Rich, the same Marc Rich who was recently named by a UN Report as being involved with the Oil for Weapons scandal with Saddam Hussein when he was alive. Saddam Hussein had oil and he was not allowed to legally sell it, and Marc Rich the lying con man friend of Foxman helped him sell it. The profits were used by Saddam Hussein to pay for suicide bombings against Jews in Israel. Madoff has learned a lot from the Foxman-Rich scandal that he who wants can do anything they want including be a con man ans steal from Jewish charities caise Foxman will surely if his palms are greased ask whoever is President for a pardon.



DECEMBER 2009: The dirty filthy lying pigs of CAIR who describe themselves thusly "CAIR, America's largest Islamic civil liberties group, has 35 offices and chapters nationwide and in Canada. Its mission is to enhance the understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding" - pretend to condemn terrorism despite the fact that Randall Todd Royer, a leading member of CAIR now locked up in a cage 23 hours a day was a member of Lashkar-e-Taiba the group that sent its Islamist suicide robot mass murderers to Mombai Chabad House to kill its Rabbi and his wife. CAIR is in reality a terrorist support group. Read CAIRs lies:

WASHINGTON, D.C., 11/27/08) - A prominent national Islamic civil rights and advocacy group today condemned attacks on a number of sites in the Indian financial capital of Mumbai that left at least 100 people dead and many more injured. In a statement, CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad said: “We condemn these cowardly attacks and demand that all hostages taken by the attackers be released immediately and unconditionally. We offer sincere condolences to the loved ones of those killed or injured in these senseless and inexcusable acts of violence against innocent civilians. American Muslims stand with our fellow citizens of all faiths in repudiating acts of terror wherever they take place and whomever they target.”

Randall Todd Royer, who served as a communications specialist and a civil rights coordinator at CAIR was indicted and arrested for his association with Lashkar-e-Taiba. He allegedly traveled to Pakistan, did propaganda work for it, and “fired at Indian positions in Kashmir” with a machine gun and Rocket Propelled Grenade. In addition, his indictment states that Royer “possessed in his automobile an AK-47-style rifle and 219 rounds of ammunition” in September 2001. It was charged that on or about May 8, 2003, in Gaithersburg, Maryland, codefendant Masoud Ahmad Khan possessed a photograph downloaded from the Internet of the FBI Headquarters building in Washington, D.C. REFERENCE In November Judge Leonie Brinkema sentenced three of Royer’s co-defendants to 11½, 11¼ and 3 years and 10 months in prison. Royer received a twenty-year prison sentence. (Justin Bergman “Three Men Sentenced In Jihad Paintball Case” Associated Press November 7, 2003)


Musharraf needed domestic Islamists in the popular war to "liberate Kashmir from the Hindu idolaters" and the Pakistani Government utilized fighters like Hafiz Sayeed, leader of Lashkar-i-Taiba, (the Army of the Pure - also spelled Lashkar-e-Tayyaba) considered to be the largest of Pakistan’s militant Islamist Kashmirian independence groups. REFERENCE The Markaz campus at Muridke in Lahore, Lashkar-i-Taiba headquarters, was used as a hide-out for World Trade Center bomb maker Ramzi Yousef and CIA Agent murderer Mir Aimal Kansi. REFERENCE

In 1998 Pakistani Information Minister Mushahid Hussain, along with Punjab Province Governor Shahid Hamid, and other provincial ministers, visited the headquarters of Lashkar-e-Taiba and appreciated the work of the organization. Mushahid Hussain not only hailed the activities of Markaz Dawa al-Irshad, (A “Center for Preaching”) which trains and maintains Lashkar-e-Taiba, but he also said the Markaz taught the true concept of Islam. Although he was arrested in the anti-terrorist sweep following 9/11, Hafiz Sayeed served his sentence in a government guesthouse with access to a mobile phone. He is now free. In August 2006 Hafiz was re-house-arrested but released in October 2006 for lack of evidence.


Liz Michael "I still maintain that to side with the Communist Josef Stalin was a big mistake, and that siding with Hitler would have been better for both Britain AND the United States. To what degree that would have mitigated the Holocaust I don't know...Hitler would have had to control the whole world in order to wipe out world Jewry. If his allies were the British and the Americans, that would not have been possible, especially with Jews high in the hierarchy of both governments. Of course, had not the Rothschilds financed him, Hitler would have never come to power. But that's another story. It would however be interesting to compare your projected level of bloodshed had Hitler won, vs. world bloodshed that DID occur because Communism won, and make no mistake, Communism DID win the second world war. I would argue that world bloodshed would be less, and I would argue Jewish bloodshed would have been less, because the British and Americans could have intervened in the Holocaust, something they could not do as opponents, and truthfully it is not clear to what extent the Holocaust was known before the fall of Germany."

An avid supporter of Ron Paul Liz posted a message that read "Gun control will lead to another Holocaust" and then posted a recording of the Nazi agent Charles Limburgh's speech. When I questioned her about this she posted the above. Had the United States and Britain sided with Germany i.e. surrendered to Germany one of Hitler's demands would have been to turn over all British and American Jews including the family of Liz Michael, women, children, babies. Hitler did not have to control the entire world to do this. Hitler would have eventually attacked his allies or set up puppet Vichy style governments in Britain and the United States. Nazism is pernicious evil. Liz's idea about the Rothchilds was also that of Louis Farrakhan, March 19, 1995 at the Mosque Maryam, Chicago, IL: "The international bankers have always wanted what they called a "balance of power in the world...The Warburgs, the Rothschilds who financed Hitler." "The British and Americans could have intervened in the Holocaust, something they could not do as opponents" Liz believes that Hitler could have been reasoned with and dissuaded from implementing the final solution even though Nazism main goal is to kill Jews? She does not believe he was a madman. But the major key to Liz self-hating way of thinking is that if America wished to it could have bombed the concentration camps as a Nazi opponent but the Nazis kept the propaganda machine going this and fear of a coup, effectively tied FDRs hands. Would Liz have advocated an alliance with Nazi Germany had she lived through this frightening era? Then she claims that "it is not clear to what extent the Holocaust was known before the fall of Germany." Look at back issues of the New York Times, it may not have been on the front page, but it was there. That is what happens when you move too far to the right or left in America. Now here is the scary part. Liz is not the usual no-nothing ignorant populist who the founding fathers created the Electoral College to protect the nation against "UPenn '79 Wharton School of Business, Entrepreneurial Management, Finance High School: Germantown Friends School Employer: Analon International Position: Chief Executive Officer Time Period: January 1998 Present Location: Tempe, AZ Description: Network Systems and Design" What caused this sick thinking to arise? MORE TO COME


Today, the militant Jewish Defense Organization demanded that a vile violent Jew-Hating website overthrow.com run by the neo-Nazi group of Bill White, the neo-Nazi pig who inspired the attack to kidnap Eli Wiesel, be permanently shut down.This neo-Nazi website openly threatens even more violent attacks on Holocaust survivor Wiesel, and other Jews, and openly admits that Eric Hunt attacked Wiesel after getting the "message" from this group. JDO demanded that this neo-Nazi group "American National Socialist Workers Party" run by one neo-Nazi misfit named Bill White can be seriously charged for both the threats to have neo-Nazis do more attacks on Wiesel, and also charged for conspiracy for having neo-Nazi misfit follower Hunt do the attacks. "It is a federal offense to use the internet to threaten or advocate violence" JDO spokesman Jeff Klein.

Meanwhile, JDO as part of "OPERATION NAZI KICKER!" JDO is demanding that the government indict Nazi Pig White for all the different people that White has threatened over the years. JDO is also contacting numerous Jewish attorneys in the Chicago and Virginia area to make sure they do not become Nazi White's lawyer in his recent arrest. A year ago Nazi Pig White sent one of his threats to JDO via e mail and JDO after JDO had launched a campaign against the company that rented the Nazis their website.JDO even got the Nazi website (overthrow.com) turned off for a while. The company was Global Solutions based in Virginia and after JDO protests that company disconnected White's website. JDO is now warning any other company that even thinks of renting to any Neo-Nazis any websites that threaten Jews is JDO will go after those web providers and punish them with boycott and demonstrations.JDO will launch a boycott against any Jewish law firm just like it did to a Jewish attorney in New York Glenn Greenwald who made a "career" out of defending neo-Nazis. As part of "Operation Nazi Kicker" JDO is also demanding that the servers shut down all website of Neo-Nazi pigs." We are going to not only shut down neo-Nazi websites and hate lines. Click HERE for more on this nazi misfit. Or click GREAT GOV /phone numbers on Hale and White


Madoff stole from Jewish organizations that provide help to the Jewish poor and used the money to buy villas and yachts and is still not behind bars. Why is he under house arrest instead of at MCC or MDC? He is 70 years old and will die in prison so every day he is free cheats his victims out of the punishment he deserves. His greed caused one death so far, a French banker committed suicide. Madoff's condo was purchased with money derived from illegal activities and the deed should not be allowed to be used as collatoral. Why is he allowed to use his money to hire security guards when his bank accounts should be frozen so that what remains can be divided up among the victims? All the Feds froze was his business account. Bernie was on the streets until his sons refused to sign his bond, then the terms of his bond were altered so that in return for 24 hour house arrest he does not have to go to a federal prison. Who is Who is Frank DiPascali?" LOCK MADOFF UP NOW!



ADAM SHAPIRO WHO HELPED ARAFAT AND HIS JEW-KILLING TERRORIST LEADER ARAFAT OF THE "PLO" WHO HAS BOMBED ISRAELIS & AMERICANS SHAPIRO ADMITS BEFORE HE JOINED WITH PLO HE WAS GOING TO GO TO AFGHANISTAN TO HELP THE TALIBAN! (instead this Jewish John Walker Lindh went to Ramallah to join the PLO!) Traitor Adam Shapiro not only condemns Israel but publicly has condemned America for going to fight Bin Laden in Afghanistan. Shapiro has made numerous statements of hate to both Israel and hatred to America !



The RCP back Hamas the Arab Nazi group whose charter and chants are that the Jews are "a race of monkeys" worthy of being destroyed. The RCP during the Crown Heights Pogrom riot against Jews led by vicious Jew-Haters Sharpton and Sonny Carson came to Crown Heights backing the very vile Jew-Hating rioters who cut up Yankeol Rosenbaum A'H like a salami while they screamed "kill the Jews!" Now the RCP anti-semitic outfit sends some mindless self-hating Jews like Alan Goodman last week to picket outside the Holocaust Museum in NYC !These enemies of the Jews will pay very soon for their act of treachery!

SHAPIRO'S HOME ADDRESS 2212 BRIGHHAM AVE BROOKLYN sponsor JDO 212-252-3383 www.jewishdefense.org

HAMAS LOVERS PRESS RELEASE regarding above. Article in the Progressive COMMIES MOAN ABOUT LEAFLET of course they are totally against a free press. JTA article JDO suggests sending Shapiro and his wife to Gaza. Let's see if his wife is allowed to practice her religion there? Let's see what Hamas thinks about Shapiro's commie red diaper baby views! The Muslim Brotherhood says, "Kill all Commies!" and boy did they go after Gamal Abdul Nasser. As for the RCP, they are now on the side of the AXIS in their revisionist history of World War II. Communism and Nazism have crumbled into one another.


The New York Post reported, "In Times Square, meanwhile, a pro-Palestinian demonstration drew about 150 people. Seven police officers there suffered minor injuries breaking up a fight that started when somebody stomped on a Palestinian flag, the NYPD said. Ten people were arrested."



A 98 year-old woman named Irena Sendler died recently. During WWII, she got permission to work in the Warsaw Ghetto, as a plumbing/sewer specialist. She had an ' ulterior motive ' - she was German, and knew what the Nazi's plans were for the Jews. Irena smuggled infants out in the bottom of the tool box she carried and she carried in the back of her truck a burlap sack, for larger kids. She also had a dog in the back that she trained to bark when the Nazi soldiers let her in and out of the ghetto. Naturaly, the soldiers kept away from the dog and the barking covered the kids' noises. During her time of doing this, she managed to smuggle out and save 2,500 kids. She was caught, and the Nazi' s broke both her legs arms and beat her severely. Irena kept a record of the names of all the kids she smuggled out and kept them in a glass jar, buried under a tree in her back yard. After the war, she tried to locate any parents that that may have survived it and reunited the family. Most of course had been gassed. Those kids she helped got placed into foster family homes or adopted. Last year Irena was up for the Nobel Peace Prize ... She was not selected - but Al Gore was, for a slide show on Global Warming....."


Authorities investigating vandalism at area synagogues last month descended on a  Far North Side apartment today to interview a suspect and search for evidence, sources with knowledge of the investigation said. Federal agents and Chicago police officers in the Joint Terrorism Task Force collected evidence for about nine hours at the residence in the 6000 block of North Artesian Avenue. No one had been charged by late Thursday.Investigators were seeking evidence tied to the vandalism of several synagogues and Jewish schools in Chicago and Lincolnwood on Jan. 10 in the wake of Israeli airstrikes and troop incursions into the Gaza Strip. Windows were broken and "Death to Israel" and other anti-Israeli slogans were spray-painted on exterior walls.

Sources said a man of Jordanian descent who is suspected in the vandalism is also under investigation for sending written threats to Jewish institutions. Sources said the man lived in New York before moving to the West Rogers Park neighborhood about half a dozen years ago. After the search had been completed and authorities had left, a resident at the apartment identified himself by name and told reporters that he was the target of the investigation. The man, 24, denied wrongdoing and  said he had been singled out by authorities because he is Muslim. When asked why authorities would target him in particular, the man said he had asked investigators the same question. "I'm too busy studying and working to commit [hate crimes]," said the man, who indicated that he is attending school to be an engineer. The Tribune is not naming him because he hasn't been charged with a crime. But the search resulted in misdemeanor charges of possession of cannabis against Tawfiq Alkaramla, 47, another resident of the apartment building, Chicago police said.

Investigators could be seen removing computer equipment from the  building. Agents also seized a Chevrolet van and a Nissan  SUV. In addition to the recent vandalism, sources said, investigators were looking into whether a resident of the apartment was suspected of sending a threatening letter to Ida Crown Jewish Academy, an Orthodox Jewish high school at 2828 W. Pratt Blvd. Rabbi Leonard Matanky,  dean of the  academy, told the Tribune that the school received a bomb threat  Dec. 31. Eli Azzo, 38, a neighbor of the apartment searched by law enforcement, said the suspect lives with his wife and baby as well as parents and a sister on the second floor.

"The family is nice," Azzo said. "The guy is quick always to say hello. . . . They all seem like really nice people." Four synagogues and Jewish schools in Chicago and Lincolnwood were vandalized last month. At Lubavitch Mesivta of Chicago, a rabbinical school and synagogue at 2756 W. Morse Ave., the phrase "Death to Israel" was spray-painted on an exterior brick wall. The same words appeared on the front door  of Anshe Motele Congregation, 6526 N. California Ave. Two windows were smashed at Young Israel Congregation of West Rogers Park, 2706 W. Touhy Ave. Glass doors were shattered and "Free Palestine" and "Death to Israel" were scrawled on walls at the Lincolnwood Jewish Congregation,  7117 N. Crawford Ave. Judy Alexander, an administrator at the Lincolnwood congregation, called the vandalism part of an unfortunate undercurrent in the area.

"You can catch one of these people, but there are five others," Alexander said. "That's the sad part."

Tribune reporters Jeff Coen, Angela Rozas and Jeremy Gorner also contributed to this report.

--Noreen Ahmed-Ullah and Matthew Walberg

JDO Launches Campaign "Operation Drive Out!" to Drive Self-Hating Jewish Professor Hater of Israel- Mocker of the Holocaust- Out of De Paul University


Breaking news: JDO ad attacking Norman Finkelstein to demand De Pau University fire this traitor to the Jews, Holocaust mocker, turned down by the campus newspaper at De Paul! "This campus newspaper is just one more example of the frauds that will lyingly defend their campus papers when they run ads by neo-nazis, PLO, and even self-hating Jew like Finkelstein but bend over backwards trying to silence JDO for its right to expose an d run out this worthless spreader of Holocaust denial and anti-semitism Norman "self-hater" Finkelstein."

Re: JDO WANTS PLACE AD TO DEMAND DEPAUL FIRES NORMAN FINKELSTEIN! I have received your ad but due to the content we will not be able to run your ad in the DePaulia newspaper.

Thank you,

Christina B'SD JDO has Launched "Operation Drive-Out!" Norman Finkelstein Must Be Fired ! Holocaust mocker & supporter of Islamic terror groups that blow up Jews in Israel & Americans here Call President Dennis Holtschneider 312-362-8890 say Fire Finkelstein Now! For more info Jewish Defense Organization- WWW.JDO.ORG or call 212-252-3383

JDO Goes After Traitor to the Jews Finkelstein

Norman Finkelstein, long time Marxist-Communist hater of Israel is now the subject of a campaign launched by the JDO to get him fired from De Paul University in Illinois. Finkelstein, has given speeches to various Islamic terror groups meetings supporting both PLO, Hamas and Hezbollah attacks to murder Jews in Israel and around the world .Like Neturei Karta has even mocked the Holocaust. Finkelstein,in both his book and various speeches as a self-hating Jew dares to question whether many of the Holocaust survivors alive today were really in concentration camps in the first place!

At one speech Finkesltein gave after his book "The Holocaust Industry" was released he spoke in Germany and following his "the Holocaust was Exagerated" speech and spread poisonous lies that the Holocaust survivors were "runnng shakedowns" to get money for their non-existent suffering, Fikelstein was applauded by the large number of neo-nazis in the room ! That is why the JDO is launching "Operation Drive-Out!" calling upon Jews from across the United States to flood the Presidet of De Paul University demanding that traitor to the Jews Finkeslstein be fired immediately!


Message to Jewish Youth in America


In the United States today, thank G-D for the efforts of Jewish Militants ten years ago a large groups of Jews were protected from real live Pogroms, anti-Semitic riots. What was done to protect Jews from the hard-core attacks of the Farrakhan-Al Sharpton crowd of Black Nazis who then were rampaging in the streets screaming "Kill the Jews!" "No Justice, No Peace!" in a serious wave of attacks on Jews from New York to Los Angeles. Those were the days of militant, angry demonstrations against the excuse for a mayor, right at Dinkins home and office. Those were the day’s protests, street battles and self-defense patrols, which was on television nightly. It was the mostly student aged members of JDO who would hold angry rallies to demand safety and security for other Jews. Many Russian Jews, huge numbers joined the JDO Security Team to help us patrol endangered Jews. When at that time a Russian Jew Leonid Vinokur was brutally murdered in Brighton Beach by three 12-year-old violent criminals for the sum total of 5 dollars it was the Jewish Defense Organization and thousands of Russian and American Jews who marched angrily in the streets to demand justice. When a Russian Jew was murdered a half a sleep community suddenly woke up and learned to rally and march.

We see a real live pogrom in Crown Heights Brooklyn, and every Jew in this city, and even this country heard about it when it happened. A pogrom so bad that Jewish stores were burned, Jews were killed by rioting Black Nazis led by Al Sharpton, and Sonny Carson. One Jew, Yankel Rosenbaum A’H is sliced up like salami by a knife-wielding mob screaming, "Kill the Jew."

An elderly Jewish woman who lives in Crown Heights, and survived Auschwitz seeing and hearing this same mob burning buildings and scream about "killing Jews" jumps out her window to her death, muttering "I am not going back to the concentration camps again." Now several years later in the last few weeks of this year Jews in Crown Heights are again under attack, serious violent anti-Semitic attack. One Jew Ephraim Klein A’H is shot dead in his car. Another attack in which a 16 Year old walking to synagogue in ambushed by 7 vicious Jew-Haters and beaten so bad he goes to the hospital. Another is beaten several days before that by 8 local Jew-Hating thugs with baseball bats.

When the Crown Heights Pogrom happened several years ago one Jewish group swung into action. The Jewish Defense Organization was busy battling pogromists. JDO also has guarded synagogues across the country; to insure G-D willing that what Islamic terrorists did to the Jewish Community Center blowing it and hundreds of Jews Heavenward, not happen again! When neo-nazis 3 years ago both in Chicago and Los Angeles shot Jews at synagogues and the JCC not be allowed to go unchallenged or unanswered, so that it not be allowed to happen again. So, again and again the question is raised where are our supposedly fearless American Jewish youth? Why are they now almost invisible, except when someone in their own neighborhood like when Jewish neo-nazis shoot Community Center? If we could turn the clock back, the time clock of Jewish history, and if J.D.O. had not gone to the streets during those mass attacks on those Jews, and if Jewish Militants would have done nothing during the times that Dinkins allowed all those attacks right here. How about thinking what would be the danger if JDO didn’t march and rally against Black Hitler Farrakhan who was speaking on hundreds of cities and campuses with one message to riot and slaughter Jews? Would Jews be more in danger if JDO worked to actu8ally get Farrakhan stopped from speaking in a number of colleges? If JDO sat on its hands what would it br like for Jews from other areas, what would the situation of American Jews living in America be? They would still be petrified that one-day there would be pogrom riots against them, right here, led by the very same crowd that did the one in Crown Heights!

They would not be attending various colleges of their choice, ignoring the suffering of their fellow Jews, while enjoying the freedom of America. Now though that Jews are being murdered by Islamic terrorists from Seattle, Brooklyn to Paris France. Seattle Washington where a little over a month ago a Moslem terrorist stormed the Jewish Federation building shooting 7 women, killing one. He made it clear he "hates the Jewish pigs" and intended to slaughter all of them.

Do we forget the vanload of Yeshiva students machine gunned on the Brooklyn Bridge killing 16-year-old Ari Halberstam A’H? Do we forget that at this very moment Jews are murdered in Israel, and Al Qaeda website calls for shooting and bombing Jews all across America the same way? Do we dare close our eyes and ignore the Al Qaeda training camp in Upstate New York where young Islamic terrorists in training learn how to shoot and bomb Jews?

Sixty years ago another Jewish community sat on its hands, and did nothing. American Jews, and most Jews around the world sat and did nothing as Hitler rose to power, and as Jews, 12,000 a day were eventually put in the ovens at Auschwitz. It was this deafening silence of American Jews then who should have marched in the streets to demand that the U.S. Government bomb the railroad tracks to Auschwitz, and take other drastic measures to save their fellow Jews. But our American Jewish youth then, much like Jewish youth in America today were "too busy" with tests, work, parties, all manner of excuses to lift a finger to save their fellow Jews. The lesson that we must teach Jewish youth, and even the adults is, "Your Silence is Killing Jews!" Let’s put a permanent end to Jews silence, and become activists for our people, and make sure that NEVER AGAIN will we sit on our hands when Jews are attacked anywhere by Islamic terrorists, neo-nazis, or other anti-Semites. So that we will NEVER AGAIN allow a, Auschwitz, Bergen Belsen, Babi Yar, or Crown Heights Pogrom or Seattle Massacre to happen again!

Subject: Report on Beth Israel vigil 03-17-07 from henry herskovitz's blog

Successful Forum

About 60 people showed up to hear the 5-member panel of Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends talk about themselves, relate the personal stories that brought them to the streets to stand for Palestinian equal rights, and to answer questions from the audience. Two loud and uncontrollable members of Beth Israel Congregation did their best to disrupt our event, but weren't successful, and the audience was easily able to select which side was the "unreasonable" one. Readers will remember that Rabbi Dobrusin, in his January 14th op-ed classified the peaceful vigillers as unreasonable. Well-meaning questioners argued that since American tax dollars were creating the platform for Israeli atrocities, everyone had a voice in this struggle.

Some members of the audience opined that the disruption last Thursday was easily greater than the alleged disruption of Raymond Tanter's Nov. 30, 2006 campus talk, yet no one was arrested. Of course JWPF is not AMI (American Movement for Israel), and isn't so quick to call in the gendarmes. Funny the way power works...

This weekend Sunday & Monday (April 21 & 22, 2007) will be a huge conference at a QUEENS COLLEGE here in New York. Its title? "Is it 1938 for Jews in America?" Make no mistake this conference wasnot organized by JDO and although some of the speakers will admit that Jews in America are facing serious physical attack (Heaven Forbid), others will try with self-serving denials to pretend otherwise.

We have spoken to some of those who are supposed to speak and below is the message from JDO that will be distributed at this what could be an important conference. Their are a number of Jewish Establishment leaders speaking there, and as we pointed out to one that 10 years ago no Jewish Establsihemtn leader would have even fathomoed speaking at such an event with such a title. In fact JDO would and did have such meetins. Now, they are begining top grapple with a question they should have asked and honestly answered years ago. That is "Can it Happen Here?" The answer is Yes, but we must take serious actions and efforts to make sure it doesn't! Read the article below and you will see how the last time around even as Jabotinsky the head of the Jewish Self-Defense Organization tried to warn Jews about the impending Holocaust that was coming for Jews in a democracy called the Weimar Republic where Jews had money and influnce, held elective office, all right before Hitler. Now, as then, it was the Jewish Establishment, as well as Jewish thinkers that couldn't think, who tried every possible way to stop Jabotisnky the Jewish Militant leaders efforts.

Is It 1932 For Jews in America? Today in America, neo-nazis & KKK Jew-Haters like David Duke, and others have won elections, and primaries, across America blaming the Jews for all of Americas problems, just like Hitler did in his speeches and rallies in the 20’s and early 30’s before he came to power. Hitler only started with 6 members in a Beer Hall in Munich . At the time, it was the historian William Shirer wrote ( "Rise and Fall of Third Reich"), "Hitler in the late 1920’s was considered a joke laughed at by most Germans." Zev Jabotinsky the leader of the Jewish Self-Defesne Organization warned that Hitler and the Nazis would come to power, and murder the Jews of Germany and Europe. Most Jewish Establishment leaders laughed off Jabotinsky’s warnings. Some of them ended up" laughing all the way to Auschwitz." After Hitler came to power and started murdering Jews Hitler said" The Jews laughed at my threats before we Nazis came to power..Now that I am elected Fuehrer they are choking on their laughs." Jabotinsky then, like JDO today, told Jews to evacuate to Israel to get away from the coming storm. Jabotinsky also told all Jews to get guns,and set up Jewish self-defense units way before the Nazis came to power. Jabotinsky’s group actually set up training camps for young Jews, all over Europe and in America, just like the JDO does today, to create armed volunteer teams to protect Jews from attack.

ISLAMIC TERRORIST SHOOTS UP JEWISH FEDERATION ,SEATTLE HITS 7 JEWS.IN FACT ISLAMIC TERROR GROUPS HAVE SET UP ISLAMBERG IN UPSTATE NY AN ILLEGAL AL QUEDA STYLE TRAINING CAMP WHERE YOUNG MOSLEM TERRORISTS LEARN HOW TO BOMB AND SHOOT JEWS! Neo-Nazis shot Jews leaving synagogues in Chicago, shot up a JCC Jewish childrens camp, bombed synagogues in Sacramento, and did hudreds of attacks around the country on Jewish targets, including trying to kidnap Eli Wiesel..today.

Remember all the times that JDO warned the enitre Jewish community including the heads of various Jewish Establishment groups including the Jewish Federation as far back as 1999, that both Islamic terrorists and other Jew-Haters were planning to target synagouges and various Jewish Federation offices with hard core terror attacks ? In fact JDO called for armed volunteer security teams (legally trained with guns) to be put together to protect Jewish offices. In fact JDO had made that warning even before 1999, but at the Jewish Federation convention(GA) that year in Atalnata the National Director warned at a speech and various meetings that both the Islamic terror groups and neo-nazis were planning major attacks on Jewish targets, to bomb and shoot up Jews ! JDO warned them very bluntly what would happen if the Jewish Federation did not take immediate action to form such defense units.

Another warning was issued after the bombing of the Trade Center and even mentioning in the warning that when the head of the Jewish Self-Defense Organization, Jabotinsky, warned Jews in Germany and all over Europe about the danger facing them it was the weakness,blindness and cowardice of the Jewish leaders in Germany and elsewhere that laughed off the deadly sincere warning of the great Jewish Militant and Zionist Zev Vladmir Jabotinsky then, and deny the Jews were in any danger. It is happening a repeat again just as the Jewish Establishment by and large shrugged off JDO’s warnings today! 6 MILLION JEWS -NEVER AGAIN!!

"There is NO future for Jews Outside of Israel!" "Jews Must Set Up (legally) armed self-defense units all across America to protect Jews in the meantime." "Jews in America & Europe- Fight Back or Get Out ! "To find out more about what you can and must do visit JEWISH DEFENSE ORGANIZATION 212-252-3383

Soon after the Voice exposed a group of New Jersey white supremacists earlier this year ("A Neo-Nazi Field Trip to the Met," June 13), the racists found themselves locked out of their usual meeting place.

An Elmwood Park, New Jersey, meeting hall, run by a patriotic men's association called the Junior Order of American Mechanics, had been a regular venue for white-supremacist groups like the National Alliance and National Vanguard for more than 15 years. Former Klan leader and Louisiana Congressman David Duke has held court there, along with the white-supremacist teenage-sister act Prussian Blue. Most recently, it was the site of a Memorial Day barbecue for members of Stormfront, the nation's leading white-supremacist message board. Throughout the event, Rich Lindstrom, a Junior Order member and a well-known white supremacist, played host-and apparently kept the racist content of the meetings from his higher-ups in the Order.

"We didn't have a clue until we read the Voice article," says Harry Thompson, the secretary treasurer for the New Jersey Junior Order. Soon after, the Junior Order head honchos did some housecleaning: They expelled Lindstrom and five fellow white supremacists for insubordination after the men ignored a request to submit a list of people who had been using the meeting hall. In July, the Junior Order heard Lindstrom's appeal, but refused to allow him and the others back into the group. "I can't say anything bad about Brother Lindstrom-he's a great guy," Thompson says. "His belief is his belief, but not in our building and not under our charter. . . . They were muddying our name."

Thompson and other Junior Order members cleaned out the hall, turning over all the financial records, VHS tapes, and books they found there-including The Triumph of Reason: The Thinking Man's Guide to Adolf Hitler-to the police. The building now sits empty and padlocked. Thompson says the organization is trying to figure out what exactly to do with the building and property now that the local chapter is effectively disbanded.

Meanwhile, members of Stormfront decried the expulsion on their message board as an attack on freedom of speech. "It's a dark day for freedom in the West when the descendants of the race who built our civilization can not freely organize to protect our genetic inheritance," wrote one poster. Another simply professed his hatred for the "white traitors" who shut the place down.



Sonny Carson who openly led the Crown Heights Pogrom (riot) against Jews in Brooklyn is in the cemetery.

Now, certain vicious Jew-Haters who were with Carson beating and killing Jews during the Crown Heights Pogrom against Jews want to name a city street after him !

One is former Black Panther, Charles Barron who was active in Sonny Carson’s anti-semitic anti-white "December 12 Movement". Barron has openly threatened riots against Jews and whites. Barron’s aide radical anti-semite and anti-white chief of staff, Viola Plummer has threatened to "assasinate" anyone who dares to speak out against their "friend" and fellow riot leader Sonny Carson, a two bit Jew-Hating, white-hating racist thug. Carson & Barron openly attacked innocent whites, and supported shootings of innocent policemen!


They Hate Jews-Whites & Want to Burn Down America !


Jewish Defense Organization has plans to get Barron & Plummer fired. Call 212-252-3383 for more info go to www.JDO.ORG


Judging from the response of people like Charles Barron and Lynne Stewart to the JDO's leaflets it is apparent that if people like them ever came to power the right to post leaflets would be ruthlessly repressed.


NY Post



June 14, 2007 -- Police are investigating a radical Jewish group after it plastered fliers over Brooklyn Councilman Charles Barron's office yesterday, calling him an anti-Semite for voting for the defeated proposal to name a street after controversial black activist Sonny Carson.

Barron's staff arrived at his East New York office at about 8:30 a.m. to find the front door covered with fliers from the Jewish Defense Organization, accusing Barron of stirring the 1991 Crown Heights riots alongside Carson. The fliers also called for him and his chief of staff, Viola Plummer, to be fired.

A copy of the flier was posted on the JDO's Web site. A JDO spokesman did not return calls seeking comment.

Barron, a former Black Panther, called on police to charge the JDO with a hate crime after his staff claimed they had also received death threats.

"I believe it rises to the level of a hate crime," an angry Barron said. "All of this over a street name change."


In a friendly Orthodox Jewish neighborhood called Washington Heights, the "shadow of death" has been walking the streets, for this community composed of many Orthodox Jews that fled the Germany during the Holocaust. This time death took the form of murder for an 80 year old Jew, beaten for 40 dollars and a cell phone by a nameless criminal, 6 foot five inches that was " so brave" he could beat five different elderly Jews in this mostly Jewish area, a stones throw from Yeshiva University. The Jewish victim that was beaten into death was Jacob Gersitz, an 80-year-old Jew, very popular in this easy going Jewish community. The criminal targeted Jews because he thinks they are easy prey to rob and hurt. The JDO felt otherwise and had several patrols since this horrible murder of an innocent defenseless Jew, and the numerous other attacks, which the police failed to prevent even after this human crime wave, did other attacks. DO was at the funeral, and in our hearts pledge NEVER AGAIN must Jews in America sit while Jews are murdered. JDO Patrols went out with one powerful conviction, with G-D ‘s help WE CAN’T ALLOW ANY JEWISH NEIGHBORHOOD TO BE VICTMIZED AND DESTROYED BY ANTI-SEMITES OR CRIMINALS!

Why patrols? Simple, by having young trained Jews patrol and escort Jews safely makes it harder for the criminal to mug and murder our people, G-D willing. JDO has spread the word to huge numbers of Jews in Washington Heights that they must re-start the patrol they had years ago. Also, Jews of all ages can legally get permits to own mace, which the police have a course in. Mace is powerful spray that can be used in self-defense. The younger Jews there including the huge number of YU alumni as well as the long time Orthodox Jews living there must volunteer and be trained to do serious patrolling. Of course we believe increased prayer to Hashem and Mitzvoth and Torah learning protect Jews. At the same time one must take physical action to protect Jews lives from attack. Even if the criminal had no hate of Jews (we believe he did) still we protect Jews from this because any time a Jew suffers it’s a JEWISH PROBLEM!

When the founder of the Jewish Self-Defense Organization Zev Vladimir Jabotinsky proposed after riots against Jews that Jews everywhere form such defense units (especially in pre-state Israel) and Europe he was questioned by certain Jewish communities, that they had no anti-Semitic violence for years, so why make such Jewish Self-Defense Units? His answer and ours is” there was once a Jewish village (stet) in Europe. It had a volunteer fire department. For 7 years this Jewish village in Europe had no fires for 7 straight years. The Jewish comity said we don’t need a fire department anymore and closed it down. A year later, the eighth year was a huge fire, many Jews were killed. The same applies to patrols be they on Bennet Ave or at YU, or Crown Heights, Flatbush, Los Angeles, Chicago, or anywhere else across the country JDO went to defend Jews and patrol.

There was always someone saying in a different Jewish neighborhood," Why have patrols my house, and my life have not been threatened yet?" JDO has a very simple answer, KOL YISRAEL AREIVIM ZEH B ZEH; Each Jew is responsible for the next Jew! We actually have a Paso (verse) from the Torah AL TAAMOD AL DAAM REYECHA, DO NOT STAND IDLY BY YOUR BROTHER S (fellow Jews) BLOOD! PATROLS NOW IN EVERY JEWISH NEIGHBORHOOD MUST BE FORMED! JEWS SHOULD ALSO GET LEGAL GUNS (first a permit). IN NEW YORK INCLUDING WASHINGTON HTS TO PROTECT THEIR HOMES AND LIVES! JDO HAS FREE TRAINING IN GUNS (legally) AS WELL AS IN STREET FIGHTING, KARATE. WANT TO JOIN JDO SECURITY TEAM AND PROTECT JEWS? JDO awaits your call! CALL 212-252-3383 FOR MORE INFO!!


Less than a week ago a YU student a teenager named Alex Grange was attacked and beaten severely, by two men at his YU apartment in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan. The JDO swung into action immediately. First a JDO delegation came, met YU students, and started patrols around the campus. JDO also invited all YU students to attend and train in both kickboxing-street fighting and the JDO’s legal gun classes as well so that YU students can be prepared to defend themselves against any kind of attack be it anti-Semitic or criminal. DO also had a large meeting attended by a large group of YU students who heard a JDO leader speak, and watch JDO DVD showing how JDO battle's anti-Semites wherever they rear their heads. A large number of YU students even signed up to come to JDO's free training weekends at Camp Jabotinsky. JDO also invited a strong delegation of YU students to train in Kickboxing and street fighting immediately right near their campus. What JDO really brought up is that the current security that YU has is a joke, unarmed disinterested men assigned to a booth. " Last time JDO was there was after Donny Greenblatt a YU student from Far Rockaway was stabbed a few years ago by a Jew-Hating low life screaming kill the Jews, while he was stabbing him at the Rubin Dorm." JDO was also demanding that the YU administration face the danger instead of refusing to even putting these recent attacks in the media. JDO also called upon the YU administration to arrange real serious self-defense training for its students, and stop denying the real dangers there. Instead pray and fight against those who think they can beat and even stab Jews at YU. "Let's have real training so that the YU students like Jews anywhere else will be able to defend each other and themselves from attack." A JDO delegation saw that the very building young Grange lived is has no video camera in the lobby, and the lobby door locks are broken! YU must take action about this before there is another attack on either its Jewish students or faculty. JDO says loudly and clearly "Jewish Blood is NOT cheap!

Note: Yeshiva University is an Orthodox Jewish Torah learning center that has both Torah learning as well as secular studies. It has both a college and high school division and is located in Uptown Manhattan at 185 & Amsterdam, its main building. The attack occurred at 185 & Audubon at a YU apartment one block away!


The Arabs are enraged that Pope Benedict XVI, in a recent university lecture, quoted a statement that expresses the unvarnished truth about Islam. The statement--attributed to Manuel II Paleologus, a Byzantine emperor who fought with both sword and pen against Islam--reads as follows: Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.

A large part of the anger in the Arab world over the Pope’s choice of this quote probably stems from its attribution to a ruler of the Arabs' ancient, and for many centuries their most deadly, enemy--the Byzantine Empire. The Byzantines, a Greek Orthodox people, knew the Arabs and Islam all too well. By the 14th century, when Manuel II ruled over only a few remnants of a once mighty state, the Greeks had experienced 700 years of unremitting efforts by the Arabs, and then by various Turkish peoples of the Islamic faith, to crush them. The Greek emperors, and their Office of the Barbarians (secret service), had never been able to relax their guard or to deny for long the fact that Islam would do everything possible, for as long as possible, to win final victory.

The special “insult” embodied in the Pope's remarks (probably unwittingly) is the following: It was the Byzantines who prevented the Islamic dawn-jihad from conquering all of Europe and eventually, the world. In the 670s AD and again in 717 AD, Byzantium and its allies defeated giant jihadist armies send to besiege Constantinople (the second of these armies was entirely annihilated, the first didn’t fare much better). These two historic battles shattered the Arabs’ will, and they were never able to wage jihad with the same spirit again. In effect, Byzantium bottled them up until the caliphate went into decline, and kept them bottled up for centuries thereafter.

Thus, it was the Byzantines--unlike the Crusaders who merely took a tiny sliver of Arab territory for a new years; and unlike Israel, which today only embraces a slightly larger sliver--who bestowed the ultimate humiliation on the Arabs by denying them their one and only chance at creating the "paradise" of a totally Islamicized world. Truly, this was humiliation not only at one point in time but humiliation forever

No wonder the Arab Salafists would launch a mid-September 2006 campaign of church-burning and nun-slaughtering (thus totally confirming the wisdom of Manuel’s statement) in an attempt to force Pope Benedict to apologize.

It should also be noted that quoting a Byzantine emperor cannot help but remind the Arabs Salafists that their ancestors were never able to conquer the enemy which had prevented them from carrying the Koran’s jihad commandment to its final conclusion, even though the Arabs’ population, resources and wealth had been greater than that of the Greeks.

Byzantium’s final defeat came (after its economy had been destroyed by the Crusaders), at the hands of the Ottoman Turks, not the Arabs, and even this was accomplished only by the Turks paying Westerners to make cannon that they themselves were incapable of making. The Turks then turned around and made the Arabs their dogs, treating them worse over the centuries than the Greeks (for whom the Ottoman sultans had a certain grudging respect). So the Pope’s quoting of the rapier-sharp insight of Manuel II actually evokes the memory of a triple humiliation for today’s scientifically and technologically impotent Salafist Arabs.

What can Israelis learn?

The history of the Byzantine Empire’s struggle with the Arabs bears important lessons for today's Israel, a nation also surrounded by deadly enemies and facing the likelihood of ferocious military attacks for generations to come.

Like the Israelis, the Byzantines overwhelmed the Arabs again and again with their advanced weapons (heavy cavalry, Greek fire) but were too defense-oriented in their strategic doctrine--and too civilized--to go in and crush the viper in its nest once and for all. (Their national epic, Digenes Akritas, actually was an appeasement fantasy about getting Arabs to convert to Christianity and become their friends.) So eventually the Byzantines were defeated, after many centuries, by an Islamic foe that never forgot the commandment to wage jihad.

Many historians attribute Byzantium's ability to survive for as long as it did, faced by many powerful enemies and enjoying few reliable allies, to its thematic military organization, which included a relatively small but well-armed professional army backed by a vast reserve force of part-time soldiers who would rush to mobilization sites at first warning of an invasion or raid. The emperors had the sense to keep up this system for over 350 years, and it was only when they let it fall apart that the Greeks began to suffer irreversible defeats at the hands of the Seljuk Turks and others.

Today's foolish, Oslo-infected leaders of Israel inherited a comparable system of reserve soldiers from the founding fathers of the Jewish state, but have allowed it to lapse in less than 50 years! This mistake seems all the more serious considering that the Israelis are outnumbered to a far greater extent than the Byzantine Empire ever was during its years of most intense strife with the Arabs.

The Byzantines were no friends of the Jews, although they weren’t the Jews worst enemies either. Corporate lawyer Ehud Olmert and trade union hack Amir Peretz could do worse with their time than to study the history of this remarkable Christian warrior-state. They might actually learn something that will shed light on the greatest issue facing Israel-how to rebuild the IDF and decisively defeat Israel’s deadliest foes.




The Sun published this piece where the author wants to allow Holocaust deniers their rights in Europe. It immediately found its way into all the Nazi newsgroups as proof that Zundel, David were denied their rights. This idiot claims to know that deniers, like LePen, are a bunch of crypto-Nazis, and not only do they know that the Holocaust went down, they want to see another one and then deny that one ever occured too. But he fails to realize that Holocaust denial is allowed the next thing will be the existence of the Nazi Party.

Hillel Halkin is selling Jews out by sounding like the ACLU, in advocating that vicious neo-nazis and their Jew-Hating speeches should not be banned in Europe. The Jewish Defense Organization supports silencing neo-nazi Holocaust deniers both in Europe and here and we are publicly blasting Halkin’s appeasement line regarding the neo-nazis for what it is: nothing less than pure undiluted hypocrisy. How, after the existence of Auschwitz which was done by a group of Nazis who German Jews foolishly allowed to come to power then too after the abusing of “free speech.” The Nazis used free speech in Germany at the right moment to convince enough Germans to join them, legally vote the Nazi Party into power, and then impose the murder machine against our fellow Jews. There were Germans and even German Jews who in the 1920’s and early 30’s actually said that the Nazi Party should be allowed to talk. You can be sure these "civil liberties" types in Germany had second thoughts when they were carted off to the camps. Does Halkin forget what these neo-nazis in Europe have done to his fellow Jews in the recent past? Does Halkin try to block from his mind what these neo-nazis would do to him and his family if given the chance? We at JDO never forget what hardcore physical threat neo-nazis are right here, and they always start their modern day war against the Jew with mere words. As a Jew I once met named Alan Berg found out the hard way that is not where it ends. The neo-nazis machine-gunned this innocent Jewish radio show host to death, in his Denver Colorado driveway.

Let the facts speak for themselves, dangerous neo-nazi types are using speeches, and words to threaten Jews, even in the US where recently Jews have tasted recent murderous skinhead neo-nazi violence all of it inspired by the sick ramblings of various neo-nazi speech makers. The JDO Intelligence Unit has brought to my attention some actual flyers, speakers, and neo-nazis newspapers where the neo-nazis have actually called for the assassination of Jews and bombing synagogues as well as attacking other Jewish targets with bombs. The JDO says loud and clear Nazis Have No Rights and that free speech ends when bigotry begins. Even if Halkin forgets JDO remembers that the acorns of free speech for Nazis in 1920 and 30’s grew into the oak trees of Auschwitz. As JDO always says loud and clear “the fruits of freedom of speech for Nazis was Auschwitz, Bergen Belsen and Dachau.” Those like Halkin who advocate letting the Nazis go free in Europe or here to speak, JDO will always inform the Jewish community, those like the ACLU and Halkin helped pave the road to another Auschwitz. JDO says “6 Million Never Again!”

Yours Sincerely
Mordechai Levy
Jewish Defense Organization
National Director

February 14, 2006

Cartoons & Holocaust Deniers


February 14, 2006

Mr. Halkin is a contributing editor of The New York Sun.

I don't find myself agreeing with the prime minister of Iran about many things, but about one thing, I believe, he is right. It is inconsistent to claim, in the name of freedom of expression, that a Danish newspaper has the right to publish any cartoon of Muhammad that it wants and at the same time to have laws, as do at least seven Western countries, outlawing denial of the Holocaust.

Mr. Ahmadinejad has a point. Either freedom of expression exists as a general principle or it doesn't. If it doesn't, Muhammad cartoons should be bannable even in a democracy. If it does, denying the Holocaust should be permissible, especially in a democracy.

Holocaust denial, needless to say, is a form of anti-Semitism. No one but an anti-Semite - a very rabid one - would make the preposterous charge that the Jews invented the Holocaust, or wildly inflated the number of Jewish deaths in it, and then successfully fobbed off this fabrication on a gullible world. There is no such thing as "innocent" Holocaust denial. All Holocaust denial is vicious and bigoted.

But denying many things can be vicious and bigoted. If I were to say, for instance, that black slavery wasn't so bad because the slaves were well treated and lived better on southern plantations than they did in Africa, that would be vicious and anti-black. If I were to say that the Japanese deliberately exaggerated the loss of life in Hiroshima to win world sympathy, that would be vicious and anti-Japanese. If I were to say that the Bosnian Muslims supposedly slaughtered in Srebrenice were actually killed in battle with the Serbs, that would be vicious and anti-Muslim. Should there be a law against each of these things? Should there be a million laws for each of the million ways in which it is possible to vicious and bigoted?

But the Holocaust is different, goes the argument. What happened in it is so horrendous that denying it is not like denying anything else.

This strikes me as a very weak argument indeed. Yes, the Holocaust was the most horrendous atrocity committed in the history of humanity. But why shouldn't the second most horrendous atrocity, whatever that was, also be protected by law from would-be deniers? Why not the top ten? Why stop at one?

Moreover, Holocaust denial laws are not only unjustified infringements on freedom of speech, they're counter-productive. It is likely that Holocaust denial would never have grown as astoundingly as it has, to the point that the head of one of the largest, most populated, and most powerful Muslim states in the world has taken to repeatedly championing it in public, were it not for these laws.

This is so because these laws do two things. On the one hand, they encourage the claim that, if the Jews and their allies are so eager to make denial of the Holocaust a crime, they must have something to hide. One only has to consult some the Holocaust denial bloggers on the Internet to see what a popular line of reasoning this is. Why be afraid of a free discussion, they ask, if you believe the truth is on your side? It can only be because the Jews know the truth is against them that they're so afraid to have things aired openly.

Secondly, Holocaust denial laws provide a convenient excuse for the total nonsense that passes among Holocaust deniers for "historical research." Yes, they say, our case isn't airtight - but how do you expect us to build it when you don't allow us to publish or disseminate our findings? Stop harassing us and we'll show you what legitimate historians we are.

Nor, even if Holocaust denial laws are in some sense unique, can they be detached from the general atmosphere of political correctness in which they exist - an atmosphere that is unhealthy for the intelligent discussion of many other things. Although offending groups of people or making prejudiced remarks about them has little to recommend it in itself, the social taboos that now exist against anything that is definable as offensive or prejudiced, or that might possibly be construed as such, are in the long run far more damaging. They lead to self censorship and fear to speak out on a wide variety of issues, and are far more pernicious than open prohibitions like Holocaust denial laws.

We are now seeing the consequences of this perniciousness in the debate over the Muhammad cartoons. It is worrisome to anyone who cares about free speech to see how many people in Europe and the United States (including, according to polls, nearly a third of all Danes) think these cartoons should not have been published. After all, they hurt Muslims' feelings. Is that really what a modern, democratic society should want to happen in it?

No, it isn't - but not hurting Muslims' (or Jews', or Christians', or vegetarians') feelings should not be a supreme social value either. When ideas are expressed, feelings sometimes get hurt. To hear it said that "Zionism is racism" is as hurtful to me as a Jew as it is for a Muslim to hear it said that "Islam encourages terror," but if we are going to live in a world in which the possible relationship of Zionism to racism, or of Islam to terror, is a forbidden subject, we have given away our freedom to say what we think without even waiting for it to be taken.

As long as they're not openly inciting to anti-Jewish violence, people should be allowed to say what they want to about the Holocaust. We Jews are grown-ups and can take it. And only if we are and can are we entitled to tell Muslims that they should, too.


To the all the leftist liars from the Workers World, IAC, RCP, Refuse and Resist, SWP and all the other enemies of Zion, some of whom come from Jewish parents, and are ashamed to be Jews and hope that the enemies of Israel win. To all the anti-Zionist liars who in their weekly revolutionary rags publish articles denying that the Muslim terror groups are anti-Semitic and hate Jews. To all the anarchists who march in death to Israel rallies: We hope this video knocks the teeth out of your mouths. This video proves that the Moslem terrorists tortured and murdered Daniel Pearl for no other reason than the fact he was a Jew. Ultimately anti-Zionism is the first step on the road to anti-Semitism. In reality, those who hate Israel hate Jews. We challenge any of these Jew haters who were born to Jewish parents to watch this video, be it Adam Shapiro, Stanley Cohn, Leonard Weinglass, Marty Stollar, Susan Tipograph or Josh Drietel and then deny that the Moslem Terrorist's goal is to try to do to Jews what Hitler did. Watch the video, absorb the facts and stop lying to your wretched selves.


Fresh from holding demonstrations against Black Hitler Farrakhan members of a New York based Jewish militant group, the Jewish Defense Organization announced a new boycott against rap promoter Russell Simmons of DEF JAM RECORDS. JDO did this to punish Simmons for backing Farrakhan, the Black Hitler, and his planned march against the Jews that starts just around Yom Kippur time.

"Farrakhan has given numerous speeches about killing Jews and whites, as well as the march co-sponsor Maleek Shabaaz," said JDO spokesman Dave Cohen at an anti-Farrrakhan protest held last weekend.

"Farrakhan’s comrade Shabaaz not only runs the New Black Panthers party that threatens Jews with death but actually trains with illegal weapons to accomplish this" said JDO representative Jeff Gold at the same demonstration. JDO leadership made it clear that Farrakhan is an enemy of Jews, a Black Hitler whose goal is to recruit an army of future rioters, who could try to attack Jews, and whites in the future.

JDO is very open about its goal. "Farrakhan is the enemy of Jews and Simmons is helping and aiding this Black Hitler Farrakhan, we must punish him right in the pocket, and a boycott is the only way to do this" added Mordechai Levy JDO National Director. So far JDO is starting to spread the message far and wide, and asks Jews, and anyone else that hates Jew-Hater White-Hitler Farrakhan to never buy any music or clothes from Def Jam Records. The JDO intends to go ahead full steam until Simmons is made an example of.

FOR MORE INFO CALL 212-252-3383






What the JDO proposes to combat Islamist terrorism requires some very controversial legislation. When an Islamist is apprehended and convicted of planning, or carrying out, a terrorist act he or she should of course be imprisoned (under Special Administrative Measures) then deported after he/she as served their sentence - assuming they don't receive life. Additionally, upon sentencing his or her ENTIRE IMMEDIATE FAMILY, brothers, sisters, children, wife, husband, grandmother and grandfather should have their citizenship or visas revoked and sent back to their countries of origin. Many Islamists will think twice about bringing down disaster on their own flesh and blood, many of who, like the civilians in London who were killed last week, are innocent of any crime! “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.” Would the terrorists factor this into the equation? Would they say, “Hey, I can’t get involved in this. It would mean my son would be persecuted for life upon his return to Saudi Arabia.” Would family members give up their loved ones rather than have their entire life ripped out from under them?

The NYCLU and ACLU are not going to happy about this sort of legislation. Civil libertarians like Norman Siegel rarely directly feel the pain of the cowardly Islamic terrorists because they do not have to worry about train and bus bombings - when was the last time one of them rode a bus or subway rather than being picked up by a car service and driven to their law firm? This is one reason why they whine about the measures necessary to combat these scum. Another is what the JDO believes to be a conscious or subconscious agenda to give Islamists the freedom to destroy America, which they view as highly repressive. Hey, America might well be but it is Freedomland compared to Wahabist Saudi Arabia or Islamist Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.

German teenager murdered 'because he looked like a Jew

By Tony Paterson in Berlin (Filed: 01/12/2002)

Shocking revelations concerning the torturing to death of a teenager by neo-Nazis because he "looked like a Jew" were described by the German state prosecutor last week as having plumbed new depths in bestiality.

The case involves 17-year-old Marinus Schoeberl, whose severely mutilated body was discovered by police in a farm silage pit in the remote east German village of Potzlow, north of Berlin.

State prosecutors have described Schoeberl's murder as one of the most horrific neo-Nazi killings to have taken place in eastern Germany since reunification 13 years ago. Two brothers aged 17 and 23 and another 17-year-old from the village have been arrested.

"The three suspects are all part of an extreme Right-wing scene," said the state prosecutor, Gert Schnittcher. "Acts of violence are nothing new, but we are dealing with a new dimension here. The details of the murder are so cruel that I cannot begin to describe them. It was bestial."

According to the prosecution, Marinus was apparently singled out for looking like a Jew because he wore baggy "hip-hop" trousers and dyed his hair blond. He went missing from his home near Potzlow, a village of 400 people 60 miles north-east of Berlin, in July. Police discovered his body last week after a tip-off.

The case has appalled ordinary Germans and demonstrated that government efforts to clamp down on the spread of neo-Nazi violence in the eastern half of the country have proven largely ineffective.

More than 100 people have been killed by neo-Nazis since reunification. Two years ago Chancellor Schröder's government launched a campaign dubbed "The rebellion of the decent" in an attempt to combat the problem.

The murder has aroused particular concern because the victim was not one of the normal targets of neo-Nazi violence - foreign-looking asylum seekers, blacks and vagrants - but a German village boy who was apparently well-known to his attackers.

State prosecutors said that the two 17-year-olds now in custody had confessed to the murder. They described how in early July this year Marinus had joined six or seven local youths in a flat in Potzlow where they got drunk on two crates of beer while listening to "loud rock music".

According to the prosecutors, the boy's baggy "hip-hop" trousers and dyed blond hair brought chants of "Jew" from the three neo-Nazis in the group who began punching him. Marinus was then forced to ride on the crossbar of a bicycle with his assailants who took him to a pigsty on a deserted former collective farm nearby.

There they apparently tortured their victim for more than three hours with what state prosecutors described as "tools". The torture method had been drawn from a "Nazi film", they said. One of the attackers said he "felt sick" watching what they were doing. They nevertheless smashed their victim's skull repeatedly with a heavy stone to "finish him off". Marinus's body was then dumped in a disused silage pit.

Police said they were alerted to the whereabouts of the murdered boy's body only last week after one of the assailants got drunk and boasted that he had carried out the killing. The attacker then led youths from the village to the silage pit where they found the boy's mutilated corpse immersed in water. One of the youths who had been Marinus's friend told the police.

Police and state prosecutors suspect that youths in the village who knew about the murder deliberately closed ranks either to protect each other or because of threats issued by the alleged ringleader, a 23-year-old scaffolder with a record of neo-Nazi violence.

"Only a few people in Potzlow were concerned about this unbelievable deed," Johannes Reimer, the village vicar, said last week. "The remainder didn't want to know anything about it and did not come forward."

Potzlow, close to Germany's border with Poland, appeared deserted last week, its inhabitants refusing to give interviews and waving away reporters from behind closed windows. "We are now a nest of fascists," was all one 21-year-old unemployed woman would say.


Essay for website and prize.

JDO is inviting Jews to write about the following topic.The top 3 will be posted on the site and will be mailed a prize from JDO .

Write an essay, minimum of 500 words, about any of the following topics.

Then e mail it to JUDEAM@JDO.ORG


1. Was Jabotinsky founder of the Jewish Self-Defense Organization right about telling Jews in Europe to arm with guns before the Holocaust?

2. Was the Irgun Tzvai Leumi and Stern Group right for making an uprising against the British and Arab terrorists in pre-state Israel in the 1930's and 40's using bullets and bombs ? Why was this necessary?

3. Was the Warsaw Ghetto uprising where brave Jews fought the Nazis with guns,grenades, and bare hands right ? Did Jabotinsky's ideas play any role in the fighters mindset?

4. Was JDO Security Team right for helping protect Jews in the Crown Heights Pogrom during the month of August 1991?

5. "If Jabotinsky Were Alive Today" write about what his movement would do in the face of Jews getting murdered as today all across the world.

6. In the 1930's the majority of Jewish Establishment groups did not believe the predictions of Jabotinsky, and refused to cooperate with him. Today, there are some Jewish groups with the same blindness that deny Jews are in any reral danger. Write a comparison between Jewish misleaders then and now . Also what can we as Jewish Militants do to even wake these Jewish Establishment types to agree with JDO and its mission?

No Surrender! No Retreat!

It has just been announced that Prime Minister Sharon, of Likud has announced the plan to remove Jews from the settlements of Gaza. JDO has always made it clear that we oppose retreat from any part of Israel by any Israeli Government. There are a number of reasons. First, G-D gave us all of the Land of Israel, whose borders are clearly laid out in both the Written and Oral Torah. Second, any surrender of Israel to bloodthirsty PLO terrorists under whatever name they operate will only make it easier not harder for these Arab Nazis that follow Ararat, to try and murder even more Jews. The fact is by having a Jewish presence and rule in Gaza, Judea and Samaria makes it that much easier to secure the rest of Israel. It also keeps out the Jew-Hating organizations be it PLO Hamas who are Arab Nazis from setting up neo-nazi style training camps where they indoctrinate Arab children by the thousands in guerilla warfare, assassination techniques, and how to hate Jews. The fact is before Oslo t! he do called "peace accord" which was in reality a suicide pact such training camps and terror groups were in Lebanon, or Jordan far away. Now, the Jew-Haters with heir guns and missiles are next door. That makes attacks on Jewish homes be it in southern Israel or Northern Israel that much easier. Another reason is once Heaven Forbid Israel government pulls out of Gaza it is inevitable it will also lurch rather quickly towards surrendering Judea-Samaria, and eventually Barak style Jerusalem our Holy City. So we must not uproot even one Jew from any part of Israel, it’s our land and we must defend it!

We stand with those Jews that in Israel that just marched last week 150,000 strong against Sharon's planned policy of "national suicide”. Those protests were held in Tel-Aviv and were Baruch Hashem (Thank G-D) successful. However, we Jews here must do our part. Just as Jews worldwide went against the "appeasement now" crowd and marched when Barak was on the verge of surrendering Yerushalayim Jerusalem and Hebron etc several years ago, today Jews who truly understand the danger that Sharon, Olmert, and the Israeli Government is bringing every Jew in Israel to by this act of surrender to Moslem terrorism! NO SURRENDER! NO RETREAT!!

We must march here in the US, and not wait until the danger is at our throats. JDO opposed Oslo predicting, correctly that it would lead to the murder of many innocent Jew, and it did. This thing that Sharon is doing is nothing less than Oslo II! Tragically, a man that runs a party that claims to follow Mr. "Not One Inch" Zionist fighter, and opponent of surrender Zev Jabotinsky is doing this!

JDO is calling upon any thinking Jew to call your local Israeli Consulate, and UJA office, and every Jew you know, to also call. Tell them surrendering even one inch of the G-D given Land of Israel will only embolden the Arab terror groups even more.

To those in Betar, or other followers of Jabotinsky a resounding message must be cabled to both Likud in Israel, and directly to Sharon. Anyone that surrenders the settlers is endangering Jews, and cannot be following Jabotinsky!!! It's time he resigned!!! Remember the Jews in Israel did not vote for you to sell the settlers out, and endanger the country. Should we remind Sharon that over the years he warned how surrendering Gaza would endanger the rest of Israel?

Let me end on a note. JDO is not an Israeli political party. JDO is not talking politics, but security, and Israel's survival. JDO is a Zionist group. However when we see another act of national insanity that is a repeat of the Oslo debacle that took so many Jews lives we must warn every Jew we can " it is not going to be a peace treaty, but a suicide pact for Israel." That is why the PLO Jew-Killing terrorists praised Sharon for offering to leave Gaza, as they believe if Israel tries this it will only make their ultimate and current goal the attempted destruction of Israel that much easier!!


Call-and write Sharon. Today!" No Surrender--No Retreat!!!

He, who does not speak up today, is emboldening Sharon to surrender Jerusalem tomorrow!



Cify Hall Bureau New York Post January 21, 2004

The next time members of the Ku Klux Klan want to stage a rally here, they'd better not pack their masks. Reversing a lower court decision, the U.S. Court of Appeals yesterday unanimously upheld the constitutionality of a state law banning group members from gathering in public places wearing masks or disguises, except for entertainment purposes. Lawyers for the Klan sued the city after 17 of its members were permitted to stage a rally in Manhattan in full regalia in 1999 - but without masks, on orders of the NYPD. A Manhattan federal judge later said the city had violated the group's constitutional rights because "hooded masks are an integral part of the message of the American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and its horrific ideology.11 But the panel said the masks don't "convey any message that the robe and the hood do not." "While the First Amendment protects the rights of citizens to express their viewpoints, however unpopular, it does not guarantee ideal conditions for doing so," the judges said.


A vile anti-Semitic racist recording that is put out by a violent Neo-nazi group linked to numerous acts of bombings and other violence against Jews, Blacks and other minorities has now set up a phone line right in New York City! The militant Jewish Defense Organization fresh from succeeding in battling the group’s notorious billboard just taken down in Florida. JDO is now focusing its attention to also pressure VERIZON- NYNEX to turn their local "Dial A Nazi" hate line off completely.

The phone line was set up by a group of neo-nazis operating across the country, with a local chapter in New York called the National Alliance. The neo-nazis from the National Alliance have distributed flyers with the number and are using it to spread their hate filled message, as well as a way to recruit other angry racist white teenagers into their group. The number is and the JDO is now pressuring VERIZON to shut it down. The JDO has initiated its own "phone in" to have outraged and angry Jews flood the phone company with their angry complaints to demand the line be turned off. "VERIZON, the phone company is supposed to care about the safety and well being of their customers that is why they go after annoyance callers. How is this vile Nazi hate line any less threatening, with the National Alliance calls for violent attacks on Jews, Blacks and other minorities as part of the Turner Diaries, the book that inspired neo-nazi McVeigh" said Elan Segal JDO spokesman.

The National Alliance leaders authored, print, and sell the Turner Diaries a book that advocates blowing up Federal Buildings as part of a planned "future white revolution" against Jews, Blacks, Latinos, Asians, and other minorities. The JDO also accused NYNEX of hypocrisy in allowing this line on the air. " The phone company had better shut down this line or we will have to take even more drastic steps " pledged Segal hinting at possible demonstrations, and street protests. Meanwhile both the JDO Website www.jdo.org, and hotline, and e mails are being used to alert Jews to the danger from new local neo- nazi chapters, and hate lines.








Time to Defend Jewish Lives: Some in Jewish Establishment Begin To Wake Up-Except?

For years JDO was actually holding patrols, and demanding that the Jewish Establishment form a volunteer” security team" so that Jews and Jewish events can be protected, some agreed, some laughed, some disagreed. In fact JDO after Jews were shot by neo-nazis across the country, leaving synagogue in Chicago, or at the JCC in Los Angeles as well as shootings of Jews in Pittsburgh, in 1999 JDO met at the General Assembly of United Jewish Communities held in Atlanta to push for exactly this idea. In fact we always mentioned how JDO Intelligence Unit was receiving reports of planned Moslem terrorist plots to attack US Jewish targets, and in France. In fact for the last two years, and stepped up since the horrors of 9-11,the reality that Jews are in serious danger. Just last 2 weeks JDO called several Jewish Establishment types hard, on this mentioning exactly how Jews in France, England, and America have exactly these Jewish trained volunteers to guard other Jews, synagogues, and Jewish meetings. Of course now a number of Jewish Establishment groups are actually discussing the specifics of forming such teams here. Even though JDO is the first to remind everyone, especially those forming this new team (new for the Jewish Establishment, not for JDO which has teams that have guarded Jews even in the Crown Heights Pogrom, as well as deployed teams various times of the year to protect synagogues from attack.)

Now, even though it’s way too late. There is something about the recent Jewish Establishment meeting. First some of those that ran it did open confessionals that in truth Jewish targets in USA were not secure. That the Jewish Establishment was lax all these years etc. Now, further that the potential for attacks here was real, and that if Moslem terror groups could recently blow up Jews in Turkey then the same type of Moslem terror groups could do it here!

Then this meeting written of below actually took on the issue of why and how Jews must form volunteer teams to protect Jewish institutions. Now, what a breath of fresh air. The meeting was organized by American Jewish Committee, and also Presidents Conference, which on this specific issue, are attempting to do the right thing. Make no mistake JDO has not gone "moderate", it is the Jewish Establishment under JDO influence, and pressure, and for some inspiration that is imitating some of the things JDO does, and better late than never! Now, on the truly troubling and disturbed side was the outright opposition to this by one "Dishonest Abe" the cunning Foxman.

Foxman condemned this effort by Jewish Establishment groups to attempt to rectify a wrong and create Jewish volunteers to do security! In fact "Foxman the Liar" was actually quoted saying "there is no crisis." That would be a comedy if it wasn't tragic coming from a man, that has a full time bodyguard, and driver as part of his security detail, all paid for in Jewish community expense, great expense. Foxman wants for himself what he could not care about for other Jews, security. The man who shamed us all with the Rich fiasco, and has yet to lift a finger for Jonathan Pollard, surely is in need of a new job, and should have been fired years ago. Foxman who for years claimed, "anti-Semitism and threat of attacks was down" is partly responsible for the crisis we are in by misleading and deceiving Jews. There can not be a debate about setting up teams, rather all those who in the past did not see the need for it must step up to the plate, and not let their ideology of blindness, mislead Jews any more. That means the Leonard Fein, and others who by their very nature automatically deny there is a threat, or a need for defense. Make no mistake, the Jewish Establishment must not be given the option of "debating" this good idea, but rather move forward regardless of the Foxman's or those who "think" like Foxman, that is if you can call "being an appeaser" thinking. Obviously Foxman must be having one of those moments when he isn't all there and must be missing some marbles. So JDO has urged Jews to mail Foxman's the marbles he never had!

Meanwhile JDO will independently go forward with its security teams, as Jewish Lives are Too Important to Do Otherwise!

To the JDO Security Team members and our other fighters and all Jewish Militants, be proud for all those years of being castigated as "vigilantes" "hotheads" and a thousand and one epithets cast on your heads by Jews who then did not see the need for patrols, but know may very well become part of them! We, were right then and we were right now, Just as when the Yishuv (Jewish settlement in pre-state Israel run by Jewish Agency run by Ben Gurion, long time opponent of Jabotinsky and the Irgun) opposed the Irgun and many of the ideas of how to fight the British and Arab terrorists. For a while Begins group the Jewish Underground army the Irgun, were called dissidents, militarists etc for their policy and hitting hard against those who help in the killing of Jews. At one point the Jewish Agency under pressure from the Jewish masses for action, actually ordered its armed group the Hagana to start cooperating, and even imitating the Irgun and did some of the same things. The British were then run out as an occupying power. But when Menachem Begin ordered a broadcast from the Irgun's secret underground radio, Voice of Fighting Zion he reflected on all these years that the Irgun's militant policy was opposed, by the Jewish Agency, that that very week had just agreed to a massive armed fight with the Irgun, against a common enemy. Now, our movement, has been vindicated and all the voices of "let's do nothing everything is ok", have suddenly grown to a whisper, except for the "Abe Foxman fan club”. They too will soon be silenced once that organization is forced to clean house and fire this man. Meanwhile, there is much to be done, and JDO has much to do.


Mordechai Levy

J.D.O. National Director

The recent attacks on Jews here, and worldwide prove what J.D.O. has been advocating for years, what the Jewish Establishment is only now debating. (Forward Newspaper” Community Security Lax" Jan 16) That here must be a legal well-trained unit of Jewish volunteers legally armed and legally trained to stand guard to protect various Jewish communities from the likes of anyone bent on slaughtering Jews. We G-D willing must defend ourselves, ourselves. Now, a well-trained team should be prepared to physically protect synagogues, and other Jewish sites. We must never forget the attacks on JCC in California by neo-nazis, the shooting of Jews leaving synagogue in Chicago. The neo-nazi shooting killings of Jews in Pittsburgh all in the last few years. We must not forget the machine gun attack on a vanload of Yeshiva students on the Brooklyn Bridge leading to the murder of Ari Halberstam A’H

We must not forget that MOSLEM TERRORIST GROUPS are bent on trying to attack Jewish targets. All this and more JDO predicted, even as some know it, and still well paid Foxman denies there is a crisis! He in the past Foxman said these things would never come to pass. The campaign to protect every Jewish life is called self-defense something some Jews find uncomfortable and do not want to face. We do and will continue to understand the Al-Qaeda, PLO, neo-nazis whatever style anti-Semites must be fought. Jewish volunteer security teams are a must that every Jew should have flocked to years ago.

Today we Jews are under attack worldwide. We must defend our lives...so that Jewish blood is not cheap to be spilled at any Jew-Haters discretion. As Jabotinsky who died upstate New York at the training camp was fond of saying " better to know how to use a gun and not have to, than to have to and not know how!"

Let us end by saying that may all of us be inspired with the courage of the Maccabees whom we honored a short month ago. Time of Chanukah to defend Jews by any means necessary. Let us pray, and also let us train well, form disciplined security teams. In the recent past JDO Security Team has guarded Jews, even as far back as the Crown Heights Pogrom when that excuse for a mayor, Dinkins allowed Jews to be attacked by tying the hands of police. We must rely on G-D, and ourselves!

NEVER AGAIN!!! NEVER AGAIN!!! -----------------------------------------


OPERATION WELL-ARMED. In light of the recent Moslem terrrorist threat on Jews as reported on 60 Minutes and other media the Jewish Community is urged to get legal guns, and training and set up patrols across the U.S. as well as in Europe to legally defend themselves from Moslem terrorist attacks. A well- armed Jewish Community is a well- prepared and well-defended Jewish Community. An unarmed Jew is an unprotected Jew. The JDO is offer- ing legal and free gun training. For more info call 212-252-3383 or write to POB 159 FDR Station, N.Y. N.Y. 10150 or check contact section of this website and email us!



ALBANY, N.Y., Jan. 22 (UPI) -- Former U.N. weapons inspector Scott Ritter confirmed media reports on Wednesday that he had appeared in an Albany, N.Y. court concerning an arrest in an Internet sex sting. Ritter said he had been scheduled to be in Baghdad, Iraq to advise the Iraqis on how to avert war but instead he stayed in Albany talking about his old arrest.

"The case was dismissed. Therefore, it never happened," Ritter told WNYT-TV. "I stood in a court of law, before a judge and an assistant district attorney with my wife at my side, and they dismissed it. I am deeply saddened. Not by anything I've done, though."

Media reports earlier this week about Ritter's arrest in June 2001 have drowned out his comments about a possible war with Iraq. Ritter told WTEN-TV that all the media attention stinks and that the individual who had leaked the arrest was far more guilty than he was. He added that he had a lot of credibility and was the leading voice of opposition to a possible war with Iraq -- but that he didn't know if the reports of the arrest would mean he would be silenced.

The arrest occurred in June 2001 in the Albany suburb of Colonie, after Ritter allegedly arranged to meet with someone he thought was a 16-year-old girl he'd met in an Internet chat room. The person was actually an undercover police officer. Ritter was arrested for attempted child endangerment, a class B misdemeanor, but his attorney and a Colonie Court judge agreed "to adjourn the matter in contemplation of a dismissal," according to the Schenectady Gazette.

Generally, if there are no further allegations against the defendant for the next six months, the case is dismissed and the record sealed. According to WTEN-TV, Ritter underwent court-ordered sex offender counseling from an Albany psychologist. Although the court records are sealed, WNYT-TV reported that in 2001, the television station had reported that a 39-year-old William Ritter of Delmar had been arrested on charges he attempted to lure an underage girl he met on the Internet to a fast-food restaurant. Ritter, a 41-year-old native of Gainesville, Fla., whose full name is William Scott Ritter Jr., has lived in the Albany suburb of Delmar with his wife and their twin daughters for two years. He served in the U.S. Marine Corps during the Gulf War. After the war, he left the Marines and became a U.N. weapons inspector in Iraq from 1991 to 1998.

The Colonie arrest was under the name William Ritter. Norah Murphy, Ritter's attorney, confirmed her client was arrested in June 2001, but refused further comment. According to a report in the Albany Times Union, the June 2001 arrest was not William Ritter's first brush with the law. In April 2001, William Ritter attempted to meet someone he thought was a 14-year-old girl he met online but who in reality was an undercover police officer posing as an underage minor.

He was met at the meeting place by police officers but released without being charged.

ALBANY - Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter was secretly prosecuted in Albany County in 2001 after he was snared in an Internet sex sting operation, law enforcement sources told the Daily News

Ritter, who lives in the Albany suburb of Delmar, is now a high-profile critic of President Bush's war preparations.

He was arrested by Colonie Police in June 2001 on a misdemeanor charge after he allegedly had a sexual discussion on the Internet with an undercover investigator he thought was an underage girl, law enforcement sources disclosed on condition of anonymity.

The case was sealed, and Colonie officials declined to release the arrest records, explaining the matter was adjourned in local court in contemplation of dismissal.

The Schenectady Daily Gazette reported yesterday that Albany District Attorney Paul Clyne fired veteran Assistant District Attorney Cynthia Preiser last week for failing to inform him of the case against Ritter.

Clyne said that as a "sensitive" case, it should have been brought to his attention.

Ritter, who has made frequent appearances on network television after speaking to the Iraq National Assembly last year, could not be reached for comment.

PITT: What would you say to people who accuse you of being an Iraqi agent?

RITTER: It depends on how they say it. If they say that they've heard other people say it and are just repeating it, I'd say shame on you for not checking your facts. If these are people who are coming out and saying it themselves, I'll call them liars and say shame on them, too. How dare they call me an Iraqi agent? I wore the uniform of a Marine for twelve years. I went to war for my country. I serve my community today. I am serving my country today in a number of ways. I have not taken a penny from Iraq. I am doing this, not out of sympathy for the people of Iraq, but because I love my country.

Basically, if they call me an Iraqi agent, they're accusing me of committing a crime against my country. I find that to be a horrible charge, the absolute worst charge you could make against someone, anyone, whether they're a former Marine or whether they were serving their country in another way, as a worker or an office manager or what have you. You can't make these charges lightly. The fact that I am sitting here talking to you right now, with so much attention being put on me by the FBI and other law enforcement organizations, speaks volumes as to just how clean I've been. Shame on them. These are baseless charges being brought by people who are unwilling to debate the message that I am trying to get out, so they take the cheap tactic of attacking the messenger.

PITT: Tell me about the issues you've had with the FBI.

RITTER: Well, I've been very frank with the FBI from day one. The first FBI investigation began back in 1991 after I married my wife. She's a former citizen of the Soviet Union, currently an American citizen, and they initiated something. It was dropped in 1992 after they found out that nothing was going on. It was of no concern to the national security of the United States, never came close to representing a violation of any law. Basically, a man meets a woman and falls in love, and that's it.

PITT: The collapse of the Heinz job must have been troubling, considering...

RITTER: Well, that just happened. Getting the UN job was great. The problem is, getting the UN job as an intelligence officer caused a lot of concern and consternation in the CIA because now they have an intelligence person they no longer control, engaged in a position of some influence. That's why the FBI was brought in, basically, as a vehicle of intimidation. It didn't work. I don't get intimidated. That went onto the back burner, not to emerge until 1996, when, because of the successful relationship I brokered between the United Nations and Israel, we at UNSCOM were starting to be able to gain a certain degree of independence from the CIA. We didn't need their intelligence as much as we had needed it in the past. This was of concern to people who followed the adage, "Information is Power." As long as the CIA was the sole provider of information, the CIA had the power and influence over the inspections. They could dictate where we went, when we went and how we went, just by controlling the intelligence.

By our going out to Israel and getting an extremely effective alternate source of information, the CIA lost its influence. The way they dealt with it was to fabricate charges that I was somehow spying for the state of Israel. They turned the FBI loose on me on that one. That's still an ongoing investigation to this date.

When I resigned and started speaking out against American policy in Iraq, a third investigation was initiated. I was made aware of it when I decided to make a documentary film in Iraq called 'On Shifting Sands.'. I was now being investigated as an agent of Iraq.

PITT: That is actually the crux of the Iraqi agent accusation, that you took money from Iraq, some $400,000, to make this film.

RITTER: To make the movie, I formed a film production company and sought investors. Because of the controversial nature of the film, i.e. actually telling the truth in a manner that would irritate the Clinton administration to a tremendous degree, not to many people wanted to back this. No traditional outlet for documentary films – PBS, Frontline, CNN, etc., wanted to come forward and put money up to back this idea. An American citizen – and I'll emphasize that point – an American citizen of Iraqi origin named Shakir Alkafajii, who runs businesses in Detriot, was willing to put up $400,000 of his own money.

If you go and check out Frontline, and ask them what their budget is for an hour-and-a-half feature documentary of the highest quality, you'll find that it exceeds $400,000. $400,000 is not an inordinate amount of money, and it didn't come to me. I wasn't paid $400,000.

PITT: It went to the production company.

RITTER: It went to the production company, and the production of the film actually wound up costing around $486,000. $56,000 came out of my pocket, $30,000 is still owed to another investor. The concept of me making money off this movie is about as lunatic as possible, but people don't want to delve into the facts of the matter. I made a great film – those who criticize the film have never seen it, and those who have seen it say it is the best documentary film on Iraq they've ever seen. It's also a pretty good piece of filmmaking. But people don't want to deal with the message, so they go after the messenger, and this whole issue of the money comes up.

I worked with the FBI on this. I said, if you've got concerns, let's talk about it. Their concerns were a quid pro quo arrangement between the Iraqi government and Shakir Alkafajii. By supporting my film, he would get some sort of favorable relationship. I said, if you ever find out that this is the case, let me know and I will terminate the film. If you ever find out that the Iraqi government funneled this money to the film through him, let me know. If they found any dirt on the money, the film would be over. Not only did they fail to find any dirt on the money, but after the film was over and I showed it to them, they said it was pretty darned good.

I'm proud of the movie, and I'm confident that there are no issues that attack the integrity of this film. Again, shame on those who say otherwise because they haven't taken the time to watch the film, and they just have not familiarized themselves with the facts of the matter. It is irresponsible conjecture on their part, conjecture that is so easily laid to rest, but that's not what they want. They've created this mythology that somehow I took $400,000 from the Iraqi government. Too bad. I didn't. I will stick with the integrity of the film and the message that the film portrays. Hopefully people who are interested in the truth will seek the film out.

The Observer
September 15, 2002
By David Rose


David Rose claims former weapons inspector Scott Ritter sang from a different song sheet when he quit Unscom four years ago To the growing flocks of doves on Iraq now filling the political skies onboth sides of the Atlantic, there is no more useful source to cite than William Scott Ritter.His credibility underwritten by the fact that he spent seven years as aweapons inspector with Unscom, the UN Special Commission on Iraq, he is tobe found widely quoted by bishops, politicians and the media.Ritter has spent the past two years loudly proclaiming that Iraq's stocks ofbiological and chemical weapons of mass destruction are negligible or non-existent, and that the country has no capacity to build new ones. As for an Iraq with nuclear weapons, this is a far distant prospect. This week, Ritter will publish a book restating this case, War on Iraq: What Team Bush Doesn't Want You to Know. One assumes he will repeat much of what he said last weekend to the Baghdad parliament, where he spoke beneath a large portrait of Saddam Hussein as a guest of his government. To be fair to Ritter, Iraq's MPs were far from happy with his suggestion they should readmit the arms inspectors on grounds they had nothing to hide. But he concluded emphatically that Iraq was 'incapable' of producing these weapons: 'The truth of the matter is that Iraq has not been shown to possess weapons of mass destruction, either in terms of having retained prohibited capability from the past, or by seeking to reacquire such capability today.'

Pressed by reporters in Baghdad, Ritter maintained his position had remained 'consistent' since his resignation from Unscom in 1998, shortly before its mission ended - then and now, he favoured effective inspection and arms control, and to claim he had changed his views was 'baloney'. His resignation letter to Unscom's chairman, Richard Butler, dated 26 August 1998, suggests Ritter's change of heart has been greater than he likes to recall. 'The Special Commission was created for the purpose of disarming Iraq. The sad truth is that Iraq today is not disarmed anywhere near the level required by Security Council resolutions. As you know, Unscom has good reason to believe that there are significant numbers of proscribed [ie mass destruction] weapons and related components and the means to manufacture such weapons unaccounted for in Iraq today.' To Ritter's dismay, faced with Iraqi non-compliance, the Security Council was showing itself unwilling to back its resolutions with the very tactic he now condemns - the use of military force. It was 'no longer willing and/or capable of the implementation of its own law,' he wrote, while this 'abrogation of its most basic of responsibilities has made the Security Council a willing partner to an overall Iraqi strategy of weakening the Special Commission.' Why would Iraq want to do that?

In 1998, Ritter had the answer: 'Iraq has lied to the Special Commission and the world since day one concerning the true scope and nature of its proscribed programmes and weapons systems. The lie has been perpetuated over the years through systematic acts of concealment; the Commission has uncovered indisputable proof of a systematic concealment mechanism run by the Presidency of Iraq and protected by Iraqi security forces.' No peacenik then, Ritter concluded: 'The issue of immediate, unrestricted access is, in my opinion, an issue worth fighting for.' A few days later, he appeared on American TV, claiming Saddam 'maintains the components for three "implosion-type" nuclear weapons', and that if he acquired enough fissile material, he could build a bomb within weeks. What has changed? In 1998, Ritter wrote after prolonged investigations in Iraq. Now he speaks on the basis of a few short visits, on one of which he made a documentary for Al-Jazeera television, funded by a Michigan-based Iraqi businessman who has long been a forthright supporter of Saddam's regime. If we are to accept Ritter's claim that he has not altered his position, his train of logic seems to run as follows. In 1998, despite seven years of sanctions and intrusive inspections, Saddam was still doing all he could to acquire the proscribed weapons, and it seemed the only way to deal with his recalcitrance was through the use of military force. Once the inspectors were removed, however, the Iraqi leader realised he had no need for such weapons after all, and used his freedom from scrutiny to abandon their development. Who is kidding whom? The debate about what, if anything, the West and/or the UN ought to do about Iraq is far from simple. But it does not assist anyone to conduct it in under a cloud of collective self-delusion. The doves claim there is no evidence Saddam has tried to rebuild his proscribed weapons since 1998. In fact, it is a great deal stronger than the assertion implicitly made by Ritter - that he has simply lost interest.

Crucially, it includes the testimony of Adnan Saeed al-Haideri, an Iraqi building contractor who defected to the US at the end of 2001 after being exfiltrated by the opposition Iraqi National Congress. He brought with him hard copies of more than 20 contracts between his firm and the government, showing that old proscribed weapons sites which had been bombed were being rebuilt, and new ones constructed. The contract specifications provide clear pointers to these facilities' use: for example, a copious use of radiation-proof high-lead content concrete and cement. Next week, the Government promises to publish its long-awaited dossier on Iraq. It is certain the argument against possible war will be vehemently put in Parliament and the media. Is it too much to hope the doves will find an alternative witness to the 'consistent' Ritter?


Orthodox Jew shot dead in Antwerp

11-19-2004 06:35:08 ET

The orthodox Jew shot in the head outside his home in the Belgian city of Antwerp on Thursday morning has died in hospital. Investigators said it was too early to tell if the killing motivated by anti-Semitism. The victim, secretary to a local rabbi, was shot once as he was unloading his car at 2 a.m. The 24-year-old father of three was found by passers-by, who thought he had been hit by a car. He died in the hospital 14 hours later. Police will now increase patrols in the Jewish neighborhood near Antwerp's central station, where the man lived. The northern Belgian city has a 17,000-strong Jewish population, and a large number of Jews are orthodox











J.D.O. SAYS, "The Time for Action is now!"


Phone and e-mail demand justice for the Jews in Belgium. ! Demand the Belgian government arrest the murderers of Menashe Naeh.

-------------------------WHERE TO CALL-------------------------------------

BELGIAN TOURIST OFFICE (run by Belgian government)

Director- Lillian Opsomer 212-758-8130 extension 17

fax-212-355-7675 press@visitbelgium.org


telephone 202-333-6900

FAX 202-333-5457

attention Leo Corten or ask for any embassy staff


TELEPHONE -212-586-5110

FAX- 212-582-9657

----------------------------TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE -------


A New Purim Spiel (Story)

On Purim many Jews after the Megillah reading and festive meal have a custom of holding a "religious play" in which various themes are "joked about” and derided in a light hearted way. This play called a Purim Spiel often has a theme opposite of what people would speak of or be the rest of the year. It is based on the fact that Thank G-D the original decree of evil Haymen to slaughter all the Jews was reversed and the Jews after a full fledged return to the Torah, formed self-defense units in each city at the time and wiped out their enemies. This took place between the 13 of Adar when the Jews fasted and prayed to Hashem (G-D) through the 14 and 15 of Adar when the Jews had to rise up to slay their enemies, bent on destroying the Jews. Therefore Purim symbolizes that "Nhapach Hu" everything was turned around by G-D, and (fortunately) and fortunately ended up with a miraculous Jewish victory! At the time not one Jew went or tried to help Hayman and his Nazi like followers who were actually planning mass pogroms government sanctioned on the Jews. So Purim represents the opposite we even drink to celebrate the Holiday. This too is not "our regular behavior" as everything is done "opposite "how it would normally be done.

So last night a Jew alerted JDO Intelligence Unit that a group called JATO Jews Against Israel’s Existence, a collection of real self-haters mostly communists was planning a vicious "Death to Israel “rally in the Upper West Side this coming Saturday. Most amazing they were going to call this gathering of self-hating haters of Israel a Purim Spiel. JATO like the missionaries from Jews for J uses Jewish symbols to destroy Judaism. For example when Jews for J try to soul snatch they ever deceitfully and cunningly will actually set up fake Passover Seders to lure unknowing Jews into converting to another religion. But to accomplish this they will hold the fake Seder with all the symbols Matzo, yarmulkes etc. Now JATO is holding a fake Purim Party to call for Israel’s destruction and spread the evil Arab terrorist lie that Israel does” ethnic cleansing”. This is not the first time a collection of self-hating Jews of Marxist persuasion opposed Zionism and Israel. Before the Holocaust there were several such groups in Poland and Europe called the Bund, a communist group that actually would spread posters all over Poland when Jabotinsky was giving speeches telling Jews to flee to pre-state Israel. In response the anti-Zionist communists of the Bund put out a poster so that no one would heed Jabotinsky’s warnings. The top of the poster read “Poland is our Home!” and went on to state that Zionism was evil, that it belonged to the Arabs, and that Jews were facing no danger from violent anti-Semitism or the Nazis and should stay where they were in Poland and fight for "socialism". Unfortunately these were the lies pushed by the Bund on unsuspecting Jews then.

Many Jews listened, stayed in Poland and were slaughtered by the Nazis who invaded 1 year later. Jabotinsky the Zionist Militant was right, and the fools of the Bund and other such groups were dead wrong, 6 Million times over. JATO admits it is following in the ideological footsteps of the Bund. For once these self-haters are telling the truth, as they are endangering Jews Israel and here, by trying to destroy Israel, and their fellow Jews just like the Bund did in its heyday. Jabotinsky actually made a statement of such Jews. "The ghetto has warped their minds and robbed them of their dignity." That aptly describes JATO and other Jews for Israel’s Destruction. Now, we figured in the spirit of Purim we will now present our own Purim Spiel (Story) dedicated to those self-haters of JATO or others of the Adam Shapiro types.


It’s 2 thousand years ago. Its just when the story of Hayman’s decree is made public by Mordechai to try and save the Jews from total slaughter planned 11 months away. Many Jews repent, learn Torah, pray and speak of real Jewish Unity. However in open hamlet in the town of "Upper West "five Jews, 2 professors and one half wit named Itchko discuss their growing distress with Mordechai and the planned forming of self-defense units to protect Jews. Let’s listen in.

"Professor Melanie Bay but not a Cantor"- I thought you all agree that we must stress that Hayman and his Amalikite authority are good freedom fighters trying to liberate their own land from evils of oppression and indigestion! Didn’t you spread the word to the Jews that Hayman is only anti-Zionist, and not anti-Semitic?

Professor Naomi Brainless "Of course I did and for a while it worked but that Mordechai agitator got his hands on the text of Hayman s letter and spread the word about it openly calling for slaughtering Jews come Adar 14. Now no one believes us anymore. How are we going to talk Jews out of defending themselves now?

Itchko the Halfwit- "Have I got an idea for you. Let’s counter this Israel loving, defend other Jews rhetoric of Mordechai" by showing Hamam that some Jews are as anti-Zionist as he is. Let’s form "Jews for Hamam" and have demonstrations against Israel and against Jewish defense here. We will even picket synagogues, and Jewish meetings. That way at least Hamam will know we are his friends. We will show him we will fight our own people, and we are not tribalists.

Dr Cohen-Wohen - "I don’t think the Jews are going to buy this whopper. I wish they would, but they won’t."

Adam Shapiro Loon "I think it’s excellent it will show Hamam that some Jews like us will help him, and at least we active members of "Jews for Hamam" will be spared Haman’s wrath. Instead let’s start of by holding "Hamam is Right" rallies on Shabbos in our town of Upper West. Then we will break up any Jewish meeting that is either pro-Israel or even pro-defense. We will even picket the headquarters of Mordechai and say he is planning ethnic cleansing of Hamam and his anti-Semitic followers. In fact lets wear yarmulkes for the occasion. We will Hamam will see we are just as out to destroy the Jews as he is, and just as revolutionary as he is!

Itchko the halfwit- "I agree to do everything you suggest but not the yarmulke. I never wear a yarmulke all year, not even at the family reunion we call a Seder once a decade.

Melanie Bay but not a cantor- "To convince the Jews that pacifism is right and not to fight back, or that Jews are plotting to defend themselves, and it’s a sin to do so we must wear yarmulkes so people will mistakenly think will think what we are doing is based on the Torah. I am no more religious than the rest of you. Didn’t Adam Shapiro Loon wear a yarmulke when he married a member of Jew-Killer Organization? Now just to trick people ever more I have a statement of support from Rabbi Rolly MadLoon of "Our Utilitarian synagogue". (Anti-Orthodox) Rabbi Rally also suggested that we should give out a lot of free booze even Kosher as when people drink enough they will believe anything!

Dr Cohen-Wohen "What if our good friendly potentate King Achashverosh changes his mind about giving Hamam permission to mass murder the Jews, what happens then?

Professor Naomi Brainless "First I don’t think that will happen but if it did that would be terrible for us and our plans. However I don’t think that majority of Jews will listen to Mordechai’s calls for formed armed Jewish self-defense units in every city. Jews like peace, are not militants, and are apathetic about threats to their own kind. Remember when the Hamam Kill Jews Squad went picketing in front of a local synagogue and chanted "death to the Jews." Remember most Jews tended to ignore it, and not fight back?

Dr Jon Goofball arrives with some breaking news late at the meeting. Dr Goofball "Bad news first I went to meet with Haman’s representatives. They actually told me that when the big day comes our group will be the first to be killed! They told me my whole Jew-Pig family will be killed, every single Jew No exception! What are we all going to do? Also I saw large numbers of Jews even some of my friends training with the Jewish self-defense units. Itchko the Halfwit - "Anyone got the number f or the Jewish Self-Defense Organization? Maybe we should try that? Adam Shapiro Loon- "Look I actually helped the Amalekite Authority and the Hamam Liberation Organization helped physically attack Jews. Did you remind them of that Dr Goofball? " Dr Goofball- "They said that that when the big day comes they will kill all Jews including Shapiro Loon son of the public school teacher." Shap the Loon goes to window looks outside depressed about the news. Itchko the Halfwit - I just located the headquarters of Jewish self-defense organization. I am going there now. HAPPY PURIM!




Dear Jewish Defenders:

Here's a sample from the:

"Made in Palestine" Art Exhibit and Auction at the Westchester County Center on Saturday, November 20th, 2004, from 5 to 10pm. http://wespac.org

Made in Palestine MADE BY MURDERERS


"The exhibition Made in Palestine chronicles the modern history of the Palestinian people from Al Nakba (the Catastrophe of l948) to the present day. It gives a voice to a people struggling to keep their identity in the face of terrible odds-a brutal occupation by Israel punctuated by daily violence and daily sorrow. The exhibition reveals with powerful clarity the Palestinian side of the story. What is at stake here is of tremendous importance. The lives as well as the traditions and culture of an entire indigenous population are in grave danger of being extinguished.

Each of the twenty-three artists in the exhibit focuses on a telling aspect of the great calamity which has befallen the Palestinian people. A major theme is the wonton destruction of the villages and the forced relocation of the inhabitants into refugee camps. Emily Jacir makes this tragedy come alive through the metaphor of a life-sized United Nations refugee tent, Memorial to 418 Palestinian Villages which were Destroyed, Depopulated, and Occupied by Israel in 1948, which has embroidered on it the names of the villages razed to the ground during the Nakba and its aftermath. In his monumental canvas, John Halaka memorializes the more than seven-hundred thousand Palestinian men, women, and children driven into exile in 1948. The black, shadow-like dresses by Mary Tuma as well as the ceramic sacks by Mervat Essa dramatically remind us of the dispossessed. In Tyseer Barakat’s installation, we follow the life of his father from the time before he was expelled from his home to his death in a refugee camp. His second installation is a tragic portrait of his mother

This is just the first two paragraphs from the introduction. Peruse the two websites above for an idea of the propaganda, hate against America, Israel, and Jews and the promotion of the terrorist cause of the so-called Palestinians. Note that out of the 23 "artists," two were born in America, four live in the United States, and five of these individuals were educated here - one of which is not a resident. One of this smaller subset lives in both NY and Ramallah.

Contact the feckless Westchester County Executive Andrew Spano and lodge your outrage at this repugnant sponsorship of lies and terrorists by Westchester County at the cost of the taxpayers. Demand the fundraiser for terrorists be banned from government institutions of the County of Westchester:

Andrew J. Spano, Westchester County Executive

County of Westchester

148 Martine Avenue

White Plains, NY 10601

(914) 995-TELE (8353) Switchboard
(914) 995-2900 Direct Line to County Executive Spano's Office





The JDO placed a call to Senator Lieberman office and informed his press aide of this page on the JDO website. His aide seemed incensed about Hannaford's Haider connection and said that something was going to be done about it. Hannaford was fired the next day. Thank you to those who also called Lieberman's office to complain. And thanks to Laura Rozen for originating this information. And that you Senator Lieberman for remembering the men, woman and children who were put to death by the subhuman Nazi scum simply because they were JEWISH! http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A63067-2004Jul19.html
The Present Danger

By Joe Lieberman and Jon Kyl

Tuesday, July 20, 2004; Page A17

The Committee on the Present Danger was first formed at the dawn of the Cold War in 1950 to educate Americans about the growing threat of Soviet communism. Democratic senator Henry "Scoop" Jackson of Washington state revitalized the group in the mid-'70s; this time it was focused on working for a stronger stance toward the Soviets and the increased defense spending necessary to carry out that policy.

In this third incarnation, we intend to focus the committee on the present danger our generation faces: international terrorism from Islamic extremists and the outlaw states that either harbor or support them. The Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks awoke all Americans to the capabilities and brutality of our new enemy, but today too many people are insufficiently aware of our enemy's evil worldwide designs, which include waging jihad against all Americans and reestablishing a totalitarian religious empire in the Middle East. The past struggle against communism was, in some ways, different from the current war against Islamist terrorism. But America's freedom and security, which each has aimed to undermine, are exactly the same. The national and international solidarity needed to prevail over both enemies is also the same. In fact, the world war against Islamic terrorism is the test of our time.

True to its history, the reborn Committee on the Present Danger will advocate strong policies both against international terrorists and their sponsors and in favor of freedom and security. We are committed to advancing this common cause on a bipartisan basis.

In this war, our enemies do not distinguish between Democrats and Republicans. All Americans are the targets of their hate, because all Americans share the values they detest, the purpose that has defined America since the founders declared our independence -- to secure our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

In his inaugural address, President John F. Kennedy said, "In the long history of the world, only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its hour of maximum danger. I do not shrink from this responsibility -- I welcome it." Our freedom is again in danger, this time from Islamist terrorism. Our generation must not shrink from the responsibility to defend it. Together, we will prevail, and freedom's reach will expand.

Joe Lieberman is a Democratic senator from Connecticut. Jon Kyl is a Republican senator from Arizona. They are honorary co-chairmen of the Committee on the Present Danger.

Carmen Group, Inc. & Linton, Mields, Reisler & Cottone, Inc. AUSTRIA: Austrian Freedom Party Short Form Listing of Registrant's Foreign Agents Hannaford, Peter D. Lawrence, Heather Nicole
Austrian Freedom Party From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Austrian Freedom Party (Freiheitliche Partei Dosterreichs, abbreviated to FP) is an Austrian political party usually associated with the name of Jorg Haider. The FPD6 is generally regarded as a populist party and often classed as a Euronationalist party. It promises stronger anti-immigration laws, stricter law enforcement and more funds for families. In June 2004 Ursula Haubner Haider's elder sister, succeeded Herbert Haupt as party chairperson.





June 29, 2004

Or should Ariel Sharon simply wait for disaster, culminating in beautiful obituaries at the UN and sanctions placed on the Tehran regime? The Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khameni has officially declared war on Israel through his use of serious verbal threats and direct funding for the Hezbollah/Hamas terrorist organizations.

The reticence of democracies to declare preemptive wars unless they have been seriously attacked, plays well into the hands of al Qaeda operatives and the Saddams of the world (no linkage). Waiting for a September 11th style event to occur, or a nation like Kuwait to be raped and pillaged, is a mistake of immense proportions.

Unfortunately, it was an American president who was instrumental in resisting military action, thereby cultivating this terrorist monster.
Jimmy Carter, peanut farmer extraordinaire and most likely the worst president in American history, allowed Iran to fall into evil hands after the American embassy takeover and kidnappings of 1979. Thus President Carter became the greatest contributor to 9/11 sans Osama bin Laden.

After amputating the first leg of the "axis of evil" in Iraq (the Baathe Party), gangrene has spread throughout the second leg, conveniently located right next door. With almost 150,000 troops ready, willing and able to "operate," the scalpel should be passed to Israel, whose particular specialty has been excising military enemy cancers in the region.

The secret to the enduring Palestinian situation is that they are not a state, and thus cannot be dealt with in the appropriate, harsh manner. Once they become a duly recognized member of the UN, they would certainly go the way of Egypt, Syria and Jordan on the battlefield, should the situation warrant it. Arafat understood this quite well, which is the primary reason he rejected Barak's offer outright.

The messy aftermath in Iraq will not follow an Israeli victory over Iran. The Iranian populace has a particular warmth for Western democracy. In addition, the 1967 and 1973 wars clearly showed that humiliation by a tiny Jewish state is a vital part of a true victory. Otherwise, Abu Ghraib-type propaganda will be used to cloud the situation.

The Iranian army can easily defeat eight British soldiers with pistols in a small boat that veers off course. What a great Islamic triumph, capturing non combative soldiers, blindfolding them and creating a false international incident for Arab/Muslim media consumption. Let's see what those tough Iranians do when Jews show up with F-16's.

Iran is a terrorist organization with a flag and an example of virtually everything that could possibly be wrong with a government--totalitarian, autocratic, religious, fundamentalist and a tyranny over its populace.
Why would a religious leadership express such hatred for Israel and America, while announcing that they would "happily be willing to exchange the nuclear deaths of 100 million Muslims for the 5 million Jews in Israel?"

Under the Koran, once a place has instituted Muslim sovereignty, which the Jewish state had experienced for a brief time in history, it can never lose Muslim sovereignty. Muslim hatred is based solely upon the reality of strong and successful Christians/Jews, a fact of life which disturbs and humiliates Islam. Allah cannot possibly permit the infidels to succeed over religious Muslims. Iranian fundamentalists have severe Jew and Christian hang-ups, which reinforce the idea that American and Israeli power somehow invalidates Islam.

The rhetoric of a "nuclear free Middle East" simply means a Middle East free of Israel. The recent diatribes by Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi about Israel's nuclear weapons are living proof that his country clearly understands that one wrong step against Israel and Tehran could glow in the dark for many years to come.

Today, the battle for Western civilization is largely being fought in the Middle East. The world is divided into three groups. Those who would like Israel destroyed. Those who support nations (directly or indirectly), that want Israel destroyed. And the United States of America.

Prime Minister Sharon must announce immediately that Israel "does not need a permission slip from anyone...except the United States." Israel's previous victories coupled with the American experience in Afghanistan and Iraq are part of a developing new strategy. If all these valuable lessons are employed militarily, change throughout the Middle East is imminent.

The only serious problem remaining will be, "What the heck to do with Europe and Scandinavia?"


Israel For Dummies
Date: Thursday, October 09 @ 21:45:34 EDT
Topic: Opinion

by Irwin N. Graulich
October 9, 2003

Why is the world so preoccupied with Israel? Why has there been a 3,000 year obsession with one of the tiniest groups around--Jews? Why is there an uproar against this one group, amongst all others who also call themselves "The Chosen People?" Why has the UN spent almost half its time on issues concerning Israel, even before 1967, when the entire West Bank, Gaza, the Golan Heights and all of old Jerusalem already belonged to Arab populations?

Imagine the time, energy and money that has been spent throughout the Arab and Muslim world fighting, hating and propagandizing against Israel? What would these countries look like today had their focus been on technology, planting and building?

The mystery begins to unravel when we understand the word "Israel." Most people, including most Jews, think of Israel as a country. The actual meaning of Israel derives from the Bible where Jews are referred to as "Am Yisrael"--the people called Israel.

The state of Israel only exists under the umbrella of Judaism, also referred to as Israel/The Jewish People. When Israel (the state) becomes a Jew's only vehicle to Judaism, his/her religion will fail, and ultimately the nation will collapse. That is why secular Jews like Shimon Peres, Yossi Beilin and Yosi Sarid are in an abyss, a bottomless pit destined for failure. Only when the state of Israel is part of a Jew's identity, can that individual be successful with both Israel the state and Israel the people.

Israel, the country, will be meaningless to the next generation of Jews, unless Judaism becomes meaningful for them. If Israel and the Middle East, are not just "a part" of their Jewish experience, then Tel Aviv, Haifa and Netanya will merely be Miami Beach, where everyone happens to speak Hebrew.

Thank God Israel's enemies do not understand or recognize the true disaster in Israel. For the vast majority of secular Jews, the only thing that has kept them passionate about the "Holy Land" are the current threats against it. Ironically, it is the Arab/Muslim world, through their own stupidity and hatred, that has kept Israel together and strong!

Without question, Yasir Arafat has done more to keep many Jews Jewish and fighting on behalf of Israel, than any Rabbi on the planet. What Yasir and his cohorts fail to recognize is that if peace eventually comes to the Middle East, Jews throughout the world will have much less to be passionate about with regard to fundraising, lobbying and protesting for Israel. So what will keep those Jews Jewish and what will keep the non-religious Jews in Israel "occupied?" When Israel becomes a common fact of life and not a dream, most Jews will move on to other quasi-religious interests such as secularism, feminism, environmentalism, liberalism and real estate.

The UN and the world's obsession with Jews emanates from one idea. The fact that this little group has the audacity to say that God chose them to carry His message to the world. Most people, including Jews, should not interpret this to mean that Jews are any better than anyone else. In fact, God purposely "chose" the biggest failures of that time to bring His moral laws to human beings.

This shows everyone, by example, how a failing group can indeed become successful. Had God chosen a strong group like the Egyptians to receive His laws, people would point to the fact that a strong messenger forced it upon the world; a concept which simply proves that it is the message and not the messenger that is truly great!

Obviously, most of humanity's religions and cultures believe in the Jews as God's "Chosen Messenger Service," since Judaism has formed the basis of modern Christianity and Islam, and it is Judaism's moral laws that have become the foundation of modern Western society.

The real WMD focused on the state of Israel today is the lack of Jewish religious approaches available, a concept which has made religions thrive in America. While Christianity has managed to maintain diversity even in Israel, Judaism has failed in this effort. Both Judaism and Christianity in the United States offer a wide range of choices in terms of practices and experiences.

Judaism includes Orthodox, Conservative and Reform and Christianity offers a variety of Christian/Protestant denominations. All of these options fall within established guidelines for each religion. Only together, do these wonderfully competing religious components represent a true religion. Unless there is intra-religious competition, the religion will become fanatical and destined for failure.

Religion needs competition just like business needs competition. If there is only one brand of ketchup on the supermarket shelves, most people will tire of that one taste and abandon it. The variety of ketchups and dips available is what makes eating so appealing. Each religion needs "religious capitalism" in order to thrive.

The real problem in Israel is that one is either Orthodox or nothing. When given that choice, most people will choose nothing. When religion does not offer choices, many adherents become fanatical. This manifests itself differently in each religion. Fanatics in Judaism become obsessed with kosher seltzer and kosher toothpaste. Fanatics in old Christianity became Crusaders and anti-Semites, among other things. Fanatics in modern day Christianity blow up abortion clinics. Fanatics in modern Islam hijack commercial jetliners and run them into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Although fanatics in Judaism and Christianity represent a very small minority, in Islam they represent a serious minority or possibly majority. The vast majority of moderate Jews and Christians respect other religions and support Israel. Unfortunately, a majority of Muslims want Islam to dominate the world and do not support Israel. Perhaps God is a little angry with that attitude and thus we have the miracle of Israel's survival.

However, this can change because only when Israel, the country, is part of the larger equation of a serious religious Reform, Conservative or Orthodox Jew, will the state of Israel's survival be guaranteed. -----------------------

Irwin N. Graulich is a well known motivational speaker on morality, ethics, Judaism and politics. He is also President and CEO of Bloch Graulich Whelan Inc., a leading marketing, branding and communications company in New York City. He can be reached at irwin.graulich@verizon.net

This article comes from Jewish Indianapolis

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Our European Children
By Irwin Graulich
Jan 7, 2004, 00:15

Remember your kids during those impossible teenage years. You gave them protection, entertainment, tried to teach them values, provided education as well as the latest hi-tech devices---yet somehow they rebelled and detested you. Children believe their "parental figures" are usually wrong and often use the occasion to be quite critical. Yet many Americans like Colin Powell and Howard Dean keep thinking, "How can we get all those little European sophisticated, pseudo-intellectual grown-up juveniles to love us?"

Should Americans be surprised that Europeans hate us with such passion? Old Europe, led by France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Greece, and a few other somewhat childish nations think they know more than US. They wonder how a much younger country called America can be so advanced morally, technologically, scientifically and societally in comparison.

For 400 years, Europe directed world events on a grand scale. Suddenly, they have evolved into political irrelevance. Since European Power cannot compete in any manner with American Power, and now even feel threatened by Jewish Power in Israel, their strategy has changed into tearing down both entities.

A totally weakened Europe shows its strength by developing an innovative plan to save Jews by weakening Israel to its vulnerable pre-1967 days. Since America cannot be diminished in such a  manner, the European kindergarten will continue to criticize and belittle every American move. According to Chirac, Schroeder and their legions, evil is not the greatest threat in the world. It is American power, American aggression, environmental degradation, global warming and Israel.

Old Europe selfishly craves their casual lifestyle and security first, not freedom. They worship the safe position and have antipathy for those who stand up for what is right and wrong in the world, especially against Islamic Fundamentalism. Europeans would like nothing better than to sit in outdoor cafes, go to their topless beaches, enjoy long vacations from work, get free government healthcare and pensions, all while not rocking their socialist boat.

Western Europeans contend that America and Israel are just two young countries with very little to teach. They consider themselves smarter and more knowledgeable due to thousands of years of experience.
However, an older civilization does not in any way constitute a wiser one, evidence the fact that Europeans seem to ascribe to the bin Laden manifesto, holding Israel and America as the greatest dangers to the world; not Iran, Libya, Syria or religious fundamentalism.

Beginning in 1948, Europe saw Israel as an outpost of their values. During the last 25 years, Israel has matured into an American outpost, making Israel doubly dangerous; possessing both Jewish and American values. Europeans are angry because Christians (and now Jews), who believe in God, have the ultimate power to do good and back it up with overwhelming force. Who the hell do those Americans (and Israelis) think they are without (Third) world agreement and the UN stamp of approval?

Amoral Europe believes in the United Nations because they do not have a true reference point for right and wrong, like religious America and Israel whose Bible dictates terms. Therefore, self-righteous Europeans put their faith in a majority vote for moral decisions. Enter a religious George W. Bush who believes he knows better than France, Germany and the balance of secular Europe. This Texas cowboy has a silly notion that God is our guide for right and wrong, not Kofi Annan.

Obviously, Chamberlain DNA has infected Europeans with fears of another Hitler arising. The result being that "peace in our time activists"   will do whatever is necessary to lessen the danger of war. They conveniently forgot that force can be used for good, evidence the war that stopped The Holocaust and gave Europe its freedom in 1945.

Appeasing the Islamacists by weakening Israel and reversing America's unchangeable Middle East policy is their untenable solution. Like children, France and Germany seem to have little dignity. They now want contracts (their allowance) even though they have misbehaved. Americans put their lives on the line to get rid of murderous torture chambers in Iraq, while they made money and were business partners with the evil dictator.

Actually, America happens to be too good to be true. No one could possibly be that decent, or have a true biblical mission to improve the world. The European cause is to have a good time on this earth, which is the reason churches are empty but the sex clubs are filled. Simply put, America makes the   historic European nations look like whining babies.

Children primarily want to be loved and taken care of in their cradle. Europeans go even further with their cradle to grave socialism. When the French, German and Italian Unions go on strike kicking and screaming for new contracts, their governments always capitulate which is why European farmers command 50% of the EU's operating budget. Americans and Israelis primarily want to do the right thing and make their own breaks economically.

Whenever this child analogy is expressed, Europeans become highly insulted. They quickly point out that the facts on the ground show them to actually be the older, wiser, more mature parents. If their analogy is carried to fruition, our much older parental figures should be viewed in their true condition--as decrepit elders in need of assisted living care, with senility and Alzheimer's setting in rapidly. These "older" nations no longer seem to make any rational sense and have become quite forgetful of the lessons learned from "past events."

Whether we consider antiquated Europe our children or our parents, it is back to diapers and spitting up...because certainly they can no longer take care of themselves.

Irwin N. Graulich is a well known motivational speaker on morality, ethics, Judaism and politics. He is also President and CEO of a leading marketing, branding and communications company in New York City. He can be reached at

Irwin Graulich
The Disaster of Iraqi Democracy
By Irwin N. Graulich
Feb 10, 2004, 00:10

Transfer power, withdraw American troops and allow democracy to take effect. The Bush administration is under increased pressure from Iraqi leadership and citizenry to authorize direct elections.

Do the people of Iraq have a right to choose any government they wish? The answer should be a big, resounding Texas "No y'all!" All of a sudden the Iraqi people believe that they are on an American college campus where they are intoxicated with "rights."

The fact of the matter is that their country, only a year ago, was one of the most evil nations on the planet. Their government viciously attacked, raped and pillaged neighboring countries, while innocent Iraqi family members were forced to reveal personal dinner conversations which led to arrests and murders.

Rather than worshipping and thanking the victorious military that freed the masses, the Iraqi population has selfishly protested against their American and coalition saviors. Naturally, America is being blamed for the horrific past, not the Iraqis themselves. In a similar vein, Charles Manson, Timothy McVeigh and other despicable murderers have blamed America, instead of taking personal responsibility for their deeds. It is quite difficult to look into the mirror and say, "The evil is primarily my own fault."

Talk about selfishness. This is the result of an Arab mentality, whereby societal ingratitude is the consequence of a totally misguided macho trait. Their military machine was shown to be comparable to a poorly malfunctioning wind-up toy by American armed forces that proved totally overwhelming and victorious in every single situation. Although they were embarrassed in war, the Iraqis are now able to stand up to the powerful American and coalition military by protesting their authority.

These actions prove that the Iraqi people are as immature politically as most American high school and college students. The only major difference is that Iraqis have car bombs instead of loudspeakers. Street protests are their only way of expressing power by childishly standing up to American soldiers with tanks.

College students worship (sic) their immature (Imam-like) professors, who have truly never grown up from their kindergarten of academia. Since the majority of these leftist professors have never ventured out into the real world, their world views are learned exclusively from books and theories.

Adnan Pachachi, chairman of the Iraqi Governing Council, has arrogantly proposed a compromise with the American idea of slow, methodical, evolutionary change. Their "too much, too quick, too soon" proposal of direct elections is just another hijacking plan by Iraq's leading Shiite cleric, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani. Talk about the inmates running the asylum.

The first step after a war is winning the hearts and minds of the population. According to West Point strategies, this means scaring the hell out of them if they refuse to accept candy bar friendships and cooperate like the Europeans after WWII. Instead, Iraqis are permitted to protest in the same manner as the elite campus anti-war movement in the United States. They are no longer afraid to voice opinions which they withheld even in the most private places for over a generation. By allowing the dam of freedom to open so quickly, America has been instrumental in contributing to the bursting of this structure. Too much freedom, too suddenly and disaster follows.

Iraqis must understand in no uncertain terms that there are consequences to their behavior, like the equivalent of a good Texas whuppin'. When a war is won decisively by a democracy, the victor has an obligation even more important than reconstruction. There is a moral responsibility to change the way of life and government apparatus of the defeated into what the victor deems best.

Emphatically forcing a specific democratic system slowly and methodically onto a conquered people will make them "appreciate democracy" and fear future wars. Respecting democratically elected authority is absolutely necessary, coupled with a little bit of fear. By helping past dictatorships build democracies step by step, the newly freed people will realize they now have a great deal to lose. In addition, the world gains more democracies, which never seem to make war on other democracies.

The Iraqi people and the rest of the Arab/Muslim world must be taught the valuable lesson that freedom does not mean "a right" to do whatever one wishes. It means rules, guidelines and worshipping Judeo-Christian standards/values, while maintaining their Islamic ethical monotheistic principles. Democracy does not mean freedom of choice. It means freedom to choose within very specific parameters.

PC sensitivities have not allowed President Bush to call the Iraqi people politically immature babies. However, they have to crawl even before they can walk. We simply cannot throw the Iraqi "babies" into the swimming pool. They must first learn to swim or they will drown in democracy.


Letters to the Editor

posted to JewishPress.com on 12/26/03

Soldier Of Zion

The entire Jewish community should be in mourning for Howard Adelson, the longtime fighter for Jewish rights who has been taken from us.

First, we send our sincerest condolences to his family. Second, let us reflect upon the great doings of Dr. Adelson, a’h. He was a lover of Zion who stood steadfast against the treacherous act of appeasement called "Oslo," correctly comparing it to another delusion of "peace in our time" -- Munich, which helped pave the way for the Holocaust and World War II.

Dr. Adelson tirelessly used his pen and his mouth against modern day Hitler’s and spoke at several Jewish Defense Organization protests. He wrote of how JDO went directly to Louisiana to fight David Duke. Not only did he rip the Nazi swine Duke to shreds (while taking on the do-nothing Jewish Establishment for sitting on its hands), he encouraged readers of his popular column in The Jewish Press to attend our anti-Duke protest meetings.

It was also Dr. Adelson who went head to head against Professor Leonard Jeffries and was, in fact, the first to demand that Jeffries be fired. Dr. Adelson spoke at our anti-Jeffries rallies and also spoke out loudly during the 1991 Crown Heights pogrom.

Most people may not understand what made Dr. Adelson tick. The answer is threefold: his love of Israel, his love of Jews, and his being a follower of the Zionist warrior Zev Jabotinsky. In fact, the last time I spoke with him was a month ago, when I was trying to locate the exact address of the training camp where Jabotinsky died suddenly in August 1940.

Let me conclude by quoting from the anthem written by Jabotinsky for his movement -- a movement to which Dr. Adelson dedicated his life:

"Even in distress a Jew is a prince, no matter if a slave or a tramp."

These are the words by which we remember Dr. Howard Adelson, lifelong soldier in the army of Jabotinsky. May Hashem comfort Zion and all its mourners.

Mordechai Levy

National Director

Jewish Defense Organization

We Lost A Giant---Dr Howard Adelson Z'L

Recently I was scanning the press reports about the death of Zev Jabotinsky modern day father of Jewish Militancy .In one was that placards appeared all over Israel "mourning for the creator of the Jewish Legion, courageous fighter for Jewish Redemption and the defender of Jerusalem." Many of these same words could be applied to Howard Adelson Z"L " who I only found out now, has passed away. The entire Jewish Community should be in mourning for this fighter, long time fighter for Jewish rights has been taken from us. First we must send our sincerest condolences to his family.

Second, let us reflect upon the great doings of Dr Howard Adelson. Though he taught at my college, he was also a very big lover of Zion. He stood first, and foremost against the treacherous act of appeasement called "Oslo" correctly comparing it to another act of "peace in our time" called Munich, that helped pave the way for the Holocaust and WW II. He used his pen tirelessly and his mouth against modern day Hitler’s and spoke at several JDO protests including one at the home of a neo-nazi misfit living in Park Slope Brooklyn amazingly enough. He also wrote of how JDO went directly to Louisiana to fight small time Hitler David Duke who at the time was doing very well in elections. Dr Adelson unhesitatingly not only ripped Nazi Klan swine Duke to shreds, and took on the do nothing Jewish Establishment for sitting on its hands, he even in his well read column in the Jewish Press, encouraged Jews to attend our anti-Duke protest meetings.

It was also Dr Adelson that went head on against Black Nazi Professor Jeffries, and was the first to demand he be fired. Dr Adelson in spite of his aptitude for both the pen and spoken word did not stop there. He actually spoke and attended our anti-Jeffries rallies. For this reason we gave him the Jabotinsky Award several years ago. He also spoke out loudly during Crown Heights Pogrom and even wrote in support of the JDO Security Team helping protect Jews in Crown Heights during the pogrom.

What most people fail to understand is what made him tick ? The answer is three fold, his love of Israel, his love of Jews, and his being a follower of Jewish & Zionist Fighter Zev Jabotinsky. Aside from his having been a soldier in WW II Dr Adelson was in the underground army "soldiers without uniforms" the Irgun Tzvei Leumi, that in the period 1945-48 used bullets and bombs to drive the British out of pre-state Israel.

He was a leader in the Jabotinsky movement here, not only preached Hadar, Jewish self-respect, but practiced it at all times. He will be sorely missed, and we knew him very well.

In fact the last time I spoke with the Dr was a month ago, as I was trying to locate the exact address of the training camp Jabotinsky was at when he died in Aug 1940. It was to actually write an article, and much of the advice he gave then, and on many other occasions was direct, and helpful. On many occasion he met the boys in JDO Security Team, and Jewish youths from Camp Jabotinsky, our training camp. He was always impressed, as he never denied the need for Jews to defend each other. Now, all true Jewish Militants will miss him.

Let me end by quoting on this occasion the anthem written by Jabotinsky for his movement, a movement Dr Howard Adelson dedicated his life to, and a stanza that was his creed.

"Even in distress a Jew is a prince, no matter if a slave or a tramp." This was part of the anthem written by Jabotinsky. These are the words we remember Dr Howard Adelson, lifelong "soldier of the army of Jabotinsky" by. May Hashem Comfort Zion and All its Mourners !

Mordechai Levy- J.D.O. National Director



Enough is Enough !!!

Note: Tragically, although Nick Berg was a proud Israel supporting Jewish youth who we can all be proud of, his father has been involved in a very sinister anti-war outfit, called "International Answer" a group that was viciously anti-Israel and anti-America. This radical communist outfit is a front for the Trotskyite communist "workers World Party." Perhaps the father did not know that the anti-war group he was in was so viciously anti-Israel, and anti-America. Perhaps, Mr. Michael Berg did not know the real agenda of the make believe "peace outfits" he has aligned himself with. In spite of that there is only one Real Answer this father should do to avenge the horrible death of his likable, pro-Israel, pro-America son. That is to break with all these radical outfits he's aligned himself with like International Answer etc, and to support the war against his son's murderers. Stop being naive, and face the fact that the goal of Islamic extremist terror outfits is to not only attempt to destroy Israel, but to also destroy America 9-11 style.

Strangely, in the last few days in interviews in the media Mr. Berg, mentioned to the NY Post that he believed that his sons killers knew that his son Nick was a Jew, as he recently donned a Tallis and they murdered Nick because he was a Jew.

Perhaps, inside the soul of every Jew, is a spark, and Jewish feeling, that may actually have been kindled in Mr. Berg, father of Nick. Nick Berg supported America's war against terror. He was murdered in Iraq, just the way Daniel Pearl, was horribly tortured and slaughtered by vicious Jew-Hating beasts, whether they call themselves Al-Qaeda, or PMO. ("Palestine Murderers Organization)

They are truly Islamic Nazis, and these outfits must be crushed swiftly and ruthlessly, showing these butchers about as much mercy as hey showed our fellow Jews, Daniel and Nick! They should be shown the same mercy as when the same butchers that murdered Nick Berg, bombed Jewish targets and slaughtered Jews in Turkey a few short weeks ago.


Dr. Neve Gordon - Jewish Nazi Lover

In the now world-famous libel suit between Holocaust Denier David Irving and Dr. Deborah Lipstadt, Irving sued Lipstadt and her publisher Lipstadt had written that Irving was a Nazi apologist and admirer of Hitler. She had asserted that Irving was a Holocaust Denier who had distorted facts and manipulated documents to prove that there had been no genocide of Jews during World War II. Irving sued for libel. He claimed that Lipstadt damaged his reputation and credentials as a serious historian and writer. Lipstadt's claims against Irving were in part based on Irving's own efforts as apologist for and promoter of the writings and views of the Neonazi and Holocaust Denier, Ernst Zundel, who was on trial at the time in Canada.

Dr. Lipstadt's defense was that her depiction of Irving as a Nazi and Holocaust Denier was entirely true and backed up by numerous writings by Irving himself. She presented evidence in court that Irving is a racist, an extremist anti-Semite, and associated with anti-Semitic Right-wing extremists.

The judgment in the case was handed down in April, 2000. The court found for the defendant's (meaning Lipstadt). The British court found that her assertions were simply statements of fact. The judge confirmed that Irving had served as an apologist for Neonazis and anti-Semites, and rejected his denials that he is an extremist, racist and anti-Semite. (It continues to be a fact that he regularly appears before and writes for anti-Semitic audiences.) The court ordered Irving to pay 150,000 pounds sterling in damages for his baseless suit against Lipstadt. The judgment and the legal costs are estimated by the Guardian to have cost Irving between one and two million pounds and to have forced him into bankruptcy.

The British court said effectively that it is not libelous to tell the truth about a fanatic extremist. It is not libelous to denounce him in strong terms. Extremists may not use the court as a club to stifle denunciations of their behavior and writings by those who are vehemently critical of their views.

It is one of the bizarre twists of the political scene in Israel that a David Irving Trial of sorts is taking place there at the moment. It is a trial that bears many similarities to the actual David Irving Trial in Britain. To begin with, it involves a political extremist suing for libel a courageous critic who labeled him an anti-Semite and fanatic because of his writings and political behavior.

The Israeli plaintiff is himself a writer, who has often been cited and featured on the personal web site of the British David Irving. His writings have been published on Neonazi and Holocaust Denier web sites, as well as in other anti-Semitic and Islamist fundamentalist journals and web sites.

The defendant argues that the plaintiff is attempting to use the court as a club to suppress free speech in an anti-democratic manner: the plaintiff has filed a frivolous nuisance suit to bully his critics so that they will be afraid to denounce the plaintiff's political views and behavior.

There are other significant similarities between the two trials. In both, the plaintiff has a record of praising and promoting the views of people commonly seen as Holocaust Deniers. In both, the plaintiff's associates with extremist anti-Semitic organizations and with individuals widely considered to be anti-Semites, and collaborate with them in publishing their views. Both plaintiffs are venomously critical of Israel and its leaders and have expressed "understanding" for anti-Israel terrorism. In both cases the extremist plaintiffs claim that their good names as researchers were damaged by those who attack their behavior and denounce their writings and opinions. In both cases, no attempt was made to prove that the plaintiff suffered actual material damages.

In short, both plaintiffs in the two David Irving Trials used the framework of a libel suit to try to force their critics into silence. There is one important difference though. The Israeli 'David Irving' is himself an Israeli and a Jew.

Moreover, while David Irving was never on the faculty of a bona fide academic institution, the plaintiff in the Israeli David Irving Trial is. He is Dr. Neve Gordon, from the Department of Political Science at Ben-Gurion University. The defendant in Gordon's libel suit is the professor, columnist and writer, Prof. Steven Plaut. He is on the faculty of the University of Haifa.

Neve Gordon teaches political science at Ben Gurion University; he is a member of a department that is nearly wall-to-wall leftist. He holds a Ph.D. from Notre Dame University, a Catholic school in Indiana. Most of the articles he has published are politicalized and/or devoted to attacking Israeli policies and/or denounce Israel as a terrorist country The Middle East Quarterly has declared him to be one of Israel's academic extremists.

Gordon goes beyond the chic support for the PLO and its positions so common today among Israeli academic leftists. Gordon has allied himself and collaborated with a wide variety of anti-Semites and anti-Semitic organizations. He used to lead the Physicians for Human Rights in Israel (despite not being a MD himself), a pro-Arab organization so extreme that it has been publicly denounced by the Israel Medical Association. It was condemned as an openly anti-Semitic organization by Prof. Gerald Steinberg of Bar Ilan University, who, together with 200 other people, signed a petition to that effect.

Gordon also maintains a long-term ongoing collaboration with Alexander Cockburn, the anti-Israel Far Leftist American columnist and publisher of Counterpunch magazine. Cockburn has been repeatedly denounced as an anti-Semite by The New Republic and by a variety of other journals and columnists, including the Seattle Times, Declaration Foundation, Prof. Edward Alexander, LewRockwell.Com, LeftWatch, and Christian Action for Israel. Cockburn has openly given credence to reports that Jews spread anthrax in the US and that Israel was part of a conspiracy to topple the World Trade Center. Cockburn insists Jews conspire to control the media. Gordon has published a large number of articles attacking Israel in Counterpunch.

Gordon is active in a Far-Left Israeli organization with the Arabic name Taayush, which in Gordon's own words (cited in an interview) is a seditious organization that "opposes Arab-Jewish coexistence". But Gordon's screeds appeal to an audience that goes beyond the mere vocal critics of Israel. Gordon's articles have been published and cited on a wide variety of neonazi, Holocaust Denial, and Islamist fundamentalist newspapers and web sites. On several neonazi web sites, a work by Gordon is cited right after a citation from Hitler himself, making for curious footnote bedfellows.

Gordon has published articles attacking Israel in the Egyptian anti-Semitic daily Al-Ahram, which routinely spreads anti-Jewish blood libels. Gordon's articles have been published by al-Jazeera, the same Iraqi-subsidized Arab news agency that airs the speeches of Bin Laden and broadcast the shots of the Allied troops being murdered by Saddam's Republic Guards during the recent war. The Holocaust-denying Radio Islam internet web site carries the writings of Gordon alongside its reprinting of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Radio Islam also indulges in traditional medieval anti-Jewish blood libels, and Der Sturmer-like cartoons showing Jews drinking blood.

Gordon's articles have been published on the Electronic Intifada, a pro-terror web site, and on the web site of the anti-Jewish Islamist pro-Hamas CAIR organization in the US. While Gordon claims that he himself did not place his articles on some of these more anti-Semitic web sites, the fact that the articles appealed to the operators of those sites sufficiently for them to carry them speaks volumes about their contents. Gordon is one of the few Israelis whose writings are cited with honor on the web site of David Irving himself, the convicted British Holocaust Denier.

In his writings, Gordon repeatedly insists Israel is a fascist state and a terrorist state, engaging in state terrorism that is no different morally from the mass atrocities of Palestinian and other terrorists. He has denounced Israeli fascism not only in English but also on web sites in German and Italian. Not only has he denounced Ariel Sharon and Benjamin Netanyahu as war criminals, he has attacked leftist Labor-Party Ultra-Oslo-Dove Ehud Barak. Gordon has written that Bibi Netanyahu is the continuation of Yigal Amir, the murderer of Yitzhak Rabin, and is a spy, criminal or terrorist. He insists Sharon delights in the deaths of Arabs and Jews. He was one of the signers of the petitions before the recent Iraq war declaring that Israel was planning to perpetrate atrocities and massive crimes against humanity once the war broke out. Ben-Dror Yemini, a columnist at Maariv, has denounced all such signatories as being the Israeli equivalents of Lord Haw-Haw, the British traitor and lackey of Hitler during World War II. Gordon repeatedly endorses insubordination and mutiny by Israelis refusing to serve in the military and is active in political groups supporting the mutineers. He has compared Israel to apartheid South Africa and has called the Zionist Organization of America in the United States racist.

Gordon has repeatedly endorsed general boycotts against Israel and his articles are carried by pro-boycott web sites, magazines and organizations. He has expressed sympathy for the bi-national state solution, in which Israel would cease to exist as a Jewish state. He has expressed understanding for terrorism because it is caused by injustice. He has repeatedly insisted that Israel - and specifically Prime Minister Ehud Barak - only understands violence, implying that Arabs should engage in more of it. He considers Israel the main culprit responsible for Middle East violence, and insists this was so even when Barak was Prime Minister. Gordon's politics are so extremist that one of the professors at Notre Dame, where Gordon got his Ph.D. has denounced him venomously in writing and wished him to be blown up by terrorists in an Israeli mall.

Gordon has been active among those Israeli and international Leftists seeking to interfere with Israeli military operations against Palestinian terrorists in the territories. He has worked with Taayush and the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) in trying to prevent Israeli actions against terrorism there, and - according to his own admission - he was arrested for this at least once.

After the Netanya Passover Massacre of 2002, Israel launched Operation Defensive Wall against the terrorists. During that operation, Gordon was one of the group of Far Leftists who illegally infiltrated Israeli army lines and entered Arafat's besieged headquarters in Ramallah to prevent Israel from arresting the wanted terrorists holed up there, and trying to block IDF attempts to attack Arafat's offices. On February 2, 2002, Israel's Haaretz daily carried a large photo of Gordon in a warm embrace with Arafat in his besieged Ramallah headquarters, clasping hands together in a heart-warming show of solidarity. These hands of Arafat being clasped with affection by Gordon were the very same that signed the orders for the murders of hundreds of Israelis. No photo of Gordon showing solidarity with the victims of Arafat's terror was ever printed in the paper.

The most dramatic manifestation of Gordon's political extremism is his promotion and praise of the scribblings of Norman Finkelstein. Finkelstein is by now fairly well know for his book The Holocaust Industry and other writings in which he trivializes and mocks the Holocaust and claims that virtually all Holocaust survivors are liars, thieves, and cheats. Finkelstein has been denounced as a Holocaust Denier, neonazi, Holocaust trivializer, anti-Semite, fraud, pseudo-researcher, and worse, by nearly every reviewer in every legitimate medium that has discussed him and his book. He was fired from jobs at two New York area academic institutions and now is employed by a Catholic college in Chicago. The NY Times has compared Finkelstein's book to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The British Guardian claims Finkelstein is an anti-Semite and a Holocaust Denier. The Washington Post declares Finkelstein an anti-Semite with ties to Nazis. Moment magazine, the ADL, the World Jewish Congress, Elie Wiesel, Prof. Edward Alexander, Alan Dershowitz, the Canadian Jewish News, the web site on Anti-Semitism at the University of Tel Aviv, Dennis Prager, the Jerusalem Report, Jonah Daniel Goldhagen, and many others have denounced Finkelstein as a nazi, Holocaust Denier, fraud, and/or anti-Semite. Finkelstein is also on record endorsing Arab terror and the destruction of Israel.

Finkelstein has become the featured hero of virtually every Holocaust Denial and Neonazi web site on earth. He is the Nazi's pet Jewish historian, whose research proves there was never any Holocaust of Jews by the Germans at all. The Neonazis insist his writings prove that talk about a Holocaust is all a Zionist hoax.

As it turns out, Neve Gordon from Ben-Gurion University has published articles in the leftist magazine The Nation, in Israel's Haaretz, and on several web sites that not only sing Finkelstein's praises and endorse many of the themes in Finkelstein's books, but has actually compared Finkelstein favorably to the Prophets of the Bible. Finkelstein himself is so proud of Gordon's praise that he features one of Gordon's articles on his own personal web site. Gordon may in fact be the only academic at a bona fide university in the world who acknowledges Finkelstein as a serious researcher.

All of which brings us to Gordon's libel suit against Professor Plaut. On various occasions Plaut has criticized Gordon's political opinions and political behavior on the internet. Gordon regards such criticism of himself as libel. In rather typical leftist manner, Gordon seems to believe that the most extremist, fanatic and outrageous behavior and opinions of leftists must be protected as free speech, but criticism by non-leftists must be suppressed, using the courts and lawyers as an anti-democratic bully club.

Leftists in many countries use the filing of frivolous nuisance libel suits as a guerilla tactic to suppress the free speech of their critics. Gordon's libel suit against Prof. Plaut is based mainly on two short sets of comments that Plaut wrote on the internet about Gordon and his friends. In one, Plaut described Gordon as a groupie of Holocaust Denier Norman Finkelstein. In Gordon's suit he intentionally mistranslates this into Hebrew as if Plaut were saying that Gordon is walking in the furrow of Holocaust Deniers. The fact that Gordon describes Norman Finkelstein as the moral equivalent of Biblical Prophets would seem to make his describing Gordon as a groupie of Finkelstein factually unchallengeable.

The other comment of Prof. Plaut's that upset Gordon was in an internet posting reporting the actions of the human shields entering Arafat's headquarters to defend wanted Palestinian terrorists during Operation Defensive Shield. Plaut reported that Gordon himself had entered the headquarters with these people and was thus to be found among the Judenrat wannabes. Haaretz had just published Gordon's photo in his solidarity embrace with Arafat. Describing people who appoint themselves as representatives and liaisons to mass murderers of Jews might legitimately be described as Judenrat wannabes. But Gordon and his Arab lawyer from East Jerusalem insist it is libelous.

Plaut also described Gordon as a fanatic anti-Semite because of his endorsements of Finkelstein's ideas and writings. In any case, if proof were needed that this is so, a very large host of anti-Jewish, neonazi and Holocaust-Denial web sites and newspapers themselves regard Gordon as sufficiently anti-Semitic to publish his writings. (In one of the more amusing features of Gordon's suit, he insists that Prof. Plaut also libeled him in several articles about him that were not published by Plaut at all but that Gordon believes were inspired by Plaut.) In short, Gordon has decided that Plaut will play the role of Deborah Lipstadt in Israel's analogue to the David Irving trial. Plaut is represented by Israeli Attorney Dr. Haim Misgav.

Everything Plaut has written about Gordon is simply an assessment of Gordon's own political writings and behavior. Gordon is a public figure - an Op-Ed columnist, a representative of several radical political organizations, a very public hand-holder of Yassir Arafat - and criticism of his political opinions and political actions is a legitimate _expression of free speech. Plaut's criticisms and denunciations of Gordon's behavior and writings were evoked by Gordon's own political behavior, exactly as were Deborah Lipstadt's denunciations of David Irving. Actually, Plaut has never met Gordon and knew nothing about him before the suit, other than from his political writings and actions.

In recent years, filing frivolous libel suits has become a common form of harassment in Israel, where free speech on the right is sometimes weakly-protected and where libel laws allow attempts at suing for all sorts of things that are regarded as protected speech in most other democratic systems. In a (in)famous recent case, a leftist professor of philosophy at Tel Aviv University sued four people, including two other professors, for libel. He lost and was ordered to pay the defendant's a large sum for court costs and damages. The David Irving Trial of Israel is likely to have a similar outcome.

Free speech in Israel is under assault and the defeat of frivolous libel suits is a crucial part of its protection. Meanwhile, readers who would like to tell the authorities at Ben Gurion University what they think of Gordon's writings and behavior should write to Professor Avishay Braverman, President of Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheba 84105 Israel. Letters to the American Associates of Ben Gurion University (AABGU) should be sent to 1430 Broadway, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10018. Zvi Alon is President of AABGU and Seth Moskowitz is the Executive Vice-President. (Phone: 212-687-7721; fax: 212-302-6443; email: info@aabgu.org)


1992-1995-Midwest: Authorities say the "Aryan Republican Army" a white supremacist gang that required members to read The Turner Diaries, committed 22 bank robberies and bombings. The Aryan Republican Army has been linked to the National Alliance and Tim McVeigh!

Neo-Nazi billboard gone, but some say its support lingers

By Rich McKay

Sentinel Staff Writer

March 8, 2004

After six months sitting along Florida's Turnpike, a controversial billboard for a neo-Nazi group came down last week, but groups on both sides say its message of racial intolerance is still welcome with some people in Orlando's back yard. "We definitely have an audience here," said Todd Weingart, the man who paid the $300 a month for the sign to go up in August. Weingart is the Tampa unit coordinator for the National Alliance, a 30-year-old offshoot of the American Nazi Party.

Civil-rights groups including the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and the Anti-Defamation League say the neo-Nazis are right on that point. "Racism is everywhere," said Adora Obi Nweze, president of Florida's NAACP. "It exists in the fiber of the country, and obviously, these groups feel very comfortable here."

A recruitment sign for the National Alliance -- a group that wants to create a new nation for the so-called "Aryan" people -- stood for months on the highway just north of the Lake County line with bold block type that said, "WHO RULE$ AMERIKA?" and gave an Internet address for the group. The billboard went up to reach an audience of like-minded people, Nweze said. It doesn't make them right, just brazen, she added. About halfway into the group's one-year contract, the billboard was taken down Tuesday. There had been public pressure brought to bear on the sign company Sunshine Outdoor of Florida of Micanopy and its owner, Jerry Sullivan. The Jewish Federation of Greater Orlando made repeated appeals to Sullivan to take down the sign that could lead people unwittingly to what it called a racist and hate-filled Web site.

Sullivan did not agree to be interviewed for this story. But he has told the Sentinel in the past that he had no idea what the group was about and that he isn't affiliated with neo-Nazis, but he supports the right of free speech. Weingart said he's disappointed that the sign was taken down, but that his group would put up another one if they find a willing company.

Weingart said the National Alliance and its message of racial segregation is thriving in Florida, even if many people aren't willing to say so openly. That notion is backed by numbers collected by the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Ala. The center tracks hate groups and says there are 44 active hate groups, from the National Alliance to the Ku Klux Klan, in the Sunshine State.

Florida trails both Texas and California, which have 48 known hate groups each, the center says. That doesn't take into account that the populations of California, with 34.5 million people, and Texas, with 21.3 million people, dwarf Florida's population of 16.3 million. "Florida's been neck and neck with California for racist-groups activity, which is remarkable since California is so much larger," said Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

National Alliance's founder, the late William Pierce, wrote The Turner Diaries, a fantasy of white people overthrowing the federal government started by a loner who blows up a building with a petroleum and fertilizer bomb. The group disavows any connection to violent acts.

NA members were accused of plotting in the 1990s to set off pipe bombs in Orlando areas frequented by African-Americans. Nweze said the group has been quiet for a while, but the billboard is a sign that, "They're only going to get bolder and bolder." Weingart said his group will put up another billboard as soon as it can find someone who will take its money. He called it free speech.

Nweze agreed that it is free speech, but not with the group's message. "You should not be quiet in the face of evil. Evil thrives in silence," she said.



Call-in boycott resumes over neo-Nazi sign

From staff and wire reports

February 2, 2004


A boycott against an Alachua County businessman has resumed after the promise to remove a neo-Nazi group's billboard on Florida's Turnpike fell through. The New York-based Jewish Defense Organization, which fights anti-Semitism with such methods as inundating its target with telephone calls, has renewed its boycott against Sunshine Outdoor of Florida and its owner, Jerry Sullivan of Micanopy. In early January, the group demanded that Sullivan remove a sign that promotes a white separatist group, the National Alliance

The billboard is on the turnpike in Sumter County, just across the Lake County line near the Okahumpka rest stop. It reads "WHO RULE$ AMERIKA?" and gives a Web address for the neo-Nazi group, which law enforcement sources say inspired Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh.

An agreement had been hammered out for the sign to come down in mid-January, and the Jewish group announced an end to the boycott. But in an e-mail the group sent to the Orlando Sentinel, the group complained that a deal to have the sign removed fell through, so the boycott has resumed

It has put Sullivan's phone numbers back on its Web site and urged people to call him and complain. Neither the group nor Sullivan could be reached for comment Sunday.


APRIL 23, 1997...Alliance member Todd Vanbiber, who had been selected to attend an upcoming Alliance leadership conference, is badly injured when one of 14 pipe bombs he is building explodes in an Orlando, Fla., storage unit. Vanbiber, pleading guilty to possessing unregistered explosives and illegally constructing explosives, will tell authorities that he and three others planned to use the bombs as diversions during bank robberies. A jailhouse informant said Vanbiber, who is white, told him he planned to target blacks by planting bombs at the Lake Eola Fourth of July celebration in Orlando and at other Independence Day parties involving federal employees. "If this bomb hadn't blown up on him, there would be a lot of hurt people out there," said the prisoner, whose name was withheld because he still works as a government informant. Vanbiber's six-year sentence is reduced after he agrees to testify against others, while accomplice Brian Donald Pickett pleads guilty to explosives charges and is sentenced to nearly four years. Court testimony will reveal that Vanbiber and Pickett, after allegedly robbing a bank, visited Pierce at the Alliance compound and donated at least $2,000.


Jan 23, 2004

The Warmth, The Flattery From Readers


Criminy, from all the Wehrmacht wussie whining, you would have thought I had referred to Adolf Hitler as a megalomaniacal, completely insane Austrian fruitcake. Oooooops, wait a minute! That's exactly how I alluded to the leader of the Third Retch in a recent column about a billboard erected along Florida's Turnpike by the National Alliance, America's corn pone neo-Nazi wannabe storm bloopers. No wonder these imbeciles reacted as if someone had just wee- weed on their swastika. A correction is due. In that column, I inadvertently misspelled Wehrmacht. So I'm happy to set the record straight especially because there was a time not all that long ago when people would find themselves in a freight car for lesser sins.

The billboard sponsored by the Reichstag Rednecks of the National Alliance asked the question ``Who Rules Amerika?'' and it had a shelf life even shorter than the Boy George/Rosie O'Donnell Broadway train wreck, ``Taboo."

Wadded Lederhosen

While the National Alliance Beaver Cleavers of brownshirts got all pouty over the column, which characterized them as having less of an I.Q. than teeth, what really got their lederhosen in a wad was that the billboard was taken down after various Jewish organizations complained. Irony, it's a mensch is what it is. This led to claims by the Wolf's Lair lug-nuts of the National Alliance and many of their fellow traveler titmouses of terror that the organization was being subjected to discrimination. Well, duh! Of course, they are absolutely right. Let's see here. The National Alliance is an anti-Semitic, racist, bigoted group of geeks that served as the inspiration for Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh. This is a group, which still claims fealty to one of the worst killers in history, whose thugs were responsible for World War II and the mass murder of 6 million Jews. Yeah, I'd say it's perfectly acceptable to discriminate against an organization of knuckle-dragging, treasonous, low-rent, mouth- breathing, cowardly faux Gestapo types.

Satisfied Customers

As you might expect, this space received numerous e-mail missives from the National Alliance of Blitzkrieg Bumpkins, many of them starting off along these lines: ``Dear Fat, Dork-Faced Jew Puppet.'' Or ``You fat piece of worthless subhuman garbage.'' Now, now, now spare me the flattery, although it is always so nice to hear from yet more satisfied customers. A number of these Panzer punks bitterly complained how they had been discriminated against in the labor market losing jobs to Hispanics, blacks and, yes, probably the occasional Jew or two. Fair enough. Just enough. Thank God. What employer, with the possible exception of a jackboot factory, would want to hire someone who is a walking EEOC complaint? Or put even more succinctly - why would any prospective employer want to hire a neo-NAZI?!?!?!?! You know, it is perfectly OK not to hire someone because they are an oafish lout of a ham-handed boob. Indeed one writer even tried to blame my late father for the fact he can't even get a job shoveling most of the contents of his letter, noting: ``Your father was a fool to `fight' for the yids ... it is your stupid father's fault.'' That's not really fair. After all, my father signed up for a World War II second tour of duty aboard his B-24 to try to kill as many Nazis as possible over the course of 50 missions. He did a bang-up job - really, he did. Pity the National Alliance wasn't there to witness his handiwork - literally.

This story can be found at: http://www.tampatrib.com/MGA862PORPD.html

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    Neo-Nazi billboard to be taken down in Alachua County

    By Rich McKay

    Orlando Sentinel

    January 14, 2004

    A week after an Alachua County businessman vowed to keep a neo-Nazi group's billboard up on Florida's Turnpike, he relented to a Jewish organization's boycott.

    The Jewish Defense Organization, which fights anti-Semitism with unconventional methods such as inundating its target with telephone calls, launched such a campaign Jan. 6 against Sunshine Outdoor of Florida and its owner, Jerry Sullivan of Micanopy. The group demanded that either the sign, which promotes the white separatist group the National Alliance, had to come down or the JDO would urge people nationally to complain and not do business with Sullivan. Last week, Sullivan said the sign contained lawful content and is a form of free speech. But the JDO, based in New York, put Sullivan's name and phone number on its Web site and urged its visitors to call and complain. Sullivan and the JDO reached an agreement Tuesday to bring down the sign, said A.J. Weberman of the JDO. Sullivan could not be reached for comment. His spokesman, Dennis O'Neill, confirmed the deal to remove the sign, which is on the Turnpike in Sumter County.

    The Orlando Sentinel is a Tribune Co. newspaper.




    Daily Commercial Staff Writer


    A Sumter County billboard advertising one of the country’s largest neo-Nazi groups was expected to be down by today after the sign’s renter gave in to a national phone campaign mounted by Jewish organizations. Sunshine Outdoor of Florida agreed to take down a billboard bearing the words “WHO RULE$ AMERIKA” and a Web site address for the National Alliance, a national neo-Nazi group which law enforcement officials say tried to conduct a series of bombings in Central Florida in 1997.

    The Jewish Defense Organization called for a national phone-in campaign to the Micanopy-based billboard company that reportedly resulted in hundreds of angry calls. Originally Sullivan told media throughout Florida that he would defend his customer’s free-speech rights, but Wednesday planned to take down the controversial billboard. Sullivan was not available for comment.

    The JDO’s own Web site, whose title includes the motto “Death to Nazi Scum,” took credit for taking down the billboard in Florida. The National Alliance has boasted on its site about the media attention the billboard has created.

    “Free speech is driving our enemies crazy,” a site posting reads. “The Jews worked so long to acquire a near monopoly on the media and then the Internet came. A billboard goes up and people can now go to the Internet to compare what the dominant media and we have to say.” Mark Medin, Florida Anti-Defamation League director, said he was relieved Sullivan and Sunshine Outdoor had opted to take down the sign. “This is a wise decision on their part not to provide an opportunity for an extremist organization to promote a message of bigotry,” Medin said. Medin speculates the sign was put up because of its vicinity to Orlando tourist attractions. The Anti-Defamation League, which monitors hate-group activity throughout the country, said it know of no National Alliance chapters in Sumter County, though an Orlando group has been active for many years.

    In 1997, Orlando police arrested Todd Vanbiber and said he and the Alliance were planning a series of bombings in Central Florida. The Alliance has repeatedly denied any connection to Vanbiber. While Sullivan has suggested before that taking down the sign would be censorship of free speech, Medin said no group has called for government restrictions.

    The law cannot prevent the expression of politically unpopular ideas, but it does not require any business to provide a venue. Medin said all efforts have been directed to Sullivan, asking that he not allow his billboard to be used to spread such deplorable ideas. “It’s his private enterprise’s right to make the decision, and he (Sullivan) it was his right,” Medin said. “But we will make people aware of who is advertising and who is allowing that to happen. The world should know that.”

    JANUARY 16, 2004 | current issue | back issues | subscribe

    Neo-Nazis' Billboard Triggers Showdown in Florida


    MIAMI, Fla. — The erection of a neo-Nazi billboard near Orlando has triggered a showdown between a local business owner and a group of self-described Jewish militants.

    At issue is a billboard on Florida's Turnpike, which sports the phrase "WHO RULE$ AMERIKA?" and contact information for the National Alliance, a neo-Nazi group that the Anti-Defamation League has described as the most dangerous extremist organization in the United States. As part of a series of moves dubbed "Operation Nazi Kicker," the militant New York-based Jewish Defense Organization is organizing protests against the Florida-based Sunshine Outdoor Inc. and its owner, Jerry Sullivan, for renting the billboard to the National Alliance.

    Leaders of JDO, known for their small but aggressive protests, are calling for a boycott of Sunshine Outdoor and urging activists to inundate the company with angry telephone calls. The group has posted Sullivan's phone number and address on its Web site.

    The executive director of the Jewish Federation of Greater Orlando, Eric Geboff, has been attempting to broker an agreement between the two sides. The JDO says it will not call off its campaign until the New Alliance billboard is removed. Meanwhile, Sullivan has said that the sign, located in Sumter County just north of Okahumpka, is staying up until the JDO publishes an apology to him on the group's Web site and stops any protest actions.

    Federation leaders sent a letter to the company last week, identifying what they described as the billboard's offensive message and requesting that it be removed.

    Neither Sullivan nor his associate Dennis O'Neil were available for comment. In an article published January 5, the Orlando Sentinel quoted Sullivan as saying: "It's free speech. ... There's no law against it." As long as the billboard was paid for, Sullivan reportedly told the newspaper, he would not take it down. According to Geboff, the National Alliance pays $300 per month to rent the billboard as part of a one-year deal that expires in May. Geboff told the Forward that he has been in contact with Sunshine Outdoor, and that O'Neil "has been extremely reasonable and upset that anyone has inferred that they are associated with Nazis."

    The head of the JDO, Mordechai Levy, dismissed Sullivan's comments about free speech.

    "There's no free speech for psychotic Nazis," Levy said.

    Art Teitelbaum, the Miami-based director of the ADL's southern region, characterized the National Alliance's ideology as a "poisonous brew of anti-Semitic, racist and anti- immigrant ideas framed by a hostility towards government and democracy." Though the name of the alliance is not specifically mentioned on the billboard, it does include a plug for the group's Web site. The billboard, Teitelbaum said, is "a cost-effective way to trap unknowing persons into viewing their Web site since they don't identify themselves on the billboard as the National Alliance."

    According to Teitelbaum, the ADL is "exploring every avenue consistent with the First Amendment to determine if the billboard message can be removed." But Teitelbaum argued against the JDO-organized boycott, warning that it could end up hurting innocent people.

    The National Alliance has chapters in Tampa and Orlando, yet Geboff and Teitelbaum both insisted that Central Florida is no more receptive to the group's anti-Semitic messages than other areas of the country. "Florida has the toughest hate [crimes] laws in the United States," said Teitelbaum. "They were written by the ADL and passed by Florida legislation in 1989 Rabbi Daniel Wolpe, religious leader of The Southwest Orlando Jewish Congregation-Temple Ohalei Rivka, said that the billboard had virtually no impact on his congregants because it stands in a rural location on the side of the highway. "My congregants tend not to drive by it and see it," Wolpe said.

    Daniel Coultoff of the Orlando Federation's community-relations council, described the billboard as offensive, but said it was not erected in an area with a high Jewish population. "It's not like it's sitting in the middle of Orlando — it's an outlying county," Coutloff said. "People whiz by it at 85 miles per hour. I don't even know if you could read the Web site going past."

    JDO EDITORS NOTE: Rabbi Wolpe is happy that his congregants did not have to see the billboard. If the SS marched 20 blocks from his Temple in Berlin before the mass extermination of Jews began and no one saw them march would they not have been there? If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears or sees it fall does it still fall? If a Jew is shot in the forest and there are no witnesses is he still dead? Hiding your head in the sand like an ostrich will not make the Nazis go away. How easy it is for some Jews for forget that these neo-Nazis National Alliance members shot Alan Berg a Jew in Denver and have instigated numerous attacks on Jews and other minorities with their sick Turner Diaries and other racist hate poison. We must never ignore those who seek to make another Holocaust. The ADL in Florida is more worried about our boycott hurting innocent people than they are about Nazis killing Jews. There is nothing innocent about helping the Nazis by leasing them a billboard or renting them a voice mail. And even if they thought differently they would still have to answer to their dictator, Abe Foxman, who would fire them if they ever openly disagreed with anything this autocrat said. ADL condemned the Illinois Bar Association for refusing to grant a law license to neo-Nazi misfit Matt Hale. As usual JDO fought tooth and nail to keep Nazi Hale from becoming an attorney. We know how the Jewish establishment leaders sold out the Jews during World War II and when the hate hits the fan, they will do it all over again. Luckily the local Jewish establishment group, the Federation, was as angry about the Nazi billboard as the JDO and took action. The Federation, though not part of the boycott spent their time productively trying to convince Sunshine Outdoor to take down the Nazi billboard. That is the good news.



    The billboard company that put up an ad for a neo-Nazi group on Florida's Turnpike is at loggerheads with a Jewish group that launched a boycott and a telephone campaign against it. The owner of Sunshine Outdoor of Florida, Jerry Sullivan, wants an apology for all the angry phone calls he has received. Meanwhile, the New York-based Jewish Defense Organization said it has nothing to apologize for and the campaign will end only when the sign comes down. "We'll never apologize," JDO spokesman A.J. Weberman said. "But once it's down, we'll stop."

    In August, Sullivan's company put up a billboard in Sumter County just over the Lake County line that reads "WHO RULE$ AMERIKA?" and gives a Web address for the National Alliance. The alliance is an offshoot of the American Nazi Party.

    The JDO put Sullivan's name, address and telephone number on its Web site and answering machine, urging people to call or write Sullivan and avoid doing business with him. Dennis O'Neill, a spokesman for the billboard company, said Sullivan isn't a neo-Nazi and isn't a member of the National Alliance.


    From The National Alliance Website: National Alliance's Florida Billboard Still Paying Dividends

    The National Alliance billboard in Florida generated another round of media through an Associated Press story, which ran in the following newspapers, Florida Today, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel, The Ledger, Orlando Sentinel, Sarasota Herald-Tribune and Bradenton Herald, and on TV stations WPTV, WJXX, Local6 and WFTV.

    In a previous story, the media decided to not run the National Alliance name which just resulted in people driving out to the site to find out on what it was the dominant media didn't want to provide full information. This time they did run the name.

    Free speech is driving our enemies crazy. The Jews worked so long to acquire a near monopoly on the media and then the Internet came. A billboard goes up and people can now go to the Internet to compare what the dominant media and we have to say:

    Jerry Sullivan, president of Micanopy-based Sunshine Outdoor Inc. that put up the sign about 35 miles from Orlando in August, said he had no intention of taking down the sign as long as it is paid for.

    "It's free speech. Do you know what free speech is?" he said, adding "I don't believe in Nazis, but no, it don't bother me none. There's no law against it."

    Robbie Rogers, Sumter County's director of planning, said that despite numerous complaints received by the county office, advertising for a club - even an unpopular one - is not against the law.

    Jewish group urges billboard reaction

    By Rich McKay
    Sentinel Staff Writer

    January 7, 2004

    A Jewish organization that fights anti-Semitism with unconventional methods such as inundating its target with telephone calls has launched a campaign against a small Central Florida billboard company that put up a sign for a neo-Nazi group.

    The Jewish Defense Organization, based in New York City, wants people to call and write an Alachua County businessman and complain about a billboard he put up in Sumter County near the Lake County line.

    And they don't want anyone to do business with the man, Jerry Sullivan of Micanopy or his company, Sunshine Outdoor of Florida.

    The group has posted Sullivan's telephone number and address on its Web site and has the information recorded on its telephone greeting.

    "We're calling it operation Nazi-Kicker and we want to shut this guy down," said Elan Segal, JDO spokesman.

    The billboard is on Florida's Turnpike, just north of Okahumpka, and it says in big block letters: "WHO RULE$ AMERIKA?" Then it gives the Web address that links people to the National Alliance. Law enforcement and watchdog groups consider the NA to be a violent neo-Nazi group.

    Sullivan told the Orlando Sentinel on Tuesday that he's aware of the campaign and his reaction is: "Screw 'em, all right? Just screw 'em."

    He declined to comment further. Sullivan previously told the Sentinel that he is not a member of the NA and he does not support neo-Nazis, but he does support the free speech rights of his customers.

    Rich McKay can be reached at rmckay@orlandosentinel.com or 407-420-5470.

    Neo-Nazi group takes message to turnpike


    By Rich McKay

    Sentinel Staff Writer

    January 5, 2004

    The same violent neo-Nazi club that inspired the Oklahoma City bomber is advertising for new members on a billboard in Orlando's back yard. On Florida's Turnpike, just over the Lake County line in Sumter County, there's a plain billboard with a black background and big block letters in the style of the "Got Milk?" ads. It reads in part "WHO RULE$ AMERIKA?" Then it gives a Web address.

    That goes to the home page of the National Alliance, a group founded in the early 1970s as a spinoff of the American Nazi Party. (Spelling America with a K is a nod to German Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.) The Anti-Defamation League and other watchdog groups call the National Alliance the most violent and dangerous homegrown terrorist group in the United States. "These people are gutter-level bigots with aspirations to take over America in the name of white people," said Art Teitelbaum, the Southern-area director of the Anti-Defamation League.

    Shaun Walker, the chief operations officer for the National Alliance, said the club authorized the sign and its purpose is "to raise public awareness of the political reality we live in today." "I'm a white American, and we'd like to return the reins of control to white people," he said. Walker denies law enforcement's claims that the group is violent, but he does say that its goal is to promote the interests of white people above all other races, promote the belief of white people's "genetic superiority" and keep the races separate.

    Walker said most Americans are duped by a "Jewish"-controlled media. The National Alliance's Web site is full of anti-Semitic statements and others that advocate the superiority of the "Aryan" race. During these days of heightened national terror alerts, watchdog groups warn that America shouldn't ignore its own homegrown terrorists. After all, the founder of the group, the late William Pierce, is the author of The Turner Diaries, which is considered the inspiration for Timothy McVeigh's 1995 Oklahoma City bombing that killed 149 adults and 19 children. The book describes a bombing of a federal building with a fertilizer-and-petroleum bomb, the same explosive McVeigh used.

    "While 9-11 represented an example of international terrorism at its most shocking and dangerous, there are similarities with this group," Teitelbaum said. "They are willing to commit murder in the name of an ideology, though separate ideologies," he said. "The National Alliance is the most dangerous domestic extremist group, and we dare not ignore them." The last time the NA made a significant appearance in the area was 1997, when there was a bungled attempt to plant pipe bombs near theme parks to distract police from planned bank robberies, said Agent Ray Velboom of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

    Todd Vanbiber, then 28 and a member of the white-supremacist group, was injured when one of 15 bombs he was building went off by accident in a shed. Documents police found with the man showed he was a leader in the National Alliance, Velboom said, although the group disavowed a connection. Other acts national law-enforcement officials and the Anti-Defamation League attribute to the NA include the slaying of a talk-show host in Colorado in the early 1980s. Velboom and Sumter County sheriff's Capt. Gary Brannen said there are no indications that the NA has an active presence in the area.

    The billboard near the Okahumpka rest stop appeared in August. Sumter officials and the Florida Department of Transportation, which regulates signs on the turnpike, say they're powerless to do anything. Advertising for a club, even a controversial and unpopular one, is not against any law. And there is nothing offensive on the billboard itself, said Robbie Rogers, Sumter County's director of planning. "We don't have anything in place that can deal with this," she said, adding that there have been numerous complaints. The DOT can only regulate such things as location, lighting and placement of the signs, DOT spokesman Steve Homan said.

    Jerry Sullivan, president of Sunshine Outdoor Inc. in Micanopy, put up the sign and has no intentions of taking it down as long as the sign is paid for. "It's free speech. Do you know what free speech is?" he asked. "I don't believe in Nazis," he said. "But no, it don't bother me none. There's no law against it." Walker said the group has a right to promote its views, including that Jews own 90 percent of the media and this skews the views presented to the public, and that Washington, D.C., was once a great city until black people moved there. He said there are two official chapters of the NA in Florida -- one in Orlando and one in Tampa -- but he said no one from the Florida chapters cared to talk to the media. Benny Strickland, chairman of the Sumter County Commission, said: "Obviously we don't want people associating Sumter County with this group. I'd be a fool if I wasn't concerned. But I don't think we have the power to do anything." UPDATES:


    In Budapest, Jean-Marie the PEN and the negationist English David Irving commemorated together the Hungarian uprising of 1956 against the Soviet intervention. Account of Jean-Yves Camus of who is close to Irving is very appreciated Arab world. He was lengthily interviewed, April 16, 2000, in Egyptian daily newspaper "Al Ahram".

    Did the leader of Hamas, Abdelaziz Al Rantissi, quote in example in his article negationnist, "What is worse, the Zionism or the Nazism? ", that appeared in the weekly magazine of its movement, "Al Rissala", August 21, 2003. There is with that of good reasons since Irving, on its Internet site, was declared favorable, April 16, 2002, with "the heroism of the suicide" of the Arab world. At the Place of the Heroes, in the Hungarian capital, that the MIEP (Left Justice and the Life) commemorated the birthday of the 1956 armed rising against the Soviet intervention. Directed by Istvan Csurka, the MIEP obtained 4.4% of the voices to the legislative elections of April 2002 but lost its parliamentary representation. Participant in this demonstration, Jean-Marie the PEN, chair National Face, has in his speech invited the nationalist parties of the country adhering to the European Union to link itself for the elections of 2004.

    The presence in the same meeting of the English negationnist David Irving is obviously likely to compromise the attempts of the FN to gain respectability. Irving arrived to Hungary on October 21 for a round of promotion, in ten cities of the country, the Hungarian edition of its work on the insurrection of Budapest published in 1981: Uprising! (in Hungarian: Felkelés! ). A dispatch of the Hungarian news service MTI, October 21, justifiably describes it like a denier of the Holocaust and a "apologist of Hitler".


    Bruce Springsteen





    Rabbie Chaim Womanbeater Feller


    Go Home to Israel...and Defend Yourselves in the Meantime

    By Mordechai Levy- J.D.O. Director

    Today, we hear of the mass murder via bombing by Al-Qaeda style terrorists. Jews at a Bar- Mitzvah loaded with young Jewish children are blown heavenward just like Jews in Argentina were several years ago by a Moslem terrorist group. J.D.O. Had warned a number of young Jews from Turkey in 1986 at a Zionist Youth Convention held in Israel that Moslem terrorist were planning attacks on synagogues and Jews in Turkey. These young Jews deridingly responded" but we get along with our Moslem neighbors, and we have no terrorists that have or would attack us.” We responded by telling them firmly do not delude yourselves, get legal weapons and set up Volunteer Security Teams of young Jews well trained. They laughed it off.

    Several weeks later I saw the pictures of these very same teenagers JDO had met with on the front page of the newspapers. A PLO terror squad had attacked the Jews praying with machine guns and grenades had slaughtered 22 Jews in the synagogue. The Arab terrorists had gained access to the synagogue inside by claiming to be an Israel television crew coming to film Shabbat, Sabbath prayer services. A number of those killed had met with us at that fateful meeting 2 weeks before and hauntingly their insistence " we are in no danger from Moslem terrorists" rings in my ear, to this very day.

    Now, today 2 synagogues are bombed 20 dead, 300 wounded and one synagogue is exactly the same one machine gunned and grenaded last time in 86. There is no question that even if Al- Qaeda Jew-Hating Nazi swine did this they had to have local help. The question is what must be done? First every Jew in Turkey must leave and go home to Israel. Don't lie to yourselves that everyone there loves you. Turkey, like Iran had a government (under the Shah) that was "friendly" to Jews, and Khomeini came to power, having originally had a following of a few score, and later thousands and hundreds of thousands. Tomorrow who knows what kind of government can come to power in Turkey, especially as the radical extremist party in Turkey anti-Israel, ant- Jewish though not yet in power is huge. (Islamic Fundamentalist types) So why wait for a catastrophe? Leave now, before one and make your future life in Israel. When Jews in Iran were told this same message by Israel a few days before Khomeini took power El-Al bravely landed planes to take the Iranian Jewish community to Israel, and the planes left Tehran almost empty.

    Jews ever good at lying to themselves were convinced that their good Moslem friend the secular Shah would some how stay in power forever and ever and "protect them". Now Jews in Iran have tasted much terror from the Islamic Republic, jailings, beatings, and even executions. Are you the 500-year-old Jewish community waiting for more of the same?

    Now, in the meantime Jews in Turkey you must pray and you must fight! We send our condolences to all the Jewish families, the dead and wounded. We also make our pledge NEVER AGAIN! You must set up teams of well-trained legally armed Jewish volunteers to protect Jewish lives and property. You must set up your own self-defense training to protect our Jewish People's Lives, and Honor.

    You can find out how JDO does such training in America at our training camp, now open year round. Feel free to e-mail us or call us and remember we are your brothers and sisters here to help you at your time of anti-Semitic terror and being attacked. Remember the Talmud states, "if someone comes to kill you, rise up and kill him first." Jews of the World, Turkey Morocco France Argentina must put together such teams and J.D.O. will help you do it. To any Jews anywhere else in the world that think they have what it takes to be in the JDO Security Team call us! B'SD

    This "peace Rabbi" preacher of tolerance, Rabbi "Women Beating" Feller should be fired by Hillel for what he did. Isn’t it amazing that when Black Hitler Louis Farrakhan was coming to UCLA to preach killing Jews, Rabbi Women Beater told Jewish students to ignore him? When neo-nazis marched in Westwood 10 years ago in full Nazi uniform Rabbi Women Beater did nothing. But if some Jewish patriotic woman dares to question why Hillel has invited Arab terrorist Nusseibeh of the PLO crowd to speak at Hillel she gets a beating from Seidler, not a nice feller! Call National Hillel and demand this clown be fired! Call Dr Infeld 202-449-6560 24 hours. Also call Laurie Levinson Hillel UCLA Board member 213-736-1149 and demand Woman Beater be fired! Isn’t it interesting that Feller is reported to have dared compared our Israel to the Nazis! (Why because Israel defends its very life against Arab terrorists)

    Community Divided Over Hillel Rabbi

    by Marc Ballon, Senior Writer

    The UCLA Hillel rabbi who allegedly lost his temper and kicked a freelance journalist who called him a derogatory name could be required to undergo anger management training, counseling or worse for his reported actions.

    On Dec. 1, Rabbi Chaim Seidler-Feller and Rachel Neuwirth will meet separately with a city attorney hearing officer in Los Angeles to try to sort through the facts of his reported physical assault on her. Afterward, the hearing officer will mete out the appropriate punishment to Seidler-Feller, if merited, said Eric Moses, the city attorney’s director of public relations. It is possible the hearing officer could recommend that criminal charges be brought against Seidler-Feller.

    Robert Esensten, Neuwirth’s lawyer, said that’s exactly what he wants. The city attorney has so far opted not to pursue them because witnesses have given conflicting testimony, making it difficult to obtain a jury conviction, Moses said.

    Esensten said that Neuwirth has suffered emotionally and physically from the alleged attack, including bruising and soreness throughout her body. She plans to file a civil suit soon, he said, although he would not say when.

    At the hearing, Seidler-Feller’s attorney Donald Etra said he would propose that "both sides shake hands and make peace." Etra also said Seidler-Feller was "sorry that there was an incident and that anybody took offense."

    Etra said Seidler-Feller does not want to have Neuwirth prosecuted for having committed a hate crime by calling the rabbi a kapo. (Kapo is a pejorative term for the Jews who collaborated with Nazis in concentration camps during World War II.) Legal experts question whether such an act meets the definition of a hate crime. The only police report filed to date involves Seidler-Feller’s alleged actions, Moses said.

    "This is simply spin trying to divert the attention away from the batterer, aggressor and wrongdoer," Esensten said. "You don’t need to go to the yeshiva to know that men don’t hit women." This affair has divided the community, primarily along partisan lines. Many dovish Jews critical of the Sharon government have come to the rabbi’s defense and point to his long service in the community. Jews more distrustful of the Arab world and the value of interfaith dialogue promoted by Seidler-Feller have called for his ouster. Either way, "the debate has become about ideology, which it shouldn’t be," said Dr. Steven Teitelbaum, president of the American Jewish Congress (AJ Congress) Pacific Southwest Region.

    His colleague, Gary Ratner, said he thinks Hillel should demand Seidler-Feller’s resignation or fire him. He also said the left’s relative silence has troubled him. "What you have are liberal people who I know have been at the forefront of defending women’s rights, gay rights, anybody’s rights, who abhor violence, but are defending someone who committed violence against women," said Ratner, AJCongress’ western region executive director.

    Etra intimated that those criticizing the rabbi have done so for political purposes and seem to have an agenda to "blow a minor incident out of proportion," Etra said. "I don’t know if it’s Ms. Neuwirth or someone else." Neuwirth’s attorney called that a complete distortion and has nothing to do with politics.

    Seidler-Feller allegedly attacked reporter Neuwirth on Oct. 21, when the two encountered each other outside UCLA’s Royce Hall after an Alan Dershowitz speech. The pair started arguing after Neuwirth overheard the rabbi inviting a group of protesting pro-Palestinian activists to a Hillel-sponsored event featuring Sari Nusseibeh, the Palestinian representative for Jerusalem. Nusseibeh has been accused of advising Saddam Hussein to launch Scud missiles toward Israel’s population centers to kill the maximum number of civilians.

    In the midst of Seidler-Feller and Neuwirth’s heated exchange, Seidler-Feller allegedly grabbed the mother of two and former player on the Israeli national basketball team. Then he allegedly pushed and kicked Neuwirth. Whether she called him a kapo before or after the reported assault is also in dispute. After four onlookers separated them, Seidler-Feller tried to charge Neuwirth, said Ross Neihaus, the president of Bruins for Israel, the pro-Israel student group at UCLA, who said he helped restrain the rabbi.

    Neihaus told The Journal that the rabbi has been under pressure in recent years because of attacks on his political views and the challenge of raising millions for Hillel’s new building. Neihaus said he respects the rabbi, but thinks Seidler-Feller should voluntarily take up to a one-year sabbatical and issue a public apology for his actions. "I’m concerned that Jewish students thinking about being involved in Hillel will attach a [stigma] to it and shy away because of the negative publicity," Neihaus said.

    In the aftermath of the altercation, UCLA Hillel students last week held a special session on Thursday, Nov. 6. Emily Kane, co-president of the university’s Hillel student board, said reactions have been mixed. She called Seidler-Feller an important player in the Jewish community. Still, his alleged actions have disappointed her. "I’m very surprised. He’s a peacenik from way back," Kane said. In a written statement, Hillel’s interim President Avraham Infeld said the group is monitoring the situation closely and expected to put all questions to rest after an upcoming city attorney’s hearing.

    Rabbi Robert Gan, president of the Board of Rabbis of Southern California, said his organization has historically not taken positions on such matters. He said has a deep respect for Seidler-Feller and what he’s accomplished at UCLA’s Hillel over the years. "He’s a prominent, responsible, principled, committed, dynamic rabbi and has been for years," Gan said. "There’s no more decent person in this community. You have to take that into consideration in terms of whatever might have happened."

    Rabbi Simeon Kolko, a former Hillel rabbi at Penn State and the Rochester Institute of Technology, said Jewish law permits the use of physical force only if a person’s well-being or life is endangered. Based on those talmudic tenets, there exists no justification for Seidler-Feller’s alleged actions, he said. Kolko, now the rabbi at Beth Israel Temple Center in Warren, Ohio, said Seidler-Feller has blackened the Jewish community’s reputation. "He has not only brought shame to himself, suffering to another person but also disrepute to Judaism and the Hillel movement."

    While Jeff Rubin, Hillel’s director of communications in Washington, D.C., would not comment on the situation, he did say that he is unaware of any Hillel rabbi physically attacking someone. Hillel has more than 450 chapters in North America. The last time a rabbi publicly came to blows with someone was in Palm Beach, Fla. in November 1999. During a contentious Temple Emanu-El executive board meeting, famous Soviet Refusenik and charismatic Conservative Rabbi Leonid Feldman punched congregational President Stephen Levin. The next morning, Feldman apologized to all, and stayed at the synagogue for another four months before voluntarily resigning in order not to tear the community apart, he told The Journal.

    Feldman’s situation is different from Seidler-Feller’s, he said, refusing to comment directly on the case. Feldman said it differed because it involved a congregational president "who made my life miserable," and "there was never any call for me to resign," he said. Feldman took a position at another synagogue, Temple Emanu-El in Miami Beach, where he has tripled synagogue membership, he said. In the process of landing his new job, he received a three-year suspension (which ended in August) from the Conservative movement’s Rabbinical Assembly for bypassing the organization’s placement service. The suspension was unrelated to the fight, he said.

    Here in Los Angeles on the other sunny coast, many in the community are calling for forgiveness, citing Seidler-Feller’s commitment to tolerance, interfaith dialogue and fundraising. UCLA Hillel board member David Lehrer said Seidler-Feller’s commitment to Judaism and educating young people is unparalleled. He said the rabbi had made a mistake but that it should be put in perspective.

    This is not the first time that Seidler-Feller has had run-ins with his political opponents. In March at an event sponsored by StandWithUs - a pro-Israel grass-roots organization that has locked horns with Seidler-Feller - two of the group’s supporters said that Seidler-Feller yelled at the speakers during the question-and-answer session, demanding to know whether they supported the two-state solution. StandWithUs consultant Roberta Seid, one of the panelists, said she told Seidler-Feller that they weren’t there to discuss the issue, adding that she thought Israel has been unfairly vilified. Seid said that Seidler-Feller stormed out of the room before an audience of 100.

    "I was very taken aback. I didn’t know why he was being so hostile," said Seid, a self-described Clinton Democrat who said she favors the two-state solution. Another StandWithUs supporter, Bracha Friedman, said that two years ago when Seidler-Feller showed up to one of StandWithUs’ inaugural meetings in Beverly Hills, he interrupted speakers, telling them to "shush" and told them that they were wrong, Friedman said. He behaved so boorishly he was asked to leave, she said. Before he leaving, Friedman said she saw Seidler-Feller and another man pushing.

    Seidler-Feller, at the advice of his lawyer, declined to comment. His attorney, Etra, said he had no knowledge about his client’s alleged blowups. Seidler-Feller is passionate about his job, religion and mission, Etra said. David Suissa, one of the rabbi’s supporters who tried to negotiate a rapprochement between the two parties, said that the rabbi is an emotional man who rarely shies away from a heated debate.

    "If somebody pushes his buttons, he’ll get upset and confront them verbally," said Suissa, the founder and editor of Olam Magazine. Suissa believes that perhaps some good can come out this affair. He said he hoped the brouhaha would lead Jews to learn how to disagree with one another more respectfully. The community has become too polarized and lost civility, he said. Perhaps this tragedy might lead people to avoid crossing "the red lines," he added.

    Dr. Sheldon Wolf, a professor at UCLA Medical School, has given money to StandWithUs and considers himself politically conservative in the Israeli-Palestinian debate. Still, he considers himself one of Seidler-Feller’s strongest supporters and thinks those calling for the rabbi’s ouster are misguided. Wolf and his wife have attended Seidler-Feller’s services at Hillel for eight years and audited two of the undergraduate courses he teaches at UCLA. He said the rabbi’s tireless work to build good relation’s between the campus’ Jews and Muslims has done more than simply generate goodwill.


    I’ve received many comments from readers about the confrontation between the UCLA Hillel director, Rabbi Chaim Seidler-Feller, and a pro-Israel female demonstrator. I got a letter from the demonstrator herself -- Rachel Neuwirth -- who said she was bruised and resting athome, completely shaken. I heard from people who said we weren’t there and shouldn’t judge the rabbi, who has been doing wonderful work in the community for 28 years, as well as from those who want to start a campaign to get him fired. I like to be fair. I really do. Especially when the reputation of a fellow Jew - a rabbi who has worked in the community for so many years - is involved.

    So let’s look at what happened, and then at the reputation of the rabbi involved. I mean, if this was an isolated incident, however shocking, is it right for us to destroy the man? On the other hand, if this is the latest in a pattern of unacceptable behavior on Seidler-Filler’s part, what responsibility do his bosses -- the people at Hillel who sign his checks -- have to bear? First, here’s what happened according to Chronwatch.com, based on an account by Adam Foxman of the UCLA Daily Bruin:

    “After he left [a presentation by Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, author of The Case For Israel], Seidler-Feller spoke with a small group of demonstrators protesting at the event, said David Hakimfar, a fourth-year history student. Rachel Neuwirth, a freelance journalist who has been published by Israel National News and Front Page Magazine, said she heard Seidler-Feller discuss an upcoming event [involving] Sari Nusseibeh, president of Al Quds University and Palestinian Authority Commissioner for Jerusalem. She said she then approached Seidler-Feller, alleging that Nusseibeh helped direct missile attacks into Israel during the first Persian Gulf War. “[Neuwirth`s lawyer Robert] Esensten said Seidler-Feller then physically confronted Neuwirth, after which she called him a ‘capo.’ Neuwirth reported to police that her wrist was grabbed, and that she was kicked. Esensten said one of the actions preceded the insult, but he did not specify which one.

    “Seidler-Feller`s attorney would not discuss specific facts of the incident, citing the ongoing legal process. Seidler-Feller and Neuwirth were eventually pulled apart by nearby students, Hakimfar said. Hakimfar said he helped separate Seidler-Feller and Neuwirth, and added that Seidler-Feller ‘landed at least one kick’ before he and Neuwirth were separated. In addition to any potential criminal charges the city could file, Esensten said Neuwirth intends to bring a civil lawsuit against Seidler-Feller.” So who is this rabbi? And why would he attack a woman complaining about Sari Nusseibeh, a man who praised "Jihad fighters" on Qatari Television on June 29, 2002, alongside Hamas official Khaled Mashal and Mrs. Umm Nidal, the mother of a suicide bomber, who encouraged her son to carry out the attack? A man who said: "All respect is due to this mother, it is due to every Palestinian mother and every female Palestinian who is a Jihad fighter on this land"? A man who in August 1993 told the Jerusalem Arab newspaper Al Fajr that he supports" the use of force against Israelis as a means of support of our negotiating position" (quoted in the Cleveland Jewish Times, Sept.8, 1993)? Nusseibeh is a man who was indicted by the government of Israel in Lod Military Courtin 1989 (bill 108/89 and 109/89), because he "served as a conduit” for financing the first intifada and was responsible for "drawing up reports and leaflets for intifada purposes such as instructing intifada activists.” A man who has said “Israelis are not human,” that Israel is a “racist Zionist entity” which was “born in sin.”

    Why would a Hillel rabbi be promoting such a person, encouraging Jewish students to feel sympathetically toward him? And why would the suggestion that Nusseibeh had done some bad things to Israel push him over the edge to physically attack a fellow Jew, an Israel supporter, a woman? Well, take a look at what Seidler-Feller’s been doing at UCLA Hillel all this time. He’s been sitting on the board of ultra-left-wing Tikkun magazine, for one. He’s been hosting the likes of El Fadl, whom Daniel Pipes pointed out had for years contributed to the Holy Land Foundation, which the U.S. closed down last year because it raises money for Hamas.

    Last year, Ben Shapiro, a student at UCLA and syndicated columnist [whose thoughts on Yitzhak Rabin appear on page 4 of this week’s Jewish Press] summed up the UCLA Hillel problem this way in the Yeshiva University Commentator: "I go to UCLA, so I am most familiar with the situation there. The rabbi at UCLA Hillel is Chaim Seidler-Feller, a rabidly leftist Jew who openly sympathizes with the Palestinians. In the past he has compared Jewish treatment of Palestinians to Nazi treatment of Jews. Chaim Seidler-Feller offers virtually no support to the pro-Israel wing on campus." Shapiro availed himself of the opportunity to raise those concerns directly to the then head of Hillel, Richard Joel, at a public meeting. This, according to Shapiro, was Joel’s reply: "Rabbi Seidler-Feller is a knowledgeable man, and a good friend of mine. I am proud to sign his paychecks...By the way, everyone in this room should learn from him." Richard Joel is now the president of Yeshiva University. Why has Seidler-Feller been allowed to run amok at UCLA? And why has his long-timeboss been given the helm at YU?

    Considering what Natan Sharansky and others have reported about the shocking state of Jewish life on campuses nationwide - with Jewish students intimidated, brainwashed, and physically threatened - can the state of Hillel on campus be considered a success story warranting Joel’s appointment to lead one of the last bastions of traditional Jewish campus life in America? It all comes down to fundraising. Seidler-Feller and Joel are wonderful fundraisers. By searching for moderate Arabs with a magnifying glass - and fostering the illusion that there is such a thing and it is only the "bad" Jews who can’t seem to find them and make peace with them- Seidler-Feller has opened the floodgates for ever greater donations by Jews who desperately seek to disassociate themselves from those terrible Israelis. As for Joel, the trustees of YU who chose him were no doubt looking at the bottom line. During his 14 years as president and international director of Hillel, he took a floundering organization and left behind a juggernaut with a thousand employees and a 50-million-dollarannual budget. And that’s what counts, apparently. Even to the trustees of an Orthodox institution of higher learning that includes a rabbinical school. I’m sure that President Joel, who I understand is a great guy, will raise a lot of money for YU. But at what cost to the school is another question altogether. Naomi Ragen is a best-selling novelist living in Jerusalem.



    Before you read the names we will reprint some of the words spoken to thousands by the National Director of Jewish Defense Organization: "This vicious violent anti-war movement is not against war, it’s against America winning the war, and more so wants America to lose. G-D willing America will win with great miracles, and you can chant four more days, because that is what Saddam Hitler Hussein has left. Saddam who not only hates Jews, and Israel, he hates America and wants to attack it. The greatest danger is this lying anti-war movement, it calls itself a peace movement, and so peaceful it burned American flags, so peaceful it called for the total destruction of Israel Heaven Forbid.

    So peaceful it smacked bricks into policemen’s heads yesterday. Did anyone here today smack bricks into policemen’s heads. (Crowd cheers no!) Did everyone today carry American flags? Crowd screams "yes". Did anyone at that rally of traitors burn American flags yesterday? Are they traitors? Crowd screams "yes". Will everyone here show up at rallies to confront the anti-war groups and march right in their faces? Crowd again screams "yes" Let me end by saying that these anti-war groups that Nazi Duke and Buchanan both Nazis are cheering groups like International Answer whose leaders secretly traveled to Iraq 4 months ago to pick up money to fund their anti-war activity from the Iraqi Government, a clear violation of the sanctions on 2 counts. One, American citizens are forbidden to travel there and two it's illegal to take money from Iraq. That explains why Arab Hitler Saddam Hussein went on Iraqi television to thank the anti-war movement here for helping him fight America, he is surely grateful for these traitors help. We must invade the campuses with powerful speakers pro-war and charismatic to with facts convince the misled college and high school students that this is NOT Vietnam, this is Pearl Harbor, America was attacked by a band of Moslem terrorists. We must convince the youth in this country, Jewish and non-Jewish Black all backgrounds that this is not the 60's and that if we don't fight a war today, then Heaven Forbid Saddam will build a nuke and give it to some terrorist group to use on America tomorrow. The next time the casualties will not be 4,000, but 400,000 and a lot of the families of those anti-war types will be in the wreckage. We must spread this message from campuses coast to coast, rallies, demos, protests with one powerful slogan 9-11 NEVER AGAIN!

    Thank All You for Taking A Stand Here Today, and we will win. Remember this crowd believes in a G-D the other one doesn't. Thank You


    TRAITOR # 1- International Action Center a communist group Trotskyite, that is run by the Workers World Party, rallies run by anti-Israel anti-America traitors Ramsey Clark and Sara Flounders. IAC runs numerous rallies calling for the destruction of Israel, and America. IAC: located at 39 West 14 Manhattan 2 floor, telephone 212- 633-6646.

    TRAITOR #2- Revolutionary Communist Party are Maoists and led rallies like the one in Berkeley in which the flag was burned. The Israel-hating and America-hating propaganda sheet the "Revolutionary Worker" had numerous articles that the WTC bombing was," a legitimate strike against the evil United States!" This collection of self-hating dregs states their goal is a " violent armed overthrow of the USA." Revolutionary Communist Party located at 9 West 19 Street Manhattan phone 212- 691-3345

    TRAITOR #3- Stanley Cohen lawyer for both Hamas, Bin-Laden, and Moslem terrorists that organized the bombing of the WTC. Cohen has said publicly he supports the physical destruction of Israel and America in a violent revolution, and bombing attacks on Zionists and random Americans. He is now defending 3 Moslem terrorists charged for firebombing a synagogue in Riverdale. JDO has called for the Bar Association to disbar terror supporter Cohen who was trained and worked with Kunstler. Stanley Cohen lives 119 Ave D Manhattan phone # 212-979-7572.



    Below from Nazi KKK Duke's Jew-Hating Racist Website -------------------------

    EURO joins Internationalanswer.org rally against the Iraqi War in Washington DC, March 15


    EURO joins Internationalanswer.org rally against the Iraqi War in Washington DC, March 15

    New Orleans, Louisiana, March 8, 2003. The European-American Unity and Rights Organization (EURO) today officially announced that it plans to join efforts with Internationanswer.org and support a rally in Washington DC on March 15 against the planned Iraqi War. EURO is calling on all activists and supports to support and attend the planned rally in Washington DC and is planning a series of smaller protests in conjunction with NoWarForIsrael.com around the country.

    WASHINGTON DC RALLY INFORMATION Internationalanswer.org has complete information on the DC protest via their website at: http://internationalanswer.org/campaigns/m15/logistics.html

    NO WAR FOR ISRAEL CAMPAIGN Those interested in participating in the NO WAR FOR ISRAEL campaign should visit www.nowarforisrael.com for a list of rally locations.

    For more information contact EURO National Director Vincent Breeding




    JDO has had a long hard chance to uncover the real inner workings and mindset of today’s so called anti-war movement. Let it be clear to anyone but a knave or a fool, it is not a rerun of the Vietnam era anti-war movement. Though some of the same people may join it and lyingly claim so, this is a whole different movement with a whole different goal. If anything it is a rerun of another anti-war movement of an earlier era, also led by leftists, Socialists, Communist and Nazis, namely the pre World War II anti-war movement that decried and condemned "US Imperialism" for daring to want to fight Hitler and Germany. From groups like the Norman Thomas led Socialist Party, to the Hitler-Stalin pact defending Communist Party run by traitors, some Jews, and other non-Jews, to the pro-Hitler Nazi lovers of the so called America First Committee whose huge anti-war rallies were graced with the presence of long time Jew-Hater Charles Lindberg, and who said quite emphatically just like the far right Nazi types like David Duke and Buchanan say today. “The Jews are leading us to war!"

    This same anti-war movement of the 1930 had the left, the right and the Nazis, including the German American Bund, a storm trooper outfit that wore swastikas and was bedecked with Nazi uniforms at its huge anti-war rallies telling America not to help England with war weapons that was being bombed daily by peace loving German airplanes by a " anti-war Hitler" who was being defended then by the German American Bund as Nazi KKK misfit Duke is saying today about Arab Hitler named Saddam Insane, whose real goal like the Moslem terrorists attackers who slaughtered thousands of innocents at the Trade Center by blowing it up twice is to try to destroy both Israel and America.

    The goal of the anti-war movement and its leaders is the same, to see Israel G-D forbid ... destroyed along with what these liars call " evil America." The leaders of front group with names like "Not In Our Name," International Action Center and Answer Coalition are really front for those dictatorship loving Stalin worshipers of the Revolutionary Communist Party and the Workers World, who have nothing but praise for the numerous slaughters of Jews in Israel by Arab terrorists and armies. These traitors of this Saddam loving anti-war movement, anti-Semites, and Israel and America-Haters, are tying Americas hands so as not to fight a man with nukes that could very well use them against America. This is the same thing the left did in the 1930's when it held anti-war rallies in the late 1930's after Hitler has already invaded Poland with the slogan "The Yanks are Not Coming!" The liars of the left today simply do not write about that part of their crazy history but instead to mislead misguided people talk about Vietnam. First America was not attack during Vietnam, on 9-11 it was. In fact the same sleazy anti-war groups that are marching now against America fighting the Arab Hitler with nukes and biological weapons, that Saddam who praised the antiwar rallies for helping him confront the US, these very same collection of traitors the RCP, WWP, IAC, Answer and a slew of alphabet soup collection of idiots marched against America invading Afghanistan, so as to hunt down the Taliban murderers, which the far left opposed doing. These self-hating Jews that are attracted to this movement and that are flying to Iraq to go and help Saddam "Adam Shapiro" types and Stanley Cohen types clearly prove that:




    Of course let it be noted that these frauds like the human shields and other protest group never volunteered to stand in Tel-Aviv and act as shields against homicide bombers! Why? Because they hate Jews-Israel as much as Saddam and PLO Hamas does!

    Of course when US is attacked the mindless idiot brigade of the WAR RESISTERS LEAGUE who proudly marched against fighting in WW II and now march against fighting Saddam and Iraq well not once after 9-11 did these frauds offer themselves as human shields to protect buildings and innocent people in the USA! Why? Because deep inside they too hate the USA!!!

    That explains why recently some Jews long time members have come to see these truths and resigned from these groups of enemies of Jews, Israel, and America. Hopefully more will quit, before the next Trade Center style attack in which some Moslem terror group gets nukes or anthrax or some other weapon of mass murder and they, their families, their loved ones end up, dead bodies, littering the street.

    Now is the time for those who want to stand up for America, to not just put a flag on your bumper. No even more must be done and all of us should take 2 flags of two counties threatened by Saddam and his traitor collection of anti-war types who hate Israel and America. The fact is that Israel and America and under attack by the same collection of enemies at this moment. And with the help of ALLMIGHTY G-D BOTH COUNTRIES WILL WIN, ISRAEL AND AMERICA.

    The revolutionaries the radical left that is so fond of chanting "Death to Israel" and "Death to America" will not live to see it. Instead we will live to see this chant fulfilled "DEATH TO SADDAM, AND ALL THOSE WHO SUPPPORT HIM!" We will end with a quote from Hon Zev Jabotinsky in response to the anti-war groups activities before World War II shouted out at a pro-war meeting in Manhattan Center 1940,after Hitler had already unleashed the war but America had not yet committed itself. The left had tried every lie every trick to keep America out of the war.

    "The Yanks are coming!" screamed Jabotinsky as he saluted the American flag from the stage. JDO also saluting the flag says, " The Yanks are coming!" Soon G-D willing the Saddam Hussein cheering section here will see America like a slumbering giant is waking up. Now is the time for Jews patriotic Jews across the US and the world to participate and counter-rally whenever the traitors rear their Israel-hating, and America-hating heads, let our slogan be " The Yanks are here!!!"


    JDO has blasted the recent anti-war rallies organized by radical Israel-hating anti-Semites from Workers World, and the Revolutionary Communist Party, both using front groups with names like Answer and Not in Our Name. JDO called for all patriotic groups Jews, and non-Jews, Blacks and whites to start organizing counter demonstrations whenever these Israel hating America despising Saddam cheering section hold meetings or rallies. The JDO website as part of "Operation Kill Saddam" is going to give out the names and addresses of various leaders and members of these groups said JDO spokesman. JDO is encouraging people to call these unpatriotic traitors and give them a piece of their minds. JDO also wants to get these radical terror supporting communists evicted from their various offices. "These swine are endangering themselves by trying to prevent America from crushing a nuclear weapons seeking Saddam, what happens when Iraq gives a nuclear weapon to some Al Qaeda, PLO or other Moslem terror group and they detonate it in various cities across America and hundred of thousands of dead Americans are littering the streets, what will these leftist say then finally when they are their families are slaughtered ala Trade Center style attacks from their hero-enemy of Israel and enemy of America Saddam Insane? Will they have second thoughts like the anti-war types on the left that marched against America fighting in WWII?

    What is most despicable and proves that Saddam paying the bills of these groups to hold rallies, meaning Iraq is funding Workers World Party is that Saddam Insane last night on Iraqi television thanked these so called "ant-war" groups for taking on America!

    The fact is they are not against war, these anti-war groups led by traitors and Jew-Haters like Ramsey Clark. They are against America winning the war!!! The fact s numerous button calling for the destruction of Israel, or leaflets from radicals "victory to Iraq" or "defend Iraq" should speak miles about who the traitors are

    Meanwhile a different anti-war group called the "Shalom Center" founded by far-left liberal Rabbi Arthur Wacko (ak Waskow), Rabbi Madloon (aka Matalon) ran an ad also against the war saying its just like the Vietnam era protests etc. and against America defending itself. This group many of whom have openly in the past sided with the PLO and worshipped them as heroes. Now this group indeed unlike the WWP types and RCP probably do not want to see Saddam win. These people claim to be pacifists or at least for Israel's right to exist. However these confused ones are also preventing terror from Saddam Insane from being stopped before the next strike. They dare to compare this anti-war effort to that of Vietnam War era! The fact is this is not Vietnam Vietnam NEVER dropped bombs in the US!! No this is a sneak attack A PEARL HARBOR and this anti-war movement is a replica of the anti-war movement before World War II that marched against America sending troops to Europe or even weapons to England to defeat Hitler. It was that anti-war movement like the one today that was made up of left-wingers, socialists, communists, and Nazis from the German American Bund and the Nazi admirers of the American First Committee. Today’s groups are leftists, socialists, communists, and Moslem extremists, neo-nazis like National Alliance and Nazi admirer Buchanan, Patrick that is.

    Now the new anti-war ad gave out phone numbers and e-mails of various Jewish Establishment leaders urging they be called to oppose the war.



    Rabbi Eric Yoffie - Union American Hebrew Congs-212-650-4000 E MAIL presUAHC@UAHC.ORG


    We must explain loudly that the message of "convert to Islam or die!" is a wake up call to all those non-Jews around the world especially in West that this is a threat to not only Israel which is bad enough but to their religious freedom and freedom period. This is the 'crusades in reverse" a very serious threat. Do those Village hoping or Westwood hoping party loving secular types who aren't particularly religious think they will escape the "Islamic extremist sword" beheading them thru bullets and bombs because they are” decadent freedom loving Americans Jewish and non-Jewish?"

    Do all those LEFTISTS that marched against Israel and America in Central Park, in DC, in Francisco, and Genoa, in Rome and everywhere else not understand that Al Qaeda hates any Westerners, and even Christians living in the Sudan were turned recently into slaves by Islamic Fundamentalist Government literally with whipping, torture, rape and murder. These slaves who happen to be Black are a taste of what Islamic extremists would do to these fools that marched for Saddam last week and are not Moslem. No some were Jewish and non-Jewish, all of them self-destructive. B'SD


    A new neo-nazi grouping the National Socialist Movement" that openly declares that its goal is to "hang Jews from light posts" to punish them for "destroying culture". This group has its own guerilla warfare training and has set up a special "storm trooper unit" called Viking Youth Groups. The NSM wear storm trooper uniforms with swastikas and its modeled on the original American Nazi Party of George Lincoln Rockwell later called the National Socialist White People's Party. Jeff Schoep runs the NSM out of Minneapolis; its head Nazi pig is Jeff Schoep. It has active chapters in a number of states including Pennsylvania in Bethlehem, and in New York in both Syracuse and Warwick. JDO Intelligence Unite is going to be making the names and faces of who is behind this Nazi outfit public in the near future.


    If you want to be a part of JDO INTELLIGENCE UNIT e-mail us your name street address, home phone to judeam@jdo.org put a note that you want to be considered for JDO INTELIGENCE UNIT


    One can only have a somber response to the news reports in the Forward editorial "Jews, Israel, Anti-Semitism" (Nov 1,2002). In this belated admission by ADL that anti-Semitism "is at the highest point since WWII" causes one to have to ask the obvious painful question. Wasn't it the entire Jewish Establishment including ADL that believed and preached, "it can't happen here" even as we Jewish Militants preached otherwise? Wasn't it Forward columnist, and "Mr. Peace at any Price" Leonard Fein who would speak at various Jewish meetings falsely claiming anti-Semitism has gone down and was no threat to Jews? Meanwhile it was the Jewish Defense Organization who consistently pointed out all the growth of both Moslem extremists groups, neo-nazis and Klansmen like David Duke winning major elections, that Crown Heights suffered a real live Jew-Hating Pogrom ala Sharpton and Sonny Carson. It was also JDO that stated clearly that Oslo was a suicide pact for Israel, etc.

    All along JDO also urged Jews to legally get guns and set up security teams of Jewish volunteers to guard synagogues and Jews from attack. JDO was mocked and derided as alarmist by some of the more blind of our Jewish Establishment leaders. Well we have been proven right, and large numbers of Jews are flocking to our effort called "Operation Hagana" to defend Jews physically, and battle anti-Semitism by battling anti-Semites. We must G-D willing be ready to defend ourselves from anti-Semites " By Any Means Necessary!" If that means Jews arming and training with legal weapons so be it. That and nothing less will help defend Jews from the violent attacks that has and must be stopped from being repeated on the campuses and cities of the world. It is high time any Jew of conviction and courage who truly has the concern to want to prevent another Holocaust G-D forbid realizing it's time to fight!

    Now is the time to join the JDO and its Security Team and take serious measures to prevent more mass murder against Jews! It is the lies and deceptions of people like Leonard Fein, and Foxman that like the pre-Holocaust Jewish Misleaders lulled an entire generation to sleep, thus making the Nazi job that much easier. Fein, who even opposes America going to war with Iraq, is our Jewish Uncle Jake (what Blacks would call a bootlicking Uncle Tom). We have got to let Fein in on the fact "enough Jewish cowardice and enough Jewish weakness!"

    E mail Fein about being a fool lfein@verizon.net Isn’t it time angry Jews told Fein "what time it is?"

    The Miseducation of Leonard Fein or There is Nothing "Right" About the Thinking of Leonard Fein!

    "There is not in the US today not by any stretch of the responsible imagination, a serious threat to Jewish Security which arises out of anti-Semitism" - Leonard Fein March 1981

    Several years ago these were the words repeated often from Leonard Fein "prime thinker" for a number of Jewish Establishment groups. Now, to be honest, we have spoken a number of times to Fein telling him that that one day Jews in America are going to be the victims of a violent anti-Semitic attack. Fein would reassure any one foolish enough to listen how there was "only a handful" of anti-Semitic attacks, none fatal. JDO would say otherwise. JDO said it in an article after Fein wrote a string of nonsense "Crown heights riot was not a pogrom." JDO responded that it was a pogrom and maybe if Fein (G-D forbid) tasted an anti-Semitic riot in the safe suburbs of Boston he would talk and act different.

    JDO proposed to Fein that the Jews set up their own volunteer security team to protect both synagogues and Jews from attack. Again Professor Fein ever studied in denial, with a Masters in Confusion, assured all who would listen that American Jews were in no danger. All this was before September 11. Let us never forget that the same Leonard Fein that opposed self-defense training is the same Leonard Fein that supported Oslo. Let us remember that the same Leonard Fein that "guaranteed" us that anti-Semitism was on the decline is the same Leonard Fein who opposes JDO and the Jewish proud stand fast and strong tactics of the Hon. Zev Jabotinsky, the leader of the Irgun (the pre-state Jewish Underground group that liberated Israel from the British)

    Menachem Begin had a term for such thinkers who don't really think. (And therefore opposed the Irgun's tactics) cunningly stupid. We will apply a quote Jabotinsky used about a Zionist pacifist leader who opposed Jabotinsky's militant methods to defend Jews and liberate Israel (Chaim Weizman). "Of course Fein says what he thinks, the problem is he just never thinks". UPDATES:


    The militant Jewish Defense Organization plans a protest, against a radical anti-war group whose recent paper the College Voice published a statement mocking the Holocaust, attacking Israel, as well as continuing a long history as a Marxist group that also spreads hated against America. JDO pointed out that the writer of the anti-Semitic pro-terror screed Omar Hammad (Hammad, Omar 63 -19 Borden Ave 718-205-2393 - IF YOU CALL DO NOT MAKE THREATS BUT SIMPLY EXPRESS YOUR OPINION ABOUT HIS POETRY. DO NOT CALL MORE THAN ONCE.) has angered many Jews, all of whom want CSI President Marlene Springer (college president) to shut down the hate spouting radical rag and hate America anti-war rag College Voice down. JDO spokesman David Segal was quick to point out that" this rag is following in the footsteps of De Genova the Columbia professor who hoped that US troops would be slaughtered in Iraq. The same rag is part of the same anti-war groups that like De Genova are happy when Israelis or Americans are slaughtered by radical Moslem terrorist groups. JDO is no stranger to fighting this radical group having marched several years ago against Black Nazi Leonard Jeffries who hates Jews, whites and America, that the College Voice crowd tried to bring to speak at College of Staten Island, which JDO stopped. "Now we must rally and march to get that cowardly excuse for a college president, Marlene Springer, to get off her cowardice and shut down this vile anti-Semitic, anti- Israel, America-hating group whose most recent actions was holding rallies calling for "victory to Iraq."

    The protest will be THURSDAY MAY 15 at COLLEGE of STATEN ISLAND

    Meanwhile JDO website and flyers are being distributed giving out President Springer's office # 718-982-2400 urging people to call her non stop to demand that the anti-Semitic anti-Israel pro- terror pro-Saddam anti-America rag be shut down permanently.


    For more info on protest call JDO National Headquarters 212-252-3383


    The leading figures in this wicked act of perfidy were Jerome Segal long time aide to Arafat. During the Iraq war when Saddam Hussein sent scuds on Israel Segal took Iraq's side. He issued press releases under the false name "Jewish Peace Lobby." Of course Segal condemned the US War to stop Saddam Hussein as well as sanctions etc. Segal was once asked "What if what you are doing leads to Israel's destruction?" This self-hating sickness and troublemaker gave an answer we should all remember as Israel is plunged into worse and worse danger G-D forbid thanks to the very same Segal and his 313 frauds. Segal said that if Israel were destroyed as a nation it would not bother him as he did not believe in "nationalism" especially not Jewish Nationalism. If a Palestine arose in its TOTAL PLACE he could not care less!

    Segal was then confronted by JDO members who asked this self-hating sickness why, if he opposes nationalism, he never seemed to have a problem helping Arab Palestinian terror nationalism ? Segal is just the same old Benedict Arnolds of our people like Alfred Lillienthal, Elmer Berger, Lenni Brenner, and a slew of other renegades that worked day and night for both Israel's and World Jewry's destruction. The difference is that Segal has been able to attract "Rabbis" like Matalon (aka Madloon Sharpton's friend) Rabbi Brickner and others who if and when Arafat’s gunmen are allowed to have bases with weapons in Jerusalem Heaven Forbid it won't be "Rabbi Madloon" who will be paying the price and getting shot at by Arab terrorists.

    No, the tragedy is that the Madloons all 313 of them will be safely here on their hovels on the Upper West Side and other safe zones sermonizing from their egoistic pulpits that Israel must make greater concessions. Perhaps some of them when it's too late will feel guilty and they will say Kaddish the Prayer for the Dead for all those Jews whose very lives (CVS) were lost in the next war thanks to the lunacy of the 313. Perhaps, but their actions of destruction must be stopped NOW, so that will NEVER HAPPEN in the future.

    JDO is collecting signatures on the petition below regarding Jerusalem. Email your statement to us and it will be forwarded to the renegades and to every Jewish group. Email it to judeam@jdo.org .


    This week a group of 313 reform and conservative "Rabbis" signed a petition calling for Israel to divide Jerusalem in half with Arafat! The Tanach(Torah) states "If I Forget Thee of Jerusalem Let My Right Hand Fail its Cunning" These 313 forgot Jerusalem eternal Capital of Israel long ago. They used their left hand to sign a vicious wicked petition that would carve up OUR JERUSALEM and give Arafat’s terrorist gunmen half the city and the ability to legally carry weapons, and then use them to murder Jews, like during the uprising over the tunnels.






    Below is a list of those frauds that signed the petition of Jerome Segal self-hating Jew who wants Israel to divide Jerusalem with Arafat's armed gang. The wicked evil petition IS A KNIFE IN THE BACK TO ISRAEL!!

    Every day the JDO will add more names to the rogues gallery that have given aid and comfort to the enemies of Israel like the PLO that would loved to have an open armed group in Jerusalem so as to help make it easier to make Jerusalem a Kosovo a Bosnia of Moslems against Jews G-D Forbid !!

    A number of these signers ever pompous ever arrogant never once spoke to serious military experts about the danger to Israel of their actions. None of them seems to have the slightest feeling for the Kedusha of Yerushalayim the Holiness of the City of Jerusalem the capital the Eternal Capital of Israel and of the Jewish People! We can only hope and pray that the congregants of these Reform and Conservative appeasers do not think like they do. The most dangerous thing is that in their synagogues they are the only voice most Jews hear, and surely you cannot find a more misleading voice than those of these 313 frauds. So feel free to call those on our list and LET THEM KNOW HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT THEM HURTING ISRAEL & JERUSALEM!!

    Professor Jerome Segal 301-589-0585 or 301-405-4758

    Rabbi Matalon 212-769-1486 or 212-787-7600 (Sharptons friend aka is Rabbi MadLoon)

    Dr James Diamond Hillel Princeton 609-258-3635

    Rabbi Balfour Brickner (aka Belcher)

    Rabbi Samuel Barth 718-768-1636

    There will be more names----we are asking every member of their synagogue to e mail us on our petition condemning this act of renegade Segal and his 313 mindless frauds!!!


    National Director

    On Hebrew Barak means thunder, and this current Prime Minister of Israel, his military and past courageous actions notwithstanding is ready to "give up the ship" as we say. All those who foolishly believed he would not continue what Rabin A'H started, Netanyahu continued, and Foxman cheers is only a fool. The giving up of Erets Israel G-D given land will continue, and retreat will bring more retreat, surrender more surrender, and capitulation even more bloody capitulation. All this and more will lead to talk of "dividing Jerusalem" a less shocking verbiage to simply saying the truth "surrendering it".

    The question has been asked of me many times why would Israelis even from the Zionist Left who fought in Israel's Wars surrender land so quickly ? The answer is they are tired, tired of war, tired of losing loved ones, and friends. We feel their pain we understand their sorrow, but let it be shouted from the rooftops "Tired People Often Make Mistakes!" It was a tired war weary England who after World War I was in a state of mind to so "make peace" that along came Neville Chamberlain, the British leader who in the 1930's gave up part of Czechoslovakia for "land for peace" called Munich, the king of appeasements. This weakness of will, led to World War II and 6 million Jews ending up in the crematoria. Barak, simply is recast in the role of Chamberlain, and Arafat professional Jew-Killer and terrorist is Hitler, and today's version of Munich is called Oslo.

    Someone else answered the question "where are these Peace Now" kids in Israel's heads at? They are young people who want to be "hippies" being misled by some very extreme radicals. They are not cowards, no they are misled. To the Jewish Nationalist camp I can only say this, these young people in the "appeasement now" crowd are still our brothers and sisters, the blood of our blood and the flesh of our flesh. There must be NO talk of civil war, or hatred for them! No, we must protest against every suicidal action they do, loud and clear. We must say away from any talk of harming or hurting them (physically). Instead, let us really see if we have the courage of our convictions to sit down in private with the rank and file of those Zionist Left crowd and turn their heads around.

    In the 1920's and 30's the Honorable Zev Jabotinsky founder of the New Zionist Organization that advocated smashing Arab Terror and not giving an inch of Erets Israel to be an Arab State tried this way. He gave speeches at which those who did not see his way would go to hear him speak. He was so persuasive that many of the "Ben Gurion crowd", even some of the later fighters of the Hagana adapted SOME of Jabotinsky's militant Zionist ideas. For example in 1930's Jabotinsky said "we need a Jewish State with a Jewish Army" Ben-Gurion said no, we do not need a state, we do not want to fight the British. After secretly meeting Zev Jabotinsky in 1936 (in London) suddenly Ben-Gurion calls for the creation of a Jewish State and a Jewish Army. This was the effect of Jabotinsky then, he changed and swayed a generation to fight. This, is the task of every decent Jewish Nationalist and Zionist patriot that knows that we must press Israel not to give a solitary meter to Arab terrorists or otherwise we will G-D forbid have a Bosnia of Moslems against Jews. Our task is to turn the "peaceniks" in Israel around, and quickly. We must love them as Jews(Ahavat Yisroel) and change them!






    Since we do not live in Israel, and are still living in the galut, the JDO tries not to get involved in Israeli politics. The JDO, however, believes that the surrender of Judea and Samaria to Arafat is a disguised suicide pact and that Arafat is playing some kind of game. The JDO foresees another Bosnia in Israel, that is village to village fighting. The Jews will ultimately prevail but at what cost? The days of few casualties for the IDF would have ended.

    The Israeli government traded "land for peace" with Arafat due to US economic pressure, Bush was going to hold back $$$ for housing if Israel did not go along. Peace has not occurred!!! It was safer in Israel before the peace treaty!!! Those so-called concessions have resulted in many Jewish lives being lost including seven girls who died at the hands of a Jordanian soldier and bombings that struck the heart of Tel Aviv where a lot of Laborites and radicals reside. These are Jewish lives that are being lost, lives that can never be replaced, lives of people who supported Peres and Rabin. Thus the so-called peace process has not resulted in peace at all!!! Will things change? Will Hamas ever give up? They will, when they have taken over Jerusalem and the rest of Israel, and the Jews are either dead or in exile. Hatred for Jews is part of the Koran. The Arab Fundamentalists goal is to create a homogeneous world where everyone is a Moslem. No one except Moslems are allowed in heaven. In the Jewish religion, the good people of all nations can go to heaven. That is why the Jewish religion is the most tolerant religion of all. That is one of the many reasons I am proud to be a Jew.


    It has come to the attention of the Director of Research of the Jewish Defense Organization, Alta Yehuda, that the Palestinian Authority Television station has been broadcasting the message of Historical Revisionism as espoused by Hassan al-Agha. The Historical Revisionists deny that the first holocaust existed so that they can initiate a second one. They are Nazis who use Historical Revisionism as a cover. Would officials of the Israeli Government meet with members of the Institute for Historical Review during a visit to the United States? But they will meet with Arabs who openly espouse the same lies? Why? Israel was founded after World War II in response to German Nazi atrocities. To meet with holocaust deniers negates everything that Israel was about. There can be no peace with Nazis, be they European, American, African or Arab!! Wake up before it is too late. Check Radio Islam for more on Revisionism


    by M. Levy

    On a late fall evening, right before the High Holy Days, (Rosh Hashana) in the year 1993, the Jewish Defense Organization spoke to a large crowd of Jews, of all ages, in the sanctuary of the Dix Hills Jewish Center. As a representative of the JDO, I told the assembled Jews, numbering in the hundreds, at this fancy Long Island synagogue, that the upcoming peace treaty between PLO terrorist leader Arafat and Israel: "would not lead to peace." Further, we explained to the well meaning Jews present, that what Arafat was doing was a "trick to get back land from Israel now, to enable him to destroy it easier later on". Many of the largely affluent suburban Jewish audience agreed wholeheartedly with the JDO message of Jewish Power and Jewish strength, and "no compromise on Israel's Survival".

    At the time, the "leading light" of the community, one Rabbi Buehler, responed to our powerful call blasting the treaty, and trying to open Jews eyes to this treaty's danger, by calling the JDO warning "demagoguery". Now, four years and over two hundred murdered Jews later, let's really see who are the "demagogues".

    The "demagogues" were those Jews, who assured us, almost written in stone, that "Arafat can be trusted" and "wants Peace." The real demagogues were those Jews of liberal persuasion, who gave us "iron clad guarantees" that Arafat "would be punished" if he violated the treaty.

    In all this time since the so-called "Peace Treaty,” which in reality is a "Suicide Pact for Israel," has Israel seen five minutes of real peace? Has anyone heard of Arafat being punished lately after embracing the top leaders of the Jew-Hating Israel-Haters and butchers of Hamas? There is no question that this whole treaty for Israel to give up land has created a situation where even more terrorists have been able to sneak into the country, launch horribly bloody attacks on innocent Jewish men, women, and children, and the bulk of our Jewish organizations sit with their hands folded. Worse, one Jewish Establishment group, the Anti-Defamation League, and its leader Abe Foxman, said that "Arafat has earned the Nobel Prize."(sic)

    It is obvious that the current occupant of the White House, President Clinton, is going to try to pressure Israel into even more suicidal concessions. He will insist that Israel ask "Arafat's permission" before it constructs an apartment in Jerusalem. It may even be asked of Israel that it will need Arafat's permission before more Jews emigrate to Israel, and perhaps it may need a note from Arafat's mother before it buys more Magen David Edom ambulances for taking care of the next set of bombing victims. Arafat is planning to eventually make a massive armed, South African style uprising against Israel. There is no question that former President Bush started this tremendous effort of tying Israel's hands during the Gulf war, and not letting Israel go after Saddam Hussein. Today, there is no question that President Clinton is continuing this same senseless immoral policy, which G-D forbid could lead to Israel's destruction. Now is the time to force our timid Jewish leaders to march right on the gates of the White House, and flooding it with calls and letters, "Stop the Pressure on Israel, Now!"


    KABUL, Afghanistan--Hameedullah sat on the cold, wet ground of a high school football field Friday surrounded by 10,000 people who had come to watch a doctor amputate his right hand -the punishment in Taliban-run territory for theft. Taliban soldiers with automatic rifles dragged 18 -year-old Hameedullah from the back of an ambulance. Behind him a doctor followed. Sobbing Hameedullah fell to the ground, while over a loudspeaker a mullah or Islamic cleric condemned Hameedullah's crime. He had apparently stolen some items from a small shop in Kabul's Karte Parwan district. The authorities didn't say what he had stolen or its worth. A guard stood next to Hameedullah, while the doctor crouched to administer an injection of anesthetic. Within two minutes Hameedullah slumped to the ground, witnesses said. Using a knife, the doctor amputated his right hand. "It was all over in two, three minutes," said Mohammed Ahmed, a driver who watched the amputation. After the operation, the soldiers moved quickly, picking up the bleeding youth and carrying him into an ambulance. As it roared off to a nearby hospital, the mullah yelled God is Great and extolled the virtues of the Taliban and its brand of Islamic law. In Afghanistan, Taliban troops rule roughly 85 percent of the country and their northern-based opposition the remaining 15 percent. The Taliban, who swept through Afghanistan in the past three years, have imposed a harsh version of Islamic law that calls for the death penalty for people convicted of murder, treason or rape, amputation of limbs for anyone found guilty of theft and public lashing for a variety of smaller crimes. According to the mullah at Hameedullah's amputation, the young man had confessed to the theft.

    Spaniard Evokes Dreyfus Affair as She Battles Elite Anti-Semitism

    By: Jerome Socolovsky

    MADRID, July 6 (JTA) - Jews from all over the Madrid area recently crammed an auditorium to hear what the petite woman with piercing eyes and fiery red highlights in her hair had to say. "What’s a girl like me doing in a place like this?" she said as she took the microphone at the Madrid Jewish Community Center. She began by recalling her Roman Catholic origins and her political career as a leftist legislator from Barcelona, a center of anti-American and anti-Israeli attitudes.

    Only a few months earlier, Stars of David were burned in the streets in massive protests against the war in Iraq. And then she answered her question: "Because a Jewish problem is never a Jewish problem alone. It’s a European problem, it’s a Western problem, and it’s a problem for democracy."

    Pilar Rahola, who is now in her 40s, made a name for herself in Spain as a feminist and children’s rights advocate. One of her best-selling books, "Adams History," named after a 2-year-old Siberian girl she adopted, is about the violation of children’s rights around the world.

    Now she is drawing attention in Israel and America because of her latest crusade. It is against what she describes as a pervasive anti-Semitic bias among the leftist political and intellectual elites in Spain and Europe. Rahola spoke in May at the American Jewish Committee annual meeting in Washington, where a member of the audience suggested she be made one of the "Righteous Among Nations," or non-Jews who saved Jews during the Holocaust. In Israel, she’s becoming known as the "Oriana Fallaci of Spain," named after the Italian journalist who is known for criticizing the revival of anti-Semitism in Europe.

    Only around 15,000 Jews live in Spain, a country of 40 million. At her first official appearance before Madrid’s Jewish community, Rahola sounded more like French novelist Emile Zola fighting for French Capt. Alfred Dreyfus during the early 20th century. Proclaiming "Yo acuso!" - a Spanish version of Zola´s "J´accuse!" - she indicted her own "colleagues and friends" on the left for what she said was nothing less than a visceral anti-Semitism coloring their views of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And that’s the case, she insisted, even though they prefer to call it anti-Zionism. "Anti-Zionism is a much more convenient banner because it doesn’t come across as a xenophobic stance," she said. "Of course, no leftist ideologue will admit they’re anti-Semitic. They’ll smile and say, ‘Many of my friends are Jewish,´ and ‘I love Woody Allen.´" Such words are almost never heard in Spain, outside of Jewish circles. On the contrary, anti-Jewish notions pervade even the mainstream media and much of the public holds latent anti-Semitic prejudices. Last fall, a survey by the Anti-Defamation League indicated that Spaniards were at the top in Europe for harboring views colored by anti-Semitism. The survey found that 71 percent of Spaniards believe "Jews have too much power in international financial markets," and 57 percent "believe Jews still talk too much about the Holocaust."

    Rahola said Spanish media panders to such attitudes and distorts the Mideast conflict in a way that eases Spaniards´ latent sense of guilt over the persecution of Jews in Europe since the Spanish Inquisition. "The bad Israeli on the tank recalls in a way the image of the evil Jew that was so handy for the symbolism of medieval Spain and Europe," she said. "That’s why it’s there, because in the end it reduces the feeling of guilt."

    She accused the Spanish and European left of ignoring the threat that Islamic terrorism poses to Western civilization. Instead, it has excused and blamed on Jews - "because the death of Jews is a Jewish problem and therefore not ‘our problem.´" Rahola is the most vocal of a small but growing group of intellectuals who are questioning the anti-Israeli dogmatism in Spanish society. Another one is Gabriel Albiac, a columnist for El Mundo newspaper. "For years I’ve been trying to analyze the Middle East conflict from a rational perspective, and the only thing that provokes are widespread reactions of extreme hatred," he said in a telephone interview. Charles Powell, a historian at the Royal Elcano Institute in Madrid, said that anti-Semitism "lies very deep in the roots of Spanish cultural identity."

    Modern Spain emerged with the expulsion of the Jews in 1492, and for hundreds of years there have been virtually no Jews in the country to provide a real human and somewhat corrective reference to anti-Semitic attitudes, the historian noted.

    "It’s more a latent, implicit than an actively belligerent anti-Semitism," Powell said, "but the result is that Spaniards on the whole, of whatever political persuasion, have tended to feel little sympathy for the Israeli cause." Aside from the odd newspaper column, the Spanish media and literary establishment on the whole remains unreceptive to anyone trying to make a case sympathetic to Israel.

    At the Jewish community center, Rahola said with a note of sarcasm that some progress is being made in combating anti-Semitic prejudices. At least when she’s part of a discussion panel, "the others restrain themselves." But Rahola said Spanish criticism of Israel is often hypocritical. Spaniards have their own problem with the Basque terrorist group ETA, which mostly targets individual politicians. And lately, ETA has even been giving police advance warning about car bombs. "But if we in Spain would be afraid to even get on a bus, or go to a café, would we have the democracy that we have? I’m not so sure," she said. Rahola noted that while Israeli leaders are raked over hot coals, Saudi Arabia’s King Fahd is always welcomed "as a friend of the people" at his summer vacation palace in the Spanish Mediterranean resort of Marbella. As Rahola spoke, she had to stop several times for cheers from the audience. A man in the back shouted: "This woman’s got guts!" But she also had an accusation for them - that they had been silent for too long out of a "logical" reflex developed throughout ages of grinning and bearing it.

    Indeed, Jewish community leaders have long kept a low profile and sought to make their case behind the scenes. "This country doesn’t need passive Jews, it needs active Jews. I want a Spain with active Jews," she said, "because Judaism is by nature democratic and you are the guarantors of our democracy."

    Hizbollah in South America

    By Blanca Madani

    Havens for contraband and money laundering, possibly linked to the Lebanese Islamist Shi'a movement Hezbollah, the "Triple Border" and the "Free Zone" of Iquique, both in the Americas' southern hemisphere, have been a focus of interest, not only for their respective governments, but more recently for the United States, which launched a campaign to cut the channels of financing of 22 specified groups, among which Hizbollah is included. This article reviews activities in these localities, particularly in connection with Assad Ahmad Mohamed Barakat and Ali Khalil Merhi, both of Lebanese origin and with alleged ties to Hizbollah.

    The Setting

    The Triple Border is the junction of Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil, joined at the cities of Ciudad del Este, Puerto Iguazu, and Foz de Iguazu, respectively. In this triple-border zone, the so-called "Tripartite Command," agents of the antiterrorist departments of the respective national security police, work jointly to exert strict control of foreign nationals, mainly Lebanese citizens, in the area. The Arab population of the Zone is believed to number over 20,000 (about one in every 30 residents), most of whom are Muslim Lebanese. The Triple Border is considered by US authorities as a "haven for drug and arms traffickers, smugglers and counterfeiters," and in the US State Department's April 2001 report on global terrorism, it depicted the area as a "focal point for Islamic extremism in Latin America."

    The Triple Border zone also has a high rate of illegal immigration. An investigation by the National Direction of Civil Aeronatics (DINAC) sustains that 16 foreigners enter Paraguay illegally on a weekly basis via the airport of Ciudad del Este, paying some $5,000 (925,000 pesetas) in advance. But many more probably enter by land. Until September 14 of this year, border controls were almost non-existent on Puente de la Amistad (Bridge of Friendship), over the Parana river, which unites Foz de Iguazu with Ciudad del Este. The narrow bridge is 500 meters long, where cars line up for miles, while hundreds of Brazilians cross on foot daily to work in the import businesses of Ciudad del Este. So-called "moto-taxis" (motorcycles) will also take people across for a dollar to avoid the long wait in traffic.

    Ciudad del Este (formerly Puerto Stroessner) was a tiny village until 1967. Then, construction began on the dam of Itaipu, one of the largest hydroelectric power plants in the world and a favorite tourist site, transforming the former village into Paraguay's second largest city, its population now around 220,000, and an enterprise zone of imported products, many of them tied to contraband, which sprout like mushrooms. It is estimated that there are around 7,500 retailers in the area of Arab origin, mostly Lebanese, and another 6,500 originating from Asia (China and South Korea).

    Construction on the dam, which is shared with Brazil, also increased the population of the latter's triple-border city, Foz de Iguazu, reaching presently some 350,000 inhabitants, while Puerto Iguazu on the Argentine side, has a population of a little under 35,000.

    Control of the border was also lacking on the Brazilian side in Foz de Iguazu, both at the frontier with Paraguay and with Argentia via Tancredo Neves Bridge, as Agence France Presse was able to establish in mid September.

    On the Argentine side, controls were reinforced after the attack on the United States, but the comparatively greater security in the area in relation to its neighbors began with the terrorist attacks against the Israeli embassy in 1992 and two years later against AMIA (Israeli-Argentine Mutual Association), both in the country's capital, Buenos Aires.

    The commercial center of Zofri, better known as the Free Zone of Iquique, is located on Chile's coast, in the northwest. At 240 hectares, it is the largest duty-free zone in South America. It is a center of warehouses and malls for the sale of smaller products, such as electronic devices, cigarettes, perfumes, etc. Its beaches, lined with casinos, restaurants, and discothèques, are highly popular tourist attractions.

    The Link: Assad Ahmad Mohamed Barakat

    Barakat is a focus of international interest as the presumed chief of an alleged Hizbollah cell in the Triple Border. The Brazilian resident of Lebanese origin remains a fugitive, out of reach of the authorities who have been trying to capture him for months, and whose business affairs are under careful scrutiny. Joaquim Mesquita, head of the Federal Police bureau in Foz de Iguazu, recently stated that he has not received an arrest order for Barakat, who is reported to be living in the Brazilian Triple Border city with his Brazilian wife and children.

    Barakat arrived as a teenager in Paraguay in 1985, along with his father. Other family members followed, and, according to a news source, "today the Barakat family numbers about 90" in the country, all of them "devout Shi'ite Muslims." The fugitive businessman claims that the accusations against him are due to a rival Lebanese merchant who aims at grabbing Barakat's exclusive rights to distribute a video game made in Hong Kong, and that Paraguayan police are pursuing him for purposes of extortion, with the excuse of seeking terrorists. But according to officials, the Lebanese businessman, who operated a farm in the outskirts of Foz de Iguazu, created a "business-screen" in Ciudad del Este.

    Barakat left his former residency in Paraguay shortly after the Paraguayan authorities commenced operations in Ciudad del Este in December 1999, working with its neighbor cities in a search for suspected anti-Israeli terrorists. Nevertheless, Commissioner Andres Nuñez, who was then head of the Paraguayan branch of Interpol, said that they suspected Barakat was still in the Zone "reason for the order to search and capture" him specifically in areas where he could be, "Ciudad del Este as much as Puerto Iguazu and Foz de Iguazu." The authorities also noted that their target could be in the Zone under an alias.

    On June 6 of this year, Khalil Saleh, a Paraguayan of Arab origin, registered a business, Saleh Trading Limited, in the Free Zone of Iquique, with a capital of $50,000, of which Saleh contributed $49,000, Barakat contributed $1,000, and a Paraguayan attorney from Iquique, Juan Eduardo Lecaros, contributed the remaining $500. The next day, Barakat Limited was registered with a capital of $20,000, of which Barakat contributed $19,800 and Lecaros the remaining $200. Barakat Limited has not yet initiated operations, but Saleh Trading Limited is an import mercantile business, dealing in various goods, from clothes to electronic devices. It is managed by another Lebanese citizen, Arafat Ismail, who was arrested in November.

    The Iquiquian lawyer's presence was a necessity to fulfill the requirements of opening a business in this city, which demands that a Chilean citizen and resident of Iquique be involved in the initiation proceedings, and the proposed business be announced in the official newspaper. Both of these requirements were fulfilled.

    The lawyer has maintained that there was nothing in the initial activities to awaken any suspicions regarding the presence of Barakat and Saleh, and that they had acted in agreement with the norms of the Free Zone to operate a business. He emphatically states that he had no knowledge of an order of international arrest on Barakat, who is alleged to be financing terrorist activities associated with Hizbollah by means of established businesses in the Free Zone. The latter remained in Iquique only two days, renting "Department 902" of the Arricefe building, located on Cavancha beach, according to the address he gave at the time the business was registered.

    Judge Juan Manuel Muñoz was appointed head magistrate by the Court of Appeals of Santiago (Chile), in charge of investigating the alleged connection in Chile of a financial network of Hizbollah, and thus, specifically, the Barakat case, under the Antiterrorist Law of the Department of the Interior, established on November 10 in the framework of the campaign launched by the United States to sever the financial pathways of the 22 groups specified by the Department of State, Hizbollah included. Muñoz issued orders to the headquarters of Police Intelligence of Investigations (JIPOL), authorizing it to do whatever was necessary and giving JIPOL ample powers to perform their tasks. However, on November 30, his office announced it had not been able to establish any economic links between Hizbollah and businessmen of Lebanese origin in the Free Zone. At this point, the Court of Appeals needs to determine whether a new magistrate should be appointed to investigate the Barakat case.

    Other Lebanese citizens also under investigation are Arafat Ismail and Mohamed Ali, who worked with Khalil Saleh, Barakat's partner. Neither Ismail or Ali will be able to leave Chile for 30 days from the middle of November, when Muñoz issued the arraignment order against them. Ismail's lawyer asserts that his client, who arrived in Chile around August of this year, has nothing to do with the case under investigation other than working with Saleh. Nevertheless, on October 21, Lecaros and Barakat formed a new business in the Free Zone, Saltex Imports and Exports, Ltd., in which Lecaros acts as minority partner in his capacity as lawyer. Among the majority shareholders are Arafat Ismail and his son.

    In Paraguay, the court holds a letter from the head of Hizbollah thanking Barakat for his donations. In the letter, Hizbollah's leader, Hassan Nassrallaham, is reported to have said that he "is one of the most thankful for the contribution Assad Ahmad Barakat has sent from the Triple Border." While the ambassador of Lebanon for Argentina and Paraguay, Hicham Salim Hamdam, confirmed the remittance of money that could reach $50 million since 1995, he stressed that it was intended for "humanitarian aid for orphans of Muslims killed in action." Recently, Barakat informed the media in Curitiba (Brazil), where he was reported living with his family since presumably fleeing his former residence in the triple-border city of Foz de Iguazu, that "he didn't trust the Paraguayan justice system." He also admitted that he was a "sympathizer" of Hizbollah, "but that does not mean that I support terrorism or terrorists. Hizbollah is a freedom fighter," and then also reminded the media that it was a legally recognized party in Lebanon.

    The police of Paraguay and Chile are working closely on the case, per Carlos Cálcena, Asuncion's public prosecutor against crimes of drug trafficking and terrorism. The Chilean authorities had been investigating Barakat for allegedly funneling, to Hizbollah, funds, which sources close to the investigation say come from Ciudad del Este, where most of his commercial ventures are located. However, since the September 11 attacks on the United States, Barakat has been included on the US State Department's list of "suspected terrorists," presenting a different dimension to the investigation. Three arrest warrants have been filed against him with Interpol. He is suspected of heading a Hizbollah cell in the Triple Border zone and recruiting volunteers for the Lebanese movement from among the large Arab community in the area.

    Cálcena announced to the Associated Press in November that his office has wanted to question Barakat since a raid on his store in early October uncovered documents, videotapes and other material allegedly promoting Hizbollah. Cálcena said the tapes "encouraged young men to join Hizbollah's war against Israel and become suicide bombers." However, in a recent interview, Barakat stated that the tapes, which had been sent by relatives in Lebanon six years ago, are "common in the community," and that they are no longer needed "because we get our information from Al-Manar," the Hizbollah satellite channel, now available in the area.

    At the beginning of December 2001, the United States consulate in Paraguay announced that Barakat's visa was revoked. They sent a message to the airlines that operate from Asuncion and Ciudad del Este flying toward the United States, indicating that the State Department revoked "any and all non-immigrant visas" on behalf of Barakat, who holds a Paraguayan passport.

    Ali Khalil Merhi

    Merhi was arraigned on October 25, 2000. According to the police, a CD confiscated from his store in the Triple Zone during a search in February 2000 contained images of "terrorist propaganda of the extremist group Al Muqawama," a hard-line wing of Hizbollah. The CD was titled "Industry of Blood," according to the translation given by a report in Agence France Presse. Cálcena revealed that the CD showed images of Islamist combatants, attacks and messages "against America and the West," to whom they declare war, and incite Muslims "to fight with arms," especially against the United States and Israel. Among the documents, according to Cálcena, there were also included, "various fund raising card envelopes destined for an organization in the Middle East named Al Shahid, dedicated to the protection of families of martyrs and prisoners," and documents of money transfers to Canada, Chile, the United States and Lebanon of more than $700,000 (130 million pesetas).

    Merhi had originally been arrested during the operation in February 2000, but after obtaining a conditional freedom, fled the country in late summer of that year. He is believed to be currently back in Beirut, where Interpol has no influence. While in the Tacumbu penitentiary in Asuncion in February 2000, 32-year-old Merhi married Laia Hijazi, daughter of a Beiruti potentate. All 1700 inmates were invited to the luncheon.

    Merhi holds the rights for the registration of the Japanese-American trademark, Play Station. Before he left the country, he declared, through his lawyer, that the accusations against him were related to the multinational Sony's interest in snatching his registry in the country, which was inscribed in the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. He related his fear of being assassinated by the police by order of the US embassy and Sony. He also stated that the audio-visuals found in his store in Ciudad del Este belonged to another Lebanese retailer, who was not identified, but may have been Barakat.

    Esteban Aquino, adviser to the Secretary of Prevention and Investigation of Terrorism, stated in a press conference that the institution agreed with the arraignment: "This secretariat has contributed all the necessary data to the courts so they can act on the basis of the presumptions that we have, although many have tried to smear the work of the investigation that we have realized."

    Ciudad del Este (Paraguay)

    Paraguay, which depends on US aid, had been under pressure since the September 11 attack in the United States to uncover alleged "sleeper cells" in the triple-border city of Ciudad del Este. The population of the city's Arab community, according to one report, totals, together with its neighbor, Foz do Iguazu (Brazil), at least 10,000. Another report, citing police sources, stated that about 10,000 Arabs, mostly Lebanese, live in Ciudad del Este alone, while another large (unspecified) number resides in Foz de Iguazu, most of the latter having businesses on the Paraguayan side of the border ; a third reports lists the figure for Cuidad del Este at 12,000.

    While the area is infamous for money-laundering, passport forgery, and contraband, as well as corruption among police and border officials, Paraguayan anti-terrorist forces state there is no evidence of terrorist activity in the area.

    On October 16, a Paraguayan government official admitted to the possibility of sleeper cells in the country's territory. Minister of the Interior Julio Cesar Fanego, in a press conference at the government's palace, said, "I believe that there are some terrorists who come to find refuge or to hide; they are sleeper cells" that use the country as a kind of "dormitory." However, Fanego stressed that he was speaking personally and not "institutionally." He explained that the investigations initiated after the attack on the United States pointed to that possibility, and he was determined to confirm the identify of those that had been detained, referring to some 20 citizens of Arab origin, most of them Lebanese businessmen, arrested in September in Ciudad del Este and Encarnacion, cities bordering Argentina and Brazil respectively. Almost all those detained were freed, one was deported, one remains in detention having obtained his residency permit "irregularly," and two others are in jail for alleged complicity in remitting funds to Hizbollah. The anti-terrorist police of Paraguay is searching for at least another twelve foreigners of Lebanese origin for interrogation related to their entry visas.

    Fanego has since tried to minimize the extent of his words, explaining that he has his "doubts, and it is necessary to investigate."

    The minister of the exterior, Jose Antonio Moreno Ruffinelli, informed the press that the government had received information from the United States regarding remittances of money sent from Paraguay to Arab countries. He said there was an open investigation with the collaboration of the local Banco Central (Central Bank). He also stated that there was no indication of sleeper cells, but added that "there could be a question of money laundering destined to finance terrorist plans," and revealed that the financial investigations are keeping an eye on at least 46 accounts of Arab origin in Ciudad del Este.

    The head of the anti-terrorist police, assistant commissary Carlos Altemburger, has been focusing his unit's efforts on the commercial activities of Ahmad Barakat and his connections to Hizbollah. Barakat is the department's "principle suspect" in the alleged coordination of "terrorist groups" in the Paraguayan-Brazilian frontier.

    After the September 11 attack, the US government gave Paraguay a list of chronological observations regarding the activities of alleged cells of Hizbollah in the region, some of which were published by Agence France Presse on September 21 :

    May 3, 2001: Then Paraguayan Vice-Minister of the Interior Mario Sapriza affirms that the Triple Border Zone "is a base of operations of sleeper cells" of Islamic extremists of Hizbollah..."which rest while they plan actions." He admitted to the difficulties "so much protested by the United States, Canada and Argentina" in the Department of Immigration.

    May 3 and 4: In a meeting of heads of the ministries of the interior and justice, North American authorities warned Paraguay that 400 foreigners, especially of Arab origin, had each paid $3,000 in bribes in order to obtain permanent residency in Paraguay.

    May 6: A report of the US State Department, sent to the Paraguayan Secretary of Investigation and Prevention of Terrorism, says that "a Lebanese, a Colombian, and a Palestinian," captured in 2000 were freed. The first was "one of the principle members in the Triple Border of the pro-Irani Hizbollah." (This account refers to Ali Khalil Merhi, mentioned above.)

    May 22: The consulates of the United States, Argentina and Uruguay met with the Paraguayan director of immigration, Mateo Estigarribia, to coordinate the "dynamic" migratory movement in the Triple Border.

    May 31: The Paraguayan consul in Miami (US) was removed from his post after the US government informed the Paraguayan chancery that he had granted some 180 illegal visas to foreigners that were never on US soil. An audit is demanded.

    June 2: The US ambassador in Asuncion, David Greenle, visits the National Anti-Drugs Secretary and says that "we have a permanent interest in the subject of illegal immigration" because "it is a phenomena...that can affect the security" of his country. "Above all, the Triple Border zone is a concern."

    June 25: A report from the Paraguayan chancery given to the general district attorney's office noted that a powerful organization operates in Paraguay, which falsifies passports and visas, especially of Taiwan and the United States, at the cost of $20,000.

    July 14: The general district attorney's office confirmed that at least 18 irregular visas were granted to citizens of Arab origin from the Paraguayan consulate in Miami, and that three of them are considered terrorists by the United States.

    August 19: The general district attorney's office reveals that it concludes that 169 irregular visas were expedited in 1999 in the various Paraguayan consulates, and 145 were granted in 2000.

    September 11: Attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon in the United States.

    September 12: Minister of the Interior Julio Fanego admits that in the Triple Border "not only are there sleeper cells" but people who "come to take refuge" after making attacks.

    September 12: Paraguay decrees a militarization of Ciudad del Este, its side of the triple border, including in its considerations a major control of illegal immigrant traffic in the zone. It deploys 500 troops, and cancels tourist visits to Itaipu Dam, the largest in the world, to avoid attacks.

    September 21: Sixteen Lebanese and one Bangladeshi are stopped at border zones and transferred to Asuncion.

    The sixteen Lebanese businessmen detained on September 21 were held on suspicion of having terrorist ties. However, the seven who were not freed immediately were under investigation for forging identification papers and not for suspicion of terrorist activities or ties.

    Military troops were originally deployed in the Paraguayan tri-border zone to collaborate with the police of the city, which was paralyzed for 48 hours by businessmen and other sectors that demanded an economic reactivation. Clashes between demonstrators and security forces resulted in 20 injured. At first, the minister of the interior, Julio Cesar Fanego, denied that the deployment of the troops was connected with events in the United States, but afterwards, this served to support the operations with anti-terrorist police against "suspicious" elements of Arab origin in the zone.

    Nevertheless, the Arab Muslim community vehemently negates any terrorists among them, stating that they would be the ones in the most danger from such individuals. "The extremists are our enemies," declared Munir Fadel, a religious leader in the community. "We are the ones who would be in danger if they live here. If we know that they are among us, we would be the first to advice the police," he affirmed.

    In late October, Nelson Maluff, president of the Lebanese Union, addressed the head of the Commission of Constitutional Affairs of the Chamber of Deputies, affirming that "We believe the occurring is a witch-hunt, but we do not think of abandoning the country. Those presently detained want their freedom to continue working in Paraguay." The head of the Commission, Angel Barchini, is also of Arab descent.

    On October 2, Lebanese nationals, Mazen Ali Saleh and Saleh Mahmoud Fayed, 26 and 27 years old respectively, were captured in Ciudad del Este. The Secretary of the Prevention of Terrorism found documents that reveal periodic remittances of important sums of money, between $25,000 and $50,000, to Hizbollah, as well as videos and literature of an alleged armed group with the logo of an AK-47 rifle. They were also linked with Barakat, who, while admitting the two men worked for him, rejected the accusations, saying "We are businessmen, not terrorists, and we have business contacts in different parts of the world." Barakat added that as a human being, he had the right to profess a particular religion and join a political organization of his choice.

    Last October 3, the Paraguayan anti-terrorism police arrested two other Lebanese shopkeepers, Arafat Ismail and Mohamed Ali, for alleged ties to Hizbollah. Heavily armed officers surrounded a house in Ciudad del Este and captured the men, who were then taken to Asuncion for questioning. According to police sources, the US embassy in the Paraguayan capital believed the men were members of Hizbollah, but journalists in Ciudad del Este said the men were involved in a business dispute with a competitor, who had denounced them as terrorists.

    The spokesperson for the US embassy in Paraguay, Mark Davindson, expressed the US government's satisfaction with the security measures taken by Paraguay since the September 11 attack. Ruffinelli, in the face of criticism from the Arab community in the Triple Border, who feel they have been profiled and targeted, stressed that the controls and procedures of the police are not a "fight against Arabs or Islamism but against terrorism..." The statement was made in response to a question on the possibility that the Arab community, described as a "pillar" of commerce in the Triple Border by the South American press, may abandon the region en masse as a result of the threats to their businesses. The Triple Border is of vital economic importance to the country as the largest center of commerce in Paraguay, albeit also a center of illegal activities of all types.

    Carlos Calcena Rojas, the Paraguayan prosecuting attorney, has said that the detentions, to date, due to fraudulent documents is only the tip of a large-sized network. This network includes police, officials from consulates and the offices of immigration, who are facilitating the documents for illegal entry to Paraguay of Lebanese, as well as Koreans and Chinese. "With those documents, they can go wherever they want in the world to do who knows what," he told the press in early November.

    US embassy spokesperson, Mark Davidson, noted that "it has always been known that Paraguay is a contraband center," but, he added, "in the last years, two new problems have emerged: the trafficking of drugs and the contraband of visas and false passports, which constitute an open door for terrorism." In early November, at the time of Davidson's remark, there were some 20 persons detained, four cases in process, and more than 50 cases of irregular visas. El Pais,S.A. described the consulates as little more than offices for falsifying documents. The cost of these visas depended on the nationality of the buyer: $800 (150,000 pesetas) for Koreans and $900 (167,000 pesetas) for Arabs, according to information gathered by Calcena. Court cases already initiated for alleged production of fraudulent public documents involve, among others, the former consul of Miami, Carlos Weiss and vice-consul Jose Luis Coscia. Weiss is accused of having issued 150 irregular visas, 18 of those to Arab citizens, three of whom are wanted by the US Justice Department, accused of terrorism. Also involved are the former consul of Salta (Argentina), Juana Maidana de Villagra, who is in provisional prison, and an official of the Ministry of the Interior, Juan Lugo. The former consul of Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia), Tomas Lopez Caballero, has been arraigned for furnishing irregular visas to Korean and Pakistani citizens.

    Fanego assured that "intelligence services" (he did not specify from which countries) had been pursuing the steps of Barakat for some time. "When the event in New York occurred, the process was accelerated. We in Paraguay have no definite information or any proof that there are extremist Arab citizens." He also stated that he had no information concerning the presence of FBI agents on Paraguayan territory operating in that capacity. "It is another thing if they are visiting or without identification," he added.

    In early and mid November, a number of Lebanese citizens were arrested as suspects connected with Hizbollah's alleged financial network in the Triple Border. In a search for Ali Hassan Abdallah, accused of being a fundraiser for the Lebanese movement, the Paraguayan anti-terrorist police found and arrested his associate, 34-year-old Kassen Hassan Baalbaki, who cut the power cable to his computer as the agents arrived at their business in Ciudad del Este. Abdallah escaped before the officers had arrived. The officers confiscated the computer equipment to search for evidence that it had been used to communicate via Internet with associates in the Middle East.

    On November 8, Sobhi Mahmoud Fayad, another Lebanese national, was captured in Cuidad del Este, suspected of membership and financing of Hizbollah. The US embassy in Paraguay affirmed that he was under suspicion due to alleged links to Barakat. Fayad had previously been apprehended in front of the US embassy in Asuncion after soliciting a visa. He was interrogated and set free due to lack of evidence against him. At that time, Fayad affirmed that he had no links to extremist elements, and he was simply a businessman. The recent detention is related to documents of bank accounts found by the police during a search of a shop owned by Barakat. Almost daily transferences by Fayad to Lebanon are alleged to have been detected in the documents.

    A week prior to Fayad's arrest, the Lebanese ambassador had protested the treatment of the large Lebanese community from the Paraguayan government since the September 11 attack on the United States. Border authorities from Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil joined the rally for "Prayer for Peace Without Frontiers," which occurred on November 11 of this year in Foz de Iguazu. The rally hoped to renew confidence in the business community of the Triple Border. Business has decreased, and dozens of businesses have shut their doors due to the constant search operations by the Paraguayan police. Alex Hammud, chief coordinator of the Movement for Peace Without Borders, and one of those involved in calling for the prayer rally, explained that "our main objective is to show that in the Three Frontiers, there are no terrorists and much less terrorist acts. People talk too much, and it harms us tremendously, destroying the sources of work with those calumnies..." Hammud, of Lebanese origin and an adherent of the Muslim faith, is an industrialist and resident of the Triple Border area.

    The mayor of Foz de Iguazu, Vicente Rorato, one of the principle launchers of the rally, stated that "there could be irregularities and even crimes like in any cosmopolitan city of the world, but terrorism, never." He noted that most residences of the area established themselves in the Zone some thirty years ago, with the construction boom of the hydroelectric dam, Itaipu.


    Both Argentina and Brazil have implemented high security operations since the September 11 attack on the US in the Triple Border area. According to a press report published in October, Brazilian authorities may have stationed two F-5 fighter planes in the Itaipu dam area, which they believe may be a possible terrorist target. According to the Brazilian minister of justice, Jose Gregori, an anti-terrorist squad was "deployed near Iguazu Falls in the Triple Border to ensure that Islamic radicals have not used the Brazilian territory to seek shelter after the U.S. attacks." However, shortly after the September 11 attacks, the head minister of the cabinet of Institutional Security, General Alberto Carodoso, discarded the possibility that Brazilian citizens, including those of Arab descent, could be implicated in Saudi Osama bin Laden's terrorist movement. On the other hand, Brazil appeared to consider Paraguay a possibility.

    Walter Maierovitch, ex-secretary of the Brazilian anti-drug department and expert in money-laundering and international mafias, noted that Bin Laden had wanted to transfer a base of his organization, Al Qawda, to Paraguay, in the Triple Border. "We have well-based suspicions that Bin Laden wanted to transfer a base to Paraguay from Pakistan, which had to disappear because of international pressures, and which was provisionally transferred to Hizb Islami in Afghanistan."

    According to Maierovitch, in the latter half of the 1990s, the intelligence services of Argentina and Brazil began to suspect the existence of camps, under the guise of spiritual communities, which were being used to train extremist islamists. He said that in April of this year, the embassies of the United States in Uruguay, Paraguay, and Ecuador closed their doors for three days "out of fear of terrorist attacks." He added that Paraguay does not appear "to have the means of controlling transnational organizations like the mafia and terrorism," and, therefore, Bin Laden's agents became interested in Paraguay after Hizbollah "lost its international strength." He describes Paraguay as "fertile ground" for clandestine operations, where Russian and Chinese mafias have become more and more powerful. He indicated that Bin Laden's terrorist activities are associated with arms contraband, enriched uranium, drug trafficking, and money-laundering, achieved in conjunction with the Russian and Chinese mafias, with whom he has good connections since the Russian invasion of Afghanistan in 1979.

    While pointing the finger at Paraguay and assuring Brazil's solidarity with the United States to combat international terrorism, the country has nevertheless maintained safeguards against US initiatives to send troops to South American countries to combat illicit activities, particularly the drug market, as has occurred in Colombia in the past, stating that these are internal matters, which will be handled by the appropriate department within their own country.

    The Triple Border and the Tripartite Command

    The tripartite operation was established on December 23, 1999 in the Triple Zone, on the same day that a fake bomb threat caused the police to evacuate the Israeli-Argentine mutual building AMIA in Buenos Aires (Argentina), whose original headquarters was destroyed in a 1994 attack, leaving 86 dead.

    On September 13, two days after the attack on US soil, the newspapers reported that Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay had increased their controls and security operations in the Triple Border, allegedly "a hot bed for the suspects of establishments of 'sleeper cells' of pro-Islamist groups that returned to the footlight with the attack on the United States." Chief Lieutenant Juan Bautista Barrios, head of Squadron 13 of the Argentine border police, stated that right after the attacks against New York's Twin Towers and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., they "received orders to increase safety measures" at the frontier, and particularly in the high-traffic area of the bridge of Tancredo Neves that links Puerto Iguazu with the Brazilian border city, Foz de Iguazu. Chief Lieutenant Barrios also confirmed at the time that the security forces for the three countries "stay in permanent contact and are in close communication in case it is necessary to employ an operation."

    Although the traffic on Tancredo Neves bridge is due mostly to the thousands of tourists (about 600,000, including Argentines, according to Patrimonio Universal of UNESCO) passing through to visit Iguazu Falls, the authorities are focused on possible movements tied to terrorism and frequent operations of contraband and drug trafficking. Barrios admitted that the Triple Border had been transformed into a "sensitive zone" since the attacks against the embassy of Israel in 1992 and AMIA in 1994. The border police chief explained that "there are settlements of ethnic Islamist groups, especially in Ciudad del Este and in Foz de Iguazu, some of which have been found to be sectors of Hizbollah," to which the aforementioned attacks of the last decade have been attributed. Thus, Argentina, the United States, and Israel suspect that the perpetrators of the attacks had a point of connection with Islamist groups in the Triple Border.

    Previously, on April 30 of this year, the US Secretary of State report, "Patterns of Global Terrorism - 2000," warned that Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay "face serious obstacles" to contain Islamist groups that converge in the Triple Border zone, attributing those difficulties to their "limited resources, porous frontiers, and corruption."


    The Triple Border zone has long been an area of nefarious economic activity. As a border area, and with the high level of corruption, illegal immigration is also facilitated in the zone. Some of those detained and others who have escaped, including Barakat, appear to have links to or sympathies with Hizbollah. In the case of Barakat, he has so admitted, and documents, as well as the testimony of the Lebanese ambassador, indicates that Barakat has sent money to the Lebanese Shi'a movement. However, with proven corruption among officials and police in Paraguay, which makes them part of the Zone's problems, despite the added pressure from the United States, which has resulted in a specific focus on the Lebanese community in the Zone, it is doubtful that the operations will help clean up the area insofar as the illicit activities of money-laundering, drug-trafficking, etc., is concerned.

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    Shocking revelations concerning the torturing to death of a teenager by neo-Nazis because he "looked like a Jew" were described by the German state prosecutor last week as having plumbed new depths in bestiality.

    The case involves 17-year-old Marinus Schoeberl, whose severely mutilated body was discovered by police in a farm silage pit in the remote east German village of Potzlow, north of Berlin.

    State prosecutors have described Schoeberl's murder as one of the most horrific neo-Nazi killings to have taken place in eastern Germany since reunification 13 years ago. Two brothers aged 17 and 23 and another 17-year-old from the village have been arrested.

    "The three suspects are all part of an extreme Right-wing scene," said the state prosecutor, Gert Schnittcher. "Acts of violence are nothing new, but we are dealing with a new dimension here. The details of the murder are so cruel that I cannot begin to describe them. It was bestial."

    According to the prosecution, Marinus was apparently singled out for looking like a Jew because he wore baggy "hip-hop" trousers and dyed his hair blond. He went missing from his home near Potzlow, a village of 400 people 60 miles north-east of Berlin, in July. Police discovered his body last week after a tip-off.

    The case has appalled ordinary Germans and demonstrated that government efforts to clamp down on the spread of neo-Nazi violence in the eastern half of the country have proven largely ineffective.

    More than 100 people have been killed by neo-Nazis since reunification. Two years ago Chancellor Schroeder’s government launched a campaign dubbed "The rebellion of the decent" in an attempt to combat the problem.

    The murder has aroused particular concern because the victim was not one of the normal targets of neo-Nazi violence - foreign-looking asylum seekers, blacks and vagrants - but a German village boy who was apparently well-known to his attackers.

    State prosecutors said that the two 17-year-olds now in custody had confessed to the murder. They described how in early July this year Marinus had joined six or seven local youths in a flat in Potzlow where they got drunk on two crates of beer while listening to "loud rock music".

    According to the prosecutors, the boy's baggy "hip-hop" trousers and dyed blond hair brought chants of "Jew" from the three neo-Nazis in the group who began punching him. Marinus was then forced to ride on the crossbar of a bicycle with his assailants who took him to a pigsty on a deserted former collective farm nearby.

    There they apparently tortured their victim for more than three hours with what state prosecutors described as "tools". The torture method had been drawn from a "Nazi film", they said. One of the attackers said he "felt sick" watching what they were doing. They nevertheless smashed their victim's skull repeatedly with a heavy stone to "finish him off". Marinus's body was then dumped in a disused silage pit.

    Police said they were alerted to the whereabouts of the murdered boy's body only last week after one of the assailants got drunk and boasted that he had carried out the killing. The attacker then led youths from the village to the silage pit where they found the boy's mutilated corpse immersed in water. One of the youths who had been Marinus's friend told the police.

    Police and state prosecutors suspect that youths in the village who knew about the murder deliberately closed ranks either to protect each other or because of threats issued by the alleged ringleader, a 23-year-old scaffolder with a record of neo-Nazi violence.

    "Only a few people in Potzlow were concerned about this unbelievable deed," Johannes Reimer, the village vicar, said last week. "The remainder didn't want to know anything about it and did not come forward."

    Potzlow, close to Germany's border with Poland, appeared deserted last week, its inhabitants refusing to give interviews and waving away reporters from behind closed windows. "We are now a nest of fascists," was all one 21-year-old unemployed woman would say.

    Militant Jewish Group Launches Campaign to "Lock Up Klan- Nazi Fuehrer David Duke!"

    The New York based Jewish Defense Organization has launched a campaign to have Jews from across the country flood the judge that long time Neo-Nazi and KKK head David Duke is awaiting sentencing from, Judge Elden Fallon. Duke, who only a month ago gave a lying speech to Arab extremists in Bahrain that Jews were behind the Trade Center attack is going to be locked up for stealing contributions from his idiotic supporters. The JDO is also encouraging Black, Latinos, Asians, and whites of good will to write letter to Judge Fallon to demand that Duke a man that proclaimed that white supremacists would make a violent race war and slaughter minorities, deserves the maximum.



    If possible put on your stationary or your companies.



    Nazi Klan misfit David Duke, who was almost elected Governor of Louisiana several years ago, who hates Jews, Blacks, Latinos, Asians, and proclaimed his goal to turn " Jews into ash" is now trying to plea bargain his way out of legal trouble. Nazi Klan pig Duke who was caught stealing members contributions has not even been arrested but is trying to make a deal with the prosecutor in Louisiana James Letten to let him off the hook.


    LIVE PHONE-504-680-3000

    FAX LINE-504-589-3594




    The JDO announces the start of OPERATION SCREWBALL, during which we will legally bring to the attention of the Orthodox Jewish community that a group exists in their midst, claiming to represent them, that collaborates with the KILLERS OF JEWS in direct violation of every precept in the Torah! Orthodox Rabbis from across the spectrum has condemned this evil group who are religious fakers. We will also bring to the attention of Naturei Karta that the days during which their antics went undisturbed have come to an abrupt end. Not only are they disturbed but the JDO is going to cause them more disturbance than they ever imagined. NK are not Orthodox Jews, they are fakers who happen to wear orthodox-looking clothing. Hundreds of thousands of Orthodox Jews detest, condemn and have nothing but contempt for the evil traitorous way of NK, never-the-less they are a threat because Arab terrorists use these Jews to help try to destroy Israel and the Jewish people. There nuttiness is progressing steadily like cow manure that expands horizontally. Their lies and anti-Israel propaganda are so bad that they claim Farrakhan has never made ant-Semitic remarks in his life. NK lied this way just so they can pose in pictures with their Jew-hater Farrakhan. In most societies when people are that crazy they get put in the nut house. The JDO has arranged room for them in the Pilgrim State Hospital and will arrange free Kosher meals under the hecksher of Yassir Ararat.

    Like Adam Shapiro NTUREI KARTA are traitors who go to "Death to Israel Rallies" with known Arab terrorists. Though the great majority of Jews despise this group as much as they do Shapiro this group would like to see the Jews in Israel attacked Heaven Forbid. Though they dress like Chassidim the bulk of Chassidim view Naturei Karta as abnormal flakes. Naturei Karta is based in Monsey New York run by one Yisroel Weiss at 102 Saddle River Rd Monsey Home phone 845-356-1737. Also HILLEL DEITCH 9 WALTER DRIVE MONSEY NY 10952 845-425-1924; group leader home is HQ for the Islamist sorry, Karta Cell. Chaim Freiman 153 Bennet Ave Washington Heights NY 10040 #4D telephone 212-795-6074 the lowlife graduated from Yeshiva University. Ask YU to revoke his diploma. He personally met with his hero Jew killer Yassir Arafat. We are trying to confirm a report that this sickness tortured his own mother! The Naturei Karta leader in Israel is one Moshe Hirsch who is in Arafat's Government as his Minister of Jewish Affairs. At various PLO rallies calling for Israel's destruction the Nutria Karta will often bring PLO flags and be intervened by numerous radio, newspaper and TV news saying they support Arab and PLO goal to attack Jews in Israel. These flakes have also embraced Black Hitler Louis Farrakhan at his Million Families March.


    The Torah states that Hashem gave Israel to the Jews. Hebron was purchased as reported in the Torah by Abraham to bury his wife. Today the Arab terrorists won't even let Jews pray in Hebron let alone live there. The Torah does talk of real peace, but is not pacifist. The Talmud sates "If someone comes to kill you kill them first." The Torah repeatedly talks that Jews are one People and that Hashem G-D gave all the Jews a portion in Israel.

    The Jewish Defense Organization OPERATION SCREWBALL will be having an upcoming meeting to air its plans as part of the campaign to wreck NK and it's treason against Israel and Jews. To attend the meeting e-mail JDO your name, street address and home telephone number.

    The PLO sycophants like Shapiro and Naturei Karta walked away from any feeling for Am Yisrael the Jewish People a long time ago. The JDO will do all in its power to make an example of their treason so all Jews will know we do punish with humiliation and protests our "Jewish John Walkers."(NOTE John Walker is a non-Jewish American that went to help the Taliban in Afghanistan kill Americans. Shapiro is the Jewish Walker that went to Ramallah to become Arafat’s Jewish helper in trying to destroy Israel)


    (Original publication: July 19, 2002)

    MONSEY - A synagogue run by anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews was found spray-painted yesterday with Stars of David and Hebrew words glorifying Jerusalem as the Jewish state's eternal capital.

    The markings on an outer wall of Yeshiva Beis Yehud and two cars were found on Tisha B'Av, during which Jews fast and commemorate the destruction of the first temple in Jerusalem.

    The synagogue leaders of Neturei Karta called the graffiti a desecration and an attempt to intimidate them.

    Neturei Karta, which in Hebrew means "Guardians of the Wall" of the Jerusalem temple, supports dissolving Israel and creating a Palestinian Arab government.

    Neturei Karta, whose members work with Palestinian groups opposed to Israel, believes that only the coming of the biblical Messiah can bring about a Jewish homeland.

    "They are trying to harass us and stop us from our activism to dismantle Israel and Zionism, which has caused so much bloodshed and anti-Semitism against the Jewish people," Rabbi Chaim Sofer said.

    Ramapo police detectives are investigating the incident as a bias crime, Capt. Edward Dolan said. Dolan said the issue comes down to pro-Israel Jews against those who oppose the Jewish state.

    "We will do what we can to try and track down who did it, but when push comes to shove, our chances of an arrest are probably not too great," Dolan said.

    Several past Neturei Karta anti-Israel demonstrations have resulted in minor confrontations with pro-Israel supporters, Dolan said.

    In June, police said, one person was charged with disorderly conduct after pushing a Neturei Karta member and starting to crumple an anti-Israel sign during a demonstration against former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu spoke in Monsey at a fund-raiser for victims of the violence in Israel.

    In April, pushing and shoving started when three dozen Neturei Karta members burned the Israeli flag during Purim, a festival celebrating freedom from persecution by the Persians.

    Yesterday morning, blue spray-painted Stars of David were found on two cars. One was a van owned Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, a Neturei Karta spokes-man who lives behind the synagogue. Rabbi Pinchas Feldman's car also was spray-painted.

    A Star of David and the Hebrew words from Psalm 137:5-6 by King David of Israel were on a side wall, the rabbis said.

    One English translation of the Psalm reads: "If I forget you Jerusalem, May I forget my right hand. May my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth, If I ever don't think of you, If I don't raise up Jerusalem above my highest joy."

    Most Jewish leaders consider Neturei Karta a fringe group.

    The Neturei Karta rabbis said a few hundred thousand Orthodox Jews support their cause, but that the group has become a lightning rod for the anti-Israel movement because of its public protests. The rabbis contend that Muslims, Christians and Palestinian leaders opposed to Israeli actions write to them about their position on separating Judaism from Israel.

    "We are targeted because we expose the conduct of the Zionist establishment against the Torah," Rabbi Chaim Tzvi Freimann said. "We always hold peaceful demonstrations."

    Monsey, NY -- February 23 2002 Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, spokesman for Neturei Karta International announced this evening that the organization of anti-Zionist Jews will publicly burn the Israeli flag in a series of ceremonies around the world on "Purim" Tuesday, February 26.

    "The Zionist experiment has reached its inevitable conclusion. Death tolls mount and no viable solution is in sight. Slowly the Jewish people are awakening to the reality of Zionism, its rejection of Torah views of exile and redemption, combined with its aggressive stance towards Gentiles in general and Palestinians in particular."

    The Rabbi explained, "By burning the Israeli flag we are symbolically declaring that the Israeli state, contrary to its absurd claims, is not representative of the Jewish people. In fact, its denial of our faith and its brutalization of the Palestinian people, renders it antithetical to Judaism."

    The timing of the flag burning is seen as particularly significant. "Tuesday is Purim, a holiday remembering the victory of faith over barbarism and good over evil, in ancient times. It is appropriate that we repudiate the contemporary heresy and violence of Zionism on this day," Rabbi Weiss added.

    "Zionism refuses to accept our status as people in exile. This is metaphysical impudence. It is the task of world Jewry to remain patriotic citizens of the lands of their dispersion and pursue peace with all men. In the Holy Land, this means welcoming Palestinian sovereignty over the land. Accordingly, we will carry the Palestinian flag at the flag burnings." "The rejection of Zionism is the only path to peace. We hope that many Jews will participate in this international event." Neturei Karta International 845-371-0490

    For more information contact: Neturei Karta International www.netureikarta.org

    info@netureikarta.org 845-371-0490

    From: Palestine Liberation Organization

    Palestine National Authority

    The President

    To: Rabbi Moshe Hirsch

    Minister for Jewish Affairs

    Palestine Authority Jerusalem

    Dear Rabbi Hirsch:

    Further to our recent telephone discussion, on behalf of myself, the Palestinian Authority and the people of Palestine I wish to express my deepest thanks to you and all the many Ultra-Orthodox Jews worldwide, and to many Jews who supported us both laymen and rabbis, for their expressions and demonstrations of heartfelt sympathy for the ongoing suffering of the Palestinian people in Palestine at the hands of the Israeli government. No words can express how it makes us feel to know your community has spoken up throughout the world on our behalf.

    These expressions are priceless examples of the long-standing and abiding relationship between Jews and Arabs reaching back hundreds of years, and enable the entire world to see the stark contrast between the eternal and beautiful values of Judaism and those embodied in aggressive Zionism. These demonstrations and expressions are of critical importance in enabling the Palestinian people and Arabs worldwide to see this crucial difference so that everyone understands that the actions of the Israeli State do not reflect anything rooted in the traditions, beliefs and laws of Judaism. This is vital in emphasizing that there is no conflict between Jew and Arab.

    Again, Rabbi Hirsch, please transmit our best wishes and prayers for true peace and harmony to your entire community worldwide.

    Ramallah in: April 23, 2002

    Yours truly,

    Yasser Arafat

    President of the State of Palestine

    Chairman of the Executive Committee of the PLO

    President of the Palestinian Authority


    First Amendment Exercise Machine Protecting freedom of speech for White Americans.
    Heritage Preservation Association - protecting and preserving the symbols, culture, and heritage of the American southern people.
    Jews United Against Zionism - An organization of Jews who oppose the existence of the state of Israel.
    Legion Europa - An activist group that grants memberships based on merit only.
    National Association for the Advancement of White People - The official home page of the American civil rights group.


    The 31-year-old daughter of Amiri Baraka, and a friend were found murdered late Tuesday night in the home of another of Mr. Baraka's children in Piscataway, N.J., the authorities said yesterday.

    The victims, Shani Baraka, and Rayshon Holmes, 30, were shot several times and were found in the family room of the house owned by Ms. Baraka's older sister, Wanda Pasha, who was in Las Vegas at the time.

    The police are searching for Ms. Pasha's estranged husband, James Coleman, a Muslim, for questioning in the double murder.

    It would be absurd to ask if Baraka had advance knowledge of his daughter's death or why he was not present at Wanda Pasha's house when his daughter and her boyfriend were killed, yet this was exactly what he did in reference to the World Trade Center when he wrote his stupid poem about 3,000 Jews not showing up for work on 9/11. We Jews are tired of being scapegoats! We know that Baraka is a racist CPUSA hack! We know how the former Soviet Union treated visiting American blacks - they would break any glass that a black person drank from after that person left. Down with Soviet Communism and Racism!





    The JDO is exposing the fact that notorious Neanderthal Amiri Baraka long time self-confessed anti-Semite and hater of Israel who is getting honored for a propaganda poem that lyingly says that four thousand Jews (Israelis) avoided going to the World Trade Center the day of the Moslem terror attack cause they knew it was going to be attacked has no gotten support from some very disturbed types. JDO Intelligence Unit has found out that the Communist Party USA is organizing, meetings to help Baraka keep his state job in New Jersey as poetry laureate. Baraka a vicious Jew-Hater, whose claim to fame is publishing similar trash a few years back appropriately called "The Toilet" which reflects this prime candidate to get a real taste of Jewish Justice. JDO is now launching a new campaign against the Communist Party which is holding protests to defend Baraka. The effort against Baraka and the Jew-Hating anti-Semites, who also support destroying America and recently held rallies to defend Iraq from what these filthy communists call "the evil USA."


    In fact Baraka aka Leroi Jones' wife Amina is also in the Communist Party!


    CALL BARAKA AT 973-242-1346

    THEIR E MAIL IS pww@pww.org



    1251 ANDREWS 2 FLOOR LOS ANGELES CA 90019 TEL# 323-734-6404

    3940 HIGH SUITE B OAKLAND CA 94619 TEL# 510-531-1729

    17 HOBART NEW HAVEN CONNETICUT 06511 TEL# 203-624-4254

    3116 S HALSTED CHICAGO ILL 60608 TEL # 312-842-5665

    4515 BALTIMORE AVE PHILA PA 19143 TEL# 215-222-8895





    103650.2622@compuserve.com cpepa@snip.net



    Somebody did blow up America


    Publisher Emeritus & Chairman of the Board

    Originally posted 10/3/2002

    An unwise and cowardly governor of New Jersey named the finest poet of New Jersey poet laureate. That is a signal honor reserved for those who are worthy of winning Pulitzers and other prestigious awards reserved for those who have accomplished that which, on an intellectual basis, serves to move our civilization along and to set examples for those who would wish to become intellectual leaders of our civilization.

    Poet Amiri Baraka, also known as Leroy Jones, wrote an epic poem about 9/11 that will live for as long as there is value attached to poetry in our time. The governor of New Jersey, whose name is not important enough to remember for his wisdom or his intellect, James W. McGreevey, will be remembered not for naming Amiri Baraka poet laureate of New Jersey, but for having tried to withdraw the honor because some right-wing zealots who view themselves as American patriots who protect the reputation of Jews decided that Mr. Baraka’s wonderful work was anti-Semitic.

    If there were an ounce of thought put into the process of deciding that Mr. Baraka’s work was anti-Semitic, or anti-anything else for that matter, and if those who made the decision to call the work anti-Semitic could read, they would have realized that blame was laid to all of us - Blacks, whites, Jews, gentiles, Catholics, Protestants, Muslims and others for having allowed a climate to develop in this world where man’s inhumanity to man was such that almost 3000 people could be killed and thousands more injured just because. Just because you don’t like me and I don’t like you and we don’t like each other. Just because you are Black and I am white and you are Jewish, there is justification for either of us to use terror and religion and the worst instruments of death ever conceived by man to destroy other men.

    It was perfectly clear what Mr. Baraka was saying. He is a poet and does have poetic license. Whatever Jews, Muslims, Blacks or whites think of him, he has the right as a poet and a human being to express how he feels about an incident that will go down in history as one of the most cowardly acts of our time.

    Did Mr. Baraka accuse the Jews of knowing about the incident prior to 9/11 and warning 4000 Jews who worked at the World Trade Center not to go to work that day? We don’t think so. He posed a question for the ages. If someone were willing or able to pull together all the books and records of all the companies in the World Trade Center at that time, perhaps one could determine whether there were 4000 Jews in the World Trade Center or whether any company or companies had 4000 Jews working in the World Trade Center at that time or 4000 anybody else in the World Trade Center at that time and who had the ability to contact all of them and say that they should not come to work on 9/11.

    Since practically all the records at the World Trade Center at that time were destroyed, who can prove one way or another whether it did or did not happen? That rumor has been circulating on the Internet since the historic occurrence of 9/11. One can believe it or not, and certainly a poet, or anyone else for that matter, has license to question who gave word to Jews only that they should escape the World Trade Center before the disaster of 9/11. Mr. Baraka has every right to pose the question, even to make the statement as a poet and a human being. Who can prove that it did happen or did not happen? In the racist and schizophrenic society in which we live, only one question should be raised: Could it have happened? The answer is yes. Did it happen? Absent any proof to the positive or negative, the answer must be that we do not know - but we can certainly pose the question. As for Mr. Baraka’s relinquishing the honor of poet laureate of New Jersey: He would be out of his mind to do so. And he would dishonor himself and his craft.

    Let the ADL and it’s minions live with their demons, no matter who or what they are, in order for them to decide how many worlds they live in. For us the answer is simple. We honor Amiri Baraka for having been named poet laureate of New Jersey, criticism of his epic poem “Somebody Blew Up America” notwithstanding. In the final analysis, somebody did blow up America, and somebody will blow up America again. Keep writing, Amiri Baraka. Keep writing, Leroy Jones. Keep writing, whoever you are and by whatever name you call yourself. We honor you.

    The 31-year-old daughter of Amiri Baraka, and a friend were found murdered late Tuesday night in the home of another of Mr. Baraka's children in Piscataway, N.J., the authorities said yesterday.

    The victims, Shani Baraka, and Rayshon Holmes, 30, were shot several times and were found in the family room of the house owned by Ms. Baraka's older sister, Wanda Pasha,who was in Las Vegas at the time.

    The police are searching for Ms. Pasha's estranged husband, James Coleman, a Muslim, for questioning in the double murder.

    It would be absurd to ask if Baraka had advance knowledge of his daughter's death or why he was not present at Wanda Pasha's house when his daughter and her boyfriend were killed, yet this was exactly what he did in reference to the World Trade Center when he wrote his stupid poem about 3,000 Jews not showing up for work on 9/11. We Jews are tired of being scapegoats! We know that Baraka is a racist CPUSA hack! We know how the former Soviet Union treated visiting American blacks - they would break any glass that a blackperson drank from after that person left. Down with Soviet Communism and Racism!


    Cops: Arsenal in Man's Home
    Suspect had gun, 300 pounds of ammo, bomb book

    By Sean Gardiner and Michael Arena. STAFF WRITERS

    Police and federal probation officers arrested a College Point man after a search of his home turned up a loaded assault rifle, 300 rounds of ammunition, a bomb-making book, an assortment of hate literature and Nazi uniforms. Police said they did not know what Michael Sagginario, 20, of 20-45 127thSt., was planning to do with the small arsenal he had assembled. Sagginario, who was charged with criminal weapons possession, which included two silencers and a zip gun, has been on probation for a 1995 incident in which he blew up a wind-shear alert system located near the old Flushing airport. Possession of the hate literature also violated terms of Sagginario's probation, police said Sagginario was awaiting arraignment in Queens Criminal Court.

    Police said Sagginario collected a variety of white-supremacy materials, including various Nazi Germany-era marching recordings, Nazi armbands, uniforms, and combat helmets and an assortment of flags of the Third Reich. Among the material police seized was the "National Alliance Hand Book,” published by the white-supremacy National Alliance group. Others included the book "White Man Think Again;" the audio tapes of "The Turner Diaries," the novel that was said to have inspired the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City; and a bomb-making handbook, police said. Also found was a copy of Newsday's Jan. 24 Part 2 report on "hate rock" and white supremacists' fueling of Internet record sales. According to police records, Sagginario was first arrested in 1995 and charged with using an explosive device to destroy a wind-shear alert system operated by the Federal Aviation Administration, one of several the agency uses to detect wind shear at Kennedy and LaGuardia airports.

    He was sentenced to probation, and he violated the terms of the probation in 1997 when he was stopped for driving through northern Queens waving a Nazi flag and uttering racial slurs against African-Americans.

    Federal probation officers obtained a court order to search Sagginario's residence after one officer observed hate literature in the home during a routine probationary visit. When the federal officers returned with police to conduct the search early yesterday, they found the assault weapon, an AK-47 rifle, in the bedroom behind a desk. They also found a gas mask.

    The JDO has received a report from a prisoner at Metropolitan Detention Center that Sagginario is being sent to a Federal Prison Camp at Fort Dix, New Jersey. Sagginario has been active in Nazi causes while awaiting trial at MDC and had posted Nazi Literature inside his locker. After the mass murders that occurred on September 11, 2001, Sagginario was placed in SHU - Special Housing Unit - due to his terrorist tendencies. The JDO believes that Sagginario should not be afforded the privilege of serving his sentence in a minimum security installation since he might have caused a plane crash of tremendous proportions by destroying the wind shear signal and might have used the gun against Blacks, Jews or Asians, had he had the opportunity. Sagginario is the kind of inmate that deserves to be in a Federal Penitentiary!!

    An attorney representing the Revolutionary Communist Party has contacted the JDO and threatened us with a lawsuit. The Revolutionary Communist Party doesn't like the JDO HOTLINE naming them as enemies of the Jewish People. They also don't like the leaflets exposing the truths about themselves: That they are enemies of Jews, Israel and America. During the Crown Heights pogrom during which Sharpton led mobs of black militants screaming "Kill the Jews" who actually beat and even murdered Jews, the RCP put out a flyer to encourage more rioting saying "IT'S RIGHT TO REBEL" and called the anti-Semitic pogrom a "legitimate rebellion by Black Militants." They claim they have nothing against Jews, it's just Israel and Zionism that they despise. That's like saying - "We like Italians, it's just Italy that we hate." The RCP was against various countries, including America, fighting in World War II. The RCP doesn't realize, and can never admit this to themselves, but they are part of the LEFT-FAR RIGHT synthesis that had emerged in America. A good example of this is the New Alliance Party - a so called- left group that hooked up with crypto-Nazi Patrick Buchanan. The RCP supports Arab and Muslim terror attacks against Jews in Israel. The RCP made statements of support for the first set of people arrested in the first World Trade Center bombing. The RCP has met with numerous Muslim and Arab terror groups as well as being involved with anti-American terror groups like Sendero-Luminoso, the Shining Path Group of Peru, that, like Pol Pot, has murdered numerous innocent civilians, such as Union Leaders...just as Pol Pot did in Cambodia. The RCP is a Maoist Group meaning they follow Mao and wear Stalin buttons - the evil Stalin who hated Jews and arrested numerous Rabbis, Jews in Russia, religious Jews, people who loved Israel, was well as Yiddish poets and murdered them, people whose names are too numerous to mention and millions of innocent Russians murdered by the evil Stalin. The RCP would love to see their cult leader Bob Avakian become the Stalin of America through a bloody, violent REVOLUTION. That is why Avakian and the RCP work with all kinds of groups that want to destroy Israel and America. He views this as his road to getting money and power and continuing his anti-American communist activities. It is well know that various Muslim terror groups have given money in support to selected radical groups in the United States that hate America. We believe that Avakian is a traitor to America, an enemy of Jews in Israel who has lent aid and comfort to the enemies of this country. The Justice Department has a list of groups that are banned. One group is Sendero-Luminoso and it's America Supporters based on this violence supporting terror-linked alliances with Sendero and Muslim terror groups how come the RCP and the so-called REVOLUTION BOOKSTORE have not been banned like the other thirty-three groups???

    We have reprinted the following article from the RCP website to show that they have sympathy for those who would ignite an incendiary device on a subway train believed to be frequented by many Jews, which, as anyone who rides the subway now knows, is actually ridden by a vast majority of Third World People. The JDO implores any Jewish RCPers to leave the organization and start thinking for themselves, instead of being exploited by Bob Avakian.

    RW ONLINE: The Buried Issue: Justice for the Palestinian People

    Jerusalem Bombing/New York Arrests

    The Buried Issue: Justice for the Palestinian People

    Revolutionary Worker #918, Aug. 10, 1997

    On July 30, two bombs exploded in an outdoor market in Jerusalem. Fifteen people were killed, including two Palestinian men who allegedly carried the bombs.


    Two days after the Jerusalem bombing, two men were arrested in a Brooklyn apartment and charged with planning to detonate bombs at a nearby subway station and on a commuter bus. According to news reports, the two men are Palestinians with Jordanian passports.

    At this point, no direct statements from the two men have been allowed to come out, and the only information available is from the police and federal officials. So the stories being reported in the media about the so-called "bomb plot" must be looked at with much suspicion.

    According to the authorities, the accused men came to their attention when another man, from Egypt, flagged down cops in the middle of the night and "confessed" that his roommates were planning bombings. The police sealed off the neighborhood around the building where the men lived, evacuated people and burst into the apartment. The two men were shot and injured during the arrest. The police claimed they seized parts of two pipe bombs in the raid.

    The arrest in Brooklyn touched off a frenzy of "anti-terrorist" hype and hysteria, especially in New York City. The media and U.S. government officials immediately tried to link the arrest with the Jerusalem bombing. But the supposed evidence for this link is rather flimsy. One of the men is said to have expressed support for the Jerusalem bombing--but this is based on an account by officials, not an actual statement from the accused. The Jordanian passports of the two wounded men were pointed to as another incriminating factor, supposedly linking them to a Hamas leader now in Jordan. But the fact is that many Palestinians have Jordanian passports. One of the men reportedly admitted that he had been detained by Israelis in the West Bank as a suspected Hamas supporter. According to his family, what happened was that when he was 17, he was caught up in a mass arrest by Israeli troops after a stone-throwing incident.

    There is something fishy about the official story. Isn't it a little too convenient that the Brooklyn arrest happened just two days after the Jerusalem bombing? Who is the man who informed on the others and brought in the police, and why are the media and the officials saying so little about him?

    There is a principle in law called qui bono, which means "who benefits." If you are trying to figure out who is behind a mysterious act, it is useful to ask: "Who will benefit?" This principle of qui bono puts Israel at the top of the list.

    Israeli intelligence agencies are known to infiltrate Islamic fundamentalist groups. In the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, a number of Palestinian and Egyptian immigrants were convicted. But there was much evidence that connected Israeli as well as U.S. and Egyptian intelligence agencies to the bombing, pointing to the strong possibility that the immigrants were set up. Could it be that a similar intrigue was behind this most recent "bomb plot" in Brooklyn?

    If it does turn out that some people--angry with Israel and their U.S. backers--were planning an action in the U.S., what should be the attitude of the oppressed people here in this country? The masses of people need to distinguish between the unjust violence of the oppressors and the just violence of the oppressed. The people in this country should understand that many different political forces have contradictions with U.S. imperialism. Some, like Islamic fundamentalists, are based on backward-looking, feudal ideas. But people from oppressed nations--who have been exploited, dominated, robbed and bombed by the U.S. and its allies--have many just grievances against U.S. imperialism.

    The U.S. government labels anyone who uses violence against them as "terrorists." And the ruling class uses incidents like the Brooklyn arrest to draw people into an "anti-terrorist" hysteria, which is often directed at immigrants. During the evacuation of the Brooklyn apartment building where the three men were arrested, the police handled Pakistani residents very roughly and took them to the station for interrogation--just because they were Muslim immigrants. There are reports of Arab immigrants being harassed around the city. When it was reported that one of the arrested men had been detained by the INS at one point, New York Mayor Giuliani demanded that the INS tighten up its procedures. And the so-called "terrorist threat" is being used as justification to mobilize a huge police presence, institute "security" checks and beef up other police-state measures in the city.

    This article is posted in English and Spanish on Revolutionary Worker Online
    Write: Box 3486, Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL 60654
    Phone: 773-227-4066 Fax: 773-227-4497
    (The RW Online does not currently communicate via email.)


    September 25, 2002

    I.N.S. Ignored Possible Link of Airport Killer to Terrorists


    An Egyptian immigrant who went on a July 4 shooting spree at Los Angeles International Airport told immigration officials nearly a decade ago that the Egyptian authorities had accused him of being affiliated with a known terrorist organization, officials disclosed yesterday.

    The Immigration and Naturalization Service failed to investigate evidence that appeared to link the immigrant, Hesham Mohamed Hadayet, to an Egyptian extremist group even as the agency was considering his application for political asylum in the mid-1990's, the officials said. A rigorous examination of the asylum application could have ended with Mr. Hadayet being deported, they said. The immigration service's handling of Mr. Hadayet's case prompted Attorney General John Ashcroft to order the agency last week to conduct an investigation into possible links between asylum seekers and terrorist groups, say officials who are involved.

    Mr. Ashcroft directed the agency to review all existing asylum cases to determine whether possible terrorist links had gone unexamined, as in the case of Mr. Hadayet. And he demanded that the agency find out whether any disciplinary action was taken against those involved in handling his case - and if not, why not, officials said. Mr. Ashcroft was "furious" about this, one official said. Mr. Hadayet, the owner of a limousine service in Orange County, Calif., fatally shot two people and injured several more on July 4 at the ticketing area for Israel's El Al airline before a security guard killed him. Investigators say Mr. Hadayet harbored strong anti-Israeli sentiments.

    The episode, coming after the F.B.I. had warned about the prospect of terrorist violence on Independence Day, renewed public fears and diplomatic tensions with Israel, which pushed the United States to investigate the shootings as a terrorist assault. F.B.I. investigators have pursued the theory that Mr. Hadayet was not acting in concert with any outside terrorist groups. The bureau's investigation is continuing. Officials of the immigration service said they had no immediate comment on the issue. The agency is still reeling from a year of intense criticism over the ability of the Sept. 11 hijackers to maneuver within the nation. At least partly in response to the problems, some functions of the agency would be moved to the proposed Homeland Security Department if it is approved by Congress.

    The immigration service turned over documents on the case yesterday to the House Judiciary Committee after weeks of discussions over what could be made available, with the I.N.S. and the Justice Department initially citing concerns about the privacy of Mr. Hadayet. Officials with the House Judiciary Committee declined to comment on the documents, saying staff members had not yet had time to review them. Mr. Hadayet first applied for political asylum in 1992, saying he had been persecuted for his strong religious beliefs in his native Egypt.

    Officials who have seen his immigration file say Mr. Hadayet acknowledged to the I.N.S. the next year as part of the application process that he had been accused by the Egyptians of being a member of al-Gamaa al-Islamiya, or the Islamic Group. The group, classified by the State Department as a terrorist organization, has claimed responsibility for acts of violence in Egypt and has demanded freedom for participants in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

    Mr. Hadayet admitted to the I.N.S. that he had signed a statement for the Egyptian police admitting his involvement with al-Gamaa al-Islamiya before coming to the United States, officials said. But he told the I.N.S. that he had no affiliation and that he signed the "false confession" only under duress, according to one administration official. The official said that Mr. Hadayet maintained that his only true involvement was with a nonviolent mosque.

    Despite the conflicting accounts, the immigration service "made no attempt" to determine whether Mr. Hadayet had any actual terrorist links, even as his asylum application remained pending for two and a half years, the official said. Mr. Hadayet was denied asylum in late 1995, but his immigration file was filled with other "irregularities" even after that, officials said.

    The immigration service prepared a charging document against Mr. Hadayet in October 1995 accusing him of overstaying his original visa, but the case was closed after he failed to show up for a hearing and the immigration service apparently could not find him.

    Though he had overstayed his visa, Mr. Hadayet was allowed to obtain a temporary work authorization in 1996, and he and his family earned permanent residency status the next year, after his wife won a federal visa lottery. Administration officials said it was not clear whether immigration officials reviewing his residency status knew of the earlier allegations about the terror group.

    Administration officials also said they were puzzled by the I.N.S.'s handling of the case and were seeking to find out why Mr. Hadayet had been allowed to stay in the country. In hindsight, they said, Mr. Hadayet's suspected links to the Islamic Group, his overstaying of his visa or his failure to show up for an immigration hearing should have been enough to initiate proceedings that would probably have led to his deportation.

    The immigration service has faced intense scrutiny since the Sept. 11 attacks over its lax scrutiny of student and tourist visas, culminating in the disclosure in March that the agency sent student visa approval notices for two hijackers, Mohamed Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi, to a Florida flight school six months after their suicide flights. But Mr. Ashcroft now has ordered officials to expand that scrutiny to include possible links between terrorist groups and asylum seekers. He directed the I.N.S. to conduct a "prompt" review into "existing" asylum cases, officials said. They said they could not provide details about the scope and meaning of that directive.

    Experts in immigration law said that for an agency already overloaded by bureaucratic problems, Mr. Ashcroft's request could prove difficult if not impossible to carry out. The immigration service receives tens of thousands of asylum applications each year, including more than 64,000 last fiscal year. Beyond that, applicants routinely claim that they were involved in activities that their governments considered extreme or subversive.

    "Where do you draw the line," said Daniel M. Kowalski, an asylum law expert who edits an immigration bulletin in Texas, "between someone who's considered a `freedom fighter' and someone who slides into the area of terrorism or persecutor? All of these labels are 100 percent politically driven."

    The FBI's depiction of the Fourth of July 2002 attack at Los Angeles International conducted by Egyptian Islamic Jihad sleeper agent, Hesham Mohamed Hadayet, armed with two handguns and a knife, only worked in the favor of terrorism. The FBI's claim that it was not a terrorist act because he was not on any of the U.S. government's "watch lists" for individuals associated with terror organizations, insults the intelligence of the American public. Even Al Hayat reported that Hadayet was in the Egyptian Islamic Jihad and had met Osama Bin Ladin's deputy Dr. Ayman Zuwahri in California in 1995 and in 1998. Hadayet worked at LAX for five years in a ground service company until he aroused El Al's suspicions, and left before he could be fired. Egyptian security services blamed the incident on financial problems with El Al, making it look like the Jewish cheats were at it again. We never had any link to this man," said a El Al spokesman, after Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Maher said Hersham Mohamed Hadayet had carried out the attack for "personal" reasons.

    Evidence emerged. Immigration and Naturalization Service rejected his request for residency in February 1996. FBI officials said the shooter had two driver's licenses, one identifying him as Hesham Mohamed Hadayet and the other as Hesham Mohamed Ali. One of the licenses listed his birth date as the Fourth of July. One of his ex-employees said: "He told me that the Israelis tried to destroy the Egyptian nation and the Egyptian population by sending prostitutes with AIDS to Egypt.” This charge was made five years ago, by Khalil Marwan, a Muslim Brotherhood propagandist who works out of Amman, Jordan. His story first appeared on Muslimedia in 1967: “Equally diabolical Israeli plots are coming into the open about AIDS-infected Israeli prostitutes disguised as tourists who have been let loose in Cairo and other Arab cities.” Muslim Media is part of the Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought whose senior member, Imam Abdul Alim Musa of the Masjid al Islam, also in Washington, D.C., said "America placed this sword, this cancer, this Zionist state in the center of the crossroads of the world." and condemned the "Zionists in Hollywood, the Zionists in New York, and the Zionists in D.C." who "all collaborate" to oppress Blacks and Muslims.

    Hadayet also said: “the two biggest drug dealers in New York are Israeli." This comes from Radio Islam: “Two Israeli citizens were arrested Tuesday night in Manhattan on drug possession charges after police seized more than a million Ecstasy tablets, the largest drug bust in New York City history. Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik announced Wednesday that David Roash, 25, and Israel Ashkenazi, 28, both of Tel Aviv, were being held in Queens Criminal Court pending drug possession charges.” A few years ago, Ahmed Rami, who runs Radio Islam, was prosecuted for “anti-Semitism” and sentenced to prison, where he had to stay for six months. He was the only political prisoner in Sweden.

    Hadayet's wife Hada said "He is a victim of injustice. In America, they hate Islam and Arabs after Sept. 11th."

    FBI labels inquiry into Los Angeles airport shooting a terrorism investigation

    By CHRISTOPHER NEWTON, Associated Press Writer

    WASHINGTON - The FBI is investigating the July 4 double murder-suicide at Los Angeles International Airport as possible terrorism even though there's no evidence linking the alleged shooter to any terrorist group, a spokesman said Tuesday. Justice Department officials had said investigators of the shooting at an Israeli airline ticket counter were looking for evidence the shooter, Hesham Mohamed Hadayet, was connected to a terror group.

    The FBI had not acknowledged a terrorism investigation until now. The Israeli government has called the event a terror attack since it occurred, and Democratic Rep. Eliot Engel ( news, bio, voting record) and other members of Congress had complained about the FBI's reluctance to characterize it that way.

    According to witnesses, Hadayet yelled racial slurs before opening fire at the ticket counter of El Al, Israel's airline. El Al employees Yaakov Aminov, 46, and Victoria Hen, 25, were killed. An El Al security guard then shot Hadayet dead.

    "The shooting is being classified as a terrorism investigation," Matt McLaughlin, spokesman for the FBI's Los Angeles field office, said Tuesday. "If there is the slightest chance it could be terrorism, you open it up as a terrorism investigation. It's the only prudent course of action."

    FBI agents had refused to describe the attack as terror because its legal definition of terrorism was work of "subnational groups or clandestine agents." No evidence has been found to link Hadayet with one.

    Because of the attack, however, the Bush administration reconsidered the definition, and President George W. Bush ( news - web sites)'s domestic security plan now says criminal acts can qualify as terror without participation of a group. "Terrorism is not so much a system of belief ... as it is a strategy and a tactic - a means of attack," the plan says.


    SUNNY CARSON IS, AND ALWAYS WAS BRAIN DEAD. The Mayor's office has given up on SUNNY CARSON DAY but Markowitz, who is no Howard Golden, is still at it. Meanwhile Carson has all but bought the farm.

    The Jewish Defense Organization based in New York is blasting Mayor Bloomberg for having made an official day in honor of Sonny Carson, Jew-Hating. white hating anti-Semite. JDO is fuming that Bloomberg, who himself is Jewish, proclaimed an official city day in honor of the leader of the Crown Heights Pogrom, Sonny Carson. Carson openly proclaimed his goal during the rioting against Jews was "to beat Jews". Carson, with a record for violence against Jews and whites also helped establish a Black Paramilitary group linked to terrorism, the December 12 Movement, that proclaims its goals are to destroy Israel and America, and declares itself violent revolutionaries against the US.

    The JDO also blasted Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz who, along with self- hating Jew Bloomberg, for helping to engineer this. "How would anyone react if some town in Louisiana proclaimed David Duke Day" asked JDO National Director Mordechai Levy. Meanwhile the JDO hotline (212-252-3383) blasted the honors bestowed by New York City on a man who openly proclaimed his goal to destroy Jews and whites. The JDO is urging Jews to flood Mayor Bloomberg with calls demanding he retract the honorary award to Jew-Hater Carson. Further JDO demands that other Jewish organizations openly blast Bloomberg for stabbing his own Jewish People and all of New York in the back. After September 11 how can any public official honor a professional terrorist like Carson" said JDO Spokesman Dave Cohen. As usual Foxman and the bulk of the Jewish Establishment groups are invisible about this. '"Foxman, because of his nature, can't handle blasting the Mayor publicly as his innate behavior training at ADL is to be a fawning craven sycophant to anyone with any modicum of money or power like Bloomberg" added Cohen.





    If anything the recent revelation that the former President of Argentina took a 10 million dollar bribe from Iran to cover up the investigation of a terror bombing spree against both Israeli and Jewish targets in the mid 1990's. There was a bombing of both the Jewish Community Center, in which hundreds of Jews were murdered in a Moslem extremist terror bombing. Prior to that the Israeli Embassy was also blown up in Buenos Aires the capital. The reason that Menem was paid off by Iran, the Islamic Fanatic government was because Iran ordered its proxies in a Hezbollah run terror group to carry out the attack to murder and slaughter innocent Jewish men, women, and children. At the time in 1995 a certain Rabbi Arthur Schneier had a cocktail reception at the Pierre Hotel in Manhattan to give Menem a "World Statesman of the Year Award”. All because Menem shed a few crocodile tears for the hundreds dead Jews, victims of Moslem terrorists. Pathetic and useless Jewish Establishment leaders like Foxman, and a whole slew of others fell over themselves to honor and bootlick a man that was collaborating in helping the murderers of Jews cold blooded terrorists escape justice. One silly fool in the Jewish Establishment had the temerity to tell me "Menem is the hero on this one" all because he mouthed a few worthless platitudes about how "sad" he was by the terror attack, and "condemned it totally”. Of course JDO explained to this Jewish Establishment leader that Menem like Arafat will lie to Jews to trick them. Jews simply do not want to accept that the Menems and Arafat’s will hate us in their heart and promise us "the sky" with their lips.

    At the time JDO attended meetings of Jewish Establishment group meetings at which JDO told Reuven Braja who ran the Jewish Council of Argentina and told him that the Jews must set up volunteer armed self defense teams. Also they must hold rallies and blast Menem for not getting the members of the Moslem terror group arrested immediately. Do not put your trust in Menem's worthless promises !

    This past week the Forward interviewed Rabbi Schneier about the revelations about Menem having taken 10 million to cover up and stop the investigation of the terror bombings against Jews. Rabbi Schneier answer was that "he is bewildered". Indeed we at JDO are also bewildered that Rabbi Schneier could give this collaborator any kind of medal or prize or honor. In fact if Rabbi Schneier had any self respect he would immediately withdraw the award, and hold a press conference apologizing for stabbing Jews in the back by honoring Menem a man who surely has Jewish blood on his hands, to the tune of hundreds of dead Jews.

    JDO is now launching a campaign to pressure Rabbi Schneier to demand he revoke the award to Menem.

    ALL JDO MEMBERS AND SUPPORTERS SHOULD CALL RABBI ARTHUR SCHNEIER AT PARK EAST SYNAGOGUE at 212-737-6900, ask to be put on his voice mail and leave a message that is firm. "REVOKE THE AWARD TO ENEMY OF JEWS& ISRAEL MENEM!" Write him at home RABBI ARTHUR SCHNEIER 251 EAST 71 ST NY NY 10021 or call him at his other office - The Appeal With No Conscious Foundation - 212-535-5800.

    Be firm--and tell all your fellow Jews to call ! Also write a letter and make a copy and send it both to Rabbi Schneier and a copy to JDO.

    Dr. William Luther Pierce, 1933-2002

    by Victor Diehard

    July 23, 2002

    Dr. William Pierce, nazi swine, died July 23, 2002, at about 12:00 noon of cancer at his mountaintop home in Mill Point, W.V.

    Pierce, leader of the National Alliance, the largest nazi organization in the U.S., was diagnosed with cancer near the beginning of July 2002. Pierce was hospitalized briefly in Lewisburg, W.V., then for somewhat longer in Beckley, W.V. An operation and initial treatment gave some hope of a recovery and he therefore requested that his condition be kept strictly confidential. The national office staff members complied.

    However, it became clear the cancer had progressed too far. Advised that intense treatment including kidney dialysis could possibly prolong his life but not stave off the inevitable and that such treatment would probably render him unable to work, Pierce instead chose to return to his home.

    Author of the Turner Diaries, Pierce also wrote the novel Hunter; both were written under the pen name Andrew Macdonald. By itself the Turner Diaries probably recruited more people to the cause of White racialism than any other publication, person, organization or event.

    Pierce was born in 1933 in Atlanta, Georgia. His early years were spent mainly in the South, especially Texas, where he attended a military school for a short time. His first love from his early years was science. He was experimenting with chemistry and other sciences in his parents' garage and basement when he was just a boy. He continued his own experiments in his private workshop almost until his death.

    Pierce went on to be awarded a masters and a doctorate in physics from the University of Colorado, after earning an undergraduate degree at Rice University and briefly taking graduate classes at Cal Tech. Pierce later described his almost total immersion in his experiments for his degrees; he spent days in the laboratories, sleeping next to the table where he was working. Pierce then taught physics at Oregon State University from 1962-1966, where he attained tenure in less than three years.

    During his time at Oregon State Pierce began a nazi. Briefly he joined the John Birch Society. As his politics quickly became more radical he stopped teaching and began reading heavily about politics, European History, race differences, and other related matters. He considered writing his own book about what he had discovered then found that such books had been written years before with no lasting effect on the public or elite.

    About this time, in late 1966, Pierce wrote a long letter to nazi party leader George Lincoln Rockwell. Rockwell's letter in return had a life-long effect on Pierce, and not only for its political content. Pierce made a habit of personally answering many of the letters sent to him for the rest of his life, convinced that many people could be brought to the cause of nazism with such personal attention to their inquires.

    Pierce moved to Washington, D.C., that same year and he worked closely with Rockwell on many projects such as editing and writing for the Party publication the National Socialist World. Pierce also worked in the print shop for the ANP and quite quickly gained knowledge of the printing business that would be of great use in the future. It was at the print shop that he first met another Rockwell associate -- John Palter, who knocked off Rockwell.

    Pierce spent many hours in Rockwell's personal office watching and listening to Rockwell handle the running of his organization.

    After Rockwell's assassination in 1967 Pierce became one of the leaders of the new National Socialist White People's Party, the successor to the ANP. In 1970 he left the NSWP and joined the National Youth Alliance, which had metamorphosed out of the Youth for Wallace campaign organization started by Willis Carto. Several other ANP members also joined. Ongoing problems with Carto led the NYA to split into factions. By 1974 Pierce led the new faction now called the National Alliance, headquartered in D.C. This organization and its ideology continue almost unchanged as today's National Alliance.

    In the early years of the NA Pierce attempted to answer the spiritual questions and yearnings of members by starting the Cosmotheist Church a tax-dodge.

    The National Alliance quickly began publishing a magazine for sale to the general public called Attack!' After it was clear that the street-fighting and other disruptions of the 60's were over, Pierce declared a change of tactics, but not strategy, and renamed the magazine National Vanguard.' NV was a more sophisticated magazine, designed to appeal to the professionals, such as Steven Hatfill, and others that Pierce felt were needed to build a revolutionary organization. It was in Attack! and the early National Vanguard that Pierce laid down the ideological basis for the Alliance; an ideology that has stood the test of time and had much to do with the Alliance's subsequent long- term success. The pertinent articles are available from National Vanguard Books in The Best of Attack! and National Vanguard.

    In 1985, Pierce moved the Alliance from Washington to a 400-acre parcel of land in Mill Point, West Virginia, near Hillsboro. In one of the most isolated, mountainous and unpopulated regions east of the Mississippi the Alliance was free to grow without the interference of the local, state or federal governments. Where almost every other pro-White organization has suffered some type of attack by governments and lawyers the Alliance has been unusually free of such hindrances.

    National Vanguard Books, Inc. was started while still in D.C. to sell a wide variety of books important to White activists and scholars. In West Virginia NVB grew very quickly with hundreds of titles, a yearly catalog and ever-increasing sales that required the building of a new warehouse.

    Pierce also began a weekly broadcast called American Dissident Voices. At first a number of people, most notably Kevin Strom, wrote and broadcast the half-hour addresses but eventually the task fell solely to Pierce. The Alliance arranged contracts with a large number of AM and FM stations and also broadcast on Short-Wave radio. However, the ADV address is now mainly a product of the Internet and tens of thousands of people each week either read or listen to it on the Internet or receive it in the mail as the publication Free Speech.'

    Membership in the Alliance grew rapidly in the 1990s. There are currently members in every State and in every part of the world where nazis live. The growth led to the creation of local units that could engage in Alliance activity as a group. Some regional coordinators were also appointed but generally Pierce felt that level of organization was not yet necessary.

    In 1999 Pierce and the Alliance purchased the assets of Resistance Records, a White Power music producer and distributor. Soon after Pierce also oversaw the purchase of the assets of Nordland Records, further increasing the size of the new Resistance Records, LLC. With the recent sales of the video game Ethnic Cleansing,' Resistance has captured the market for skinhead White youths and earned significant money and new recruits for the Alliance.

    The Alliance, National Vanguard Books and Resistance Records gained an early and Internet presence, at

    National Alliance

    National Vanguard

    http:// www.resistance.com

    Pierce also during this time solidified ties with other large pro-White groups in Europe, most notably the British National Party and the NPD in Germany and the AWB in South Africa.

    A sympathetic book about Pierce was written by Professor Robert S. Griffin called The Fame of a Dead Man's Deeds: An Up-Close Portrait of White Nationalist William Pierce.

    In the few months before his diagnosis Pierce and others noticed he was somewhat thinner and more drawn than usual. Pierce had also mentioned feeling far more tired than he had in the past. But his mind was as evil as ever.

    Pierce never had much faith or trust in medical doctors and until the cancer diagnosis had almost always been in excellent health. Pierce's mother had lived into her eighties and most of those who knew Pierce expected him to be leading the Alliance for at least that long. His death therefore came as a shock to all concerned.

    National Office staffers and a few key Alliance members such as Resistance Records CEO Erik Gliebe are already at the National Office to ripoff what they can from Pierce, like his gold teeth, wristwatch etc.

    We at the JDO are glad Pierce got cancer, and had recently mentioned him an article about another human virus, Steven Hatfill. Rot in hell Pierce. Where are your survivors? The obit never mentioned marriage.


    It is obvious that Jew hatred has never been this intense since the 1930's and 1940's. Jews are the targets of Arab fanatics throughout the world. The JDO has the solution. The solution is to counter the terror with strength. Come to Camp Jabotinsky this summer and learn how to fight back against the Arab terrorists and their Nazi allies. Learn martial arts, legal gun training, how to spy on these Arab Nazi terrorists like the PLO and Hamas. We teach how to infiltrate mosques used by Moslem extremists, like Sheik Rahman used to meet to make and plan bombings. Learn how to counter their websites, how to make their terrorists lives into a living hell so they want to go back to the pathetic hell-holes that they come from. For members of Arab-extremist groups have a single loyalty. To their fanatic goal of trying destroy Israel and America misusing religion. In other words Islamic radicals are enemies of both Israel and America These extremists are disloyal to U.S. In fact these terror groups will not even shy away from using their lawyer an ugliness by the name of Lynn Stewart to pass along messages from Sheik Rahman to (Heaven Forbid) murder Jews and other innocent Americans with more terror bombings !

    JDO'S NEXT CAMPAIGN ? Now that Lynn Stewart has been arrested on terror charges JDO is going to do all it can to make sure that Stewart can get to really hang out with Sheik Rahman for the next 18 years. If you want to volunteer on our "PUT LYNN STEWART IN JAIL IN JAIL...!!! Where she belongs !" Lynn Stewart 351 Broadway New York, NY 212-625-9696 near Leonard street.



    Scarcely had the dust settled at the World Trade Center site—the tomb of thousands of slaughtered souls—than the voices of certain leftists in our city and nationwide were raised in support of demented policies that can only help the Al Qaeda terrorists to evade justice.

    Prominent among these leftists was the Village Voice crowd, which claimed to be horrified by the September 11 attack, but then focused all its journalistic energies on undermining the nation's will to fight back. This included opposing every common sense step that might help us foil future onslaughts. For instance, in a stream of articles with headlines like "The War on the Bill of Rights," the Voice flailed out against proposed investigative tools, such as roving wiretaps, that law enforcement desperately needs to track an elusive enemy. Many responsible Americans have raised questions about one or more aspects of the new anti-terrorism laws, but the Voice clearly went over the edge, presenting the entire package as just a government plot to rob us of our civil liberties.


    As a smokescreen for its unwillingness to defend America, the Voice incessantly invoked the plight of Arabs and other Muslims living in New York. Article after article preached against anti-Arab racism (as if Voice readers were Klansmen in need of sensitivity classes) and against law enforcement investigation of Arab extremists in our midst (as if the U.S. was Nazi Germany). Of course no decent New Yorker wants to see innocent Muslims screamed at in supermarkets, but the Voice has focused on this issue almost to the exclusion of any sympathy for the WTC victims and their families. The one serious effort at writing about the victims, Tom Robbins, "Working Class Heroes" which focused on trade unionists killed in the attack was rendered grotesque by Robbin's implicit distinction between "working class" and middle-class victims—as if bond brokers are a lower order of humanity.

    Among the most contemptible of Voice writers, in her response to September 11, was the paper's resident self-hater Alisa Solomon who, the week after the attack, published a brief; emotional piece entitled "The Bastards!" but soon returned to her primary mission—bashing Israel as an evil dictatorship and praising the Palestinian in spite of their nonstop murderous assaults on her fellow Jews. Then there was Peter Noel, a frequent Voice contributor who serves as unofficial press flack for Louis Farrakhan. His true sympathies were revealed in "Homeland Terrorism How Arabs and Muslims Should Combat It—Despite What the Jewish Defense Organization Says" (Oct. 2).

    According to Noel, the militant JDO's telephone hotline had criticized a pro-El Qaeda lawyer who had been visiting New York mosques to advise them on how to avoid being questioned by the FBI The JD0 had, among other rhetorical expressions, called this lawyer "garbage." Noel depicted this remark as a threat of the highest order. To Noel's twisted mind, the prospect of a Jew verbally expressing righteous anger (without violence) is apparently more horrifying than that of Arab thugs killing thousands of Americans in an orgy of almost unimaginable fury. The Voice has long been rife with anti-Semitism, but never has its double standard against Jews been displayed so starkly as in this article.


    It should come as no surprise that the Voice is also actively promoting the new antiwar movement Although supported by only a tiny percentage of Americans nationwide, this movement is burgeoning at our college campuses with the strong backing of Arab Student Groups (most of which actively support terror against Israel and many of which privately support bin Laden and the Taliban). The leaflet and web pages of the antiwar movement promote the message that any counterattack against terrorism is "racist" and that the only proper response to September 11 is to accede to Bin Laden's blackmail (i.e., stop supporting Israel). The October 2 Voice carried an article, "Peace Equals Patriotism: A User's Guide to Antiwar Activism," which profiled eleven antiwar groups then the Voicesuggested its readers could sign up with. The profiles were entirely uncritical; for instance, the description of the International Action Center (the single most important antiwar group) failed to inform readers that it is controlled by a Marxist-Leninist cult with close ties to North Korea and a long history of cozying up to Arab terrorists.

    This article was followed on October 9 by "Make Noise, Not War," a puff piece which urged Voice readers to show up for an antiwar rally in Union Square. "Empathy and a call for nonviolent justice under gird initial antiwar organizing," the article said.

    How this approach will prevent Bin Laden from creating thousands of new victims was not explained.

    Nor did this or any other Voice article spell out what the Voice's own threshold for war is. If five thousand dead is not enough, would fifty thousand do the trick? Or even five hundred thousand?

    TIME FOR A Boycott?

    The war against terrorism is not like the war in Vietnam. The American people recognize the war on terror as a just war. New Yorkers should demand that the owners of the Voice conduct a thorough housecleaning to end its one-sided hate-America/hate-Israel slant If the Voice's owners fail to act, a boycott should he launched aimed at both readers and advertisers. We are sure that the families of many of the victims of the WTC terror attack, as well as the police and firefighters' unions, would be more than happy to support such a boycott.


    A coalition of Jewish youth groups held various rallies around the country. In New York 14 Jewish groups, including the JDO, marched and rallied. The indoor protest meeting held in March 2000 at the Grand Hyatt attracted a huge crowd. The protesters, from both the Zionist Left and Zionist Right, called upon the US to ban Nazi Haider from entering the US. Also a boycott was launched of either buying Austrian products or traveling there. Statements were read by angry Jewish students, all part of the Anti-Nazi Coalition formed by the assembled groups to fight Nazi pig Haider. Following the angry speeches a large group marched to the ADL building, host to the Austrian Mission. The protestors demanded that Abe Foxman get off his "high horse" and stop denying that Haider is a nazi, and expel the Austrian Mission located in his building. Another rally by angry Jews was held on the West Coast. About a hundred protestors attended from various groups based in that part of the country. Since that was more recent all the protestors said Nazi Haider leaving the Nazi Freedom Party was not enough. "We want Haider and his fellow Nazis out of the Government" a spokesman for the independent protest said. ALL ACROSS THE WORLD RALLIES BY OUTRAGED JEWISH STUDENTS FRANCE, ENGLAND, AND VIENNA!! THE BOYCOTT IS ON!!! BOYCOTT AUSTRIA!! CALL ABE FOXMAN at 212-490-2525 TELL HIM TO EXPEL THE AUSTRIAN NAZIS!!


    On December 9, 1979, about a hundred individuals wearing helmets attacked the 14th national conference of GRECE (Groupe d'études et de recherches sur la civilisation européenne, "Group for the Study and Research of European Civilization"). Wrecking the book stands, they displayed banners bearing the name "Organisation juive de défense" (OJD, "Jewish Defense Organization"). Fifteen or so of the conference attendees were injured. One of them lost an eye. Several of the assailants were arrested by the police, and then released that same afternoon. On September 19, 1980, a commando group of the "Jewish Defense Organization" (OJD) attacked sympathizers of Marc Fredriksen, an executive of FANE ("Fédération d'action nationale eteuropéenne," or "National and European Action Federation"), at the Paris Palace of Justice (courthouse). Six Nazis were injured, two of them seriously.


    Check Out This Email: "On 3/26/98 1:25:03 PM, Stony wrote Dear Judea: I thought I'd write to let you know that your site is being considered for inclusion in hatewatch.org. I'm recommending it be included, because of the "death to NAZI scum" language. Hatewatch is not a good list to be on. (Then again, they say there's no such thing as bad publicity.) Your site would be a valuable anti-anti-Semitism resource, but for your insistence on dropping to their level and calling for violence against those whose politics you (rightfully) disagree with. Read hatewatch.org's definition of a 'hate site' and clean up your act, or suffer the consequences. There are a bunch of Nazi’s who read hatewatch for their own ends and they will email-bomb you out of existence if you get on that list. Sincerely, "Stony"

    Sunday 3/29/98 at 4:35 E.S.T, an external network began a systematic and methodical attack on the class c address which the JDO server resides. This attack floods the Class-c network with false http requests. Thus resulting in VERY slow or even unavailable service. It is apparent the "attackers" found a new exploit for BSDI and Linux unix based OS. This exploit is being patched.

    A computer expert at Staten Island College was approached by students in the Jeffries crowd and asked to attack our website.



    The campus newspaper at Long Island based Hofstra has just ran an ad insert by the neo-nazi pig with a pen Bradley Smith. Smith head of some outfit called CODOH runs ads defending Hitler, denying the Holocaust. Below is the text of an ad submitted to the campus rag (newspaper)at Hofstra, the Chronicle. Now, the ad and other e mails which name the names of which lowlife spoiled rat agreed to run the ad, a two legged creature named Van Ness.

    Meanwhile, Jewish students at Hofstra must dump copies of that paper, and chronicle it right to the trash bin. Jews reading this can call the lowlife Van Ness at 516-463-6965 and give this Nazi helper a piece of their mind! Lastly tell everyone you know do not advertise in the Chronicle!! (For more info on other plans to wreck the paper and put them "permanently" out of business (legally) e mail JDO at judeam@jdo.org. The sad facts at Hofstra is that in spite the fact that the campus Rabbi tried covering it up, and refused to take the kind of serious actions to stop it some Jewish students went out on their own. Rabbi Mittleman who time after time told JDO in the past that there are no problems at Hofstra. Now the forked tongued Rabbi got caught in a web of cowardice, and even the administration blamed the cowardly Rabbi for not telling them ! Seems the Hofstra version of Rabbi Sheer (of Columbia another appeaser)got really humiliated. Well until Rabbi Mittleman invites a JDO speaker about this to help have a public demonstration calling for a total cut off of student government $ to the Chronicle, we will keep the heat on him!The coward is out of the bag! The students at Hillel must seize the initiative and bankrupt the Chronicle. If any see VanNess walking around campus tell her she can go to ___.


    Those Who Help Nazis Should Be Treated Like Nazis! If this rag run by one enemy of the Jews Shawna Van Ness can let the neo-nazis Deny the Holocaust and attack Jews than it's time to tell the advertisers and students to BOYCOTT THE CHRONICLE! Call all Chronicle advertisers and tell them! Put the rag in the trash baskets! Call lowlife Shawna at516-463-6965Give her a piece of your mind!


    The Jewish Defense Organization as part of Operation Nazi Kicker is urging Jews from across the country to flood the local phone company in Illinois Ameritech with phone calls. The aim is to demand they turn off the neo-nazi phone hateline of the COTC outfit of Matt Hale(aka Heil). This effort against neo-nazi pig Matt Hale (aka Heil) who the JDO has been trying to prevent from trying to make another massacre attempt against both Jews, Blacks, and Asians right in Chicago is starting now.

    The Jewish Defense Organization is also demanding other groups back this effort against Ameritech the local phone company that refuses to turn off the neo-nazi hateline Hale is running. That phone number is 309-699-0135. Jews are being urged to call, hear the hate for themselves against Jews and other minorities, and then flood the phone company to get that lined permanently disconnected.

    In Chicago the JDO is recruiting a well trained legal volunteer security team of well armed well prepared Jews. The JDO believes that every Jewish home should have a Kosher Mezuza on the door and a legal gun in the home. "Better to know how to use a gun and not have to than to have to and not know how" is the slogan the JDO quotes from the great Russian Jewish militant Zev Vladmir Jabotinsky founder of Jewish Self-Defense Organization.

    Meanwhile Jews have begun a mass public protest campaign to demand that the Government arrest neo-nazi Hale for the shootings that took place this past summer that he obviously ordered. "Hale belongs in jail" said JDO spokesman Ron Silver.

    TO REACH AMERITECH CALL THE FOLLOWING NUMBERS 312-906-4000 773-545-5054 312-263-2805 312-587-3200 773-784-8931 312-750-5000 312-906-4000

    A local neo-nazi misfit follower of homebody Matt Heil, too lazy to get a job, has been suspended from his high school in Deerfield. John Schlismann currently special ed because of his natural tendency to be illiterate, and has an addiction to neo-nazi leafletting and getting in trouble. Schlisman was just temporarily suspended from Deerfield High, and JDO is demanding the school and the principal expel this neo-nazi disease permanently!


    by Jeff Gold

    This past weekend was a very rowdy one as JDO members attended a Klanbash in New York. The anti-Klan crowd was mixed with Jews, Blacks, Latinos, Asians, and anti-Klan whites numbering about 15,000. The media said 6,000 and it was really twice that. To be sure the overwhelming majority of this crowd was looking to seriously injure Klansmen, and three were punched out, one seriously at the end of the rally.

    The JDO leadership was there, and at one point many in the very angry crowd broke down barriers and lunged at the Klansmen. The head thug low life of the NY Klan James Sheeley was punched out in his face while the fighters screamed "Death to the Klan!"

    Many approached the JDO people happy to see that last week JDO marched on the home of the KKK's free legal team, namely Norman Siegel of the ACLU. People from all backgrounds were especially angry that Siegel flew to DC at the last minute to get the Klan a permit to wear masks. Siegel's home number was passed around from everyone to call and give this cancerous disease Siegel a piece of their mind. (Norman Sickness Siegel can be called at 212-873-8529)

    There is going to be more marches and rallies outside the home and offices of Norman the self-hating Jew, and to help us call 212-252-3383.

    Let's make sure the KKK never marches in NY or anywhere again!!!

    please copy this message and put all over the net.


    Norman Siegel, the head of the ACLU in New York has been used to controversy, but nothing like the campaign of intimidation launched by the JDO. As was reported in the Voice and other media the JDO has circulated Siegel's office phone resulting in the temporary overload of his office phone from the deluge of thousands of callers.

    JDO has now appeared twice picketing Traitor Siegel's home and numerous tenants at his building at prestigious 115 Central Park West have now been handed flyers with a picture of Siegel(aka Sickness) standing next to the Klan at their attempted hate rally in NY. Many in the building are Jewish and are fuming with Siegel, even more so now that JDO has been coming around.

    In fact some of Sicknesses neighbors not so "neighborly" to him took extra flyers from the JDO delegation leafleting the building to pass out. The flyers list Siegel's home phone (212-873-8529)and urge people to call and give Norman Sickness a piece of their mind, as well as cut off all contributions to the ACLU.

    Now the word in the street is that both the KKK and neo-nazi Aryan Nation scum want to march again in New York and Sickness of the ACLU (rhymes with self-hating Jews) is going to take the case, for free!

    As part of ongoing Operation Klan Kicker we must ruin the life and times of Norman Siegel the KKK's "favorite Jew" that they can use to get them a permit to march and lynch anytime they need it.

    Now, we really want to encourage all the good readers of the JDO website to "practice free speech" everyday by calling Norman Siegel and give him some free advice, like check into a nut house! Give that phone # to all your friends, spread it far and wide. You can also keep checking the JDO Website for the latest in anti-Klan actions and action against the Klan's little Jewish helper.


    by Eppes

    Norman, what a name for a Jew that helps the Ku Klux Klan a simpleton and a fool!

    Siegel stabs his own Jews in the back as well as Latinos, Asians, and Blacks
    Makes his money defending lynchers and hate
    From a waste of money outfit ACLU
    Let's Bankrupt it before it's too late!


    DEATH TO THE KLAN RALLY THURSDAY OCTOBER 21, 1999 7:30 PM 72nd Street and Broadway in Manhattan. Be there!!!!!!

    In response to a planned Ku Klux Klan rally in New York set for later in October members of a militant Jewish group have launched a campaign against both Klan members, and those lawyers helping defend the Klan in this case.

    "The Ku Klux Klan is an anti-Semitic racist terror group that shouldn't be allowed to step foot anywhere in New York, and we intend to physically stop them" said Jeff Schwartz Jewish Defense Organization spokesman. The JDO on previous occasions stopped the Klan in New York by launching Operation Klan Kicker, in which the JDO marched on the KKK's Astoria Queens headquarters. The JDO not only shut down the Klan offices then but succeeded in getting several fired from their jobs.

    Now, the JDO on its website http://www.jdo.org is not only urging Jews, Blacks, and other minorities to "go to the streets to make a war on the Klan" but is threatening to put individual KKK members names, homes addresses and places of work on the JDO website to make tremendous trouble for them. " We intend to get the KKK members that dare to show their faces anywhere in this city or state fired from their jobs." said JDO leader Mordechai Levy. " We have to hit the Klan right in the pocket" he added belligerently.

    The JDO is also blasting the ACLU for daring to offer the Klan any type of legal help to get a rally permit. " How can ACLU backstabbers Norman Siegel and Nadine Strossen put a knife in the backs of every Jew, Black person and Latino living in this town by helping the very lynchers that given the chance would put a rope right around their Jewish throats" said JDO leader Levy. The JDO on its website is giving out both Siegel's and Strossen's phone numbers to have thousands of angry Jews, Blacks, Asians, Latinos or anyone else that hates the Klan to flood them with phone calls that they will cut off every dime to the ACLU for becoming the KKK's free volunteer legal team.


    WANTED: JAMES SHEELY of American Knights of the KKK Address; will soon be posted on website CRIME:KKK Jew-Hating Black-Hating racist, supports shooting Jewish children, and Blacks like recently happened in LA and Chicago JDO PLAN of ACTION: Soon to be revealed, Operation Klan- Kicker!






    by Mordechai Levy

    When a group of violent neo-nazi misfits with guns going by the name "Church of the Creator" can drive into a Jewish neighborhood hunting for Jews, and go on a shooting spree, then we must take some serious measures to prevent a repeat from happening anywhere Jews live.

    First, those Orthodox Jews shot after leaving synagogue were doing something all Jews should be doing, going to Shul (synagogue) to pray to the G-D of Israel, something we can all be proud of. The Nazis hate Jews and Judaism, and if any Jew is attacked anywhere, religious or not yet religious, we must always come to their physical defense, and G-D willing make sure they are safe and secure.

    We must NEVER say "but he doesn't look like me, why should I defend them?" That is never, never an issue! The fact that some Auschwitz seeking Neo-Nazi pig wants to attack him is reason enough!


    Now, first, we must stop allowing the Jewish Establishment men like dishonest Abe Foxman, the 300,000 dollar man of the ADL, to make any policy here. Never forget it was Foxman of the ADL that said to the media that the Illinois Bar Association was "wrong" (sic) for not allowing neo-nazi leader Matt Hale, head of the Church of the Creator, to become a lawyer !

    Foxman, and the ADL led by Foxman, are the problem, not the solution! Now, what must be done is simple. Pray to G-D and live a Torah life. Of course! Also we must make sure every synagogue has well trained volunteer security teams trained with guns legally. The team must know how to use walkie talkees, hand to hand combat, and must have a local Orthodox Rabbi to guide them thru all the Halachic issues involved as for Shabbos etc. However, let there be Jews, well trained and well armed, ready to meet any danger involved. The team must be organized right in Chicago, New York, everywhere and in every city Jews live.

    Jews should also get legal guns for their homes, and make sure the Jewish community is "bristling with guns". A well armed Jewish community is a well prepared and well defended Jewish Community. If any Nazi pigs step foot to do us harm at our synagogues, cemeteries or homes, they will be buried there --- in self-defense!

    Now, we must also work with other groups as an innocent Black man was hot by these Nazi Pigs and 3 Asians to shut down all the Nazi hotlines and websites. We need you to help us! To hear the hate for yourself call 309-699-0135.



    by Mordechai Levy

    The Rambam (Maimonides) in Hilchos Teshuvah makes it quite clear that every Jew must examine his sins from the previous year, and pledge not to repeat them. In one Halacha the Rombom states that the real way to know if the Teshuva is complete is if under the same circumstances one does not repeat the same sin.

    Now, let us first ask has the Jewish Establishment men like Ismar Schorsch head of the Jewish Theological Seminary (conservative)and which sits one block from Freddy's ever taken stock of his sin of silence. In fact it's worse, for when a Jewish owned store was burned down several years ago neither Schorsch nor Ann Lerner, the dean of JTS had one rally against Sharpton or Khallid Muhammed both of whom egged local Black Militants in Harlem to burn out Jewish owned and white "interloper" stores, and businesses.

    Scorsch, Lerner, and "son of Lerner" all of whom sat on their lazy rear ends did absolutely nothing. Of course when later on 2 JTS students were blown up in Israel Mathew Eisenfeld and Sara Dukker A'H May they rest in Peace, suddenly memorial meetings speaking out, but that is because they were his students.

    The silence was deafening, the same silence that the Schorch's and the majority of JTS students as well as one Columbia excuse for a chaplain Rabbi Sheer, as in sheer cowardice have always exhibited, when it comes to saving other Jews. At JTS were a few notable exceptions, but very few.

    Now, that Jewish tots are shot by neo-nazis in Los Angeles, and Jews on the way home from Shul (synagogue) shot, 6 of them in Chicago, and neo-nazis start attacking and burning synagogues from Long Island to Texas. All this and more and still our "learners" haven't learn't a darn thing. What would that thing be ?

    It is something every "super Orthodox" type raised in Yeshiva believes and feels. It is what motivates those good selfless Chassidim who put Tephillin on Jews, at no personal gain. It’s something that used to motivate Jews to rally in the streets when Jews abroad or Israel were in danger. What is that mystery ingredient ?

    It's is called Ahavat Yisroel, love of one's fellow Jews! This is the ingredient that makes one feel pain when a 16 year old Yeshiva bochur (student) is shot to his eventual death on the Brooklyn Bridge by Arab terrorists. This is the magic formula that inspired JDO fighters to come to Crown Heights during the Pogrom, while Jewish Establishment types were busy hiding or defending excuse for a mayor Dinkins.

    Now, it was Jabotinsky himself who preached that we all needed Ahavat Yisroel to inspire Jews to "climb the mountain" to save Israel and Jews. In that generation both his followers in Jewish Self-Defense Organization and the underground Jewish Army called the Irgun and led by Begin had no short supply of it.

    With this ingredient we can move even the most apathetic of Jewish to become Jewish activists and Jewish Militants, and stand strong against the enemies of the Jewish People. Now, because some people at JTS and HUC, and parts of the Jewish Community are in short supply we at JDO are giving it away for free. Come to our next mass membership meeting next month, and find out what you can do to force the lazy Jewish Establishment to really “repent" from their sin of silence and start marching in the streets when Jews are murdered by Arab terrorists in Israel, or by Auschwitz seeking Nazis right here.

    Meantime you can call Dr Lerner at her office at JTS at 212-678-8000 and ask her where she's been!


    by Mordechai Levy, JDO National Director

    A flurry of misinformation about one of the mass murderers Dylan Klebold that somehow he was half-Jewish and thus he could not have been a Nazi (sic).The mother, a particular liar, with the name Susan Klebold, through her Church Minister, who was Lutheran, succeeded in hoodwinking the media, including the NY Times, into actually stating that "Dylan was Jewish". Now all these lies have been exploded along with the trickery of the family pastor Rev Marxhausen. Klebold's great-grandfather that great Jewish philanthropist (joke) was married to a non-Jew. Further, Dylan the Nazi, and his entire family, were active practicing Lutherans.

    Suddenly after the Jewish Week, in a piece written by Adam Dickter, writes "according to research by Rabbi Milton Hoffman of Patchogue LI who set out to debunk report's on Klebold's Jewishness, the youth has only one Jewish grandparent. Using the Internet and numerous phone calls to Columbus Ohio, where Dylan's grandparents grew up, Rabbi Hoffman determined that Dylan's maternal grandfather Martin Yassenoff had married a gentile, Charlotte Hough."

    Now other Jewish papers have started to break the ice. Having spoke to the author of one of these articles I firstly informed him that I "almost" had won a bet about my suspicions of Klebold's story of her son being a Jew, was a lie. Of course we Orthodox Jews don't gamble, so I could not really make a bet. The author, and others, asked how we knew. Simple, I retorted that she was trying to get herself of the hook and cover up for her son. Someone with a neo-nazi son would say anything to clear his name and prevent herself from getting indicted for allowing her son to stockpile these weapons for these illegal purposes.

    What is the lesson for Jewish Militants to tell the entire Jewish Community? That Jew-Haters, whether they be swastika wearing Nazis like Klebold, or Arab Nazis like Arafat, will always have those with ulterior motives defending them, lying for them. In Klebold's case it was a dishonest mother, in Arafat's case the mother has names like Peace Now, and they will deceive even themselves into thinking Arafat is no longer a butcher. Soon enough, Israel will have a very rude awakening, like the innocent people in Littleton, Colorado, that when you put guns into the hands of Nazi-like fanatic, they will surely use it to massacre people.

    The United States needs a law banning nazism, making it a criminal offense to be a nazi. If a law like this was on the books the police would have been required to look into Klebold and Harris' activities. Canada, Germany, France and Israel have such laws and it has not adversely effected their democracies.

    On the his website, Harris posted a drawing with definite Teutonic themes and a background of pipe bombs. Click HERE to see this.


    by Mordechai Levy

    The Jewish Establishment even on the occasion of one of the worst massacres done in a public school, by a group of well trained armed neo-nazis still has not drawn one proper conclusion. There are several very important lessons that must be learned from this, so as to physically prevent a repeat at a Yeshiva or synagogue.

    The first lesson is that it was an anti-Semitic act meant to celebrate Hitler's Birthday buy Jew-Hating, Black hating, neo-nazis. There are those in the Jewish Establishment who have tried to tell me "they really weren't nazis" or the victims "weren't Jewish" and that it irrelevant. The fact that anyone is killed by armed neo-nazis is tragic, let alone Jews, but the lesson is clear: nazis are armed and ready to kill Jews. In fact, this same Jewish Establishment fool was not loud when nazis shot to death Jewish talk radio host Alan Berg in Denver in1984either.

    The second lesson is that the police, that dishonest Abe Foxman is always quick to try telling Jews to "put their faith in," is totally been proven to be bankrupt. In these situations there must be G-D willing effective security, and we must now form Jewish volunteer security teams well trained and very well armed to guard every Jewish institution from a repeat of such an attack. The Jewish Council for Public Affairs along with Leonard Fein will yawn "Jewish defense" as they personally haven't yet tasted the anti-Semitic violence that other Jews have!

    Every Jewish household must get legal firearms and good Jews with real vision must set up Jewish gun clubs across America. Jews with military or martial arts training must get other likeminded Jews who are not trained and start training hard for just such a situation. The J.D.O. is forming a J.D.O. Security Team like the one we had in Crown Heights during the Pogrom. We want to form such teams across the country, just in case the Nazis, KKK or Farrakhan's men get the idea its "hunting season" on Jews there are tough Jews who "don't like hunting, but can surely hunt" and put a quick stop to anyone that wants to make a massacre in some local synagogue or Jewish family's home.

    The Gemara (Talmud) says a father has to teach his son how to swim. Why ?Shema naflu bamayim vyomusu, perhaps maybe he will fall in the water and drown. That "maybe" of real live proven danger should serve as a warning of what could be in this time of neo-nazis like the skinheads, and David Duke who are rising fast. Let's us learn the lesson's and take all precautionary steps so that we don't end up letting innocent Jews end up swimming like those Colorado massacre victims in their own blood. NEVER AGAIN!


    The JDO INTELLIGENCE UNIT found out that a group of missionary pigs were going to have a fake "Passover Seder" in a church in Brooklyn last Saturday, April 2 in the Midwood section of Brooklyn and swung into action. A number of Rabbis, highly committed to the fight against missionaries announced it in local Shuls, and JDO gave speeches to warn of the danger. The soul snatchers are from a spinoff from the "Jews for J" cult called "Chosen People Ministries" that sets up various fake seders for Russian Jews not telling them it's really a church service to convert Jews to another religion!

    The turnout at the rally was about a thousand angry mostly Orthodox and Russian Jews, screaming "Missionaries Out!” and "NO JEW belongs in a church!" even as the fake seder was being disrupted that was going on inside. The crowd of angry Jews also chanted "Let Our People Go!" and a large group of Russian Jews came to protest the missionaries lies and deceits used to ensnare other Russian Jews ignorant of their Holy Torah and Judaism after 50 years living inside an atheist communist society where it was illegal to learn Torah! This vulnerability is the result.

    The J.D.O. is now forming a "Anti-Missionary Squad" to protest wherever Jews for J, or other missionary pigs rear their ugly lying head. It will behaving a demonstration outside the home of one of the main missionary pigleaders G-D willing very soon.

    Call the JDO National Headquarters at 212-252-3383 for an interview, to see if you got what it takes to be in the JEWISH ANTI-MISSIONARY SQUAD.


    On Monday, February 2, 1998,the 92nd Street Y brought a journalist from Mexico, Elena Poniatowska, who has referred to Jews as "evil people" in a number or her columns. The 92nd Street Y was even blasted in the Jewish Weekfor doing this. This is not the first time that the 92nd Street Y has brought a vicious Jew hating pig to speak. Several years ago, the Y invited Jewish traitor William Kunstler, the radical lawyer who defended the World Trade Center bombers, and who said he openly considered the bombing of the Trade Center and other contemplated Jewish targets, "legitimate acts." Kunstler said the white people shot dead by Colin Ferguson on the Long Island Railroad "were legitimate targets of black rage."

    Now that the 92nd Street Y has made a ritual of daring to give enemies of Israel and enemies of the Jewish people a platform to spew forth their vicious hatred, the JDO is calling for all Jews to cut off all donations to the place!!!!!!

    Would a black group allow an invitation to be extended to KKK leaders? No, as they have self-esteem, far more than the appeasing sycophants that run and support the supposedly Jewish Y. Call the three Jewish self-haters responsible for this event, and give them a real piece of your mind. Remember, not one dime to fund anti-Semitism sponsored by the Y!!!

    Supremacists Hold March in Idaho

    COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho (AP) - Taunts and pleas for tolerance greeted about 90 white supremacist Aryan Nations members who marched through this northern Idaho resort town Saturday before scores of police in riot gear. The Aryans, many of them young skinheads, marched past more than 1,000 chanting counter-demonstrators, curious onlookers and tourists who lined sidewalks along the 15-block route near Lake Coeur d'Alene. Some kept quiet, a few turned their backs to the street as the marchers passed and others shouted chants of, "Hey hey, ho ho, Aryan Nations have got to go," and "Nazis go home."

    The noise mostly drowned out the white-supremacist rhetoric of80-year-old Aryan Nations leader Richard Butler, who spoke into a microphone as he stood in a Jeep at the head of the parade.

    More than 120 police officers kept demonstrators from interfering with the parade, which ended after 28 minutes with a few scuffles and verbal battles but no major violence or injuries. Police made 22 arrests, including four for on concealed-weapons violations and several for obstruction of officers. Sixteen were booked into the county jail. It was not clear if any of those arrested were marchers.

    The Aryan Nations, based north of Coeur d'Alene near Hayden, resisted a call by the New York-based Jewish Defense Organization to cancel the event.

    Mayor Steve Judy, who urged people to steer clear of downtown during the march, said the city of 24,000 became an unwilling host to an event expected to cost taxpayers some $100,000 for police overtime, safety equipment and training. Judy said he could find no legal way to deny a parade permit in light of the First Amendment's free-speech protections.


    The militant Jewish Defense Organization's Operation Nazi Kicker warned local townspeople in Hayden Lake Idaho, that they should have immediately canceled a viciously violent rally against Jews, Blacks and all minorities by the Aryan Nations. The JDO urged Jews and others to repeatedly call Mayor Steve Judy of Coeur De Laine to demand the permit for both the Neo-Nazis and their KKK allies be cancelled. Click HERE to see media coverage of the boycott. At the end of story there is a opportunity to express your opinion about the boycott. Please do so.

    Meanwhile JDO is collected the names and addresses of those Neo-Nazis and Klansmen who attended. Those who did will taste Operation Nazi Kicker just like KKK Grand Lizards Will Dodge (Conn) and William Hoff (New York) who, thanks to JDO efforts, Thank G-D, lost their jobs, and were evicted from their homes, and had their headquarters shut down, permanently! Let's give ENEMY OF THE JEWS RICHARD NAZI PIG BUTLER a taste of the same medicine, and more.(ha ha)

    Kent Davis and Charles Lee, 144A Atlas Mine Road Mullan, Idaho. Telephone 208-744-1279


    As was reported in The New York Times on Wednesday November 12, 1997 the American investment company, Goldman Sachs is planning to invest billions in a Russian company, Gazprom, that is now helping Iran develop nuclear weapons. The militant Jewish Defense Organization in launching a protest and boycott against Goldman Sachs, and plans various actions against Goldman Sachs and its directors. The JDO plans to hold marches on the homes of top executives of Goldman Sachs, a greedy company that is willing to play with the lives of millions of Israelis just to make a profit. "As long as Jews in Israel are not safe in their homes because of the threat of Iranian and Iraqi nukes, the greedy pig financiers of Goldman Sachs are not going to have peace, quiet and safety in theirs. Out protests outside their homes will be loud and very disruptive" said JDO spokesman Gary Schwartz.

    Meanwhile, the JDO is circulating the direct phone numbers of the two top executives of Goldman Sachs, John Corzine, and Abbie Joseph Cohen and is urging Jews to flood them with phone calls demanding the blood deal with the Russian company Gazprom be cancelled.

    Please call Goldman Sachs Executives

    JOHN CORZINE 212-902-8281

    ABBIE J. COHEN 212-902-4095



    "All you Jews cannot say NEVER AGAIN to God because when he puts you in the oven you'll be going in deep." - Louis Farrakhan. "

    "All the Jewish groups care about is their parochial selves, and not the rest of society." - Self hating Jewish Mayor Ed Rendell of Philadelphia as he embraced Farrakhan.

    Jewish Group Decries Mayor for Dealings with Farrakhan

    About 125 Protested Outside Rendell's Home. Outraged, they Called him a Traitor and a Liar.

    By Suzanne Gordon STAFF WRITER

    Despite the pouring rain, two busloads of people from Brooklyn stood beneath a sea of umbrellas outside the home of Mayor Rendell yesterday to protest the mayor's overtures to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan during a controversy in Grays Ferry last month. Organized by the Jewish Defense Organization, a self-described militant Jewish group based in New York, the 100 travelers were joined by about 25 Philadelphia-area residents. They all came to voice their outrage about Rendell's polite interaction with the controversial Farrakhan. They carried signs attacking the mayor, calling for his immediate political demise, in no uncertain terms, and chanted slogans led by Mordechai Levy of Brooklyn, the organization's leader. "Rendell is a traitor, Rendell must go!" they hollered repeatedly. The signs spoke their minds: "Rendell go to Hell where your friend Farrakhan came from.” One spelled out his name accompanied with adjectives: "Rotten, Egotist, No good, Dishonest, Evil, Lackey, Liar. "We'd expect it from somebody else, but not our own people!" said Aharon Matveyev, 20, referring to the fact that Rendell is Jewish. Matveyev, one of the few protesters who spoke English, was called upon to translate some of the messages to the group, who were mostly senior citizens who had emigrated to the United States from Ukraine. “Is Rendell a traitor?" yelled Levy. "Da or no?" "Da!" the crowd replied. The mayor didn't appear to be home, and the morning paper was still sitting in the driveway of his home in East Falls. A spokesman for the mayor had said earlier that the mayor had several public appearances planned yesterday. He also was to attend the Flyers-Rangers game at Core States Center. The strong anti-Rendell sentiment stemmed from his appearance last month with Farrakhan -- who has made anti-Semitic statements -- at a church rally in South Philadelphia. It was part of the mayor's effort to defuse racial conflict in the city by persuading Farrakhan to call off a march through Grays Ferry. The church rally was an attempt to resolve conflicts in the community after the February beating of a black family by whites and the shooting death of a white teenager working in a store during a robbery in March. "You'd never see a black mayor meeting with the Ku Klux Klan," Levy said. Levy said that they had brought Rendell a plane ticket to Libya, which they will send to him, since the mayor was not there to receive it. Farrakhan has visited Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi. During the visit, Gadhafi offered Farrakhan $1 billion to work on voter registration and economic development for American blacks. However, the U.S. Treasury would not permit Farrakhan to accept the money. Sid Glauser, who lives in the city's Northeast, said he wasn't surprised at the lack of Philadelphia support for the rally. "The Philadelphia Jewish establishment is very liberal, so leftist. They're not interested in these things,'' he said. "There's a Yiddish expression, it means 'Keep quiet.'"

    CONTACT HIM AT (215)-686-3000

    B'SD This short Pesach(Passover) message We read during the Seder, that "important positive Jewish tradition" these words. "Vhi Sheamda...Omdim Alenue Lkalosenu ...Ele She Bchol Dor V Dor Omdim Alenu Lkalosenu V "H" Matsilenu Miyadam. Let us translate this message of truth for American Jews, "And in every generation they rise up to exterminate us but the Holy One Blessed Be He Saves us from THEIR HANDS!" The lesson is we must NEVER FORGET we have enemies that we pray and hope are destroyed like Nazis Haider, Arafat the baby killer, Saddam Hussein, Farrakhan, David Duke, and Buchanan, and Crown Heights Pogrom leader Al Sharpton! During the Seder it is filled with Praise of Hashem (G-D) thanking him for saving us by inflicting the 10 Plagues. Some Jews ever confused tried taking that out of the Haggadad. (From the Upper West Side scene) Would they G forbid wish we were rather slaves. It is this mindset that may very well lead such fools to not only call on Israel to do "land for suicide" (falsely called peace) but inevitably to even condemn World War 2 against Hitler and the German Nazis! So one a strong note now that an armed neo-nazi was found in Queens with machine guns and silencers. Remember the Message of the Haggada Vhi Sheamdah!


    The militant Jewish Defense Organization's Operation Nazi Kicker warned local townspeople in Hayden Lake Idaho, that they should have immediately canceled a viciously violent rally against Jews, Blacks and all minorities by the Aryan Nations. The JDO urged Jews and others to repeatedly call Mayor Steve Judy of Coeur De Laine to demand the permit for both the Neo-Nazis and their KKK allies be cancelled. Click HERE to see media coverage of the boycott. At the end of story there is a opportunity to express your opinion about the boycott. Please do so.

    Meanwhile JDO is collected the names and addresses of those Neo-Nazis and Klansmen who attended. Those who did will taste Operation Nazi Kicker just like KKK Grand Lizards Will Dodge (Conn) and William Hoff (New York) who, thanks to JDO efforts, Thank G-D, lost their jobs, and were evicted from their homes, and had their headquarters shut down, permanently! Let's give ENEMY OF THE JEWS RICHARD NAZI PIG BUTLER a taste of the same medicine, and more.(ha ha)

    Kent Davis and Charles Lee, 144A Atlas Mine Road Mullan, Idaho. Telephone 208-744-1279



    There can be no doubt that neo-nazis from Le Pen in France who ran for office and scored at times very high vote totals to the threat of Haider, an unabashed "far right" Nazi supporter who has praised the SS, and whose recent election victories have inspired skinhead violence at Jews and other foreigners in Austria is a very serious threat. The Jewish Establishment is saying little and doing nothing. In fact while the ADL in New York admitted Haider has Nazi leanings, and put out a report saying so, the sad fact is the local ADL in Austria denies it and came to Haider's defense. Again proving that Foxman has so planted the seeds of appeasement that various ADL chapters are in a competition to impress Foxman that at times they can outdo even his sleazy sell outs of Jews!

    Anyway, Nazi Haider has been invited to be part of a coalition government! For the first time in 50 years Nazis are about to enter the stage of major political power G-D Forbid. We must immediately start a protest campaign. First, flood the Austrian Consulate and Embassies with calls tell them "If Nazi Haider is given any position there will be a total boycott of Austria, tourism, merchandise!" The consulate can be found in your phone book. Also look up all Austrian-American friendship clubs and state the same. Second call the real culprit of apathy the Jewish Establishment that has not help one rally or protest. Call Dr Lawrence Rubin of Jewish Council Public Affairs that thinks other things should now be the Jewish Community priority and not fighting rising anti-Semitism! Call Dr Rubin at 212-684-6950 extension 208. Call, get every Jew you know to call. Demand action protests in the street about Nazi Haider !!!

    Last we have just gotten reports that thousands of demonstrators in Vienna have marched demanding Haider be kept out of the Government, about 20,000. A number of them seized the offices of the party of the ruling party to protest! Now, with these kinds of protests going on there, shouldn’t we be doing something here ?

    BOYCOTT AUSTRIA-----STOP NAZI PIG HAIDER!!!!!! Let everyone you know about Haider the David Duke of Austria!!


    Last week it was reported that the 13 innocent Iranian Jewish hostages being held in Iran were going to be charged G-D forbid. It was interesting to note that the article that reported this in the NY Post right below an evenly shocking though distant happening. Above the headline "Iranian Jews Face Death in Spy Case" was an article that really tells us the priorities of some American Jews. "Protestors Liberated Monkey". The article goes on to describe how some animal radical group the Animal Liberation Front conducted a secret raid in a Long Island pet store to free Macaque, a 28 year old monkey "in a cage". Believe it or not many of the people especially teenagers across the country involved with the radical ALF are Jewish and our ever looking for a non-Jewish cause to fight for Jews have no problem even using violence and breaking a thousand and one laws, to save a monkey!

    Yet, when 13 Jews are facing the threat of a firing squad G-D forbid only because they are Jews are "activists for every cause but a Jewish one" suddenly become invisible. JDO is beginning to change that. About a month ago in Great Neck the JDO held a Prayer Vigil Protest in the streets to free the Shiraz 13. A large number of young Jews came, chanting "Free the Shiraz 13!" About 2 or 3 says before the demonstration (prayer vigil) I spoke to a young teenage girl from Great Neck. Typical of the product of reform confusion she went to the synagogue of Rabbi Davidson, who once honored pogrom leader Al Sharpton to speak in his synagogue. Davidson, who epitomizes the trend towards tolerating intermarriage, and encouraging his congregants to fight for every cause but a Jewish one we are quite sure gives weekly sermons about the evils of apartheid, air pollution, saving whales, fur coats, and Antarctica. He helps to "teach" young Jews to forget their pride as Jews that will fight for their fellow Jews. This poor misled girl who boasted she regularly attends Davidson's oversized "temple to Jewish suburban materialism". This more than anything else explains why this Jewish girl yet another victim of Jewish Establishment confusion and Davidson's turn off variety of ersatz "plastic Judaism", that can tell Israel to give up land, tell Jews not to think to Jewish but think they're some kind of "universal being".

    When I asked this girl, so you will you be coming to our rally to free "13 Iranian Jewish human beings?" She looked, ever sadly and said "No, I have something more important to do ." Responding I asked "Knowing 13 Jews are facing death G-D forbid what might that be, what could be more important than saving Jews?"

    Her answer both reflects the tragedy that all the "Rabbi Davidson's in America have brought us as well as the hope. She said she was attending a rally to "save the trees" at some radical chic club called Wetlands. Tragedy, because she has been so misled that she took a ride far away from her Jewish People, and its oppression and struggle. Hope, that because many Jews right from Great Neck American, Iranian and Bukharan came in huge numbers to the next days protest for Iranian Jewish Freedom. Hope that at the next rally to save endangered Jews, or against Nazis, or for Israel we will see this daughter of Israel lost and confused, standing up with her own, for her own! That is what we in the Jewish Defense Organization and all Jewish Nationalists must fight for. The Torah commands us to return a lost object to a Jew, how much more a Mitzvah to return Judaism and Jewish Pride to a lost Jewish soul.


    On Monday, February 2, 1998, the 92nd Street Y brought a journalist from Mexico, Elena Poniatowska, who has referred to Jews as "evil people" in a number or her columns. The 92nd Street Y was even blasted in the Jewish Week for doing this. This is not the first time that the 92nd Street Y has brought a vicious Jew hating pig to speak. Several years ago, the Y invited Jewish traitor William Kunstler, the radical lawyer who defended the World Trade Center bombers, and who said he openly considered the bombing of the Trade Center and other contemplated Jewish targets, "legitimate acts." Kunstler said the white people shot dead by Colin Ferguson on the Long Island Railroad "were legitimate targets of black rage."

    Now that the 92nd Street Y has made a ritual of daring to give enemies of Israel and enemies of the Jewish people a platform to spew forth their vicious hatred, the JDO is calling for all Jews to cut off all donations to the place!!!!!!

    Would a black group allow an invitation to be extended to KKK leaders? No, as they have self-esteem, far more than the appeasing sycophants that run and support the supposedly Jewish Y. Call the three Jewish self-haters responsible for this event, and give them a real piece of your mind. Remember, not one dime to fund anti-Semitism sponsored by the Y!!!

    ISRAELI CORRESPONDENT Zvi from Zion/aka The Bull of Budapest REPORTS

    I don't understand, why is everybody stressed out because of the war? I don't think anything will happen. The one with the mustache won t do anything and certainly not with the gas that everyone says he has, and if he tries, the Americans and the British will take care of him. And anyway, even if it s not so good here and we re in a bit of a recession, still there is no better place for Jews than this country.

    Tzippora Schwartz, Author, Berlin, 1939

    When someone sent me this article about a Jewish girl in Aix en Provence in France being accosted by three masked men who called her "dirty Jew" and proceeded to carve a Jewish star into her flesh, I couldn't believe it. (The article appeared in Hebrew in the Israeli paper Maariv. I been to the website, and read it in Hebrew.

    So I checked it with my daughter, who is in Paris right now. Yes, she said. It's unbelievable. But it happened. The girl, Megli, 21, a student who lives in this quiet French city, had been to the screening of the film Decryptage, which shows how the French media has completely twisted and lied about events in the Middle East to support terrorist Muslims and defame Israel. Megli took part in the heated discussion afterwards. There were many Arab anti-Semites who wouldn't let her speak. She then went out with friends. When she came home, three masked men were waiting outside her door. They assaulted her, and carved the Jewish star into her arm.

    The victim, who reported this to the local police says she's in shock. Asked if she thinks it's too dangerous for a Jew to live in France, she said: Anywhere in the world a Jew lives these days is dangerous."

    Just before World War I, there were a number of terrorist attacks on the United States forces in the Philippines by Muslim extremists. So General Pershing captured 50 terrorists and had them tied to posts for execution. He then had his men bring in two pigs and slaughter them in front of the, now horrified, terrorists.

    Muslims detest pork because they believe pigs are filthy animals. Some of them simply refuse to eat it, while others won't even touch pigs at all, nor any of their by-products. To them, eating or touching a pig, its meat, its blood, etc., is to be instantly barred from paradise (and those virgins) and doomed to hell.

    The soldiers then soaked their bullets in the pigs blood, and proceeded to execute 49 of the terrorists by firing squad. The soldiers then dug a big hole, dumped in the terrorist's bodies and covered them in pig blood, entrails, etc.

    They let the 50th man go. And for the next forty-two years, there was not a single Muslim extremist attack anywhere in the world.

    Maybe it is time for this segment of history to repeat itself, maybe in Iraq? The question is, where do we find another Black Jack Pershing


    On the 5th night of Chanukah, the JDO had an excellent JDO Chanukah Dinner at a very prestigious Manhattan Catering Hall. We honored both Dr. Howard Adelson, noted writer and college professor who fought both Leonard Jeffries, singlehandedly and Alan Weberman for helping create the JDO Website. Dr. Adelson recieved the Maccabee Award, and spoke briefly about the need to take on the Farrakhan's, and the David Duke's as a major threat to American Jews. Dr. Adelson was highly articulate and told the participants that when the bullets wizzed by his head during World II, and during the Korean war, he felt comforted by the fact that he was armed and could fight back. G-d bless Doctor Adelson. Alan Weberman, who received the Jabotinsky Award, spoke of the serious threat facing Jews in Israel from Iraqi and Iranian chemical and nuclear weapons, and that American Jews should march in the streets against companies like Goldman Sachs for funding this nuclear program, for greedy pure profit, at Israel, and America's, expense. The audience received both very well, the Kosher food was excellent, and everyone enjoyed the very nice Menorah lighting, and Chanukah spirit.


    In a cover story in the West Side Spirit dated December 18, 1997, the JDO announced that Operation Klan Kicker, which is designed to oust Klan members from their jobs and homes, was about to begin. The kickoff was at on Saturday night, December 27, 1997, at 317 East 8th Street, between Avenue B and Avenue C in Manhattan. A menorah lighting took place, there was kosher food, entertainment by Jewish rock bands, and speakers from the JDO on the danger facing Jews today. Admission was free and about 150 people attended. The party lasted well into the night.


    There is no Jewish Defense League. What originally started out as a noble idea, which was to defend Jews in the United States and other places, no longer exists. The JDL started out as a Jewish organization whose mission was to tell the Jewish Establishment it wasn't doing its job to help protect and defend Jews. This was true in the 1970's to the early 1980's. By the early 80's the rhetoric had become filled with hatred towards Jews who were active in the Jewish community who did not agree with the new policies of the organization. Increasingly the rhetoric went from self-defense activity in the 70's to some shadowy talk of hate towards those Jews who came from differing political backgrounds. At that point the JDL had gone from a community self-defense group into basically a group whose main mission was to elect various people to the Knesset in Israel, and in America, to raise money for those efforts. It had gone from fighting anti-Semitism to unfortuately hating other Jews. At one point the remnants of JDL seized the office of the New York Board of Rabbis and proceeded to bust the place up because of a strong disagreement with that organization. This was not a peaceful sit in. They were other such incidents against other Jews rather than the real enemy. When we started to see what the JDL was becoming, that love of Jews was forgotten, the JDO was formed by former JDL members to create a movement that would get back to the original purpose of defending Jews. Yes, there are Jews like the late William Kunstler and Stanley Cohen who are beyond the pale. We go after them because they are for the destruction of Israel. We never used violence against them nor have we used violence against any member of the Jewish Establishment no matter what our differences. On the other hand, when fighting the Black Muslims, Sharptons, Butlers, Hales, Metzgers we approve of breaking up their meetings etc.

    We are followers of Zev Jabotinsky, a Zionist leader who warned the Jews of Europe about the mortal dangers of Nazism. We are a counter-terrorist organization and do not approve of terrrorism against elected officials or Houses of Worship - as Irv Rubin of the JEWISH DEFENSE LEAGUE - JDL - has been accused of. We do not know if Rubin is innocent or guilty - he is innocent until proven guilty!!! We have stated for many years that Irv Rubin is a stupid inarticulate thug and a traitor to the Jewish people.

    We do believe that Jews have the right to defend themselves against Nazi terrorism by any means necessary. We accept Jews and non-Jews into our ranks. We have peaceful, though militant demonstrations and run CAMP JABOTINSKY, to legally train Jews and others in the art of self-defense. We do not operate in Israel, however, we oppose the so-called Oslo Accords because it is not working and could never work. Arafat does not want peace - he wants to destroy Israel. We don't believe in threatening or attacking the Peace Now people, because they are fellow Jews, but they are wrong and must be repudiated and told that they are wrong. If they can't see this now, they are hiding their heads in the Negev Sands. We are motivated more by our love of the Jewish people than by hatred of their enemies. Our membership includes secular and religious Jews - however all are activities include prayer, love of our Torah, the G-D given law, and we adhere to glatt kosher standards when it comes to chow!!!

    NOTE: Recently several people were arrested in the West Coast accused of planning to bomb a Mosque amongst other targets. Media reports say an informer turned them in.

    1. Unlike the Jewish Establishment JDO says we neither know if they are guilty or innocent. Only that can come out in trial or court. Innocent until proven guilty.

    2. The question is IF such a plot or plan was done by Jews what is JDO position. First of all we condemn any talk or plans to target any House of Worship period. As followers of Jabotinsky, a Jewish Militant extraordinaire, we never support any kind of attacks like this. Jabotinsky advocated hunting down Moslem terrorists etc. He would never support, but condemn, any action like this alleged action.


    Militancy with Sanity !!

    Jabotinsky was against giving an inch of G-D given land away in Israel for Arabs to set up a state. He believed that Jews must crush Arab extremists and terrorists. Peaceful Arabs could stay in the future Jewish State he advocated creating. However, he said all the rioters and fanatics who advocated murdereing Jews should be thrown out !!!

    JDO is NOT an Israeli political party! It has very strong views and believes we all should

    1. Move to Israel - Make Aliyah!

    2. Stand Up for Israel's Security in the meantime while we're here!

    3. Fight the Enemies of Israel while we are here!